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Scotts News Spring 2013

Tonbridge Philharmonic Christmas Carol Concert Or Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly Every Christmas Tonbridge Philharmonic put on a carol concert in cooperation with Tonbridge Round Table at Tonbridge School Chapel. They select charities to receive the profits and this year money was divided between Scotts and Compaid. On Friday 1st February Eileen Best and Christopher Thornton from Tonbridge Philharmonic Society visited our Drama session and presented us with a cheque for ÂŁ1142.08. We would like to say a big thank you for their generous donation and for the lovely concert that a number of us were able to attend and enjoy just before Christmas.

Glitz & Glamour The Glitz & Glamour Disco was held in the hall at Scotts on Saturday 8th December. The event was well attended with guests from the Saturday Club, Baronsmede and Dorton House, together with other friends. James, Lydia's husband, was the DJ. Sound, lights and smoke effects all created the disco atmosphere. Food and drink including festive mince pies were provided for all. A raffle was held and among the winners were Daniel's dad and Sally. There was lots of dancing and everyone had a good time. Many thanks to Brenda and Linda for all their hard work.

Light the Candle On Saturday 1st December we had our Light the Candle service at Scotts. We had a lovely group of friends and family come and join us. We started with a procession made up of representatives from different local churches, which included Graham, who was representing Come and Celebrate holding small candles which were used to light our large central candle. We had lots of traditional carols and the music was played by Christopher Pocock. We were joined by the choir from Underriver, the vicar from St Peter and St Pauls Mark Brown and Father Wilfred McGreal, O.Carm, gave the talk. The little ones from the nursery sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and Ivy sang a solo. Daniel and Hannah from the Development Centre danced to John Rutter’s “Blessing”. Then after the service we all enjoyed lots of festive goodies provided by very kind friends and volunteers. 2

Carols and More We all set up the hall with decorations which included a Nativity scene and the Christmas tree. Our friends and family started to arrive and we had lunch made up of hot bacon rolls, mince pies and mulled wine. We had a raffle and ‘guess the number of smarties in the jar’ competition. Hilden Brass came to play for us and our own choir sang. We sang lots of carols and Christmas songs. We also had a Christmas poem. Claire Davies gave a speech on behalf of the SDC thanking all the staff and volunteers who have helped throughout the year. A cheque was presented to Joe Robertson who has walked around Britain for Cancer Research. This is the last of the monies we have raised this year through our Penny Appeal. The total raised for him was £1066.00. Well done everybody. In a card to us at Christmas Joe wrote “Thank you so much for all your help and support on my journey, I really appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to help my charity”. This was a lovely chance for us all to get together before the Christmas break and we enjoyed a great afternoon together.


Brick by Brick Penny Appeal The students of the Development Centre here at Scotts are having a 'Penny Appeal' once again. This year we are raising money for the extension to House 3, please help us by saving your pennies, 5p, 10p or larger and bring them into The Barn at Scotts. We will let you know how much we raise. Pictured are Polly, Helen, Lizzie and Aimee outside of House 3 where the extension will be built. They have a brick and spade in hand ready for action and some of the pennies we have already collected.

Freemasons Cheque On Tuesday 5th February Mary Tully and Claire Davies went on behalf of Scotts to receive a cheque from the Freemasons. Scotts were nominated by a member of the Tully family, at Stanley Wykeham Lodge, Paddock Wood. They were shown around parts of the lodge and were told some of the history regarding the Freemasons. Mary and Claire were then treated to a wonderful four course meal and along with three other local charities were presented with a cheque. The other charities were Kent Air Ambulance, Paddock Wood Athletic Club and the local Parkinson's Group. A small talk was given about each charity and Liz Spicer, a wife of one of the Masons, and a friend of a number of us at Scotts, spoke on our behalf. We would like to thank the Freemasons for their generous cheque of ÂŁ1,000. 4

Breaking into Care Q Why are you working at Scotts? A We are here on placement in order to gain work experience. Q What are your names?

A Beth and Maria

Q What are you doing? A We are both students at K College doing GCE in Health & Social Care. Q What does the course involve? A We learn how to look after different people in care settings.

Q How long is the course? A It is a two year course Q How many placements do you do? A Three Q Where else have you been? A Nurseries, schools and residential homes for the elderly. Q What do you think about Scotts? A Beth: I like it because there are a lot of different things going on. Maria: I like the environment and the people. Q What interests do you have? A Maria: I play the guitar Beth: I like reading, computers and the cinema. Q What kind of job are you looking for? A Maria: I will look for work in the care setting in learning disabilities. Beth: I would like to train as a midwife. Q What topics do you cover on the course? A Human behaviour, meeting independence needs, human growth and development, effective communication and illnesses. 5

Joe Boy Comes Home On Thursday the 22nd November 2012 we went up to Gravesend. The Scotts staff that came with us were Jackie from the houses and Joy from The Barn. Three Students from the Scotts News Team were asked to go on the trip who were Daniel, Alison and Andrew. We left Scotts at 11.45am to meet up to see Joe Boy Robertson and his family and friends celebrating the end of his big walk around Britain's coastline. We saved up our 1p's and 2p's for the Penny Appeal for Joe's charity which was Cancer Research UK. Then to celebrate we all had some champagne. It was a marvellous trip out and the day was a special moment for us all. Report by Daniel


Scotts on Ice A group from Scotts including Gemma, Michael, Andrew, Anneke, Claire, Linda, Claire T, Tracy and Karen all went to Winter Wonderland which was held at Calverley Park in Tunbridge Wells. Some of the group went wheelchair ice skating. This was very exciting and was enjoyed a lot. Music was being played for everyone to enjoy. There were lots of people skating on the ice. It was very cold so we had to dress up warm. One of the staff took a tumble on the ice but she was not hurt. There were some stalls selling refreshments and gifts.


Scotts Project C

Back in January this year Judith (one of Roger’s sisters) had the idea of p students. Judith and friends raised the money for this event and then on Frida

Judith and team laid the tables with Christmas tableware, there were over 80 consisted of a full Christmas lunch and a pudding which was lovely. There we by the Art groups. There were games and we sang Do Re Mi from our pan thank you. It was a good day. A big thank you to Judith and her team who did u


Christmas Lunch

putting on a Christmas Lunch here at Scotts for all the staff, residents and ay 14th December they arrived ready for action.

0 people. The Christmas meal ere plenty of decorations done ntomime to the helpers to say us all proud.


Euro Disney Adventure Barbara and I caught the Eurostar to Euro Disney. I was excited as we arrived at our hotel and saw all of the attractions. We visited every inch of the park over our four days. We were very tired at the end of each day! My favourite ride was the Mississippi ride. I sang the Davey Crocket song as we went along on the river boat. We went out in the evening to the Wild West night. It was fantastic! We ate and drank as the cowboys did. We really enjoyed it. We spent a lot of time on the pirate ship and I bought a hat and other Disney items. I had my photograph taken with Mickey Mouse. There were lots of flowers everywhere.

I had photographs with lots of characters! We saw the Merry Go Round and I took lots of photos. We had a wonderful time and soon it was time to get the Eurostar back home to the Oaks. I have some very fond memories of my holiday in Disneyland Paris! Graham


Three go to Disney On Monday 27th November Chris, Janice, Susie, Helen and Joanna went to the station at Ashford to catch a Eurostar train to Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris has been running for 20 years now. Everything was absolutely magical and very Christmassy. We walked straight to the hotel called the Congress.

We unpacked our suitcases and got settled in and afterwards all of us went to have a look around at what was there. We had our breakfasts and lunches in the hotel and we had our dinners out in restaurants. We had an exciting time throughout the week seeing firework displays and in the daytime we saw all the Disney Characters and watched the parades and shows. We had a lovely time, took loads of photos and then came back on Thursday night. Report by Jo P


Arts Trip to see Birds of Prey Hannah, Charlotte, Dayna, Sophie L, Anneke, and Helen from the Wednesday art group had a trip out to Oakley School on Wednesday 24th October. We went with Jackie and Chris. Oakley School picked us up in their minibus and bought us back to Scotts afterwards. When we got to the school we were given a tour and then had a drink and biscuit and afterwards we saw the birds of prey from “Eagle

Heights”. The birds were in the school hall and we saw them being handled by their keeper and flying. Sophie said 'It was great, really interesting we had lunch and then a lovely time doing the schools woodland walk.' Then on the 6th December we were invited back and we helped to make clay owls which Sophie said was 'really amazing.’ This time we did a clay project. We collected some images of owls to get some ideas and then made a large owl each. The Oakley School pupils will put their owls on trees in t h e w o o d l a n d w a l k . We w i l l decorate our garden with our owls. We all loved the trips and want to thank Oakley and Eagle Heights, also a thank you to Jackie 12

Kirsty’s Korner

A big thank you for all your help! Thank you to everyone who had their photograph taken by Graeme and Rob in January. We got some lovely pictures and we will use them on our website and in a new information pack for people who might want to make a donation to our work. We've included some of them here. Sarah has been doing some great work on the website, and we will be including some of the news stories from Scotts News, so we can show people how many interesting things happen here. Please do have a look and let us know if you have any ideas for articles we could include on the website.

Fundraising for St Peter's Row has got off to a good start and we've now applied for funding to over 20 Charitable Trusts, with applications still going out. Most of the applications are to help us with the building work and with the new bathroom and sluice facilities, and there is also one to help us make the gardens even more beautiful after the building work has finished. We will need to wait a few months to find out if we have been successful because it will take the Trusts a while to look at our applications. We hope that some of them might even decide to come and visit St Peter's Row and see for themselves how happy and busy people are here at Scotts, and what a difference their grant could make. I hope to have some good news about fundraising in the next edition. In the meantime please do keep collecting the pennies, all the money makes a difference. Thank you. 13

Children in Need On Friday November 23rd 2012 we had a belated 'Children in Need' fund raiser at Scott's. We came along dressed in spots all day and then at lunchtime we had hot dogs made by the catering group. In the afternoon we played team games in the hall. This was followed by Pudsey biscuits, cakes and drinks to help us raise a lot of lovely money for 'Children in Need'.

Who prints Scotts News? Q What is the name of your company? A Print Monger Media Q Why is it called that? A 'Monger' means a person who buys and sells. We buy and sell printing. Q How many people work in the company? A Two people work full time, Ray Butler and Matthew Hoy, but we have a lot of part time people. Q What equipment do you have? A A digital printing machine, guillotine and binders. Q How long does it take to print Scotts News? A Scotts News is printed in about a week. Q Can you tell us the process of printing Scotts News? A We receive files then produce metal plates for the four colour printing process. The plates are put on a big printing press and printed off. After it is printed, it is folded and collated, then stitched and cut to size. Q What training do you have? A I joined a printing company as an apprentice and then attended a college part time. This lasted for five years. I enjoy working on the printing press but I am not so keen on selling. Q What other kinds of work do you do? A We do magazines for charities and businesses. We also do small booklets. Folders are popular, letterheads, business cards and posters.


PHAB Club The Phab Club is run by a lady named Ros Ward and takes place every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm in The Mencap Hall, Hitchen Hatch Lane Sevenoaks. The Phab Club is arranged for adults with learning difficulties and their friends. There are usually about 20 people who come each Tuesday.

Games and Quizzes, disco's and entertainment events are among the many activities enjoyed by those who attend. If you would be interested in going along then contact Ros Ward on 01959 525638.

There are games nights, karaoke, themed food nights like Italian evenings, Magic from Marco and art and craft nights to name but a few. Refreshments are provided. Andrew, Lizzie, Victoria, Gemma, Mandy, Helen, Jo, Suzie, Claire and Anneke are among the many that enjoy the Phab Club. 15

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Scotts News Information Scotts News is a quarterly newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the varied activities and events participated in by both residents and service users in the Development Centre. The editorial team is comprised of service users who take part in the Tuesday and Wednesday Journalism classes. Service users decide on the editorial content and select suitable photographs. They type the articles and are involved in layout design. They address and pack the envelopes ready for distribution. If you would like any further information or would like to comment on the newsletter please email 16


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