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he Nebraska State Board of Education recently adopted a policy mandating students in public schools stand during the reciting of the nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. According to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) this new enforcement of policy borders on infringement of students’ civil rights.

State board of education makes Pledge mandatory by Emily NewsWriter Yanke “I pledge allegiance to the flag …,” The classroom echoes as Rachel* stands quietly with her hand over her heart as the class recites the Pledge lead by Student Senate Vice President Michael Hadden over the intercom. It’s a ritual that takes place at the beginning of second hour every school day . “It has been that way since before I was here,” Assistant Principal Matt Huck said. Although the Pledge has been routine at SHS for years, the state board of education unanimously approved to have a change to Rule 10 (accreditation standards tied to state aid) this past August. It requires every public school

SueHerdt English teacher

“I love auctions, writing, and riding my motorcycle,” Herdt said. “Most of these activities are outside, and I like being outside.” “My favorite place to visit is the mountains and my favorite season is the fall,” Herdt said. “I like the coolness of the fall before the snow comes and I have to scrape the windows.” “I would love to try hang gliding. It looks so free and so exciting.”

in Nebraska to set aside time for faculty and students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Staff and students can either stand and say the Pledge or stand/ sit respectfully, but there must be a time for the whole school to say the pledge. All though the requirement will not be that much of a difference for many schools in Nebraska already saying the Pledge, those who do not adhere to the new law will put the school’s accreditation at risk. The change only applies to public school districts. This change in rule was brought about by former state senator Mark Quandahl, who is now vice president of the state education of board. Members of state board of

There are others who do not feel the need to say the pledge. “I really don’t see why we need to say it every day. I mean, we could say it every Monday and it would still be respectful,” junior Carly Slaght said. Huck does not agree. “If you have never been out of the country you will never realize all of the securities and freedoms you have,” Huck said. “My wife, children and I lived in China for six months last year. In a third world communist country we had to stand up for the flag ceremony every morning as a sign of respect,” Huck said. If students do not adhere to the regulations, authorities shall be notified, and further actions will take place. *Name changed for use in story




“I have a three year old daughter so she keeps me busy. I enjoy gardening and working on my family farm. I like being outside. I like being home with my family. My family is very important to me. My favorite time of year is fall because it is harvest season. I want to to travel more. I would like to go to Europe.”

“I enjoy being outside, playing sports and experimenting with science. I enjoy them both; they are fun and make me happy. My favorite place to be is on a horse in the Sandhills because I grew up on a ranch. I enjoy spring most out of all the seasons because my birthday is in spring and I like the warmer weather. I would like to try bungee jumping or skydiving.”

“I am originally from Michigan. I like to go fishing mostly because it is relaxing. Video games are another one of my pastimes. They’re fun and they are a way to keep in touch with my friends back home. I actually would consider Lake Michigan my favorite place to be. My favorite time of year is the fall. It’s nice and cool and it’s football season.”

Science teacher

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education adopted the change on Aug. 10. There are some students who will not say the Pledge of Allegiance. Rachel* believes it is wrong in the sight of God to pledge herself to anyone or anything but Him. Although she understands how lucky she is to live in this county, and she is thankful to be here, but she will not put a flag above her God. On Aug. 27, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) of Nebraska reminded teachers and students they cannot be forced to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance, after the organization received complaints from teachers whose religious or personal beliefs do not allow them to say the pledge.


Science teacher

Science teacher

New staff, new interests by Aaron NewsEditor Martin There have been a lot of changes over the summer months. New teachers. New staff. New year. Now that school is back in session students have most likely noticed the substancial amount of changes to the school. One of the most noticable changes is the great amount of new staff being added to the building.

With each new person comes a different background. Whether it is growing up on a ranch to growing up in the city. With these different backgrounds comes different interests. “I would like to travel through Europe someday,” science teacher Kyle McAlister said. “I also think it would be fun to backpack for a while across Europe.” Check out the rest of the new staff in issue two of The Echoes.

Master schedule changes are having a BIG impact on everyone’s school year by Emily NewsWriter Yanke Daniel runs through the hall and up two flights of stairs to jump in his desk right as the bell rings. “Welcome back,” says a familiar voice, “as you have noticed we have all of our classes today.” From block schedule to adding black days to the week, the schedule for the school year has changed quite drastically within the last few years. Some students who have never known a different schedule find it to be okay. “It’s really cool, to know that every single Tuesday and Thursday will be a red day so I know what home work is due,” freshman Claire Holsinger said,“ but Mondays are hectic.” On the other hand, many upper classmen do not enjoy this change. “I don’t like it because of Cats. Everyone’s lunch is messed up and I don’t get to do homework

since we don’t have home room, ” Junior Allison Jensen said. This new schedule also poses a problem for students who will miss Fridays throughout the school year. “I think that black Mondays are a great idea, however having

the same classes every Friday will have severe consequences for kids involved in activities,” social studies teacher Gary Largo said. “I have twenty students in one of my Friday classes; last week thirteen of them were gone, only one didn’t get their make-up work


The change in the schedule: Black Days OLD BLOCK SCHEDULE 1st or 2nd 7:55 -9:25 Homeroom 9:30 - 9:50 3rd or 4th 9:55 - 11:30 Lunch

11:30 - 12:15


5th or 6th 12: 15 - 1:45 7th or 8th 1:50 - 3:20

BLACK MONDAY 1st 7:55 - 8:41 2nd 8:46 - 9:34 3rd 9:39 - 10:25 4th 10: - 11:16 Lunch

11:16 - 12:01

5th 6th 7th 8th

12:01 - 12:47 12:52 - 1:38 1:43 - 2:29 2:34 - 3:20

in on time,” English teacher Jill Walgren said. There are no plans to change the schedule so students can plan on a year of black Mondays, red Tuesdays and Thursdays and white Wednesdays and Fridays.

Days to mark on

Calender September: 24: Teacher Work day October18: End of first quarter 19: Teacher work day 23&25: Parent-Teacher confrences 4-7 p.m 24: parent teacher confrences 4-6p.m 26:No school for students and staff November: 21-23 Thanksgiving Holiday December: 20: End of semester 21-Jan3: Christmas/New Year Holiday

Black days interfering with college classes by Aaron NewsEditor Martin She went into school early to talk to her counselor about her schedule and found out there was a bit of overlap with her college class and her lunch period on the new “Black Day.” First day. Didn’t eat. Second day. Didn’t eat. Third day. Same story. Senior Mikayla Stephanson is one of many students having trouble with college classes overlapping some part of her schedule. The most notable of these is the overlap of the lunch period that each student is given. “I was not a happy person because of the lack of lunch,” Stephanson said. “The no food and drink policy doesn’t help either.” She is, of course, referring to the new policy the school adopted

this year on food and drink. That policy being that it is not allowed in the school. “There are days where I don’t eat because I don’t have the time,” junior Dalton Ludwig said. “I had to get my open changed to after lunch in order to fix my schedule,” senior Tevyn Baldwin said. The new policy on no food and drink in class is also an issue with students with college classes that overlap their lunch period. This is simply because they are not allowed to eat during class, even though they had no lunch period. “I don’t think the administration is being effective but they’re sticking to their guns, which isn’t bad,” Stephenson said. “I just think they need to take a second look.” There are also other problems with college classes because of the black day’s schedule. “I never get to my seventh hour class because my college

load,” Stephenson said. class overlaps,” Baldwin said. “I hate black days because “I get behind more and more on teachers homework schedule because of “I don’t think administraquizzes and it.” tion is being effective but tests on This is them and the first year they’re sticking to their really seem there have guns, which isn’t bad.” unsure about been any what to do problems on them.” with college MikaylaStephenson, On the classes. Senior other hand The probthere are a lems are all few positives on Black to the new Days and schedule but on the whole it is mostly started because of the new widely not liked. schedule. “I think the set days are nice,” “My friend had a college class Stephenson said. “But I think and it wasn’t as difficult,” Stethat black days are being done phenson. “There wasn’t a schedwrong.” uling conflict with the college “I like the specific days because classes and it was simple to get it makes college classes more like lunch after it.” college,” Baldwin said. Students that are enrolled “It literally reinforces the fact in college classes don’t get any that Mondays suck,” Stephenson benefits from black days in their said. regular classes either. “It gives us a heavier work

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NeSA exam results test positive

This year’s seniors gain 6% over the preceding class, but does not pull SHS out of PLAS rating

by Aaron NewsEditor Martin Heading into the NeSA tests last spring there was a lot on the line for the senior class of this year. Most seniors felt prepared and had a goal to do well. Students were motivated and ready to get out of the PLAS (Persistently Low Achieving School) rating the state Department of Education had given the school last year. Senior Chadwick Nagasawa said he did what he could do well on the NeSA test last year for multiple reasons. “I was prepared and felt that I would do very well,” Nagasawa said. Last year was the first year the school placed emphasis on NeSA testing. In some cases it was effective while for others it wasn’t. “It sort of helped me and didn’t help me,” Nagasawa said. “I knew most of the terms on the test and studying for it helped a bit.” The junior class may want to listen to what the senior class has to say about NeSA tests as it could pay off for them in the long run.

“I mostly focused on being proficient on the tests,” Nagasawa said. “I should have studied more for them.” Overall school officials were pleased with student progress. “We had an increase in all areas that were present before,” Assistant Principal Justin Shaddick said. “Science was a new test and writing was a piloted test last year.” This year is just another year to improve and really everyone sees it that way. “Improvement is the key and I feel like this year will be a good year for that,” Shaddick said. Unfortunately no matter how well we do this year on the NeSA tests, Scottsbluff will remain on the PLAS list. “It takes two years of data to get off of the PLAS school list, no matter how well a school does on NeSA,” Director of Curriculum and Instruction Mike Mason said. At the high school NeSA has been emphasized like never before, mostly to emphasize to students how important it is. “We took quite a few steps last year to emphasize the tests,”

Shaddick said. “We took steps such as the R&R rallies and this year we are doing a raffle for more incentive for the students.” There appears to be more emphasis on the time in the classroom too. “There will definitely be some work done on instruction,” Mason said. “We want to make sure we are teaching the right thing at the right time.” This is not to say it was the teacher’s fault that the school did poorly on NeSA two years ago. “I think the teachers have done a fabulous job,” Mason said. “We want to be using good strategies for the sake of improvement.” NeSA really is a big deal with the state. “It is our state test. It’s a snap shot of our school and our district,” Mason said. Another big change that happened this year as far as curriculum is that there are no students being taught below grade level. Some CATS classes are aimed at re-teaching subjects where kids are struggling. “We want to continue in the right direction,” Mason said.

NewsStop NASA lands on Mars with Curiosity rover NASA recently landed another rover on Mars.This latest rover was dubbed “Curiosity”, landing on Aug. 5th. “Curiosity” is scheduled to explore an area on Mars near the Gale Crater where three areas of terrain converge on Mars. It’s primary mission is reaching Mount Sharp, which rivals the tallest lunar mountains.

Presidential race gears up for the final months The Presidential race continues on and gets closer and closer to the election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Democratic President Barrack Obama will soon go head-to-head in debates. According to the New York Times Obama is leading with 237 electoral votes and Romney is trailing with 206. The election will take place this fall.

SHS NeSA Data: BeforeandAfter Reading 2011: 60% meeting or Reading 2012: 66% meeting or exceeding state average exceeding state average Math 2012: 43% meeting or Math 2011: 37% meeting or exceeding state average exceeding state average (New test) Science 2012: 65% Science 2011: Non-existent meeting or exceeding the state during this time period average

Lance Armstrong stops fighting doping allegations

Lance Armstrong, recordsetting cyclist, has recently stopped denying charges that he was doping during his cycling career. U.S. AnitDoping Agency took away his wins and titles because of the charges.


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The foreign five

Foreign exchange students add to school’s diverse population Francesco Sechi

Home country - Italy Q: What was your very first impression of Scottsbluff NE? A: Here it is very flat and it is hotter Q: What are some differences between Nebraska and your home town? A: The weather and in Wal-Mart everything is bigger Q: Have you made many friends? A: Yes, I have met a lot of people Q: Are you planning to participate in any activities here at SHS? A: I want to join basketball and I play soccer in Italy Q: Do you have a favorite teacher/subject? A: Anatomy and Physiology Q: What type of music do you listen to? A: Rap or Italian Q: Why did you decide to come here? A: Improve my English and see what life is like in America Q: What shocked you the most about Scottsbluff Nebraska? A: I like seeing the monument, and the school is much bigger Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your English? A: 5


Rikke Henriksen Home country - Denmark Q: What was your very first impression of Scottsbluff NE? A: There is a lot of mountains and corn fields Q: What are some differences between Nebraska and your home town? A: The School is different, the way everyone dresses, girls wearing make-up and there is no football in Denmark like here. Q: Have you made many friends? A: Yes, I have made many friends Q: Are you planning to participate in any activities here at SHS? A: I am on the drill team and I want to look into joining the Tabor Dance Academy Q: Do you have a favorite teacher/subject? A: German with Mrs. Hinze Q: Do you have a favorite accessory to wear? A: My ring Q: What type of music do you listen to? A: I listen to a variety Q: Why did you decide to come here? A: I was excited for the experience. Q: What shocked you the most about Scottsbluff Nebraska? A: I had never heard of Scottsbluff, and it is very small here Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your English? A: 5

Kaede Miyata

Thiago Muller de Cruz Home country - Brazil Q: What was your very first impression of Scottsbluff NE? A: It is smaller Q: What are some differences between Nebraska and your home town? A: Here it is smaller and there is less shopping malls and things to do. Q: Have you made many friends? A: Yes, I have Q: Are you planning to participate in any activities here at SHS? A: I play tennis and soccer Q: Do you have a favorite teacher/subject? A: I like Physical education with Mr.Fisher Q: What type of music do you listen to? A: Country, electronic, pop, almost anything Q: Why did you decide to come here? A: Improve my English and see what life is like in America, to see if it is easier to make a living here, or back home in Brazil Q: What shocked you the most about Scottsbluff Nebraska? A: It is very little. I come from a city of 2 million Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your English? A: 7 or 8

Dennis Wenger Home country - Switzerland Q: What was your very first impression of Scottsbluff NE? A: Well it was night so it was dark and I couldn’t see much, but I noticed bigger roads and cars Q: What are some differences between Nebraska and your home town? A: It is a lot bigger here in Scottsbluff Q: Are you planning to participate in any activities here at SHS? A: Yes I am playing Tennis Q:Do you have a favorite teacher/subject? A: Intro to Theatre with Ms.Rada Q:Do you have a favorite accessory to wear? A: My necklace Q: What type of music do you listen to? A: Pop, rock, R&B, anything but hard rock or heavy metal Q: Why did you decide to come here? A: for the experience Q: What shocked you the most about Scottsbluff Nebraska? A: The food portions are larger and everything is greasy. Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your English? A: 7

Home country - Japan Q: What was your very first impression of Scottsbluff NE? A: Well I have been to New York City so compared to there here it is very small Q: What are some differences between Nebraska and your home town? A: The weather is dry and there is not a lot of rain Q: Are you planning to participate in any activities here at SHS? A: I want to join sports Q: Do you have a favorite teacher/subject? A: French Cats Class with Mr. Keener Q: Do you have a favorite accessory to wear? A: My necklace my parents gave to me. Q: What type of music do you listen to? A: Japanese music and I like Lady Gaga Q: Why did you decide to come here? A:In my home town there isn’t much to do. I also wanted to improve my English Q: What shocked you the most about Scottsbluff Nebraska? A: The food and drink in the classrooms Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your English? A: 5

Hip surgeries put soccer career on hold At 15, Magana has already undergone five hip surgeries by Sarah FeatureWriter Mercer-Smith For a fifteen year old athlete, meeting Olympians like Tyson Gay, Brandon Marshall and Lauren Jackson should be a dream come true. But for freshman Kelli Magana, that dream came with an extraordinary cost. On June 4, 2012, Magana went under the knife to repair a torn hip capsule and chipped cartilage in her left hip. The surgery generally only takes a few hours to complete, but the physical therapy that follows is extremely rigorous and painful. “We were away for almost the entire summer for the surgury. From May 29, until a week before school started,” said Kim Magana, Kelli’s mother. Kelli has to do circumduction therapy every morning to loosen out her hip. Mainly it is her mother who helps her by moving her leg in small circles to stretch it. Because of the surgery Kelli now spends the bulk of her time on full body crutches, and has a shortened school schedule because it’s hard for her to move with all of her equipment. “I can’t stand for very long, or

sit for very long. I also have opens on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Wednesday and Friday afternoons,” Magana said This is not an extremely new experience for Kelli though. She has already had five hip surgeries. The first four surgeries were needed to repair torn labrums in her hips. “I had my first two surgeries when I was eleven because I tore my labrum during a soccer game,” Magana said. Soon after, she tore both labrums again and needed two more surgeries. The labrum is a ring of soft elastic tissue type of cartilage located on the outside rim of the femur. It acts like a suction cup holding the ball of the femur in place to the hip joint. When Kelli first injured her hip, the pain radiated directly to her knee. “She was complaining about her knee but toward the next week, it was just like what Lindsay went through, so I took her in for an MRI,” Kim Magana, Kelli’s mom, said. Kim Magana’s fears were con-

Where is the problem? Freshman Kelli Magana’s health issues stem from a torn labrum in her hip. The illustration shows where the labrum is located in the hip joint.

firmed. Kelli did have a torn labrum, just like her older sister, Lindsay. “It’s just hard as a parent, going through this whole experience with two children; it is not something I would ever wish upon anybody,” said Kim. Kim’s daughter Lindsay also had hip problems. She was an accomplished dancer before she tore her labrum. Now she’s had four hip surgeries and hasn’t danced in years. Kelli, who used to spend most of her time on the soccer fields, now spends it in physical therapy with her mother. “It’s hard,” she said, “watching my friends being able to play when I can’t. Soccer was my life. I don’t have that anymore.” Kelli has been playing soccer since she was little and was supposed to play on the varsity team for this spring. Now she doesn’t even know when she is supposed to be free of her crutches. “Well, for a torn labrum, the recommended time is eight weeks, but because of my history, they think another two months after that,” Magana said. Kelli hopes to someday play soccer again, but knows that she will have to be very careful. “The likeliness of tearing the labrum again is extremely high,” Dr. Gregory Harbach, MD, FAAOS said. “Especially in people who have a gun stock formation in their hips.” Magana knows that her life will be difficult for the next few

Walking Tall Freshman Kelli Magana steps out of the elevator before fifth period. Magana has been on full body crutches because of a torn labrum in her left hip. Photo by Terry Pitkin

months. “People stare at me a lot, but I’ve got my friends, and Brett, so that makes it a little bit better,” she said. Magana believes that the surgery has changed her as a person also. “I feel more mature now, I mean, I know what a real problem is,” Magana said. A real problem indeed. After five surgeries in only fifteen years, Magana’s struggles have been an uphill battle. She now knows that even when she wants to lie down and quit, she has to keep fighting. She knows that eventually she will get her casts off, and be able to play soccer again. But most of all, she knows that eventually she will be able to be a teenager again.



A father’s fight

A year’s battle with leukemia ends in remembrance by Katey FeatureEditor Myers


he’s just sleeping,” senior Marissa Yonts’ dad said to her as she walked into a hospital room with him. Her grandmother had just passed away. That was four years ago. In July, Yonts walked into a different hospital room in Denver, but she was thinking the exact same thing as four years ago. Her dad had passed away after a year’s fight with leukemia. “They went to the doctor and I stayed home and they hadn’t really told me what was going on until that day,” Yonts said. Yonts’ dad was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2011. “I remember seeing my dad crying when he got home with the diagnoses. We went down to Denver the next morning and checked him in and I wasn’t allowed to see him,” Yonts said. Yonts didn’t see her dad while he was in the hospital. asked my mom to step out and I talked to him about “We weren’t able to spend time together because Dean was things that were going on in my life and he told me in Denver, Marissa was here, and I spent my time trying to how proud he was.” spend time with both of them,” Yonts’ mom, Kathy, said. On their way to Longmont to stay with family, By August of last year, the leukemia had gone into remisYonts’ older brother, Travis, took the call that their sion. After that, Yonts’ dad had to stay in Denver for a hundad had passed away. dred days due to his recent stem cell transplant. “I knew it in my head but I was just going to wait “In that hundred days he got to come home once and he for Travis to say it. I remember crying, and I settled was actually here for Old West Weekend. A couple days later down on the way back to Denver to say a final goodhe went back to the apartment in Denver,” Yonts said. bye,” Yonts said. Yonts spent most of that time home “When Marissa told me that alone and remembers being happy about he had passed away, I started having both of her parents home. “Dad wasn’t dad when crying. I couldn’t believe it but “I was just so ecstatic to have both of he got diagnosed but he I knew I had to be strong for my parents home finally. I remember my best friend,” senior Kelsey went into it thinking about debating whether or not to play soccer beAlbright said. new friends.” cause I just didn’t know. I thought he was Mr. Yonts was greatly involved okay but I didn’t do soccer that year,” Marissa Yonts, in the things Yonts had done over Yonts said. Senior the years. Albright was like a Marissa and her dad spent their time second daughter to him. together watching TV as he was too tired “He was like my second to do much else. dad and I knew he would always be there for me. I Not long after, Yonts’ dad was rediagnosed. remember going to Marissa’s house and him saying, “It’s (having someone in and out of the hospital) very scar‘Hey four eyes,’ or ‘Hey short stuff’,” Albright said. ing because you don’t know if they are going to get well,” “Marissa and her dad were very close. They espeKathy said. cially enjoyed doing sports things together, and Dean In July, Yonts got a call from her mom saying she needed to taught her life skills,” Kathy said. come to Denver. After her dad’s battle with cancer, Yonts wants oth“It was the third of July and I was at a friend’s house. I ers to have a better understanding of what it is. called mom and she said we needed to get me down there. I “Some people don’t actually grasp what cancer recalled dad and remember his words saying that, ‘I needed to ally is. It’s more than just that one person getting sick, be prepared’,” Yonts said. the whole family gets sick,” Yonts said. Yonts drove to Denver to meet her family and see her dad. It’s been almost two months since her dad’s death “I remember getting there and talking to him. He was out and Marissa thinks about what has changed. of it because he was in a lot of pain,” Yonts said. “He won’t see me walk across the stage. He’s not Yonts remembers a very special moment from the fifth of going to be here for my softball games. When I walk July. out of the dugout, I see all my friends go to their par“I got to have the last conversation with him. I ents and then there’s me,” Yonts said

[ ]


At the hospital Marissa 58Yonts poses for a picture with her dad in Denver. Marissa couldn’t visit her dad in the hospital as she was under 18. Courtesy photo

Firearm frenzy Recent changes in the University of Colorado Denver’s concealed-carry policy have students and the state’s other institutions asking some questions Picture an average day at a nearby college campus. Students commute to and from classes by walking, cruising on a skateboard, or perhaps riding a bike. Most everyone has the customary classroom goods, such as a backpack or laptop sling around their shoulder. The contents of said bag are generally quite innocent, perhaps containing extra leaf paper, notebooks, a .38 special, writing utensils, or possibly leftovers from a rushed breakfast. Wait, a .38 special? Unusual and unheard of as it might seem, some students have begun strapping a few other items of interest into private luggage through a change in school policy. In March of 2012, the concealed weapon policy on Colorado’s Boulder university (CU) campus became rather lax. That is, CU gave those with

concealed-carry permits permission to wield firearms and other forms of weaponry on the institution’s campus and some familyhousing residential dormitories. Other state universities, Colorado State University (CSU) in particular, have criticized the University of Colorado for allowing such controversial practices to take place. These recent changes in policy have lead to heated debate among staff members and students alike, all asking the same question; has personal security become unnecessary and insecure over-protection? By regulation for federal grants and state assistance, universities across the nation are required to adhere to emergency security and protocol measures.

This can entail anything from staff briefings on emergency situations to immediate response stations set up at various points across a campus (the large neoncolored, metal telephone poles erected from the earth with “EMERGENCY” embossed vertically, visible to all angles). In short, it is of an institution’s utmost priority that students feel safe, secure, and well protected in case of extreme scenarios. Universities give high attention to campus security, and that same high attention should be observed, not taken into practice, by enrolled students. The power should lie with administration, not in a student’s backpack.

[ ] The views expressed in this editorial were supported 11-3 by The Echoes

If it’s this busy this early, it looks like a very busy senior year Feature Editor on Echoes – check FFA Vice President – check German Club Officer – check Math Club - check Trap Shooting – check Work – check Senior Year – unfortunately yes Everyone always waits for senior year to celebrate. Everyone but me that is. School has just barely started and the circus act has already begun. Too much to do and definitely not enough time. I spent the summer traveling and thought that after the summer I’d had, senior year and all its parts would be a piece of cake. I’ve come to find out I was wrong. FFA and Echoes seem to be the main culprits in this hectic schedule so far. Four week issues and range

FarmGirl Personal commentary by Katey Myers judging practice, stories to write and meetings to help plan. Now I’m skipping German Club to go to FFA meetings, missing range judging practice to go to work. Add college applications and deciding on a school to the mix too. I’ve been told that I do too much but there’s a method to my madness. Here’s a quote I always think of. “Find what you love to do and do it for the rest of your life.” So maybe I do too much and don’t have time for a lot else sometimes but I’m finding out that the things I do are the things I love.

If they weren’t, would I let this insanity continue? I don’t think I would. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I may do the same thing repeatedly but I definitely don’t get the same results. I’ve been doing the same things for years and definitely have never gotten the same results. Six years of trap, four years, of FFA and German Club, three years of Math Club, and two years of Echoes equals one busy life. Maybe I am involved in way too much but everyone has their own version of the equation in life.

Panel Opinion Do you think guns should be allowed on college campuses? “No! If everyone had guns and everyone is using them, police and security would have no way of stopping offenders.” Eddy, Security Guard. “It’s absolutely horrible. Even though they’ve been through training, you’re in a school, there shouldn’t be guns in a classroom.” -Zoey Rada, Senior. “It’s okay, especially in Colorado, because regulations have been upped and those who can actually get a permit have proven themselves responsible to the state.” LoganWoodward, Junior. “I’m yes and no, it’s a good idea to protect yourself, but you don’t need a gun in your backpack, where it could be stolen.” ChadNagasawa, Senior. “No! I am a supporter in my right to bear arms, but I do not feel it is necessary to carry a weapon on your body all the time. Having a loaded weapon in a large social environment, to me, equals the more chance of a tradegy like Virginia Tech or Aurora.” SarahElger, Teacher. Opinion


Out with the old in with the new, Highschool, Hormones, taking a different perspective on the modern day relationship. by Sarah CenterSectionEditor Hall When senior Mahalah Booth walks down the hallways, she can’t help but notice one thing… couples. Happy couples. Fighting couples. Even X-rated couples. There’s no denying high school is filled with these over elated people running amuck though out the hallowed halls. One thing Booth has noticed is that the days of couples sweetly strolling down the halls and respectfully holding hands is gone. There are no longer love notes being passed back and forth during class and, no harmless giggles being exchanged. “People have forgotten how to romance somebody, ” Booth said. Whenever the romancing of women stopped the perspective on what the definition of that word truly is changed. “Romance is something that is exchanged between two people, any two people,” sophomore Cody Clark said. Romance author Jane Austen had it right, “There is not charm equal to the tenderness of the heart,” There is something special about the thought behind a handwritten note that cannot be exchanged in a text message. With the advancements in technology being shoved into society’s face, it’s no wonder romance has quickly followed in its footsteps. Love notes have turned into quick texts. Year anniversary? Better buy her an iPhone. Here to pick her up for a date? Shoot her a text.

The influx of the modern day romance has gotten girls pining for the past. When dates weren’t hanging out in each other’s basements watching the latest episode of whatever is the latest TV show. These dates were being picked up at the doorstep with flowers in hand and going out for a night of opening car doors for her and laying coats over puddles. “Romance is something every girl wants,” Booth said. Maybe the romance is still there, maybe the guy of your dreams is lurking around the corner just ready to get your number and start texting you words that will make your heart melt. Maybe that’s your cup of tea. But there’s still that underlying influence of the past that keeps expectations of romance so high. Allegedly the most romantic night of high school, is prom, but Booth begs to differ. “There is no romance in prom; people grind on each other, that’s not romance. That’s more sexual than it is romantic,” Booth said. “The thing about prom is that its just a group of awkward people. Last year they had parents watching them dirty dance that’s not romantic.” Senior Luke Parsley said. “The awkwardness of prom is the romance.” Parsley said. Now all that is left to learn is how to do the bump and grind, or convulse to the latest dub step tune. The romance is gone. The wooing is over. All that is left to do is accept the fact that romance has taken a turn for the modern side, pick up the phone and shoot the most loving text message possible. “Luv U 2 bbe.”

A special kind of romance What does romance mean to you? “Romance? What? I don’t even know what romance is.”

“I guess it’s just having deep feelings for someone that you have to express.” “Romance is a myth.”

“ Romance defines a person, and how it influences their decisions in life.”

10l Center Section

Kaytlin Wolfe, Freshman.

Owen Para, Freshman. Kim Ward, Junior. Luke Parsley, Senior.


and High Hopes by Shalee CenterSectionWriter Roseberry

People have very different views on love. Some think it is all hearts, flowers and kisses. While others may think it’s sick, disgusting and repulsive. Most teenage girls think of all the good stuff that romance brings or read novels that are fake and don’t cover real life romance. They don’t think about fighting, crying, or breakups. Here are two different takes on high school romances.

Kaylie Smith, 11 Q: “Why do you think Facebook is such a big deal with ‘making it official’?” A: “I think it’s because people want other people to know that they’re dating someone. They want people to know that that person belongs to them. Q: “What about cheating?” A: “Cheating isn’t called for. If you are tired of the relationship and feel the need to cheat, just end the relationship.” Q: “Was love different in the beginning than it was towards the end of it?” A: “Yes, love was way different toward the end. At first it was all lets hang out every day then toward the end, we just got sick of each other and stopped hanging out all the time.”

Getting Close Senior Chabelly Gurrola and her boyfriend Junior Vincent De Los Santos get intimate in the halls. They have been together for 2 years. Photo by Spencer Lake

by Rachel CenterSectionWriter Madden

ublic isplay of


“I’m so embarrassed. Last year was way too much,” Celeste Calderon said with her face turning bright red. She is thinking of all those times in the hallway when her and her ex boyfriend, sophomore Denzel Salazar, could have been seen holding-hands, hugging, or even kissing. “Some teachers told us to break it up once. That’s why we don’t show it anymore,” Calderon said. Celeste was not alone in her public displays of affection, or PDA. They are a common occurrence around school. “The PDA policy is anything more than holding-hands,” Principal Mike Halley said. If a student is caught in a PDA, a formal warning is addressed. After the second warning, students will be issued two days out of school suspension. After

Lacy Koeppen, 12

o t n i k o o l h es t p e d c n n i a n a m g o n i r Tak d of b l r o w

Bro: Jon Maag “We’re like brothers. We will be married in nine years.”

Q : “Do you think you and Anthony will get married?” A : “Yes, we have talked about it a lot. When I am done with hair school but he will be in the

military, and if he’s in the military then I can live with him on base.”

Q: “Are you together all the time?” A : “Yes, well now that he is leaving in two months we try to spend as much time as possible together.”

Commitment. This word could stand alone when talking about high school relationships. Our generation simply “talks” because dating is too much of a commitment. This also lets the people walk away whenever they want because there is nothing substantial holding them to the relationship. Love is overrated and most people get hurt, but if you’re willing to take the risk, just know we told you so!

five times, a hearing for expulsion is required. “If we see it [PDA], we address it. Everyone gets a pretty fair warning,” Halley said. “Teachers tell us to break it up all the time. They will yell no PDA is the hallway,” junior Chantry Mann said. However, it’s hard to keep an eye on all 800 plus students at once. “Students are more careful about being seen,” Halley said, “When we do see PDA, students are mostly just hugging or hanging on each other.” Even among students, tolerance levels of PDA seem to differ. “I don’t even think about what others think. There will always be people who don’t like it and those who don’t care about it,” Mann said. On the other hand, there are students that do care. “PDA is just not necessary in a school setting. Overly expressing your

e v o Il

! n a m u o the y

relationship in the hall is not that romantic,” senior Aubrey Taylor said, “No one cares that much about your relationship.” “If someone wants to kiss in the hallway, it’s not a problem for me. I honestly don’t care,” Mann said. “I think words can go a long way and PDA is over-used to show affection. Words are sweet, simple and to the point,” Taylor said. PDA seems to be to be a normal part of every relationship. Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line between cute and nauseating. “Using the right judgment is crucial when it comes to PDA,” Taylor said. Sometimes love is better left in private.

Alec Burg, Senior. Bro: Jon Wiebe “He’s more like a big brother/ wingman/all around boss. Eli Hutt, Sophomore. Bro: Curtis Welsh “I like you a little, I love you a lot. Long and forever my bro you’ll be. Cody Rossman, Junior. Bro: Derrick Goss Our sense of humor just gets along so well, that we just click. Michael Wright, Senior. Bro: Collin Maag He is.... Special ;) Dennis Wenger, Senior. Bro: Eric Moreno I was strolling in the playground and laid eyes on the most beautiful man I’ve ever seeen. It was truly love at first sight. Taylor Winkler, Senior. Center Section |


Art by Spencer Lake

If you were wondering...

Editor-in-chief JonWiebe Artwork SpencerLake

“Students are not allowed to bring outside food or drink into the school building, other than bottled water in its original container.” -Student Handbook, pg. 15

News Editor AaronMartin News Writer EmilyYanke FeatureEditor KateyMyers FeatureWriter DeannaCortez FeatureWriter Sarah Mercer-Smith CenterSection Editor CenterSection Writer CenterSection Writer

Not on a teacher’s time


Students running late to class are no longer allowed to chow down on outside food or drink on teacher’s time

he bus was running behind schedule, there was construction all over the place, coach didn’t let me out of practice until 7:30... These excuses have been heard by teachers, classmates, and even administration but now the resounding response is… NO. Until now, students have been allowed to bring the McPancake Platter, biscuits and gravy, bowl of Captain Crunch, breakfast burrito, or stack of French toast into the classroom. But, we’re okay with it. As long as equal opportunity is employed and all students are allowed to bring food into class, teachers do not have a problem with saying yes to food in class. Administration, however, does not agree. According to the Scottsbluff High School student and employee handbook, “students are not allowed to bring outside food and drink into the school building, other than bottled water in its original container.” Those morning munchies stu-

12 |Opinion

dents have been bringing to first and second period? Gone. The post-lunch afternoon goodies that you brought in as a snack? You’re teacher is now required to say… NO. And what about letting kids

[ ] The views expressed in this editorial were supported 11-4 by The Echoes

go down to the cafeteria to grab school-sanctioned food and drink if one is late to class? Even if it’s the “cool teacher”, the one that would never even consider letting a poor, innocent child go hungry because they didn’t have time to grab a bite to eat on their commute to class… NO. “Teachers will be asked to preserve instructional time by not allowing students tot go to the

Echoes Staff The

cafeteria to eat during class time”Student Handbook. Given, administration isn’t changing policy just to tick off students. They are attempting to make students more responsible by whatever means necessary. In this case, it’s through the student body’s stomach. But what about those who do have legitimate excuses? The ones that really did have to drop off their younger brother unexpectedly, or didn’t get out of practice until ten minutes before the bell? Administrations response would more than likely be “talk to your coach, if it truly is unreasonable, the coach should let you out.” But what happens when the coach still doesn’t budge? Are students just going to have to endure tardy after tardy? YES. Unless there is breathing ground, the change in policy will be adamantly opposed by students. Those with or without excuses. Students value being able to bring food into class, and for many it’s one of the only things helping them show up at all.

SarahHall Rachel Madden Shalee Roseberry

SportsEditor Matthew T. Klein SportsWriter Micah Holloway SportsWriter Kiley Guerue Entertainment Editor Entertainment Writer

Kaela Heinz Rachel Carlin

The Echoes is a monthly publication printed by the Business Farmer. The Echoes is a member of the Nebraska High School Press Association and the International Order of the Quill and Scroll. The Echoes encourages readers to write letters to the editor in response to a story, but does reserve the right to publish said letter. The Echoes also encourages all readers to submit their ideas for story coverage, feedback on stories, and any other input. The Echoes Scottsbluff High School 313 East 27th St. Scottsbluff, NE 69361 Letters with obscene, slanderous, libelous, or false information will not be fun. The letter must also be signed to be run. Content may be edited due to grammatical or content needs. A signed copy must be presented to the Scottsbluff High School journalism department, room 130.


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This just in... Last summer’s The Dark Knight Rises completed Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy but I was still really im-

by Rachel EntertainmentWriter pressed. It lacked a couple Carlin of things that The Dark

Every die hard Batman fan was waiting for this movie to come with a mix of excitement and dread because this would mean the end of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. One fan in particular, senior Andrew Holsinger, had waited a grueling year for The Dark Knight Rises to hit theaters. All the time he was wondering how this movie could possibly be any better than the ones before. “It’s really hard to come out with a good movie like The Batman Begins, and then come out with the next story line that’s an even better, amazing movie, The Dark Knight. So I was expecting The Dark Knight Rises to be good, but not as good as The Dark Knight,” Holsinger said. All of his thoughts were put aside as he walked into Carmike Theater on July 20 to watch the midnight showing. Approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes later, this is what Holsinger said about The Dark Knight Rises. “It took a little bit to get into,

Knight had, like exploding hospitals, but it still had a really good plot to it.” And as every die hard Batman fan went to blog and tweet about the movie, Holsinger went to the theaters to watch the movie again and again. In fact, Holsinger watched The Dark Knight Rises three times during the summer because he thought the movie was that good. Movie critics agreed it was too. After the release of The Dark Knight Rises, it was instantly named a ‘classic’ and pronounced the ‘move of the year’. The fact that the movie would be the end to The Dark Knight Tril-

Summer of superheroes by Kaela EntertainmentEditor Heinz This summer also featured two new super hero movies, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spiderman. The Avengers built on the main characters movies, and added two new characters; Hawkeye and Black Widow. The movie came out May 4, and came back into theaters over Labor Day weekend. The movie was highly anticipated and it was portrayed in the box office, making $207,438,708 opening weekend. The movie made a worldwide total profit of $1,507,414,627. The Avengers was a highly action packed movie that captivated the audiences with not only all of


the effects, but also with the story line. Spiderman was also highly anticipated and featured two new leads. The movie came out July 3. Andrew Garfield played the new Spiderman and Emma Stone played the new leading lady Gwen Stacy. The Amazing Spider-Man came out after Spider-Man III came out only 5 years before. The new Spiderman features an all new story line and gave Spiderman the fresh young feel that it needed. Although the movie received much criticism, there were things that set this movie apart from the original Spider-Man movies. Both movies were summer box office hits and received the praise and profits they deserved.

ogy made it that much more meaningful to viewers. But what exactly made this movie good to viewers across the nations? Was it the villainous Bane, who has to wear a mask on his face that constantly injects the super steroid Venom into him? Or perhaps it was the seductive and fierce Selina Kyle, A.K.A. Cat Woman? But maybe it was the dark and mysterious Bruce Wayne, more famously known as Batman, with his cape slowly flapping in the wind? “I liked how it had a realistic sense to it, even though it’s unlikely for something like this to happen. It (the trilogy) brought

the Batman universe to life,” Holsinger said. …Or that. Yes, Christopher Nolan did stray from the cartoonish style that was so known in the Batman movies of the past. But as Holsinger put it so well, Nolan made the movie so real to the viewer, made the villains so terrifyingly realistic, and brought the characters to life in such a way that no other director could have done. After the tragic loss of a main character, Heath Ledger, Who played the creepy, yet humorous Joker, in The Dark Knight, Nolan was faced with a problem: who is going to be the new villain in the last movie? And so Bane was introduced into the picture, a dislike for humanity and a plot to break Batman, mentally and physically. “Tom Hardy did really well playing Bane. He made him to be a terrorist; a genius, but he was going to destroy everyone,” Holsinger said. Bane is known for his brilliant mind. He’s also known to be extremely strong from the steroids that are continuously being pumped into his veins that set him away from the Joker. See Batman on pg. 15

The votes are in

Who is your favorite hero in The Avengers?

40% Iron Man 14% Thor

26% Captain America



What movie did you find to be the best from The Dark-Knight Trilogy?

Batman Begins- 6% The Dark Knight- 50% The Dark Knight Rises-44% Did you like the Amazing Spider-Man or the old Spiderman movies?

48% The old Spiderman


The new Spiderman

Bilbo is back! Bilbo Baggins is back from The Lord of the Rings and plays the lead role in the book-turned-movie The Hobbit

And for a book that was meant to be a children’s fairly-tale, it has become so much more to the readers. Full of wit and humor, The Hobbit is light-hearted and not as dark as The Lord of the Rings. It shows how simple life was in middleearth for a cute, innocent little hobbit called Bilbo Baggins. That’s right folks, he’s back for by Rachel EntertainmentWriter more. For those who don’t know Carlin about this odd creature, he made So it’s going to be one of those his first appearance on screen in trilogies; just when everyone The Lord of the Rings; he’s Frodo thought no one would follow in Baggins uncle who ultimately George Lucas’ whole Star Wars gives Frodo the famous ring at the setup, where Episodes IV, V, and beginning of the first movie. VI were produced before Episodes Since this adventurous book is I, II, and III just to confuse the named solely after Baggins, “the audience. hobbit”, it seems only necessary But that’s exactly what’s going to learn a little bit about the sprite to happen with the famous book, fellow. The Hobbit, which is the prelude to Like any other hobbit, Baggins The Lord of the Rings. is short, with large hairy feet and This book-turned movie, which a big appetite that lasts throughalready has a release date of Dec. out the day. 14 of this year, has been decided This quaint character never to be divided into three movies, thought of being associated in any making a trilogy. adventure, for adventures are too The only question will be; is dangerous and unpredictable. it going to have the same negaAlthough Baggins thought this tive effects on fans like Star Wars way, he also enjoyed looking at Episode’s I-III had on its fans? and collecting maps and reading We can only hope something about fairy tales and dragons; like that will never happen again. very un-hobbit-like behavior. But as far as the book goes, inWhat Baggins never expected stantly after reading the first few on a sunny morning was a wizard, pages of The Hobbit, it was pretty named Gandolf, to invite Baggins apparent it was going to be a good on a journey he’d never forget. read. Gandolf, the wizard known for

Continued from pg. 14 “I knew from the comic books, that Bane broke Batman’s back. In the movie, frame for frame, it was exactly the same as it was in the comic books. I was very impressed,” Holsinger said. All the characters in the movie had a unique quality to them, and Holsinger expressed how well each person did in the movie in his opinion. But when Holsinger found out who was playing Cat Woman, he was a little leery.

“When I found out that Ann Hatheway was Cat Woman, I was really concerned, but God knowns she has to be better than Halle Berry. But she actually did a really good job, by going from the innocent girl to being a manipulator,” Holsinger said. There were many things that made this movie so great, but when the end of the movie came, there was a clever little twist that Nolan put in the movie that kept fans reeling. And although the end won’t be stated (so to not be a spoiler),

his flowing white beard and pipe close at hand, isn’t in The Hobbit as frequently as The Lord of the Rings books, but is mainly a guide to Bilbo and the dwarves throughout their journey. Oh, so I forgot to mention the dwarves, did I? Let me list all 13: there’s Dwalin and Balin, Kili and Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin and Gloin, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur; and last, and most important of all, is Thorin. And after the long introduction to the dwarves, where they sang a song or two about food and the Misty Mountain and all its troubles, Bilbo Baggins is finally told what is going on. Bilbo will be accompanying the dwarves on a journey to Misty Mountain to retrieve treasures and ultimately defeat Smaug, the dragon that lives at the peak of Misty Mountain. Specifically, Bilbo Baggins will play the part of the burglar, which means exactly what you think, to sneak around and steal items

when needed, for dwarves aren’t the quietest creatures. And the day after Bilbo Baggins was introduced to the 13 dwarves, they along with Gandolf, set for the Misty Mountain where Smaug the dragon lied in waiting. Not a page went by where there wasn’t an obstacle for the gang to overcome. As their journey progresses, the obstacles became more difficult. Full of goblins and elves, dragons and giant spiders, and none other than Gollum (also known as Smeagol in The Lord of the Rings), this book will keep any reader turning the pages for more. But most importantly is what Bilbo Baggins learns from this adventure. And what he finds at the end of this journey is who he really is inside, which is a hobbit, a courageous hobbit, nonetheless; one that loves adventures and is strong enough to overcome all obstacles, big and small.

Seven of the 13 dwarves from The Hobbit

Holsinger tells how he felt about it. “That was such an amazing ending, I was in tears, and almost lost it (at the end).” “It was an amazing end to The Dark Knight Trilogy.” And so it ends, The Dark Knight Trilogy is complete, and fans are wondering; Will Christopher Nolan keep working with the DC Comics? “I think Batman is done with Nolan, he might do other things from the Batman universe, but as far as the batman character goes,

he’s finished,” Holsinger said. Nolan has said for a while that he is done with Batman, but with the end of his movie, he’s given Warner Brothers a huge invitation to produce The Justice League, which is a DC version of The Avengers. But it’s all just talk for now. …But one can only hope that Batman will return again.

Entertainment |


Summer 2012 greatest hits

1. Call me maybe- Carly Rae Jepson

Not just another pretty face The pretty boys of pop music gain great success by Kaela EntertainmentEditor Heinz

2. Payphone-Maroon5

3. Somebody that I used to know-Gotye

4. Starships- Nicki Minaj

5. Boyfriend-Justin Bieber

Today’s music differs greatly from different genres, to different artists, to different styles. Even artists in the same genre can differ tremendously. All artists have their own styles and no two artists are ever the same. Although pop music has different sounds, it seems the artists have one thing in common: their looks. Whether one likes the music or not, one cannot deny that the pop genre has some good looking people in it. Some of the recently popular pretty boys of pop music include solo artist Justin Bieber, who just released his third album, is currently on a world tour. The band One Direction, which is working on its second album and will soon begin their second world tour, and the band The Wanted who has released two albums and one EP. These three artists all have one thing in common; none of them are from America. Justin Bieber was born in Canada. The Wanted is from the United Kingdom, along with four out of the five members of One Direction. The fifth member, Niall Horan, is from Ireland. All the artists came to America within the last year for their world tours and are busy planning their

next tours. One Direction tickets for its 2013 American tour went on sale over the summer and most of the dates sold out as soon as they were posted. The One Direction infection seems to have spread worldwide. Tickets for the One Direction concert dates are over $100 for one seat and that isn’t even relatively close to the stage. Bieber fever hasn’t slowed down either; two of Bieber’s tour dates in the U.S sold out in under thirty seconds. Bieber’s concert tickets are also over $100. It seems that if one would want to be anywhere close to the artists while at a concert one would have to spend a large sum of money. All of these artists became popular with one hit single and their careers soon took off after that. “I first heard What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. But after I heard the rest of the songs on their album I became a fan. Plus Niall is cute,” senior Paige Keller said. Bieber’s first hit single, and most popular song, is Baby. The song that made One Direction famous is What Makes You Beautiful. The Wanted’s most famous song is Glad You Came. Some look to these artists as role models because their success. “Justin Bieber is an inspiration. He came from such a small town

with nothing to being the most famous person on the planet. He showed me that if you chase your dreams it can become reality,” senior Amanda Morris said. These pretty boys of pop came to fame so fast that one is left to wonder, how long will, or can, they stay in the spotlight? “I think One Direction will end up like The Jonas Brothers where only one of them ends up successful,” senior Marissa Yonts said. Although the artists receive constant hate, their fans seem to outweigh the hate and keep the artists from leaving the fame behind. The drama never stops for the artists’ (remember when Bieber was accused of being a father?) they say that the love of the fans is the reason that they keep on making their music. Whether it be because of their good looks or because of their music, how long these celebrities will remain in the fame is up to the fans.

Justin Bieber

6. What makes you beautiful- One Direction 7. We are young- fun. 8. Wide awake- Katy Perry 9. Wild ones- Flo Rida 10. Want U back-Cher Lloyd


The Wanted

One Direction

The Dynamic Duo Worden, Klein hope to lead Cats deep into the playoffs byMicah SportsWriter Holloway Throughout history there have been many famous duos: Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Shaq and Kobe. One without the other just wouldn’t be the same. Opponents of the football team this fall are going to face another duo that is likely to wreak havoc on defenses all season long. Seniors Matt T. Klein and Luke Worden will provide the Cats with a one-two punch that is likely to knockout several opponents. The dynamic duo which lead the team in rushing last year are back for their senior seasons with hopes of leading the Cats deep into the playoffs. With their speed, knowledge of the game, athleticism, and experience, they are a force to be reckoned with. Both are three-year starters and will play on both sides of the ball this season. Worden will be stepping into the fullback position with the graduation of Seth Rohrer, who is now playing at Mesa State, in addi-

tion playing some running back and receiver on offense. Worden also plays as a defensive back and linebacker on defense. “Luke is a very multiple force player and can step in to help on defense either as a defensive back or linebacker,” head coach Joe Benson said. With his versatility and speed, Worden is a player opponents should be aware of; he is however only half the problem. The other half, Matt T. Klein, who led the team in rushing with 1,159 yards last season, was named an All-State running back, All-Conference Western-Conference, and Star Herald Player of the year. With such an impressive resume Coach Benson is excited to have him back for another season. “With the return of Matt we have many options we can chose from,” Benson said. Klein is ready to play and make even greater contributions to the team this year. “My goal is to win. If we can win as many games as possible and put ourselves in a good position for playoffs that would be perfect,” Klein said. A 14-12 loss to the Ralston Rams in the first round of the playoffs last year has the team hungry for more. “We are determined to make a bigger run this year. It is something we need to take seriously; our goal is to go farther than last year,” Klein said. Klein rushed for over 100 yards in each of the first two games. The talent doesn’t stop with Klein and Worden. The Bearcats

have a very experienced team with nine returning varsity members on offense and defense. “Because of our experience, the offense is clicking and everyone knows where they are going,” Worden said. “Experience is big, especially when people are out there they know what they are supposed to be doing and everybody is in sync,” Klein said. Because of all the experienced players, the team is not lacking in leadership. Klein and Worden are a part of a senior class taking team leadership seriously. “Their class is great, all of them lead by example,” Benson said. “Because of that, practices have been going great and we are a lot further along than I was expecting this early in the season,” A benefit of having so many upperclassmen on the team is that it sets a great example for the underclassmen. “Everyone knows that if they practice hard and show the coaches that they have what it takes they will be playing on Friday nights,” Worden said.

They are expected to know all of the plays and have teammates who keep them accountable all season long. In the end it will pay off when the team takes the field on Friday nights. “Anyone can have a spot on the field Friday nights if they are playing hard in practice and getting their plays right,” Klein said. With so much talent on the field, and team chemistry the team has, little wonder Worden and Klein have been able to shine. “I couldn’t do my job unless my teammates do theirs, and they do a great job of getting to where they need to be and executing,” Worden said. Both Worden and Klein agree they have had some influential people in their lives that encouraged and helped them. Worden said it was his dad, who was a football player himself and walked on at Nebraska, who played a big part in helping him become the athlete he is today. “My dad was my coach from first to sixth grade in football and track.” Worden said, “He still helps me today by scouting, watching film and going over all my games.” Klein’s dad, also a former football player, has had a huge impact on Matt’s career. “It always inspired me to be better when my dad talked about his playing days,” Klein said. “He taught me to love the game.” Cat fans are hoping the team’s talent and experience will convert into wins, especially late in the season.

Seniors Luke Worden (left) & Matt T. Klein (right) were the team’s leading rushers last year and have combined for 561 rushing yards this season. The 3-0 Cats travel to 1-2 Hastings tomorrow night. The team is currently ranked No. 2 in Class B in the Omaha World Herald. Sports|




Zone The


Senior Luke Worden showed up with his A-game last Friday night against the Holdrege Duster. Worden got off to a fast start when he intercepted a pass and returned it to 36 yards for a touchdown. Shortly after that he picked off another Duster pass and returned it to the endzone from 70 yards out. Along with his stellar defensive performance, Worden also contributed on offense punching another one into the endzone from seven yards out. Worden’s performance helped lead the Cats to a 44-6 victory and a 3-0 record.

Mustsee Football The 3-0 football team will travel to Hastings Friday night to take on the 1-2 Tigers. The Cats will look to keep their winning streak going and improve to 4-0.


Tonight the softball team will travel across the river to take on cross-town rival, Gering The Cats have come up empty in three previous meetings this season against the Dawgs. The Cats are 9-8 overall.


With the fall seasons in full swing it can be hard to keep up with all of action. Girls golf team has finished second or higher in all of its meets. Volleyball has posted a 2-7 record. Boys cross country has won its only meet so far and the girls finished third in their only meet.

Faith, family & sports New AD and his family are ready to put down some roots by Kiley SportsWriter Guerue Aug. 16 was back to the same hallways for most of us, but for the Pauli family it brought the beginning of their latest adventure. Some people are driven by money, others by status, but our new athletic director is driven by his family and his faith. Dave Pauli, the new athletic director, is used to being on the go. Growing up in Wahoo, NE., located 30 minutes north of Lincoln. Pauli, along with two younger sisters had a close family where faith runs deep and family values were important. Attending Wahoo High School Pauli enjoyed football, track, and golf, but had a special passion for the game of basketball. That passion led him to Midland College in Fremont, NE. and with the help of his high school coach he received a scholarship. The adjustment from being a high school student athlete to a college student athlete took Pauli some time to get used to. He noticed the level of intensity was much higher and his teammates provided better competition. Being a college athlete put a challenge on studies, but Pauli was a determined student athlete who was able to push through the challenge and by the end of his freshman year he knew what he wanted to do. While the science field struck an interest in Pauli, he used that to get his first job in Clarks, NE. as a teacher in science, an assistant football coach, and head

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On the road w/AD Dave Pauli

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basketball coach. He was there for four years until another opportunity opened for him. He then moved to Gering where he taught biology and was an assistant football coach and head basketball coach. He stayed there for four years, and decided he wanted to get his master’s degree. Pauli was at Chadron for 2 years and served as the assistant men’s basketball coach. The next 11 years were spent at private schools, but eventually stepped down because of salary-driven decisions and retirement considerations. Retirement was out of the question when a position at Gering High School opened up for a new AD and Pauli and his family decided that was their next journey. Moving so often has been stressful sometimes, but the Pauli family is feeling comfortable here at Scottsbluff high school. “It’s been hard because it’s another change but we didn’t have to move which was nice and we are familiar with the area,” his wife, Kristin said about the transferring on her husband and the kids to another school. For freshman Stacia Pauli, the oldest of the Pauli’s four children, this is her fourth school in four years. In the transition to Scottsbluff she was worried about making friends and starting sports. Fortunately, all it has come pretty easy for her. “I always make friends, but it is always in the back of my mind that I might get ripped away from them,” Stacia said regarding making new friends and going to different schools. For Dave Pauli the transition has been great, despite facing some criticism for the move. “Several people from Gering that I talked to that had been a teacher or administrator at Scottsbluff had encouraged me to apply.” Pauli said. Scottsbluff’s program was one of the main reasons for the Pauli family coming over, Due to other things as well such as better fiancés, and more money to work with for the school’s sake. “You’re working with a lot of good kids and good coaches; kids are really involved and want to produce on the court or on the field.” Pauli said. Managing a family and work can be difficult, but Pauli has found a way to make it all tie together. Being the AD gives him the opportunity to see

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Seniors leading the fall charge Kill shot (left) Senior Brayden Auer goes up for a kill during the Cheyenne East match that was played in Scottsbluff. Auer is one of the seniors on the team that will look to provide leadership to the team early and as the season progesses.

The windup (right) Bri Fliam stretches toward home plate during one of her pitches against cross town rival, Gering. Fliam has been the ace for the team this season and looks to help the defense give up as little amount of runs as possible.

Photo by Gordon Rock

Boys, girls cross country team coexisting continued from pg. 20 the prize.” The girls team will also give Cats fans something to watch as they have seven girls on the squad. “We will be very competitive and our expectation is to qualify as a team for the state meet.” Barker said. With only one returning qualifier for state from last year’s team, the girls will definitely need some runners to step up.

“Taylor Muncie is the lone state meet qualifier.” Barker said. “Four girls trained throughout the summer and are in very solid shape.” Although there is only one state qualifier returning, the girls team does have a good amount of experience. Taylor and Tylii Muncie, Shayleigh James, and Celeste Calderon are returning letter winners, and the new comers are Vanessa Avalos, Claire Holsinger and Rebecca Loya.

The girls lost another state qualifier in Addie Donohue who moved to Loveland Colorado. “We look forward to a great season,” Barker said. With the future of girls cross country and track and field hanging in the balance, Barker will wait until the season is over to worry about those issues. “At this point I am looking forward to the 2012 cross country season without thinking about coaching positions available in

girls track and or next year in girls cross country,” Barker said. “When the season is completed, I plan to sit down with Mr. Pauli and discuss the future of the high school track and field programs as well as the next year’s cross country season,” Barker said. Barker, along with both of his teams, are focused and want to take things one day at a time. With the coaching questions out there, however, there could be a little bit more of a twist on the teams going forward than there is

Son’s death draws Pauli family closer together continued from pg. 18 his kids compete, not to mention the summer time he spends with the family. Family plays an important role in Pauli’s life. Everything he does is for the sake of what’s best for his family. Dave and Kristin’s four kids include: Stacia, a freshman at SHS, Jace, a 6th grader, Macey, five years old, and Jameson, three years old. The close-knit family has suffered its share of pain. In 2005 their son Kaden was diagnosed with cancer, a pediatric brain


tumor. For four years he spent time getting surgeries and treatment which was helping it go away. In July of 06 he was declared cancer free. Things were going well for Kaden who was a young full of life and energy as all young boys are. Doctors told them that he was doing better than expected. Unfortunately, in 2008 Kaden was re-diagnosed and in 2009 the family lost their third child at the age of seven. It was a constant struggle for the Pauli family. Faith is what sustained them to cope with the devastation this obstacle brought fourth.

“Even though it’s not what we wanted, it bonded us as family, and because of it we are stronger.” Kristin said. “It’s really strengthened our faith as a family, and even for my children who were still fairly young when we went through his journey,” Pauli said about coping with the situation. “We learned to have joy in trials and to enjoy the day in front of you because you’re never promised another day,” Dave Pauli said. Something they never considered happened to them and because of it; their family has been strengthen in faith, and a positive outlook on life.

Though something bad happened they learned from Kaden and his always joyful soul which will continue to be with each of them all their lives. The Pauli family has been through a lot, but because of the trial they faced, they became stronger than ever, not only as individuals but as a family all together. Unlike most people they understand the important of living each day like you’re not promised another. Aug. 16 was back to the same hallways for most of us, but for the Pauli family it brought the beginning of their latest adventure.

Coexisting BOYS & GIRLS Cross country teams combine with the departure of girls’ coach Tanya Vaughn

by Matt T. SportsEditor Klein Coming off of a state champion season, the boys cross country team comes into this season with high expectations and a bulls eye on their backs, and a little twist: girls. Coach Jim Barker has been placed in charge of the both the boys and girls teams with the recent departure of girl’s coach Tanya Vaughn in July.

Out in front

Sophomore Matthew Barazza runs the course during the Gering invite. Barazza helped lead his team to victory as he lead all runners and finished first in the race. Photo by Leah Wright



“Both boys and girls meet at the same time and travel to the same workout sites together.” Barker said. “Workouts are the same although we individualize them based on the runner’s condition level.” Although it would seem to be a difficult challenge, coaching boys and girls, Barker sees the runners as one in the same. “Athletes are athletes no matter the gender. We often vary the number of miles run, or the number of repetitions run, depending on condition of the athlete,” Barker said. Being in charge of two teams it is obvious one coach could not do it alone and Barker is the first to admit that. “I realize you cannot do it alone and I really appreciate having other excellent coaches around to help like Aaron Carrizales and Erin Shaul,” Barker said. “I feel that my role in coaching cross country is to assist Coach Barker and be a support system for the girls while helping them reach their goals,” Shaul said. Having practices and running with the state champions boys team should help push the girl runners to being an even better team. The boys are also welcoming

the girls to their team as they feel the girls deserve the chance to have a successful team despite not having their own coach. “I really like it. You always see all these other teams from different schools and they are all together as one big team where in the past we weren’t even allowed to come in the contact with each other. It has been a really good transition and I’ve liked it. It’s been fun to do workouts with them and be one big Scottsbluff team, not separate programs. I think we all benefit from it,” Justin Pritchard said” Although the girls are with them for everything from practices to team dinners the boys still have their own season and have high expectations once again. “I expect continued and steady improvement, to close the time gap between scoring runners and take their athleticism to an even higher level,” Barker said. The runners have the same expectations as Barker as they look to be the best team in the state. Just as every summer the boys’ team was hard at work with all of their workouts and strength training, and Barker says it was as good as ever. “Again, one of our better summers of preparation. We met Monday through Friday at 6:30 am, ran for ten weeks, and averaged about 40 miles per week. There was a great turnout each day aver-

Strong start Taylor Muncie runs during the Gering invite on Aug. 31 at Monument Shadows golf course. Muncie had a strong performance finishing second helping her team earn the third place finish overall. Photo by Leah Wright

aging about 12 runners per day,” Barker said. As the defending state champions again this year, it seems there would be a little added pressure. Barker and the team, however, don’t see it that way. “We don’t view it as pressure and we don’t dwell on the past. What happened last year was last year,” Barker said. “We look forward to putting the bulls-eye on all the teams we compete against. Our expectation is to do our very best when it counts at the end of the season. The district and state meets are still the two most important meets on our schedule, we still have to go out and earn see x-country on pg. 19

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Scottsbluff High School Echoes 2012-2013 Issue 1

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