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Dr. Suzette Pace P|12

Finger Lakes Rolfing An alternative path to healing and pain relief


Cortland Community Foundation Responding to area needs and enhancing the quality of life for the Cortland community

Audiologist, entrepreneur and community leader has grown her practice to three locations, Cortland, Elmira and Vestal P|24

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Finger Lakes Rolfing


Dr. Suzette Pace


Cortland Community Foundation

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Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down Please enjoy our November issue of What’s HOT What’s HOT highlights the best of dining, arts, entertainment, and so much more in the Ithaca and Cortland areas and beyond. Designed with exceptional photographs, articles of interest, community connections, and an enthusiasm for our beautiful region, What’s HOT will inspire you to seek out all life has to offer in Central New York. Lifestyle. Leisure. Shopping. Cooking. Business. Real Estate. Health and wellness. Recreation. Theatre. Travel. Tourism. Treasures. Education. Exploration. Enrichment. Motivation. Inspiration. A little bit of anything that’s up, and nothing that’s down. If it’s hot, we’ve got it covered. What’s HOT magazine is published monthly in print and online, with a free distribution of 10,000 copies to 500+ local sites throughout Central New York. Find your copy each month at your favorite supermarket, professional office, restaurant, gas station, library, hotel, tourism center, coffee shop, and many other locations. Read past issues of What’s HOT online at whatshotmagazine.com


Cortland Chamber on the Move

Fall at the Chamber Last month I wrote about Manufacturing Day, which introduced area youth to the good jobs we have locally. The day was a success with ten school districts represented. They toured two of our manufacturers and saw presentations by two others. At the end of the program, they left with a listing of over 500 local jobs that will be available in the next 12 months for which high school graduates qualify. It was eye-opening. Next year will have students themselves involved, and we already have additional districts asking to participate. Any student who doesn’t want to immediately attend a 4-year college program will have great opportunities waiting for them,

and local businesses are anxious to get the word out about the good jobs and advancement opportunities that are waiting. I had the privilege to attend and take part in a Manufacturing Day event at Raymond Corp in Greene one week after our event. Raymond has been hosting high school students for the past four years. Their program had over 250 students touring and participating in hands-on activities. Their model is what we’re working toward. On the celebration front, we’re putting final touches on the Chamber Annual Dinner to be held in November at Tinelli’s in Solon. We’ll honor member businesses, a non-profit, and individuals in our community who are going above and beyond to make our community its best. It’s one of our favorite nights of the year. On November 24 we’ll celebrate Small Business Saturday when we encourage our entire community to get out and “Shop Small.” Visit


your favorite boutiques, restaurants, or other hot spots to purchase holiday gifts. Keep an eye on our website as we’ll be posting member specials for the day. Join us as we move from location to location that morning with X101 doing live remotes, interviewing shop owners, and announcing specials. It’s one day only and we know it will be special. I love all that we have going on and hope you do, too! The Cortland Chamber will continue to keep you updated in What’s HOT, but as always, feel free to call our office with questions about any of our programs or about businesses in our area (756-2814). The Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce Vision: To be the premiere business resource in Cortland County and beyond. Bob Haight President/CEO, Cortland Area Chamber www.cortlandareachamber.com


Your Vision Realized



greetings from the Coltivare Events Department! As the Culinary Center’s catering and events manager, I am incredibly lucky to represent one of the largest and most unique spaces in Tompkins County. Our spacious ballroom accommodates catered events of over 250 people (150 if seated) as well as offering customizable sizing for smaller parties with the help of a hanging partition wall. With a full-service restaurant on-site, we also offer the option of an entire facility takeover, including the use of the ballroom in addition to the 110-seat dining area, wine cellar, and bar. Whatever your needs, we customize each event to the requests of the client. What we do is unique. Our passion for fresh local food is depicted in our menus, and we pay attention to every detail to make sure that your vision is realized. I rarely use the words “we can’t do that.” I believe that with a facility as varied as ours, we should push the limits and explore all possibilities.

As the holiday season approaches, we have many different options and openings for group parties in December and January. We also welcome any winter weddings into our cozy modern-meets-rustic atmosphere. We encourage anyone interested to check out our website and listings on WeddingWire and The Knot for a fuller picture of the space. As part of our latest seasonal promotion, we are waiving all room rental fees for the month of January, a savings value of approximately $250-$1500. We look forward to planning with you soon! Lauren Lowman Catering and Events Manager Coltivare, TC3 Culinary Center (607) 882-2332

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The Importance of Exercise in Our Culture As a culture, we sit still

for a great portion of our lives. This begins in preschool, where we’re forced to sit still from morning till afternoon, and continues throughout adulthood at our jobs, until we grow old and unfortunately spend our final years moving poorly or stuck in a bed. We literally adapt and mold to our immobile environment. Since we cannot avoid attending school or working jobs (two good things!), we MUST make time for a healthy diet of physical activity that will re-energize and reconnect us to who we are as human beings.


There is a reason why we get antsy after sitting for too long: we humans are manufactured to move! Not just physically manufactured, but chemically and psychologically as well. This has been in our DNA since the beginning. Like our need for food or water, we simply cannot avoid exercise without a cost.

Luckily, we no longer need to hunt sabertoothed tigers or pick berries for survival, but the need for exercise still exists. Whether you enjoy bodybuilding, yoga, cardio machines, or chess-boxing (yes, that exists), I implore you to make the lifestyle change to get up and move—your mind and body will thank you for it!

Prehistorically, before the development of desk jobs, public transportation, and comfortable chairs, humans were always on the move. We walked, ran, climbed, deadlifted, and even squatted, not to look good or lose weight, but to run from and hunt wild animals, pick berries, and even defecate (berries are high in fiber!). Not following our blueprints by remaining sedentary and choosing to not exercise can cause all sorts of health issues, both emotional and physical.

Yale Hughes Exercise Physiologist and Trainer Vine Health and Fitness (607) 756-4905 www.vinehealthandfitness.com

Fast Facts

Business: Finger Lakes Rolfing Location: S. Albany Street, Ithaca, NY Phone: (607) 339-1891 Email: Brian@FingerLakesRolfing.com Facebook: @NYRolfingSI Products: IthaCannabis Liquid Gold 300mg, 600mg, 900mg, 1800mg Hemp CBD Oil Naked Mama’s Mean Pain Cream Hemp CBD Pain Rub Naked Mama’s Hugs and Kisses Hemp CBD Lip Balm Naked Mama’s Magic Bullet Roller-Tipped Nerve Pain Reliever Big Ball Hemp CBD Bath Bomb Small Balls Hemp CBD Bath Bomb




Finger Lakes Rolfing

We all just want to feel good, healthy, alive, and

to feel that we have a purpose. Western medicine has a lot to offer, but when it doesn’t, discovering the path to healing can be a frustrating challenge for many. Ithaca locals Sarah and Brian Robarge have found two ways to help their community heal through a form of bodywork called Rolfing® and IthaCannabis. They also produce hemp CBD products, a cousin of the marijuana plant that contains little or none of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. This month, we’ll look at the practice called Finger Lakes Rolfing®. Advanced Certified Rolfer™ Sarah Robarge injured her back as a teenager when her beloved horse spooked, reared, and fell with her underneath. Sarah spent the next fifteen years trying to feel pain-free again. Everything she

tried seemed to work only for a short time, until she met a Rolfer bodywork practitioner. After several sessions completing what is known as a “Rolfing Ten Series,” Sarah found her body felt good, strong, and able again. With Sarah’s body working better, the pain did not return. Sarah decided to become a Rolfer herself and help others find relief in their bodies again. Sarah completed her Rolfing training in Bali, Indonesia in 2012. She recently completed an advanced training and is now the only Certified Advanced Rolfer in upstate NY.

What’s HOT November 2018

Inspired by his wife’s experience, Brian headed to Boulder, Colorado in 2013 to become a Rolfer himself. Finger Lakes Rolfing was opened in December 2012 and has remained a busy practice since then. Rolfing addresses structural (think postural) and functional (think movement) aspects of the body and reduces/eliminates chronic pain. The client follows movement instructions given by the Rolfer to work the connective and muscular soft tissues from the inside while the Rolfer works from the outside. The bodywork is slow, deep, and effective, sometimes intense, but not painful. Certified Rolfer Brian likes to say, “We’ll help you get moving like a squiggly-wiggly kid again.”

Rolfing is generally done in a “Ten Series,” which includes ten sessions. Each session focuses on a different area of the body with the whole body in mind. An appointment typically takes around an hour and a half and consists of a physical assessment, manual therapy used on a person laying down or sitting, and movement education meant to change muscle memory. To learn more, Finger Lakes Rolfing offers free halfhour “Try It” sessions booked through their website at www.FingerLakesRolfing.com.


Meet Dr. James Leonard Mr.

James Leonard knows a thing or two about keeping feet healthy. He’s been practicing podiatry for over 30 years in the Cortland area, and recently joined Cortland Regional as the newest member of its orthopedic and sports medicine practice. “I practice general podiatry and see patients of all ages with foot pain, deformities, and other chronic issues. Here in Cortland we also see a lot of diabetics who need help with issues ranging from difficulty with ingrown toenails and callouses, to diabetic foot infections and ulcerations,” Dr. Leonard says. One of the biggest reasons diabetics often suffer from foot problems is reduced circulation. “Poor circulation predisposes you to develop sores and other ulcerations. A diabetic’s immune system is often compromised as well, which increases the risk of infection. When a diabetic patient has other deformities of the feet, such as bunions or


hammertoes, that only compounds the potential for trouble,” Dr. Leonard explains. Diabetic neuropathy is another common and serious complication. Over time, high blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage, leading to chronic pain, tingling, and numbness in the legs and feet. For some patients, these symptoms are relatively mild, but for others, it can be disabling. It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of diabetic individuals suffer from diabetic neuropathy, and up to 25 percent of all diabetics will develop a foot ulcer during their lifetime. An estimated 15 percent of diabetics with a foot ulcer will require an amputation, making daily foot care a must to avoid that worst-case scenario. Here are a few tips from Dr. Leonard for keeping your feet healthy, especially if you’re living with diabetes. • Do a daily foot inspection. “Take a few minutes each day to look at the tops and bottoms of your feet and between the toes. Look closely for any swelling, redness, or open sores that might indicate trauma or infection,” Dr. Leonard says. • Practice good hygiene. Keep your feet clean and dry, and trim your toenails regularly. “A daily application of a good skin cream will also help

keep dryness, cracking, and other ulcerations from forming,” he says. • Avoid going barefoot. “Diabetics should always wear socks with shoes, and always wear slippers or shoes, even around the house. Due to neuropathy, many diabetics don’t fully appreciate the pain, so they can easily step on a pin or another sharp object without knowing about it.” • Skip the hot soak. While a hot bath may sound like a great way to pamper your feet, diabetics with neuropathy aren’t able to feel how hot the water really is, putting them at risk for burns. After many years running a private practice, Dr. Leonard is excited to join a team-based environment where there are colleagues on site to collaborate with and more resources to support his work. “Having the administrative support of CRMP for referrals and orders has been terrific. The team works with you to get all that done. We also have our own x-ray machine and x-ray tech in the building. I didn’t have that in my own office before. It makes things much more convenient for my patients, and there no delay in diagnosis and treatment,” he says. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 607-758-3754. Dr. Leonard is accepting new patients.


The Stringpullers The word “puppet”

usually evokes images of children’s television, but to The Stringpullers Puppet Company, the definition is much broader. “Often our work is solving problems for theatrical productions with puppetry. Shows that need animals on stage, for example, or illusions like Uncle Fester’s flying legs in The Addams Family,” says Linda Wingerter, head string-puller and third generation puppet artist. “When a regional theater takes on a Broadway show made for high tech scenes, we find creative alternatives with practical effects.” Started in 1950 by Linda’s grandparents as a small touring marionette troupe, The Stringpullers is now comprised of Linda (who goes by stage name Polly Sonic), husband Boris, and an ensemble of guest artists. Besides building all styles of puppets, they teach puppetry workshops, create kinetic art, provide performers and puppeteer training, and produce shows for families and adults. After relocating from New Haven and spending a year as artists-in-residence at Ithaca Zen Center, The Stringpullers have a new home in the Artist Alley studios. “We are so happy to be in a community of diverse artists,” says Linda. “The opportunities for mutual inspiration and collaboration are fantastic.” The Stringpullers can be found at www.stringpullers.com. Linda S. Wingerter The Stringpullers Puppet Company www.thestringpullers.com



Shop Small



we approach the holiday season, the Cortland Downtown Partnership encourages you to support the local economy and Shop Small. On Saturday, November 24 Historic Downtown Cortland will again welcome Small Business Saturday to Cortland County’s home of commerce and culture. According to numerous economic impact studies, Dollars spent at community-based merchants create a multiplier in the local economy, meaning that from each dollar spent at a local independent merchant, up

to 3.5 times as much wealth is generated in the local economy compared to a dollar spent at chain-owned businesses. Historic Downtown Cortland’s Small Business Saturday event is a near decade-long annual traditional to kick off local seasonal shopping. The event will run from 9a.m. until 1p.m. at BRU 64. This year’s event will include giveaways featuring Small Business Saturday branded items including canvas shopping totes. Some lucky shoppers will receive Cortland Downtown Partnership gift certificates randomly packaged in the totes. Gift certificates are redeemable at over 30 downtown stores. Cortland Downtown Partnership staff will also be on hand to sell gift certificates for shoppers looking to give a special and flexible gift for those hard to shop for friends and family members.

If you would like to join the Cortland Downtown Partnership’s volunteer board or committees, sponsor an event, or become a member of the organization visit Cortlanddowntown.com, email info@cortlanddowntown or call (607) 299-4682. To learn more details about this event and future events, be sure to become a part of Cortland County’s largest digital business community by liking the Cortland Downtown Partnership and Historic Downtown Cortland social media pages and signing up for our e-newsletter. See You Downtown, Adam Megivern Executive Director Cortland Downtown Partnership (607) 299-4682 www.cortlanddowntown.com

Fast Facts Entrepreneur: Dr. Suzette Pace Businesses:

Cortland Hearing Aids 277 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY 607-756-1053 www.cortlandhearingaids.com Southern Tier Audiology


301 William Street, Elmira, NY 607-734-0494 www.southerntieraudiology.com Tri-City Hearing 200 Plaza Drive, Vestal, NY 607-217-5399 www.tri-cityhearing.com

Phone: (607) 656-1053 Email: suzette@cortlandhearingaids.com




Dr. Suzette Pace:


a lifelong resident of Cortland County, Suzette Pace has committed herself to making a difference in the community. Having earned her undergraduate degree from SUNY Cortland in 1991, she began her career as a recreation director at an assisted living facility for people with early stages of dementia. But her passion for reconnecting people with hearing loss to their family and friends took her in a different direction, leading Suzette to earn her master’s degree in audiology at Syracuse University in 1997 and her doctorate degree in 2007. Suzette began her career in the field of audiology at the Syracuse VA Medical Center, and then moved to working in ENT offices before taking the leap in 2002 to starting her own private practice in Cortland.


Knowing that those who hear well sometimes take their hearing for granted, Suzette wanted to help inform the entire community that hearing loss can be associated with major health risks such as heart disease, dementia, and diabetes, as well as psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and social isolation. She has accomplished this through implementing initiatives such as the office’s wellness program, in which members of the community aged 55 and older receive complimentary hearing screenings. She also initiated Cortland’s first Healthy Living Symposium that brought a group of local healthcare providers together to promote Wellness to the Cortland Community.

What’s HOT November 2018

Beyond the office, Suzette serves on the board for the Cortland County Chamber of Commerce, is a United Way Campaign Volunteer, and a graduate of Leadership Cortland. She has been honored for her commitment to serving others through accepting membership to the Women’s President Organization, as well as receiving two national awards for business growth and leadership from the American Hearing Aid Associates.

Throughout her education, hard work, and success, Suzette was also busy raising her four children. As her family grew, so did her business, as she acquired an Audiology practice in Elmira in 2016 and started a third practice in Vestal in 2017. With nine employees at present, Suzette remains committed to training and developing not only herself but also her staff in order to continue spreading knowledge of the importance of hearing health.


Business Owner Tax Tips for Year End With

the books closed for October, a business owner usually asks their tax professional to calculate a projected year-end net income and income tax liability. If it has been a profitable year, the owner will want to gauge how much to spend on equipment that can be written off on the tax return to reduce taxes. With the new tax law for 2018, businesses can, in most cases, claim up to the entire purchase in the first year through bonus depreciation and other enhanced accelerated depreciation write offs. If you have cash available and need the equipment or improvement soon, it makes sense to purchase it and place it in service before the end of the year. Always check with your tax professional before proceeding with year-end purchases.

A time-tested tax planning strategy for cash-basis taxpayers is to delay recognition of income in the current year and increase expense deductions which will postpone a higher tax bill. Reverse this strategy if you expect to be in a higher tax bracket in 2019. Another common tax savings strategy is to set up a retirement plan such as a SEP-IRA, SimpleIRA or 401(k) plan for deductible contributions. The Simple-IRA plan will have to wait until next year if it is not already in place with an October 1 deadline. Many plans can be set up now, but wait until your tax return is filed to make the deductible contribution. The newest tax savings in the 2018 tax law is for sole proprietorship, partnership (including LLCs) or S-corporation income that is taxed on your personal income tax return. It is called the “Qualified Business Income Deduction” or “passthrough income deduction.” This new deduction, which also applies to rental property income, can give you up to a twenty percent tax deduction on the pass-through income of your business. There are a lot of rules and limitations with this deduction and it is best to cover your situation with


your tax professional. If your taxable income is below $315,000 (married) or $157,500 (single), then the pass-through deduction is not subject to many of the rules and limitations. You will need wages or other income, besides your pass-through income, to offset the standard or itemized deduction you are taking to get the full twenty percent deduction. For example, if your sole proprietorship nets $100,000 of income and your spouse earns $40,000 in wages, with a $24,000 standard deduction you should qualify for the full twenty percent or $20,000 passthrough income deduction. Not bad! This would decrease to $13,692 if there were no wages to offset the standard deduction. The key to effective tax planning before the end of the year is to have a current and proper set of bookkeeping records. Now is the time to update your bookkeeping process ultilizing current technology and a cutting edge accounting firm to help you stay that way! Peter VanderWoude, CPA, CGMA Equus Advisors / Cortland Bookkeeping and Tax Service www.EquusCPA.com


What’s Hot? The YW! What

community agency has the unique mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all? The answer is a non-profit that has been meeting the critical needs of our community for over 100 years—the YWCA Cortland. We do this through our four core mission-based programs:

Mentoring for children living in stressful home situations, for adolescent girls, and for single mothers that increases confidence and builds leadership skills for tomorrow’s leaders. Childcare for over 800 children every year so that working parents can continue to provide for their families. The YWCA is the largest provider of childcare in the county, with 2 day care centers, before and after school care in the schools, and a summer camp.

Aid to Victims of Violence is the only program of its kind in the county, receiving 3,900 calls last year for information and referral. The program provides support groups and advocates, a 24 hour hotline, and emergency temporary housing in an off-site facility for domestic Health and Fitness builds strong bodies and violence victims. peaceful minds. This includes a warm water With 120 employees, the YW is one of the therapeutic pool, yoga, pickleball, cycling and largest employers in downtown Cortland and exercise classes for all ages as well as senior the impact of the minimum wage increase is programming and diabetes prevention classes. extremely challenging. And yet, the YW never shrinks from a challenge when we know the

end result positively impacts so many lives. We are moving forward with new programs including a permanent supportive housing complex for homeless women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence, as well as a state-of-the-art child care center. We have recently secured grants to upgrade the pool and heating systems and to make the building accessible for all. We are advocating in Albany for reforms to help working families afford childcare, and for women’s economic empowerment. The Cortland YWCA works every day for women, men, and families. In an effort to raise needed funds for our programs, the YW is offering a Big Cash Holiday Raffle. Tickets are $100 each with a maximum of 250 tickets sold. If all 250 tickets are sold, the 1st place prize is $5000, 2nd is $2,000 and 3d is $500. The drawing will be December 1 at our Holiday Family Gala. Tickets are available at the YWCA front desk at 14 Clayton Ave. in Cortland. Thank you for supporting YOUR YWCA.

Fast Facts

Organization: Cortland Community Foundation Address: 50 Clinton Avenue Cortland, NY Phone: (607) 218-6500 Email: CCF@twcny.rr.com Directors & Officers:

Executive Director: * Jackie McCloskey Directors: Don Armstrong Mark Masler John Poli Officers:* Jamie Yaman, Secretary Stephen Franco, Vice President John Whittleton, Treasurer Thomas Gallagher, President Ex-Officio: F. Michael Stapleton * Pictured in group photo



Cortland Community Foundation


notion behind a community foundation is both simple and inspired: create an endowment to benefit the common good, invest its assets prudently, administer it wisely and let the yield from the principal flow back to the community to enhance the quality of life for those who live and work within it. The Cortland Community Foundation is the only public foundation responding exclusively to the needs of Cortland area organizations and the people they serve. Grants from the Foundation help support capital improvement projects and provide many types of equipment, materials and supplies for local organizations.

agencies. In 2005, the Foundation was designated as a public foundation to give the greater Cortland community the opportunity to choose the Cortland Community Foundation for their planned giving. More and more people are including charitable gifts in their estate plans. Why? Because it’s a simple, tax-friendly way to make a positive impact on the causes, charities or community that matter most to you. Planned giving does not require a large income or vast estate. It only requires a thoughtful intention to make a difference by identifying the Cortland Community Foundation in your will or estate plan.

The Foundation was initiated in 1998 when the Cortland Savings Bank and First Niagara Bank completed their corporate agreement. The Cortland Savings Bank created The Cortland Savings Bank Foundation, a private foundation, with 2.5 million dollars. A board of directors was formed to distribute back to the community of Cortland up to $95,000 a year to qualified not-for-profit


What’s HOT November 2018

Ways to Give The Cortland Community Foundation offers many options for planned giving, depending on whether you want to give now or in the future. Some options even allow you to make charitable contributions while preserving economic security for yourself and your loved ones. Planned gifts can provide you with important tax savings and other benefits while allowing you to leave a permanent, growing legacy. Giving options include:

• Bequests • Charitable lead trust (CLT) • Charitable remainder trust (CRT) • Donor advised fund • Life insurance • Retained life estate • Retirement assets

Projects Funded Through its grant program, the Cortland Community Foundation invests in the work of effective nonprofit organizations to help transform our region. Below is a list a few projects that have been funded by the Cortland Community Foundation. • $110,000 CRT constructed new facility • $25,000 Wickwire new pool • $23,000 Family Reading Partnership • $15,000 Brewster House nurses call station • $11,000 Lime Hollow Environmental Education Center • $10,000 Franziska Racker Centers new playground • $106,000 J.M. McDonald center • $77,000 Lime Hollow Nature Center • $17,000 Preble Children’s Center • $132,000 YMCA • $148,000 YWCA

Maria's Original Baklava • c/o Maria Hopko T: 607-423-5236 • email: mariasbaklava@yahoo.com



Local Calendar: November & December

November 10

Trumansburg, NY

Terry Robb Workshop: Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar: Blues, Ragtime & Slide 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts 5 Mclallen St. TERRY ROBB has been praised by Rolling Stone, Vintage Guitar, Down Beat, Acoustic Guitar, Living Blues, Guitar Player, Blues Blast, Guitar World, Blues Matters, Blues Revue, Oprah’s O Magazine and countless more esteemed journals, placing him among the top acoustic blues guitarists of our time. For more information visit www.tburgconservatory.org

November 10 Ithaca, NY

The Burns Sisters A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt Doors: 7:00 pm, Show: 8:00 pm, The Hangar Theatre 801 Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca, NY. $25.00 - $30.00. Annie and Marie Burns as a duo create uplifting, transcendent music filled with warmth and conviction. Stirring and reverent, their passionate, seductive harmonies and lyrics are bursting with spirit and soul. The Burns Sisters are renowned for their pure harmony, beautiful lyrics and joyful energy and will celebrate in early 2015 with a new album “Looking Back, Our American Irish Souls” For more information visit www.hangartheatre.org.

November 11 Ithaca, NY

Outer Docs Film Festival 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Cinemapolis, Theater 3, 120 East Green St, Ithaca NY. Outer Docs is Ithaca’s one and only all documentary film festival created by the local

filmmakers Jesse Veverka, Hannah Basciano and Jeremy Veverka of Veverka Bros. Productions LLC in co-operation with Cinemapolis. Outer Docs focuses on docs that “live outside the box.” This year, we will present a diverse line-up of compelling documentaries from around the world, and from Ithaca’s backyard. The festival will be held at Cinemapolis in Ithaca on Sunday November 11th from 2:00 pm-10:00 pm with an awards ceremony to conclude the evening and an afterparty. For more information visit www.cinemapolis.org.

November 17

November 14

November 18

Warren Miller’s: Face of Winter Doors: 6:30 pm, Show: 7:30 pm, State Theatre of Ithaca, 107 West State St. Ithaca, NY. $16.00 - $19.00. Loving the unadulterated joys of winter is something we all have in common with the late, great Warren Miller—who helped create and capture the magic of skiing. This year, new and veteran athletes alike pay tribute to the man who started it all in Face of Winter, the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment. For more information visit. www.stateofithaca.org.

Cayuga Chamber Orchestra Generational Gap 4:00 pm, First Unitarian Church. Something old and something new, something borrowed… and something blew! Wind instruments come to centerstage in this concert with two fascinating works. The Nielsen has an unusual but winning combination of instruments with strings and winds combined. And the short virtuosic solo work by Salonen for solo french horn will feature our new principal horn, Scott Leger. With composers spanning three centuries, this is one generational gap we can all enjoy. For more information visit www.ccoithaca.org/events/ generational-gap.

Ithaca, NY

November 17 Cortland, NY

Nature Hike 10:00 am, Lime Hollow Nature Center, Visitor Center, 338 McLean Road, Cortland NY. For more information visit www.limehollow.org.

Cortland, NY

Cortaca Jug 2018 12:00 pm, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY. Cortland will host the 60th edition of the Cortaca Jug Billed as “the biggest little game in the nation” by Sports Illustrated, the annual Cortland-Ithaca football contest has been one of the top draws in NCAA Division III football for decades and a SUNY Cortland tradition for more than half a century. For more information visit www2.cortland.edu/events/ cortaca-jug/.

Ithaca, NY

November 23, 24 Syracuse, NY

Christmas with C.S. Lewis November 23, 8:00 pm, November 24, 4:00 pm, November 24, 8:00 pm. Mulroy Civic Center Theaters, 800 South State St., Syracuse, NY. Emery Entertainment, Inc. presents “An Evening with C.S. Lewis” starring David Payne


The year is 1962 and C. S. Lewis, the famous British author, is in the twilight years of his life and has agreed to give an informal talk to a group of American writers who are visiting England over the Christmas season.They have come to Lewis’ home, just outside of Oxford, and are eagerly anticipating hearing the man whose celebrity once landed him on the front cover of Time magazine. For more information visit www.oncenter.org.

December 1 Homer, NY

Dan Smalls Presents: The Blind Boys Of Alabama Doors: 7:00 pm, Show: 8:00 pm, Center for the Arts, 72 S. Main St. Homer, NY. $25.00 - $45.00. Hailed as “gospel titans” by Rolling Stone, the Blind Boys first rose to fame in the segregated south with their thrilling vocal harmonies and roof-raising live show. For more information visit www.dspshows.com.

December 1 Ithaca, NY

Dan Smalls Presents: The Machine Performs Pink Floyd: 30th Anniversary Doors: 7:00 pm, Show: 8:00 pm, State Theatre of Ithaca, 107 West State St. Ithaca, NY. $25.00 - $35.00. Celebrate 30 years of America’s pre-eminent Pink Floyd tribute band, with a special anniversary presentation of three classic albums, played in their entirety: Wish You Were Here, Animals, and Dark Side Of The Moon plus an extended encore. Featuring the Interstellar Lights. Lasers by Lightwave International on selected dates. For more information visit. www.stateofithaca.org.

















Please Help Find Reba a Home Will

you help us find a loving home for a special cat? It’s almost Thanksgiving and Reba would be grateful to find her home through your help. The SPCA of Tompkins County would love to hear from you. Found as a stray way back in November 2017, Reba, a gorgeous, gray, green-eyed girl, is one of our current long-term residents who needs just the right person to love her. She is a confident girl, five-years-old, who would not like living with another cat. Reba appreciates attention from humans, but not too much! She likes laps and if she decides to grace your lap with her presence you should feel honored—it’s also recognized

BY JIM BOUDERAU as a valid excuse for missing work. “Sorry I’ll be late today, but Reba is sitting in my lap!” If you think you’re the special person Reba is looking for, please come meet her at our 1640 Hanshaw Road Adoption Center. You can read more about Reba and our other cats and dogs at our website, www.spcaonline.com. If you have any questions about Reba or any of our others available animals, please email adoptions@spcaonline.com or telephone 607-257-1822, x221. Jim Bouderau Executive Director SPCA of Tompkins County (607) 257-1822 x227 www.spcaonline.com

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