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Valentine’s Valentine’s Gift Guide Gift Guide

Featured image: Tommy Fitchet’s ‘Sunset Over Bay, Arran’, oil paint on glass pane, available at

Finding the perfect gift

for someone you love

can be a tricky process. Particularly for partners who have celebrated a few birthdays, Christmases and anniversaries together, it can be difficult to think of an original present that encapsulates your relationship and fits the recipient’s taste. With Valentine’s Day approaching our team here at the gallery thought it would be helpful to create for our followers a brochure featuring key pieces from our current collection so as to give you some ideas of the unique and eye-catching pieces we have available.

Through our experience in advising customers on the purchase and commissioning of artworks, we understand how difficult it can be to choose something that fits another’s taste. With over 15 years of experience in helping our customers find the perfect artworks for their homes and offices we have developed a great reputation in advising in selecting the perfect piece that you will continue to admire for years to come. All of the pieces featured in this guide are available as of the time of publication. Please visit our website ( for a full listing of our available artworks or contact us via email at to discuss your requirements with a member of our gallery staff.

Valentine’s Day Salon at our Gallery On Saturday 14th 2015, between 11AM and 8PM we will be holding a special Valentine’s Day Salon at our Gallery at 193 Bath Street within the heart of Glasgow. Please join us for some fine wine, Swing classics on the gramophone and a sneak peek at the latest artworks from some of our most exciting artists. You may also want to bring your partner in and pick out a special gift to commemorate Valentine’s Day together and our gallery staff will be on hand to ensure that you are able to find the perfect item.

Peace of mind All pieces of art, jewellery*, sculpture and craft bought from can be returned if they are unsuitable.

We also understand how difficult it can be to find a piece that will fit well within your home. To ensure you are totally happy with your selection we can arrange for you to take artworks on approval: we ship the artworks to you, you can trial them in your home, and at the end of the trial period you can either return the pieces to us for no fee or keep the works and we will contact you to arrange payment. * Please note that earrings can only be returned if faulty.


The following are a selection of some of the stunning,

one-off pieces of originally crafted jewellery that we carry in our collection.

Clockwise from top left: ‘Peridot Blooms’ necklace and ’A Row of Gemstones’ bracelet by Jennifer Lander (available at http://; ‘London Blue Topaz’ pendant and earrings, and ‘Silver-Fused Pendant with Garnet and Diamonds’ by Inness Thomson (available at

These evocative figurative oil paintings are an example of some of the beautiful works in our current collection. Clockwise from top left: ‘The Last Rose of Summer’ by Fiona Wilson (available at; ‘Dancing under a New Moon’ by Jonathan Hood (available at; ‘Edinburgh’ by Alex Dewars (available at; and ‘Lindsay’ by Felix Daly (available at

Top: ‘Curl’ by Cherylene Dyer (available at; Below: ‘Caught’ by Donald Macdonald (available at Artist123.aspx)

Clockwise from top: ‘Awakening’ by Walter Awlson (available at Artist/Artist351.aspx); ‘Bum IV’ by Julian Smith (available at Artist393.aspx); ‘Hidden Thoughts’ by Julia Francis (available at Artist/Artist512.aspx)

Clockwise from top: ‘Dachshund’ by Alex Johannsen (available at Artist/Artist487.aspx); ‘Landscape Heart’ by Julian Smith (available at http://; ‘Penguin with Bowler Hat’ by Alex Johannsen (available at

These impressive Yew and Oak vessels by Angus Clyne are best seen in person to appreciate the craftsmanship and years of experimentation that have gone into rendering each of these unique, one off pieces. Clockwise from right: ‘Shallow Oak Bowl’, ‘Yew Vase, Large’ and ‘Yew Vase’ available at http:// Artist433.aspx)

Call or e-mail if you would like to reserve any of the pieces featured or would like some advice on finding an artwork and we will be happy to help. We offer the Own Art scheme which enables you to pay for any of our items via 10 monthly instalments. To contact us call 0044 (0) 141 221 4502 or e-mail us at

Scotlandart com Original Art Gift Guide  

Our team have put together a small brochure featuring some key works from our vast collection of original artworks, sculpture and jewellery...

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