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THE GALAXY Andrea Buganza Machado


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PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE Tolerance means the capacity to accept, especially opinions or actions you may not agree with, or to behave sensibly with those who are not like you. It means showing respect for the opinions and ideologies of other people or groups, and to express your point of view in a decent and respectful way while respecting the sentiments or feelings of others. But why do we need to promote tolerance? First of all because tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself and it is to accept all the characteristics that a person have but tolerance doesn´t mean that only one person gives or shows respect to the others, because that would be unfair. For example if you have a disagreement about a certain issue you must defend and express your opinion in a respectful way, because using aggressive or provocative words is not a good idea. So that is why tolerance must be shown from both sides, if you and the other person wanted to be effective Secondly there are many ways to show tolerance, in different situations, different places and even with different people of course. For example if you find yourself in a situation where you find it hard to tolerate someone’s actions or words, try to develop a more tolerant perspective by learning about the other person´s opinion, trying to see things from the perspective of the other person, and you can ask for an explanation to understand more about what does the other person thinks. Unfortunately there is always a negative aspect. In this case it is the intolerance, that means not respecting beliefs, opinions, etc., different from one's own, and that's why it becomes a problem. Many people create barriers around them instead of being able to have a wide communication with other people, but what does this have to do with tolerance?, well if someone does not practice communication in a proper way when she or he does not agree with something, it is at that time when other problems start to occur such as violence, injustice, discrimination, etc... So to conclude, tolerance would lead to a far more peaceful and understanding world and everybody has the right to have an opinion and to express it. And it is necessary to promote tolerance to not create problems.

“THE LIVING EARTH AND CONSCIOUS HUMANITY” Beloved planet today we realize you're not a lifeless trash floating in space You are a powerful living organism that shelters us and you conceive us as humans conscious as our mother earth Today for the first time we are aware of the pain we are causing to this planetary being, and so today we ask for forgiveness You do not just feed us and care for us, but you sacrifice for us and we unconsciously ignore it In this awareness we have acquired we realize that we have allowed the survival, growth and evolution of living organisms that you harbor in your lap Today we emerged as a conscious human rediscovering the sense of the sacred in relation to nature and life seeking the common good for a better future for the purpose of sharing and reciprocate your love, O beloved mother…

And today we have a shared global vision of our responsibility to you, Mother Earth, because we consider you as a living organism, selfaware and fragile

The Funeral of a Friend Author: Antonio Machado Earth gave a horrible afternoon of July under the blazing sun. One step from the open grave, there are rotted petals , among geraniums of rough fragrance and red flower. Heaven pure and blue. ran a strong, dry air. The thick strings suspended, heavily, they made descend the coffin, to the bottom of the pit, the two gravediggers ... And the rest sounded with mighty blow, solemn silence.

A blow of coffin on the ground is something perfectly serious. On the black box of the heavy dusty clods The air was taking a sling the white breath pit And you, without a shadow now, sleep and rest, long peace to your bones ... Definitely, sleeps a quiet and true dream.

LIFE BETWEEN DEATH Destiny was in chemistry class and as every day the teacher always arrived early but that day Destiny felt different, strange, but in theory she would not have to feel like that because everything was going well, her parents were at work, her brother is studying, Raven who is her best friend will come later for her and her brother to take them home, Destiny had no reason to feel strange, however something was happening. Everyone heard a loud explosion in the city and the school followed the security protocol, Destiny worried calls Raven for pick her and her brother up as soon as it is possible, Raven accepts but she would have to pass later for Blake who is Raven's best friend. The school let the students leave unexpectedly and thanks to that Destiny found her younger brother and fortunately Raven was already waiting for them Raven: Hello Des, Hi Ethan Ethan: what´s up raven? Destiny: Hey, Raven, did you hear the explosion? Raven: yes, it was horrible, in fact I was something close to there, but I managed to get out of that place fast, the explosion was in the laboratories "Kramer" Destiny: I don´t know, something is wrong, I feel it.... Later they arrived for Blake, but when they saw him Blake was crying and had blood in the hands, Raven alarmed get out of her car and asks Blake that what happened to him Blake: My parents ... are dead, when I get home I saw them, lying on the floor of the room and bleeding Raven, listening to what her best friend said, she hugs Blake and tries to reassure him, astonished Destiny leaves the car and asks Blake if he had noticed something strange in his parents before or if they were hurt, to which Blake responds that I believe Seen bites in the arms of his father and a deep scratch in the leg of his mother, however he did not want to know what happened to them... Destiny: Blake I'm so sorry

Blake (crying): I do not know what's happening but this is serious, I do not want to know what happened to my parents, they're dead, that's the reality Destiny: We have to get out of here, now... After what happened with Blake's parents, Destiny and Ethan were in a hurry to get home and see their parents safe however it is not what they expected.... As they headed for Destiny's house, they noticed that people were attacking each other and one of those crazy people jumped into Raven's car, scaring everyone and causing a car crash Fortunately all were well. When everyone arrived at Destiny and Ethan's house, Destiny asked Raven and Blake to wait in the car because they would not be long. Ethan ran quickly to his house and Destiny was behind him, but at the moment they entered the house, their mom was on the floor sitting facing the wall, Ethan wanted to call his mother and when his mother turned , she was different, she had a deep bite in the neck and her face had another look, then her mother quickly got up and attacked Ethan, and Destiny had no alternative so with the first thing she found, she hit her mother hard in the head to make her unconscious, Destiny knew that she was no longer her mother, and by a lot that it hurt to know it she had to accept the reality ... But out of nowhere the father of Ethan and Destiny came out of the dark biting destiny in the wrist, and later it was heard a shot ... Then Ethan ran out with Raven and Blake Ethan (crying and screaming): please come quickly!!! Raven (scared): Ethan what's up?!?! Ethan: Destiny is hurt and there's a girl pointing at him. They all ran towards the house and when they arrived Destiny was sitting on the sofa being pointed by a girl Raven: What the hell is going on here??? Destiny (crying): Raven, silence Raven: Who are you? Clair: (crying and nervous): my... my name is Clair Raven: Well Clair, stop pointing to my friend!!

Clair: don´t you see it?!?!?! She is not your friend anymore Destiny: What are you talking about?!?! Of course I am Clair (shouting): THIS IS HOW IT ALL STARTS !!, WITH A BITE, WITH A SCRATCH .... Blake: Clair you have to calm down.... put the gun down Clair: NO!! We have to finish this! Suddenly in all that chaos Clair shoots.... and then there was a very deep silence. SECOND PART 5 years later the group meets an ex-soldier named Walter, and their goal was to find the cure, and that's how he met Destiny Destiny is the only person on the planet who is able to make her body and virus ally The group grew up, now they have more partners, they joined Clair and Walter, but there is a problem with Clair, no one knows why she hates Destiny The group heads to Atlanta where the CDC is to take Destiny with the few scientists left alive in the world Everyone was very tired, and they are getting closer to Atlanta so the group decided to separate to find food, the groups were formed by destiny and Walter, Raven and Blake and finally Clair and Ethan They had a plan, meet in the center of the city after two hours and if something happened, those who arrived at the meeting point would go out to look for others After two hours they were all there, except Clair and Ethan, Destiny worried and determined to go for her brother and Clair, She saw someone running towards them screaming, when at last the girl arrived, she was very dirty but they noticed by the voice that was Clair Destiny: are you okay? Clair (crying): I´m not Destiny (altered): Clair where is my brother?!?! Clair (looking down): I'm sorry Destiny, I did my best.

Destiny (crying and angry): what the hell are you saying?!?!? I'll ask you once more Clair, where the heck is Ethan?!?!?! Clair: there were many clickers and he saved my life, sorry Destiny I did what I could. Destiny starts crying and Walter hugs her, Blake could not believe what was happening, but Raven was looking at Clair, and Raven notice that Clair was hiding a secret. The group is getting closer to Atlanta, unfortunately Destiny after the loss of her brother she did not return to be the same as before, now her only goal was to create the cure and defend her group 2 weeks later the group had made a bonfire, later everyone except Destiny and Walter were asleep. Speaking well, Walter mentions something important Walter: I miss Ethan Destiny: I.I miss him too Suddenly Destiny begins to cry for his brother and Walter comforts her, but Walter always had something to say to Destiny He fell in love with her. Another week later Walter decides to tell Destiny the Truth Walter: Hey Des Destiny: oh, hi Walter Walter: I need to tell you something important Destiny: are you okay ? Walter: yes I am, but this is important Destiny: well, tell me Walter: I. I love you. Destiny does not know how to react to that however she gives him a kiss Destiny: look, I feel the same but if something happens between you and me and if you die, I will not survive to the loss of someone I also love. Walter: I feel the same, and I think the same as you, thanks Des

The group finally arrives in Atlanta and everything was going well until at the moment when they are about to enter CDC a huge horde of clickers who were following the route, corner them but among that huge horde that followed them , Destiny saw her brother become one of them ... Destiny looked Clair at the eyes and she asked Clair Destiny: What really happened to my brother?!?!? Because he is there and according to the story you told me, he saved your life and you saved him from being devoured by the clickers by shooting him in the head!!!!! Clair: What happened is in the past, and it's none of your business. Angry Destiny points a gun at Clair and asks her once more. Destiny: I'll just ask you one more time Clair, that's what happened to my brother!?!?! Clair: it was my life or his life Destiny: You killed him!!! You let him die, you killed my brother. Clair: it was a collateral damage, you would have done the same, we are the same Destiny: You and I will never be the same, and now you will pay for my brother's death. Destiny and Claire were fighting to the death in the middle of all the chaos while Blake and Walter shot the clickers to be able to save themselves and to get into the CDC Shortly after Destiny wins the fight but points to Clair with a gun and says Destiny: your last words Clair: I had to run, were too many so I make a decision, I had to create a distraction, and what better than my Companion, and then I shoot him in the leg and thank to that I was able to flee Destiny: this is for my brother And Destiny gives a shot in the head to Clair.... THIRD PART After killing most clickers, the CDC doors where open, letting the group through.

Now everything is fine, the scientists examine Destiny and find the cure however the scientists bring the whole team together and when everyone is gathered in the living room they give them the bad news.... To get the cure they need most of Destiny's brain so Destiny will have to die... The news impact everyone and everyone in the group refused to lose, but Destiny had already made the decision for them, she would do it. Everything is ready, Destiny will have to say goodbye to her friends.... Raven, Blake and Walter ... Destiny: Raven thank you for being an incredible friend, for taking care of me and defending me, now that you have a new opportunity to start again, be happy, live, live for me and never forget that I love you and that you will always be my best friend Blake take care of Raven, thank you for being an incredible friend and for being part of my life, and as you have another opportunity to live, do not miss it and do what you like to do Walter You were right, if I fall in love with you, but now I have to go, but remember that you have a tomorrow, so live, and do what you want, help those who need it, and do not forget to find someone worthwhile, And finally remember that someday we will see each other again 10 years later the humanity was still reestablishing, no more clickers, all thanks to Destiny and his team And this is how mankind will have a second chance to grow again..

Defend what you love Enjoy what you have Security is needed Take risks Is important to be conscious of your actions

Never be alone Your decision is important