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Bandish Projekt, the solo electronic project of DJ / producer Mayur Narvekar started in 1997 when we were still reeling under the suspended animation that was Pop. We talk to this pioneer about what’s in store for Bandish and his relationship with music. What does Bandish Projekt mean? Bandish is an Indian Classical Connotation and it means “composition”. Projekt reflects its innate extermination.

When was the inception of Bandish Projekt? How did it start? Bandish Projekt was started in 1997 when I was in my college days with 2 other friends Udyan and Mehirr .There was a big gap between Indian classical music and electronic sounds at that point. In the year 2007, Bandish Projekt remained as an entity with me and Udyan started his journey with Nucleya. Coming from an Indian classical background, what started off as an experimentation turned out to be something very unique. The idea was to combine the known and unknown sounds to create a unique one on its own which was well excepted back in the days.

BP was one of the earliest electronica Indian trio set. How did you get the people to like the music you did? Nothing unconventional starts off by being easy and our journey was no different. At that time, everything was physical and verbal; all the communication we used was one on one. We use to do our own gigs and only play our own music. It found its connect with people eventually and they started asking about the music that was created. Also, since we were based in Ahmedabad, (where no clubs existed) this was the only way for people to discover something new and opened doors for us. We use to give our music to all our friends, rickshaw walas and any form of audible medium we could think of which would spread our music.

Tell us about Alchemy and your “last mango in Paris”? Alchemy was a collaboration that took place at South Bank Center, London in 2010 presented by the British Council, where Bandish Projekt collaborated with 3 different artists: Nathan Flute box, Last mango in Paris and Arun Gosh. One of the collaborations with Last mango in Paris developed into my next upcoming single “Alchemy”.

What does winning an award really mean? Is that the way musicians earn “respect and shiit”? Award is just a way of recognition and I am certain it has its

driving forces. For a musician or an artist, it is an impetus that pushes him/her to push the limits and break barriers.

Bandish Projekt is in the list of Indian’s top 10 electronica acts. How hard/otherwise is it to always stay on top? I think when you try and do something which you’re not, you totally lose it. So, it’s always better to do what you are good at. It’s not so much about where you are on the charts; it’s about what you do with the art in hand.

Bandish was 3 then, now has become fluid and dynamic with all the collaboration instead. Has it influenced the music as well? I don’t know about 3 as I was always thinking about one 1: The Music that Bandish Projekt dealt out. Yes, the different musical influences have changed the thinking of creating a new sound and it will keep innovating as we go on.

You have released 4 albums till date. How has the music varied in all 4 albums? Correkt was released in 2009 as a full studio album. Then, I released 5 different EP’s with different producers from all over the globe to show case the variety of sound and their interpretation of Bandish Projekt sounds. There is a lot of thought which goes into each release we do. From designing, producing the video and releasing it in different territories.

How did Bheja Fry Records come into being? The idea was to put out the sounds which are fresh and underground. That’s when Pritesh Varia and I decided to bring to live a label: Bheja Fry.

To the number of growing electronica artistes, what would be one thing they should know from Bandish Projekt? I think in today’s world, anybody who is making music should ask themselves the reason. Why are they making Music? Your work always resonates your vision.


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