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S C I E N C E TO S A G E Science to Sage e-magazine explores through the lens of sci e nti s ts , sag e s, in no v at i v e thinkers, best selling authors, and artists. I”m Karen Elkins and I’m the editor, researcher and graphic designer of each edition. See how creation weaves its web. I look for the synthesis of compelling ideas as I explore across disciplines, Over the past10 years I’ve produced over 63 issues, Emerging is a compelling tapestry where scientist and sage meets East to West, ancient to modern, and mind to heart.

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Table of Content • About: The World Research Foundation Network • My Story Steven Ross • WRF Library: A Grand Design of Dreams • WRF Library: An Invitation to the Wisdom of the Ages • WRF Library: Rife Universal Microscope • Excerpts: “And Nothing Happened” - Two Super Microscopes Reveal Cures for Humanity, by Steven Ross • WRF Library: Nemescope Microscope • WRF Library: Tesla • WRF Library: Lakhovsky & Demo Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) • WRF Library: Dr. George Crile • WRF Library: Acupuncture Meridians • WRF Library: Paracelsus • Personal Alchemy for Healing by Steven Ross • WRF Library: Pythagoras • WRF Library: Dinshah, Chromotherapy • Excerpts: “And Nothing Happened”:I Woke Having a Belief in a New Manner of Healing by Steven Ross • About: Introduction to “And Nothing Happened” by Steven Ross • WRF Library: The Art of Resonance • Article: Color Music: The Art of Light by Steven Ross • WRF Library: Giuseppe Calligaris • WRF Library: Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of the Ages • WRF Library: Artemidorus, Oneirocritica • The Message by Steve Ross • Poems by Steven Ross

Wisdom of the Ages

Rare Collection


Welcome to the World Research Foundation Network The World R e s e a r c h Foundation Network is a collection of l i b r a r i e s , universities, clinics and research facilities located around the world. The main portion of WRF’s main holdings is located in a Studiolo. These were special rooms built during the Renaissance era where individuals would immerse themselves in total

beauty. Classical music played 24 hours a day during construction of the room and for the next 7 years to set the vibrations for this sacred space. Comprised of over 20,000 volumes, the library features information on all forms of health therapies from e l e c t ro m a g n e t i c f re q u e n c i e s , t o chemotherapy. In addition, the library houses a large number of books dealing with philosophical and spiritual subjects as far back as the 15th century. Link to the New Vision of Library

How do we treat the messengers — Past, Present and Future


Men and women of renown through the ages, forgotten to the world or not, their work lives on. Let us open your mind, your world, and our doors.

Inner-View with

Steve Ross Click & Listen



My Story

I was on athletic scholarship at my university in 1968 when I sustained a knee injury because a gardener had left a sprinkler on our workout track.

Sent to the best sports

physicians and trainers in the United States I was told I needed surgery on my knee. Returning from a third opinion I received from Ducky Drake at U.C.L.A, one of the top sports trainers in the U.S. who also mentioned surgery, I found a magazine sitting next to one of the whirlpools in the training room at my university.

It was a science magazine that mentioned a

healing technique being used in Russia.

When I asked

several of the physicians and trainers about the technique, they said it would never work for me, one physician said it was holistic garbage and you found only the best techniques within the United States. I decided to use the technique on my own and three weeks later returned to training for my 100 meters and 200 meter events.

Later that year I anchored our 400 meter

relay team and earned an All-American award by placing in the top five finishers in the Small College National Finals.

My start… At 19 years old I wondered why the medical experts said it wouldn’t work and what other beneficial health and healing modalities might exist from around the world that we are not utilizing here in the U.S. When I met LaVerne in 1984 we co-founded the World Research Foundation to house all the health and medical information we had individually gathered from around the world.


Guiding Dreams… In 1973 having graduated as a business major, with a math science background, I met a Native American Indian who told me all my future guidance would come in dreams. I thought that this was silly since I didn’t remember my dreams and when I did they seemed disjointed. However, I was so excited to have a guiding dream that I virtually went one week without sleeping. Being totally exhausted after one week, I awoke and remembered my first dream since my encounter with this individual.

The dream was pointing out

something that I needed to pursue, something of which I was consciously unaware of and I made the choice to discover the reality of what I was being shown. After acting on that dream in 1973, I have had dreams that guided me to visit specific places in the world and other dreams provided telephone numbers for me to call upon arising.

Arriving at the

places I saw in my dreams, I received scientific, philosophic and spiritual information.

Upon calling the telephone numbers I

received during the night, I was directed or invited to go to places to be given, and then instructed to care-take, specific information that would be helpful to others who would cross my path in the future.

I have continuously received teachings, philosophy and

other information through dreams and visions. So, I know that we don’t always need physical teachers. I have experiences with spirit guides but I was told by them to reiterate with all I meet, that everyone has a direct source and does not necessarily need outside teachers. The first message I received at night, “You are not the source…You illuminate the pathway that others traverse toward their own personal source.”

My sharing is not meant for you to

reach my spiritual guidance, but for you to reach your own spiritual guidance.

I met a Native American Indian who told me all my future guidance would come in dreams.


Now virtually all the topics I write about I have had some experience. I have had Rife’s original Universal microscope as well as numerous original documents and papers that personally belonged to Rife.

So I know about Royal Rife

and many of the so-called Rife devices.

I have

also used the Multiple Wave Oscillator for more than 35 years and worked with nearly 400 people and animals. So I am familiar with this device. I have worked with color therapy for 40 years with approximately 250 people and animals. As a result of having an office in Stuttgart, Germany I had the opportunity for twenty years to travel throughout Europe so I am somewhat aware of what is available in the area of electromagnetic devices. Up to this time I have never attended classes of any specific spiritual, religious, medical or complementary healing organizations. This is not to imply that they are not good and may provide helpful information; my pathway and increasing awareness has come through internal guidance and instructions.

For 40 years I have worked with people around the world providing spiritual healing that I was taught at night. This made me aware that love and gently altering belief systems are as powerful as any physical devices or objects and my involvement with others around the world who had instantaneous remissions of inoperable medical conditions and health problems has shown me the true possibilities and capabilities that WE ALL possess.

All this brings me to this point… what you are generally taught and what the majority of society and science believes. I will continue to impress upon people ‘what more is possible.’ When I mention that WE are capable of duplicating whatever the physical machines can do…I know this as a fact and not as conjecture or wishful thinking. I have utilized both devices and spiritual approaches. YOU and I can use both effectively. You who are reading my words, I see us as a family.

By the

sheer nature that we share thoughts of love, beauty, fun, laughter and the power of Will, we enliven these aspects and their power becomes more of a reality and we begin to recognize greater possibilities for all of us. Sharing back and forth about love, beauty, laughter and fun creates a vortex in our immediate FB world that ripples out to others who will feel it without ever reading it on our mutual posts.

Now I began my sharing with a few experiences of mine to grab your attention. I have an inquiring mind and a desire to be a better person today and tomorrow then I was yesterday. This has been my driving urge and I’ve received help and guidance along the way. What has been told to me through my internal guidance is to point out to others what more is possible for ALL of US.

To have people spend more time

looking inward for their answers and not depend on tools that are outside of ourselves.

beyond belief

I know that WE are ALL capable of many things that go beyond

belief vs wisdom

Important Lesson … In the middle 1800s. P.P. Quimby gave some very valuable lessons regarding consciousness and our belief systems. An important note from his writings was that we should not have preconceived notions of what is going to happen because someone else has told us what would happen. We should have an open mind and experience for ourselves what manifests. That is the difference between belief and true Wisdom. What I am seeking to accomplish in sharing my journey and experience is to raise all of our vibrations. Integrating into our living experience, laughter, excitement, fun and love while being aware of beauty and having a conscious reverence for all life on this planet, including our planet, will go a long way in raising all our vibrations. I like tossing in some technical, electronic and vibratory device information because this provides a channel for some of the more scientific readers to come a bit closer to working from the heart and realizing that WE,

ALL of US are the greatest instrument ever

created. If you continue to think about my words and find some fun, joy and inspiration from them this will continue a ripple effect because you will be acting in joy, fun, laughter, and beauty while being inspired to discover what more is possible. I am fully aware of the politics and activities taking place in our world.

I choose to dwell in the

consciousness of peace, love, beauty and the awareness that there is a definite purpose to all that you see and experience. What you are seeing in the world is only a backdrop or stage to allow all of us to demonstrate our true spiritual awareness in how we react to various experiences.

We can raise consciousness by being conscious that we can raise our awareness. But don’t try too hard to think about that…dwell in love and beauty and you automatically raise your own vibration. In the West, religions like to tell you that you have to seek and be given something of a deeper spiritual nature.

In the East they

believe that as you enter a living, there is a light inside of you that is covered my many sheathes. As you face experiences you remove one or more of these coverings depending on what you’ve learned from the experience. Now you and your partner might have the same experience but one of you removes one sheath and the other numerous ones based on what each has learned. Eventually as enough coverings are removed the light within becomes evident and brighter as you continue to remove coverings. You see, you are not given the spiritual light, you already have the spiritual light within. We are light beings.

You have traveled through the

Veil of Forgetfulness and forgotten Who You Are.

I am reminded of some versus in two

songs….. ‘All you need is love,’ and Love will find a way.’ With love, in love and through love to you. And Nothing Happened… by Steven Ross, Ph.D Excerpt




WINCEL A Grand Design of Dreams Contemplating Divine Revelation is an

dreams can guide each of us to a mystical

easy-to-read and engaging book that will

and transcendent spiritual life. The book

illuminate a new generation of spiritual and

sets out a detailed and insightful view and

personal excellence. Ross & Wincel share

course of action that can be adapted by

their experiences with the dream world

the spiritual beginner as well as the

and empower others with the knowledge

spiritually awakened. The book also

and awareness that there is a 'Grand

includes valuable health information

Design' coming from the Architect and

gathered throughout the world as a result

Source of our dreams. Working with our

of the guidance received through dreams.

The Journey While a youth, I floated with life,

At first I thought, who could this be?

I lived in great harmony, with little strife,

And then I realized, it was another part of

Things came easy, although I was shy,


Each year passed, and 23 years went by,

In some professions, they might say I split,

And in some psychological counseling, I

I met a man, who changed my gaze,

might have to sit,

From the outer world, to an inner phase, He said my dreams, might help me steer,

But through the years, I have strived,

Through a new journey, in an inner sphere,

To become one, with this other Steve inside,

And many things, I have learned,

And so in anticipation, I laid in bed,

A much different way, to discern,

Hoping some dreams, would fill my head,

But in my fervor, I couldn’t sleep,

In each of us, there is a part,

I laid awake, just counting sheep,

That has been with us, from our very start,

Some have found, this other side,

After a week, and sleep deprived,

That is right there, between breaths inside,

An inner presence, came alive,

An angelic voice, whispered to me,

And so I share, this journey of mine,

Steve relax, and you will see,

In hopes that you, might take the time,

To turn your awareness, toward an inner

And so without forcing, I did refrain,


From trying to figure out, all things with my

A greater you, on which to depend.


And like a gentle breeze, that bathes your

With love, in love and through love.

skin, I felt another presence, from within,

To inspire and empower.


Our health information is collected, categorized and disseminated in an independent and unbiased manner. It includes allopathic medicine alongside complementary and alternative medicine — ancient and traditional techniques and healing therapies as well as the latest medical technology.

Wisdom of the Ages


Medic al an d healt h techn ologi es tha are sa t fer an more d effect ive than those curre in nt us e hav been e bypas sed and o verlo oked, yet ar e stil availa ble to l day.

Not forgotten — WRF Library


Rife Universal Microscope

HEADLINE “ This Makes Things 31,000 Times as Big”

Rife Universal Microscope

Counter Rotating Risley Prisms

…”light microscope which far surpasses the theoretical limitations…”

Surpassing All Limitations


All viruses and bacteria were seen in their own unique frequency of color.”

Under the Universal Microscope disease organisms such as those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, streptococcus, typhoid, staphylococcus, leprosy, hoof and mouth disease, and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies, coordinated with a particular frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by the rays covering a wide range of waves.



Cures for disease

“The largest and most powerful of these, the Universal Microscope, developed in 1933, consists of 5,682 parts and is so-called because if its adaptability in all field of microscopical work being fulling equipped with departed substage condenser units for transmitted and monochromatic beam, dark-field, polarized, and slit-ultra illumination, including also a special device for crystallography.”


Dinner party in 1931 where top doctors in the U.S. were celebrating Royal R. Rife’s accomplishment of building the world’s most powerful microscope and utilizing that device witnessing how frequencies were effective in addressing nearly 60 diseases and illnesses without chemicals.

Guest Book of signatures of all scientists and medical authorities visiting the Rife Laboratory.

Two Super Microscopes Reveal Cures for Humanity

Dr. Rife and his Rife Microscope


Following the hermetic formula; As above so below, As below so above, we know that these same forces, seen through the

...two super

microscopes hold the planets, galaxies and all forms together.


Everything is surrounded and constituted with energy.

show convincingly


live, move and maintain our life due to energy fields. How do we proceed in the future? We need to understand the energy

that health, dis-

fields that create and sustain our existence.

ease or illness is a

There are numerous scientists, medical specialists and

result of the

researchers that have been aware and written profound books and papers regarding the forgoing.

The work of Dr.

George Crile, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, Royal R. Rife, Georges Lakhovsky and so many other brilliant minds should be reviewed.

For more information on the

research of Crile, Burr, Nordenstrom, Rife, Lakhovsky and several others I would refer you to my book, “And Nothing Happened…But You Can Make It Happen.” World Research Foundation 
 at for additional information.

energetic fields that surround and intertwine our body...

The Rife Universal Microscope built in 1932 and

to spend two weeks with Dr. Nordenstrom when

the Nemescope built in 1954, two super

our organization flew him to speak at our 1986

microscopes, show convincingly that health, dis-

world congress in Los Angeles. Dr. Nordenstrom

ease or illness is a result of the energetic fields

presented his theories and experimental results

that surround and intertwine our body. These

of shrinking breast and chest cancer tumors

fields encompasses the smallest aspects of the

using electricity with virtually no side effects. Dr.

particles that hold matter together to the fields

Nordenstrom presented the World Research

that hold our total existence together.

Foundation with a signed copy of his medical

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, former Chairman of the Nobel Assembly in Sweden, proved convincingly that changes in electrical potential at specific points in the body lead to tumor growth and that the use of exact electrical fields can cause the body to ‘turn-on’ defense mechanisms to shrink and eliminate tumors. As tumors grew there was a corresponding change



electrical potential in

book and we had a small ceremony as we placed the book within our library. Sitting next to Nordenstrom’s book was another little book with tape holding its bindings together.


Nordenstrom grabbed this little book that was titled, ‘The Use of Electricity as a Therapeutic Agent’.

Within this book, a medical doctor

shrank a man’s chest cancer tumor using electricity.

The book was published in 1877.

This is approximately 100 years before Dr. Nordenstrom’s book.

and surrounding the

At this point I would like to substitute the word


vibrations in the place of electricity.



Magazine stated in its

incorporating the aspects of color, light, sound

April 1986 issue, that

and all frequencies in the electromagnetic

Dr. Nordenstrom had


made the biomedical discovery of the

Pythagoras used color and sound

century regarding the

vibrations for healing of body, mind

body’s electrical make-up.

and spirit around 500 BC. So the

I had the opportunity

use of vibrations in not new.

“...proved convincingly that changes in electrical potential at specific points in the body lead to tumor growth and that the use of exact electrical fields can cause the body to ‘turn-on’ defense mechanisms to shrink and eliminate tumors. “

What is new and profound are the images that

organisms could be changed from one form to

have been seen through the two super-

another. Through the unique properties of the


Rife microscope and its counter rotating risley

“Under the unique aspects of the Rife Microscope “disease organisms such as those o f t u b e r c u l o s i s , c a n c e r, s a r c o m a , streptococcus, typhoid, leprosy, and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies [energy] coordinated with the particular frequencies peculiar to each individual organism.” “By means of the monochromatic beam of illumination on the Rife Universal Microscope, invariable the same organisms refract the same colors when stained regardless of the medium.

The virus of the

Bacillus typhosus is always a turquoise blue, Bacillus coli always mahogany colored, the filter –passing form of tuberculosis always an emerald green, the virus of cancer always a

prisms, light was heterodyned to illuminate the life frequency of all micro-organisms. Once the researchers illuminated an organism in its true natural frequency, using the same frequency rate, they could destroy the virus, bacteria, germ or whatever instantly.

For those of you

involved in microscopy the use of a light source microscope obtaining 60,000 diameters is unheard of and that it existed in 1932 would appear impossible. It did exist and the research team consisted of, Dr. E.C. Rosenow, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Arthur Kendall, Northwestern University, Dr. Rufus von Klein Smid, President of University of Southern California, Dr. Karly Meyer, University of California, Dr. Lewellys Barker, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Alvin Ford, President of the American Association of

purplish red, and so on.” 1

Pathologists, and several other medical Royal R. Rife and his research team were able


to establish the MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) to devitalize and kill microbes, bacteria and viruses responsible for approximately 60 diseases and illnesses.

The light-source Rife

For the purposes of this article my point is that this microscope illuminated vibrations that showed the life force of organisms.

Universal Microscope obtained magnification of

In 1955 Dr. Elmer Nemes developed a powerful

60,000 diameters.

Specimens could be

light-source microscope, 60 times greater than

watched live for unlimited amounts of time. The

the Rife Universal Microscope, that saw down

Rife research also discovered that they could

to the atomic level.

change germs into other pathogenic organisms.

between 3,500,000 and 5,000,000, Dr. Nemes

Scientifically this is known as pleomorphism.

could see the lines of force (energy) between

Through the use of various frequencies micro-

nucleate cores. See picture A. (Next Page)

Achieving magnifications

…research team consisted of, Dr. E.C. Rosenow, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Arthur Kendall, Northwestern University, Dr. Rufus von Klein Smid, President of University of Southern California, Dr. Karly Meyer, University of California, Dr. Lewellys Barker, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Alvin Ford, President of the American Association of Pathologists, and several other medical doctors.

Both pictures in this article were taken through the Nemescope at 3,500,000 diameters.2 The New Microscopes, by R.E. Seidel, M.D., Annual Report Smithsonian Institute 1944) 2 Magnets in Your Future, September 1986 and Personal book from Nemes Research Laboratory in the possession of the author of this article. 1

Picture B (next page) obtained through the Nemescope, shows the lines of force holding the structures together departing from a specimen as it is dying or spoiling. The Nemescope produced images that have never been seen by human eyes. In addition to the lines of force between atoms, the Nemescope showed magnetic flux lines surrounding a magnetic. The north/south lines of force.


What is most spectacular regarding the photographs taken through the Nemescope is the dramatic lines of energy and force that surround and intertwine matter.

The picture is the polio virus taken through the Nemescope. With electron microscopes you do not see internal structures but black and white shading and shadows. You definitely cannot see living organisms since they are placed within a vacuum and bombarded by electrons. Under the Nemescope and Rife Microscopes one could watch living organisms for as long as needed. In fact, the Nemescope required no special preparations of the specimen, no staining. Through the Nemescope pictures were taken of the cancer virus as well other viruses associated with different medical conditions.

Picture E. is latex taken at 25,000 magnification through an electron microscope.

Through the Nemescope pictures were taken of the cancer virus as well other viruses associated with different medical conditions.


Picture F. is the same latex taken through the Nemescope. Pictures taken through an electron microscope often show only black and white shading. You will note that the Nemescope reveals the nuclei with energy rings and various spectrum being displayed.

Plato pointing upward denoting the aspect of universals and Aristotle motioning downward denoting the scientific approach to inquiries.


Micro As above so below, As below so above, we know that these same forces, seen through the microscopes hold the planets, galaxies and all forms together.

Raphael’s famous picture, The School of Athens, has always been a favorite of mine.


depiction of the great women and men of philosophy, placed in this magnificent temple setting has

Aristotle was frustrated that Plato would not give specific delineated directions to a goal. Plato would state the goal but not any specific manner to reach that goal. If we were to imagine traveling to a far location around the world.

always inspired me to continue to be universal in my thinking

Perhaps Aristotle would want to know the exact path to reach that spot.

Plato would have informed us that the

spot exists and realized that there are numerous pathways and means to reach it. Aristotle would want to know just

throughout the day.

how far it is. Upon being told it was 5,000 miles he might

Most notable, besides Raphael

inquire as to what a mile consists of. Upon being told how many yards there are in a mile he might inquire as to what

painting himself into the picture, is Plato and Aristotle located in the center of the picture.

a yard consists of. Upon being told that a yard is made up of so many feet, he might inquire what a foot consists of. Then down to inches until he was so engrossed with his nose on the ground determining centimeters that he might forget the picture of the original destination. Of course I am being a bit facetious but I hope the point is made. You can continue to examine something until you lose sight of the total picture or goal.

Although I relate more to Plato and universals I have found the scientific discoveries, made through two super-microscopes, allows me to more accurately picture the grandeur of the Universe.

And Nothing Happened… by Steven Ross, Ph.D Excerpt

In WRF Library


Lost Microscope, if found please return to all researchers! These photos are through the Nemescope developed by Dr. Elmer Nemes in 1950s. The microscope was stolen in the early 1960s. These are the original pictures in Nemes's album that were not stolen. The Nemescope microscope took pictures down to the atomic level and the energy bonds holding atoms together. The pictures that I am posting are Nemes’s original pictures that were not stolen at the time. I am doing this in the hope that someone might come across the Nemescope, in a garage or storage facility, and be able to recognize what it is. I ask that the highest and best manifest as a result of showing the pictures of the Nemescope that I am sharing. If it still exists in one piece and it is the right time, then someone will recognize it. Thank you for adding your energy toward my activity


I was entrusted with the Nemescope book many years ago. Over the years I waited for guidance regarding what might be the best manner to share the materials. At times I thought about putting together a book and selling the pictures and story of Dr. Elmer Nemes. That never felt right to me. As a care-taker, who did not build the scope or was party to their discoveries, I couldn’t do it.

In WRF Library


Tesla Brought us into the Modern Age “If you want to find the secret of the universes, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — TESLA



LAKHOVSKY Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO)


Working Model In WRF Library

The MWO broadcasts multiple frequencies through the air to the cells located throughout the body and within different organs.

Life Electric is Broadcasting The MWO sends cells the frequencies they would vibrate at in their healthy state.

From the Ether

“The light bulb is illuminated without being plugged in to a socket. Energy through the air.”

Cells that are diseased – operating at improper frequencies pick up their correct frequencies and align with them.


In WRF Library

Dr. Crile is a famous United States surgeon who was one of the original founders of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Dr. Crile is formally recognized as the first surgeon to have succeeded in performing a direct blood transfusion. He contributed to many other procedures including describing a technique for using opioids, regional and general anesthesia which is known as balanced anesthesia, and procedures for neck dissection. Further tribute to Dr. Crile includes the SS George Crile, a United States liberty ship, named after him during World War II, and a lunar crater named after him. At the time of this writing, another award has been given to Dr. Crile. On January 16, 2008, The Capitol Square Foundation chose six individuals to receive the 2008 Great People of Ohio award. The other recipients include Jesse Owens, Thomas Edison and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

DR.GEORGE WASHINGTON CRILE All of Crile's research work goes hand in hand with the research of Dr. Nordenstrom, Lakhovsky & Dr. Burr. Crile realized that the thyroid, liver and adrenal glands were the Rosetta stone for his discovery of a controlling energy that governs life. When the subject is alive these cells operated in a particular manner, and when death occurred particular cells withered and died despite the presence of blood and normal circulation. Crile reasoned that if all of the fluids in the system are intact at death, then he must be dealing with an energetic situation taking place within the body. Science is aware of the fact that a cell contains a comparatively acid or positive nucleus and an alkaline or negative cytoplasm and gives the strong appearance that living cells are electric in nature. This led Crile to formulate the electrical or Bipolar Theory of the living process. He also termed the presence of electricity within the cellular structure as the Radio-Electric Theory. Crile discovered that when there are changes in the electric potential of the cell, then the process of oxidation is interrupted and there is a corresponding change in the cell that can lead to mutation or death. The mutated cells would lead to a tumor that would continue to exist until the electrical balance was brought back to a normal condition.


Visualization of the Acupuncture Meridians


Solid Research & Science


In WRF Library

The two medical doctors from France:

Dr. John Claude Darras Dr. DeVernejoul


Supreme Mysteries of Nature

In WRF Library


Pe r s o n a l A l c h e m y o f H e a l i n g We have worked with several hundred people all over the world, both in person, and at a distance. The individuals have had everything from inoperable brain cancer tumors, to breast cancers, paralysis and individuals in comas. When asked to assist we first get permission to come upon an individual. In the case of individuals in comas we first come into resonance with them and ask for permission. Sometimes we are told not to become involved as the experience is a lesson for all the people concerned. In the cases of healing most have been instantaneous remissions. No matter what the individual’s condition, we see them in total perfection. We don’t see or think about the specific area of difficulty but see the individual running, jumping, laughing, smiling, and joking. The individual and those around them might see them with a difficulty and this is the picture that is ongoing at the time. We create a picture of total health and if the individual and those around accept this new picture, this is what comes to pass. In these cases my admonition is that; “I ask that the highest and best manifest for this our requestor.” I am not responsible or feel the pressure that anything must come to pass. That is up to the individual.

Love is involved as well as a desire to help someone in need. Now understand that WE ALL CAN DO THIS. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A YOGI, TAKE EXPENSIVE COURSES OR BE GIVEN ANYTHING BY ANYONE.

In all our experiences with healing, love and a desire to be of help to a brother and sister in need is all that is needed. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A YOGI, SPIRITUAL GURU, OR TAKE EXPENSIVE COURSES OR BE PERFECT. Just have love and a desire to help someone in need.

Nature and Nature Spirits – These energy patterns really exist and are a part of our existence upon this planet. Becoming in resonance with these energies you can affect weather, growth of plants and be given information from minerals, plants, trees and other aspects of nature. They are a part of your physical body and you are already in touch with them but not ‘feeling or sensing them.’ If you need something accomplished, and it is in the highest and best and not just for your personal gain, you give a command rather than just hoping for something to transpire. You command and then don’t keep asking or it means you are not sure that the energies are within your sway. These energies are there to do their work and they are conscious of doing the task assigned and are effected by love. There are energies and abilities that are available to us all and touching these areas is not based on your spiritual awareness or moral qualities. Through strong intent one can touch upon the extra dimensions that are present. The moral of the story is that the more positive uses always supersedes the less than positive. I won’t state something is bad or good, everything down here on earth is an experience. We will very shortly be coming into a period where even more of our natures and abilities are to be demonstrated and thereby more accessible to all people. Some people will find it impossible to believe and not be ready in this incarnation to proceed with further development at this time. Other people who have the awareness and understanding that it will be a time for graduation to higher spheres will understand and see that what they have been seeking has always been there within them.

We have been sleeping in our cocoons and we are n e a r i n g t h e t i m e t h a t w e a r e t o t a k e o u r w i n g s a n d f l y. All things are possible and can be accomplished through a b e a u t i f u l h e a r t , a n o p e n m i n d a n d a h u m b l e s p i r i t .

In WRF Library Ancient wisdom is still pertinent today.

PYTHAGORAS “The Music of the Spheres”

Chromotherapy dates back to Pythagoras.

Chromotherapy In WRF Library


Let there be light!

DINSHAH Ancient Art of Color Therapy

Hundreds of books on chromotherapy dating to the 1800s.

Grace Shirlow story with chromotherapy

BY STEVEN ROSS I awoke having a belief in a new manner of healing. One morning during April of 1977, I awoke remembering a profound dream that I had during the night. In the dream, thousands of sick people were either sitting or lying in beds in a large multiple storied building. I heard beautiful music playing and all of the people began walking out of the building. As the people went outside, they noticed a giant rainbow in the sky even though there were no clouds. The rainbow colors began bathing all of the people, and they immediately were in perfect health.

When I arrived at my favorite bookstore and asked if there were any books written about the use of color and healing, I discovered there was an entire section of books dealing with color therapy.


chromotherapy Color therapy

is the use of the

colors of the visible spectrum.

Think of the

During the course of the last fifteen years,

various colors that you see in a rainbow or

several popular magazines and even a few television

through a prism. Each color is determined by

programs have noted the effect of various colors on

a rate of vibration. As vibrations change the

our moods. An article actually appeared in Reader's

color you see also changes. In color therapy, a

Digest many years ago relating how the color of the

color is projected over a distance onto bare

walls where children studied could effect their IQ.

skin at particular parts of the body. The

Reports have shown that when a violent prisoner is

location on the body is determined by what

placed in a jail cell with pink walls in a matter of

the particular health difficulty might entail.

minutes the prisoner becomes very docile.

There are specific colors or combinations of hues used for specific ailments or health problems. The color affects the body in a manner that allows the body's own healing

In fact,

when a poster board painted pink is placed at eye level in front of a weight lifter, the weight lifter's strength becomes greatly diminished. I had discovered that the color blue was saving the life of sick babies, that the color pink could rob a

abilities to become more effective. It is not

weight lifter of his strength. Linda Clark's book had

that a specific color is curing a specific health

mentioned that doctors could cure cataract with color,

problem; the color is causing physiological

so I wondered what other medical conditions could

change within the body that allows the body to

be helped. I found the answer to my question when I

be operating in a more efficient manner.

learned of the work of Dinshah Ghadiali and his color therapy system called SpectroChrome.

My first contact with Ghadiali came when I found a sequence of photographs taken in 1926 of a little girl with 3rd degree burns over 2/3rds of her body. As you will see, the following pictures are so dramatic, and the case was so compelling, that it is impossible to ignore. The pictures were taken out of the book, Let There Be Light, by Darius Dinshah.

Grace Shirlow Story The little girl in the pictures is Grace Shirlow. In 1926, she arrived at Philadelphia Women's Hospital where the majority of the staff of the hospital considered her a hopeless case. Eight-year-old Grace had been burned badly on much of her body; she had a body temperature of between 105 to 106 degrees and had almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours. Fluids were forced into her, but with no effect.


one medical doctor on the staff had the belief that she could help this poor child. Dr. Kate Baldwin, who was the Senior Surgeon at the hospital, was not on call when the girl arrived but reported to the hospital several hours later. When she examined the girl and everyone present had given up hope, Dr. Baldwin proposed the use of color therapy. For several years before this case, Dr. Baldwin had been using a color therapy system called Spectro-

A sequence of photographs taken in

Chrome, a method of color therapy using 12 specific

1926 of a little girl with 3rd degree burns


over 2/3rds of her body.

Dr. Baldwin used the color scarlet over the girl's kidney, and within minutes, the little girl voided more than 6 ounces of fluids. Dr. Baldwin then projected the color blue over Grace's body and within one hour her incredible pain had subsided. In fact for the duration of Grace's stay in the hospital she did not experience any more pain from her burns. For me this is unbelievable! Think about the pain and suffering that all burn victims experience.

How can

anybody justify not looking into this approach? The medical report of this case stated that no topical application was made, and no skin grafts were performed. Grace Shirlow grew new skin during the course of her Spectro-Chrome color therapy.

Although this is a very

dramatic burn case, it is not unique. A full report of the Grace Shirlow case was delivered at a medical meeting1 and written up in a medical journal. 2 2 weeks after admission

"After 41 years of general practice and

before you send the patient to the operating

surgery in hospitals I can obtain nearly the

table. The patients recover with much less

same results with the Spectro-Chrome as with

unpleasantness. It is a gentle form of therapy

my medical knowledge. I will use surgery

where you cannot do harm. I have had six

when needed. A foot that is reduced to pulp by

severe eye cases using the color directly into

a truck running over it is going to need a

the eye with no harm being done."

surgical operation. But the Spectro-Chrome

- Kate Baldwin M.D.

can help the anesthetic be taken even better

18 months after fire

The inventor of the Spectro-Chrome system is Dinshah Ghadiali. Dinshah was born in 1873, and he entered high school in 1884. This is not a typo; he entered high school at the age of eleven. Dinshah took his entry examinations for Bombay University at the age of thirteen. Dinshah made his first visit to the United States in 1896 and had the opportunity to meet Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, two of the most famous inventors and scientists in the history of our planet. Dinshah gave lectures on x-rays and radioactivity and the New York Times termed him the "Parsee Edison". Dinshah and his wife and family immigrated to the United States in 1911, and Dinshah became a naturalized citizen in 1917. In 1919, Dinshah was appointed Governor of the New York City Police Aviation School and later was commissioned Colonel and Commander of the New York Police Reserve Air Service. Two aircraft obtained from the U.S. Government were used to patrol the harbor in the city of New York. Dinshah flew the first police airmail service from New York to Philadelphia. For his meritorious service to the city, New York Mayor John Hyland awarded Dinshah the Liberty Medal. Dinshah delivered his first lecture on his Spectro-Chrome system in April of 1920. Dinshah would eventually present more than one hundred lectures throughout the United States. At one time nearly 500 United States medical doctors were using his Spectro-Chrome system. Although the medical doctors, like Dr. Kate Baldwin, were achieving results that were

remarkable, Dinshah Ghadiali was brought to trial in Camden, New Jersey, in 1931, for a charge of grand larceny. The complaint from the medical authorities was that Dinshah was committing fraud because Spectro-Chrome could not have any effect on diseases. During his trial in 1931, Dinshah called upon three witnesses. The first witness was Dr. Kate Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin testified under oath that she had been a medical physician for 40 years and senior surgeon of Philadelphia Women's Hospital for 23 years. Under cross examination by prosecutors Dr. Baldwin stated that she had successfully used the Spectro-Chrome system for; cataracts, glaucoma, hemorrhage in the retina, o r d i n a r y i n fl a m m a t o r y conditions of the eye, sclera, infection of the sinuses, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, ulcers of the stomach, asthma, jaundice, kidney onditions, appendicitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, breast tumors and severe third-degree burns. Dr. Baldwin said that she was using up to ten Spectro-Chrome light machines in her medical practice. Dr. Martha Peebles appeared as a second witness for Dinshah. Dr. Peebles was a doctor of medicine for more than twenty-four years and had worked for the Department of Health in New York City for over twenty years. Dr. Peebles was a physician to the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. During the war, she would perform up to 61 different surgeries a day.

Dr. Kate W. Baldwin was under tremendous pressure because of her use of Spectro-Chrome. Other doctors who were envious of her results asked for her removal from the surgical staff of the hospital. In an article printed in the Atlantic Medical Journal of April 1927, discussing the Grace Shirlow case, Dr. Baldwin stated that after thirty-seven years of active hospital and private practice in medicine and surgery, she produced quicker and more accurate results using Spectro-Chrome than with any other methods, and there was less strain on the patient. 'In very extensive burns in a child of eight years of age, there was

almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours, with a temperature of 105 to 106 degrees. Fluids were forced to no effect, and a more hopeless case is seldom seen. Scarlet was applied just over the kidneys at a distance of eighteen inches for twenty minutes, all other areas being covered. Two hours later, the child voided eight ounces of urine.'

Dr Baldwin once remarked that she would give up the practice of medicine tomorrow rather than give up the use of SpectroChrome.

The Color of Truth - Kate Baldwin, M.D. 18 months after fire



However, Dinshah's legal woes were not over. He was brought to trial for one charge after another and served a combined 18 months in jail.

Jailed and Books Burned

According to the judge's decree, all of Dinshah's books were destroyed and Dinshah was placed under probation for five years and not allowed to discuss the Spectro-Chrome form of therapy.

Dr. Peebles was forced to retire from active practice due to ill health, but when another doctor had used the Spectro-Chrome system on her, it restored her to health. At the time of the trial, Dr. Peebles was using 17 Spectro-Chrome machines in her practice. Dr. Peebles swore that she had treated cancer, arthritis, poliomyelitis, mastoiditis and many other medical conditions. Dr. Welcome Manor, M.D., was the third doctor who appeared as a witness for Dinshah. Dr. Manor had practiced medicine for more than thirty years and testified that he had successfully treated cancer, diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis, ulcers, hemorrhage, neuritis, spinal meningitis, heart disorders and numerous other maladies. The jury in this 1931 case was out only 90 minutes and returned a verdict of not guilty for Dinshah. However, Dinshah's legal woes were not over. He was brought to trial for one charge after another and served a combined 18 months in jail. In 1947, the FDA instituted a trial against Dinshah for practicing medicine without a license. Dinshah lost the case, and this effectively forced him to surrender all of his research equipment and books. According to the judge's decree, all of Dinshah's books were destroyed and Dinshah was placed under probation for five years and not allowed to discuss the Spectro-Chrome form of therapy. I've seen photographs of agents burning his books. It is heartbreaking. In 1958, the FDA obtained a permanent injunction against Dinshah preventing any machines or books from crossing state lines. Dinshah passed away in 1966. In 1924, in the section titled "Minutes of the Journal of the American Medical Association," an article appeared that completely discredited Dinshah as being silly and suggested that if his therapy really worked why was he wearing glasses. The article pointed out that any doctors following this system would be scrutinized for

following such a stupid therapeutic approach to medicine. Dr. Kate Baldwin was confronted by other personnel at her hospital and the Board of Directors gave her this following choice: "Either give up your use of the Spectro-Chrome machines or leave the hospital and your prestigious position." Dr. Baldwin stated that she would give up the practice of medicine rather than stop using a therapy system that was better than any other system available to a medical doctor. She resigned her position at the oldest surgical hospital in the United States.

This Science, as evolved by me after over 30 years of laborious researches, has been in actual daily use since April 1920 and its results have been fully corroborated along Chemical, Mathematical, Physiological, Spectroscopical, Biological, Psychological, Clinical, Chromical and Pathological lines. It is the logical result of my researches in Light and Colour and it is to Light and Colour what Music is to Sound Waves. It is but the matching of the Gamut of Colour Wave s t o R hy t h m i c a l L i g h t O s c i l l a t i o n s p o s s e s s i n g d e fi n i t e influence on the human organism and arranged in accord and harmony with tr ue physical and metaphysical concepts. DINSHAH April 26, 1956

During the year s, there have been several hundred studies and reports regarding the use of color in the healing arts.

In 1981 at the School of Nursing,

College of Human Services, San Diego State, California, Sharon McDonald, Ph.D., conducted an interesting study of the effects of visible light waves on arthritis pain. In her controlled study she worked with 60 female volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 years old who had confirmed medical diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. McDonald constructed a box that would allow her volunteers to place their elbows inside, and then she would project either a red light, blue light or no light upon their elbows. The volunteers did not know which if, any color, was used. Dr. McDonald discovered that the longer the blue light was used the greater reduction in pain. When no color was used, there was no influence in reduction or increase in the pain felt by the volunteers. I have delivered several lectures as well as articles dealing with the use of color therapy. In a medical magazine dealing with cancer research for clinicians, an article appeared listing my organization as pushing the ridiculous concept that color could work for health problems. The article, which appeared without an author, stated that no reputable medical doctor or scientist would ever believe that color could be effective as a therapy. I wrote a letter to the journal and never received a response. I pointed out in my letter that an entire volume from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences was dedicated to "The Medical and Biological Effects of Light." The use of color therapy does seem to be very simplistic for the major medical problems that we are confronted with today. The reason it

seems so simplistic is the conditioning we receive from medical doctors saying that difficult medical problems require difficult medical solutions. As I was proofing this chapter, in the background I heard a television commercial promoting products for arthritis pain. It was an advertisement warning users of several of the pharmaceuticals for arthritis pain that this class of pharmaceutical products can cause internal bleeding and ulcers that can lead to death. Death! The advertiser made the point that viewers should ask their doctors if the risks are worth the benefits for their conditions. This is ludicrous! These medical therapies are worse than the original problem. How has our medical approach fallen to the point where we have to make health choices between one ailment and another as side effects of our therapies? We have gotten lost, and we must find our way back to more natural approaches that exist. There are answers to our problems, but we must search in a more open-minded manner.

Color Therapy History The use of color dates to 500 BC, and there has never been a report of anyone who has died from using color therapy. Today there are more than 900 books written on the use of color therapy. Thousands of studies and experiments have been conducted. Most of the research is relegated to animal studies showing how color and light affect various functions in rats. I once contacted a researcher who had been doing studies on rats for his whole career, and I mentioned that color had been used on people in the 1920s and 1930s and was extremely effective, safe and well-documented. His answer was that this was what he was allowed to do, and he would not take a chance in jeopardizing his position to expand his research to humans.

I believe

that the reason color therapy

is not in more common use is that it is not a good moneymaker for the medical profession. A person can use simple color gels or slides and use any type of light source or even a slide projector. The cost of the correct color slides is less than $30. A color therapy session lasts about one hour and uses simple electricity to drive the light source, and because anyone can use color therapy at home, no revenue is produced for a medical doctor or clinic.

I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of color therapy in nearly five hundred people since 1977. I have seen color therapy work as effectively on animals as it does for people. In fact, because of a family emergency I had a personal experience with the effectiveness of color therapy. In 1984, my father was admitted to a leading hospital in Southern California to get an examination for back spasms. While he was in the hospital, he was given a mylogram, a dye injected by a needle, and apparently as a result of something on the needle, he ended up with an infection. Within hours of the test, every part of his body was shutting down, and he was rushed into surgery. The medical team spent four hours in surgery, but after a few days, the head of neurosurgery stated that my father was going to be a quadriplegic. The surgeon told my mother that the hospital would begin quadriplegic training when my father was able to handle it. My father remained in intensive care for more than 3 ½ weeks, and the doctors added that my father's speech would be permanently impaired. After my father left intensive care, I spoke with the head of neurosurgery and told him we would be using color therapy on my father. The doctor asked if our therapy would disrupt any of their devices or mechanical or electrical machines in the hospital. I assured the doctor that our therapy was safe, quiet and effective. He did not have anything that would

work for my father, but I believed that the color would work. What a strange situation when I thought back to my father wondering if I would ever discover the right color for various health conditions. I did have the right color for my father's condition. My mother projected the color on my father for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Interested hospital staff would walk by watching us without ever commenting about what we were doing. After a few days, my father began wiggling his toes. After another few days, my father could move his feet. One day the head surgeon, who hadn't seen my father for a week, was making his rounds and mentioned to my father he would like to see him try to wiggle his toes. The surgeon placed his face very close to my father's feet. My father told him he should step back or he might get kicked in the face. The surgeon laughed and thought my father was joking. When my father raised one foot completely off the bed the surgeon was in a state of shock. My father eventually progressed to a wheel chair, then a walker, then crutches and finally was walking with two canes. Six weeks later, aided by two canes, my father walked out of the hospital. If you recall in the early 1980s, the medical doctors made it difficult for you to see or get your own medical records. One of the hospital staff had made a copy of my father's medical chart, and I accidentally walked off with it. It states, "The patient has made a complete recovery from quadriplegia to 4/5 strength throughout his body…the family has refused further urological workups. He has a neurogenic bladder that will require a catheter." Once my father returned home we used a special device called a multiple wave oscillator, and in two treatment sessions, my father was able to urinate on his own without a catheter. So much for the expert diagnosis of my father's medical condition! I am very passionate about the use of color therapy, and I am sad about the treatment given to those people who have tried to make it available.

Dinshah was a brilliant man who made an important discovery.

To receive a compliment acknowledging him as

being of the importance of Thomas Edison is high praise indeed. He was not a quack or someone looking to make fast money selling some sort of product. He was a serious researcher who spent his life in the service of people. Credentials, as we learned from our section about Dr. Nordenstrom, do not seem to be enough to allow someone to have a fair evaluation. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for Dr. Kate Baldwin in the 1930s to arrive at the position of Senior Surgeon at one of the oldest surgical hospitals in the United States?

She felt so strongly about the use of color that she

gave up her position rather than not be allowed to use her machines. Pure greed keeps color therapy from being a part of our medical system. Even though I had the personal experience with my father, I cannot help but visualize the pictures of Grace Shirlow. What would Grace's life have been like without the use of color therapy? Who is colorblind? Dinshah Ghadiali and many other color practitioners presented us with a natural and effective therapy and nothing happened. Some benefits of using color therapy:

Books are available through World Research Foundation, Po Box 20828, Sedona, AZ 86341 928-284-3300.

• • •

It is completely safe with no side effects. It is an inexpensive therapy that is easy to administer. It does not pollute the environment or have toxic ingredients.

• •

It can be utilized for many medical conditions. Color slides do not wear out or need to be replaced.


contains about 9.1 percent Hydrogen, 13.4 per cent Carbon, 2.5 percent Nitrogen and 72

1. The Sun is the source of all Life and

per cent Oxygen. About 1.2 percent more is

Energy conveyed to the World by Oscillatory

Calcium and 1.2 percent is Phosphorus. All

Potentiality of a spiral character, composed

the other Elements of the World, existing in

of the Elements essential to the chemical

our Physical Body, comprise the balance of

existence of the live Universe.

the final 0.6 percent. In the Science of the Visible Spectrum, Dinshah introduced Five

2. All growth is dependent on Solar

Colour Potencies to take care of even these,

Energy. Sunlight is a part of that Energy

which include the rarer Elements

converted to a specific purpose. From the

inappreciably present in our constitution.

Mineral to the Human Kingdom all life is dependent on Sunlight. Light is as much

5. The Spectral Chart Of Chemical

human food (a necessity for existence) as

Elements By Single Colour Polarity

Solids, Liquids and Gases.

Predominance (Figure 1) clearly explains the position in this Science, where the Radiant

3. The Light evolved from Solar Energy is

Energy of each Chemical Element is found.

White. Its Emission Polarity has Seven Main Divisions, which can be resolved from it. They

6. Health is maintained when these

are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo

Elements (Colours) are proportionately

and Violet. Every Chemical Element exhibits a

balanced. Any disturbance of this Element

preponderance of One or more of these

(Colour) Poise, is liable to produce loss of

Colours under Oscillatory Disintegration. The


World has all the Elements that are known in

the Sun. The potency of an Element depends on the potency of its Colour Waves. Foods (and Medicines) are composed of definite Elements and act in strict conformity with such Colour Wave Potencies.

4. Our Visible Physical Vehicle (Body) is built of these Elements (Colours). It

Darius Dinshah And Nothing Happened… by Steven Ross, Ph.D Excerpt




And Nothing Happened… by Steven Ross, Ph.D Although the cost of healthcare continues to rise, effective cures are not being found our major health challenges. Pharmaceutical drugs and surgery should not be your only option. Are there any alternative to the manner in which we treat disease? Inside this book you will discover better solutions for our health care, and why these solutions have been excluded from common medical practice.


Centuries Old Technology

Sound Therapy

COLOR MUSIC: THE ART OF LIGHT Throughout the centuries, many authors had suggested the possibilities of combining music and color in their presentations. Perhaps Louis Bertrand Castel was probably the first to imagine the existence of an independent art of color-music. Recognized as one of the most eminent mathematicians of his day, in 1720 he first describes his La Musique en Couleurs. Castel’s writings cover a wide range of thoughts and he appears to be as much interested in aesthetics and philosophy as he was in mathematics and geometry. In 1763, Castel published perhaps his best general theory of color-music in Esprits Saillies et Singularites du Pere Castel. “Can one imagine anything in the arts which would surpass the visible rendering of sound, which would enable the eyes to partake of all the pleasures which music gives to the ears? “What could we say of an art which did not only simply awaken the idea of speech, and of sound, by means of arbitrary and inanimate characters, such as the letters of the alphabet, or the notes of music; but painted it really; that is painted it with colors; in one word, rendered it felt and present to the eyes, as it is to the ears, in such a manner that a deaf person can enjoy and judge the beauty of music as well as he who can hear.” Let us look at the place of music amongst the arts.

A. Wallace Rimington said, “if we look at the

through the jungle of untried possibilities,

matter dispassionately, I think we shall

which prevents our seeing clearly how to

come to the conclusion that the whole use

use the attributes of color in a mobile color

and influence of music rests upon its power

art somewhat resembling music.”

of stimulating emotional faculties. Whether

the emotions aroused by it are identical

In the 1920s several individuals developed

with those of our ordinary life and

color music devices. They created beautiful

ex p e r i e n c e, o r w h et h e r, a s s o m e

devices that looked very similar to organs

philosophic writers think, they are of a

and as they played their keyboards beautiful

somewhat different and special kind,

combinations and harmonies of color were

belonging, as it were, to a higher plane of

projected through the audience. The two

feeling… the fact remains that music

best books for reference on the subject are;

interests, refreshes, invigorates, saddens,

Colour-Music: The Art of Mobile Colour (1911),

or makes us glad through its action upon

W. Rimington; Colour-Music: The Art of

the emotional side of our nature, and is a

Light (1926), by A. B. Klein

language without words. “The action that color has upon us in its harmonies and contrasts, its varying strength and delicacy, its power of giving joy or pain, is also to a large extent, an emotional one. Color is precious for its own sake and as an educative influence. It also can stimulate the imagination and develop o t h e r m e n t a l fa c u l t i e s ; c a n g i v e refreshment to the mind, and increase the responsiveness of the sense to which it appeals. So let us then clear our own path


CALLIGARIS: The Television Powers of Man “Calligaris discovered that certain lines and points , on the skin, related to the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind and even to the enhancing of paranormal abilities. For over 30 years, he proved that everybody could be stimulated to enhance their clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition, the same way that we learn writing or mathematical calculations.”

“Linear-chains of the body mind.” “Windows to the Cosmos.” “Macrocosm – Microcosm.”

In WRF Library


In WRF Library

Manly P. Hall



This is the Oneirocritica by Artemidorus.

WRF Library

Originally written in 2nd Century and reprinted as the first published book on dream interpretation in 1539.


The Message

I had the following dream…

I was walking along the ocean with thousands of people, who like myself, were seeking greater spiritual enlightenment.

To my left was the ocean and a short distance in front of me, almost invisible because of a fog, stood a woman dressed in blue holding a microphone.

To her immediate left and to my right were circular stands filled with people. I recognized the people in the stands because they were well-known lecturers in the spiritual and health fields.

heads and there was a fog and loud noises coming from their mouths. I couldn't hear and could barely see the woman in blue. When I got closer to the woman in blue, I saw it was Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. I then wondered, if these people in the stands, who profess to know so much, were causing this interference, then what are spiritual seekers supposed to do?



The people in the stands had oversized

Then a breeze blew off the ocean, cleared the fog and everything became quiet, and then I heard the following words..."all one needs to reach a higher state of awareness within themselves is,…


Clear ‘A Beautiful Heart, an Open Mind and a Humble Spirit'.



I believe that we all are constantly connected to the Creator of the Creation and we need only recognize this connection.

The highest vibration of all is love.



Through love all things become possible and all things become known.

With love, in love and through love.

Steven Ross


“When I find narrow viewpoints I find narrow reading.”

The Journey Through Life Don't hurry through life, as if its a race,

What are these bodies, we call woman and man?

Meet each challenge, with beauty and grace, There is no winner, at a finish line

Are we made of only solid matter, so hard and so

As you come to the end, of your allotted time.

firm? And we are just dust, and to the earth we return?,

The swan or the cockatoo, to glide or to squawk?

Does it all end, when the body we no longer see,

Do you move in harmony, or is bitterness your talk?

Or is there more, than this we must be?

It is all in the journey, each step that you made

Can there be more, than the body does show,

Did you plant flowers, or bring others pain?

Can there be more, than to dust it does go? Can the Creator of stars, rivers and trees,

Glance back at your pathway, look where you crept

Have more of a plan, for you and for me?

Did you flow in harmony, or were you heavy in step?

Nothing is lost, our scientists say,

As energy and matter, convert every day,

Mists of spiritual substance, float in the air,

And what of the experience, we store in our head,

Moving quite freely, as you pass by them there,

Does it turn into dust, when the body appears dead?

They travel on pathways, chosen while above,

Could it be, this I AM that I know,

To experience lessons, eventually learning to love.

Will go onward forever, for many an earth show? With love, in love and through love.

Bodies crossing each other, and mingling their mists,

Enjoy your day in laughter, excitement, fun and love.

Some bodies giving off kisses, others raising their

It’s all in your perception.

fists, Sharing together, to learn of the plan,

By Steven Ross

The mighty Hand, that moves the sea, The Creator of the Ideal, of you and me, The Landscape Artist, of all you see, The Hand that fashioned, all the trees. Who keeps the stars, within their path? Holds the orbits of particles, that spin so fast, Daily raises the sun, so we have no fear, Provides all the sustenance, in this earthly sphere. All this is beyond, the mortals here, Some act like the creator, and dominate this sphere, They try to create things, to last through life, But many of their creations, wear down through earthly strife. What lasts longer, an object or a thought? A builder’s stone, or what a philosopher taught? Our earthly hands, that mold in clay, Create many things, which seem to fade away. But rising within self, to a precept clear, Entering into, the Idea Sphere, We come upon, a state of mind, That produces a solid, of another kind, And if inside, we strive further to see, We will touch the forever objects, of eternity. Enjoy your day with love, in love and through love By Steven Ross

Wisdom of the Ages


20,000 VOLUMES dating back to the 15th Century

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D. Co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation For more than 40 years Steven has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered more than 250 lectures and made presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital associations and consulted for the insurance industry. He has acted as an expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consults with scientific researchers around the world. Steve has an active interest in esoteric subjects and has delivered hundreds of presentations in all areas of philosophy and subtle energy subjects. His life has been varied and exciting from playing beach volleyball with the famous basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain, to spending time in European castles, home of ancient alchemists. Having had unusual experiences in his early twenties he is as comfortable in metaphysical areas as he is in scientific pursuits. Steve has been led around the world through dreams and visions and credits this venue for the acquisition of the incredible holdings existing within the World Research Foundation worldwide network. Steve’s book A Grand Design of Dreams relates these stories.


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