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TABLE OF CONTENTS Mike twichell - THE PROTON MAGNET MEETS QUANTUM - Part 3, pages 4-15 Jerry smith - magnetic idea at the emporium, pages 18-19 Edward Leedskalnin’s Unusual Accomplishments - Matthew emery, pages 20-37 Aaron Murakami - PERPETUAL MOTION HOLDER ORIGINS, Pages 38-46 Ken Wheeler - What is Magnetism? - page 50-67 New Physics →Len Murray - Series part 2, Pages 74-89 what i think i know about spiral galaxies that others may not know - By Dr .John V Milewski, Pages 94-101 Flux-Vector of spin noise in superconducting circuits, Page 102

Rexresearch - page 122



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THE PROTON MAGNET MEETS QUANTUM (Part 3 of 3) By Mike Twichell July 1, 2018

The full space aether model combined with the proton magnet model describes all of quantum in a very simple manner.

this simple model makes all of chemistry into a matter of physics.

This article describes how the full space

which are the poles of the proton magnet.

aether model combined with the proton

I described how these poles are actually

magnet model can describe all of quantum

the electrons.

in a very simple manner.

In a previous

two electrons per proton, one of which can

article on this Science to Sage website I

debatably be called a “positron” or the

described my proton

anti-particle to the electron. For me,

magnet model.


because each proton only creates one

this previous article I

vortex, and the spin direction of the vortex

described the how

is really just a matter of perspective, I

the proton is actually

prefer to call both proton poles electrons.

a magnet immersed

Neutrons are just proton magnets with both


poles connected.




surrounding highly dense


uid aether. I

described how the proton absorbs the surrounding aether to create the gravitational or mass phenomenon, and that it spins while absorbing the aether which creates the magnetic phenomenon. I described how this spinning and absorbing creates vortices in the aether,

This model thusly creates

This simple model

makes all of chemistry into a matter of physics.

Note also that this article and the previous article comprise just a brief synopsis of my newest book Physics of the Dark Matter, which is also available under the title Aether Physics. Both this new book and its predecessor Aether Gravity are available on

(Convention - please note that when I use the word “vacuum” in this article I am referring not to the traditional usage of the word vacuum, which means there is aether but no air, but rather a situation where the aether itself is removed from the surrounding space. The vacuum to


which I refer is related directly to force, inertia and the mass phenomenon itself).

LAYERS OF SPACE Before going directly from the proton magnet to quantum, allow me to discuss layers of space, because it is important. To understand layers of space, we can just refer back to the proton magnet model. Layers of space are comprised of protons. Not neutrons. Not electrons. But just protons. Why do I say this? Why are the neutrons and electrons being dismissed? Because the neutrons and the electrons are really just side-e ects of the functioning proton. I just discussed how the electron is the pole of the spinning proton, and a neutron is just a proton with both poles connected. So it is the proton that is important. The proton makes our layer of space. But our matter layer is only one layer of space. The aether layer and the sub-aether layers exist as well.

When we think about the aether layer of space, we need to make the safe assumption that the aether particles are like tiny protons. These aether protons can bond and form what likely lls much of what we call outer space with “tiny water molecules”. But we can go even further with this model. For when I read Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current, this is when I discovered the sub-aether, and thusly the entire concept of layers of space.





Ed Leedskalnin’s Magnetic Current is a great book. It’s actually more of a

pamphlet, but when you read it, Ed discusses the tiny particles entering the Earth as magnets. Because Ed built the Coral Castle, and knew the secrets of the ancient pyramid builders, I was paying attention. What struck me was that Ed called the particles magnets. Because I associated these particles with the aether particles I had described entering the Earth in the Twichell Manuscript – Volume I – Aether Gravity, I was interested in why Ed was calling them magnets. For I had never thought of them as magnets. But for a magnet to function it needs to absorb the layers of space beneath it and spin. A magnet needs to create a vortex in the smaller layers of space in which it is immersed. This is what makes the proton a magnet. Thusly, because I made the correlation between Ed’s tiny magnets, and my aether particles, I came upon the realization that aether particles were tiny magnets. And if my aether particles were tiny magnets, then they must be immersed in an even smaller layer of space. For us, in the matter layer of space, our protons absorb the aether (note that when our protons absorb aether, they are also absorbing the sub-aethers). This is when I realized the existence of “layers of space”.

These layers of space are important when trying to describe inertia. And even more important when trying to describe the

indescribable phenomenon of the supposed zero rest mass of the photon. In fact, I always considered the zero rest mass of the photon as complete bull until I discovered the concept of layers of space. Because along with the concept of layers of space, comes the concept of mass being relative to your layer of space. For us, in the matter layer of space, our protons absorb the aether. And as our protons absorb the aether they are also absorbing the smaller subaethers. This is our “mass phenomenon”. But if you are an aether particle, or what the academics might relate to a “Higg’s boson” or possibly a “photon”, then you are absorbing the sub-aether. You are not absorbing aether. Mass to an aether particle is when it absorbs the smaller sub-aethers. And so on and so forth. Layers of space absorb their smaller layers and create their own “mass” phenomenon. This is how we can model this. Thusly, if an aether particle does not move, it does not register any “mass” from our point of view. As soon as that aether particle moves, it will create a vacuum in space behind it and other aether will rush in to ll that vacuum. This will appear as “mass” from our point of view. This is why the photon has no mass until it moves, or stated di erently, has zero rest mass.

aether particles are tiny magnets‌ protons absorb the sub-aethers.


This new way of looking at things is quite amazing, and actually very simple. And

it opens a lot of doors.






Now let’s use what we know now to think about inertia. And before I reveal the secret of inertia, let me remind you that no science text book will explain inertia. This is because the academic system preaches an empty space model that has no explanation for gravity, and thusly no explanation for inertia. But for us, with the full space model we can simply know that inertia is drag in the aether.

Imagine the tiny rain. Tiny water (aether particles formed together in the structure of water molecules) raining down into the Earth. And there is no space between the drops. So maybe hyper-dense tiny rain is a better description. Each of our relatively massive protons is like an umbrella against it, with a pocket of drag underneath. This is how it is. And when anything moves to change the size or orientation of this pocket of

drag under the proton, this is what is de ned as a “force”. Force is not about constant velocity. It is about “acceleration.” Why is this? To explain this di cult question, I have created a solution known as the “Tiddlywink E ect.”

Importantly, we must be deliberate in our understanding of mass rst. Because although there is only one real kind of mass, there are two other imposters.














Real mass is the result of a proton, as it absorbs the space around it. Protons are a repeating source of mass because they are connected to the Tree of Life, or the Cosmic Web, if you will. Somehow the protons seem to live forever absorbing constantly the aether and sub-aethers that surround them, and thusly creating our mass phenomenon. As far as the mass imposters go, one of the mass imposters has to do with the lling of any temporary vacuum in space. This is the kind of mass that comes from the particle collisions of quantum. Collisions of the protons create short-lived vortices in the aether. The pressurized system of the aether moves to ll in these temporary vacuums in the aether and can “appear” as mass. Inertia and the Tiddlywink E ect are also related to the lling of a vacuum that in and of itself is not mass. So these are also culprits, or temporary vacuum mass imposters. The second mass imposter is spin. To measure mass of atomic particles, scientists will inject them at known speed into a known magnetic eld and measure the displacement. The spin of the particle has a huge e ect on its displacement. Scienti c measurements of mass are inseparable from spin. This is reminiscent of the chicken or the egg paradox of gravity and magnetism. It

seems to me that the spin is what creates the “wall”, if you will. The protective wall that allows the vacuum or calm at the core. This actually brings up another possible imposter of mass, which is the implosion. For example, the implosion of a star that precedes its supernova will appear as mass, so when dealing with mass, one should be careful, and one should be speci c. But the only real mass is one that repeats and is connected to the Tree of Life, which is the proton. Protons from all levels of space match this criterion.

So the full space model and proton magnet model create a simple and yet amazingly powerful tool for our understanding of the world around us. They allow us to understand force, mass, inertia, and even atomic bonding. But as if this wasn’t already enough, these simple models also allow us to understand quantum mechanics in layman’s terms.

So what is the Tiddlywink Effect?

much of the understanding physics is about making sure you are asking the right questions. In this case the question is this:

“How can the aether be so

dense, such that its waves move at the speed of light, and so strong that it supports the entire matter layer of space, and yet so weak that it seems to put up no resistance to an object moving at constant velocity in a vacuum?”


ago, the answer was killing me. I dwelled and dwelled on it. We could just dismiss it and say the aether was just massless when it was not moving. But this did not make sense, since if an object is moving through the aether, then relatively speaking the aether “is moving”. So this was when I created Tiddlywink E ect to explain all of this. The Tiddlywink E ect states that there is in fact resistance to the aether, but that the resistance is met by an equal but opposite force from behind when the aether moves to ll the vacuum created in the objects wake. We can know this is true, because nature abhors a vacuum. All things considered, the fact that we see the Pioneer Anomaly

The answer comes when you ask yourself the right question.


tells us that the Tiddlywink E ect is not 100% e cient.

“How can the aether be so dense, such that its waves move at the speed of light, and so strong that it supports the entire matter layer of space, and yet so weak that it seems to put up no resistance to an object moving at constant velocity in a vacuum?”

Everything I ever read about quantum fell on deaf ears. I never understood it. The descriptions were just so far away from anything tangible. But when I wrote Aether Physics, I spent painful hours researching quantum. I did this because I needed a way to validate my new proton magnet model, and my e orts proved extremely fruitful.

Because with

the full-space paradigm and the proton magnet model as my light saber and shield, all of quantum fell at my feet as just an incorrect interpretation. This incorrect interpretation of quantum is occurring because the academics are trying to describe particle collisions with their lame empty space model. This is impossible. Thusly, their descriptions


are inappropriate and provide no real intuitiveness.

Science with Soul…see his ART and Music

quantum has always been a thorn in my side aether (electrons) are being excited

what is happening with the tau

and spinning faster from the collisions,

particle. And the tau particle is not the

but these are not new particles. There

only particle that is explained as an

are free vortices in the aether from the

excited state of the electron.

everything emanating from the

collisions, but these are not new

are many others.

collisions of particles must be other


There are waves in the

excitement is over these so-called


aether from the collisions, but these

particles just go back to being

this way? So each and every tiny little

are not new particles.

Yet sadly,

protons. Scientists call this

vortex, vacuum or ripple in the aether

scientists have no concept of the

“hadronizing”, which for us basically

is being called a new particle. This is

aether, and thusly they have a long list

means that our proton magnet just

quite sad actually.

of particles.

goes back to being a proton magnet.

In the illustration that follows I break

The illustration also shows gravity

down the elements of the collision.

waves, which are being called “virtual

We see an example of the tau particle,

particles,” such as virtual photons.

which is said to be an excited state of

This is another common sense bonus

The root of the problem is that academic scientists think space is empty. They believe that

How could they not think

Because if these

scientists would only adopt the fullspace model of the aether (a model that existed over 100 years ago) then they would have explanations for what they are seeing.

the electron. Now, don’t forget, the proton magnet model uses the

particles that have supposedly been

electron as its vortex.

discovered from these particle

magnet model has two electrons per


However, with the full

proton. The proton magnet model

space model and proton magnet

allows us to create this crude

model there are no new particles.

illustration as an example of the

There is only the proton. The state of

excited electron vortices of the tau

the proton is being modi ed by the


collision, but there are no new

together, unless they hit dead on, spin

particles. The proton vortices in the

will be imparted unto them.; and this is


There is a long list of quantum

The proton

If you smash two balls


But when the

that comes with the full space model gravity waves become something obvious.

However, to the empty

space scientists gravity waves are sexy and mysterious. This is sad. I imagine that these empty space academic scientists would be surprised to learn that light itself is a small gravity wave in the aether.







Possibly the most important thing shown in the illustration is that the quarks and gluons are just the poles of the proton magnet, just like the electrons. The strength of the magnetic bonding mechanism of the poles of the proton magnet depends upon how close you are measuring it from. This is why the strong force that holds the nucleus together is simply magnetism. There are not four forces, there is only magnetism, gravity and light. And since gravity is likely the cause of the other two, there may just be one force – gravity. And speaking of gravity, it is the weak force. For nearly all




Gravity is the flow of aether of the supposed quantum particles are said to “decay through the weak force”. This is simply the pressure of the surrounding aether that is closing these openings in space from the collision. This is gravity. Gravity is the ow of aether. Thusly when aether ows inward to ll the vacuum of a temporary vortex in the aether, this is a gravitational phenomenon. Creating another force called the “weak force” to explain this simply illustrates the ineptitude of the empty space model and the unnecessary confusion that it creates.

Regarding the supposed third quark inside the proton, I t this into my model by proposing that this is just the rotational gravitational eld of the proton. In other words, the proton’s equator. The polarity of the up and down quark inside the proton is debatable. My crude illustration has the plus sign and minus sign in the correct places, since this is how the Earth’s magnetic eld works – eastward spin creates a north pole at the bottom. This is the standard. But also remember that spin direction is relative to your point

of view. This fact becomes painfully obvious when we see all of the antiparticles scientists are supposedly discovering.

Because for nearly every single particle discovered by these rocket scientists, strangely each one seems to have an “anti-particle”. They can’t seem to explain this, but we can. Because our full space proton magnet model states that the antiparticles are just the other end of a spinning vortex in the aether. Looking at the other end of the vortex changes the sign. Look at a glass clock from the back, it goes counter-clockwise. This is how simple positive and negative charge is.

In my new book Aether Physics I describe each and every quantum particle I could nd. Here there is little room for that. However, the top quark deserves a brief mention, since it behaves di erently than the other quarks. According to my model, the top quark is where the vortex of the proton is completely disconnected from the proton. It does not “hadronize”. Probably this occurs when the protons collide head on and the vacuum stu ng is ejected from the proton out into the aether. If you are a hollow Earth believer, then you should be a hollow proton believer, since nature is fractal.

Or possibly the reason for the separation of the top quark from the proton is because the angle of the collision somehow maximizes the spin, which then causes the electron vortex to break away from the proton. Because the electron contains vacuum, the top quark would then contain vacuum as well. Either way, the proton will regenerate, but the top quark will not. The top quark, with a mass supposedly equal to tungsten, will collapse immediately from the weak force, because it is not connected to its proton source any more. The weak force being gravity crushed the top quark.





One more thing about the weak force. Scientists do not say that gravity is this so-called “weak force” that decays these particles. I say that. You will only read this here. But as a side note, scientists are always saying that gravity is a weak force, as in not being a very strong force in general. But this is not even true. Gravity is not a weak force. Gravity is a strong force. This is a bad rap. Gravity only seems like a weak force because it



Gravity flows just like current

acts over a potential di erence. Gravity is actually like electricity, but at a larger scale. Gravity ows just like current ows. Gravity is the ow of aether. Magnetism is the spin of the aether. Together they form what is essentially electricity of a larger scale. Calling gravity weak is not even correct. It is only the di erence that gravity is being measured across that creates the illusion that it is weak. Gravity is actually incredibly strong.

What is weak is the empty space model. The empty space model is empty, like a house of cards ready to collapse. If you are not yet convinced, just ask yourself this question: “If space is empty, then what is a black hole a hole in?” So this frustrating empty space model continues to plague humanity, and prevents us from driving the anti-gravity cars we want. It also leaves quantum physicists almost completely helpless to explain the results of their experiments. They seem to barely understand the concept of charge, because charge is essentially the direction of the vortex in the aether.

And they most certainly do not understand that their fancy quarks and gluons are really just the poles of the proton magnet.

Another calamity that stems from all of this misunderstanding, is that these empty space scientists share their misery with innocent physics students around the globe. For as they say, misery loves company. So to make the students as miserable as they are, the quantum physicists try to make students remember all of the new particles they have supposedly discovered, when in reality there is only one true particle – the proton. Taking this a step further we can know that the aether particle itself acts in the capacity of a tiny proton. And the sub-aether particles are like even tinier protons. This is what I call the fractal proton magnet model of space, which otherwise could be considered the fractal nested vortex model of space, and in my questionably humble opinion, could easily represent the Grand Uni ed Theory.

Now in bashing the academics, we have to at least give some credit where it is due. They perform amazingly complex experiments, and from what I can tell, they come up with accurate results. The only problem is the misinterpretation of their results because of their inept empty

space model.

spooky entanglement is not so spooky!





But we do. Because we have the full space model, and we have knowledge of the sub-aether. For through the sub-aether must be waves of what I call sub-light. This sub-light could easily transmit its waves through the sub-aether faster than the speed of light because the particles are smaller and denser. So just as light moves faster than sound, the sub-light would move faster than light. This is one possible explanation for the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

Another possible explanation for quantum entanglement using the fullspace proton magnet model would be related to torsion elds, or what I like to call “black strand theory” (I write about black strand theory and much more in Aether Physics). This is essentially related to the interconnection through the poles of the protons, which because it contains vacuum in the aether means it could allow for travel faster than the speed of light. Torsion eld theorists hypothesize travel at 109 times the speed of light through this vacuum. So with the proton magnet model and the full space model we have avenues to take that help to describe quantum entanglement. With the empty space model they have nothing. Einstein called it “Spooky action at a distance”, but then he was also the one who propounded the empty space model. For the full-space model? Not so spooky.

If you have any questions 
 or want to discuss any of this, feel free to contact me at 602-697-8705, or, or through I appreciate your input. You can order my books through or directly through me. Thank you for reading.

May the force of the aether be with you!

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One of their experiments has supposedly led to the discovery of what is called quantum entanglement, which is quite interesting. Quantum entanglement represents their discovery of a mysterious faster than light e ect between particles. They have supposedly measured the e ect at 10,000 times the speed of light. However, because of their inept empty space photon emission model, they have no explanation for this.


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Edward Leedskalnin’s Unusual Accomplishments

Some say an illness drove Ed to South Miami Florida around the year 1918 hoping the climate would ease his worsening condition. It is here where Ed built Coral Castle, his monument to his ‘Sweet Sixteen’.

Edward Leedskalnin Born in 1887, Edward Leedskalnin was the Latvian immigrant sculptor who created the world’s only modern megalithic structure in Homestead Florida. Leedskalnin’s Rock Gate, more commonly known as Coral Castle, will stand for lifetimes to come as the greatest human physical accomplishment ever achieved by any one man. Leedskalnin has many unusual accomplishments that made him into this extraordinary enigma that leads most of us to one question: did he somehow unlock the secrets of levitation and antigravity? Let us make a brief exploration through his accomplishments beyond what he set in stone to see if we can find an answer. Like all good stories, the story of Edward Leedskalnin begins with a girl, Agnes Scuffs, 10 years his younger, whom he called his ‘Sweet Sixteen’.

At 26, he was

engaged to marry Agnes, but on the day of their wedding Leedskalnin was rejected. She told him he was too old, penniless, and uneducated. Perhaps to heal his wounded heart, Leedskalnin left Latvia and wandered the world for years – traveling as far as the Orient, the Yucatan, and Egypt where it has been rumored that his name is etched into the wall of the

King’s Chamber at Giza.

Leedskalnin eventually made his way to North America where he worked in the logging and lumber business in Canada and down into California. He made his way East from there to Texas working as a bronco buster and cattle driver. Tough job for a man of his stature – 5 ft. nothing and barely 100lbs soaking wet.

Written by Matthew Emery

Leedskalnin’s physical accomplishments are indeed unusual, but many are almost unfathomable. For instance, the average stone at Giza weighed 2.5 tons. The perimeter stones alone at Coral Castle are more than twice that at 13,000 lbs each. Amazingly, Leedskalnin quarried, raised, and set several stones that weighed between 40,000 – 60,000 pounds.

Weighing approximately 60,000 pounds, the center block of the North wall is the heaviest at the castle. Notice the marks lined up on the edges of blocks – Leedskalnin drove in leaf springs to break the blocks he cut away from the quarry bed. He may have also heated up coil springs to compress them, inserted them into a top cut. He would then have poured cool water on them making them expand while breaking the block free.

One of Leedskalnin’s most remarkable achievements is a 9 ton revolving gate. It’s nearly 2ft. thick and about 7 ft. tall. It’s perfectly balanced and can be spun with a finger. Some believe the spindle was actually suspend from above. The gate been examined, even x-rayed by Scientists and engineers from around the world, yet to this day really no one knows how it was constructed.

Leedksalnin staged his own photos using a Box Browning camera with a timer. The photos become part of a growing romance that begins to feel like he left a trail of breadcrumbs leading to his secrets. They certainly open the door to a lot questions. This is understandable given the esoteric nature of how he presented his work and what he left behind for folks to ponder.

know for certain that the original site for Coral Castle was located on an acre of land in Florida City purchased by Leedskalnin for a ten dollar bill. It’s known that around 1936 he relocated the entire castle some ten miles away to its current location in Homestead, Florida where he bought ten acres. Here he continued quarrying stones and building his castle on a greater scale. What may not be true is the story of children who said they peaked over the wall and saw Leedskalnin singing to the stones while they floated into place. Was he using some sort of acoustic levitation?

Much of what we hear about Leedskalnin you might feel we need to take with a grain of salt. However, these notions are part of the enigma of how he did it, not what he did. For instance, we do

We also wonder if he was hiding something under the boxes you see on the top of his tripods. If you look closely it looks like there may be some wires protruding from underneath. Was this some sort of electronic device that he used to levitate the stones? Or were these boxes placed there simply to protect his mechanical apparatus from the elements?

We know Leedskalnin experimented with electronics and built his own crystal radio. Could he have used this in conjunction with what was in those boxes on top of the tripods to levitate the stones or somehow reduce their weight?

Crystal Radio

Another Story…

There’s another story that entire castle grounds was once

iron wire he left behind?

Did he use these in

covered with a copper wire grid. Is there a connection to

conjunction with anything we’ve already seen to

this and why he would have fashioned iron plates to the

perhaps resonate the stones?

heels of his boots?

And what about these glass bottles wrapped in

Then there is the generator‌ Then there is the generator of unique design in

alternating polarity.

Leedskalnin’s workshop and it still works today. It’s a very

and is indeed connected to the shaft.

simple AC generator turned by a hand crank.

is slow to get going, but once up to speed it is nearly

The main

The assembly sits atop a crank case So the top assembly

assembly is comprised of multiple V shape magnets

effortless to maintain.

salvaged from the Model T's of old.

equipment he may have used to create antigravity?

The V magnets are

cemented around the circumference of the assembly in an

Was this the power source for the

Another intriguing fact is that Leedskalnin built his castle on one of the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle, and he did move his castle 10 miles north for some reason. Could it have been that his original calculation for his ideal location was a little off? We’ve all heard a lot of speculation about magnetic anomalies like vortices emanating from the Bermuda Triangle. Is this the real reason Leedsklanin chose South Florida to build his castle?

Bermuda Triangle Pulley, fulcrum & leavers There are many photos depicting Ed working in the daytime, and they do show at least one method he used to lift and move stones. Clearly he used the pulley, fulcrum and lever to lift and move at least some of the stones.

But is this

definitive proof that it is the only method he used? Is the case closed?

Case closed? No

Ed was a business man and showman, not the secluded recluse that he is

often portrayed to be. We are only allowed to see what he wanted us to see. For instance, he never shows us how he lifted the big stones – the ones that weigh upwards of 30 tons and we know his hoist is only rated at 10 tons. But is there any other evidence that Ed was operating under a different set of rules not currently recognized by science?

Well it just so happens he wrote extensively about his alternative theory of electromagnetism as an aspect of his very simple unified field theory called Magnetic Current. It would be downright negligent if we didn’t at least take a look at what Ed has to say about electricity, the atom, and gravity especially when we’re looking for evidence of antigravity. In his book, Magnetic Current and complimentary writings, Leedskalnin presents to us over 50 experiments to prove his theories, but he warns readers that only those who want to experiment should order his experimentation guides otherwise save your money. Ed wrote 5 pamphlets, 4 of which contain various aspects of his unified field theory.

Leedskalnin introduces his theory of Magnetic Current to the public

hair are nursing it. The electron has a brother and its name is

by placing an ad in The Miami Daily News on February 3rd, 1946.

proton, but it is heavy and lazy. It remains stationary in the

He tells readers that for $1.00 he will send them several books of experiments that will teach them about electricity, what it is, and how it runs in a wire. Leedskalnin also introduces his theory of the individual N and S pole magnet, and devotes a considerable portion of the ad demonstrating why he felt the JJ Thompson’s

middle, but the electron has to run around it. And let me add that Leedskalnin despised the term electricity. He said if it were called Magneticity that it would be acceptable because it would indicate that it base of it was magnetism.

experiment that led to the invention of the electron and was

All branches of science lack a sound base. Electrical

flawed. He even quips out this little gem:

engineers know how to make and manage electricity, but they

Thomson invented an imaginary baby and called it an

electron.Rutherford adopted it and now the men with the long

do not know what electricity is, and how it runs in a wire. Without knowing it they have no sound base to stand on.

One current

Double helical ow

Leedskalnin also describes experimenting with alpha, beta, and gamma rays; radio and radar waves; various types of acids, gravity and much more. He even touches on telekinesis and telepathy. The following however will primarily focus on giving you the general idea of the Laws of Physics Leedskalnin is trying to teach us with his Magnetic Current theory. But please, don’t kill the messenger.

What he is describing is a double helical Leedskalnin stresses the importance of understanding throughout his writings and experiments that he suggests to demonstrate electricity runs in a wire.


Magnetic current is the same as electric current is a wrong expression. Really it is not one current, they are two currents, one current is composed of North Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams and the other is composed of South Pole individual magnets in concentrated streams, and they are running one stream against the other stream in whirling, screwlike fashion, and with high speed.

flow. this has how

One experiment involves the interpretation of how magnets opposite in polarity displace when hung over a current carrying wire. The resulting deflection is in effect the same concept of how scientists analyze X-ray diffraction patterns to reveal atomic structures. Leedskalnin reverse engineers this deflection pattern, which can only be visualized as a double helical structure.

This is Leedskalnin’s Perpetual Motion Holder (PMH). It’s image first appeared in October of 1945 on the cover of Leedskalnin’s booklet entitled, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Life, a component of his overall theory of Magnetic Current. The PMH is primarily a teaching device that has many functions. Aside from demonstrating perpetual motion on the quantum or microscopic level, he shows how it can be used and an electromagnet, a generator, and a transformer. Leedskalnin also uses it to demonstrate his model of the atom, aspects of gravity, and many other things. The PMH only becomes more intriguing when he says it proves that if you add magnets to a living thing it can do things it could not do before.

The drawing on the front cover is like the perpetual motion holder I made. If I run North and South pole magnets from a car battery (car battery is stronger than zinc battery) in those two coils while the laminated iron cross bar is across the iron bar prong, and fill the iron bar orbit with magnets, then those North and South pole magnets will never stop running around, they will run around until the cross bar is pulled off. Here Leedskalnin makes the claim for achieving perpetual motion with his contraption, but the construction details are highlighted in Magnetic Current.

Bend iron or soft steel bar one and one half inch in diameter, bend in a U shape each prong a foot long, and three inches between the prongs, make two spools from brass or aluminum six inches long and big enough for the bar to go in. Wind fifteen hundred turns of insulated copper wire, size sixteen, on each spool. Put on as close to the bend as it will go. Connect the battery with the coils so that each current is running in both coils at the same time, and so that one end

of the bar is North Pole and the other South Pole.

This is photo of me standing next to Neil Armstrong holding a full sized version of the PMH. Unfortunately I don’t think he is willing to testify to the fact that I charged the device for a few seconds using only a double A battery and it weighs over 30lbs. I originally built this device 16 years ago as part of a History of Science and Technology class. The class had recently covered the infeasibility of the perpetum mobile, and I had recalled reading about the experiment in Leedskanlin’s writings years prior so I decided to build it as a project for credit.

The Experiment It worked as Ed promised! The experiment goes like this: • You charge the device, which locks the bar on. • Then hookup a light bulb to coils. • You then pull the bar off and take note of the intensity of the light. • You then recharge the device and let it sit for as long as you think it will take to show that the energy does not degrade over time.

Leedskalnin left it charged for 6 months and when he pulled the bar off, the light bulb had the same intensity as it did when he first charged it. I tested this for a year and it did not lose any energy.

Now this is not a permanent magnet, but Leedskalnin says that it demonstrates how all permanent magnets are made – when you put his magnets in an orbit they will never stop. I want to make it clear here that when you pull the bar off there is barely enough residual magnetism to hold a paperclip. If it were soft iron rather than soft steel, the bond would be even stronger and there would be zero residual magnetism left after you discharge the energy. Whether or not you believe this is indeed perpetual motion, there is no doubt the Perpetual Motion Holder is the world’s first real working flux capacitor. I actually have one sitting in my car at this very moment, but regrettably I don’t think my car could do 88 mph.

I have never seen an atom, but I think the atom drawings are wrong. They should be drawn to fit the earth on account of the fact that the atom is a part of the earth. The earth has two magnet poles. This means that each pole has an equal pull and push to hold the earth together, and so each atom should be built as it could have two poles. In that case both forces that make magnet poles should run around a common core (the core could be a particle of sunlight).

I think the north and south pole individual magnets are running in an orbit around a common core in an atom the same way as they run in an orbit around a common core in the perpetual motion holder that I made. The only difference is that an atom has a small orbit, but the perpetual motion holder has a big orbit.

This concept may be best visualized by turning the PMH on its side with the North pole facing up. By adding additional U shapes Leedskalnin’s common core concept can be realized.

Common Core

From this perspective we can see how and why he considers the atom to be a fractal of the earth.

Leedskalnin also uses the device to demonstrate his best machine, what I call the light machine because he says it makes all kinds of light. He said he made ten different machines to make electricity and a combination of field coils and the electromagnet was the most efficient. This generator basically harnesses the BEMf and reintroduces it back into the system.

Researchers have continued to be interested in this device perhaps because it seemingly defies a few laws of physics and is

unexplainable by conventionally excepted electromagnetic theory. Modern science says it is impossible, but Edward Leedsklanin's theory says it is simple, natural, and that it's workings are misunderstood because there are some important aspects in the foundations of science being taught in schools that are wrong. Throughout his writings Leedskalnin points to a lack in a base understanding in all branches of science.

Gravitation must be caused by the matter in the middle of the earth, and more concentrated than Uranium. When Uranium atoms burst they release the North and South pole individual magnets that held the atom together, then the magnets scatter all around, but when the atoms burst in the middle of the earth, and many burst at the same time, they can only run from the middle to the outside. When the North and South pole magnets are running alongside each other and in the same direction, they have no attraction for the other kind. They only attract if they are running one kind against the other kind. When the magnets are running out of the middle of the earth, as soon as they meet an object they attract it, on account of the fact that in any object there is both kinds of magnets in it. Leeskalnin goes on to demonstrate this by telling his students to rub hard rubber or glass until they get hot, then they will attract sand, iron filings, salt, and just about anything. He’s demonstrating the same dynamic that is occurring in the center of the earth – the breaking of atomic bonds and what the energy does once it is released.

I mentioned earlier that some of things were told about Leedskalnin we should take with a grain of salt. I think Leedskalnin might prefer you use that grain of salt to test an experiment that he may have intended to subtly demonstrate antigravity. He said move a salt crystal a little, if it happens to get on a different magnet pole, then it will jump away.

Best Results

When you break the bond of the PMH the energy is released. He likens it to splitting the atom where there is a substantial release of EM energy. ACID: What is acid and what gives acid the ability to take the other matter in parts? For instance Zinc, acid and the bubbles that are coming out of the Zinc are held together themselves by the same kind of North and South pole magnets, and why acid which is one kind of matter can take another kind of matter in parts. The acid atoms must have a smaller orbit and few magnets in it than the other matter it takes in parts. In that case the acid atoms can get closer, and in the other matter atom’s orbit, and peel off one magnet after another until the bigger atom matter is gone. The one who will find out exactly how it is done will be a rea! scientist. And later he says only used three kinds of acids—hydrochloric, sulphuric and nitric, but used many kinds of matter to experiment with. For best results, different matter needs a different acid to dissolve it. I wanted to mention his acid experiments here because they are directly related to his theory of gravity.

Finally on the last page of Magnetic Current, Leedskalnin briefly discusses using the earth’s magnet field to diminish the effects of gravity.

Good Tip

Here is a good tip to the rocket people. Make the rocket's head strong North Pole magnet, and the tail end strong South Pole magnet, and then shut to on the moon's North end, then you will have better success.

Video On Education You know we receive an education in the schools from books. All those books that people became educated from twenty-five years ago, are wrong now, and those that are good now, will be wrong again twenty-five years from now. So if they are wrong then, they are also wrong now, and the one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is misled. All books that are written are wrong, the one who is not educated cannot write a book and the one who is educated, is really not educated but he is misled and the one who is misled cannot write a book which is correct.

The misleading began when our distant ancestors began to teach their descendants. You know they knew

nothing but they passed their knowledge of nothing to the coming generations and it went so innocently that nobody noticed it. That is why we are not educated. Now I will tell you what education is according to my reasoning. An educated person is one whose senses are refined. We are born as brutes, we remain and die as the same if we do not become polished. But all senses do not take polish. Some are to coarse to take it. The main base of education is one's "self-respect". Any one lacking self-respect cannot be educated. The main bases of self-respect is the willingness to learn, to do only the things that are good and right, to believe only in the things that can be

proved, to possess appreciation and self control. Now, if you lack willingness to learn, you will remain as a brute and if you do things that are not good and right, you will be a low person, and if you believe in things that cannot be proved, any feeble minded person can lead you, and if you lack appreciation, it takes away the incentive for good doing and if you lack self control you will never know the limit. So all those lacking these characteristics in their makeup are not educated. Ed Leedskalnin, 1936.

Fenn's Sonnet Forrest Fenn feign name of pen? Great gift not for now, but for he who knows time With little big man lit eyes and heart of like mind? Me thinks he knows then when Fate’s when’s now then when when’s when. Now thrills now he must feel then now then. A genius' passion then now like game master Haim, Lights our eyes too when eyes lit then we see now then lit divine. Guidestones to gold for he who knows now what lights eyes then lit from within. With lasting fame from what faith holds Fate to favor these men From temple, of valley, stone, wood, mineral and red? Fate's needle fated fair, still seems hung toward those in Her bed. Is He not then jealous, His light then of few eyes now to take in? Most of His children grow blind now then 'til dead.

Poetry by Matthew Emery

Now you see Fate is Her heart, He'll soon blacken again.

Copyright © 2017

Don't mess with my sonnet. Standard scheme - abba abba, bcb bcb.


The Perpetual Motion Holder works as claimed and it is easy to build. What is interesting is that it is normally thought that current has to be supplied to the coils in order for the metal to become magnetized and when the current is removed, the magnetization disappears. However, this is not the case as is easily demonstrated by the Perpetual Motion Holder. Many people have had these devices magnetized for many, many years and no matter how long, when they remove the keeper, the coils output a pulse of electricity. It can be measured with a meter or you can see that it will light an LED, etc. Einstein said that the key to creativity is to hide one’s sources and in this case, that is exactly what Ed Leedskalnin did. It was known that Leedskalnin was very studious and he examined much of the literature of his day regarding electricity, magnetism, biology, etc. During this time, one of the most famous books on magnetism, which is still a valuable resource was first published in the 1840’s and spelled out the Perpetual Motion Holder, but with a very different name – 100% exact explanation of the results of the device. Davis’s Manual on Magnetism was one of the first and most popular books that detailed this device and virtually every technically oriented scholar at Princeton in that day knew of it. This is NOT the first reference to this device, but it is one of many from its time. There is an earlier reference and we’ll get to that soon.

Davis’s Manual on Magnetism – following are some pages from the book’s title page and the relevant pages for the Perpetual Motion Holder. Please read the comments in between some of the images.

You can see on page 75 ( page before) above that image 126’s description is that of the Magic Circle – the original name for the Perpetual Motion Holder. If you have two semi-circles attached with a coil of wire around a side of this circle and charge it, the two iron semi-circles with stick together. If you remove the electricity, they continue to stick. On page 76, you see a variation of this with handles that two people can pull on to demonstrate just how strong this effect is. And you see the details of its interesting properties: “If the flow of the current in the coil is stopped while the armatures are applied to each other, as shown in figures 50 and 51, they will still continue firmly attached; but if once separated, will not adhere again.” Below, you see in Fig. 53, the classic “STRONG” type of electromagnet as used by Ed Leedskalnin and is apparently invented by Prof. Henry who is mentioned in section 132 at the bottom of the page. We’ll discuss

Prof. Henry soon.

The image to the left is a another variation of the Magic Circle, which is designed for much stronger variations. It is a hybrid between the original Magic Circle and the strong electromagnet with coils on both legs of the horseshoe shaped core. It says, “If, however, the armature is applied to the poles, and the flow of the current is stopped while it is attached, it will continue to adhere for weeks or months with great force, so as to be able to sustain one third or one half as much weight as while the current was circulating. But if the keeper be once removed, nearly the whole magnetism will disappear, and the magnet, if of good iron, will not even be able to lift an ounce. The polarity of the magnet will of course be reversed by changing the direction of the current.� That statement reveals that some of the power actually is lost after removing the battery, but for the most part, it sticks until manually removed – or until electricity with the opposite current is


Joseph Henry’s Magic Circle So there you have it, the full revelation of the “Perpetual Motion Holder from the 1840’s. The mention of Prof. Henry is very important because not only is he the inventor of these stronger electromagnets that went way beyond what anyone had developed before, but he appears to also be the inventor of the Magic Circle. Joseph Henry was a contemporary of Michael Faraday and independently discovered the Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, but about on year after Faraday. The unit of measurement for inductance is named after Joseph Henry. In some of Joseph Henry’s notes, which are documented in a book called The Paper of Joseph Henry edited by Nathan Reingold, we see the earliest mention of the Magic Circle. This book details papers by Joseph Henry from November 1832 to December of 1835, which are called “The Princeton Years”.

Clearly, the editor of the book had absolutely no idea what the reference to the Magic Circle meant, but now you do! And it was in Joseph Henry’s notes around 50 years before Ed Leedskalnin was ever born. This is the origin of the Perpetual Motion Holder.

Please understand that this is not intended to take anything away from Ed Leedskalnin’s very interesting work but rather to correct a common misunderstanding about the Perpetual Motion Holder. The operating theory behind what maintains that magnetism is a whole other topic, but suffice to say, there is a magnetic current that is put into circulation around the loop. Many conventionally minded people do not believe in magnetic currents as they think a piece of metal that is magnetized only has a static field that just sits there. My opinion is that they are wrong, but that is another story. Many years ago, John Bedini and I were discussing toroidal coils and he shared with me his belief that there is a magnetic current that is always in circulation around the ferrite core. The question then is how do we tap it for energy production? We did not come to a satisfactory answer, but something along these lines is possibly happening with Steve Marks’s TPU (Toroidal Power Unit).

ending perpetual electrical current in circulation in closed metal rings. Here is a story about it: releases/2009/10/091011071349.htm Another story: 326/5950/272 Abstract says: Quantum mechanics predicts that the equilibrium state of a resistive metal ring will contain a dissipationless current. This persistent current has been the focus of considerable theoretical and experimental work, but its basic properties remain a topic of controversy. The main experimental challenges in studying persistent currents have been the small signals they produce and their exceptional sensitivity to their environment. We have developed a technique for detecting persistent currents that allows us to measure the persistent current in metal rings over a wide range of temperatures, ring sizes, and magnetic fields.

You can learn more about that at RexResearch here:

Measurements of both a single ring and arrays of rings agree well with calculations based on a model of noninteracting electrons.

One thing you might find very interesting is that conventional science has indeed discovered a never-

Here’s a 436 page thesis on this by William Shanks:

Explore Here

Explore Here

Explore Here

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Uncovering the missing Secrets of Magnetism by Ken Wheeler At the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Ken Wheeler gave his first ever presentation to a live audience, in person, and in this format, which is available in this

video presentation.

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Ken Wheeler P r e s e n t e d at t h e E S T C c o n f e r e n c e 2 0 1 8

what really is magnetism? L i f e i s M a g n e t i c , E l e c t r i c i t y i s j u s t a FA D !

“Many textbooks speak of the electric charges on the conductor and the energy stored by them without considering that the dielectric energy is not ON the surface of the conductor but in the space OUTSIDE of the conductor, just as also is the magnetic energy” - C.P. Steinmetz

TOROIDAL eld modality as expressed by the LOSS of inertia or energy of the dielectric in the system or object, in this case the magnet.

Its NOT for any mere coincidence that more powerful magnets have SMALLER SPATIAL FIELDS, all power rests in the dielectric. Its ALSO not a coincidence that the largest spatial magnetic elds are from weaker magnets N35/N40 gauss.






Magnetism IS the dielectric eld as JJ Thompson implied. Magnetism represents the force and motion and






I N C O R R E C T.




“The magnetic AND the dielectric eld of the conductors are BOTH included in the term ELECTRIC FIELD and are the TWO components of the electric eld” C.P. Steinmetz, Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses

All humanity, throughout history, has confused true energy with the release of energy. True energy is what humans call REST, and likewise humans consider FORCE & MOTION as “energy”, but this is backwards, since force is the expression of the DISSIPATION OF ENERGY.


most basic manifest field is the dielectric Before beginning to DEFINE THE MAGNET…..Again, here is only ONE FIELD, the Ether, its most basic manifest eld is the dielectric…ALL OTHER FIELDS are merely Geometric modality-expressions of the ONE FIELD. Retroductive Platonic logic necessitates this TO BE SO since at the center of a magnet, for example, there is NO MAGNETISM, at the center of a m a s s o f g r a v i t y, t h e r e i s N O GRAVITY…….at the center of a dielectric eld however there is the HIGHEST concentration of same.











Collectively humans think, due to 5000+ years of experiential observation that a magnet is an object which “emits a magnetic eld” and that “magnetism causes other ferromagnetic objects to accelerate towards it”. All of this is nonsense due to the inherent defects of human sensory input. This is also due to illogical and faulty thinking methodology.



there is only ONE FIELD, the Ether, its

Aligned magnetic domains are far less than a full description and really no explanation at all, rather a magnet is de ned by having POINT SOURCE eld incommensurability.

The eld is spatially coherent and emanating from the ABSOLUTE INVERSE of the SPATIAL MASS so now deemed a magnet.

This “SINK” is of course counter-space, the anti-locus of force and mass all of which de ne magnetism denotatively, of which magnetism is the dielectric eld expressed in and by the loss of inertia/potential.

Gravity likewise CANNOT be an autonomous eld modality, it is simply non-point source, or spatially incoherent dielectric acceleration….this is the same idiocy intellectually unevolved humans call “magnetic attraction” which is NOT magnetism at ALL, is nothing more than point source

dielectric acceleration, or essentially point-source so-called “gravity”.

Gravity and so-called “magnetic attraction” are the EXACT SAME THING with di erent attributes but of course are have same properties since they ARE the very same thing. The magneto-dielectric TORUS and HYERBOLOID are the joining geometry that de nes everything in the cosmos. Likewise we can say of these FIELD MODALITIES or GEOMETRIES that they are archetypes of SPACE and COUNTER-SPACE.

“Inter-molecular dimension” as said by Steinmetz or “Counterspace” or ZeroPoint, or simply said the ETHER, makes no di erence, these are just conceptual words to refer to one thing, pure unmanifest non-Cartesian inertia, or energy, ie the Ether “AT REST”, the ONE AND ONLY MEDIUM.

100% of the visible universe and much of the invisible universe is due solely to magnetism. Both space and time themselves are the o spring of divergent centrifugal force vectors which are magnetism denotatively.



magnetism and space are but one and the same… Expanding and contracting circles that are torsional to the “magnet” or object, be it atomic scale or palpable magnet scale de ne what we conceptualize as magnetism, this is necessitatively so the LOWEST simplex pressure mediation that de nes the magnetic presence.

Magnetism and space are but one and the same, the loss of inertia or power in the dielectric, which is incalculable and manifest in an inverse incommensurable in nity which is space, which has no properties, only attributes and exists wholly due to magnetic divergence alone, which is the force and motion manifestation of the loss of dielectric capacitance

The universe or “MOTHER NATURE” is far simpler than the quantum and m o d e r n s c i e n c e ( w h o a re N O T scientists rather mathematicians!)












All is force and motion, and inertia and acceleration. ALL eld modalities and interactions can be reduced to capacitance, resistance, magnetic permeability and dielectric permittivity and subliminally also Ether hysteresis.

Magnetism is nothing more than a multiplicative FIELD PHENOMENA as witnessed by a POINT SOURCE eld incommensurability that de nes the perfect magneto-dielectric geometry that fascinates mankind about magnets. The very same principles of point source (ie spatially coherent) luminal emissions from lasers vs. normal incoherent light are no di erent than the magnetism that people incorrectly think de nes a magnet.

We stupidly speak about diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, but the universes’ most “diamagnetic” element, BISMUTH accelerates towards the center of a large neodymium magnet. All elements are fundamentally both diamagnetic (mostly so) and magnetic by dynamic nature of their elements. As already said, everything is capacitance, resistance, m a g n e t i c permeability and d i e l e c t r i c


Dollard in quoting JJ Thompson and Heaviside said that Thompson thought that the magnetism was circling around the dielectric and it was ultimately a chicken or egg scenario that’s never been resolved, …..but in fact magnetism is merely the expression of the dielectric eld in losing potential which manifests expanding divergent centrifugal force vectors that in turn manifest both topos (space) and the measure of space which is time. Gyromagnetic precession is the very reason that temporal phase exists at all. If you want a perfect chicken and egg analogy, the dielectric would be a chicken sitting on its eggs in the coop and magnetism would be a chicken running around the coop. Again, there is only one eld, and unintelligent humanity has always sought to pigeon-hole things as being di erent based upon mere attributional variances.

Looking at a ring magnet thru the supercell we have the EXACT same pattern in the central VOID as we do on a cube or any other magnet. This FIELD geometry is not IN or OF the magnet but OF THE FIELD, the MEDIUM, of the ETHER ITSELF!

A ring magnet is “SPECIAL” because it’s a physical shape that’s the EXACT geometric shape of magnetism itself, that being a TORUS.

Magnetism expands 90 degrees to the dielectric and forms the torus.

“…we must conclude that an electromagnetic field is a dual entity always having a DIelectric and a magnetic component simultaneously created by their common sources: time variable electric charges and currents. - Dr. Oleg D. Jefimenko Causality, Electromagnetic induction & Gravitation.

LINEAR (as in dielectric) or CIRCULAR (as in Magnetic) , or COAXIAL (as in Electromagnetism, Light and electricity. Charge & discharge. Space & Counterspace. Force and motion & Inertia & Acceleration. There are NO straight lines in Natures Cosmos, nor are there actions without Sub-actions, and Reactions. The LINE of Mother Nature is NOT a human line, and it is perfectly mutually divergent, curvilinear and necessitatively so 3dimmensionally self-mediating.

Magnetism IS the dielectric FIELD, as expressed in the loss of inertia (the ORIGINAL de nition of inertia as PURE POTENTIAL) Scientists have subdivided up the ONE FIELD into di erent things merely due to the fact that they have di erent MOTIONS, either LINEAR (as in dielectric) or CIRCULAR (as in Magnetic), or COAXIAL (as in Electromagnetism, Light, and electricity). All inertia & acceleration are moves towards counterspace. Gravity does not exist as an autonomous eld modality; it is merely incoherent dielectric acceleration.













To F O O L I S H LY t h i n k t h e s e e l d modalities are di erent things from one another is to think ICE is one thing, WATER another, and STEAM yet another thing!

People are confused as to why a more powerful magnet has a SMALLER spatial footprint of in uence! This is due to the fact that a magnet is FAR FAR LESS a MAGNET as implied a MAGNETIC OBJECT than it is a DIELECTRIC DOUBLE VORTEX & conjugate magnetodielectric eld system with both eld incommensurability but also eld coherency as the attributional nature dictates of a point-source system.

A more POWERFUL “magnet” has a far more powerful COUNTERSPATIAL dielectric HYPERBOLIOID geometry which sits over either pole. Typically a N35 GAUSS magnet has a large spatial (IE MAGNETIC!) eld, and as you increase the power of the magnet to N40, N50 it becomes much smaller, and ultra high power permanent magnets rated at N55 and higher have much smaller spatially palpable magnetic elds or footprints.

ALL POWER in a “magnet” is translational UPON and TO the dielectric, …not to magnetism. Humans have always confused power with the LOSS of power. For example, TRUE power would be a softball sized lump of plutonium, but humans believe the explosion is the

POWER, but in fact it’s of power. A magnet’s impotence of power divergence, centrifugal the creation of space.

the IMPOTENCE MAGNETISM is as manifest in magnitude and

The terms FORCE and MAGNETISM, and saying “CREATES SPACE” are all three the EXACT SAME THING from the perspective of Nature.

True power OF a magnet is always its dielectric hyperboloidal geometry which terminate in COUNTER-SPACE, as is visible under the SUPERCELL.

In our shower & drain analogy, a more powerful magnet would be a shower which has far greater cyclonic “suction” at the drain than output at the showerhead.

As the power of the magnet is increased, the magnetic FLOW instead of going OUT, like a shower-head, goes straight back towards the drain. This is also visible under the supercell.

All of this is the same whether a samarium cobalt magnet, neodymium iron boron magnet, or ferrite magnet.

“This medium of propagation, the Ether must exist. This medium must be a prominent thought in our investigations.” Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism.
 – J.C. Maxwell

creation magnified


Nikola Tesla November 1928 interview:
 Toward the end of the interview, we asked Tesla which arena of science most appealed to him. While we expected him to mention radios and airplanes, the world wireless system, It was not the induction motor; instead it was the discovery of the principle that preceded the induction motor, the “rotating magnetic eld”. Tesla answered: “rotating magnetic elds were dear to my heart. When I made the discovery of the rotating magnetic eld, I was a very young man. The revelation came after years of concentrated thought and it was my rst great thrill. It was not only a valuable discovery capable of extensive practical applications. It was a REVELATION OF NEW FORCES AND NEW PHENOMENA unknown to science before.” “No”, Dr. Tesla said with some feelings, “I would not give my rotating magnetic eld discovery for a thousand inventions, however valuable, designed merely as mechanical contraptions to deceive the eye and ear!” Then saying: “A thousand years hence, the telephone and the motion picture camera may be obsolete, but the principle of the rotating magnetic eld will remain a vital, living thing for all time to come.” - Nikola Tesla








Article: “A Famous Prophet of Science Looks into the Future” (Popular Science Monthly) “Like his (Edison) lamp, my induction motor may be discarded and forgotten in the continuous evolution of the (electric motor?) arts, but my rotating eld with its marvelous phenomena and manifestations of force (from magnetism) will last as long as science itself” - Nikola Tesla, Article: New York World Nov. 29, 1929, p. 10 col. 4-5. To the Editor of the World

POLARITY Polarity is a wholly misunderstood

polarity by de nition as it must be 3

At the center of ALL magnetic

conceptual term to refer to a release of

dimensionally divergent. Its not anymore

there is no magnetism, at the center of

FORCE from a point source.

complicated than that.

gravity there is no gravity. Retroductive


logic necessitates that there is ONLY Magnetic polarity necessitates that one

2-dimensional force (i.e. magnetism)

ONE FIELD, the dielectric, since

understand that a human LINE is not

divergence is impossible and illogical.

magnetism is the dielectric

mother natures LINE. Three dimensionally curvilinear is necessitated by gyromagnetic precession and the native magnetic force vector to be an EXPANSIVE TORUS.

expressed in force as implied the loss of Dimensionally magnetism is an extrapolated vortex given multiple divergent vectors FROM each socalled POLE. These force divergences

Polarity is can not be de nition merely

eld being

are tied like a dog to a stake in the

inertia, and electricity is the construct of magnetism and dielectricity working in unison to create a self-reproducing energy construct which propagates. Gravity is merely incoherent dielectric acceleration, or point non-speci c

aa linear, nor can it be STRAIGHT, all of

ground to the plane of inertia or the

natures lines are of course curvilinear.

NULL NEXUS of dielectric inertia or

counter-spatial vector, as implied the

counter-space, regardless of the

smallest possible volume, which is

name we wish to apply to it.

connotatively so counter-space.

Gyromagnetic precession is the full and







complete dimensional rei cation of

mutual mass acceleration towards a

“lines� are only the peaks and troughs of the conjugate magneto-dielectric system which are mutually both manifest and anti-manifest as they interplay against each other towards both space and counter-space. These are merely simplex constructive and destructive interference patterns

GYROMAGNETIC PRECESSION is the pressure mediation of magnetic polarity which is of course 3 DIMENSIONALLY divergent. This accounts for all natural vortex phenomena.

A single “FORCE VECTOR” is not merely spatially divergent, but also necessitatively so mutually curvilinear, and herein is the double vortex formation and the genesis of GYROMAGNETIC PRECESSION itself.







There is no NORTH pole and SOUTH pole in a magnet, and you cannot slice it and separate the two, the elds are pressure FORCED to their respective locations. There is NO Cartesian value of POLARITY in a magnet, no location, no MID POINT, no so-called BLOCH WALL, its just not THERE as “there” is meant TOPOS, or PLACE/LOCATION. T h i s i s i n c o m m e n s u r a b i l i t y, t h e holographic paradigm, this is point source eld emission, also called spatial coherence.



GYROMAGNETIC PRECESSION In-phase emission causes the ampli cation of light, doesn't cause coherent light. Because the atoms emit light in phase with incoming light, they will amplify the light, but they amplify incoherent light too, and they don't make it coherent. The coherence of laser light has another source... Laser light has two main characteristics: it is "monochromatic" or very pure in frequency (this also is called "temporally coherent.") Laser light also has a point-source character of sphere waves and plane waves (also called "spatially coherent.")

Starlight has coherence-lengths in thousands of kilometers, and starlight is far more coherent than any humanmade laser light. And the most distant stars are just like ideal point sources. Astronomer AA Michelson discovering that Betlegeuse is far less coherent than other stars. Betlegeuse is our closest star.

Dennis Gabor, invented holography before lasers existed. To create his pseudo-lasers he just took light from an ordinary mercury-arc lamp and passed it through a pinhole. Mercury's emission line made it nearly monochromatic, and the pinhole gave it the spatial coherence.

In-phase emission causes the ampli cation of light, it doesn't cause coherent light. Because the atoms generate light in phase with incoming light, they will amplify the light, but they amplify incoherent light too, and they don't make it coherent.

When a laser is rst turned on, it uoresces; it emits light which is not coherent. Di erent random light waves start out from di erent parts of the laser. After a few thousand mirror bounces, all the light waves have added and subtracted to form just one single, or point source of EM emission.

everyday use… Your TV, cellphone, car, computer, hard drives, absolutely everything you touch or use every day is run o either a permanent magnet or magnetic elds or powered by them as their source; however there is not a branch of SCIENCE on this earth that has de ned what a FIELD is, OR what magnetism is, what instant action at a distance is and what mediates it. We use, replicate, make, and utilized magnets in every corner of the earth and yet all we have are descriptions of magnetism, but not a single logical or rational

explanation of what magnetism actually is. Certainly so further still these absurd particle fantasies of the cult of Quantum.

Of course in reality a FIELD is an Ether perturbation, plain and simple. And if it manifests as a transverse, longitudinal, or a toroidal formation doesn’t matter? If we call this zero point energy, or the Ether, or pure denotative inertia with no Cartesian value, NONE of this matters!

itself before empirically manifesting as a FIELD MODALITY, or ETHER MODALITY, yet if the Ether is in stress or strain, the dielectric, or the Ether in LOSS of its inertia, the dielectric eld which IS MAGNETISM, or a SELF REPEATING longitudinal pulse propagation, in the case of Electromagnetic radiation, which in reality is just a coaxial circuit of transversing electric and magnetic around a longitudinally propagating dielectric pulse-perturbation.

We are talking about THE FIELD





“There is no energy in matter other than that received from its environment (as meant Ether fields).” – Nikola Tesla

YouTube Video’s - Ken Wheeler Ken Wheeler is an expert in Ancient Greek, Pali, & Russian and has worked for various governmental agencies as a translator. He was the founder of a popular website that

Uncovering the Missing

focused on the teachings and history of Buddhism with a heavy focus on the etymology of its related language. Ken is passionate about learning, exploring and teaching

Secrets of

about magnetism. Several years ago, he released a free

Magnetism - Ken

book called Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism,


which is already in its fourth edition. This work was dedicated to some of Ken’s personal friends and associates, but also to those that have paved the way for the electrical sciences with clarity and that includes Tesla, Maxwell, Steinmetz, Heaviside and Eric P. Dollard.

Click Here for a free download of his book.

in r e m e m br a nc e

S ua Mitche

Art and Soul

The Rosslyn Key "In 1995 my father Thomas.J.Mitchell rst introduced me to the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel and its plethora of carvings and symbols to re my imagination and inspire what has become known as The Rosslyn Motet. Little did I know that in the 10 years that followed the music would introduce me to some of the most advanced and knowledgeable minds on the planet and open up a whole new level of ideas and philosophies about Rosslyn that we could never have imagined at the time. In some way, the actual interaction of our music and cymatics with the media brought forth many thoughts and accounts of peoples experience at Rosslyn and in this book, we would like to share these concepts with you, so generously brought forward to our attention and steadily but surely tted together into a clearer understanding of the questions still left to answer over Rosslyn’s design and









I Gratitud

Many of you reading this will be thinking ‘Oh no..not another Rosslyn Chapel, Da Vinci theory again’ which (after the attention of Hollywood and Dan Brown novels) brought to the point of ‘saturation’ the whole question of peoples’ interest in the importance and message of Rosslyn’s designers. Our goal has always been about the revealing the music, and since the time we have discovered the Rosslyn tones, the laws of music have proved to be the very foundation to universal geometry on every scale. We always knew there had to be more to the discovery of the music than ‘just the music’ itself. Now we introduce you to what we have discovered, through the great and beautiful minds that have put all this meaning and truth together. Many centuries have past and a great deal of conspiracies and conjectures have been made, yet all along the timeline, the geometry and message remains unchanged since it holds the properties of the universe within its calculations and proportions.

Listen to his music

Symbolism, Cymatics/Chladni Patterns, Golden Mean, Pythagoras, Plato, all these elements and calculations are embodied into all of the great ancient structures that we know, including Rosslyn Chapel. We will reveal to you what the ancients knew and why it was so important for them to pass this on down through the ages. A pre-occupation with the movements of Venus is a long thread that connects many monuments around the planet and Rosslyn Chapel is no exception. It has always been our belief that these structures were made for times such as this. The knowledge being passed down is like an egg, ready to be hatched when the time is right and absorbed under the right human and sociological conditions. Only this time, we have the support of the Sun and Planets to engage with this knowledge. Realising we are part of a bigger and wider cycle of time, and at the mercy of the powerful forces of the universe, we can learn to work with the cosmos or choose to ignore it. In the same way William St Clair chose to pass this message down, we today, have the same choice to make. Work with the geometry of our world or choose a different path. The answer is all too obvious, we must to choose to work with our universe or perish in the con ict.

Music is our pointer to true survival, a gateway to understanding how everything works together, life is a symphony, and architecture is the same sequence in stone, both elements together hold ‘the great secret of the one thing…" - Stuart Mitchell





InsideOut: A Scienti c and Mystical Journey

“This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times. Thank you, bless you.” ~ Foster Gamble, Thrive

Video Book Trailer


“InsideOUT” is a beautiful visual tapestry, a coffee table book, featuring over 61 scientists a nd sa g es , 3,00 0 im a ge s, showcasing the ONE story, ONE Source, and ONE science. ~ Amazon

“Wow, this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation. “This is the secret teaching of all ages for our times. Thank you, bless you.” ~ Foster Gamble, Thrive Movie "A visual feast. Karen Elkins’s “InsideOut” brings the newest and most intriguing science to a lay audience in a way that combines mystery with understanding. Rarely has science and art been blended in so effective a way.” ~ Gerald Pollack, PhD. Professor, University of Washington. ‘’Karen Elkins has always had that rare ability to explain difficult subjects with clarity and artfulness. In this book she does it again, taking the reader on a beautiful journey thru the very latest scientific discoveries. Yet, it is more than the astounding information it contains. It is a work of art in and of itself with the transformative power to forever change how you see the world.” - Richard Merrick, M.S., Author, computer scientist, and developer of science based harmonic principles. “Karen Elkins has a natural sense of truth and she is quick to embrace what is truth. This is exactly what is needed to advance mankind into blossoming in the ways it always should have from the very beginning of civilization. “Nature is always correct, and it is nature that we should follow loyally as our authority that we embrace and learn from. “Thank you Karen for your efforts to convey this most important message!” ~ Jon DePew, Inventor, Teacher

“InsideOUT is a mastery of weaving the fabric of the cosmic harp, engaged and immersed in the unified field of science ~ in all the dimensions. ~ Krishna Madappa, President and Co-Founder,

Video Book Trailer ~

Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, Taos, NM Karen Elkins InsideOUT is a provocative journey into your Self and our universe. It is a marvelous blending of light, color, form and inquisitive science - in layman’s terms and images exciting both halves of our minds and hearts. It is clear no one else has ever presented so such much esoteric and exoteric knowledge in such a beautiful and inspiring way. If you have ever wondered about the beauty and mystique of Life you do not want to miss this wonderful exploratory presentation. ~ Dale Pond, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics “Karen Elkins has created a book of stunning visual beauty and great inspiration. The simple act of opening it pages—in a well lit room— provides the reader with a form of color therapy in which light from the lavish illustrations bathes the reader in radiant beauty. But it is in the accompanying words where, for me, the true inspiration lies: a combination of evocative poetry and glimpses into the minds of some great luminaries, both current and past. Elkins’ book will find its readers in all those who have a healthy curiosity about the Natural Word and Universe.” ~ John Stuart Reid, acoustic-physics researcher “InsideOUT is the most elegant, accurate and precise written description and visual journey describing the relationship between a person’s inner and outer reality. Everything we know originated on the other side in reciprocal space and then unfolded inside out into the direct space we live in. “ ~ Don Estes What an amazing syntheses of life elements. The morsels from many of the great thinkers are depicted in superb, stunning, and colorful graphics. The wisdom of the ages beautifully blended with the mysteries of science to enlighten. The Giant thinkers of time have helped us to see more of the horizon that becomes knowledge to live by. Thank you Karen for the many hours spent on your part that we may be enlightened. This will definitely inspire the creativity in all of us.” ~ Gene Webb

Aether & Protons Pa r t 1 - M i k e

New Physics

Tw i c h e l l

Pa r t 1 - L e n M u r r a y

Patterns & Magnetics J o n D e Pe w docs/what_is_aether_ docs/inspired_by_nature_jan_2018 docs/gold_alchemy_-_may_2018 sciencetosage/docs/ natures_intelligence_july_2013

Structure of the Atom Edo Kaal


Link to Part 2

Jon DePew

Link to Part 1

Link to Part 3 docs/april_2017__magazine_elements_copy

Starting Page 130 - sciencetosage/docs/ breakthroughs_science_x_ed_ nal


Link to Part 4

fundamental unifying force. Very much like a transmitter/

gave a brief introduction describing the source of

receiver relationship in electronics, an esoteric relationship

“downloads” I began receiving. As a result of an intense

is set up between myself and the “downloaders”. My efforts

near-death Kundalini awakening experience occurring in

center around facilitating this information, attempting to be

2005, followed by a difficult transition period for a number

the impeccable receiver, listening for the transmitted

of years, in 2013 I began receiving what are referred to as

information and doing my best to communicate and

downloads. These downloads have been for the most part

manifest this information as accurately as possible. This

daily, and continue to this day. They entail a new

series of articles is the first real attempt in gaining

description of physics, where consciousness is the

exposure to this abstract and disruptive information.

In the June 2018 issue of Science to Sage, I

By Len Murray

New Physics →

In 2013, when the downloads began, the underlying message or focus centered around a completely new model for physics. The emphasis was on etheric origins of influence and an interconnectedness for all the physical forces.

Ether is the Bridge Between the Form and the Formless The ether plays a very important role - it is the interface, the enabler of multi-dimensionality, the bridge between the form and formless. A natural order of force arose from energy manifest, hinting at a unifying fundamental force. All motion can be summarized as either charging or discharging. The cavitating, centripetal, voiding, inward, increased counterspace, positive direction is electric - charging. The dispersive, radiative, outward, decreased counter-space, negative direction is

magnetic - discharging. All motion is a form of induction.

broadened. Consciousness was introduced as not only a force, but the fundamental unifying force - the force that gives rise to gravity, electromagnetism, and nuclear strong & weak. Etheric origins of influence are pervasive. The very nature of identity and separativity is not accurate. Free will, pointed in the discharging, selfish direction, unleashes the creative force which further establishes the illusion of self. Pointed in the selfless direction, a more evolved resonance is established. The contradiction between unification and identity is abolished - the joy in expressing oneself uniquely and in full confidence, coupled with the abandoned freedom of having no personal agenda, establishes the highest resonance. As a force, consciousness can be quantified, engineered and manipulated. Collectively, consciousness makes the multi-verse. Individually, it makes our world view experience. Our condition and capacity are factors of the seemingly inescapable cause/effect chain, combined with the creative force of free will. Like a circus performer walking on a ball, the point of contact between their feet and the ball is one more direct experience; the contact point between the ball and the floor is another, less direct. After a while the points of contact can be forgotten, the cause and effect mechanism lost. Intention dictates the quality, though often not readily apparent. Our individual purpose and meaning can become diminished - we need to be held accountable, and know our thoughts make our world, and influence others. Our guideposts today - religion and physics - no longer accurately describe nature. We

have moved on, and our models must follow.

Vortex Tube Intersecting

Force and Unification →

A few years later, in 2016, the scope of the downloaded information


Intention dictates the quality - know your thoughts, make your world, and positively in uence others.

generative concept eventually falls out of phase. As long as a less than enlightened - aka direct experience - is established, concepts act as the buffer, providing a less than accurate description. Like a transmission, the gear or speed is mapped to the capacity. Therefore, concepts are necessary, though need to be dynamic. In the beginning, they are a guiding light. Once their role is fulfilled, they become a breeding ground for corruption, stagnation and ignorance to prevail, if not upgraded. Belief is the fuel for the creative force. The very concept of religion creates boundaries and limitations, as does science. The delicate balance of any system must be monitored to continually engender belief. This is an attempt to introduce new concepts where religion and physics reside in the same space, where equal value is given to intuition and beauty as to a rational mathematical equation - a merging of the two apparently separate worlds. It is clear that the rational world of science and physics and the subjective world of “meta�-physics cannot be separated.

Attunement to

the virtues is the new science of mind, the pathway to stability.

Religion and physics alike are belief

systems that have a timestamp. The ache for evolution and the recognition of our true nature makes it apparent that old concepts must be shed. New systems must be put in place to establish a proper resonance, for a time, knowing this system too will one day be out of tune. The long game of

sustainability and hope must be established for the future generations.

Science and Religion Merging of Worlds →

Concepts are a double-edged sword. What may start out as a positive or

Belief is the fuel for the creative force. The very concept of religion creates boundaries and limitations, as does science.

“Physical” Physics → A new periodic table modeled after the Platonic solids is introduced. A new atomic structure is presented, with new properties and behaviors that can be exploited to address sustainability issues. Various devices and technologies will be explored. Below is a brief description of upcoming articles. Future articles will address “meta”physics: consciousness, the transitory roles of religions and physics, and the power of concepts. Te c h n i q u e s t o m a n i p u l a t e perception and control the force of consciousness will be explored. The interconnected network of energetic structures bridges consciousness and matter, and how technology can

exploit this.

Upcoming Articles

White Vortex Every atom is the antithesis of a black hole - a White Vortex. Driven by etheric wave patterns, the white vortex is an over unity vibration emitting machine. An atom is the result of an eigenmode - the arising of a new fundamental. Etheric wave patterns combine in specific ratios. Like a musical chord, the polyrhythmic handoff from one reality to another, giving rise to matter.

“The stages of the manifestation of a hydrogen atom:

5) Positive and negative forces stabilize.

3) Electric force manifest, arising of the vortex tube. Resultant magnetic columns respond, one corresponding to each proton torus.

6) Surrounding magnetic field (aka electron shell) completes “stable� hydrogen atom.

4) Vortex tube reaches atomic event horizon - termination of the voiding nucleic fulcrum point.

2) Electric proton formation - 3 nested tori.

1) Ether disturbance, like yin/yang. Handoff from the formless to the form: Duality.

Ajax McIntosh Model: 3D

Upcoming Article

Ajax McIntosh Model→ 2D The atoms unfold in a symmetrical manner, following the ascending complexity of the Platonic solids. From hydrogen to oxygen, the 1st electron shell is complete, taking the form of a dual-paired tetrahedron. The heavier elements follow suit, eventually forming a set of 12 nested Platonic solids. The result is a 3-dimensional depiction of the elements, the natural extension from Mendeleev’s

gift, called the Ajax McIntosh Model.

Upcoming Article →

Sustainability As a result of a more sophisticated understanding of matter and energy interaction, a sustainable model for energy use and health can be addressed. In the upcoming articles new atomic properties and behaviors will be presented, the exploitation of which leading to new technologies and

devices to address energy and health issues.

Magneto - revealing the atomic structure via cymatics and energetic structures.

Magneto rotors


Over-Unity Energy understand and mimic nature to obtain continuous emission of vibration and energy.

3-nested spheres of M3

Copper - in a state of high atomic induction


Atomic Induction - crossing of vortex tubes from inner to outer shells, generating energy.

“Magnetic” extension

“Electric” extension

Vortex Tube Intersecting -

conduction: electric vs magnetic.

Precession - 40% of the elements precess (wobble on their axis), accounting for ef cient conduction and vortex tube extension. Water molecule precessing - energy lost to resistance

Polarity - each electron shell has its own polarity. Alignment determines chemical properties, from Noble gases to Alkali metals. Silicon atom - flexible polarity alignment configurations

Vitalized Water - new atomic properties & behaviors, in conjunction with electromagnetic interactions, give Hâ‚‚O the credibility it deserves as a life force.


Water molecule showing efficient polarity alignment and electrical generation

Bonding - vortex tube end-point bonding and the abolishment of the “electron�.

Oxygen - point to point

Oxygen - face bonded

Energetic Structures - etheric predecessor to the atomic crystal structure.

The 5 etheric shapes all elements are based on

Series of Articles -Part 2 The scope of this series started with a description of a New Physics, section 2 is how consciousness can be quantified and engineered, being the fundamental unifying force. In between will be a series of articles explaining how new atomic properties and behaviors can be exploited to address sustainability. Devices and technologies will be

Bio of Len click here

introduced, addressing over-unity energy, human and environmental health, and how to gain increased crop yields by exploiting special qualities of water.

Part 1 - Click to Read


Len Murray

online course

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The Deep Awakening USA Retreat


October 12th-14th 2018, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

During this transformation retreat Tim will share powerful ‘deep awake practices' and explore leading-edge ideas about the evolving cosmos, the nature of death, and the purpose of life.

October 9th 2018, The Open Centre, NY


In this inspiring talk, packed with exciting new ideas, Tim suggests that spiritual awakening to the essential oneness of existence is now the leading edge of an evolutionary process that has been developing for 13.8 billion years.

Emergent Spirituality

Soul Story: Evolution And The Purpose Of Life

Here for More Details

Philosopher Books Ideas Online Course

What s Happening at the UN

Global Movement for the

Culture of Peace 



Presented by the United Nations President of the General Assembly Of ce.

The Culture of Peace: A credible pathway to sustaining Peace

5 September 2018 Highlighted are emerging trends that impact the culture of peace. Application to Attend. Live Webcast on UN Web TV Together member state + civil society engagement towards the achievement of SDG #16+17. Partnership + Peacebuilding.


The event will be hosted by the Of ce of the President of the General Assembly in the General Assembly - afternoon program Trusteeship Council- Supported by the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace a civil society and NGO peacebuilders global umbrella established in 2010.

7 th United Nations High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace

w h at i t h i n k i k n o w a b o u t

s pi ral g alax i es t h a t o t h e r s m ay n o t k n o w . By Dr John V Milewski Retired Los Alamos Scientist /5/10/2018-jr

First I will list the subjects that I will cover in this

and Inertia.

document, then I will give the details of how I came to

These extreme densities and pressure lead to the

know these subjects .Many of these ideas I have not seen

formation of Magnetic Matter. Magnetic Matter is the

discussed before and will likely be objected to by many

structural material of Black holes and is called by many

hard line conventional scientist . That’s ok with me, most

Dark Matter. Black holes radiate what some are calling

new ideas are not accepted right-a way.

Dark Energy and I call super-light.

temperature and pressure. This is caused by both gravity

point energy. One of the main purposes of Galaxies is to recycle energy into matter and back into energy.

inward rotation causes them to increase in density,

matrix of Superlight or what other are now calling, Zero

distance. Most all appear to be rotating inwardly. This

With trillions of Galaxies our space is a very much filled a

I will first discus the number of Galaxies, their size and

By ESO/M. Kornmesser ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Hubble deep field Photo: Well one thing for sure is that since NASA took the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Images (ref 1) and counting backward from second of arc to 360 degrees of space it estimates that we have many more Spiral Galaxies that may be in space and visible with our current telescopes. They found out that there are so many more than most Professional Astronomers ever thought likely or possible. I have seen many articles on this subject, but the one in June 2017 Astronomy Magazine estimates over a trillion or so.

Now considering that they say that each Galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diameter, that each contains of about 400 billion stars, and each star can have 6 to 8 planets, I would say we are surely not alone in this Universe. I will take this time now to introduce a new term to measure long distances. From Van Flander’s work (Ref 2), he calculated that the speed of gravity is about 10 to 20 Billion times faster than light. So calling the smaller number, a”gravity minute” would be de ning it as about 33,000 light years. This makes a typical Galaxy of 100,000 light years in diameter, to be only three “gravity minutes”, which I believe to be a much more reasonable term to use for long distances.

Reference and Photos: 1. Astronomy magazine, June 2017, Our Trillion Galaxy Universe.


2. T. Van Flanders, Phys.Lett.A 250 ( 1998 ) 1-11

Galaxies appear to be in the range of activity that keeps them together in a spiral shape and nature.






The Galaxies like example M101 all appear to be spiraling toward their center when looked at from the top or bottom which to me indicates that they are concentrating in both density and temperature, which will be discussed more later.The velocity of the stars in these Galaxies appears to be in the range of activity that keeps them together in a spiral shape and nature. A typical spiral Galaxy like our milky way, rotation time takes about 25,000 years to complete a cycle. By activity I mean that the velocity cannot be constant or they would all be rotating in complete concentric circles. This also means that there must also be a deceleration force occurring that is causing the spiral velocity to slowly decrease so spiraling is

able to occur. This decelerating force is caused by both gravity from dark matter and also is due to a drag from the velocity component of Inertia. The major e ect of inertia is easily seen and identi ed where there is an acceleration of a body taking place and it shows up as a force that produces a drag. However there is also a velocity component of inertia that is mostly ignored because it is so small and insigni cant that it is always ignored or even unknown in most cases But in the case of Spiral Galaxies that exist for long times intervals and have high velocities, the drag component then has an e ect su cient to slow down the rotation enough to help form the spiral in these rotating Galaxies.

Illustration by DasWortgewand/Pixabay

Dr Rubin’s Dark Matter :

So it is not the extra gravity alone from Dr Rubin’s dark matter that is slowing down the outer stars in our Galaxies causing them to spiral, but in my thinking it is partially the velocity component of Inertia plus gravity. I de ne gravity di erently than most others that use it in their thinking. I de ne gravity to be a push.

Gravity is a push from what I call Superlight (Ref 3) which makes up what is commonly termed Zero Point energy. (Ref 4) We all live in this sea of energy (ref 5) which in reality consist of billions of rays of Superlight radiation coming from the billions of galaxies in existence. These radiations of Superlight come in from all directions. So when a mass exist in isolation it gets radiated equally from all directions, but when another body comes close they partially shadow each other and this result in a push on each mass from the side opposite the facing side. This results in a push that currently most scientist mistakenly, de ne as a universal pull attraction force of gravity.

“Both gravity and Inertia are not intrinsic properties of matter; they are artifacts produced directly by their presence in the zero point energy fields of what I call Superlight.” Reference and Photos: 3. Superlight paper website: 4. M.B. King (1988) ”Demonstrating a Zero-point Energy Coherence,” Proc.of the 1988 InternationalTewasla Symposium, Colorado Springs section 4 pp 1-13





5. Moray, T. Henry The sea of energy Cos ray Research Institute 1978

Magnetic Matter: What I also believe is happening in these spiral Galaxies is that as they are spiraling inwards. They are getting both denser and hotter, and there is some

These jet (Ref 6) were not seen until recently when galaxies were being photographed because

point a critical condition is reached where I believe a

telescopes. However, more recently when they put X-

phase change takes place from electric matter to

ray detectors on their telescope these Superlight rays showed up every time out of both the top and bottom of these rotation Galaxies. They are seen now because as Superlight is jetting out, it travels so fast that it is causing an ionization path of residual matter in the space penetrated by the jets; and, it is that ionization path that is seen jetting out into the residual matter as seen in the photographs of the surrounding space.

magnetic matter. Electric matter is what we all are living in now with electrons in orbit about a nucleus that has a positive charge. In magnetic matter (MM) we have south magnetic monopoles in orbit about a North Pole nucleus. May I suggest that in order to be more historically correct we may call this new form of matter (MMM) or Milewski’s Magnetic Matter. This is what I call Dark Matter and it is the substance of which black holes are made. Black holes are called Black holes because the velocity of regular EM energy cannot escape the very intense gravitational force associated with black holes. But Superlight (ME) radiation can escape easily because it travels at 10 billion times the speed of light. (ref3) ‌ At the same time I am calling the ME waves that are jetting out from the spiral galaxies axis of rotation, Dark


Superlight is not in the frequency range of optical

With about a trillion Galaxies, each jetting out Superlight energy waves, these jets fill all of space with a very concentrated energy that is now referred to as Zero Point Energy. This energy is so strong that they say that one cubic inch of this energy is so concentrated that it has enough energy to run all our country’s energy needs and have enough left over to boil all the oceans.

Finally the most important mission of Galaxies: The most important mission of Galaxies is that they recycle mass and energy. Space is full of Dark Energy that I call superlight or as others call it, Zero Point Energy. This is the missing 95% of the mass of the universe but in energy form. The combination of masses and energy waves form holograms. These holograms form because the energy density in the superlight waves is so concentrated that the hologram becomes what we

6. Photos 1.Deep space photo. 2. An Illustration of a Spiral Galaxy showing jets of Superlight coming out of the axis of rotation. 3. Eleven Galaxies showing jet of Superlight coming out of their axis of rotation. 4 M101

1. A deep space photo taken by Hubble

telescope for about 8 hours. About 2 arc seconds square area showing about 10,000 galaxies. When projected back to a full spherical sky it calculated to about a Trillion galaxies. 2. A Spiral Galaxy illustrating Superlight jets from both ends of its rotational axes. From NASA credit, Alfred Kamajiu

Reference and Photos:

know as solid matter which becomes the building blocks of matter which form the stellar materials: such matter as quarks, leptons, electrons, neutrons and protons. These in-turn become atoms that form molecules in this star building process. As these stars form near the edge of the galaxies, they soon, with the help of gravity become part of the spiral arms and there we go to start making a universe.

3. Eleven Spiral Galaxies from the internet various places, showing jets of Superlight coming out of their axis of rotation. 4. Nebular M101 Showing a typical spiral Galaxy.

S. LaForest and Rogério de Sousa

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 2Y2, Canada (Dated: July 13, 2018)


Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) and other superconducting circuits are


limited by intrinsic flux noise with spectral density 1/fα with α < 1 whose origin is believed to be

Interference Devices

due to spin impurities. Here we present a theory of flux noise that takes into account the vectorial

(SQUIDs) are among the most sensitive and useful magnetometers.

nature of the coupling of spins to superconducting wires. We present explicit numerical calculations of the flux noise power (spectral density integrated over all frequencies) for electron impurities and lattice nuclear spins under several different assumptions. The noise power is shown to be dominated by surface electron spins near the wire edges, with bulk lattice nuclear spins contributing ∼ 5% of the noise power in aluminum and niobium wires. We consider the role

They are able to

of electron spin phase transitions, showing that the spin-spin correlation length (describing e.g.

detect magnetic

the average size of ferromagnetic spin clusters) greatly impacts the scaling of flux noise

10−17 Tesla, 2 and are currently used in a wide variety of applications.

with wire geometry. Remarkably, flux noise power is exactly equal to zero when the spins are polarized along the flux vector direction, forming what we call a poloidal state. Flux noise is nonzero for other spin textures, but gets reduced in the presence of correlated ferromagnetic fluctuations between the top and bottom wire surfaces, where the flux vectors are antiparallel. This demonstrates that engineering spin textures and/or inter-surface correlation provides a method to reduce flux noise in superconducting devices. - Read Full Paper Here

fields as low as


flux-vector model of spin noise in superconducting circuits: Electron versus nuclear spins and role of phase transition


Josh del Sol Beaulieu is the creator of Take Back Your Power, a documentary about 'smart' meters which won the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year, the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award, and a Leo Award. In 2017, Josh co-founded InPower Movement, pioneering a process using commercial liability to halt harmful technology such as 'smart' meters, 5G and mandatory vaccinations. Josh is passionate about human rights, consciousness, decentralized energy, safe technology and being a dad. GO ONLINE AND GET YOUR GUIDE



Josh del So Producer & Director, Take Back Your Power

"A threat that involves… Your privacy… Your nancial future… Your health… Your freedom… … and so much more…."

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Explore the possibilities of a peaceful world through Phoenix Voyage. As a highly focused, action-based oriented company, we sel essly give the best of ourselves toward building a better community, one solution at a time. The bedrock of our organization is built upon the collective efforts of humanitarian project developers and forward thinking companies into the growth of our resource center and forum. We project social responsibility in impactful ways through initiatives that focus on

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educational readiness. We welcome individuals from the global community who are ready to give back to the community which they live, work and play. To this end, we invite you to join the global movement towards changing the world for the better! You can partner on a project, volunteer with us, promote your good works or simply share positive


information thru your networks.

finds worth sharing


AquaTru™ Reduces Virtually All Contaminants in Tap and Well Water

with 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis + Activated Carbon

Home - Office - Apartment - RV - College Dorm - Clinic After decades of experience in water technology, our science and sense of responsibility compelled us to create a line of products and services that are simple, affordable and high quality without compromise. AquaTru is our signature product and will give you control over the purity of your water quality for years to come.


No installation or water connection required.

High contaminant reduction efficacy - NSF/ANSI Listed.

Highest water use efficiency of 65-70% (recovery).

Eliminates microbial growth common to most RO systems

World-class appliance design and user-friendliness

AquaTru™ water containers made from BPA/BPS free TRITAN polymer

E X P I R ES 9/ 3 1 / 1 8

water and

“Simply the best performing and most convenient drinking water appliance.”

water and wellness - link here

Use QuintEssential 3.3 to add the perfect balance of 78 minerals and trace elements to your AQUATRU purified water. It fortifies, it structures and it informs.

QuintEssential™ 3.3 is excellent for an immediate revitalizing of your body by delivering the entire Periodic Table of bioavailable minerals & trace elements, as well as bioactive marine micronutrients nutrients. QuintEssential™ 3.3 seawater is harvested from the most pure Atlantic Ocean plankton blooms, subjected to rigorous laboratory analysis, cold micro-filtered then packaged in glass vials. THE most foundational nutrient, more than any other, thats supports every physiological function and process in the body.



Why is Everyone Talking About Active H ?

The health benefits of molecular hydrogen, H2, is one of the most remarkable recent discoveries in nutraceutical science.

More than 850 scienti c and medical studies show that molecular hydrogen, H2, supports health bene ts that are remarkable and wide-ranging. New studies are constantly underway and information is easily searched on the Internet. The most notable property of molecular H2 infused water is its ability to function a as powerful antioxidant like no other – rapidly neutralizing the most damaging free-radicals into water! The consequences of this is profound - putting the


What Can H Do for Me? brakes on one the body’s primary indicator of health issues, Oxidative Stress. Molecular Hydrogen, H2, when used on a consistent basis, provides the body with both immediate and preventative bene ts. Furthermore, it has no known safety issues for either children or adults. Everyone who feels they are not living up to their physiological potential should not hesitate to try two tablets a day for at least one month and experience this welcome discovery.

Molecular Hydrogen may have wide-ranging and powerful health bene ts, and the evidence is STRONG. Over 850 peerreviewed, scienti c articles have shown H2’s remarkable potential for over 170 disease models, and many more highimpact clinical studies are currently underway.

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Water Guru

Robert Slovak

Robert Slovak Favorite at the Tesla TechConference

Tesla Tech Conference: ET1823: Robert Slovak - Practical Introduction to Water Quality

A Modern Water Guru Robert Slovak is sometimes referred to as a “water guru” because he is always so ready to answer everyone’s questions about this often elusive and controversial subject. He quickly took his Mechanical & A s t ro n a u t i c a l E n g i n e e r i n g degrees in a different direction – to pursue the advancement of Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology with his brother Jack. The dynamic duo trained an entire generation of water industry students about how to use RO to make water and beverages better and healthier to drink, seawater possible to drink, cars without water spots, support kidneys that don’t work, concentrate anything from orange juice to maple syrup and allow sewage keep golf courses green.



After selling their company, Robert left for Brazil to bring water technology to a country starving for it. While solving pollution

problems in a remote area he fell seriously ill and was approached by a simple man bearing 6 small glass vials lled with “seawater.” “This is our doctor” the man said. With no other option, Robert reluctantly swallowed each vial’s contents on the hour. He was resurrected by hour 7 and the experience was destined to profoundly in uence the rest of his life. Robert dramatically encountered Quinton Marine Plasma, an ocean harvested “miracle” discovered by revolutionary French biologist Rene Quinton in 1897. Today, after years of studying Quinton history, science and application, Robert is one of the most knowledgeable presenters and educators on the subject worldwide. Follow him. Listen to and download his many presentations. See him at conferences. Ask him a question…

shiftpod shelterpod responsepod


diaster relief



we go extreme

Shannon Burnett-Gronich

is known as the owner of a “Million

Dollar Rolodex” and the Author of “MEDIA MAGIC: Instantly Get Radio, TV, Print, and Internet Press to Give you Limitless Publicity.” Shannon has successfully attained over $3.1 MILLION DOLLARS in free Publicity for her clients and written the book “Media Magic” in order to lead business entrepreneurs into generating their own publicity- for free! Shannon saw the need to develop the MEDIA MAGIC book in order for people to not only learn “how” to get their information out there- but to also get their “desired” information out into the press. MEDIA MAGIC teaches ordinary people how to communicate within the industry to become a highly regarded “Expert” in their field. Learn the key to proper Press Release creation, creating “Promotional Buzz,” and writing a Power Biography that proves extraordinary are all within the pages of MEDIA MAGIC- Along with more bonus marketing material and insider information.

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Everyone LOVES working with Shannon. She has a gentle way of working you through business processes. Consulting Online Classes Workshops Cruises

Networking Coaching Visioning Register ONLY 78 Seats

Leadership and Human Behavior Expert

Karen Elkins

Visionary, Editor &
 Innovation Catalyst

February 8-10

Information or sponsorship

contact 321-549-2128 

Bert Oliva

Space Coast Convention Center 301 Tucker Ln, Cocoa, FL

Dawn Gluskin

Shannon Gronich

High Performance Business Strategist, BAN Mentor

The goal of the summit, is to develop thriving business communities through collaboration. The summit attracts nationally recognized business experts in law and nance, strategic planning and execution, public relations and marketing, and leadership skills development who freely lend their knowledge and expertise to entrepreneurs and business



12th Business Acceleration Summit

Master Storyteller and Brand Messenger, BAN Mentor

Keith Leon

Multiple Best Selling Author and Publisher, BAN Mentor

owners to help them on their journeys of launching and growing successful organizations.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from throughout Florida have attended past summits, and many return for each successive event to gain additional knowledge and improve their business models.





If you like what you see support the platform for innovative thinkers and amazing artists.


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About the Researcher : Robert A. Nelson is a 10th grade dropout with no credentials. He established Rex Research in 1982

How to Make Gold

to archive hard-to- nd information about suppressed, dormant and emerging technologies. He persists despite the seeming futility of the effort.


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