Transition Talks Speaker Series - Line 2020 - Berkeley Springs, WV

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Gabriel Felley Ph.D. Dr. Gabriel Felley comes to TransitionTalks from his home in Switzerland, where he is a university professor – and enthusiastic and passionate researcher on the sophisticated logic and explanatory power of the I Ching, this ancient Chinese cosmological and philosophical universal system text and process known as the I Ching or Yi Jing. Although consulted less in the West than astrology, tarot and other common methodologies that extract deep meaning and predictive information from the most fundamental structures of this reality, the I Ching, the oldest Chinese divination approach, has a long history of accurately providing extraordinary insights into personal and other situations where the path forward (and potential futures), are not obvious. In this two and one-half hour session, he will explain the workings of the I Ching, demonstrate its use by looking at the futures of the major Democrat presidential candidates, and then answer questions. This will be a most interesting and useful presentation. Dr. Felley is developing a new contemporary reading and understanding of the I Ching, which encompasses the “network-like” dynamic of the 64 hexagrams. He is also exploring the different possibility to apply the tools of AI for supporting the interpretation of the hexagrams, the basic