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Science to Sage e-Magazine’s are Themed, designed and produced by Karen Elkins Water is much more than a liquid that we drink, it is the substance that bathes us, sustains us and records our every word. It is literally the SOLUTION that arranges and re-arranges our matrix. It is the medium for miracles and transformation. Without water there would be no life.

We come into existence from the warm waters of our mother’s womb, birthed from a dark void and into the light of the world. And since energy can be neither created or destroyed we are life without end; only our energy state  changes when we pass our body. Our blood is  water-based  liquid crystal and the matter that comprises

our brain and  body contains almost 70% water. But it is what we make 'matter' that is our story, our frequency and our destiny. 


Special thanks to the contributors. I am grateful for their articles and inspired work. Their contribution and fascination with water enriches and transforms our understanding of our designer universe.

Volume 19

A Water Revolution Experts on the World of Water FEATURED WRITERS

The Means & the

• Intro and Thank you Georg Schroecker


• The Water World

• Quantum Jazz

Marlin Chaplin

Water & Sound

• Intro to Water Science

John Stuart Reid

• The New Science Gene Webb

• CymaGlyhs of Water

• A New Paradigm... Alick Bartholomew

• Fluid Resonance

• Water is the Stage

Wholly Healing Water

Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger All material is copyrighted by Science to Sage or is copyright of the authors. Science to Sage reprints these articles with the consent of authors.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

• Poem Susan Alexjander



Masaru Emoto

• The Floating Water Bridge

• Urgent Message Josef Tyls, Ph.D

Gerald Pollack, Ph.D

• In Search of Wholly Water

• The 4th Phase of Water

Alick Bartholomew

• Excerpt for his new book Water Light and Electric

• Viktor Schauberger

Electric Universe/

• Ancient Wisdom & Water

Thunderbolt Project

Shui Yin Lo, Ph.D

Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D

• Healing Waters

• Water is Life and Light Alexander Lauterwasser

Karen Elkins

Freddy Silva

• The Structure of Life

• Excerpts and ideas from the book “InsideOUT”

Water Structure


Richard Merrick

Rebecca Kamen

• Atomic Resonance as a Frame Work for Life

• Manuscript as Muse

Special thanks to Georg Schroecker for the cover image and his MANY other water images.

The Water World of

Georg Schroecker Throughout this edition you will see water captured

from the micro to the macro. Special thanks from

through the microscope of Georg Schroecker along

Science to Sage E-Magazine for the use for Georg’s

with his captions and thoughts. His fascination and


passion has allowed us to see the wonders of water.

recommending Georg.

He has also gifted us a way to make comparisons

And with gratitude to Gerald Pollack for

How are these images created? Place the samples on an object slide using an Eppendorf micro‐liter pipette (1uL holding capacity) Allow to dry – evaporation of liquid phase After the liquid phase evaporated... Several factor impact the evaporation cycle: 1. Surface of the slide is a crucial factor. 2. Both environmental temperature and humidity affect the evaporation cycle. 3. Electrostatic field and charges most likely affect this 4. I cannot exclude the presence of other influences
 such as "subtle fields" (radiating fields of living}.

process too.

Liquid water is not a bit player in the theatre of life — it’s the headline act

Water Science Water (H2O) is often perceived to be ordinary as it is transparent, odorless, tasteless and ubiquitous. It is the simplest compound of the two most common reactive elements, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to a single oxygen atom. Indeed, very few molecules are smaller or lighter. Liquid water, however, is the most extraordinary substance.

Although we drink it, wash, fish and swim in it, and cook with it (although probably not all at the same time), we nearly always overlook the special relationship it has with our lives. Droughts cause famines and floods cause death and disease. It makes up over about half of us and, without it, we die within a few days. Liquid water has importance as a solvent, a solute, a reactant and a biomolecule, structuring proteins, nucleic acids and cells and controlling our consciousness. H2O is the second most common molecule in the Universe (behind hydrogen, H2), the most abundant solid material and fundamental to star formation. There is a hundred times as many water molecules in our bodies as the sum of all the other molecules put together. Life cannot evolve or continue without liquid water, which is why there is so much excitement about finding it on Mars and other planets and moons. It is unsurprising that water plays a central role in many of the World's religions. This web site discusses many aspects of water science with the exception of availability, agricultural and environmental issues.


by Martin Chaplin

Bodies of Water

As Consciousness We Emerge A desire bubbles up, ignites a charge and crystalizes an idea into form. This allows us to ‘matter’ and engage and to transform. Depending on the particular perspective, any sphere, from a grain of sand to a planet, is its own little orb busily orbiting in some atmo”sphere”. And we are all made of Atoms. (Adam)

All light beings experience ‘oneness’ in their individuality.

He is bodiless, yet embodied in everything. - The Being of Atum


Expanding Universes Life comes from the void. We a re n o u r i s h e d a n d sustained in the womb of our mothers’ universe. Within these fields infinite potential exists from sea to see.

“Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is light waves. No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of earth and those of the heavens except a change of its condition from positive to negative preponderance. This change is due solely to a change of its direction in respect to its center of gravity.� -- Walter Russell


is truly the means, medium, and message of life.- Mae-Wan Ho

Yet nearly everything we have learned about water has been left out of the conventional account of cell biology and biochemistry, even though practically all of it is in the published scientific literature. - Mae-Wan Ho

Sea to Shining See... ...�mechanism for building condensed masses is now experimentally verified. In order for it to work, all that is needed is water, light, and molecules/ particles. Even if those entities bear the same charge, they will self-assemble into a condensed mass. This process is presumably the first step in producing the condensed mass that ultimately became the cell�. - Gerald Pollack

Geometry of Life

The very water we are conceived in and grow in within the womb is hexagonal in structure, both inside and outside of cells. Researchers are now pointing to the cause of disease as chronic dehydration. It is not that people don’t drink water so much as it is the unavailability of hexagonal water in our normal water supplies. We age based on inability to protect our DNA and maintain intracellular hydration. -

Gerald Pollack

Transfer of Pure Light



Gerald Pollack “Water at interfaces is hexagonal and has the ability to support and protect the DNA from free radical oxidative damage, and allows the DNA to function and replicate without mutation. Thus, it insures the transfer of pure information in a harmonized manner. This hexagonal water is the transmission medium through which information is delivered from DNA to RNA via short bursts of photons (light). Others have termed this as biophoton bursts, or bio-available photon interaction�.




Due to its interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity in structure far exceeding that of matter in gaseous, liquid, or solid states. It has a tendency to form into cellular and filamentary structures. Electric Universe

The starting point of the new cell biology is the quantum electrodynamical nature of life, based on quantum coherent water created by fluctuations of the ambient electromagnetic field (zero-point fi e l d o r v a c u u m fi e l d ) a n d stabilized on interfaces as liquid c r y s t a l l i n e w a t e r. L i q u i d crystalline water not only provides the excited electrons and protons to fuel the redox dynamo that generates life, but also the activation energy and specific resonances that super- facilitate the numerous chemical reactions that life entails. Such liquid crystalline water interfaces could well have been responsible for the origin of life itself, by synthesizing the simple building blocks and polymers that created the first protoplast by molecular resonances and self-assembly. Mae-Wan Ho


Micrograph of a cell nucleus


Water is a part of the structure of each cell. In addition to the fact that this water is interfacing and is ordered, it is also charged. And the water just beyond it is


charged Â

brain "In your cells are multiple batteries with plus and minus charges, separated... The question is, how are these batteries charged?

The charge comes from incident radiant energy; light, heat, ultraviolet. All of these absorbed energies separate the c h a rg e . T h e e n e rg y that's coming in from outside builds this charge separation and order. This potential energy fills your cells. I think this energy is critical to an understanding of how your cells work."


In a nutshell, the water in each of your cells achieves its ordered structure from energy obtained from the environment, typically in the form of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight and infrared heat. - 
 Dr. Pollack

Cortical neuron/ CC 3.0 Gerry Shaw

Battery Cells

oppositely charged. This acts like a battery.

Significantly, quantum electrodynamic considerations strongly suggest that under ambient conditions, water forms quantum coherent domains about 100 nm in diameter, and that the giant exclusion zones may represent macroscopic coherent domains stabilized on the surface of hydrophilic gels. Mae-Wan Ho, Living Rainbow

I mentioned resonant energy transfer over long distances in bulk water under ambient conditions, with time constants of 80 fs, which is much shorter than the time constant of 1 ps for hydrogen bonds in the hydrogen-bonded network. As POM water is highly ordered and stabilized compared with bulk water, resonant energy transfer is expected to be even faster in the liquid crystalline water that permeates the cell and organism; although no direct measurement has yet been made. 
 Mae-Wan Ho, Living Rainbow

The cytoskeleton, as you know, is very dynamic and has the important tasks of maintaining cell shape, while enabling the cell to move, to divide, and provides tracks for intracellular transport of vesicles and organelles. - Mae-Wan Ho


The image shows the entire drop with the crack�like pattern emerging from the surface of the dried droplet. In relation to the boundary layer of the droplet, the protuberances are fairly close to 90° in orientation and point towards a virtual center – like in a cytoskelet. The insert dramatically illustrates this effect even better. Maybe the charges at the droplet boundary are a major driving entity promoting this orientation. George postulates that this is indeed tortured water as during the manufacturing process the system presses pure oxygen through the liquid phase! Source: energy drink which has been enriched with O2. magnification: 40x darkfield

The Cytoskeleton in all Cells The cytoskeleton is present in all cells, both eukaryotes (higher organisms) and prokaryotes (bacteria), where it was a more r e c e n t d i s c o v e r y. T h e cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure that serves to maintain cell shape, enables the cell to move and to divide, and provides tracks for intracellular transport of vesicles and organelles. It also offers an enormous surface area for anchoring enzymes in the cytoplasm, and most of all for interfacial liquid crystalline water. - Wae-Man Ho

It has not escaped the notice of some biologists that the complex structure of the cytomatrix is fractal. - Mae-Wan Ho

When the Bible says, “Thou shalt not judge” ... consider that what you bring “charge” to is your “current” issue. This is not good or bad. It’s your free will--you are free to charge. You magnetize what electrifies you. That is what is in your field.

Georg Schroecker

The field responds to the charge.

Plasma is highly scalable, and supercomputing capabilities have enabled us to model plasma behaviors on galactic scales ... utilizing only a few simple formulae. These models are consistent with reality.




Due to its interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity in structure far exceeding that of matter in gaseous, liquid, or solid states. It has a tendency to form into cellular and filamentary structures.


atmosphere of Jupiter dewdrop


These structures derive from the fact that a charged particle flow (or current) produces a ring of magnetic fields around itself, 'pinching' plasma into multi-filamentary strands, as can be seen on both cosmic and more localized scales. - Electric Universe

atmosphere (New Latin atmosphaera, created in the 17th century from Greek ἀτμός [atmos] "vapor"[1] and σφαῖρα [sphaira] "sphere"[2])


Alick Bartholomew

Though not recognised by mainstream science, you can say that, in some sense, living

water performs this intercommunicating function between all organisms, groups of organisms, populations,

creating a

natural kingdoms and the world,

network of sensitivity

throughout all of life, even

life on Earth and the Cosmos,


so that nothing can happen without

aecting other processes; all are linked together by water. It may even drive evolution.

Alick Bartholomew

Judas said, Tell us what existed before heaven and earth came into being. “The Lord said, “There was darkness, and water, and the Spirit came upon the water.

Yet I tell

you truly that what you are seeking is already within you...- Dialogue with the Savior

When you speak and share it is carried by the current. Note the fractal patterns in the current. Fractals have a feedback loop. So be mindful of what you speak as what you spread will come back to you.

Water and aether(ether) it appears one is just a finer form of the other.

Carried by the Current From a fish moving through water, an airplane wing maneuvering through air, or the Canadian Arm moving in space their motions reveal fluid vortices.

Water is the source of life and light

by Ph.D., Professor Konstantin Korotkov

Water is Life! But water is also

Light! We have said that without water life on Earth would be impossible in principle. And anyway, it seems that any conceivable life forms can exist only in the presence of water. Even in its quiet state water emits photons, and they can be detected by supersensitive equipment. And by the activity of the emission one can see the reaction of water on the rising of the Moon, a change in atmospheric pressure or human emotions. One of the methods of such studies is Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) based on Gas Discharge Visualization (EPI/GDV) technique, increasingly used to study health and psychological state.

EPC water test


Water Test

The patient places his fingers on the screen of the device, and the computer analyzes the glow that is developing around the fingers when short electric pulses are applied to them. This is a modern computer version of the well-known Kirlian effect. EPI/GDV technique has earned recognition of medical professionals as well as analysis of well-being and express diagnostics of the state of individual organs. Clinical trials conducted in the largest Russian and American universities and research centers have shown high efficiency of the developed diagnostic method. Under the impact of the electric field almost all objects of the environment glow; and, of course, water and other liquids glow, too. EPI/GDV research of water glow was published in many papers, and a number of theses on this subject were defended. It was shown that the nature of glow characterizes the structure of the liquid. Distilled water produces a small even circle of light; the glow of tap water is brighter and more inhomogeneous, whereas activated liquids produce bright flashes of glow. All parameters of these kinds of glow are measured quantitatively, so that we can assess the “character” of the tested water sample. EPI/GDV technique quantifies the response of water to the environmental conditions and to different effects. As an example let’s take the dynamics of change in the glow area of drops of two samples of water immediately after opening

manufacturer's parameters, and such verification is much faster and cheaper than chemical analysis. The sensitivity of EPI/GDV in studies of water enables us to study the reaction of water to various influences. For example, you can record a statistically significant difference in the glow area when comparing the initial water and water exposed to alternating magnetic field or acoustic waves. An interesting issue is to study the influence on the water of the form effects, in particular, pyramids, historical and religious buildings. During expeditions to the Russian North, to Mexico, Peru, India, Venezuela we conducted a series of experiments during which water samples were placed in the area of the object under study for a few hours, after which, in many cases a statistically significant difference was found in the parameters of EPI/GDV images of the samples as compared with the control ones.

the sealed bottles and 4 hours later. Using this method, you can test the quality of bottled water and its compliance with the

EPC/GDV CAMERA by Dr. Korotkov

During such experiments it was observed that the result depends strongly on the time when the water was under the influence of the object. In 2009 a long experiment was conducted. Two liters of filtered tap water were poured into a glass jar and settled for several hours, after which the water was poured into two sterile 1-liter glass vessels, so that with the closed lid of the vessels there was no air inside. Both vessels were sealed. One vessel was placed under an opaque pyramid; the second was put at a distance from the pyramid and covered with light-proof cloth. The pyramid was oriented to the cardinal points. In this position the samples remained for 3 months, after which the vessels were opened and each sample was measured 8 times. Measurements showed that with 99% probability the tested samples had a statistically More »significant difference. This quite objectively proves that the pyramid affects water, and hence the human body. However, it is unclear how much time should be spent under

the pyramid, of course, if you have not yet turned into a mummy.

The informative power of EPI/GDV method for studying liquid-phase objects was demonstrated in the studies of glow of microbial cultures, the blood of healthy individuals and cancer patients, blood reaction to allergens, homeopathic remedies of 30C potency, flower essences, and ultra low concentrations of various salts. A large series of studies have shown statistical differences in the glow of natural and synthetic essential oils having the same chemical composition by the results of spectrographic studies, as well as fruits and vegetables grown organically and with the use of fertilizers. You may find a lot of references in our books and on different web-sites. Of particular interest was the work on the influence of human emotions on water, and this issue is worth considering at greater length.

Pyramid Influence Konstantin Korotkov, PhD. Professor St. Petersburg University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia


by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

The Energy of Consciousness

The EPI/GDV (Electro Photon Imaging) system provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the earliest symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action. These may include identifying an area for further medical exploration, suggesting products that may be beneficial (such as vitamins, minerals, supplements), or evaluating energy, stress and vitality.  In each case, the EPI scan can provide a broad spectrum of information and supportive suggestions. 

This book describes spiritual adventures with mediums, healers, and ordinary people on various continents. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective.

EPI utilizes a weak, electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of  light energy photons.  The electronic “glow” of this discharge (invisible to the human eye) is captured by an optical CCD camera system and then translated into a digital computer file.

Science, Information, and Spirit this is a recurring slogan of his work for many years. This is a book about unusual situations in the world around us, and about unusual lives of apparently o rd i n a r y p e o p l e i n d i ff e re n t c o u n t r i e s . Measurements of health, prayer and love these are only some topics of these studies. Life – is a great adventure in our everyday reality, and you may receive a strong impulse of optimism by reading this book. 120-the-energy-of-consciousness

He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life. He is also a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer of 25 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences. 

He is the author of 9 books; Most of them are translated to English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, including Light After Life: Experiments and Ideas on After-Death Changes of Kirlian Pictures, USA 1998. Aura and Consciousness – New Stage of Scientific Understanding, Russian Ministry of Culture, 1998. Human Energy Fields: Study with GDV Bioelectrography, USA 2002. Spiral Traverse, (USA?) 2006. An editor of the book: Measuring Energy Fields: State of the Art. GDV Bioelectrography series, USA 2004.

Ph.D., Professor Konstantin Korotkov 

holds the following positions:

At the V Congress of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) in Curitiba, Brasil, (Brazil, in USA) in 2001, Dr. Korotkov was elected as President of the IUMAB by the world’s most prominent researchers. He was re-elected as a President in 2005 and 2010. He is a Member of the Federal University Scientific Board on new medical technologies, Member of the Scientific Board of the European Society of Predictive Medicine (France) and of the Editorial Board of the «Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine» (USA).

• Deputy Director of SaintPetersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture. • Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. • Professor of Research in Saint Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture.


The EPC/GDV technique is accepted by Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology and certified in Europe. More than 1000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. More than 150 papers are published on GDV in (how many) different countries.

• President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography. •

Consultant for Aveda Co (USA).

• Member of the Editorial Board: «Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine», “Journal of Science of Healing Outcomes”.

Books available :

The Structure for Life Within the vibrating sound, the momentum of the all-pervasive, vitalizing creatively welling forces and energies take effect. We find within the light, flashing up and brilliantly streaming through space, more the momentum of the forces ordering space, and creating distance, so that the clearly articulated, chanting and the rhythmicity of the vibration stream of sounds and tones. Words appear as “illuminated sounds.” The rhythm-in-flowing as the light in sound, the “fire in water” as the meaning in the word. The Greeks called it Logos and meant the synchronicity of ‘mind’ and ‘speech,’ the sounding Word as announcement of the mind.

Alexander Lauterwasser In many myths of the world ‘water’ appears as the central theme of the genesis of creation; ... The liquid primordial soup is not something ‘arisen’ but the expression of pure becoming and ‘forming,’ a flowing, streaming medium, of the archetypal, embryonic world-seed as living, pulsating vibration.

(NICKLAUS 1994: 21ff;cpl SCHNEIDER 1966:70)


Source: mineral water is the typical high mountain spring water, below is the mineral water from vienna.(Lower Austria, near Vienna) magnification: 100x darkfield

Source: mountain spring water (Granitzl, Mariapfarr, countryside of Salzburg, Austria) magnification: 40x darkfield

water water

black-hole in space



A classical observation from water samples taken above approx.1500m sea level; this pattern is frequently found in mountain spring water samples. Apart from the “black hole”, another characteristic feature is the bluish – sky-like – hue surrounding the darker spot in the center. At these altitudes the contribution from cosmic rays is already much larger – could this promote the formation of the “black hole”?

Water is the Stage Manager

The story needs to be told simply of how water is the stage manager of life, communicating to our bodies’ cells how to be part of a vast biological orchestra; how it distributes energy to make the environment balanced and productive. Indeed the very laws which govern the harmonious movement of the planets also determined the form and behaviour of our organic life, through water. This extraordinary picture of water’s part in the evolution of life derives from the discovery by quantum physics of the field that interconnects all of creation in a vast web of energy. Rudolf Steiner and his interpreter Theodor Schwenk believed that the quantum (or etheric) field contains the encoded data bank of information required for evolution to proceed. The energetic qualities of water at the quantum level: their role in creating and sustaining life and balancing the environment; how water may stimulate evolution by constantly encouraging greater complexity, interdependence and integrity in all of creation; and especially its role in instant communication — all of these qualities I have chosen to synthesise collectively as "the water medium".

Wa ter

By Alick Bartholomew

water This is a picture from a homeopathic eye drop. (medicine)

Macro Micro

drop water

milky way galaxies

Plasmas are highly scalable, and super-computing capabilities have enabled us to model plasma behaviours on galactic scales ... utilizing only a few simple formulae. These models are consistent with reality. - Electric Universe

Matrix water


The Carrier and Matrix of Life

A New Paradigm of Water that Changes All Paradigms.

This tipping point in our understanding is a transformational place,


portal in new realms, where the mystical fuses with scientific. This new imagining takes us beyond the bounds of our present western intellectualism. Theodor Kaluza ,a mathematician, challenged Einstein to produce the evidence for the predicted fifth dimension from his formulas because Einstein thought Scientists and sages are exposing the

them elegant yet lacking in any physical evidence.

mystery of water. The matrix and meaning of life are brought together with visuals

Einstein was open to learning. When he read the

that reveal the complexity in a beautiful

proposed concept of Bose, they developed something

and simple form.

called a new state of matter. The Bose-Einstein condensation is the cloud that matter transition

Sometimes an idea can change the way we think about everything. Water is just one of those ideas. Here is woven a tapestry of where many scientists ideas converge revealing a new paradigm.

through, a gas of quantum particles with amazing properties: unlike a gas of classical particles which will remain a gas unless the particles attract one another, a gas of quantum particles can condense into some kind of liquid even without a force of attraction between them. Plasma is called the forth state of matter. Most of the known universe is matter in its plasma state. Yet there are still finer states of matter (the pure essence of matter), and we must continue to go to the “event horizon� of our knowledge to examine the finer states of matter. Space is just a finer form of the water on earth. It's conductive design is micro to macro, it is system within system. Water is still water in any state and responds to forces that we know little about such as gravity which can change the polarity of water.

Water Ether This three-dimensional map offers a first look at the web-like large-scale distribution of dark matter, an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the Universe's mass.

Marco Micro Waves Noted & Coded

The Signature of Water is seen everywhere in the universe. It is the scaffolding of all structures of life. I suggest that what we call dark (gray) matter is really the pure essence of water.

Water carries the coded information for the transmission of the resonance ratios and harmonic octaves of the quantum field of energy that surrounds all matter. The same description is being used to explain how dark matter with its’ gravitational lensing bends light in space.

Infinite Waves of Possibilities Magnetism shapes DNA in space magnetism_shapes_dna_in_space.html

A Wave is Made of Rotating Spheres Carlos Frenk in England has designed a supercomputer that emulates the universe. By adding five times more dark matter than regular matter and running the program for the equivalent of ten billion years the clumps of matter form the galaxies as we see them in the present universe. Richard Massey of Edinburgh Scotland has calculated graphically the shroud of dark matter that is the scaffolding around every galaxy. Ordinary

Sound Creates and Shapes, Ether/Water is the Medium for Life, H20 gives our word, the breath of life.

matter whether micro or macro lives inside the dark matter scaffolding. The “particulates” of dark (gray) matter have allowed everything we know to form. It is the scaffolding of all life and matter. This dark matter may be the pure essence of water and how it sustains all life in the universe. A simple

Walter Russell’s Wave Cycle Waves and Spheres

form of the “water scaffolding” is when water reconstitutes a dehydrated substance showing waters partnership and power with the development and growth of life. It works harmonically with DNA , our stem cells, the electromagnetic pulses of life. It leaves its signature on everything.

by Gene Webb

Quantum field theory

Gene Webb Suggestion viewing the “ Wormhole” Video

“particulates” of dark (gray) matter

Black Hole Hosts Universe's Most Massive Water Cloud ...The vapor around this particular quasar represents enough water "to fill all the oceans on the Earth over 140 trillion times—that's a lot of water." 2011/07/110726-most-massive-watercloud-quasar-black-hole-space-science/


Star Found Shooting Water "Bullets" "If we picture these jets as giant hoses and the water droplets as bullets, the amount shooting out equals a hundred million times the water flowing through the Amazon River every second," said Lars Kristensen, a postdoctoral astronomer at Leiden University in the Netherlands. 2011/06/110613-space-science-star-waterbullets-kristensen/


Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin Doctorate - Astronomer Otto Struve called it "undoubtedly the most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy". Shapley persuaded Payne to write a doctoral dissertation, and so in 1925 she became the first person to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy from Radcliffe College (now part of Harvard). Her thesis was "Stellar Atmospheres, A Contribution to the Observational Study of High Temperature in the Reversing Layers of Stars".[3] Payne was able to accurately relate the spectral classes of stars to their actual temperatures by applying the ionization theory developed by Indian physicist Meghnad Saha. She showed that the great variation in stellar absorption lines was due to differing amounts of ionization at different temperatures, not to different amounts of elements. She correctly suggested that silicon, carbon, and other common metals seen in the Sun's spectrum were found in about the same relative amounts as on Earth, but that helium and particularly hydrogen were vastly more abundant (for hydrogen, by a factor of about one million). Her thesis thus established that hydrogen was the overwhelming constituent of the stars (see Metallicity). When Payne's dissertation was reviewed, astronomer Henry Norris Russell dissuaded her from concluding that the composition of the Sun is different from that of the Earth, contradicting the accepted wisdom at the time. However, he changed his mind four years later after deriving the same result by different means. After Payne was proven correct, Russell was often given the credit,

Born May 10, 1900 Wendover, Buckinghamshire Died December 7, 1979 (aged 79) Cambridge, Massachusetts Residence Lexington, Massachusetts Citizenship English-American Nationality English Fields Astronomy, Astrophysics Institutions Harvard College Observatory, Harvard University Alma mater Cambridge University, Radcliffe College (Harvard College Observatory) Doctoral advisor Harlow Shapley, Arthur Eddington Doctoral students Frank Kameny Known for Explanation of spectra of Sun, more than 3,000,000 observations of variable stars Notable awards Annie J. Cannon Award in Astronomy (1934), Rittenhouse Medal (1961), Award of Merit from Radcliffe College (1952), Henry Norris Russell Prize (1976)

although he himself acknowledged her work in his paper.

“New” Energy Idea

Salt Water into Fuel Salt water burns!

John Kanzius Redux: Burning Salt Water?

The Floating Water Bridge The most important function of biological water is to facilitate rapid inter-communication between cells and connective tissues, so that the organism can function as a coordinated whole. - Alick Bartholomew

it travels...

it shines...

it spins...

it’s charged.

it spins...

credits: Fuchs/Woisetschlaeger



1 Solid

2 Liquid

3 Gases

4 EZ

A Fourth

Phase of Water?

Is the EZ (exclusion zone) a simple, organized stack of water molecules, or does it have some other crystal-like organization? And does that structure really constitute a fourth phase of water?

scientist named Nikolai Fedyakin discovered that, under certain conditions, water could become unexpectedly stable: it became difficult to freeze and difficult to vaporize. It also seemed denser and more viscous than bulk water. Excited by this unusual stability, Fedyakin took his results to the Soviet Union’s most prominent physical chemist, Boris Derjaguin. Derjaguin was impressed enough to launch a cadre of lieutenants in hot pursuit.


The Russian story began, back, when an obscure

The central question we faced was the exclusion zone’s molecular structure.

creating a crystal largely free of debris. Could ice’s structure offer a clue to EZ structure?

A good way to deduce possible structures is to start by looking for a precedent. If exclusion arises from ordered water, then a logical approach involves investigating known ordered water structures.

The planes of (standard) ice are arranged in

Ice was the most obvious candidate. Ice has a well-known ordered structure. And ice excludes: as it grows, it pushes out molecules and particles,

hexagonal units (Fig. 4.5). Repeating units create the familiar honeycomb sheet made of oxygen and hydrogen. Protons link each sheet to any sheets lying above and below. Those protons bond oxygen atoms, creating ice’s rigid structure. Only every other oxygen is bonded; the remaining oxygens, being electronegative, repel one another, creating the slight pucker evident in each planar sheet.

Figure 4.5. Structural model of common ice viewed from two different angles. Oxygen atoms are red. Hydrogen atoms (not shown) lie midway along the lines connecting the oxygen atoms. Interplanar protons (blue, right) link every other oxygen. The linkages create a pucker, which makes the arrangement of atoms seem less planar and more tetrahedral.

Volvic‐table water .... Detail from the EZ

Blood Hexagonal The term Plasma was borrowed from blood plasma in order to describe its almost life-like and self-organising properties. - Electric Universe

George’s Blood - Sample magnification: 500x darkfield (additional 5x from camera objective) - Left 1000x darkfield

During the drying phase Red blood cells (RBC, each 8μm in diameter) A mature red blood cell is 65% water

group been together to form a hexagonal network – a process well‐ known to healing practitioners, but very rare to see. The hexagonal network remains in place even when the entire cluster moves (tilting the object slide). I just can not explain why suddenly produced the 6‐ dimensionally. I was even able to even see that the 6 ‐ shape remains very stable, even though the entire erythrocyte “cluster" was in motion!

Garlic Leaf The exclusion zone, on the other hand, is not rigid; it behaves as a viscous liquid. This means that the structure of ice does not adequately model the EZ’s structure. A minor tweak of that ice structure, however, provides a possible EZ candidate. The correct EZ structure requires some fluidity; liquids gain their fluidity when constituent layers can slip past one another. For the exclusion zone, then, a model worth considering is a stack of ice-like planes devoid of those rigidifying interplanar proton linkages. Without the linkages,

Corn Stalk

the planes could slide past one another, conferring the required semiliquidity. This model seemed promising.

In a different vein, the planar model helps us to reconcile an issue that chemists have not resolved: why gels retain so much water. Gels hold their water. Remember that gels don’t leak, even when their fractional water content exceeds 99.9 percent of their total mass. Now we can venture an explanation of that phenomenon. The gel matrix comprises numerous hydrophilic strands. The strands’ surfaces convert bulk water into EZ water. The EZ planes stick to those nucleating strands and also to one another; hence, your gelatin dessert remains hydrated. The EZ water doesn’t dribble out.

Finally, the proposed structure makes clear why exclusion zones exclude. They exclude because solutes can enter the EZ lattice only through the hexagonal openings, and those openings are small. The actual impediment is even more formidable: because successive EZ planes are out of register, the effective openings are narrower than the planar hexagonal openings. The lattice is extremely tight, and therefore highly exclusive of solutes. Only protons and smaller entities are small enough to penetrate.


Figure 4.19. Stacked dipole model may lead to wobbling and disorder (left); however, disorder is minimized when elements interconnect to form extensive planar structures (right).

On the other hand, protons ordinarily don’t exist

regular: they may lack oxygen atoms and

as distinct entities; they stick to water molecules

hydrogen atoms at positions that reflect the

to form hydronium ions, which are far bulkier than

nucleating surface’s charge distribution, and they

protons and therefore excluded.

may suffer erosion.

Exclusion of even hydronium ions ensures

Exclusion zones seem both extensive enough and

maintenance of the electrical potential difference

distinct enough to qualify as a separate phase of

between the EZ and the water beyond.

water. Recognition of this “fourth phase” has only just begun. Its elucidation promises to shine light

Real EZs differ from generic EZs. Generic EZs contain full hexagonal lattices. Real EZs are less

on what transpires when water touches practically anything outside or inside.

Dew drop magnification: 40x darkfield

Apart from the meandering capillary, there a particle‐free band surrounding the core of the drop – probably a by product of the exclusion zone while the droplet was still in its liquid phase.

Same dew drop magnification: 600X darkfield

EZ Membranes Surround Bubbles . ..we considered particleparticle “sociology�: likelikes-like attractions drew like-charged particles together into ordered arrays and sometimes into coalescence. Given enough time, like-likeslike attractions between bubbles can bring order.

Drew Drop

Gerald Pollack

like likes like It stands to reason if we are made of 70% water, and come from water, that we would have the proporties of water and behave like water. Karen Elkins

Foam, scanned by myself, GNU FDL

The bubbles tend to cluster, Just like people who cluster to their family, community, religion or country.

bubble-free regions in between. Just like people, we live spaces between our homes, towns and cities.

We Cluster Organisms like to bond to like. In this framework, agents that inhibit the like-likes-like attraction should inhibit clustering.

Sometimes smaller clusters will grow into larger ones. Yep!

Bubble-bubble attractions can also be seen underwater. Yes we tend to school together.

Science Gerald Pollack Social Commentary Karen Elkins

Figure 4.14. Shifting successive planes by 60° yields a helical structure.

(The magnetic field lines and current paths in a Birkeland current (or magnetic rope). Image credit: http:// SP-345/ch15.htm#250

How does the EZ construction process begin? Hydrophilic surfaces generally contain oxygen

honeycomb, then the surface itself could be

atoms, and one possibility is that those surface-

thought of as the first EZ plane. Additional

oxygen atoms form a template. If enough of

planes would then stack from that template

those atoms’ positions correspond to the


positions of oxygen atoms on the EZ

With rave pre-reviews, Gerald Pollack’s book on water will be available in early 2013 from Ebner and Sons The book is designed for the non-expert. Pollack invites us to open our eyes and re-experience our natural world, to take nothing for granted, and to reawaken our childhood dream of having things make sense. A preliminary version of the book can be freely downloaded from Pollack’s homepage

Research Work of Dr Gerald Pollack More Video’s and Articles

Honors & Awards

Pollack’s book, Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life ( builds on the central role of water for biology. It provides evidence that much of the water in the cell is very near to one or another hydrophilic surface

■ ■ ■ ■

and therefore ordered, and that cell behavior can be properly understood only if this feature is properly taken into account. It goes on to show that seemingly complex behaviors of the cell can be understood in simple terms once a proper

■ ■

understanding of water and surfaces is achieved. ■

Honorary Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences 2005

Fellow, Biomedical Engineering Society, 2005

National Science Board Task Force for Transformative Research, Advisor, 2005-2006

Inaugural Chair, Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, 2006, continuing

Annual Faculty Lecture Award, 2008 See archived video of the lecture

Founding Editor-in-Chief, WATER :A Multidisciplinary Research Journal 2009

NIH Transformative R01 Award, 2009.

The book is an award-winning best seller, yet it has aroused debate because it questions some long-held basic features of cell function such as membrane channels and pumps.

Selected Publications

Many others

have praised the insights obtained from building on a foundation of first principles (see book website above). One prominent reviewer from Harvard University opines that the book is “a 305 page preface to the future of cell biology.”

Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life, Ebner and Sons, Seattle, 2001 Zheng, J.-M., Chin, W. –C, Khijniak, E., Khijniak, E., Jr., Pollack, G. H. Surfaces and Interfacial Water: Evidence that hydrophilic surfaces have long-range impact.  Adv. Colloid Interface Sci.  127:  
 19-27,  2006.

Klyuzhin, I, Symonds, A, Magula, J and Pollack, GH: A new method of 
 water purification based on the particleexclusion phenomenon.   
 Environ. Sci and Techn, 42(16) 6160-6166,

Ovchinnikova, K and Pollack, GH: Can water store charge? Langmuir,
 25: 542-547, 2009.

Zhao, Q, Ovchinnikova, K, Chai, B., Yoo, H, Magula, J and Pollack, GH. 
 Role of proton gradients in the mechanism of osmosis.  J. Phys Chem  B
 113: 10708-10714, 2009.

Nagornyak, E, Yoo, H and Pollack, GH: Mechanism of attraction between like-charged particles in aqueous solution. Soft Matter, 5, 3850 – 3857, 2009.

Chai, B, Yoo, H. and Pollack, GH: Effect of Radiant Energy on Near- Surface Water. J. Phys. Chem B 113: 13953-13958, 2009.

Liquid Crystalline

The starting point of the new cell biology is the

the activation energy and specific resonances that

quantum electro-dynamical nature of life, based on

super- facilitate the numerous chemical reactions

quantum coherent water created by fluctuations of the ambient electromagnetic field (zero-point field

that life entails. Such liquid crystalline water interfaces could well have been responsible for the

or vacuum field) and stabilized on interfaces as

origin of life itself, by synthesizing the simple

liquid crystalline water. Liquid crystalline water not only provides the excited electrons and protons to

building blocks and polymers that created the first protoplast by molecular resonances and self-

fuel the redox dynamo that generates life, but also

assembly. - Mae-Wan Ho

Atomic Resonance as a Framework for Life

All life on Earth is composed mostly of carbon-12 and water. This is the case because carbon-12 bonds or resonates with more simple elements than any other element in the universe. It is for this very reason that carbon-12 is the international standard for atomic weight and all other elements are measured against it. With 6 protons + 6 neutrons in its nucleus and 6 electrons orbiting in two shells, carbon-12 exhibits the lowest possible energy of all the elements and is said to be ‘unbound’, thereby creating the most stable atomic geometry possible. When mixed with water, carbon-12 creates endless chains of sticky amino acids capable of crystallizing into life.

because just as minerals align under pressure into lattices, coils of amino acids fold under pressure into threedimensional protein structures, aligning into the familiar helical lattice of DNA. It is the geometric pressure of hydrogen atoms in water that helps create the lattice and give DNA its twist. In recent molecular studies of water, biochemist Martin Chaplin found that water organizes itself naturally into a lattice of icosahedral clusters, just as Greek philosopher Plato proposed more than two millennia ago. Water really

Richard Merrick

This idea of life as a crystallization process is a good one

does resemble the 12- pointed, 20- faceted geometry of an icosahedron. The water lattice begins as 4-fold tetrahedral units of 14 water molecules, aligning into 20 clusters to create the geometry of a 280-molecule water icosahedron (Fig 4). This structure then assumes a variety of stable, geometric substructures (such as its complementary dodecahedron) that form into even larger superclusters. At this mesoscopic scale of water, molecules arrange themselves into a 2-dimensional connectivity map of a regular 5- fold pentagon.

resonance creation The inspiration for my soundtrack has been a fascination with how the body plays, moves, talks to itself, balances and creates health at every moment. At the same time it communicates with the fluid forces of Nature, Earth, and the Matrix - intelligent fields that enfold and inform us. Fluid is also an homage to the brilliance of water that enables this process. Above all it is an art piece designed for pleasure. I hope that we will enjoy hearing (and envisioning) ourselves in rhythms, frequencies, tones and pulsating t i d e s - p o s s i b l y re m e m b e r i n g s o m e aboriginal magic that lives within us. Did we once know how to be connected to everything else, in joy, flow and abundance? Sample Here


is a story of resonance

It seems we are entering a new phase for our species some call ‘resonance creation.’ Resonance creation is now replacing causal a deep process of integration with a new kind of consciousness. We are being rewired to include all of our intelligences, not just the mind! Perhaps this new consciousness could be called Sensual Consciousness, meaning we are going to be operating with full heart and body unity from our deep core, feeling no discord between what we feel and what we think. Harmony will be the new health...a total vibrational alignment between all systems of the body and the way it interfaces with Earth and the Matrix, what some might call the pure potential of zero point energy. This new intelligence balances the body’s wisdom with the mind. It is a unified field of function, beautifully coherent with a free flow of information. Emotion is involved, but it is more like feeling... sensation-based. No more command and control! This is an exciting new navigation system. We ARE the Rainbow Bridge!

by Susan Alexjander excerpts from an article

 Sculptures by Rebecca Kamen The Measure of All Things ( F l u i d exhibit)and Divining Nature, an Elemental Garden

A Fluid, Open System Many indigenous and mystical traditions, ancient and modern healing modalities and philosophies have pondered the mysteries of life-force. But a single theme is shared: everything is in touch with everything else. Planetary rotations and seasons, atomic frequencies, biophotons, emotional and intellectual cycles, circadian rhythms, heartbeats.... everything moves in



Every moment, galaxies of frequencies find their way together in this vast oceanic complex we call body/cosmos/earth. It is a fluid world. What a celebration!

divine concert with an unseen, animating spark. At the same time there is such fined-tuned coherence that in an ideal system the slightest perturbation can be felt, like a tiny note from a single instrument in the orchestra. Scientist Mae Wan Ho calls this “quantum jazz,” and William Sutherland, osteopath, has said: “Every drop knows the tide.” My assignment then: how does the body do this vibrational dance of connection, and which frequencies, rhythms and sounds do I work with? One single cell alone is thought to complete 100,000 chemical reactions per second! In trying to discover a design for Fluid I have borrowed from all available wisdoms. While it is impossible to know life’s alchemical secrets, one modality has became my guiding light: cranial-sacral therapy.

"Cloud-like elements from the periodic table, created by Rebecca Kamen for the exhibit Divining Nature, Elemental Garden.

“There is no drop of water in the ocean, not even in the deepest parts of the abyss, that does not know and respond to the mysterious forces that create the tide.� - Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us.

When the Breath of Life first enters the body it spirals into what will be the brain at the region of the third ventricle (third chakra area), swirls around and then organizes itself around our future midline of the body, what was once our original notochord (it is actually creating the growth of our form). This midline will also become a powerful nadi, or energy pathway called the Sushumna. From the midline it generates tidal rhythms - movements away and back to the midline, and up and down. These are not waves, nor pulses. They are tides, where everything moves together. The long tide takes one hundred seconds to complete; the mid-tide twenty-four seconds and the third tide, the fastest which is called the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse or CRI, fluctuates from about seven to twelve seconds. These tides co-arise and enfold within each other, balancing energies in the body. They can also be felt around the body in the outer fields of It feels like streaming forces and fields of quantum light, with rhythmic spiral motions...a shimmering, electric wind.

the aura. Practitioners can detect these extremely subtle movements through their hands as they palpate the cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord.

These tides have fascinating ‘personalities.’. The Long Tide is often described as an experience of descending to the bottom of the ocean....a huge, gentle expansion; an organizing wind. It feels like streaming forces and fields of quantum light, with rhythmic spiral motions...a shimmering, electric wind. It is a subtle radiance that is thought to generate the other tides. Biologists are well-acquainted with a rhythmic phenomenon within protoplasm called protoplasmic streaming. This is a fundamental expression of life which has a regular rate of one cycle every 100 seconds, no matter what the conditions.

breath of life



The tides arise out of one of the most beautiful processes I’ve ever encountered.... Dynamic Stillpoints.

A stillpoint is just that...a period when the body seems to be perfectly still around a fulcrum, or balance point that the practicioner creates with his/her two hands. Of course it is not still at all, but a place and time of tremendous potency when the body is gathering power and energy to reorganize itself. Primary Respiration waits here, then suddenly creates a groundswell, generating spiralling tides out from the midline. As it does, the body reorganizes its energies and rebalances, often with an abrupt rush and release. Hans Jenny’s Cymatics videos show us this same drama when the intensity (or loudness) of a sound frequency is increased. The plasticine material on his metal plate which is receiving the frequency quivers and holds fast to its chosen form at that moment, but then suddenly undergoes a total transformation to a new shape. Likewise, all of our body’s systems respond to these new forces of change which arise out of stillpoints.

Hans Jenny - Cymatics

Divine Number: I had found a framework, a container for my ideas in this healing modality of a primary life-force and the balancing rhythms it generates. But before continuing with further cranial-sacral details, it makes sense to pause and explain that my art of recent years has been about rendering the vibrations of the natural world into sonic stories. I want to know how things relate, match up, influence each other. I research for many months, sometimes years, using a variety of methods such as scientific data, philosophy and metaphysics, shamanism, Pythagorean harmonics, and so forth. But the one method I cannot work without is called Gematria, an ancient science of matching alphabet letters with numbers. Numbers have living energy. They tell stories in the way that they match, or don’t; math is also mythic. Gematria is an ancient system that has been used by almost every language: Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Sanskrit, and so forth. I use it for English. It’s very simple: A = 1, B = 2, etc. Take a word, add up the numbers and the result tells a story. For instance, take the word “power.” P=16, O=15, W=23, E=5, R= 18. Total of 16+15+23+5+18 equals 77. Seventy-seven can be read as a code, a vibration, and even a tone. As a tone, or 77Hz, it would be a D# on a temperament chart. As a double seven, tradition would see it as heavily involved with process (7) and action. This is a very respected research technique. The Greeks used it to double-check their translations from Hebrew into Greek. If the gematria of the word seemed ‘off,’ the translation was probably wrong. After fifteen years of using it myself I have found it invaluable as a clue to finding out how things relate. Examples will be peppered throughout this article, but just as a start, the gematria of the word fluid is 52...G#. This number and its octaves (explained soon) suggest very strong energies coming from ‘source’ and essential ways the world works vibrationally. The Golden Section or Phi, the ratio of 1.618 which describes sacred processes of growth and almost single-handedly appears in data when a human heart is in resonance with deep appreciation and love, is a lower octave of 51.7 (1.618 doubled five times)...almost identical to fluid.



Walter Russell’s periodic table The words god, vortex, nova, heart and earth fall also on this vibrational number. “Fluid” is in powerful company.

"Cellular Dialogue", symbolizes the (micro) water in the cells (center forms) and their relationship to the radiolarian forms in the (macro) ocean. This was a part of the FLUID Exhibition a collaboration with sculptor  Rebecca Kamen, first opened at the S m i t h  C e n t e r F o r H e a l i n g A r t s G a l l e r y i n Washington, DC, spring of 2012.   

Susan Alexjander Susan has a Master’s degree in Theory and Composition from San Jose State University in California. Her compositions have been performed throughout the United States, including collaborations with dance companies, filmmakers and sculptors for gallery installations.

In addition to a twenty year university‐level teaching career in music, she is an avid presenter of workshops on the physics and metaphysics of sound. Her main love since 1988 has been to research vibrational frequencies from the natural world of molecules, stars, elements, body rhythms, time cycles, water etc., and to translate those patterns into sound. This is motivated by a desire to hear the dance; the sonic landscape in which “everything is, on some level, communicating with everything else.”

Her album Sequencia is internationally known for pioneering sound based on the molecular frequencies of DNA, and has been featured on major radio stations, galleries and exhibits throughout the world. Her film soundtracks with filmmaker Diana Hobson have been featured in Europe and the US. For more, visit: music_samples.html

Full Article see on Susan’s website

Rebecca Kamen
 My sculptor partner, Rebecca Kamen, and I began our investigations for this installation towards the end of 2009. Rebecca had an insight that the project should be called Fluid. But what did Fluid mean? After months of discussions, the idea of life-force and vitality evolved for both of us....flowing incoming and outgoing energies, choices the body/mind makes in balancing, dimensions of meaning and levels of seemed overwhelming, but we were fascinated. Just what is life force anyway? What is health? What journey were we on?

"See these Atom Structures Come Alive"

Manuscript as Muse

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. “Albert Einstein

“Many people look at books as obsolete, especially in the digital age of accessing information. As an artist, I have always perceived scientific rare books as a creative opportunity to inspire profound form. The process of layering graphite and acrylic paint on sheets of mylar, visually portray the significance of pages in a book.  Each layer like a book page, when viewed together creates a complex visual narrative, giving meaning to form”.

Re b e c c a

K a m e n

Re b e c c a K a m e n Manuscript as Muse manuscript-as-muse-installation-view/

Water water-based CymaGlyhs

Sound, Light & Time in Water by John Stuart Reid

Liquid water has seemingly magical properties; even in our scientific world this life-giving and perfectly transparent substance still holds many mysteries. In one area  of research the word 'magical' seems even more appropriate: Cymatics. For anyone witnessing a demonstration of live  cymatics on a CymaScope instrument there is usually a sharp intake of breath as beautiful geometrical patterns arise on the water's surface under the influence of sound. The revealing medium for fluid cymatics is of course light and in an almost literal sense, sound is converted to light by the cymatic process. Since cymatics is concerned with a dynamic continuum of events, the cymatic energy patterns also reflect the time domain. Thus, cymatics is truly a convergence of Sound, Light and Time, revealed by water.

Smithsonian Star Station Stars sounds made visible on CymaScope

Ever since Hans Jenny

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines magic as "the power to influence the course of

experimented with cymatics in

events by mysterious or supernatural forces." In

the 1960's, the emergent

the case of cymatics there is more than a grain of

science of cymatics has lain almost dormant, until now.

truth in this definition; sonic interactions with water, both surface and subsurface, remain largely mysterious. However, having worked for a decade in cymatics, a degree of progress has been made in

Now, new windows are opening

understanding these complex, dynamic processes.

into this realm of sound, light

Some results of this decade-long study is being


and time. It's about time.

published by Elsevier [Oxford] in a book called The Mereon Matrix-Unity, Perspective and Paradox [Spring 2013]. The Mereon Matrix project concerns a vibrational template  that may lie at the  heart of all matter. The team of researchers working on this recognize that the CymaScope  instrument is providing a window  that  could help further their research into matter. Readers of Science to Sage will want to make a mental note to  look out for this groundbreaking book  in 2013, and may appreciate browsing

Silver Shimmer Shimmer, shimmer, liquid silver, Water has no mind but will; The will to merge with other waters, The will to grow yet greater still. Â And if mankind could be like water, And if mankind could merge their wills, Would not our souls like silver shimmer? Would not our souls be greater still?

by John Stuart Reid

Sound Water water-based CymaGlyhs


actually happens inside

when we go about our business of living? When we dance, do our tissues, cells and molecules dance too? Do they dance when we sit still?

By Mae-wan Ho

Quantum Jazz Have you ever

We can show you what happens inside small organisms under a microscope, a special microscope that enables us

wondered what being alive is like?

to see right through to their tissues and cells, and especially their molecules as they are busy being alive. The short video I am about to show you(Quantum Jazz Part 1, by Andy Watton at ISIS, setting the clips to music made by Julian Haegee, also at ISIS. v=0xKL4IPVZOM&feature=relmfu

. . . c o h e re n t activities on every s c a l e , f ro m t h e macroscopic down to the molecular...

Excerpts from the article

Physics of the rainbow worm

The quantum coherent organism plays quantum jazz to create and recreate herself from moment to moment. Quantum jazz is the music of the organism dancing life into being. Quantum jazz is played out by the whole organism, in every nerve and sinew, every muscle, every single cell,

I found myself peering down the polarizing microscope that geologists use to look at rock crystals, and saw a rainbow dancing in a worm. This worm was a little fruit fly embryo freshly emerged from an egg.

molecule, atom, and elementary particle, a light and sound display that spans 70 octaves in all the colours of the rainbow.

It was not unique. All organisms look like that.

Living organisms have such a high degree of molecular coherence that they appear as dynamic liquid crystal displays. You can see the images on the cover of my book The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms. My book presented theoretical arguments and empirical evidence for two new ideas: a circular thermodynamics of organisms and, by analogy, sustainable systems; and the quantum coherence or organisms, thanks to its liquid crystalline water matrix of quantum molecular machines. The two aspects are of course completely interlinked.

Organisms are so coherent because they are liquid crystalline.

That means all the molecules in their tissues and cells embedded in a matrix of water, are aligned according to their electrical polarities and furthermore all moving coherently as a whole. The water associated with macromolecules and membranes I call liquid crystalline water because it does have a liquid crystalline order, and it is what makes quantum jazz possible, as I shall elaborate.

It is the radical wholeness, or quantum coherence of the organism that profoundly transforms our view of health and disease. The organism in the ideal is a quantum superposition of its coherent activities over all space-times, constituting a pure dynamic state towards which the system tends to return. In the language of quantum theory, it is a macroscopic quantum being, and has a wave function that never ceases to evolve by entangling other quantum organisms in its environment.

The organism is thick with coherent activities on every scale, from the macroscopic down to the molecular and below. I call the totality of these activities “quantum jazz� to highlight the immense diversity and multiplicity of players, the complexity and coherence of the performance, and above all, the freedom and spontaneity (see Quantum Jazz, SiS.

The quantum coherence of organisms is The Biology of Free Will (ISIS Scientific publication). In liberating itself from the laws of mechanistic physics, from mechanical determinism and mechanistic control, the organism becomes a sentient, coherent being that is free, from moment to moment, to explore and create her possible futures.

The quantum coherent organism plays quantum jazz to create and recreate herself from moment to moment. Quantum jazz is the music of the organism dancing life into being. Quantum jazz is played out by the whole organism, in every nerve and sinew, every muscle, every single cell, molecule, atom, and elementary particle, a light and sound display that spans 70 octaves in all the colours of the rainbow.

There is no conductor or choreographer. Quantum jazz is written as it is performed; each gesture, each phrase is new, shaped by what has gone before, though not quite. The organism never ceases to experience her environment and taking it in (entangling it) for future reference, modifying her liquid crystalline matrix and neural circuits, recoding and rewriting her genes, as described in the series Life after the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology [and more recently, the Epigenetics & Beyond series).

The quantum jazz player lives strictly in the now, the ever-present overarching the future and the past, composing and rewriting her life history as she goes along, never quite finishing until she dies. But her script is passed on to the next generation; not just to her biological ospring, but the species as a whole. Each generation rewrites, edits, and adds to the score, making it unique.

Intercommunication is the key to quantum jazz Intercommunication is the key to quantum jazz. It is done to such sublime perfection that each molecule is eectively intercommunicating with every other; so each is as much in control as it is sensitive and responsive. And intercommunication is predominantly electronic and electromagnetic, thanks to liquid crystalline water. That is why we are sensitive to the very weak electromagnetic fields of the mobile phone and wireless networks saturating our environment, and not just us, but all organisms, birds and bees (Drowning in a Sea of Microwaves, Mobile Phones & Vanishing Birds, Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees. And the evidence has strengthened with regards to mobile phones and brain cancer. Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer.

water revolution Quantum coherence is the ‘I’ in everyone that gives unity to Water is not only essential for

conscious experience, as Schrödinger points out (Quantum

life, it also embodies all that life

Coherence and Conscious Experience, ISIS scientific publication).

entails: spontaneous and free‐

This ideal coherent whole,

fl o w i n g , s e n s i t i v e a n d responsive, accommodating

I suggest, is also the ideal of health. The coherent organism is a unity of brain and body, heart and mind, an undivided bundle of

and flexible, yet effective and powerful. It is emblematic of the organic revolution that has been taking place in physical

intellect and passion, flesh, blood, and sinew that lives life to the full, freely and spontaneously, attuned not just to the immediate environment, but the universe at large.

“The meaning of life, the universe and everything”

science and the arts, but still waiting to happen in biology

Mae-Wan Ho obtained her BS in Biology in 1964 and her PhD in Biochemistry in

and in society at large.

1967 from Hong Kong University. She was a postdoctoral fellow in Biochemical

Mae‐Wan Ho

G e n e t i c s f ro m 1 9 6 8 - 1 9 7 2 a t t h e University of California in San Diego during which time she won a competitive fellowship of the US National Genetics Foundation. She then became a Senior Research Fellow in Queen Elizabeth College in the UK.  Ho then became a lecturer in Genetics in 1976 and a reader in Biology in 1985 in the London Open University.  In 1999, Ho founded ISIS, The Institute of Science in Society in London, to promote her views and views of other scientists of like-mind.Dr. Ho retired in June 2000 and remains a Visiting Reader in Biology at the Open University and is a visiting Biophysics professor in Catania University, Sicily.  Today, Dr. Ho has close to 300 publications including 47 experimental works. (ISIS,2004)

Thank you


Solution the frequency of loving.

Shifting consciousness through our thoughts, through our words, and prayers, and through our commitment to respect each other shapes our world into one of


and gratitude. May our understanding of water, and help bring peace to all humankind.

As Emoto relates, “If you shine a light on those around you with the words you use, you won’t ever have to walk in the dark.”



Emoto Dr. Emoto has been studying water as a medium to transcribe "Hado," translated as "wave" and "sound." Dr. Emoto has theorized that since water has the ability to receive a wider range of frequencies (Hado) than human beings, it may reflect the universe.


Love & Gratitude

In 2003 the United Nations proclaimed the years 2005-2015 as its International Water for Life Decade, which urges citizens of the world to take individual responsibility to learn all about water. In a time



environmental catastrophes and natural disasters, The Secret of Water and his notfor-profit book, The Message from Water children’s version, show the necessity of protecting water, and offer messages of hope and empowerment.

An Urgent Message Masaru Emoto The warnings and attention regarding radioactive material that was scattered by the accident near the nuclear plant in Fukushima, has seemed to calm down, but the actual situation is not so. The Japanese Government is putting off the solution to all problems, hiding the facts, and with irresponsibility and a nonhumanitarian post processing policy.

Properly speaking, it’s the responsibility of Japanese government to solve this problem. Currently, in the present political situation, it is very difficult to persuade or move them. But, when we consider the future of the children's health, there is not a second to lose. If Japan becomes a country of fallout, this is not only a problem in Japan, as it will sweep over this earth like domino in the twinkling of an eye. Even Japanese citizens are not informed of the facts. For example, the hospitals in Fukushima performed the thyroidal echo check on children 18 years or younger, living in Fukushima in last August. There were 38,000 children examined and a thyroid gland cyst or a tubercle was found on 36% of the children who were examined. I became aware of this after reading an article, “The Nuclear Sacrifice of Our Children: 14 Recommendations to Help

Please help

Radiation Contaminated Japan" written by Dr. Helen Cardicott, an Australian pediatrician. Dr. Helen is a well-known doctor of medicine worldwide and was also a candidate for a Nobel Prize. She warns us that if no one takes measures against the radiation exposure to children and people of

the Children of Fukushima

Fukushima, the results may be the worst ever.

Plant accident, thyroid cancer began to be discovered in 3-4 years after the accident happened. Since then, over 92,000 people have been diagnosed of thyroid cancer. It is no doubt that the amount of radioactive iodine the children in Fukushima absorbed was tremendously high, because symptom already began to appear at a much early time period. I have been studying about water and Hado for the past 25 years. In October 1999 when the Tokaimura radiation leak accident happened, I took crystal photograph of the water from a well located only 400 meters away from the scene of the accident .


According to the reports, in the case of the Chernobyl Nuclear

gratitude & love

This crystal picture to the side represents a water sample affected by the radioactive material.

Since radioactive material is a material of the ‘Hado’ world, I was not surprised to see that the damaged crystal image from the radiation contaminated water changed to a beautiful crystal image, when I imprinted the Hado of “Love and Gratitude” into the water that was previously contaminated with radiation.

The fact that this beautiful diamond shaped water crystal formed from the same radiation water after the Hado of love & gratitude was imprinted, means that the Law of Nature settled into the water, that is, the influence of a radioactive material has been successfully removed. As a medical doctor of alternative medicine from 1987 to 1997, I examined many of the patients who suffered from cancers and other disease. During that time I successfully assisted the patient in curing their illness using the water that I imprinted with Hado information. Using the same method, I have confidence that if the children and people of Fukushima drink the Hado water that we can provide, that the fearful radiations effects Dr. Helen’s article warned can can absolutely be avoided.

However, the government is supervising so that people may not perform business which takes the advantage of a disaster or selling something which is not yet accepted by the government. Telling people that this product is effective to reduce radioactive influence is strongly forbidden. Officially I believe that it is blaspheming to sell water to children. So, I started a nonprofit organization to appeal for cooperation to many people. The Emoto Peace Project. I ask each of you for your corporation, especially to all of the people living overseas. I have asked similar requests to the world when the last earthquake hit in Japan and we were grateful to have received the support of many donations from around the world. It is unfortunate to have to ask of you such a request again, but, in order to save the the future health of the children in Fukushima, we need provide the water continuously and we need supporters to do so. I am currently recruiting new overseas members for non-profit organization, The Emoto Peace Project (EPP). With the help of donation from

Join Peacemakers Around the world with The Emoto Peace Project Membership EPP Membership Qualification: A person who resonates with Masaru Emoto, a missionary of water, a person willing to work with him and share the activities to achieve global peace. 1.EPP Corporate Membership Corporate Members will have a right to use commercially the crystal pictures which were taken in our laboratory and have been published in the past. (An application is needed in advance.) Annual fee : US$3000 or Euro2400 2.EPP Special Membership Special member will receive 100 books of Children version of “Messages from Water”. Annual fee: US$1300 or Euro 1000 3.EPP General Membership General member will receive an English newsletter by E-mail in three months. You can also contributes messages freely in the newsletter. Annual fee : US$200 or Euro150 To request a membership application please email Donations or Memberships Payment can be made by Paypal to

supporters, like you, we have distributed the children version of “Message from Water” for the past six years to the children around the world for free. At the moment, there are supporters in thirty different countries, and books are printed in each language. If you are interested in supporting our peace project, I sincerely ask you to support by making a donation. It doesn’t matter how much, and amount helps and WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you resonate with my work and mission, I would like to ask you to make a special donation and apply to join the Emoto Peace Project Membership.

Also it can be paid by Bank transfer. Here's our bank account information: Payee: Emoto Peace Project Bank: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Branch: Asakusabashi Account number: 0077471 Branch number: 069 Swift code: BOTKJPJT Bank Address: 1-23-6 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052 Japan I very much appreciate each and every one of you and your participation and especially any contribution to our global peace movement by citizens of world. With my sincere love & gratitude, Masaru Emoto


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Water has Memory - http:// http:// om/watch? v=ILSyt_Hhbjg

Water is a Liquid Tape Recorder

The work of Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig and

Now that we know that water acts as our tape

Prof. Schweitzer has demonstrated how

recorder, remember it can only playback what

water acts as a liquid tape recorder. Water

is input.

stores and transmits electromagnetic vibrations. This emphasizes the fact that we are our thoughts spoken in words.

Both Images:Geysir (Island) magnification: 200x darkfield

water water

Is this

Nature’s attempt to mimic an integrated circuit? An interesting fact regards the liquid phase around the crystal – even after weeks it did not evaporate, but remained firmly attached to the solid phase. Could be related to the hygroscopic attraction of the super-saturated saline solution – supply from ambient humidity?

Maybe the nucleization core was able to generate the crystal, but stopped at some time as the lattice-energy was no longer sufficient to fuel the growth of the crystal, a kind of homeostatic equilibrium?



Concept of a black-hole

Marine water sample from Bora‐Bora, French‐Polynesia taken just above the coral reef.


Rock imprinted by seaweed

What’s striking in this image are the distinct and straight lines that create an illusion of going into or coming out of the surface layer; Just look at the pattern – there is a regularity in the drying process,; i.e. the centermost dark line followed by two light lines, surrounded again by a solid line and so forth .... With the process itself not being strictly periodic .... Sample: marine salt sample (Bora Bora) magnification: 200x darkfield


Thought Forms

Healing Solution Our resonance transmit our character.

It also shows how our

vibration of our words create, and shape our reality.

Holy Water used in Baptism takes on an entirely new meaning when it is infused

This is why laughter can be healing and how water can be blessed.

with prayer and blessed

Crystal are also used in computers and our watches to store and

thought. Water also has the ability to clean, refresh,

transmit information.

quench, resets restores.


In Search of Wholly Water by Josef Tyls

Holy water (Eugendorf near Salzburg, Austria) magnification: 100x darkfield - courtesy of Georg Schercher

Ancient holy texts... are filled with the accounts of holy men, mystics and healers spending their entire lives looking for, investigating and witnessing an event they called ‘the healing’, which all religious faiths call ‘a creation of God’. These very detailed accounts around the world in all languages, which number by the thousands, describe ‘the hidden from plain view’ consequences of thoughts, sounds and effects witnessed by intentionally applying any form of energy/consciousness to water, and the resulting changes to the very substance we simply call water. This has been an ongoing process over many centuries where people, pilgrims, and now science is looking for the reasons why places like Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, Lourdes in France, Baden Baden in Germany, Halcyon Hot Springs in British Columbia are all known for their healing qualities. Some of these spring waters have been bottled and sold as health tonics for nearly 150 years.

The unique latent energies and therapeutic quality of these waters have been witnessed in Europe for centuries. European mineral water spas are managed by medical communities, which monitor patient progress and see many positive results. The healing effects that take place are the results of enhanced biological processes of the body, through deep tissue osmosis of trace minerals, salts and latent energies.

The waters from many of these springs have been tested and found to contain a variety of unique mineral combinations that integrate well with human biology. In the book “Message in the Water” (, Dr. Emoto has cataloged pictures of frozen water crystal from healing water springs around the world.

Carlsbad, Baden Baden, Lourdes, and many healing springs are able to create profound physical shifts effectively curing ailments, yet free of the toxic by-products commonly associated with all pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Spa Water

Revitalizing Water The ancients, which were supposedly primitive and did not have access to advanced technology, did in fact produce incredible water advances, as witnessed in Peru. The use of specific crystals in underground catch basins for absorbing minerals and energies that support and promote life, are centuries old and still operating today. Intentionally arranged waterfalls, where water is directed to collide with large crystals, engages a piezoelectric effect upon the water, effectively neutralizing all aerobic life forms while enhancing the absorption of atmospheric oxygen. The resulting highly ionized field of the waterfall is a very sophisticated complex system based upon the knowledge of ionization, electrons and chemistry. It simply is the most effective process of revitalizing water naturally using the best available method, yet it is very old‌ The human body is very dependent upon water quality consumed, as all internal processes are controlled and regulated by water.

Fractal, Lattice Matrix

The recent discoveries in quantum physics has

Dr. Emoto’s research with water crystal

begun to explain how the fundamental structure

formations has shed a vast amount of light upon

of matter, such as water, which chemists see only

a normally hidden structure of water. His work

as H2O, is far more elaborate and has properties

has enabled researchers to see the differences

that cannot be simplified into a single statement

that clearly show how many environmental

as H2O. The multidimensional, holographic

factors and thoughts, intentions, and prayer can

fractal, lattice matrix, which is the energy platform

transform the delicate structures from chaotic

that water exists upon, is more closely related to

fractured forms into beautifully arranged fractals

the shape structure similar to that of a DNA

that inspire us to call them perfectly beautiful.

string, at the center of a Toroid’s axis, and this may explain why water is able to store and share informational energy with the quantum field.

Wa v e Fo r m s In this Science to Sage issue Water CymaGlyphs clearly show images of sound creating very defined coherent wave forms in the water. The relationship of these wave forms to the frozen water crystals shown in Dr. Emoto’s work, can be clearly seen as interrelated and symmetry is the key element in nature.

Courtesy of Dr. Emoto

CymaGlyphs courtesy of John Stuart Reid

The vast difference from the chaotic filled disturbed structures, that are seen from the damaged and poisoned water sources, are grossly obvious and in direct opposition to symmetry. The proof as they say ‘is in the pudding’ or physical evidence, and there is plenty of evidence, as polluted water sources either have very little life or grossly deformed organisms. When this water is consumed by animals and humans, the results are the same, disease and death.

The restoration of water is one of the most important issues which humanity shall face in the years to come, as the second industrial revolution has exploded in China and India, without any of the modern failsafe mechanisms in place. The population densities in both countries produce bio and industrial waste at a staggering 40 billion tons of raw sewage per year, going into the oceans.

“ WA T E R I S L I F E ” . There are many who will attempt to argue this point, yet the absolute reason, for all biological life forms to exist, is water,… There are individuals who will attempt to say, gold is the most valuable substance, yet no living creature, especially man, can consume gold and live… The arrogant and ignorant shall attempt to stave off any connection with the fact, that their body is

Most of the challenge associated with this

absolutely tied and connected to the quality of the

problem is corporate greed, paid governmental

water they consume, and the state of health is

ignorance and apathy, which effectively stifle any

absolutely controlled by the quality of the water

real attempts to control and manage the issue. As

contained in the body. Dr. Beauchamp

natural resources are plentiful and labour is

championed this truth, and Dr. Pasture conceded

cheap, the dirty business goes on at the expense of the earth’s biosphere.

at the end of his life that the environment (internal water) was of utmost importance and not the fault

We are standing at a technological precipice

of the organisms contained in the water, which he

which will either open an exciting new level of

believed were the source of all diseases.

knowledge, once severely coveted by the clergy, or we shall experience the undeniable

The advance of science has brought many

consequences of ignorance and suffer the same

amazing discoveries, yet this very fact has

fate as the Romans, which drank from lead water

created the most critically challenged state. The

basins and lead mugs. Did Nero play a violin as

preponderance of artificial by-products from

Rome burnt to the ground? One may say, that it

industrial wastes and genetically modified

was a sign of insanity or heavy metal poisoning…

organisms are proliferating the very water we all




commodity upon our planet

require for life. The quest for immortality has taken humanity on a journey into self-destruction as more and more

is pure water. There is no

technology is used to isolate humans from the

other more precious

of chemically modified elements, compounds,

substance; simply put

very substance of earth that gives us life. The use

vaccines and GMO’s with the belief that we shall conquer death is absurd at best.

As the truth is obvious and gross showing the ratio of numbers of people who die from cancer, disabled from autism, traumatized from injections, while the numbers keep growing daily. The governing bodies and there paid stooges declare there is no problem, even though it is as plane to see as the blackened waters running in the rivers and streams; death is all around us. The question is when will the boiling frog jump out of the pot screaming,

“Enough of the insanity”! Josef Tyls - As an industrial engineer, I hold a number of patented technologies; and my  fields of expertise are Living Systems analysis – specifically surrounding  the areas of natural biology, health, water, pure air, healing, sound, energy production and recovery, mechanical and structural engineering, and materials and metals processing. In my  studies of trans-personal psychology, I have experienced profound shifts  in my awareness of mental dynamics and emotional predispositions, which have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how limiting belief systems and fear interfere with our natural destiny. In my  studies of classical alchemy, I came to understand how emotional clarity and mental openness has a profound consequence on the fundamental structure of nature and the elements around us.

Josef Tyls

Water is “the Solution” ...universal solvent; it can dissolve practically anything. - Gerald Pollack

The words you bath in and let sink in are literally

the “solution”

you swim in


absorb. So the “solution” to any problem is within our conversations, and the field of vibration we allow in.


literally tell our cells, self what the program to run.

This recorder,



commands. And, you are not an others “solution”, but you can play a part in creating a better “solution”.

The field just says...


Similar vibrating objects are linked by resonance. Your crystalized form—your body, acts like a transducer and receiver. Your body’s neuro-system is like a radio tuner.

It selects channels that play

your tune. Your frequency doesn’t always match your imagined desire.

Your DNA is Noted Nature has already discovered that the principles of sound and sequence are the perfect tools to build biological entities eďŹƒciently, expressively and musically.

Wave genetics has successfully proven that without sound, DNA could not function and it is at this point that musicians and composers step in to provide an artistic expression to this data purely to bring these elements into the range of human hearing for a greater appreciation of the workings of creation.

DNA music has been developed since the early 1970’s when Geneticists found it easier to read the ling strands of DNA code by assigning pitches to the 22 Amino Acids.

By Stuart Mitchell

DNA music has been developed since the early 1970’s when Geneticists found it easier to read the ling strands of DNA code by assigning pitches to the 22 Amino Acids. Order your personal DNA musical profile

Click here for more info

"DNA music exists within every living organism universally and now we have the technology 
 to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic 
 understanding of life, ourselves and each other". Stuart Mitchell

Viktor Schauberger

The Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885–1958) studied how hidden energy from the cosmos enters into nature’s spiraling motions, including those in flowing water, in moving air currents, and other natural spirals. Out of his observations came energy-harnessing inventions that pointed the way to harmless power technologies. But most people missed the cue.

Excerpted from Break Through Power by Jeane Manning

Victor Schauberger was a ... Naturalist, Forester, Philosopher, and Inventor of “implosion technology” Schauberger spent countless hours watching vortexian turbulence—three-dimensional spiralling— in the water of wild rivers. In a pristine ecosystem he saw a landlocked lake renewing itself with a whirlpool followed by a giant waterspout. At nights, by a waterfall in the light of a full moon, he learned about the heightened energy state of cold water by seeing certain egg-shaped rocks float.

Keeping in mind his motto of “understand nature, then copy nature,” the observant genius made what he called “living machines.” Today’s main energy technologies use outward-moving explosion, such as fuel-burning and atom-splitting. By contrast, Schauberger’s machines operated on principles of inward-spiraling movements of implosion. In short, he generated electric energy in a radically different way by working in harmony with nature’s creative movements.

One of the turning points in his understanding of energy took place one day when he startled a large trout in a swiftly flowing stream. He’d been wondering how the fish could remain motionless in fast-moving water, with only slight movement of its tailfins to keep its position. How and why did this trout flee upstream instead of letting the current help push it downstream?

The observant forester eventually figured out that the fish’s shape and motions caused vortices to form and push the trout against the current. He also discovered a relationship between water’s temperature and its ability to form vortices.

Fish vs Airplane Wing

Fog (water particle) wind tunnel visualization of a NACA 4412 airfoil at a low speed flow (Re=20.000). The image is released to the public domain courtesy of Smart Blade GmbH (

China clay applied to show air flow pattern over wing. Reverse flow and span-wise flow is visible./GNU UWAL Crew 3.0

Over time, Schauberger’s tuning in to nature’s ways led him to understand levitation forces in water and resulted in unusual machines he built. Some had twisting pipes that had variations of an eggshaped cross-section. These shapes increased an inward-spiraling flow inside those pipes that compressed and accelerated the fluid in increasingly tight braiding toward the center.

Schauberger’s understanding of levitation forces began on a cool moonlit night one spring, early in the years when he hiked alone in the unspoiled forests. As he sat beside a waterfall he noticed a large fish darting back and forth in the river in twisting motions as if building up energy. Suddenly it disappeared up into a huge jet of falling water. He caught a fleeting glimpse of it spinning wildly under a cone of water and then floating upward until it tumbled over a curve at the top of the waterfall.

Schauberger realized that even while gravity’s pull on water creates a visible downstream flow, invisible levitation currents are going in the opposite direction in a river in its natural state. His developing understanding of temperature combined with his study of the vortex; he knew that water has its most potent energetic structure in cool and dark conditions.

To imagine an “antigravity force”—how a flow of energy could pull anything upstream against the weight of gravity—picture the tunnel in the middle of a vortex swirling down a drain. With increasing suction it drags things downward into the gurgling drain. Schauberger suggested imagining such a whirlpool turned upside down. A trout would appear to be floating upward in along the axis of vortex spin. Schauberger said that with the right lighting it is possible to see the path of what he called levitation currents—as a tube within the misty veil of a waterfall.

Implosion generators Schauberger quit his job as royal forester when his employers began to log the forest greedily instead of selectively, and he regretted having built an innovative flume. But his firsthand observations of processes in unspoiled nature led to an understanding of principles he used later in his “biotechnical machines” ranging from a copper plow for agriculture to an implosion generator for powering a house.

Continuing to experiment, he built unorthodox water pipes. Because the water spiraled inwardly toward the center and pulled away from the pipe walls instead of pushing against them, water could move faster and with less friction through his pipes.

This means that a new “free energy” science is possible. No energy had to be added to the system inside Schauberger’s unique twisted pipes, yet water was sucked forward with increasing speed in a seemingly frictionless flow. He based his energy inventions on suction instead of pressure, implosion instead of explosion, compression instead of expansion.

Copy Nature Schauberger warned that society’s fire-technology (exploding the atom for power, and motors that operate by burning and explosions of fuel) is a destructive path. Explosion-based technologies create heat, friction, noise and wastes. Burning Earth’s oil reserves, destroying wild rivers with hydroelectric mega projects and splitting atoms in nuclear reactors also bequeaths havoc to the next generations.

Nature does have a breakdown cycle that involves heat and decay—fire and composting—but nature uses the opposite principles for enhancing life and rebuilding. Schauberger showed how to switch technologically from using explosive to nature’s implosive—inward-spiraling—motions. His suction-turbine for instance used a rediscovered ancient principle. “Understand nature’s ways,” he said. Implosion-based or vortex technologies work silently in comparison to today’s technologies. Instead of heating, they more often cool materials, and, if water is part of the energy-converting system, some inventions even vitalize the water.

Schauberger’s specific inventions have proven to be more difficult to reproduce than other variations of new energy systems. However, his philosophy of working with nature instead of against nature underlies the efforts of many of the inventors you will meet on the science frontier.

His understanding of the processes of temperature change and the two types of electromagnetism found in nature, ordinary and diamagnetism, were crucial to many of the technological improvements he discovered.⁵⁸

With ecosystems degenerating on Earth today, we believe the human family needs to learn from Viktor Schauberger how to restore water to its natural life-force functions. In the opinion of his followers, dam-building must stop because it obstructs the formation of complex vortexian patterns found in the swirling flow of natural rivers, impedes fish migration, damages the quality of water and leads to widespread degeneration in surrounding ecosystems.

Wherever new hydroelectric dams will be built and old ones remain intact, ecosystem damage can be minimized by using Schauberger’s breakthrough turbine. He built and patented⁵⁹ a small turbine that used vitalizing centripetal (inward-spiraling) motion instead of conventional centrifugal motion. It needed only ten per cent of the volume of water that a conventional turbine would need to generate an equal amount of electricity.

Life Story Viktor Schauberger’s life story is dramatic material. Aerospace journalist Nick Cook wrote a gripping account of the politics surrounding Schauberger’s levitation experiments. Schauberger’s other biographers cover an attempt on Schauberger’s life and the later era when Hitler forced him to head a team of imprisoned engineers. That antigravity project extended until the end of World War II.

In 1958, when he was seventy-three years old, two Americans persuaded Viktor and his son Walter to go to the United States. The Nazis had forced Viktor to work on his energy-generating device in a prison camp—or else say goodbye forever to his family. Now a consortium was promising to manufacture his beneficial energy devices. It was something that he had always wanted.

That visit to America turned out to be an ordeal in a sweltering Texas summer. An atomic energy expert came down from New York, met for three days with the Schaubergers, and reportedly wrote in a document viewed by them that Viktor was likely correct in his projection that his biotechnical innovations were the path of the future. But the Schaubergers’ hosts soon revealed their insincerity; they were not in any hurry to develop his generator.

In order to be returned home, Viktor had signed a contract during his stay in the United States that forbade him to ever write about or even talk about his past or future discoveries. The consortium now owned all the rights to his implosion-generator secrets. When father and son stepped on an airplane to go back to Austria that fall, Viktor was broken in spirit and Walter was filled with bitterness toward the United States that lasted throughout his life.

On the way home, Viktor cried repeatedly, “They took everything from me, everything. I don’t even own myself.” Five days after they returned home, he died, heartbroken. Instead of being rewarded for his work, Viktor Schauberger’s life ended in despair.

Excerpted from the book Breakthrough Power, 2011 edition. by Jeane Manning

http:// alick/alickhome.html

Photo by Freddy Silva

These places of power are alive – living, breathing organisms,

It is well known that all temples and places of veneration are strategically sited upon the telluric lines of force that criss-cross the face of the Earth, and whose fluctuations are sufficient to

environments where the initiate can be “transformed into a god, into a bright star”. But how?

influence the body’s electromagnetic field. Since these lines of force are everywhere, it is reasonable to suggest that by consciously standing on one, even in the center of a busy city, is enough to connect you with the Earth’s energy grid.

Freddy Silva Excerpts from The Divine BluePrint, Temples, Power Places and the Global Plan to Shape the Human Soul, breathing organisms...

“Without exception, all temples are surrounded by invisible yet detectable pathways of underground streams of force.” – Merle and Diot, archaelogists, 1935

This extremely pure water also exhibits greater properties of spin, and such vortices create an electrical charge which then



electromagnetic field, certainly enough to transform it into something dierent from ordinary liquid.

Underwood’s drawings reveal a distinct relationship between underground veins of water, the electromagnetic lines above them, and the places of the site used most often by congregation and priest.

Thus, halos

of positive and negative charges tend to be generated and polarized around original church fonts, wells and altars, the later having been erected over the confluence of several underground springs. This makes energized water, as the primary ingredient of sacred space, a major stimulant of the human body, the element that benefits most from using the temple.

Water at sacred sites is very different


frequency to ordinary water. Tests conducted using infrared spectroscopy show that holy water absorbs light



frequencies. Holy well water is free from bacteria and contains natural minerals which are known to be beneficial to health and longevity.

Since water is a component of blood, and blood requires vorticular motion to move through the veins, it follows that contact with the energetic properties of water at sacred sites will affect the spin ratio of blood, thus altering the information traveling through the body. The body’s metabolic processes are dependent on a specific composition of basic elements, fresh water being one of them, and the taking of energized water – even being in contact with it – induces a vitality in the body, just as one feels a clarity of mind after a stroll by a waterfall or by the sea shore. This is very important when it comes to understanding the interaction between water, the temple and its influence on the human body. Because our sensory organs need to be in a certain condition to be receptive to extra-sensory experiences, stimulating the energy of the water and the blood flow through the body makes us more receptive to the processes taking place inside the temple.

water is the blood of the earth ...and the life-force of the temple, and if that blood should be energized by the numinous quality of the temple’s environment, it stands to reason that the same quality is transferred to the initiate or the pilgrim, whether they imbibe it or walk upon it.

Our bodies consist of two-thirds water, just like the Earth, and 90% of the brain is made up of the stuff. Since water retains information, drinking it from a sacred site means one literally imbibes whatever is stored in the memory of place; that is, its natural energy as well as the energy from affirmations and prayers accumulated over hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

Excerpts from the ...

The Divine Blueprint Freddy Silva Read 50-page sample

Temples, Power Places and the
 Global Plan to Shape the Human Soul. A fresh and insightful account of the role played by sacred sites in raising human consciousness.


First Templar Nation How the Knights Templar created Europe's first nation-state. Their greatest accomplishment is the one never told.

The Merovingian bloodline is a Messianic lineage of priest-kings, in the Egyptian tradition.... Their name stems from merovie or meruvie, meaning ‘sea of life’ or ‘source of life’, and as such kings were considered vessels of a sacred 45

“Qi, Meridians, and Stable Water Clusters”

Shui Yin Lo, Ph. D., Quantum Health Research Institute, and American University of Complementary Medicine.

Bio Here

Healing Water

Abstract: Meridians are hypothesized to be made up of stable water clusters. We

presented Atomic Force Microscope Pictures for the existence of stable water

We showed in particular the pilot study of 11 autistic children. 8 of them showed remarkable improvement in 15 minutes as well in a three month period.

clusters. Stable water clusters are a new solid form of water that is stable at room


temperature and temperature. Qi, or

study of 100 subjects and their improvement of

bioenergy of the human body, is formulated


rigorously in quantum field theory. Qi mainly

circulates around the meridian system. When Qi is blocked, people get sick. Qi can

be unblocked either by acupuncture

We show the result of

a preliminary

especially on the brain, and energy by drinking SWC with thermographs. Lo Shui-yin, Xu Geng, Gann, David, Evidence for the Existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and

needles, or by drinking water containing

normal pressure, Physics Let A, Oct 2009.

stable water clusters (SWC). Then the


person’s health gets better. We show

Acupuncture and Health, Dragon Press,

thermographs of subjects before drinking

2004,285 pages.

SWC, and 15 minutes after drinking SWC.


Remarkable differences in body surface

Water, D & Y Publishing, 2009, 315 pages.

temperatures are recorded in these



Prevention of Autism via meridians, to be

Lo Shui-yin, Biophysics Basis for

Gann D., Lo Shui-yin, Double Helix

Lo Shui Yin, Diagnostic, Treatment, and

published in American Journal of Chinese Medicine

Figure 1: Thermal images before drinking SWC shown above on the left, and 15 minutes after drinking SWC of hot spots of lower neck at ST12 indicating the conditions of thyroid. Before drinking the SWC the left and right spots are 38.3°C and 37.6°C, respectively. After drinking the SWC, shown on the right above the left and right spots (ST12) are 38.4°C and 37.8°C, respectively. Difference in temperatures are -0.7 for the left ST12 and -0.6 for the right ST12.

Figure 2. Thermal images of hot spots of the left ear (SJ21) and temple (GB14) are shown as before and after. Ear temperature before and after are 37.8°C and 37.0°C with a difference of -0.8 in temperature. The temperature for the temple is 38.4°C (before) and 37.4°C (after), resulting in a -1.0 difference in temperature.

Fig 3 The change of thermographs before (on the left) and 15 minutes after (on the right) drinking SWC by autistic children.

Stomach meridian and Du meridian of an autistic child Fig 4. The change in body surface temperature of an autistic child before (left) and 15 minutes after drinking SWC (right). We show the hot lines correspondence with meridians.

Quantum Healing with Dr. Lo

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A Water Revolution/Dec 2012  

A Water Revolution - FEATURED WRITERSIntro and Thank youGeorg SchroeckerThe Water WorldMarlin ChaplinIntro to Water ScienceThe New ScienceGe...

A Water Revolution/Dec 2012  

A Water Revolution - FEATURED WRITERSIntro and Thank youGeorg SchroeckerThe Water WorldMarlin ChaplinIntro to Water ScienceThe New ScienceGe...