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Staatlich Fachingen Mineral Water A Legend and Wellness Classic

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Verpoorten A Yellow Kick for Germany’s House Parties


On the Road to Success Chocolate is More Than Just Enjoyment Interview with Jan Zuther, Marketing Director, Stollwerck The European Offensive Has Been Postponed India’s Volkswagen the Tata Nano Advertising with Engagement SWB Energy and Water stands up with Bonn’s Citizens for the Region


Fantasy gives you wings! Dear SCHWINDpunkt readers, Fantasy is “in”. Books and films in which our World mixes with another and where people naturally interact with mythical creatures. One mythical creature that has always quickened people’s imaginations and has provided the material for many legends is the dragon. It is the heraldic beast of Wachtberg and it is tightly woven with the history of the Dragon’s Rock area, the area where our agency is located. This is not the only reason we have chosen the dragon for our “main graphic” or as our heraldic beast, but mainly because of the characteristics that it represents: unrestrained strength, vitality, creativity, fantasy and a richness of different “species” that span from the dragon protecting a treasure on land or in a cave to the water dragon. This creature feels at home in all elements. We see this unrestrained strength as creativity that can unfold freely and unopposed. That sounds easier than it really is, after we earmark this creativity, how can it unfold freely? This brings us back to fantasy. Those of us in advertising also want to imagine the unimaginable, to see the invisible things like values, attitudes and emotions. When we are successful, we have to do much more than package a product nicely or play with feelings. In that case we have expressed the innermost essence of a product or a service adequately and understandably for everyone. You do not need to breathe fire to do this, but you must develop and groom your winged fantasy. We want to continue doing this with our partners for our customers with a burning zeal.

I wish you inspiring reading.

André Schwind PS: Don’t forget to take part in our contest. It’s worth it! You can win a multimedia marvel with lots of fantastic features.


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Interview with Jan Zuther, Marketing Director at Stollwerk

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Chocolate is more than just enjoyment.

The European offensive has been postponed India’s Volkswagen the Tata Nano

From Meckenheim to Darjeeling A global player in the tea world

Can you VERPOORTEN? SCHWIND. brings the yellow cocktail feeling into the living room


Advertising with Taste




An Interview with Stefan Fredebeul, the new creative Director (CD) at SCHWIND.

How much does a leech cost? What is nature’ s material value?


Staatlich Fachingen


Mineral Water is pure enjoyment


Effective Websites


A Well-Packed Message

Deutz is coming! (Page 20)


SCHWIND’ s Comments on the Financial Crisis


Sweet Dreams Come True


From the Voreifel to the World’s Elite



A Mineral Water Legend and a Wellness Classic

An Interview with RA Wolfgang Stubbe, Managing Director, VDM

Your Goal is our Goal: The Perfect Street WIRTGEN GROUP chooses SCHWIND. as Lead Agency

Premium Fruit Schnapps Distillery Brandweiler


Pulling Communication


Logistics: Reaching the Thoughts of the Customer

TX Logistik AG revolutionizes trans-European freight transportation

DHL Exel Supply Chain


Advertising with Engagement


Shopping Malls


Pure Emotions in Green-White-Black

SWB Energy and Water stands up for the region

From a Sales Machine to Event Dining

SCHWIND. is a BusinessClub Partner of Borussia Monchengladbach



• 14/2009

ICI: Key Visuals for Trade Fair Success


Just a Word



Why Corporate Wording is just as important as Corporate Design

SCHWIND. brings the yellow cocktail feeling into the living room!



• 14/2009

The TV Advertisements from the campaign “PARTY” can be seen on RTL, RTL 2 and VOX.

The VERPOORTEN GmbH & Co. KG factory in Bonn fills up to 130,000 bottles of premium liquor per day. “Fresh products need fresh, creative advertising ideas, which is just what SCHWIND convinced us with,” explained Sandra Dülpers, Marketing Director at VERPOORTEN, about the decision to work with SCHWIND. “For some time we have been steering towards new coordinates when addressing our target audience, with measures that are meaningfully based on each other. We were looking for new branding campaign directed ideally to our goals.”

Sales should not be the only center of this campaign. Rather arousing the curiosity of a younger target audience between 30-40 who are familiar with the premium liquor but who see it as the party drink of the older

generation. What VERPOORTEN was looking for was a cutting-edge agency that knows what trend conscious and discerning young people who want to combine pleasure and high quality enjoyment are looking for. With SCHWIND you can count on an agency with lots of bite and empathy for this target audience. Agency owner André Schwind realized that the product did not need to be artificially upgraded. “There is no doubt about the quality of the brand or product on the market or in the consumers’ minds. We could easily place the tradition and variety of the brand as a degree of popularity in the center of the campaign.”

VERPOORTEN already had traditional market values but did not have the fresh image that attracts young clientele with a life-affirming attitude. When a brand needs to be newly positioned, you normally cannot avoid investing in the product or even reinventing it.



This was not necessary in the case of a premium product like Germany’s number one egg liquor. It just had to be rediscovered by young people. SCHWIND. was sure the way to do this was through the emotionalization of the product. An emotionalization staged so that it fit perfectly with the hedonic lifestyle and spirit of the time for the target group. The fitting medium for such a staging could only be television. The idea for the production of the TV advertisements “Party” was born. They went a long way for this. In a country house near to Montevideo in Uruguay, a basic TV spot and other variants were produced that brought the cocktail feeling together with lots of Latin swing into the living rooms of German TV viewers. Several messages needed to be conveyed through the party atmosphere in a private living room, through a sophisticated party crowd aged 25-35, through the cocktails mixed with VERPOORTEN and through the fun factor that runs through the whole production.

First of all: VERPOORTEN is the ideal party drink for a house party. Furthermore, the scenes display the enormous range of possibilities for using the premium liquor. The spots demonstrate the whole spectrum of the VERPOORTEN world, from pure enjoyment when using the liquor with coffee specialties and simple mixed drinks to ultra-cool cocktails. Variants of the spot also present the lesser known “non-liquid” possibilities: The liquor refines hip desserts and adds that special something to gourmet baking and cooking. VERPOORTEN presents itself in the spots as the ultimate temptation in every season. In the final sequence, one of the models leans into the camera and asks “Can you VERPOORTEN?”

The advertisements from VERPOORTEN were honored in the “Yearbook of Advertising 2009.”

Approximately 400 agencies with more than 1,000 campaigns take part in this yearly competition.



• 14/2009

e t a l o c o h C is more

t s u j n a th t n e m enjoy

With “Antioxidant”, Stollwerk has introduced a healthy chocolate brand to the market and advertises for another line with the organic seal. Do we finally have to rethink the “sweet temptation?”



Interview with the Marketing Director of the traditional Cologne chocolate company, Jan Zuther, about two things that chocolate is not normally connected with: health and the organic market. How long have you been producing organic chocolate? Sarotti BIO was presented at the International Confectionary Trade Fair in Cologne in January 2006. In the following April it was offered as the first traditional brand chocolate with an organic seal to consumers via traditional food retailers. Can organic chocolate really taste like conventional chocolate? And if so, is it really ecologically produced? The excellent taste of Sarotti BIO-Chocolate is attested to in the milk chocolate as well as the dark chocolate version. And in terms of the production, even the magazine Öko Test rated the dark chocolate as “very good” in Issue 2/2007. The opinion of the editorial department was, “We sent Sarotti BIO dark chocolate to the laboratory and have nothing to find fault with.” Naturally, we are very proud of such evaluations. Along with the recipe and the ingredients, the production process which is subject to strict quality inspections from beginning to end adds to this evaluation. How do you evaluate the market for organic products now and in the future? From our point of view it is very positive at the moment. By the way, our sales figures with our products are also very positive, without going into details. Although the position of the government is rather grim. It is a fact that Germany could be the Organic World Champion due to earlier initiatives and activities. However, we notice that other European countries are following very closely and sadly, some of them have even passed us.

What persuaded you to use the organic seal? Conviction and the firm belief that the consumers are also convicted buyers when they find Sarotti chocolate in “sealed” organic quality in the classic food retail shelf. The organic seal is a well-known and reliable guarantor for something that is fundamentally understood. What’s on the label is inside.

You have an antioxidant chocolate on the market. What makes this chocolate tasty and still healthy? This product has been on the market since the beginning of last year. Cocoa beans have lots of natural antioxidants. This natural ingredient, mainly from the group of so-called epicatechins, has many healthy effects. They protect the cells and effect the body’s circulation like a good red wine. Until now these secondary plant compounds were practically destroyed in the production. Thanks to the acticoa technique of our parent company Barry Gallebaut, this chocolate has a uniquely high content



• 14/2009

of antioxidants. Yes, we actually have a chocolate that connects enjoyment and provable health benefits. This is not the first time in your company’s history that you have brought “healthy” chocolate to the market. In the 19th century your company produced “pharmacy chocolate.” That is correct. In 1839, 170 years ago, Franz Stollwerck founded the company through the production of pharmacy related sweets. Now the company focuses on the production of modern chocolates that are rich in enjoyment and have additional value. Which areas are you planning to invest in and in which do you want the company to develop further? Together with our parent company, Barry Callebaut, we are focusing on developing products that use the best of the cocoa bean for special tastes and additional values, like promoting health. The cocoa bean has several hundred valuable ingredients that have lots of potential for attractive product innovation. In this context, it is also important to buy the best raw goods, to organize the whole production very carefully and to treat the product with care. In November we introduced “pharmacy chocolate” to the market again. It is produced with the acticoa process, like the antioxidant chocolate. We also introduced a probiotic chocolate at the last confectionary trade fair, thus expanding our product line of healthy chocolate.

From Meckenheim to Darjeeling

TeeGschwendner: due to continuous product innovation and a feeling for new trends is now a global player in the tea world One small shop marked the start of a true tea empire in 1976. Thirty years later, TeeGschwendner not only sells 300 types of tea in shops from Luxemburg to Saudi Arabia but also markets tea as a cultural experience and world vision. The foundations for this success are consistent product innovation, highest quality and a sure understanding of the dominant trends for the future.

Tee Gschwendner A portrait of the biggest German tea retailer

New directions are nothing new for Albert ducts and satisfying the taste buds of the For the upcoming spring the fruit tea Gschwendner, who opened his fi rst shop customers. Gschwendner said, “We de“honeydew melon” is to be launched and in the city of Trier, located on the Moselle mand the highest quality from our tea caters to customers that want some disRiver, with his brother and wife Gwenproducts just like we demand a quality tance from the traditional red fruit tea dalina. Throughout its history, Teeguarantee from the source to the tea shop. with hibiscus and raspberry. Just as fresh Gschwendner has often been a pioneer or It is no coincidence that the motto of our is the trend tea “Gojo Berry” that distinhas been at the forefront. Like in 1982, American subsidiary is ‘When quality guishes itself from traditional teas due to with the establishment of a franchise netmatters.’ This will remain the main idea of its special aroma and continues with the work at the time when this distribution the future.” Gschwendner analyses the trend towards the Gojo power fruit. system was still very young in Germany. market exactly. Just as in the past, the focus Furthermore, Gschwendner represents a “This was the only way to increase the will not be aimed at a specific target group. strong trend towards green tea, especially motivation of the salespeople in each shop The 58-year-old states it more precisely, Japanese types. New products in this so that our concept would continue, despite “Our customers come from all age and dedirection are planned. There are no limithe distance from headquarters,” accormographic sectors, that’s why it would not tations to Gschwendner product innovading to founder Albert Gschwendner. be the right strategy. Our youngest tea tions, as long as the quality meets the high drinkers are still important to me.” In the standards. Gschwendner sums it up, “On Tea as a World of Experience last few years many types of ice-teas and the way to absolute customer satisfaction As the fi rst company in tea retailing, the teas for kids like “ProBaby”, “Mouse”, and the development of more top products, company now located in Meckenheim in “Elephant”, “Wild Chicks” and “Wild Guys” we travel the whole world for the custothe Rhineland area, focused on the expehave entered the market. Gschwendner mer – from Japan to Africa.” Teerience factor, which means marketing the contentedly states, “With these products Gschwendner: a true Global Player from product with its charisma and aura. Therewe have been able to draw some young the rural Rhineland. fore the marketing concept of the pioneer people away from colas and sodas and todays at the end of the 70s was rethought wards a healthier drinking pleasure.” and the foundation for the very successful Social Responsibilitea franchise system was laid. The new forThe top priority for Gschwendner is and mula for success: the shopping experience has always been premium quality, product at the best location was combined with an safety and biological and socially responexpanded assortment of goods and extensible planting. Corporate Responsibility is sive service. Along with tea specialties becoming more and more important. The from all over the world, additional goods Company’s philosophy is focused on people like tea pots and tea fi lters and above all, and the environment.. “Black Oothu and comprehensive service was offered. In Green Manjolai have been added to our 1999, the company experienced the bigselection of ‘Family and Co.’, two teas that gest change by changing it’s name from are grown according to the ecological “Der Teeladen” (The Tea Shop) to “Teeprinciples of Rudolf Steiner and have been Geschwendner” and the associated concept awarded the Transfair Seal,” stressed relaunch. The more than 300 loose tea Gschwendner. types were complemented with three tea bag assortments and presented in a modern By buying a bag the customer supports a way. The establishment of flagship stores, tiger protection project in Southern India large and clearly designed “Tea Worlds” in that the Meckenheim company operates top city center locations are the present together with the German Nature and Biohigh-point of the development of product diversity Conservation Union. For 2009 staging. At the same time, the tea specialist Gschwendner has predicted an unwaning also introduced its high quality products upsurge of organic products. Some of the in fi ne restaurants and hotels in 1999. coming highlights will be an organic AsIn the Middle: the Product sam, an organic Chinese Oolong and chanThe staging, the innovating marketing ging the classic Nepal tea “Himalaya and the clever distribution would not have View” to organic quality. However, the pobeen half as successful if the company sitive organic development is not only had not identified the best types of teas found in the classic area but also, which is from remote corners of the world, making typical at TeeGschwendner, throughout them into high-quality and upmarket prothe whole selection.



• 14/2009

Tea as the purpose of life: An interview with Thomas Holz, Gschwendner Tea Sommelier

Where will the trend for the tea market go Is any bagged tea close to the quality and in the next years regarding flavors, types the taste of loose tea? of teas and consumer orientation? Yes, there is a new generation, in the What can clearly be read is the steady debroadest sense, of tea bags. They are velopment to the best tea quality. In all called “Masterbag” and offer the true assortment varieties, we can see the highhigh quality of loose tea in a cup or a pot, est demand in the top categories. due to their size. Best quality and practical The customer wants an enjoyable expehandling! rience and an authentic and trusted proCan the true taste of tea only be tasted in duct. Considering that the world produces its pure state or can this be improved more basic to simple qualities, this is also with additions (milk, lemon, sugar, a challenge for the future. Only by woretc.)? king closely together with our suppliers at Fundamentally, professional tea tasting the source and project work in countries is done without any ingredients like where tea is grown can we guarantee the sugar or lemon. One exception is the permanent availability of top quality. British tea tasters who add milk in order to taste the quality from the customer’s point of view. In this respect I personalCan one learn to be a “Taster” or is it skill ly only drink “pure” tea. However, the someone is born with? (i.e. without the rule should be that everything that right taste buds the best training doesn’t tastes good is allowed. Every tea drinker help?) will fi nd out what tastes good and can Certainly the prospective tea taster basicaladd, depending on the tea type, for exly needs excellent senses, because not only ample white or brown rock sugar. Or the taste plays a role. The nose, the eyes nothing. What is most important: they and even the feel of the tea are important are drinking tea! parameters for judging. What is ideal for a Taster is long term training in tea retailing, collecting experience, which never stops even after thirty years of being in the tea business. What do you think is the best tea type in the world? The best growing area? I have already experienced so many wonderful surprises. I could never choose only one growing area. I am always delighted year after year when the fresh crops in the Himalayas or Japan begins. But every area can do some things especially well. There is not always a comparison and that is what makes up a big part of the product fascination for me.



India’s Volkswagen: The European offensive has been postponed.

The Nano from Tata Motors, the Indian “Volkswagen” was presented a little over a year ago. At that time the goal of the world’s smallest sedan was to conquer Europe soon. The head of Tata, a group with a turnover in the billions and the producers of the car for the really little guy, saw an automotive developmental milestone in his creation. The cost on the Indian market is 100,000 rupees (For comparison, a good motorcycle starts at 70,000 rupees.) and should turn the subcontinent into the world’s biggest automobile market for good. Up until now, like in so many things, there was a great division in Indian society. On one side, the growing middle

class that can partially afford the top European cars and on the other side the poor and impoverished whose understanding of mobility still correlates to the beginning of the 20th century. In other words, the one or two train rides a year were the biggest concession to the western expectations of mobility. The Nano should have appeared in Europe in the summer of 2008. The Italian automobile producer Fiat was chosen to do the marketing on our continent. Tata head Ratan Tata, who is also a member of the Fiat administrative board, was already working with Fiat in India and South America. However, the Italians backed out in the end with the explanation that the car could not be sold in Europe due to the minor safety features. But Tata has not given up on the European market. The marketing director for compact cars



• 14/2009

at Tata, Girish Wagh, announced the development of a successor model especially for the European market last fall. In no later than four years a successor model will have been developed that will meet the exhaust regulation Euro 5 and the crash requirements for Europe. The main goal is a drastically reduced fuel consumption. The 1,700 Euro fi rst generation Nano, which is exclusively produced for India, consumes on average fi ve liters per 100 kilometers. Tata has set its goal at three liters. In the long run, the Indian automobile producer has planned to produce a million Nanos annually, maybe one day in Europe.

Advertising with Taste

At the moment there is a revolution. You cannot react with old patterns of thought.

Three questions for Stefan Fredebeul, new Creative Director (CD) at SCHWIND.

How do you see your role as CD at SCHWIND. and what is especially important for you? There is a lot of creative potential in this agency. In team-play, I would like to discover hidden potentials and bring these out. Each and every creative input, wherever it comes from, proclaims and overrules something. But that is exactly what it is about: allowing development and deciding at the right moment what the communication, what the brand brings up front. In order to do this, you have to be daring as an agency and as a single employee. And also as a customer. I know that this can take time, especially at the beginning. But I am sure that there are not any scaredy cats here. You have a lot of experience in the food market, how are you positioning this at SCHWIND.? Experience in the area of brand advertising is very helpful but should not be overrated. That makes you sluggish. Especially those who are creative. That is not good. Besides, there is not really a food area, every brand is very specific. One generality of foodstuffs and indulgence foods is that it has to taste good at the end. And now the challenge begins. You have to make an example for all the senses. It is not enough to show a smile and the person who is enjoying it with closed eyes. In advertising, it is about developing a feeling for taste. That starts with the idea, continues with the text to the visuals. One wrong point, a wrong tone and everything stops cold. What does not make it any easier is

that the attitude towards taste changes, though this may not be noticed. And this is exactly where I fi nd the attraction, independent from food, to hit the taste directly without running after it, without boring, without repetition. To recognize it and maybe to even change it. And this can also gladly be bitter. In your opinion, has the role of the Creative Director in agencies changed and if so, in which direction? Yes and no. On one hand no, because willingness to change is a necessary part of this roll and you have to constantly come to terms with the new developments in society and advertising. The roll of the CD has been and still is a changing roll – in this respect everything has remained the same. On the other hand, naturally everything in daily communication has changed. And it is always changing. At the moment there is a revolution. You cannot react with old patterns of thought. If you do not tear down walls in your head, then I can only call on you to tear down the wallpaper. Still one thing will remain: the good idea and the search for it. And the CD does not have to have the good idea; instead a CD is characterized (among other things) by being able to judge if an idea really is good – including his own. The idea will have continuance and will remain the pivotal point of all types of communication. What is done with it is written on another, always new page.


Stefan Fredebeul Stefan Fredebeul was hired as the new Creative Director at SCHWIND. at the end of 2008, thus allowing the agency to further expand its brand competency. The 47-year-old, who has been honored with multiple awards, comes from the Dusseldorf Advertising Agency Butter and was, among other things, Creative Director at BBDO. Fredebeul contributes his profound knowledge and experience in brand communication to SCHWIND. In the past he has put his creative stamp on numerous brands, some of which were Fanta, Sprite, Wrigley, Gillette, Mövenpick, Pizza Hut, 3M, Dunlop, Eizo Monitors and ARAG Legal Protection Insurance. Together with agency owner André Schwind, Erich Seewald (Conception and Design) and Roger Thomas (Art Director), Stefan Fredebeul will promote the creative development in the agency. “He fits very well into our team, especially with his brand experience and creativity in the food and beverage area. He will definitely influence our extension of this segment,” André Schwind describes the perspectives. Meanwhile, SCHWIND. can count such well known brands in this segment such as Staatl. Fachingen, VERPOORTEN and MERL as its customers. But Fredebeul also brings experience with service brands such as the Public Utility Company Bonn or Deutsche Post World Net. He has also worked with the Dusseldorf Public Utility Company and Netcologne.

Short News

4 SCHWIND. SCHWIND. has won yet another customer from the Fashion and Lifestyle segment with the EUROMODA Fashion Center in Neuss. The agency is responsible for the complete communication strategy and implementation for the new Children’s Fashion Trade Fair, that took place for the first time at EUROMODA from January 30 – February 1, 2009. At fi rst the Corporate Identity for and the new children’s fashion floor in EUROMODA, the KIDZ FASHION CENTER, was developed. Then the measures for the children’s fashion trade fair were developed: An advertising

campaign in trade publications, public relations as well as the complete production of the high quality trade fair magazine. A website for the trade fair is under way. SCHWIND. has already taken care of successful fashion centers like the MTC Munich, the MMC Leipzig or the IMOTEX in Neuss and has worked for the Interest Group Fashion Centers IMC. EUROMODA is taken care of by a core team around Team Manager Alexander Schwind, along with Nina Esser (Project Management), Jasper Golm (Graphic) and Bodo Woltiri (Public Relations).

A House in the Internet … RAL GÜTE HAUS is a treasure trove when looking for a specialist. The garden swing is made of high quality waterproof wooden components, the seating area in the living room meets the standards of the RAL quality seal for production of wooden tables, upholstered seating and lounge furniture and even the floor pavement in the kitchen meets the standards. How to find the right specialist to get such a house? It is very simple – visit the RAL GÜTE HAUS – just a click away at The Internet Architects from media are responsible for the planning and arrangement of the virtual house. They created the concept of the walkable virtual house for the customer RAL German Institute for Quality Control and Identification (Sankt Augustin). The primary view shows a pretty one-family house with a big yard. It doesn’t matter if you want to see the yard, the basement, the ground floor or the roof, or the kitchen, bathroom or guestroom. One click on the respective area – and then the desired information appears, along with contacts to the corresponding quality control association, like the RAL Institute for Quality Control for Floor Pavement and Covering or the German Institute for Quality Control for Furniture. Here you can find experts whose company is RAL-certified.


Speaking of experts, Tim Jans and his media team never need a rest. Expansion and improvement work is not only a constant matter for homeowners, but also for RAL with its GÜTE HAUS. Since the house has been “built”, new quality seals can be found in the expanded and improved RAL GÜTE HAUS. The RAL GÜTE HAUS has already received thousands of visitors and pointed out the numerous products and services that have the RAL seal. In the meantime, the GÜTE HAUS is linked to internet platforms like so that the visitor can reach RAL through a number of ways. Nevertheless, RAL’s door is always open to you.


• 14/2009

Short News


Deployment for New Talents

Informational brochures from the Federal Defense Ministry Whether at the air base in Nörvenich, the naval academy in Flensburg or the army officer academy in Dresden: there is hardly a Federal Armed Forces location in Germany that PR Consultant Bodo Woltiri has not been deployed to. In the meantime he, along with the SCHWIND. graphic artists Christiane Terlinden and Raphael Kaske, has produced twelve informational brochures for the recruitment of new talents to the Federal Armed Forces.



The Münster Arcades connect young and old, history and modernity. The shopping center that is close to the historic Prinzipalmarkt (main market) in Münster has been in possession of the Sonae Sierra, international specialist for shopping centers and one of the leading operators of shopping centers in Europe, for two years. SCHWIND. was given the assignment to redesign the visual appearance, including a relaunch of the logo and a complete CD manual. Bisheriges Logo

The texts for the four-page brochures in the large Berliner Zeitung format were each compiled during the socalled Jugendpressekongresse (Youth Press Congress). At these weekend workshops, more than 100 student newspaper editors from all over Germany are not only informed about the careers at the Federal Armed Forces, but are also instructed about journalism by professionals from TV, radio and print media.








The young journalists could directly put to use what they learned in talks with the attending professional soldiers. The outcome was interviews, reports, portraits and features. Texts and pictures are chosen on the same day, are edited and put together as a black and white newspaper overnight by the SCHWIND.-Team. The finishing touches on the text and layout for the four-page brochures are then done in Wachtberg.






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Ludgeristr. 100 CKVOLL!


Öffnungszeiten: Mo. – Sa., 10 – 20 Uhr

250 Parkplätze


Il dolor ipit vel doluptat, con et veliquat, quis nommy nulluptat, commy nos commy nos nonu nislore est concommy nos nismolore. Il dolor ipit vel nulluptat, commy nos.

Ludgeristr. 100


Öffnungszeiten: Mo. – Sa., 10 – 20 Uhr

250 Parkplätze

Alles was ich will!

The new promotional appearance of the Münster Arcades is as tasteful as the ambience.

Short News

BRANDSMAKETHEIRMARK BRANDS The ceramic sanitary ware producer has been bringing affordable innovation and complete bathroom concepts to the bathrooms of Germany for over twelve years. With the idea of developing high quality brand and ceramic products that everyone can afford, they are successful nationwide in the plumbing and bathroom sections of DIY-stores.

CERAVID Markenset Shopsystem: the CERAVID Shopsystem was developed by SCHWIND.

Now the new brand sets “Classic” and “Design” are being introduced. The bathroom faucet specialist from Essen, Grohe, cooperated in this realization. With the DIY distribution channel it is possible to address quality conscious clientele with a feeling for aesthetics and top products of the highest brand quality but who also want to build it with their own hands individually and affordably. CERAVID Director Peter Hoppe said, “We have recognized that the emotional, sensual communication is very important for the discerning customer segment. That is why we place so much value on innovative packaging with compassion and that special something.” SCWHIND., with its high level of brand competence and profound experience in packaging for the high end segment, was an obvious choice for CERAVID.

“See and be seen” was the booth motto of the German Association of Cemetery Gardeners (BdF) at the world’s biggest trade fair for plants (IMP) in Essen. This year, the image campaign created by SCHWIND. “Long Live the Cemetery!” was the center of the Cemetery Gardeners. This campaign is expected to start in the autumn. The trade fair visitors were invited to vote on the campaign and the corresponding ad design. Accordingly, the booth was set up like a tasteful, but minimal polling location completely in the subdued purple of the BdF

Association. The focal point was a black box with two big stylized eyes where the Association members could place their votes. Eight possible ad designs that showed eight very individually created graves and the corresponding advertising slogan for the upcoming campaign could be chosen from. Each of the ad designs is dedicated to a target group: from the punk-rocker to the carnival fan to the farmer. Along with the ad designs, a screen in the black box showed the TV spots that will probably be released nationwide at the

The BdF at the IMP

same time as the ads. The reaction of the people is going to be interesting. The visitors of the IPM clearly voted “yes” for the cemetery gardeners’ campaign! And also a clear “yes” for SCHWIND.’s ideas.

The Big Election Year 2009



• 14/2009

Short News

Deutz is Coming! The Cologne district is developing into a top address directly on the Rhine. Also thanks to the aurelis Real Estate project “Deutzer Field.” The Koelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fair), organizer of prestigious events like Anuga and ART COLOGNE, and also the Lanxess Arena have great pull past the regional borders as important Deutz institutions. Starting in 2009, RTL will broadcast from the Rheinhallen (Rhine-Halls) and Lufthansa and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have already settled here. The Odysseum, a nationally unique leisure and scientific center, opens this year. And the construction of the Show-Halls for upcoming musicals will be an additional attraction in a few years for event tourists. The upgrading of Deutz is also due to the now excellent transportation access along the Rheinschiene (Rhine Track) which allows access to the Cologne Bonn Airport

in only ten minutes with an ICE high speed train connection. The company aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG is bringing even more movement to this trend. The company that has more than 24 million square meters of property in mainly city center locations is confident about the location. An office, hotel and service center with a huge presentation potential is forming on more than 50,000 square meters – lots of room for creative ideas from ambitious investors and developers. SCHWIND. is accompanying this exciting process. The success story of Deutz as a location in the past few years was a conceptional connecting factor on which all of the following measures were based on by the agency. “Deutz is coming!” was chosen as the central theme because it connects the success of the location


deutzer feld


with that of aurelis. It is a special challenge for a Rhenish agency like SCHWIND. to actively work with aureilis with the future presentation of the Rhine Metropolis Cologne, be it on the design of the advertising material and the construction sign, with the organization of Kick-Off events in the Russian State Circus or with the exact target group analysis.

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Guidance and Quality for Everyone!

How can you take an effective stand against the current recession, the worst since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany? Very easily – start a revolution! The cadre of this revolution is SCHWIND. and a building society group of Allianz regional providers for construction materials – Fassbender Tenten, Hiernonimi, Mies and Selbach. SCHWIND. developed a key look as a symbol for the fight as well as a series of



motives that Che Guevara couldn’t have designed better himself. The motives that will soon be seen on posters, flags and city lights and the revolutionary radio spots also designed by SCHWIND. will call to battle, will unsettle the region and finally bring change and modernization back to the agenda. It’s no question that this outcry for change will start a mass movement that demands one thing: “All the power to the price!”

Kai Schotten, Customer Consultant

EXCESSIVE Those who take measurements are not


hen I read one of the leading daily papers, listen to the radio, watch TV or just go through life with open eyes, I would rather close them again. Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, stock market prices, stimulus package, risk, suicide, insecurity, unemployment… In short – an economic crisis. It is more than I can endure. But what is behind all this? What are the reasons? Which microeconomic/macroeconomic, social or political mistakes were made? Here is a simple attempt to explain and a simple solution – others can deal with the more complex.

People make mistakes – that’s all! This is surely not a new realization, but one that carries a new dimension. Above all, regarding the increasing complexity of the background. Who can safely predict what will happen when? Were the chief economists of the major banks able to envision what the engagement of their banks would set off, wherever? Or did they not want to? Has greed – yes, exactly what Gordon Gekko was talking about in Wall Street – worked or not? It doesn’t matter. The biggest mistake seems to be that people cannot get enough. People do not always learn from their mistakes or they push the risk of a possible mistake behind the hope of the contrived profit. I also believe that people chose structures that they cannot always control.

What that it then? In sports, a step back is called “approach.” You need this to jump higher and further and surely some also jump in the pit. Do you think that is competition? Maybe. Instead of approach, I would prefer the term measurement. When someone takes measurements, he is precise. He doesn’t make the mistake of putting himself and his own advantages above others. He wants to win, to be better than the others, but not at all costs. That is also competition. Only when we learn to be responsible with what we possess today, when we learn that “satisfaction” is a virtue and that instant gratification burdens long-term needs, then we have obtained a lot. And I also miss today’s positive voices. Those that inspire confidence and have a positive message. Each one of us has such messages and it would be good to express these loud and clearly. With this I do not mean that we should close our eyes to what is going on, we cannot and must not ignore it, in doing that we would make mistakes again. I mean that we have to expand our responsibility as managers and contribute so that our staff and business partners can fi nd a motivational environment that is not characterized by fear and worry, rather by confi dence. I will admit that this is not very easy at the moment, but those who think negative-



• 14/2009

ly cannot have positive energy. You reckon you have heard this before, somewhere, sometime? Right! But why have you forgotten it? Also right! Because it doesn’t fit in at the time. Because everyone is talking about how bad things are. But is it really so bad? I think that there are places in this world where it is much worse. Now you will suddenly remember them. Do you want to trade?

Don’t make a mistake, inspire those around you. That’s what you have always done. Now it is time that we take measurements again.

How much does What is nature’s material value? What cash value do we lose through the extinction of species? These are the questions that a new UN Secretariat located in Bonn deals with.

Many politicians celebrated the United Nations Biodiversity Conference that was held in Bonn in May 2008, as a milestone. Conservationists were less enthusiastic. One of the presentational highpoints of the conference was that of Pavan Sukhdev, General Director of Deutsche Bank AG in London, who presented the first results of his study “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Loss.” At the beginning of December last year the smart Indian visited Bonn again and this time he announced at the Federal Press Conference that soon another United Nations Secretariat would settle at the Rhine.

In connection to Sukhdevs’ study, the new secretariat would be given the name “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB).” In the meantime, Sukhdevs and his staff have already moved into their offices in the “Langen Eugen”, the UN location in Bonn.



The topic of Sukhdevs’ study has brought two seemingly different worlds into contact – economics and nature. Sukhdevs’ core question was if conservation investments were worthwhile, apart from ethological, ecological and ideal reasons? In other words: does protecting the environment financially pay off? Environmental Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to invest half a billion Euros in biodiversity in Germany up to 2012. Starting in 2013 this sum should be invested yearly. Sukhdevs’ study has proven that this is not just a hobby. For the conservation of forests, water and soil, 40-45 billion US dollars should be spent. The approximate 100,000 conservancy areas and reservations in the world that Pavan Sukhdev used in his calculation supply the human race with services worth 4.4-5.2 billion

a leech cost? US dollars. Mankind would only have to spend one percent of this value towards ensuring biodiversity. Here are only two examples that prove how much nature pays out for the human race: • Almost half of all licensed medicine in Germany is gained from plants. The global market for plant-based medicines amounts to approximately 500 billion US dollars. Only products of the ginkgo tree, mainly used for the treatment of heart disease, amount to about 400 million US dollars per year. • The worldwide value of pharmaceutical products that come from the use of natural genetic resources is estimated at 75-150 billion dollars per year. Above this, this genetic material is very important for development, the cosmetic industry, biotechnology or agriculture. Naturally, Sukhdevs’ study also brings up ethical questions and doubts. Do cuddly panda bears and funny dolphins and cute

those who are insensitive to conservation, with clear numbers about the value of nature and what we would lose along with its destruction. If statics can reach more than anything else in our material world and can convert the last skeptic, then this alone should be justification enough for this trail breaking study. bonobos accomplish just as valuable services as unpopular and disgusting insects, leeches and toads? If not, is it worthwhile to save the attractive species when they do not do us any financial good? Economists should certainly not monopolize the question regarding the if and why of conservancy efforts. Studies like that of Sukhdevs should not pretend that this global challenge is merely a financial problem. Conservation is connected to our survival – no more, no less. Sukhdevs’ study definitely has accomplished one thing – it reproaches everyone, even



• 14/2009

When women only have one thing on their mind‌

In three nationally broadcast radio spots, the voice of Irina Scholz, well-known through advertising, speaks right from the soul of the fair sex. Women should only think about one thing – health, well-being, beauty and achievement. And if a woman doesn’t have time to think about this because of daily stress, then her water will think about it for her. Naturally only the mineral water from Staatlich Fachingen, Ms. Scholz tells us.

How radio turned a mineral water legend into a wellness classic.

Advertising for mineral water in the radio? Does that work? For the Fachingen Heilund Mineralbrunnen GmbH and SCHWIND, the positive aspects of radio advertising were clear. Although the radio cannot replace the effect of TV spots, it releases pinpointed emotions just like TV and leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Due to the wide-reaching strength of the medium, it can spread market messages very quickly and clearly impart the content. And the



• 14/2009

message is clear: Fachingen Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH, the company that has been providing Europe with Germany’s oldest wellness-water since 1742, wants to prove with the new brand “Medium” that tradition is still the best prerequisite, even in an increasingly competitive market, to give back the attitude towards life to the younger mineral water drinkers. The healthy water from the Lahn, one of the leading consumer brands on the national drink market, has been carried away by the Wachtberger’s concept for the umbrella brand campaign “My Water Thinks…” We fi rst started with a big media campaign on national radio stations as well as supporting measures at the point of sales.


First of all, women between the ages of 30-59 are addressed. Using the new advertising statement and campaign this refi ned and health conscious target group will be convinced about the advantage and convenience of the premium healing water. “We found the concept from SCHWIND. so interesting because it sophisticatedly describes the wishes of modern, up-to-date and active consumer for believable wellness products that are not lacking taste and design,” expanded Silvia Erbrich, Marketing Director for Staatlich Fachingen. “Besides, our estimations were proved by the market research, making us 100% sure that we were right and had the right campaign approach.”

The sexy voice of Irina Scholz communicates the versatile product Fachingen Mineral Water as a functional water for all walks of life where both the traditional quality of Fachinger Mineral Water and the expectations of modern product benefits are combined. Agency Director André Schwind sees the greatest value of the spot as the ability to activate the fantasy of the consumer. “Radio advertising is an ideal product medium. Through the absence of visual stimulation, the listener can project herself much better in the staged world. The creativity that the listener develops by listening to the spot strengthens the brand image and the brand erodes much slower.” Cheers!

Microsite: Vitality and Wellness around the clock. Fachinger Mineral Water makes it possible

In store promotion with corner element and top sign



1 Issue with 1 C ase, 3 free issues with 2 ses! ca



• 14/2009

Mineral Water is Pure Enjoyment How is your balance from 2008 and what do you expect for 2009? 2008 was a difficult year for German mineral springs. Sales of mineral and healing water increased by 2.2%, but this sales growth was only felt in a few companies. 2009 will surely not be easy either. What is positive is that the per capita use increased in 2008. An average per capita use of 138 liters meant that more mineral water was drunk than ever before. This shows that mineral water is no longer just a mere thirst quencher. The consumers value the great variety of German mineral waters that offer natural additional uses after mineralization and can be drunk at different occasions. Mineral water is and will always be a great product. What are currently the most important trends and developments in the field of mineral and healing water? Unfortunately, healing water has been somewhat forgotten, but has a good chance to participate in the market for health promoting drinks. The topic of health is becoming more prominent in the media and the consciousness of the consumer. Most people are now aware that staying healthy requires personal initiative. People do not simply want to get old, they want to stay healthy. Studies show that about a third of all Germans are

willing to spend more for their health. Healing water is one of the oldest natural remedies. It can relieve ailments of diseases of civilization without chemicals. It also works preventively and helps everyone to do something for their health everyday – naturally and easily. Along with the trend towards being healthy the consumer has also rediscovered nature, which also points towards healing water. Why are healing waters no longer in high demand and which reaction measures do you recommend for your members? Before the big boom for still and reduced carbonation mineral waters, healing water was the product for consumers who preferred an agreeable water low in carbonation. For years though the still mineral waters have drawn more and more consumers away from the healing water segment. There are clearly cannibalization effects here. One of the main reasons is surely that the consumer does not have enough product knowledge. Some think that healing water is a product exclusively for the sick that cannot be continually drunk. Still others just do not know what – scientifically proven - positive effects healing water has.



We are presently positively changing the image of healing water by addressing the media, consumers and opinion makers. Healing water should mainly be perceived as healthy water again. We also constantly support keeping the scientific knowledge that proves our effectiveness up-to-date. We recommend that our members communicate the specific advantages of their healing water. Each product is unique and works uniquely. An increase in sales of the individual product depends on the individual marketing activities of the company. In this case the springs are called on. As an association, we support them with intensive press work and scientific information about the impact of healing water. How is mineral water profiting from the megatrend wellness and how are your members using this for their marketing? Mineral water is THE zero calorie drink. Along with this, the German mineral springs offer many innovative products based on mineral water, like near-water drinks that are mostly low in calories, taste great and add to the feeling of well-being. This is the weight that the springs can and do throw around.

Interview with RA Wolfgang Stubbe, Director of the Association of German Mineral Springs (VDM) about the prospects of the water branch.

Since 1990, the mineral springs in the five new German states have been integrated into your association. Does mineral water have a different position in the east than in the west? Before the reunification mineral water only played a subordinate role in the new states. Now it is, with a per capita use of 138 liters, the most popular alcohol-free drink of the Germans. Natural mineral water has also proven itself as the consumer’s favorite in the east.

How successful was the campaign “Fit at Work” that you carried out with the BKKFederal Association? In the framework of the BKK campaign “Move Europe”, companies were offered mineral water campaigns with the topic “Drink Right at Work.” Nutritionists explained drinking conduct that increases achievement, the variety of German mineral water and the uses of the different ingredients. The results were analyzed along with a BKK-Federal Association study done by company doctors. According to 95% of doctors, mineral water is the best drink to increase achievement at work. The campaign was well liked. From April to December, 25 events with more than 7,000 participants were carried out. Many well-known companies and institutions took part, like Gothar Versicherung, Neckermann, Braun-Gillet, ADAC and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. We will continue the campaign in 2009.



• 14/2009

What is the biggest challenge in this year? The most urgent task for the VDM in 2009 will still be to work on creating the framework for the branch and offering companies service so that they can devote themselves to the production and marketing of their drinks. The VDM also knows that this path can be rocky. When you personally drink mineral water do you sometimes mix it and if so, with what? Mineral water accompanies me throughout the day. When I want a drink with taste, then I normally do not mix mineral water with another drink, but choose one of the many already finished drinks based on mineral water. These meet all wishes regarding taste and additional functions.

Profession Calling You don’t just get the first good idea from the SCHWIND. Advertising Agency, you get the best idea.

Sweet Dreams are Coming True

Cherry Dessert egg liquor cream, cherry compote, sponge cake, egg liquor

StrawberryRhubarb Dessert egg liquor-cream, strawberry-rhubarb compote, sponge cake, egg liquor

dessert products

Summer Dessert egg liquor cream, green compote, sponge cake, egg liquor

With the of the Rhenish Premium Delicacy Producer Edmund Merl, the agency gained a high-end-catering pioneer as a customer. MERL caters to top restaurants, VIP events and mainly to fresh food cases in shops throughout Germany and the neighboring countries. The SCHWIND.-Team accompanied the introduction of new product line in the premium dessert field, with new packaging, trade fair concept and promotion measures. This started with the launch of two specialties with the yellow classic VERPOORTEN ORIGINAL in winter 2008. The new range will be continued in cooperation with VERPOORTEN with two premium fresh convenience products that were especially created for the warm season: Summer Dessert and Strawberry-Rhubarb Dessert.

The Meckenheimer Fruit Orchard Company Brauweiler has turned into one of Germany’s best premium fruit schnapps distilleries. Interview with Managing Director Irmgard Brauweiler. How do you judge the development of your premium fruit schnapps distillery since opening in 2001? A lot has happened since the opening day on February 16, 2001. We have constantly adapted the fruit orchards to the needs of the distillery. That means that we have planted the types of fruit especially for the distillery. The quality of the fruit mainly determines the quality of the fi nished pre-

aromas with the alcohol. To avoid any outside tastes, we store in stainless steel and glass. Except for oak cask storage. Then the storage takes at least one year, before the schnapps is bottled.

merous premium schnapps we also produce fruit liquor, a herbal liquor and other fruit products, like preserves and dried fruit. A new product available since the end of last year is the Beethoven schnapps. An apple schnapps stored in an oak cask that was especially created as a souvenir and premium schnapps for Bonn. And for the whiskey fan, we have developed an apple brandy ripened in an oak cast with 50%


From the Eifel to


World’s lite mium schnapps. And this is best to do yourself. The premium schnapps of the fi rst years were directly given to many premieres and premium schnapps tastings and they were immediately honored with medals. We knew we were going the right way – distilling specialty schnapps from our own fruit. In 2006 we were selected in the Top 5 distilleries at the world’s largest premium schnapps premier in Offenburg. All 12 schnapps that were entered were accepted, three were given the highest prize (Gold/full point count), three were given gold and six silver. The total average is judged for the Top 5. There were over 550 distilleries with more than 2,500 premium schnapps listed. How extensive is your product line? Which new products have appeared in the last two years? Meanwhile, our product line covers approximately 40 different premium fruit schnapps. These are all from fruits that can be found in the Rhineland. From classics like Williams pear to different apple schnapps that we distil according to type (Elstar, Roter Berlepsch, Cox Orange, etc…) to pit-fruit (sour cherry, mirabelle, blackthorn) and berries (raspberries, currants, strawberries). We also have premium schnapps from dates, bananas and hazelnuts. Along with nu-

alcohol. This apple brandy is along the lines of a mild whiskey.

How popular are the production tours? Our production tours are very popular. Many visitor groups do not know how premium schnapps are produced and which steps are even necessary. We explain the whole production process, storage and how the distillation unit works. After that, many schnapps are tasted and compared in our tasting room. This instrument is very important for us to bind the customers and to explain the quality differences of less expensive products. Our tasting customers are private customers with friends, clubs, bus tours and company excursions or seminars. What is especially important for you in the production? Of course we only use selected fruit in the production. During the ripening period they are constantly checked and only harvested after the sugar-acid relationship and the starch reduction meet our standards. The fermentation is temperature controlled to prevent as much aroma loss as possible. After the fermentation, the mash is distilled and divided up into the pre and after flow. We only trust our noses here, not computers. What is very important here are the



• 14/2009

Williams-Christ Pear Schnapps Authentic Pear Schnapps from Williams Christ Variety pommes d‘or Holzfassgereift Golden Apple Brandy ripened in an oak cask



Wirtgen Beteiligungsgesellschaft / Wirtgen Group

The Wirtgen Beteiligungsgesellschaft, located in Windhagen in Rhineland Palinate is the Holding of the Wirtgen Group, an expanded, internationally active business affiliation for the construction machinery industry. The four renowned brands Wirtgen, Vรถgele, Hamm and Kleeman with their regular factories in Germany belong to the group, as well as the local production sites in the US, Brazil and China. The producing companies in the Wirtgen Group and their modern production locations are the birthplaces of strong brands that are internationally important in road construction, road repair and material production.




WIRTGEN GROUP CHOOSES SCHWIND. AS LEAD AGENCY. The economic crisis has just started and the end of the downfall is not yet to be seen. Only the strong will survive this recession, the strong that can combine clear strategies and concepts. Like the street construction machinery producer Wirtgen Group, a global player with a medium-sized background. On one side internationality and growth, on the other the stable structure of an independent family company are the equation that have set up the Wirtgen Group to further lead the global expansion of the past few years. Worldwide, the Wirtgen Group has over 4,500 employees in 55 branches on fi ve continents. To underpin the global position optically and communicatively, the company commissioned SCHWIND. with the concept and to carry out an internationally reaching umbrella brand campaign. The fi rst tasks for the agency were in the redesign of the logo, the development of a claim as well as the concept for the advertising campaign. “Our company stands for innovation and competence in street construction, and in the meantime worldwide. We know the market of our customers exactly and are very familiar with the challenges that face modern road construction. We wanted to express this in our campaign.

SCHWIND. is the fitting piece for us in the creative and advertising branch. That is exactly why we wanted them as lead agency,” explains Franz Mantel, Director of Marketing Services for the Wirtgen Group. The very special appeal for André Schwind was exactly in the international recognition of Wirtgen’s competence, “the new claim of the Wirtgen Group is ‘Close to Our Customers.’ It is a matter of fact that completely fits with ours. We are intimate experts on the market of our customers. You can only step into the imagination of the customer if you are up-to-date on the particular market. Based on this intimate knowledge, measures can be conceived that are necessary to have the customer really reach his communicative goals.” For further information about the campaign: André Schwind, E-Mail:



• 14/2009

Energy and Water A Strong Partner. Bonn/Rhine-Sieg.

“Totally wet!” – but wonderful is what Paul Schalnus from Bonn thinks when he dives into the water. The little swimmer is one of the stars in the first advertisement flight of the image campaign “We’re for here” of the company Energy and Water of the Public Utility Company Bonn (SWB). The ads were run for a year in regional media. SCHWIND. had already developed and realized the new corporate design for SWB. “We’re for here” stands for SWB Energy and Water and its strong partners, “The strong partners are many citizens of Bonn who stick to their regional provider and feel connected with the region and its people, just like we do,” Jürgen Winterwerp, Director of Marketing and Communication at SWB Energy and Water, explained the main thought of the campaign.

Marco Westphal and Peter Weckenbrock, Management



„We’re for here!“ is the name of the SWB Energy and Water campaign that is based on pictures and striking statements where people commit themselves to their home, to the city of Bonn and the surrounding region. Citizens of Bonn from all occupations, from politics to business, from sports to the church and from education to cultural circles, participated. Since 2008 the campaign has a new visual center: the blue couch. The concept was developed and realized by SCHWIND. Testimonials sat on a blue couch placed in front of a prominent and striking Bonn background. What becomes clear is that this energy provider is committed to the region and the people who live in it! Peter Weckenbrock, Director of SWB Energy and Water formulated this commitment, “The couch is the embodiment of home and feeling comfortable. Through the color blue, we signalize that we ensure a safe supply and that we also accept responsibility for Bonn and the region.” The campaign, with over 70 motives, has advanced to an eye-catcher since its start. Many Bonn citizens supposedly only buy the weekly edition of the local paper to see who is sitting on the couch and where the couch is in the region. But the blue couch also brings another message across. It stands for the invitation to treat the customer like a king and to take his royal seat. It also stands for the performance and innovation of the energy provider. With this aspect, SWB Energy and Water is clearly moving away from an alarming trend in the current energy business. Only the price matters, not service, performance nor the focus on the interests and needs of the customers. This is originally presented in the motives in the new campaign. Like the loyalty product BonnDuo green and an older couple on the blue sofa in front of the Kreuzberg Church. An energy provider and its customers are showing their colors. The success story continues ...

For more information

Website! Hot or Cold? Heatmaps and clickmaps make the web page effective!



The new website is finally online. Those who have gotten this far have often invested blood, sweat and tears in a fair CI layout, clear navigation structures and snappy, search engine optimized texts. Now it is time to lean back, harvest the fruits of your labor and see – a hopefully high – hit rate. Sorry, wrong. Many companies overlook that the creation and operation of a website – compared to print products – is a dynamic process whose beginning and first steps are the successful re-launch. Evaluation and qualitative analysis is done afterwards, flying blind. Here, common sense is often preferred to getting correct information and concrete knowledge. However, Website-Controlling and Usability Testing (along with the pure analysis of hit statistics) are powerful tools that are available to assess the usability, user guidance and conversion rates.

Hot zone detector Heatmaps descriptively visualize areas on a website that the user actually clicks. These do not always have to be links; they could be arbitrary design features. The elements that are clicked on are displayed as hot (hot spots) and cold zones. Some amazing findings come to light with this - like clicks on nothing, clicks on inactive graphics, etc... Earlier assumptions about the preciseness of navigation elements often have to be discarded. Starting from this point, the webpage design can be rethought and adapted to an optimal user guidance.

The Pathfinders of the Internet World Clickmaps show the user’s way inside the website in the form of arrow diagrams. This is also called path analysis. This way, for example, it is easy to determine where the website users really go from the homepage, how many leave after the homepage after not having looked at any other pages and if the user found the planned path to the so-called conversion goal (i.e. the order



• 14/2009

page of an online shop or the contact form). Potential obstacles can be removed and the user’s way to the conversion goal is facilitated. This is an interesting possibly mainly for the operators of online shops to optimize leads and sales.

SCHWIND. Shows you the way Using eTracker® Web Analytics Tools, SCHWIND. offers its customers in the online area an efficient and significant solution to give their own website a thorough checkup. From here we advise our online customers about a possible optimization of design, navigation and content, along with concrete suggestions how to increase their customer’s satisfaction. SCHWIND. is a participant of the eTracker® Reseller Program. Get in contact with us! Contact: Tim Jans,




COMMUNICATION The integrated rail transportation from TX Logistik AG is revolutionizing the European freight transportation. SCHWIND. is going along on the trip. urope is growing together. Nowhere else is this realization as clear as in business. Goods have to get from Sweden to Italy as quickly as possible, have to be delivered from Ukraine to France. The biggest part of these is transported on the street. Time pressure and the necessity to save energy are increasingly bringing more companies to rail transportation. The freight rail transportation market belongs to the future again. In order to increase the attractiveness of rail traffic for freight transport even more, integrated logistic solutions that are more than just competition for truck transportation in relation to efficiency and transparency are needed. This is the core competence of TX Logistik AG, one of the largest private rail companies in Europe. Their big advantage is that they have borderless international connections to Germany’s neighbors at their disposal. Not only modern multisystem locomotives but also our own licenses enable a quick border crossing without bureaucratic constraints. Hence, the company connects partial sections to effective connections. In particular, crossing the Alps with efficient train systems has become standard. With the national corporations in Sweden,

Austria and Switzerland as well as a strong presence in Italy, the company located in Rhenish Bad Honnef is constantly expanding its coverage. The company’s top product is TXCARGOSTAR, which allows the transports of several customers to be bundled. The customer can choose between a confirmed booking or an ad hoc booking. Effective terminals allow optimal loading as well as additional services like handling, storage and repair.

Innovation and Emotion SCHWIND. was able to assert itself against notable competitors in a pitch when TX Logistik was looking for a tailor made concept for the future communication design. “Above all, the consistent and creative further development of our past communication designs convinced us. Furthermore, what spoke in favor for SCHWIND. was the proven logistic competency of the agency,” explained Werner Nies from TX Logistik the decision for the Bonn agency. All the previous advertising material was gone over together with the logistic company. What should change? The facts at TX Logistik speak for themselves. What was missing was the human factor. The concentration on communication was placed as a company asset. A rail company that stands for transeuropean mobility, transparency and innovation needs an external presentation that connects these professional qualities with the emotion of connecting Europe and Europeans even closer. The responsible customer consultant Kai Schotten sees the important development here,



• 14/2009

“including emotional photos that show people in diverse moods in the brochures and calendars conceived by SCHWIND. should clearly show the customers’ enthusiasm and expectations for the services and achievement of the company.” Logistic does not simply bring goods together, but also people. Maybe even more today.




DHL EXEL SUPPLY CHAIN – A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF COURAGE IN LOGISTICS COMMUNICATION Finally a case where those who are responsible for communication do not show off the power (assets) of their company, which is common to see in this branch. No delivery vehicles, high-rise storage, no operational handling, and so on. Change the subject to corporate design. Red and yellow are exceptional signals, for both the professional world and private people, which stand for power (and for assets) in the logistic world. Is this colorful blessing also a curse? These colors of DHL’s corporate design are also worn by dozens of subsidiary and also the strong umbrella brand. What is even more aggravating is that a perfect corporate design is not only the specifi cation of colors, but also requires heeding other fundamentals which defi ne the frame for the brand communication. Seen negatively: this can limit the creative possibilities of the brand communication. Seen positively: these “requirements” provide a reliable frame where creativity can be targeted. With all the advantages that the corporate design has for brand recognition, it creates a huge communicative challenge for the following communication concepts. A communicative strategy has to have the answer for the potential customers who ask in the confusion of brands, corporate designs and group companies, “who is trying to tell me something?”

On one side, is only generating attention an act of liberation? Is showing off assets, like battle divisions of delivery vehicles, airplanes, cargo ships and other power symbols of the logistic branch the other side of liberation? Not for DHL, because, after all, the brand has a valuable core that always has to be protected anew! The devil is so often in the details, and the communication content has to be conceived accordingly. For André Schwind’s conception team there was only one approach – do not show how or the assets, but show who and place the accomplishments and company as a matter of fact in the thoughts and world of the targeted customer. An example for this is the current campaign of the different company areas of the DHL Exel Supply Chain. Although the single areas work independently, at the end of the day a consistent and perfect market presence for the DHL Exel Supply Chain above all companies must result out of little campaign puzzle pieces. This has to bring across the fundamental substances, clearly name and identify the message sender and should also strengthen the umbrella brand and ensure a clear boundary to the competition. This is where the responsible party really showed courage. No high-rise storage, no fork lift, no airplanes or other typical logistic pictures were used. No, pictures that were used were from the customer’s world. DHL Exel Supply Chain is not only a stra-



• 14/2009

tegic partner of the customer and their world, but also an integral element that the customer’s world cannot be thought of without. Faster and more creative – so much self-praise is allowed – cannot be. The team behind the logistic communication is made up of Tanja Laier (Graphic) and Kai Schotten (Team Director). André Schwind (Creative Director), Roger Thomas (Art Director) and Erich Seewald (Conception) also joined. While working for Rhenus Logistics and other well-known logistic experts, SCHWIND. has gained a lot of branch experience. This team knows how the market works, what is important in sales and distribution and what the language of the branch is. Also new customers treasure this concentrated logistic know-how. KAI SCHOTTEN WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP WITH MORE INFORMATION. FON: 0228 – 52 88 540 E-MAIL:


ven though the term shopping center is not German or European, the roots behind this idea are clearly in Europe. More than 1000 years ago, cities in Germany often attained their importance through market rights, markets and trading fi rms. Only settlements that had market rights could be attributed city rights. These were center points for the people who traded goods and services through communication – also as social components. Entertainment was provided by street performers, but food and drink also were always a part. The present boom of large-scale commercial real estate located in the city center is the renaissance of an ancient commercial tradition of Europeans in the cities. The bustling and popular market place is

returning to the cities and is embraced just as intensively as to the time of cities and fortresses with market right. Up-to-date, based on centuries of experience, a “covered marketplace”, a commercial and event piece of real estate turns into the center point of a city today and also a central communication and trade center for the people in the trading area of the cities.

This is where the wheat is clearly separated from the chaff and the list of investment ruins is meanwhile almost as long as the longterm successful investment. What is even longer is the list of properties needing revitalization compared to the successful properties in our diverse commercial landscape.

Quality pays off Despite the best practice analysis and many self-set bench benchmarks, there is no reliable and general early know knowledge and early warning system for the success or failure of a commercial piece of real estate. Here, professionalism and the proverbial fi ne instinct of the entrepreneur are required to use their own precautionary measures. Using frequency profi les, turnover developments and tenant fluctuations as early indicators for either necessary company-accompanied or mandatory revitalization measures can be defi ned and interpreted correctly.

From a sales machine to an event center Profitability cannot be reached with only experience and fi ne instinct. Experts have known about the staged dramaturgy for the necessary attractivity and quality of the stay and have calculated the duration of the stay. High-cost promotions with local flair and the spirit of the time are indispensable elements of attracting customers, i.e. small-scale performing arts, readings, talk shows, matinees, young talent sponsorship with art academies and conservatories, public cooking, opera and concert events, jazz nights, Harley-Davidson gatherings and everything else imaginable that keeps the commercial real estate up-to-date and attractive. Admittedly, these events are expensive and normally non-recoverable, but effective.

From a sales to event 46


Sustainability of Commercial Real Estate Concepts In the next half of the century, over 60 large-scale commercial pieces of real estate will be newly erected in Germany. Despite the discussion about overhanging sales space, despite weak commercial turnover, Germany is still building, replacing eroding commercial buildings with glittering commercial palaces, the shopping center generation 2007 plus. Along with new buildings, a trend that plays a role not to be overlooked is refurbishment and revitalization and center expansion. There are reports of trend-setting new elements, from spectacular places for communication and rest with an art supply, striking architecture elements, stages, cafes, water fountains and always lots of greenery.

International Trends shape the future After the malls in the USA got bigger but not necessarily prettier, the reverse gear was put in place at the beginning of the new century and the older centers in the USA went back to the roots, to the concept of the good old shopping street. By the way, this is a trend that can also be felt in Germany when you recognize that some strong and especially vertically structured chains have contributed to the Renaissance of the pedestrian areas. The roofs of many malls were removed and buildings were opened at the ends. Other malls have increasingly added open areas where the customers can sit out in the open. The Renaissance in the City Is this an innovation in terms of the set topic? Isn’t the recognition that innovation is only what works in the market

machine dining 47


• 14/2009

also valid in our market? Renowned automobile makers have fundamentally reworked their design philosophy. They conform to the actual needs of the market. This industry has really had success with a strategic approach that they did not have before. Other industries are more proficient in making ideas into products than commercial real estate. This is where we really have a deficient in Germany that needs to be compensated. Author of this article: Wolfgang R. Bays, Chairman of the Management Board of German Council of Shopping centers e.V. Ludwigsburg

SCHWIND. is Business-Club partner from Borussia Monchengladbach. On the company’s own business seats, staff, guests and customers can enjoy the extra-class soccer atmosphere. The 2006 World Cup started a downright stadium building boom in Germany. Many clubs and cities have immensely upgraded in the past years. The biggest team of the 70s next to Bayern Munich, the “Foals” from Borussia Monchengladbach has a new stadium, the Borussia Park. The great domain of the legendary Weissweiler Team around Netzer, Heynkes and Simonsen doesn’t exist anymore – the infamous Bökelberg.


in G




e r u P o m E ns o i t

What is different from a few other soccer stadiums in Germany is that the move from the time-honored but spartan post-WWII stadium in to the flashy high-tech event arena of the 21st century has not damaged the atmosphere. Maybe the mood in the new stadium is even better than in old Bökelberg times, despite the not so thrilling table ranking. Unfortunately, Nanolo, the Turkish motivator and pulse generator with the huge drum recently passed away. However, the sizzling atmosphere in the new foal home stadium has contributed a lot for the rather mediocre team of the last seasons to be able to catapult in Germany’s elite league. And when new big talents like Markus Marin are combined with this fantastic atmosphere, not all hope is lost! Top stadiums and top class sports and cannot be realized in the time of ailing state and city fi nances without sponsors. At the same time they have the unavoidable precondition of staying punkt

competitive in the sponsor competition. The new Gladbach arena needs business support. It is a point of honor for SCHWIND. Agency owner André Schwind is a self-confessed and ardent fan of the foals. And thus a Business-Club Partner of the lower Rhenish traditional club. The biggest plus point of this partnership for the agency is that some of the best bleacher seats are reserved and we provide these to staff members, customers and friends. During the game and up to three hours after it, the VIP lounge is open with an excellent selection of food and beverages. There you can drink your beer next to former Borussia stars and come into close contact with the current team after the game who usually are available to media representatives.

If you want to let yourself get carried away by this atmosphere, SCHWIND. gladly invites you to visit. Maybe we can experience a soccer miracle in the stadium in the second half of the season with you, though it probably will not (yet) be the championship. Please send an E-mail to We will be pleased to contact you.

André Schwind said, “From our places a breath-taking impression of the field and the steep spectator bleachers opens up, especially the north curve, an Eldorado of hard core fans. It is the one and only soccer stadium where the spectator bleachers tightly ring around the playing field, letting an intensive and unforgettable feeling come up.”



• 14/2009



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The multimedia wonder offers ultimate surf-feeling, a sophisticated zoom function and a perfected multitouch technique. Telephoning with a mobile has never been so exciting. Take part and answer the six questions on the attached reply card.

Publishing Details Publisher: SCHWIND.

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OH NO, has the reply card already been taken? We would be glad to send you a new one!

SCHWIND. Advertising Agency has what your communication needs.

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