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] XM Radio, Bose, Navigation DVD, Towing

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Commerce Chabad acquires building.

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New Home

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An artist's rendering of the new home of Chabad of Commerce

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nnn°Î£n°ÇÇÇÇ 888.225.1819

800.311.0816 nnn°Ç£n°™™äÇ

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habad of Commerce has purchased a new building, less than a quarter mile from Huron Valley Sinai Hospital. “We are the first and only shul in the lakes area and we’re happy to continue serving the Jewish community — soon in a larger, more accommodating Rabbi space,” said Rabbi Greenberg Schneor Greenberg. For seven years, the Chabad Jewish Center of Commerce/Walled Lake has met in the home of Rabbi Schneor and Estie Greenberg. The congregation has welcomed families and individuals for everything from Shabbat and holiday services to Hebrew school for youth and adult education. The new building was purchased on land contract. Chabad of Commerce is in the process of fundraising as major renovations are necessary before move-in. “As soon as we raise the necessary

funds, we will begin to renovate,” said Mrs. Greenberg. “We hope the local Jewish community will join us in reaching our goal of $250,000.” Dedication and sponsorship opportunities are available. Once completed, the synagogue will include a sanctuary, classrooms, a library and offices. It will be handicap accessible. Chabad offers a variety of programs for the Jewish community, to share in all the simchahs and the sorrows, said congregant Diana Freilich of White Lake. Commerce Chabad offers Shabbat and holiday services, youth Hebrew school and adult education, summer camp, bar/bat mitzvah tutoring/preparation, spiritual and lifecycle counseling as well as men’s, women’s and teen study groups. “Commerce Chabad is a mitzvah to this community,” said Suellen Trionfi of Wolverine Lake. “We are hopeful that the community will continue to grow with us.” For information, contact Rabbi Greenberg, (248) 363-3644, or info@ jewishcommerce.org. ■


Grand opening of our West Bloomfield Location!

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Judaic Fundraiser 1544510

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December 24 • 2009

The Pomegranate Guild of Southeastern Michigan took part at Holiday Tables, a presentation and fundraiser by the Farmington Garden Club, Nov. 14-15. The guild created the tablecloth and runner as well as the napkins, serving plates and gelt bags using various craft techniques with Judaic themes. Shown are guild members who helped set up the display: Anne Greenstein, Judy Galperin and Judy Ginsberg, all of Farmington Hills.

Profile for Schneor Greenberg

New Chabad House  

New Chabad House

New Chabad House  

New Chabad House