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Reaching Children: Impacting the World

> CONTENTS Our hope is that, as you read this magazine, you will be drawn to see God’s Kingdom building from His perspective and that you will join with His heart in prayer for your church and others. May our prayers unite us for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!




FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 2017: Question Mark or Exclamation Point?


SEARCH COMMITTEE UPDATE David Cullison, Executive Board Chair, reports


COMMITTED COOPERATION From Seeds to Fruit - in God’s Time


PRAISING GOD for giving through SCBI churches in 2016


FRESH IDEAS Worship Like Me

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SPOTLIGHT: CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Not Limited by Resources: Reaching Kids


SPOTLIGHT: CHILDREN’S MINISTRY A Growing Lunch Outreach; Bloomington Baptist Kids






ACCOUNTABLE ACCOUNTING Updating Employee Tax Records




AROUND THE STATE English as a Second Language; Celebrating 60 Years of Marriage; New Help for Community Outreach




DIGITAL CORNER 10 Things Your Church Website Must Have SPOTLIGHT: CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Reaching Children: Impacting Our World; Ministry One Meal at a Time






Creekside Baptist Church, Evansville: full-time Senior Pastor. Send resume to or Creekside Pastor Search, 2301 Oak Hill Rd., Evansville, IN 47711. New Point Baptist Church, New Point: bi-vocational Senior Pastor. Send resume to Remington Family Church, Remington: part-time Revitalizing Senior Pastor. Send resume to: or Remington Family Church, P.O. Box 183, Remington, IN 47977. Southside Baptist Church, Boonville: bi-vocational Senior Pastor. Send resume to or Pastor Search, Southside Baptist Church, PO Box 511, Boonville, IN 47601.


7-8 Transformed, Sunnycrest Baptist Church, Marion 14 Good Friday (SCBI Office closed) 16 Easter Sunday 21-22 Exalt Him Student Worship Retreat, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp



Crossroads Baptist Association, Indianapolis: part-time Associational Coordinator. Send resume to 952 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 or or call 317.833.0949. Journey Church, Plymouth: bi-vocational Children/Youth Minister. Send resume to or Journey Church, P.O. Box 632, Plymouth, IN 46563.

6 Bible Drill & Speakers’ Tournament, Plainfield Baptist Church, Plainfield 7-14 Week of Prayer for Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 14 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp Offering In-gathering 19-20 Man Camp, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 29 Memorial Day (SCBI Office closed)

JUNE 10 Crossover Phoenix 13-14 Southern Baptist Convention, Phoenix AZ 26-30 Mission Adventure Camp (MAC), Highland Lakes Baptist Camp

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Rios De Agua Viva, Evansville (Alfonso Soto) Ritter Baptist Church, Indianapolis (Earl Chestnut)


Kip Glen (Bridgeport Central Baptist Church, Indianapolis) Jonathan Schrader (Hymera Southern Baptist Church, Hymera)

3-4 Transformed, Graceland Baptist Church, New Albany 5-12 Week of Prayer for North American Missions 6-7 Executive Board Meeting 12 Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions In-gathering

3-7 Student Fusion (Week 1), Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 4 Independence Day (SCBI Office closed) 10-14 Student Fusion (Week 2), Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 18-22 JAM (Jesus, Arts & Music) Camp & Super JAM, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp


3 Equip-U, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 5 Missions Lifeline, Highland Lakes Baptist Camp 12 Transform: Teaching that Changes Lives, Northside Baptist Church, Indianapolis 14-15 Executive Board Meeting



From the Executive Director

Dr. Steve McNeil, Interim Executive Director

2017: Question

Mark or Exclamation


It has been my honor to serve as interim in several situations. Today I am serving our State Convention of Baptists in Indiana as the Interim Executive Director. I’ve learned in these situations that people take one of two postures or attitudes about an interim.

members of our churches to work toward accomplishing the mission (Matthew 28:1820).

SCBI has a great platform built by some great, Godly men: E. Harmon Moore, R.V. Haygood, Mark Coppenger, Charles W. One attitude is a question mark. This usually Sullivan, Stephen Davis and Cecil Seagle. It takes the form of “wait is my privilege to have We must engage people every day of and see” or “since we known each of these our life, influencing others toward a have no main leader, we men and to call them relationship with C hrist . have no leadership.” This friend. Each has led attitude is neither helpful in a different way, in nor productive. The question mark attitude leaves their own style, with their own priorities and everything on hold. Let’s not make any decisions. in their own season of SCBI life. One thing is Let’s wait until…??? Let’s make sure the ship common for all. They were all leading SCBI doesn’t sink. This attitude may be ok in some to accomplish the Great Commission in places or in some organizations, BUT it is not Indiana and around the world. We will conhelpful in our work, in our ministry, in our mission. tinue that direction and that tradition! We do not have time for that. I’ve found that the second attitude is the The second attitude is an exclamation point. This most helpful, productive and Spirit-filled. takes the form of “let’s keep moving.” Our misWe have a great opportunity to influence sion has not changed. Our vision is not different. our state for Christ and thus for eternity. The core values of our convention are still the Our mission is too great to sit and wait same. 95% of the leadership team is still in their until…??? We must engage people every place of leadership. The exclamation point attiday of our life, influencing others toward tude says we have a direction and we are mova relationship with Christ. I hope you will ing forward with the plan. We continue to work choose with me and our SCBI staff team, together as a convention staff team, as associthe second attitude. Choose the exclamaational leaders, as local church leaders and as tion point!!! 4


On another note, I hope that you pay particular attention to this issue’s special emphasis: Children! Whether you serve in a church plant or an established church, you have a children’s ministry. Some of our churches have a vibrant emphasis on reaching and teaching children. Some of our churches struggle to have any children at all. I would say this to you: If your church does not have children, your church is in trouble. Children are the face of the future. Reaching families with preschoolers, children and students is vital to a churches health. If you have questions or needs in these areas, contact your SCBI staff team, regional catalysts, DOM, or associational coordinator and see how they can help you. Remember to pray for Sarah Bohrer who serves as our SCBI Children’s Ministry Director. She leads us in the areas of VBS and children’s camps. Visit our website,, for information about camp and training for Children’s Ministry.

Steve McNeil

Search Committee Update The SCBI Search Committee has been in diligent prayer regarding God’s person for the position of Executive Director for the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana. We appreciate everyone across our State Convention who has joined us in prayer, asking God to give us direction and insight in finding this person. The Search Committee has completed reviewing the resumes we received. We narrowed our choice down to three individuals. The committee interviewed each of these separately and felt led to choose one out of the three to submit for approval. After further prayer and talking with this individual, we hope to present this person for the position of SCBI Executive Director at our next Executive Board meeting scheduled for March 6-7, 2017. Please continue to pray for God’s leadership and His will in this decision. David Cullison Executive Board Chairman




April 21-22, 2017

Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $55 if paid in full by March 21 $65 if paid in full by April 7

Exalt Him Student Worship Retreat provides an opportunity to experience powerful worship and training in various worship arts for students so they can share those gifts in their churches.

For more information or to register go to

Committed Cooperation


From Seeds to Fruit – in God’s Time So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who give the growth. Now the one who plants and the one who waters are equal, and each will receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are God’s co-workers. 1 Corinthians 3:7-9a There are moments in ministry that offer encouragement as we partner to push back the darkness in Indiana. God is at work in some pretty spectacular ways. Here is a story from Trevor Kirtman, your campus minister at Indiana University in Bloomington. Baptist Collegiate Ministry leaders began meeting with Sarah for prayer and discipleship. During their time together, Sarah felt the need to share the gospel message with her roommate, Anna. She was obedient and Anna heard the gospel. She thanked Sarah for sharing and accepted the Bible

that Sarah offered, but did not pursue Christ any further. As the years at I.U. passed, Anna and Sarah stayed in contact. This past summer Anna decided to pick up the Bible that Sarah gave her. She spent time reading it and remembered what Sarah told her about having a relationship with Jesus. Anna wanted to ask Sarah more about what it meant to surrender her life to Christ, so they met for several weeks to discuss the Bible. Anna gave her life to Christ, nearly three and a half years after first hearing the gospel. Can you imagine a better way

for a student to leave a university campus than having accepted Jesus Christ as Savior? Hallelujah! Stories like Sarah and Anna’s are the reason why I am glad to be a Southern Baptist. You, too, are very much part of stories like this when you give through the Cooperative Program. Your gifts help push back darkness on college campuses and beyond. We are able to take the gospel to the Nations!

Encouraged, Rick Hillard

Praising God SCBI churches gave more in 2016 for God’s Kingdom work. • Cooperative Program receipts of $2,392,657 met the convention-approved budget of $2,392,010. • Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions exceeded the goal of $290,000. SCBI churches gave $351,544, which was 21% more than the goal and 7% more than 2015. • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions also exceeded the goal that was set at $470,000. Receipts for this offering totaled $576,227, which was 23% above the goal and 3% above 2015 receipts. • Highland Lakes Offering of $34,147 was 7% higher than 2015 receipts. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving. Pray the Lord will continue to increase our impact on this world for His Kingdom glory!



Worship Like Me Fresh Ideas - Diana Davis

“I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

I sat behind a cute little boy in worship who was wearing stylish headphones and intently playing game after game of Angry Birds. For the entire hour, he never looked up. An older girl was napping on the pew. Both children’s parents were engaged in worship, yet they missed the opportunity to help their kids worship God. Christian parent, are you intentional about engaging your child in true worship? Try these fresh ideas: • Commit to God today that you’ll prepare, pray and persist in teaching your child. • Talk about the worship service during the week. Worship is a delight for Christians! Your enthusiasm and anticipation of worship is contagious.

• Create a church bag to hold your child’s Bible, a journal and a pen or markers. • The night before worship, lay out your clothes and shoes. Plan breakfast and intentionally get a good night’s rest. • As you drive to church, chat about why we attend church service and what you hope God will do in your own heart today. • Arrive early enough to take your child to the bathroom just before church. Be seated before worship begins, selecting a seat near the front so your child can see and participate well. • Teach your child to participate joyfully in worship. Model standing or sitting at appropriate times. Encourage them to sing the songs and bow during prayer. Teach them to make eye contact with others during greeting time. Let them give an offering and pass the plate. Open the Bible and follow the words with your finger. • Once the sermon begins, the child can get the church bag for “note-taking.” Help them to sit facing the front. As you take sermon notes, help your child learn to listen and write or draw words they hear. They could write hash marks to count the number of times they hear a specific word. • Teach respect for God’s house. Never allow them to be unruly or destructive. • Help your child to know the pastor and encourage them to visit with kids and adults after worship. • On the drive home, talk about the worship service. Ask what your child learned. Answer questions and recap the sermon topic on the child’s level. I sat behind a father and son last Sunday. As we sang, I noticed the dad’s worn Bible lying on the pew, right next to his son’s slightly worn Bible. During the sermon, I noticed the boy taking tedious notes. Just like his dad.

© Diana Davis is an author and columnist based in Pensacola, FL. Diana’s newest book, Across the Street and Around the World (New Hope 2016), is co-authored with Autumn Wall, an Indiana church planter’s wife.

Prayer Point Lord, children are a blessing from You. Help us to faithfully train those in our care to worship You in Spirit and in truth. Be glorified in Your church and our families! 8



CHURCH WEBSITE MUST HAVE By Jonathan Howe “Must” is a strong word, and I realize that. But hear me out.

The two most important elements you need to have on the front page of your church website are (1) the Church Address and (2) Service Times. Here are the other things to include on your church’s website: 3. Staff Names and Titles — Most of the viewers on your church website will be visitors. In fact, a church’s website should be more geared to visitors than to the members. I encourage you to list contact information and include a picture of staff members. 4. Information about Your Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry — Since the front door of the church is now the website, make sure parents know what to expect when they arrive with kids or youth. Let parents know their kids will be safe and cared for. They also want to know they will receive sound instruction at your church. 5. Sermon Archives — While video is best, audio is acceptable. Theologically astute guests will do a greater amount of research on a church before visiting. What is preached from the pulpit is of utmost importance. Posting sermons online not only informs potential visitors, but also benefits those who might not make it to the service each week. 6. Church Calendar — Limited information can be given in announcements or printed in the bulletin. But with an online calendar, church members and guests will always have information at their fingertips. The key is keeping the calendar up-to-date. 7. Contact Information — This may be obvious, but an important follow-up is having someone responsible for responding to inquiries. Every contact made to a church should receive a response within 24 hours. We live in a connected society. A church needs to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion. 8. Statement of Beliefs — This is not only for the theologically minded, but also for those who move from another church or town. “Baptist” in a church name may communicate different things to different people. A statement of beliefs helps clarify for guests. Also, if you are affiliated with a denomination, it’s better to list it than appear you are trying to hide it. 9. Links to Social Media Profiles —This is if your church is active on social media. Please do not link if web users will find nothing there. 10. Major Church News Items — Not everyone is present at church each week. If you roll out a major initiative, make a major announcement, or just have news that’s really important, put it on the website and make it easy to find.



Jonathan Howe serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives at LifeWay Christian Resources, the host and producer of Rainer on Leadership and SBC This Week, and the managing editor of Jonathan writes weekly at on topics ranging from social media to websites and church communications. Connect with Jonathan on Twitter at @Jonathan_Howe. WINTER2017 2017||||INDIANA INDIANABAPTIST BAPTISTMAGAZINE MAGAZINE 99 WINTER


CHILDREN’S MINISTRY || SPOTLIGHT Reaching Children: Impacting Our World By Sarah Bohrer

I recently read an article stating that 39% of young American adults (ages 18-29) are religiously unaffiliated, a group that has quadrupled since the 1990s. How can we, Christ’s church, be more effective in providing children with a vibrant faith that perseveres when confronted by worldly values and the enemy’s lies? Kids need a solid spiritual foundation. They are inquisitive and want to learn. They desire to know Jesus and know more about who He is and what He has done. Church must be a safe place for kids to ask questions and receive answers. It should even be a safe place to express doubt. Dealing honestly with questions of faith will ultimately help lead them to a true unwavering belief. As James 1:3 says, faith that is tested produces endurance and maturity. Per 2004 Barna research, 64% of American Christians accepted Christ before they turned 18. This underscores the reason Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, children’s events and discipleship are so important. We have an obligation to share truth with them! We must also equip parents to lead their children to faith in Christ and to disciple them. The church is where parents learn and find support for this trusted responsibility. Every time children gather at church, we are training future church leaders, parents, teachers, business leaders, senators, lawyers, and more. These young lives will lead the next generation to follow either Christ or the world. Do we see children’s ministry as a time to entertain kids while their parents are at church? Or do we seize valuable opportunities to listen to and train children? What kind of impact does your church have on young lives? What is your impact on the next generation?

Ministry One Meal at a Time First Baptist Church, Rockport

Rockport is a small picturesque town on the Ohio River. Yet Rockport faces social issues not normally characteristic of a small, rural town, including homelessness, food insecurity and poverty. Coupled with a dramatic increase in illegal drug use in the area, the Rockport Community is struggling. Rockport’s poverty rate is nearly 26%, double the U.S. poverty rate.

The church ministers to the children by more than providing food. They treat the children to a family-oriented meal. Adults sit with the children, speak with them, minister to them and, in some ways, parent them. Financially, this ministry runs on a very tight budget, but through donations and miracles, God continues to provide both food and children. Please join us in praying for the children and families this ministry touches and for continued support of funding and donations!

Six years ago, the people of Rockport First Baptist Church began to realize that the snack of cupcakes or chips they gave nine children on Wednesday was the only meal those children would have that evening. Gradually, leaders began supplying chicken nuggets and tater tots. This grew as more volunteers stepped up to come early enough to cook a hot meal before the Wednesday evening training. The church now feeds an average of 40 adults and children each week. There are 55 people who have enrolled in the church’s meal ministry.




Not Limited by Resources: Reaching Kids By Sarah Bohrer Many of our churches in Indiana feel like they are too small to have Vacation Bible School (VBS). They don’t have enough people or resources to do an “outstanding event.” However, what is the purpose of VBS? Is it to get large numbers of kids in our church building, even if half of them are VBS hoppers from other churches? Is it to have the best decorations and snacks in our community? Of course not! The purpose of VBS is to share Christ with people and help them to see their need for Him.

So silence that intimidating voice that is trying to keep you from reaching kids through VBS! No matter your size or available resources, your church can share Jesus with the kids in your community. Remember that Backyard Bible Club that your parents or grandparents did years ago? Guess what. It still works. Whether you are a small church hoping to host your first VBS or a church looking for a new way to impact your community for Christ, here are a few reasons to give Backyard Kids Club a try this summer:



1. Backyard Kids Club is an opportunity to take VBS off your church campus to a location where you can reach people who may never attend a VBS in your church building. 2. Church members serve as missionaries to their neighbors as their homes become points of ministry for ongoing outreach opportunities. 3. You can have a Backyard Kids Club anywhere – someone’s yard, an apartment complex, a school, a park, an open field. Any of these can work if they are safe and easily accessible to children. 4. The church’s ministry and influence is increased beyond the normal reach of the campus.

5. Three or four adults can successfully lead a Backyard Kids Club. That’s right! Fewer volunteers! 6. Kids invite their friends and this makes promotion cheaper, easier, and more productive than the promotion needed for on-campus events. 7. The expense is lessened. Whether you borrow curriculum from another church or try LifeWay’s Backyard Kids Club ($39.99 includes everything for 20 kids), it is definitely less expensive to have a Backyard Kids Club. Make this the summer that your church reaches kids in your community with the Gospel of Christ! WINTER 2017 || INDIANA BAPTIST MAGAZINE




Baptist A Growing Lunch Outreach New Beginnings Community Church in Loogootee started a bag lunch program in September 2015. It was initially set up for kids to come to the church. However, when they didn’t show up, program coordinator Shirley Canell took bagged lunches out into the town. She stopped at the park where children played and at homes where there were toys outside. She always asked an adult for permission to give a child a lunch. Beginning with a few bagged lunches, the ministry has grown to more than 180 lunches given out weekly. Church volunteers have three routes serving the towns of Loogootee and Shoals. Children who receive lunches tell of other children who are in need of something to eat. God has so richly blessed the ministry. Initially Shirley used her own money along with donations from church members to buy supplies. She received a $750 grant from the Walmart Foundation in December 2015. In November 2016 the Martin County Community Foundation provided a grant of $1,000. Recently, the church spent $50 on fruit and chips. God inspired a local resident to give Pastor Ernie $50 the next day. Other community individuals and members of other churches have donated food or money. This has enabled the church to continue this program on a

weekly basis. Employees of a local company provide and assemble the bag lunches once a month and give funds weekly. The children look forward to the lunches. Each bag is packed with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fresh fruit or applesauce, chips, a drink and a snack cake, cookie or bar. A core group of children helps pack lunches and distribute them each week. The children's Sunday School has grown to as many as 40 children on Sunday morning. Most of these children receive the lunches, but they also invite others to come to Sunday School with them. The children are learning to share Jesus and to serve others through the lunch program. There were three adults picking up children on Sunday mornings. We prayed for a van. God answered by inspiring one church member to buy a van. Praise God for His leading and for His people to listen to His call.


Kids Ministry “2nd SAT at BBC” is the children’s ministry at Bloomington Baptist Church. It meets the second Saturday of every month. Volunteers serve lunch at 12:30 p.m. and then lead children through worship, Bible teaching, music, arts and crafts, mission stories, and fun and games. The church utilizes the Gospel Project for Kids material from LifeWay, thus assuring that the children receive the very best in Christian education!


Kids Plant

Churches,Too! By Chris Conrades

greet visitors, and stuff newsletters into envelopes. This summer, children will join their parents and other adults on a mission trip to serve underprivileged families in Lynch, Kentucky. LEARNING Crosspoint leadership recognizes the importance of missions. This past fall, they began Wednesday night missions education using Mission Friends, Children in Action, and Youth on Mission. Each week the children learn about missionaries in the United States and around the world. They are becoming aware of the calling God has placed on their lives.

Crosspoint Church in Richmond is a church plant where kids have a vital part of the church planting process. Pastors Dan Conrades and Brandon Doyle let children of all ages know that they are valuable in God’s church. Here are a few ways children are helping plant this new church. PRAYING Since before the church launched, the children of Crosspoint joined the adults in corporate prayer. The kids pray aloud, blessing those who join their hearts to pray for their community. WORKING Children joined to renovate the church building. They helped paint rooms, clean toys, collect trash, and even remove flooring. As a result, the kids take ownership in the church building they helped make ready. SERVING Crosspoint kids serve as ushers, run the soundboard, help in the nursery,

LEADING The Lord has used kids to lead adults into deeper missions involvement. In October, the Youth on Mission organized the church plant’s first Operation Christmas Child drive. In November and January, the Children in Action served in a local food bank, distributing food to over 300 people each time. In December, they collected their own Lottie Moon Christmas offering and challenged the rest of the church to give. SURRENDERING Since launching in May of 2016, Crosspoint has baptized six kids! As these children surrendered their lives to Christ and were obedient to proclaim their faith to the community through baptism, they made an impact on our adults. In January two men followed their example in baptism. Sometimes we are told children are the “future of the church.” At Crosspoint, we realize they are the church right now. What ways might God have to incorporate kids into the life and ministry of your church? WINTER 2017 || INDIANA BAPTIST MAGAZINE





Children who have completed grades 3-6 will consider the marvelous plan God has put in place to rescue us. Missionaries will share their experiences and challenge campers to envision being part of God’s rescue operation to bring salvation to others.

Student Fusion will equip and challenge students (grades 7-12) to make godly choices. They will be encouraged in the Word to gain wisdom and discernment, recognizing God’s truth as more desirable than the world’s enticements.

Student Fusion will equip and challenge students (grades 7-12) to make godly choices. They will be encouraged in the Word to gain wisdom and discernment, recognizing God’s truth as more desirable than the world’s enticements.

June 26 - 30, 2017 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $215 if paid in full by May 26 $250 if paid in full by June 12

For more information or to register go to mac

July 3-7, 2017 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $215 if paid in full by June 3 $250 if paid in full by June 19

For more information or to register go to studentfusioin


July 10-14, 2017 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $215 if paid in full by June 10 $250 if paid in full by June 26

For more information or to register go to studentfusion

PS 2017 || JAM


June 18-22, 2017 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $215 if paid in full by May 26 $250 if paid in full by June 12

June 18-22, 2017 Highland Lakes Baptist Camp $215 if paid in full by May 26 $250 if paid in full by June 12

Children who have completed grades 3-6 will discover and develop the creative gifts that God has given them. They will be challenged to purify their efforts to focus more fully on glorifying God, becoming His special intruments, set apart for Him.

Students who have completed grades 7-12 will discover and develop the creative gifts that God has given them. They will be challenged to purify their efforts to focus more fully on glorifying God, becoming His special intruments, set apart for Him.

For more information or to register go to jam

For more information or to register go to superjam

Things to Bring to


• Bed Linens (pillow, sheets, light blanket, or a sleeping bag) • Towels (showers and pool) and wash cloths/loofahs. • Personal Care Items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc.) • Your BIBLE, • Sunscreen & Bug repellant • Flashlight • Any medication that you are currently taking. The Nurse needs it and that means not to pack in your bag. Have medication out and available to hand to nurse. For a complete list go to www.



By Jim Shields, Camp Team Leader

Kids at Camp Highland Lakes Baptist Camp is involved in ministry to children, serving as a resource for pastors, counselors, summer missionaries and staff to pour into the lives of literally thousands of children. Each year, hundreds of campers come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is exciting to know that those are lives changed eternally. They in turn go out into the world and tell others His story.

An example was expressed in a letter from a young man who stated, “I went to camp and, while I was there, the Holy Spirit was guiding me to Him. When I came back from camp, I felt different. I started reading my Bible daily. I talked to [my pastor] and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.” The young man’s family affirmed, “Obviously the Holy Spirit was on him at camp and he literally came home a different young man.” This young man’s experience illustrates the impact of ministry on children who attend camp. It is a very humbling, inspiring, and encouraging example of why we exist and why we do what we do. It shows Who deserves all the Glory. It is overwhelming, but amazing. Highland Lakes is a special place blessed by the Father. Thank you to all who participate in administering the camps, to all who help send children to camps, to all those who give time, talent, and treasure to the camp in order to see God’s Kingdom advance.


Updating Employee Tax Records With the tax season upon us, it is a good reminder to make sure employee records are in order and the church complies with updated tax regulations. First, encourage your non-minister employees or ministers who have elected “voluntary withholdings” of their taxes to review and fill out a new W-4 form if necessary. This form determines how much income tax the church should withhold from employees’ wages. Changes to this form may be needed due to the birth of a child, a pay raise, or changes in medical expenses. An important tax benefit for ministers is the housing allowance. Ideally, this allowance is designated in December in order to be effective for the whole year. If this was not done, it still can be put in place, but cannot be retroactively designated. Ministers should fill out their designation request and the church should approve it. It is important for both the church and the minister to retain a copy of the request and the church approval of the designated amount. Finally, the IRS updated the standard mileage rate for 2017 as follows: • 53.5 cents per business mile • 17 cents per mile of medical or moving expenses • 14 cents per mile for service of charitable organizations ( Remember, it is important to be able to substantiate your business expense. This means you must keep accurate records or the result may be the denial of a tax deduction. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Services Team at 317-481-2400 x237.



we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen

Eternal Impact High in the French Alps, English artist Simon Beck walks on snowshoes for hours at a time. He creates intricate patterns in the snow that require up to 25 miles of walking. The final product is typically the size of three soccer fields. From a nearby peak, he snaps a photo. Since 2004, Beck has created more than 240 pieces of “map making in reverse.” Can you imagine the planning and determination it takes to create Beck’s snow art? Walking in carefully calculated paths, retracing steps, knowing every step (or misstep) contributes to the outcome. What if a storm comes? What if skiers crest the hill and plow through the design? What inspires Beck to go to such lengths to create snow art? I think

the answer is his ability to see the finished product in his mind. It is often easy to be discouraged and overwhelmed. Maybe you question if your serving really makes a difference. You might feel you are plodding through snow surrounded by mountains. We read in 2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen; for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” We endure because what is unseen has an eternal significance. Think of every step – every conversation shared, every hour of ministry, every dollar given – as an important piece of the art that God is creating. You may never know the impact made by your offerings of time, talent and treasure, but you can know God is using it for His glory! At the Baptist Foundation of Indiana, we have the privilege of helping indi-


viduals leave a lasting legacy through estate planning, donor advised funds and the acceptance of non-cash gifts. We are committed to facilitating giving to Indiana churches. No matter how big or small, every gift counts! Are you using your resources to impact the Kingdom? Begin now. Don’t be discouraged. Each step of our journey is a part of His story. Call us for creative ways to give to your local church. Join us as we invest our temporary lives, while keeping the goal of God’s forever Kingdom in mind. Blessings,

Jennifer Hall President

3021 E. 71st Street Indinapolis, iN 46220 317.481.2400 ext.300

The Baptist Investment Fund


Available to Individuals as well as Churches

Building Loans

Demand Account 1.00-1.50% One Year CD 1.75% Two Year CD 2.00% Three Year CD 2.50% Five Year CD 3.00% Accounts are not FDIC insured and are offered by “Offering Circular” ONLY. Rates subject to change.

Whether your church is purchasing, renovating or constructing, you now have a ministry-based lending alternative. For current rates and information on the Baptist Foundation of Indiana’s building loan program, contact Jennifer Hall at 317-481-2400 ext. 300.

R a i s e y o u r e x p e c t at i o n s !

scholarships available to Indiana Baptists During the past 18 years, Indiana Baptist Foundation has awarded more than

$100,000 in scholarships! scholarship_postcard1.indd 1

9/16/15 5:56 PM

Scholarship funds are available to assist Indiana Southern Baptists who are preparing for religious and other vocations at colleges and seminaries. The due date for applications is April 1, 2017. Apply at



Around The State... English as a Second Language

Two young ladies from Calvary Baptist Church in Madison recently completed their English as a Second Language training. God will surely use them to reach the lost for Jesus Christ and help build the Hispanic church in their community as they share the English Language. If you or your church are interested in this training, contact DeAnna Downey at for more information.

Celebrating 60 Years of Marriage

Dr. Stuart and Jan Cundiff celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 10, 2017. They were students at Campbellsville College when they eloped and married at the First Baptist Church, Livingston, TN. Dr. Cundiff served as Director of Missions for Indiana’s South Central Baptist Association from 1991 until his retirement in 2007. Jan also served the association as Office Manager. She was the State Convention’s Literacy Consultant for more than ten years.

New Help for Community Outreach

J. Kent LeBlanc recently joined the Ministry Team at Bloomington Baptist Church. Kent leads Connect@BBC, a community outreach project. He is reaching people for Christ by helping them connect to the church and plug into opportunities to serve. Kent’s calling and passion include developing disciples, fostering spiritual growth, and teaching Christians to live out Christ’s compassion, mercy, and justice. He preaches, teaches, and works with leaders. Kent serves alongside the pastoral team, as he develops the church’s presence in Bloomington. Kent is working on his MDiv at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kent and his wife Kathy have four children.

Prayer Point Father, thank You for Your plan to use Your church to reach others with the Good News of salvation in Christ. Continue to send out workers who are dependent on You.



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Indiana Baptist Spring 2017  

Indiana Baptist Spring 2017

Indiana Baptist Spring 2017  

Indiana Baptist Spring 2017