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The Gloves Are Off Joy to Radicalization! Change is no longer dependent on time, it starts right here, right now! And even more importantly, you play a vital part in it. But you’ll have to grow a pair of balls, because it can get ugly. So, wear something warm and bring something sharp, we won’t get back before dark.


In this transparent digital era, voyeurism has reached its peak. We have turned our world into a real version of Big Brother, where all information is public, whether wanted or not. Our doctors pass on our medical files to pharmacies and with one click of a button on FaceBook you give away your personal information, as well as all your friends’. Even areas previously closed off to the public, such as fashion shows, are democratized through the computer. It has abolished all exclusivity. What we see happening right now is a shift towards more mystery. A more private take on life, to intrigue, seduce and tease. Compare it to a present. Whatever’s inside the box, it can’t compete with the thrilling sensation of ripping open the paper, thoughts of what could be racing through your head, as you try to make sense of the shape, following your instincts. The ‘SpeakEasy Martini Concept’ for example, is a ‘secret’ cocktail night for a select group of people. You’ll receive a text message with instructions to follow and a destination to be

at a certain time. There, you will be picked up by a certain someone and escorted to the club, finding your way through some obscure back-alley. The same approach is used for clubs like ‘Club Up’ and ‘Door 74’, where a password will provide you with access. Another great example is the German store, ‘Apartment’, which looks like a dilapidated building from the outside as well as from the inside. The spiral case in the middle of the room is the only thing there and it will lead you to the actual retail area. This accumulation in suspense, as well as activating people to participate, is the way to go. A brand or a company should no longer focus on trying to get the message across of how great they are as a company. In fact, it is kind of a turnoff. Instead, they should focus on catering as best as possible to their consumers, after which those exact consumers will spread the word on how great you actually are. The authority has shifted to the consumer’s side and they are not afraid to use it.

So in order to make us feel more special, you will have to deviate from what is expected. Intrigue us, don’t let it all hang out for the whole world to see. Instead of posting everything online, there needs to be a re-evaluation of what privacy means; which is exactly what is going on at this moment in time. Besides the whole WikiLeaks debacle, more and more people chose to not publicly display their FaceBook page, if at all. The dangers and disadvantages that go hand in hand with the decreasing of privacy, will make consumers more aware of WHAT they do chose to show. In short, brands need to keep it in their pants. It might be nice and all, but let us find out for ourselves please?





Door 74



Speaking In Tongues


Our main advice is to stop trying to woo your customers by offering free crap. We love not paying for things, but even more importantly, we don’t mind paying if the product matches the promise. It’s just HOW you pay that is becoming a vital element in consumer behavior. It will be the only guarantee we will take you seriously.

As the Egyptian revolt has showed us, things can take a radical turn, in just a matter of days. Besides that, it has made clear how scarce some resources are. For years, the importance of money has been emphasized. Taking out a loan has never been so easy and with all sorts of different methods of payment, people have lost the value of money. In other words, the monetary currency has lost its currency. Food however, as well as water and oil, due to its scarceness will trump money as the middle man in a transaction. Internet has also greatly contributed to this development, being able to get anything, anytime, anywhere with just the click of a mouse. This has made us complacent and blasé about where we spend our money. Instead we are looking for new ways as a form of payment. There are sites where you can offer yourself and in exchange someone will do chores around the house for you. There are even sites that make it possible to get your driver’s license in exchange for a brief sexual encounter. Mobile phone companies offer you 1000 free text messages if you don’t mind being bombarded with advertisements and other spam. This has everything to do with the changing moral in our culture. Nothing shocks us anymore and we keep pushing our own personal boundaries forward. But there are signs that indicate a change in consumer behavior as well as their perception of themselves as consumers. There are restaurants that enable you to come up with your own prices, abandoning the traditional way of pricing. In fact, there is a restaurant in Belgium that does not even work with any form of billing or receipts. The patrons fully trust their clientele to do the right thing and this approach is something service related companies will need to put focus on. The consumer has become aware they’re not buying just a product and so companies and brands will have to step up in order for them to deliver the expected (and promised) experience. Brands are no longer autonomous entities, that only communicate in one way; from brand to consumer. Because consumers can get anything, anywhere, companies need to put extra effort in the additional value of a product. The Denim market, for example, is quite a saturated one. So what makes Tommy Hilfiger so successful? He’s able to sell his products indirectly because he focuses on creating the Hilfiger Live experience; speaking to and with ‘Kids of America’, relating its products to its core-consumer in a non-retail environment, through its core inspiration: Music.







For years the world seemed to consist of ‘beautiful’ people. Magazine covers featured flawless faces and rake-thin bodies. TV presents us with a fake image of what life should be and look like and Film constantly falls into the traps of glamorizing/beautifying the world. But this is a fake take on life, for there are groups of people in society, not being represented the way they ought to be. If at all. We’ve named these people minorities, which insinuates inferiority. They don’t belong to our regular life, since they are deviants of that regularity. But we have become bored with beauty and it is no longer sufficient to hold our attention. We are becoming more enamored with the aberration. And they are demanding our attention. The people with Down syndrome , for example. From the lead character in “Y Tu Tambien” and Sue Sylvester’s evil assistant in ‘Glee’, to an all-down soap opera, “Downistie”. Transgendered models are featured in major ad-campaigns, while older models are used on the catwalk. The Amsterdam Dungeon let ‘ugly’ people in for free, refusing the ‘pretty’ at the door. The same approach can be found in other disciplines. 032C published an issue devoted to breaking the aesthetic rules of Design as did Anneloes van Gaalen, creating a whole series. She also published the book “Loser”, celebrating the exact deviance, once so well hidden from us. Or what about the hairy underwear? For some strange reason, ( and with a little help of pornography) our genitals have become more and more Barbie-like, but who decided that would be the norm to live by for the rest of your life? Our mothers seemed to think differently, or so the vaginas covered in an ungodly amount of hair, originating from the 70s, tell us. All pre-conceived ideas about normality will be closely examined by society and overturned if they feel there’s no relevance anymore.


What this implies is that businesses can no longer sufficiently represent groups of people, by taking the average. How very dare you, we’re no longer interested in mediocrity! To do so would be patronizing and consumers can see right through that, slamming the door right in your face. Though we are heading in the right direction, minorities are popping up everywhere, yet still all in niches. What companies should focus on, is demolishing these niche markets. This will require some courage of companies, but abandoning the safe route always is. An example is Haute Couture brand Givenchy; In its latest ad campaign it features both male as female models, as well as transgendered, albino and models of mixed race without moving away from the historical heritage.






Revolting Minorities

你 可 能 想 2011 帶 走 好 人 自 , 從 它 看 圍 繞 你 將 看 見 的 最 後 一次 它 在 這 個 州 。時 間 是 一 改 變 ,相 當 根 本 上 這 樣 。幾 乎 好 像 這 次 行 動 進 ,在 反 抗 之 後 ,Liberating of a population 特 的 片 刻 。決 不 有 網 際 / 網 路 , 其 社 會 的 媒 介 ,在 人 口 的 解 放 方 面 扮 演 如 此 色 。變得 清 楚 的 那 缺 少 網 際 網 路 導 致 - 對 特 別 的 輪 量 跟 DEVIANT 建 立 骨 牌 效 應 ” 的 消 費 者 。 我們揭開了將更深度顯示你的這些集體變化的三 裡他們 切 地 導 致 。(going against the grain)

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Going against the grain - Trend book on new consumer identities.  

A forecasting book that shows the vision on tomorrow's fashion landscape