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A self-started brewery

By Maria Lanza Knudsen Photos: Lars Amundsen

When two seasoned beer enthusiasts saw the opportunity to acquire used brewery equipment, it was the sign they were looking for. With help and backing from friends and family, their dream to own and run their own brewery became a reality with the establishment of Qvart Ølkompani. Based in Kristiansand’s borough of Lund, Qvart Ølkompani occupies an old mechanic’s shop that has been renovated to house the brewery and a little shop the owners hope will open this summer to visitors. Passionate about beer, Qvart Ølkompani makes a wide range of beer types. “We like to push boundaries and be innovative in our brewing,” Lars Amundsen, the co-owner, explains. “Having said that, we aim to produce beer that is unique yet easy for our customers to like.” Of their many beer types, three are especially noteworthy. Their Gose beer, a German sour beer, is particularly fresh in taste with salt and coriander. A rath-

er quirky beer, it both won the audience award and was voted the winner by the other participating breweries at the Sur og Bitter beer festival in Sandnes earlier this year. Meanwhile, Qvart Ølkompani’s Palmekyst beer, an IPA, has tropical flavours with hints of mango and pineapple. Perhaps most unusual is their St. Lucia beer, available at Norway’s Vinmonopolet (the government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer). Partnering with the local coffee shop Sørlandet Kaffebreneri, Qvart Ølkompani produced this stout beer with cold brewed coffee from the St. Lucia coffee plantation in Brazil. “It’s effectively a coffee with beer and excellent with vanilla ice cream,” Amundsen says. “It’s a delight!”

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Following the food from farm to fork Tired of scouring the local supermarket in search for fresh, inspiring produce? Then you will be excited to discover Moe Gårdsbryggeri outside Trondheim. The farm offers home-made beer, soap and freshly picked eggs – and the best part is that you can join in on all of it. By Helene Toftner | Photos: Moe Gårdsbryggeri

Moe Gårdsbryggeri is an operating farm with animals enjoying the porch, but its specialty lies in producing its own grain and malt that gets turned into beer. The brews are distinguished by the malty flavour, giving it a rich and powerful taste. While you may of course pick up a bottle or two at the farm shop, we recommend taking the time to make your own. “It is popular among couples to brew special bottles for their wedding day,” says owner Inger Moe. The brewery, however, is only a small part of the greater focus on home-made 102 | Issue 88 | May 2016

products, including soap or pastries. Locals pop by the farm shop over the weekend to pick up freshly picked eggs, while others prefer spending the day with the animals, just taking in the calmness of the farm. “City people often come here for space and quiet,” Moe notes. Moe Gårdsbryggeri is located 15 minutes from central Trondheim, and is easily reached by car or public transport. The farm is open to the public during the shop’s opening hours on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and at other times on request.

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