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Scubajet, a flexible water jet propulsion for water sports activities. Photo: © SCUBAJET

The revolution of water sports Established in 2016, the Austrian company Scubajet developed a multipurpose water jet propulsion that sets new standards in water sports. With this innovative tool, the company has experienced a rapid success story. TEXT: NADINE CARSTENS

If you want to enjoy water sports without overexerting yourself, you should get to know Scubajet. As a multipurpose water jet propulsion system that is also the smallest diver propulsion vehicle you can find on the market, Scubajet can be compared to an electric bike just for water sports: The versatile electric motor turns any aquatic equipment into fast, comfortable and reliable devices, no matter whether you go stand up paddling, diving, snorkelling, canoeing, kayaking, or boating. “Most of all, we wanted to maximise the fun and minimise the effort when using Scubajet,” says Sabrina Hanneman, co-founder and chief marketing officer (CMO) of Scubajet, the young company of the same name based in Klagenfurt, Austria. “As a result, it takes 74  |  Issue 54  |  September 2017

some of the most popular water sports activities to the next level and gives you an extra buzz of excitement, both over and under water.” Since it is particularly light, Scubajet is also the first portable water jet available on the market. “While the compact jet propulsion is only three kilogrammes in net weight, it can provide an impetus of 20 kilogrammes and a speed of up to 12 kilometres per hour,” Hanneman explains. “This shows that we are pioneers in this field.” How Scubajet works Like an e-bike for the water, Scubajet uses an eco-friendly jet engine based on an emission-free motor. By using removable

batteries, the propulsion’s performance adjusts dynamically, providing a long battery lifetime of up to four hours. Multiple adapters help to apply Scubajet to your water sports equipment so that you can use it to stand up paddle, kayak, canoe, but also to dive, snorkel and for dinghies. Furthermore, this handy tool has a high performance, since the lightweight 6.6-pound high-tech engine generates 44 pounds of impetus and provides up to seven to nine miles per hour. The jet engine offers stepless speed control to either assist you in your sports activity or to let you enjoy a relaxing trip on the water. Last but not least, the 360-degree water intake provides optimal efficiency. Simple handling, compact design With its innovative technology, compact design and low weight, Scubajet is perfect for a great range of activities, setting new standards in the water sports industry.“Especially if you are planning longer trips on water or if you do not completely want to