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‘New Work’ is not just a buzz word in the creative industries Recruitment in the communications industry is a niche market. Like so many others, it is undergoing changes due to increasingly dynamic global markets. Until very recently, communications agencies were predominantly seeking creative staff. These days, however, more and more companies grow their own creative departments in order to drive their company vision independently of external agencies. In the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the industry is under enormous pressure as advertising clients increasingly react to current events. Instead of assigning long-term budgets, today they often only allocate project-specific funds. TEXT: WIBKE CARTER  |  PHOTOS: HENRIETTE POGODA

This development in turn strongly impacts the search for new staff. While not long ago it was an accolade to work as a creative, strategist or consultant for a Cannes Lions-awarded agency, the now talented junior staff think carefully whether to work for an agency or in-house for a company. They consider creative challenges versus financial security, work-life balance and regularity of working hours. The lack of experienced digital personnel means young people can now choose where they would like to work. Designerdock, which has been operating in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for over 20 years, specialises in freelance and full-time communications, marketing and design recruitment, and as such is one of the few players in the field. Due to the close networks among people working in these industries, as well as their expectations regarding their work, sovereignty, and the incompatibility of roles between different agencies, it is difficult or unattractive for

most recruitment agencies to start operating in this employment sector. According to Designerdock Berlin managing partner Kristin Louis, all of their recruiting experts come from the communications industries, and have experience in the sector they supervise. The resultant trust and understanding forms the foundation for the rather unconventional recruitment agency’s success notes Louis.“We take care that our recruiting experts don’t act like average headhunters. We rarely place suits and we aren’t suits ourselves. Instead, we see ourselves as a competent partner of this sector. It is important to us that we personally meet each job seeker and client before we add them to our database.”

Letf: Kristin Louis, Designerdock Berlin managing partner. Middle: Company spokesperson Deborah Abeßer. Right: Photo: © Designerdock Bottom: Kristin Louis, managing partner (left) and Deborah Abeßer, company spokesperson (right).

complexity must be acknowledged and prioritised,” adds company spokesperson Deborah Abeßer. As the advertising industry primarily employs creative 20 to 40-year-olds, these recruits are largely ‘digital natives’. Their daily work is characterised by digital overload. As Deborah Abeßer reports: “Regardless of Designerdock location (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), ‘new work’ is a pressing desire for all job seekers. People in the creative industries look for extended recovery periods (digital detox), meaningful work (sustainability) and flexible parttime and home office options. Today, creativity needs more freedom than ever as expectations have increased. We see ourselves as ambassadors for our candidates and hope for more openness toward new work models from sector employers.” www.designerdock.com Designerdock can be found in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich.

This direct industry contact gives Designerdock special knowledge which works to all parties’ benefit. “The market trend toward purely databased services proves very difficult for recruiting. Recruiting is a people business, thus human Issue 53  |  August 2017  |  59

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Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 53, August 2017  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.