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Choose sustainability today - FSC®


PAPTIC® - combining quality and sustainability


A box with expectations


Easy pack


Make returns convenient


Show your uniqueness


Make the pickup easy


Upgrade a classic cardboard box


Stick it on the box


Design a box your customers want to keep


Shipping in recycled paper bags


Extra protection of your items


Extra thick cardboard envelope


Shipping bags - easy and quick packing


Exclusive transparency


Reuse shipping bag


The bag inside the box


A long lasting brand experience


Exclusive bag inside the box


Tape 44 Box filling


Greeting card or receipt folder




Unbox the experience You box a product, and your customers unbox an experience. Make some strategic choices. The selection of a few elements can create an extraordinary unboxing experience. It is important to choose the right eco-friendly and sustainable shipping packaging. Give your customers a high qualified experience by your choice of look, feel and functionality in your shipping packaging. Expose your brand with your packaging design. What are your brand’s key values? Use colours, textures and graphics to add a feeling of presence, humour, playfulness or luxury that fulfils the brand experience. Box, shipping bag or envelope, whatever protects your products, they can be tailored to enhance your business. Surprising and functional packaging will create trust and increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand. Surprise your customers and give them an experience to unbox!


Choose sustainability today Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions are a key part of our business, as we are FSC®-certifed. The FSC® certification ensures the support of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable management of the world's forests. All graphics on our paper-based and FSC® certified products are printed with water-based colours to help reducing chemical waste. FSC® products are available in: FSC® 100%, FSC® Mix and FSC® Recycled. When you choose an FSC®-certified packaging solution, we add the FSC® label to your products. Make a difference for the environment and choose an FSC® product. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation established to support environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.





Paptic® - combining quality and sustainability Embrace the next generation of renewable biobased, recyclable and renewable packaging material made of sustainable FSC®-certified wood fibre. PAPTIC® is a strong, flexible and malleable material that folds nicely and doesn’t rip easily. The reusability combined with recyclability makes Paptic® bags the most sustainable alternative for traditional shipping bags. Consumers are willing to reuse PAPTIC® material products many times due to its look, feel and technical performance. You have the opputunity to make packaging design obvious for reuse. Design possibilities are innumerable, it can be stitched, embossed and printed on. You have the option to include closures as tape stripes, zippers, buttons, rivets, buckles and much more. Paptic® Tringa, as a material, is not only durable but eco-friendly and sustainable.


A box with expectations Your packaging has two primary purposes; to protect items and create experiences . Add your own design to the box, and give your customers a memorable unboxing experience.



Easy pack Corrugated cardboard boxes are strong and durable and will keep your products safe. It makes a quick and easy packaging - even quicker with self-adhesive tape strips. The corrugated cardboard box is also easy to use for returns.




Make returns convenient Easy return policy at your webshop store is essential for your e-commerce success. Choose boxes with double tape strips, and perforation - for returning. Or, simply add tape or label in the box to re-close the box again.



Show your uniqueness Stand out with unique packaging. It’s all in the details. Show them who you are and put it in a box. A box gives countless opportunity to showcase your brand & logo. • Single logo • Logo pattern • Logo in hot foil • Logo in lacquer • Text design • Brown box or white box • Full colour inside • Full colour outside • Full colour inside and outside • 1 colour pattern • Pattern in many colours • Illustration • Image



Make the pickup easy Handles on the box makes the journey from parcel colletion point to home easier for your customer. There are many possibilities for corrugated box designs, and the handles can be made out of cardboard, cotton, plastic or woven paper. Little things can make a big difference.



Upgrade a classic cardboard box Put your design on the box - inside and outside. Your brand will take the classical cardboard box to a new level and let the customers rediscover your brand.


Stick it on the box Stickers are an affordable solution to a unique design on basic boxes. One roll of stickers can be used in multiple ways on the standard range of boxes. This will make your investment in branded design less pricey.



Design a box your customers want to keep Send your product in a beautifully designed premium box your customer wants to keep. Wrap the box in custom made corrugated paper protecting the box in shipping. Your box becomes a collectors item giving your customers a non-forgettable brand experience.



Shipping in recycled paper bags Design your shipping bags in recycled paper materials with your own brand graphics. Closing with a single- or double fold-down function. Choose between single tape or double tape strips and perforation for easy return.


PAPTIC® A strong material that folds nicely and doesn’t rip easily. Paptic® is a biobased, recyclable and renewable packaging material made of sustainable FSC®-certified wood fibre.



Extra protection of your items Protect your products and the customer experience. Envelopes with filling inside will give extra protection and make your products arrive unharmed. Choose from a variety of filling e.g, honeycomb, corrugated, multi-layered paper, foam or traditional bubble wrap.


Extra thick cardboard envelope Send your items in a envelope made of extra thick cardboard or paper - with or without side gusset and embossed pattern. Closing with tape stripes makes it quick to pack.



Shipping bags - easy and quick packing A classic shipping bag is a good waterproof choice. Options for cut-out handle for easy carriage, single tape close or double tape strips and perforation for easy return.

RECYCLED OR BIO Reduce your carbon footprint by requesting shipping bags with recycled plastic or compostable bio bags for a lower environmental impact. We produce high quality recycled plastic bags and bio bags that meet the strict requirements for certification while focusing on the right design for your brand. The design opportunities are as many as on a standard plastic bag. 32


Thick coloured transparent shipping bag

Transparent shipping bag with non-woven bag inside.


Exclusive transparency

Gold print on thick transparent bag. Product packed in cotton bag.

A transparent or semi-transparent bag can create an exclusive experience that piques the interest. Combine the transparent look with tissue paper, a non-woven, or a cotton bag to create variety in expressions You will find endless possibilities for customizing the look of the shipping experience.

Shipping bag with handle. One side coloured, one side transparent. Product wrapped in tissue paper


Reuse shipping bag Let us re-use! - even shipping bags. Choose a shipping bag in a strong material, like Woven or Paptic -which can be sent back and forth many times. Close bag with Velcro or zipper and seal with shipping label.



The bag inside the box Surprise your customer with a bag inside the box. The bag presents an opportunity to state your brand as well as giving products extra protection. Design a bag of your own or find a bag in our stock and have it customized with your company graphics.

Elegant paper bag fitted precisely to the box

Product wrapped in tissue paper, cellophan bag and closed with sticker. Tissue paper for extra protection.


Woven bag inside box

INSIDE THE BOX Cellophane bag Paper bag PP bag Bio bag Woven bag Compostable bag A sheet of wrapped paper


I stripe of wrapping paper perfectly cut for the box size, wrapped around the product - gives the customer a beautiful surprise when opening the box.


A long lasting brand experience Give the customers a little extra. Inside the box they get a bag to use for daily chores. Maybe a bag for fitness, shoes, shopping or just a bag for when you need to bring something extra. Your customers will see your log again and again - and show it around the town.

Cotton string bag

Non-woven silk string bag bag.


REUSE ME PLEASE Let us re-use! The "reuse me pleace" logo reminding the cutomer to ....

Non-woven bag with handles and grosgrain string.


Exclusive bags inside the box Treat your customers with a token to show your appreciation for their purchase at your webshop. Place the purchased item inside a exclusive bag which they will keep - and give them a webshop experience they will not forget.

Water-resistant bag with two strings - can be used as backpack.

Tyvek bag with shoulder strap.


Show your customers you care about the environment by choosing exclusively sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles, bamboo or Paptic®Trinka.

Paptic bag with grosgrain strings.

EXCLUSIVE BAG Cotton string bag Cotton sholder bag Non-wowen hand bag Non-wowen string bag Wash bag Felt bag Tyvek bag String bag Paptic bag

Felt bag with zipper and shoulder strap.



Tape Tape is not just something you use to hold things together... Show your brand on the tape. Make you box interesting and eye-catching just by using tape.


Box filling There are many ways to protect you product in shipment. Corrugated cardboard in rolls or as sheets. White or natur Bubble wrap, Sizzel and tissue paper to the more delicate item.



Greeting card or receipt folder Surprise your customer with a small greeting or add the receipt in a beautiful envelope or folder. The folder presents an opportunity to brand your company. Design a folder or envelope of your own or pick one from our stock and have it customized with your company logo.



We make unique packaging At SCANLUX BRANDLAB we design customised solutions for you. We are happy to help at all stages of the process – from idea to production. In close cooperation with you, our consultants and designers at BRANDLAB create unique designs, that support your brand.



Beautiful gift wrapping for all seasons We are delighted to provide you with gift wrapping paper that completes the shopping experience. Find inspiration for all seasons with our high quality gift wrapping paper of various types of colours and patterns. Visit our website to view our gift wrapping paper catalogue.



Eco-friendly packaging for your shop Visit our website to view our BASIC product range with a wide selection of: Gift bags & Gift boxes, Paper bags & Plastic bags, Ribbons & Tissue paper, Tags & Labels, E-commerce packaging & Accessories. All these products on stock with day-to-day delivery.


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