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Read ‘n’ Play Baby Bible

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n' Play ' d a Re

Baby Bible

Tim e for Love an s ' d Laughter It

God Made Everything Genesis 1:1-27

God made everything. He made the light and called it sun. Look up! There is the sun. When the sun is gone, it is dark as night.


God made little eyes (point), and little nose, and little toes. And it is very good! 3

The Beautiful Rainbow Genesis 7:1-12

Up and down, up and down: Noah’s boat goes up and down. God makes it rain. Drip, drop, and drip and drop. Then the rain stops. Now look at the beautiful rainbow!


“Down with the rain,” says God. (Wiggle fingers) Rain is falling on Baby’s head. Drip-drop. Drip-drop … and rain is falling on Baby’s tummy, too.


A Happy Baby Genesis 21:1-7

God gave Abraham and Sarah a baby. They waited so long, and now the little baby boy Isaac is here. Sarah laughed and said: “God has made me happy.�


Who is happy? Are you happy like Abraham? Are you laughing like Sarah? Who is happy? (Tickle Baby) I think Baby is happy and laughing, too!


A Coat for Joseph Genesis 37:1-3

Joseph’s daddy loved him very much. He gave him a beautiful coat. Look how pretty Joseph’s coat is, and look how happy Joseph is!


Can you point to Joseph’s pretty coat? Can you stretch out your arms like Joseph and show your pretty ‘coat’, too?


A Baby in a Basket Exodus 2:1-10

Miriam says, “Here, baby Moses, you’ll be all right. Down on the Nile you will float.” Miriam watches as baby Moses floats in the water; up and down he goes.


(Make boat with hands) Moses’s little boat floated on the river. (Open hands) And inside he lay - hiding, safe, and rocking on the water.


Away, Away Goes the Water Exodus 14:15-22

God said, “Raise your staff, Moses!” Raise it up high toward the sky, and the sea moves away! Up, up, and away, and away goes the water.


(Blow like a strong wind) God sends a strong wind to blow the water away. (Blow the waters away).


Ruth Stayed with Naomi Ruth 1:14-18

Ruth held on tightly to Naomi. “I won’t let go,” said Ruth. “You will not be alone!” And Ruth held on tightly to Naomi’s hand.


Hold on tightly, little one. (Hold Baby’s hand) Don’t let go! (Hug Baby) You will not be alone – I will not let you go!


A Quiet Prayer 1 Samuel 1:9-18

Look at Hannah’s lips, which are moving. She’s praying very quietly like a whisper to God, and God hears her prayer.


(Kiss the air) We kiss, we speak, we pray with our lips. (Fold Baby’s hands) Like Hannah, we pray to God and God hears our prayer. 17

Who Is Calling Samuel? 1 Samuel 3:1-10

“Samuel!” Who’s calling Samuel? “Samuel!” Who is it? “Samuel!” Who is it? Why, it’s God who calls Samuel.


(Call Baby’s name) “Where is Baby?” There you are! “Can you say Mommy/ Daddy?” Here I am! (repeat)


David Sings to God 1 Samuel 16:18-23

Sing! Sing along with David, who praises God. David loves to sing to God, and God loves David’s song.


La, la, la ‌ (Hum a song Baby knows). Sing along, little one. God loves to hear Baby sing.


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You 'n' Me Baby Bible (preview)  

Title Presentation PDF. Scandinavia Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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