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f you are a parent, you probably remember when your little baby quickly wrapped all five fingers around your one? Your child will continue to grasp your hand throughout childhood and youth. You are your child’s first and lifelong teacher. And, as a parent and teacher, you will make important decisions for your child. Some of the most important decisions you will make are about your child’s education. You want your child’s school to meet the same goals of high academic achievement you have set. You may want your child’s school to reflect the values of your family and community. In other words, you want to choose a school that is a good fit for your child. In an increasing number of cities across Asia, you now have the ability to do so. International schools are opening up not only in the capitals but also in all major cities. In this issue of ScandAsia we try to help you navigate the process of choosing a school. We outline some steps that you can follow to help you make a wise choice, balancing the situation of your family, the needs of your child and the offerings of the schools. We even include articles directly from some of the best schools on issues of importance to this choice you have to make. Still, the opinion of other parents of your own nationality remains of course impor tantr. This is one of the main reasons why newcomers seek to join networks of other people from their own country so they can exchange advice and warnings. Not only about the best choice of school but also on matters like choice of hospital, dentist, lawyer, etc. ScandAsia has collected and keeps updating all the traditional Scandinavian networks across Asia like Scandinavian Society Siam, and Scandinavian Women’s

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6 ScandAsia • April 2018

Association on the website under the menu point “Contact Directory”. These associations are these years being supplemented - some would say challenged - by a vast number of online communities and social media groups of which the ScandAsia website also has the most comprehensive listing. But regardless of how much can be done online, eventually you will have to visit the school or schools on your short-list. We hope you will find this issue of ScandAsia useful as a tool to help you make an informed decisions. I wish you success with this challenge.

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ScandAsia April 2018  

ScandAsia is a magazine dedicated to serve all the Scandinavian people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland living in China, Hong Kong,...

ScandAsia April 2018  

ScandAsia is a magazine dedicated to serve all the Scandinavian people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland living in China, Hong Kong,...