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GlAsGoW Blackfriars 36 Bell St, Glasgow G1 1LG No wheelchair access +44 (0)141 552 5924

Salt Space Gallery High Street, Glasgow Limited wheelchair access +44 (0)742 253 9741

The Blue Arrow 323 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3HW No wheelchair access

Springburn Parish Church Hall 180 Springburn Way, Glasgow G21 1TU Wheelchair access; accessible toilet; hearing loop +44 (0)141 557 2345

Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD Wheelchair access; accessible toilet; hearing loop +44 (0)141 352 4900 citizenM 60 Renfrew St, Glasgow G2 3BW Wheelchair access; accessible toilet + (0)20 3519 1111 Dundasvale Residents Hall 12 Dundasvale Court, G4 0JS Wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)808 143 2002 The Flying Duck 142 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 3AU No wheelchair access +44 (0)141 564 1450 The Glad Cafe 1006A Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2HG Wheelchair accessible; accessible toilet +44 (0)141 636 6119 Glasgow Film Theatre 12 Rose St, Glasgow G3 6RB Wheelchair access, accessible toilet, hearing loop +44 (0)141 332 6535 Glasgow School of Art (Reid Building) 164 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6RQ Limited wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)141 353 4500 ISO Design 65 Virginia Street, Glasgow, G1 1TS No wheelchair access +44 (0)141 572 9150 The Old Hairdressers Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 5AR No wheelchair access +44 (0)141 248 9558 Radical Home Cinema Various locations, citywide For details, email The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema 304 Maryhill Road, Maryhill, Glasgow, G20 7YE Wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)775 447 9964

RADICAL HOME CINEMA: BRUNCH SCREENING AT FOURWALLS An activist fights to save the city she lives in during the redevelopment era of an urban planner in the 1960s. FourWalls Housing Co-op is a women-centered living space formed in Glasgow during the ‘90s by female members of the city’s LBGTQ community. Join them for this special brunch-style screening. Fourwalls will kindly provide coffee, tea, fruit juice, vegan cinnamon buns, berries & yogurt (dairy/ vegan)

MATCHBOX CINECLUB: WEIRD WEEKEND A weekend of strange and unseen cinema from around the world, showcasing orphans, outcasts and outliers, old and brand-new. Matchbox Cineclub have scoured the world to bring you some of the strangest cinema ever made, almost all entirely unavailable in the UK – not on Netflix, DVD or VOD – including many neverbefore-screened in Scotland. Screening on Sunday 01/09: ANTI-CLOCK (1979), DEAD MOUNTAINEER’S HOTEL (1979), WOLF’S HOLE (1987), THE ‘BURBS (1989) and SPLIT (1989).

Sun 01/09 | 11am FourWalls | Free English language; No subtitles

Sun 01/09 | 12pm CCA | Day Pass £20; £0-8 per film English language; Captioned for the deaf



In 1930s Manchuria, an encounter on a train triggers an epic crusade for a treasure map, prompting a marathon chase in hot pursuit of the loot. Kim Jee-won’s THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD (2008) flips the script on the typical remake narrative with this South Korean version of a Western classic. This film expertly borrows from the Spaghetti Western, as well as adding their own brand of slapstick violence and jaw dropping practical stunts. Come along and get weird with this unapologetically extra and entertaining ride of a film!

Tues 03/09 | 7pm The Flying Duck | £4/3 Korean language; English subtitles

A film about Josh Harris, a poster boy for the Dot Com Bubble of the late ‘90s, “the greatest internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, and a remarkable yet ultimately marginalised outsider. Filmmaker Ondi Timoner follows Harris over the course of 15 years, including documenting his Orwellian art-project-come-social-experiment Quiet: We Live In Public, which placed 100 artists in a human terrarium under New York City. The film is eerily prognostic of our present obsession with broadcasting our lives and the monetisation of narcissism and voyeurism.

Wed 04/09 | 7pm ISO Design | £3 English language; No subtitles



Celebrating the legacy of iconic horror actor Vincent Price, his daughter Victoria Price will be giving Glasgow horror fans an insight into the man behind the famously spooky voice. Victoria will give a talk about her father’s fascinating life and career. The talk will be followed by a pub quiz, The Horror Films of Vincent Price, giving fans an opportunity to win themed goodies, including items generously donated by Victoria. Victoria Price is an acclaimed author, inspirational speaker, designer, artist & interfaith minister. Her talks on the life of her Father are popular among horror enthusiasts, and Popcorn Horror are very proud to welcome her to Glasgow.

The Seamore is delighted to present the 2012 Leos Carax film HOLY MOTORS, a stunning odyssey though the streets of Paris with the enigmatic Denis Lavant as he keeps various ‘appointments’ throughout a 24-hour period. the film is then followed by the video essay Holy Motors: Man Without A Movie Camera, by esteemed essayist Kyle Kallgren. A must-see for the arthouse enthusiast!

Thurs 05/09 | 7pm Blackfriars | £5

Thurs 05/09 | 7pm The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema | £5 English/French language; English subtitles



Pity Party Film Club presents a second all-day event showcasing four on-screen depictions of female friendship throughout the decades.

A special double bill exploring Glasgow’s longterm relationship with grassroots activism. Hosted by Cinema Up Collective in the flat of a local artist and activist, the screening hopes to rekindle Glasgow’s radical past and inspire future action. Special guests, director Fran Higson and activists from Pollok Free State.


Films: GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE, about the Pollok Free State protest against the building of the M77 motorway in the 1990s. UNITED WE WILL SWIM...AGAIN, about the grassroots community organisation to stop the closure of Govanhill Baths in 2001. Sat 07/09 | 12.30pm, 3.30pm, 6pm, 9pm CCA | £5 per film English language; no subtitles

Sat 07/09 | 7pm Kelvinbridge area | Free English language; No subtitles



The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin performs at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles in January 1972, at the peak of her powers. Jay Kural will be playing some soultastic numbers after the film in the cafe too.

Backseat Bingo presents THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, a sci-fi cult classic about blonde-haired, glowing-eyed children of uncertain paternity with frightening powers, and THE BAD SEED, a psychological horror about the eight-year old Rhoda Penmark, practically perfect in every way… or is she?

Sat 07/09 | 7.30pm The Glad Cafe | £5 (+Booking Fee) English language; No subtitles

Sun 08/09 | 3pm + 5pm CCA | £5.30 per film (+0.70 booking fee) English language; No subtitles



Sharmanka was founded by sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky and theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1989. International audiences have been fascinated by its magic. Based in Glasgow since 1996, it has gained a reputation as one of the city’s hidden treasures. This film captures Bersudsky and Jakovskaya’s December 2010 return to their native St Petersburg to visit places and people that were important in their early life.

Come along to Queens Cross Housing Association’s free screening of Hollywood classic SUNSET BOULEVARD, with a cup of tea and some biscuits. SUNSET BOULEVARD tells the story of Joe and Norma, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter and a fading silent movie star who team up for one last crack at the big time.

The audience will be also treated to a short show of Bersudsky’s kinemats, followed by a Q&A session. Tues 10/09 | 5.30pm Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre | Free Russian language; English subtitles

Weds 11/09 | 6pm Dundasvale Residents Hall | Free English language; English subtitles

TRASH CINEMA: PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Join Trash Cinema for a screening of Brian De Palma’s early fan favorite, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. Paul Williams stars as Swan, a record producer who steals both the music and beloved muse (Jessica Harper) from an aspiring young songwriter (William Finley). Seeking revenge, the tunesmith has a disfiguring accident which leads him to don a costume and mask, thus transforming himself into the titular rock ‘n’ roll Phantom!

RED THREAD FILM CLUB: THE MIGHTY DUCKS THE MIGHTY DUCKS tells the story of Gordon Bombay, a lawyer who, after getting caught drunk driving, has to go back to his sporting roots and train a young, talented (but heavily lacking funds) ice hockey team as part of his community service. Initially reluctant towards his position and disparaging of the team, Bombay eventually begins to admire the lovable, wacky group of misfits, and turns them into the best team in the US. So get into flying V formation and join Red Thread Film Club on a nostalgic trip back to the ‘90s to enjoy the ultimate underdog story!

Weds 11/09 | 7.30pm The Old Hairdressers | £4 English language; No subtitles

Thurs 12/09 | 7pm The Flying Duck | £4/3 English language; No subtitles



OF FISH AND FOE follows brothers Kevin and John Pullar, who are struggling to sustain the family business of net fishing for wild Atlantic salmon off the coast of Scotland. Watching their every move, animal activist groups Sea Shepherd and Hunt Saboteurs oppose the Pullars at every turn, and frustrations frequently boil over, in this thought-provoking documentary that puts modern environmentalism under the microscope.

Officially launched in May this year, DOCMA is an open-source filmmaking game designed to inspire filmmakers and film lovers from across the world to meet, play and explore topics together. DOCMA’s creators invite you round for an evening’s dip into the ever-growing DOCMA film archive and to let you know how you can get involved and make your very own DOCMA films!

The film will be followed by a live debate where the audience can discuss their views, raised by the film’s take on the conflict between environmentalism and rural economies. Thurs 12/09 | 7pm The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema | £0-8 English language; No subtitles

Thurs 12/09 | 8pm Glasgow Southside | Free English language; No subtitles

POSTER EXHIBITION OPENING: ART SCHOOL FILM CLUB A poster exhibition curated by Marc Baines and Susannah Waters/GSA Archives and Collections. Since 2006, Illustration students at Glasgow School of Art have been meeting up to watch and discuss a diverse and esoteric range of films. For that same period, the final year Illustrators have been trumpeting the screenings with graphic aplomb through a series of screen printed, etched and lithographed posters. This exhibition collects 50 of these posters and displays them alongside posters from earlier GSA film clubs stretching back to the 1970s.

RADICAL HOME CINEMA: A VISIT TO IRAN Marzanna started her film adventure with Radical Home Cinema back in 2015, with a bunch of school kids and their teacher in America, BLUE EYED (1996, Bertram Verhaag). Then it was Bulgaria and the Gypsies with the film WELCOME NOWHERE, narrated by Ethan Hawke. In 2017, they were CROSSING THE BRIDGE in Istanbul. In 2018 it was Glasgow’s Govanhill and its Roma, with the premiere of the documentary ATLAS OF BELONGING (Nicola Black, 2018). This September she decided to take us all to Iran. The audience will watch together a complex drama that provides fascinating insights into social and personal dynamics of modern Iranian lives.

Fri 13/09 | 6-8pm Reid Building, Glasgow School of Art | Free

Sat 14/09 | 4pm Marzana’s Living Room | Free Persian language; English subtitles



A rising star in Hollywood, you’ll be aware of Taika Waititi’s work even if you don’t know his name. Taika’s sly sense of silliness makes for hilarious viewing but also allows us to look beyond the bravado of his larger than life characters, revealing painful emotional truths. Taika Waititi’s triumphant film BOY will be introduced by a rare UK screening of his Academy Award nominated short TWO CARS ONE NIGHT. These films take place in the New Zealand of his childhood and focus on Māori children whose innocent and imaginative perspectives help us navigate their bittersweet and sometimes dangerous worlds.

The Scottish premiere of WAITING: THE VAN DUREN STORY, telling the tale of a lost (and found again) power pop legend.

Sat 14/09 | 7.30pm CCA | £6/4 English/Māori language; English subtitles

Sun 15/09 | 12pm The Old Hairdressers | £21 (Freakender Weekend) English language; No subtitles

In the 1970s, Memphis musician Van Duren was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney but instead faded into obscurity. Years later, two Australian friends come across his record and set out to discover what went wrong. Screening as part of Freakender Fest 2019



A programme of short films by directors Naoto Yamakawa, Nobuhiro Aihara and Toshio Matsumoto. Short films often offer a fleeting insight into perspectives outwith our own experiences, but this collection of shorts presents unexpected images, sounds and ideas which linger with you, employing experimental techniques to convey connections across cultures.

SEAHORSE is an intimate documentary following Freddy McConnell’s journey as a pregnant trans man, from Jeanie Finlay (director of GAME OF THRONES: THE LAST WATCH).

The films, spanning from 1975 up until the mid ‘80s, range from abstract experimentalism to more recognisable narrative structures, but all distort and challenge expectations of aesthetics, storytelling and recognition of oneself on film.

After years of soul-searching, Freddy decides to carry his own child, but he faces both the difficulties of pregnancy and of challenging society’s fundamental understanding of gender, parenthood and family. Made over three years, from preparing to conceive right through to birth, this film offers a touching and honest look at pregnancy, birth and what makes us who we are.

Sun 15/09 | 7pm CCA | £0-8 Japanese language; Captioned for the deaf

Mon 16/09 | 7pm CCA | £0-8 English language; Captioned for the deaf



Johnny is the new member of a local gang led by Shelton. After Johnny is foiled in an effort to double-cross Shelton at his own game of masterminding the sleepy town’s unsurprisingly tame criminal underbelly, he inadvertently steals an ancient bracelet with which he can turn back time – and in the process create multiple clones of himself. Tim van Dammen directs this ‘80s-throwback supernatural crime caper, dubbed by critics as “a grounded sci-fi mini-odyssey with lots of creativity and even more laugh-out-loud gags”, in which a brilliant ensemble works with sharp dialogue to deliver an endearingly odd and endlessly entertaining slice of Kiwi life.

Two words..Battle Stags! Four more? Sam Rockwell’s space mullet. A teenage tale of deceit, isolation and Sci-Fi smugness. More NAPOLEON DYNAMITE was what Hess fans asked for. What they were served was “A geyser of snake faeces and some non reptilian, if equally repellent, defecation.”(NY Times) “An overlooked classic!”(New Statesman) “Gentlemen Broncos, which is not a very good movie title, either” ( “Hess’s vision sacralises what other filmmakers don’t. The director he’s closest to in this regard is Pasolini and Pasolini, too, had an extraordinary sense of the naive, the repellent, and the ridiculous”(New Yorker). Ridiculous indeed!

Tues 17/09 | 7pm CCA | £5/3 English language; No subtitles

Weds 18/09 | 7pm Salt Space Gallery | £4.5/2 English language; No subtitles

TAKE ONE ACTION FILM FESTIVAL Take One Action, Scotland’s global change film festival, returns to Glasgow this September to bring audiences, filmmakers, artists and campaigners together, and premiere the most acclaimed international documentaries focusing on social and environmental justice. From an incisive exploration of the communities campaigning for housing to be recognised as a human right (PUSH) to the Scottish teenager navigating an uncertain future in one of Motherwell’s housing schemes (SCHEME BIRDS), Take One Action’s films and conversations delve in to some of the major challenges our society faces, and celebrates the people and the films that are changing the world.

RAINBOW ROAD FILM CLUB: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (+ DRAG PAGEANT) Come along to the launch of Rainbow Road Film Club, as they present DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, a mockumentary that follows the contestants of a competitive Minnesota beauty pageant as they start to die in mysterious circumstances. The evening also gives you the opportunity to judge your own pageant as Glasgow’s drag acts attempt to charm their way to success! Take a sip of Rainbow Road’s homemade punch as they answer your questions and dazzle you with their amazing talents!

Thurs 19/09 - Sat 28/09| Various times Various venues | £0-10.50 Various languages; English subtitles

Fri 20/09 | 7pm The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema | £0-8 English language; English subtitles



THE PUNK SYNDROME is a documentary film about Finnish Punk-Rock band Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat, formed in 2009 by four developmentally disabled guys. The film follows the band’s journey as they tour Europe and they grow to be one of the biggest cult acts in Finland. The film will be followed by an intimate gig by a local punk band from Glasgow. A great film with an incredible message!

Sat 21/09 | 7pm The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema | £4 English language; English subtitles

The Springburn Golden Oldies group is proud to present STV‘s The Steamie! This adapation shows a staple of women’s life in the 1950s: the easy-to-use, or Steamie, and the relationships it built. They will be having a small lunch at 12pm, followed by the screening starting at 1.30pm. Golden Oldies aims to bring older folks together in a social atmosphere, and watch films from the 1950s/’60s, with screenings once a month.

Sat 21/09 | 12pm Springburn Parish Church Hall | Free English language; No subtitles



Frank Dux, an American martial artist serving in the military, decides to leave the army to compete in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong where fights to the death can occur.

Join SYNW and banish the midweek melancholy with this sweet and funny Australian comedy. Follow the story of the eccentric Kerrigan Family and their patriarch Darryl as he tries to save his beloved family home from the clutches of the neighbouring airport’s compulsory purchase order. Darryl is determined to fight this order and takes it to the courts, where his good nature and honest love of his family ‘castle’ makes him some new friends and allies. So come and see one of Austalia’s best-loved comedies and find out if Darryl Kerrigan can save his castle!

Mon 23/09 | 7.30pm The Blue Arrow | £4/5 English language; No subtitles

Weds 25/09 | 7pm The Seamore Neighbourhood Cinema | £0-6 English language; No subtitles



A rare opportunity to see Gregg Araki’s ‘90s New Queer Cinema classics: the Teen Apocalypse Trilogy of TOTALLY FUCKED UP (1993), THE DOOM GENERATION (1995) and NOWHERE (1997). A kaleidoscope of pop culture, nihilism, disenfranchised youth and…reptilian aliens.

Greencity Wholefoods presents two food documentaries by Zev Robinson, ONE DISH AT A TIME (THE EUSEBI DELI STORY), reflecting the evolution of food in Glasgow, and THE BLACK ISLE, about local food production and circular economies in the region north of Inverness. The screenings be followed by a panel discussion about issues of local food and supply chains. Zev Robinson is a Canadian-British artist living near Glasgow, working on his art, film and food project THE ART AND POLITICS OF EATING.

Thurs 26/09 | 6pm CCA | £10, £0-8 per film English language; Captioned for the deaf

Sat 28/09 | 4pm Greencity Wholefoods | Free English/Spanish language; English subtitles



This month’s silent movie extravaganza is based on the leading women of the silent screen era. A few short movies and a small feature of an Indian silent movie also.

QUIET HEROES documents one doctor’s fight against stigma, shame, and ignorance through the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the heartland of America’s west. This screening is part of Glasgow Zine Library’s ‘Making History’ film programme, which celebrates film under the theme of social justice. The screenings will be taking place once a month from August to October 2019 at CCA.

Sat 28/09 | 6.30pm citizenM | Free English language; English subtitles

Sun 29/09 | 2pm CCA | £5/3 English language; Captions for the deaf



Come and Join Trash Cinema as they take you back to the 1950s for a vintage monster movie double bill. They’ll be screening the atomically explosive THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS as well as everyone’s favourite giant killer ant movie THEM! They’ll be showing some classic ‘50s cinema/drive-in bumpers before the show as well as during the intermission to complete the experience.

WoFF’s pre-fest shorts and party returns for a second year to give you a taste of what the 6th edition of WoFF has to serve from October 3rd to 6th. Come along for an hour long screening of short films, that will include this year’s Oscar winner SKIN and fresh titles coming straight from Berlin and Cannes’ finest.

So come on down, guys and gals, grab a soda and some popcorn and join Trash Cinema for an oldschool monster movie double feature. Sun 29/09 | 6.30pm The Old Hairdressers | £5 English language; No subtitles

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes for the after-party, featuring young DJ talent from Glasgow and WoFF’s very own Elise on the decks.

Sun 29/09 | 7pm The Flying Duck | Free

CINEMAATTIC: MADRID, CAPITAL CITY A programme of short-films focused on Madrid. Protagonist, voyeur city, Madrid has seen the changes in contemporary Spain from a privileged point of view. Madrid resisted Franco’s bombing during the civil war, Madrid was the protagonist of Spain’s young democracy, embodied in Almodovar’s films - rebel, fresh, anarchic. Sadly, Madrid is now in the spotlight for very different reasons. The far-right Vox party is likely to come into the city government, threatening to destroy the great legacy of Manuela Carmena administration on LGTBI rights, low-emission zones and a wide range of social policies. It seems a good time to rethink what we know and how we see Madrid, through films. Sun 29/09 | 7.30pm CCA | £7 Spanish language; English subtitles

PrEsTwIcK RAFA Club 10 Ardayre Rd, Prestwick KA9 1QL Wheelchair access, accessible toilet

FRIENDS OF BROADWAY PRESTWICK: LOCAL HERO LOCAL HERO is the 1983 Scottish film written and directed by Bill Forsyth which continues to charm and beguile. It stars Peter Riegert, Denis Lawson, Fulton Mackay, Jenny Seagrove and Burt Lancaster, and was produced by David Puttnam. An American oil company rep is sent to the fictional village of Ferness on the west coast of Scotland to purchase it and the beach, but what does the community have to say about that? This bittersweet comic drama is a timeless reminder to question what’s important in life.

Thurs 05/09 | 7.30pm RAFA Club | Free English language; Captioned for the deaf

WeSt lOtHiAn Hippodrome Cinema 10 Hope Street, Bo’ness EH51 0AA Wheelchair access, accessible toilet, hearing loop +44 (0)1324 506850 Reconnect Regal Theatre 24 - 34 North Bridge St, Bathgate EH48 4PS No wheelchair access +44 (0)1506 639000

RECONNECT REGAL THEATRE: NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG From Scottish director Steven Lewis Simpson. A white author gets sucked into the heart of contemporary Native American life in the sparse lands of the Dakota’s by a 95-year-old Lakota elder and his side-kick. It stars Dave Bald Eagle who was 95 during filming. Many would consider it to be one of the most important Native American films ever made and it is in the midst of the longest first-run theatrical release of any movie in the US in over a decade.

Thurs 05/09 | 7.30pm Reconnect Regal Theatre | £10 English language; No subtitles

HIPPODROME CINEMA: NOTORIOUS Hitchcock’s classic 1946 thriller screened in a classic cinema setting: the beautiful pre-art deco Hippodrome Bo’ness, winner of Scotland’s Best Cinema Experience, 2019. An undercover agent falls for the socialite daughter of a convicted German spy and persuades her to feed him information about the activities of a group of Nazi collaborators, putting her in grave danger. Matinee idol Cary Grant and Oscarladen Ingrid Bergman are perfectly paired as an American agent and the high-living daughter of a Nazi sympathiser whom he has under surveillance, whilst both are almost upstaged by Claude Rains’ magnetic villain. Fri 06/09 5pm | Sun 08/09 4pm Hippodrome Bo’ness | £7/5.40 English language; No subtitles



Cult film auteur Quentin Tarantino’s long-awaited 9th feature film, presented on 35mm. Expect all the trademarks of your favourite Tarantino titles: retro soundtrack, nostalgic devotion to classic cinema, top-notch cast and choice language! A faded television actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Brad Pitt) strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age in 1969 LA. Shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson on 35mm film, Tarantino’s latest continues the director’s commitment to celluloid and reflects his desire to achieve the look of a film that felt contemporary to the story’s time-setting.

By popular demand for the Hippodrome’s 10th anniversary, and marking 25 years since the film’s release, they are delighted to present one of the best movies of the last three decades - screening from luscious 35mm! City banker Andy Dufresne arrives at Shawshank Prison. Convicted of murder, he receives a double life sentence and discovers that when they send you to Shawshank for life, that is exactly what they take. A brilliant and inspiring celebration of friendship and the human spirit. Featuring outstanding performances by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, beautiful cinematography by Roger Deakins, and a tremendous score by Thomas Newman.

From Fri 06/09 | 8pm Hippodrome Bo’ness | £7/5.40 English language; No subtitles

Fri 13/09 | 8pm Hippodrome Bo’ness | £7/5.40 English language; No subtitles

EdInBuRgH The Banshee Labyrinth 29-35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG No wheelchair access; no accessible toilet +44 (0)131 558 8209

Lauriston Hall 28 Lauriston St, Edinburgh EH3 9DJ Wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)131 229 9821

Cameo Cinema 38 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9LZ Limited wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0) 871 902 5723

Leith Depot 140 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 5DT Wheelchair access +44 (0)131 555 4738

Edinburgh Film Guild FilmHouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ Wheelchair access; accessible toilet

Sneaky Pete’s 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JW Limited wheelchair access (ramp on request); no accessible toilet +44 (0)131 225 1757

Gallery 23 23 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8HQ No wheelchair access; no accessible toilet +44 (0)131 229 1528

Summerhall Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL Limited wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)131 560 1580



Three short films starring Laurel and Hardy, showing them during their early silent days. Screened with live music by award-winning composer Dave Abbott.

Outstanding Scottish, UK & international short film in Edinburgh Short Film Festival’s pop-up Garden Cinema, screening some of their favourite short films from 2018 and a preview of their 2019 edition. From Animation to Drama and from Comedy to Documentary, they’re screening Open Air at the top of Middle Meadow Walk in Central Edinburgh. Free event - cupcakes included!

Sun 01/09 | 4pm Leith Depot | £8 English language; English subtitles

Sun 01/09 | 6pm Garden Cinema, Middle Meadow Walk | Free English language; English subtitles

CINETOPIA: INLAND SEA Turned to evocative black-and-white at the latest stage of post-production, Kazuhiro Soda’s last cinematic effort is a caring, respectful, and raw observation of a dying fishing village in Japan. Following no script and shooting for as long as possible, Soda’s frame is gently invaded by the locals, who pull the strings of the narrative thread one after the other, providing both a social commentary and one of the most emotional moments of the film. Documentary filmmaking at its finest, INLAND SEA is a treasure trove of memories and stories waiting to be patiently unearthed.

MAGIC EGG PRODUCTIONS: MARY AND MAX (WITH BSL + CAPTIONS) A special event, showing an accessible version of MARY AND MAX. The film will feature captions and British Sign Language alongside the movie so that D/deaf, hearing and hard of hearing people can enjoy a movie together. MARY AND MAX is a stop-animation film made by Adam Elliot. It is funny, moving, beautifully-crafted and a great example of the power of cinema. Although animated, this is not a children’s movie and it is rated ‘12’. Magic Egg hope that you can join them for this event, to enjoy a great movie together and help encourage cinemas and film-makers to produce accessible films in the future.

Mon 02/09 | 7pm Edinburgh Film Guild | £5 (+booking fee) Japanese language; English subtitles

Thurs 05/09 | 8.30pm Cameo Cinema | £8.50 English language; BSL and captions



A film that all Western audiences should see if they wish to get an exceptionally realistic portrayal of that crucial moment as Bolshevist Communism consumed Russia after the Revolution of 1917, what it felt like, and what it really meant in practice. Based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel of the same name, the film is every bit as good as the book - a biting, dark satire, very fun, very quotable and deeply insightful. HEART OF A DOG is a film you will find yourself revisiting it for years to come, an instant classic.

Fri 06/09 | 7pm The Banshee Labyrinth | Free Russian language; English subtitles

Simon Brand is founder of Strangest Things Film Club, usually a film club which operates out of a living room screening near-forgotten masterpieces. Simon brings Radical Home Cinema to Edinburgh for second year with the film O-BI, O-BA: THE END OF CIVILIZATION (1985).

Mon 09/09 | 7.30pm Simon’s living room (near Balgreen Station) | Free Polish language; English subtitles

PICTUREHOUSE: TAXI DRIVER (35mm) Isolated ex-marine Travis Bickle applies for a job as a taxi driver, hoping that the nocturnal working pattern will alleviate the effects of his insomnia and distract him from his gnawing depression. But ferrying passengers through the seedy underbelly of night-time New York City only compounds Bickle’s psychological dislocation from the world around him. After entering into a troubled relationship with a political campaigner and embarking on a fraught mission to save a teenager from the world of prostitution, Bickle’s sense of place and purpose steadily warps.

OUT AT THE CAMEO: MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE (Stephen Frears, 1985) follows the story of Omar (Gordon Warnecke), the young Pakistani owner of a laundrette, who faces a racist attack, led by his former school friend Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis). As the two reconcile and eventually develop a relationship, this critically-acclaimed film explores fascism, the immigrant experience, and romance in 1980s London. Out at the Cameo are a group of LGBT+ amateur programmers, aged 18-25. They focus on queer cinema and camp cult classics, old and new, as well as creating a welcoming environment for all.

Mon 09/09 | 8.30pm Cameo Cinema | £7.70 English language; No subtitles

Thurs 12/09 | 6pm Cameo Cinema | £12.20/7 English language; No subtitles



The Cucumber Lodge is a lovingly chaotic series of irregular social gatherings that gravitate towards the edges of our cultural zeitgeists in their current and former states. The Lodge will be hosting and presenting a rare screening of Isaac Julien’s 1991 film YOUNG SOUL REBELS at the iconic Sneaky Pete’s nightclub. A Soul boy DJ falls in love with a Punk amid racial tensions, a whodunnit murder mystery and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. With one of the greatest soundtracks put to film, Julien throws up a vivid snapshot of class, race, love and music in ‘70s London.

Summerhall presents Scotland’s first ever Kung Fu Film Festival this September. From classics including Bruce Lee’s ENTER THE DRAGON to hidden comedy gems like SHAOLIN SOCCER and KUNG FU HUSTLE, celebrate some of the greatest action film-making ever with Summerhall across one week only.

Sat 14/09 | 7pm Sneaky Pete’s | £7 English language; No subtitles

Mon 16/09 - Sun 22/09 | Various times Summerhall | £0-10 Mandarin language; English subtitles

Contains bespoke Martial Arts classes, as well as post-screening Q&As on the art and science of Kung Fu.

GAZE: VENGEANCE OF THE PHOENIX SISTERS In the prelude to this martial arts film, bandits kill a former sheriff and his wife. A servant carries their three little daughters to safety, but they grow up apart. 15 years later, each girl sets out to seek revenge. Will the three “feng” girls (phoenixes) find the bandits and avenge their parents?

TAKE ONE ACTION FILM FESTIVAL Take One Action, Scotland’s global change film festival, returns to Edinburgh this September to bring audiences, filmmakers, artists and campaigners together, and premiere the most acclaimed international documentaries focusing on social and environmental justice. From an incisive exploration of the communities campaigning for housing to be recognised as a human right (PUSH) to a family navigating a life of debt following the 2008 financial crash (SORRY WE MISSED YOU, Ken Loach’s new feature), Take One Action’s films and conversations delve in to some of the major challenges our society faces, and celebrate the people and the films that are changing the world.

Tues 17/09 | 7pm The Banshee Labyrinth | £5 Taiwanese language; English subtitles

Wed 18/09 - Sun 29/09| Various times Various venues | £0-11 Various languages; English subtitles



Reel Girl Film Club are teaming up with Cinetopia and Leith Theatre for a screening of the British classic, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, inspired by this year’s Women’s World Cup. This coming-of-age romantic comedy follows the life of young Jess, the daughter of a Punjabi Sikh family living in London, as she tries to pursue her passion for playing football in the face of her family’s disapproval. Written and directed by filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, this semi autobiographical film sheds a light on the themes of tradition, family, culture, racism, sexuality, and the role of women.

Wed 18/09 | 7pm Leith Theatre | £5 (+booking fee) English language; No subtitles

The Cucumber Lodge is a lovingly chaotic series of irregular social gatherings that gravitate towards the edges of our cultural zeitgeists in their current and former states. The cultural mythology of the USSR is often hidden or misplaced, yet Elena Tikhonova and Dominik Spritzendorfer’s ELEKTRO MOSKVA sets out to unravel the long coils of Soviet electronic music history. Recounted by a cast of synth-wizards and salvagers, they uncover the rich musical heritage that Russia has left behind to electronic music. Presented in the unique setting of Sneaky Pete’s nightclub!

Fri 20/09 | 7pm Sneaky Pete’s | £7 Russian language; English subtitles



YOU’VE ARRIVED ON A RATHER SPECIAL NIGHT, ONE OF THE MASTER’S AFFAIRS. Cinetopia and Leith Theatre present the most quotable and participatory cult-classic of all, and THAT’S JUST ONE SMALL FRACTION OF THE MAIN ATTRACTION. IN THE BLACK VELVET OF THE DARKEST NIGHT, VIRGINS and SLUTS, armed with props and dressed to the hilt are called to action, and fork in hand for the big SHAMA-LAM-A-DING-DONG, there will be a cash bar and Ostara’s cinema scran because FOOD HAS ALWAYS PLAYED A VITAL PART OF LIFE’S RITUALS. LET THERE BE LIPS!

A programme of short-films focused on Madrid. Protagonist, voyeur city, Madrid has seen the changes in contemporary Spain from a privileged point of view. Madrid resisted Franco’s bombing during the civil war, Madrid was the protagonist of Spain’s young democracy, embodied in Almodovar’s films - rebel, fresh, anarchic. Sadly, Madrid is now in the spotlight for very different reasons. The far-right Vox party is likely to come into the city government, threatening to destroy the great legacy of Manuela Carmena administration on LGTBI rights, low-emission zones and a wide range of social policies. It seems a good time to rethink what we know and how we see Madrid, through films.

Fri 27/09 | 8pm Leith Theatre | £5 (+booking fee) English language; No subtitles

Fri 27/09 | 8pm Lauriston Hall | £7 Spanish, English language; English subtitles

CINEFILE: CINEMA ON A SUNDAY TO THE FOUR WINDS In the Roya valley located between France and Italy, thousands of migrants try to cross the border each month in search for a better life. Cédric Herrou, a local farmer, has been welcoming migrants at his home since the beginning of the crisis, turning his backyard into a much-needed shelter. With the help of friends and volunteers, he challenges French immigration policies which make impossible for these families to set foot on French ground and seek asylum. Filmed during two years by documentary filmmaker Michel Toesca, this everyday hero will do anything to help them, even risking his own freedom. Sun 29/09 | 5pm Summerhall | £7/5 French language; English subtitles

An Talla Isle of Tiree PA77 6TX Wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)1879 220520

The Muir Hub Great N Rd, Muir of Ord IV6 7UA Wheelchair access +44 (0)1463 870588

Aros Cinema Viewfield Rd, Portree, Isle of Skye, IV51 9EU Wheelchair access; accessible toilet; hearing loop +44 (0)1478 613649

The Old Brewery Burnside Place, Cromarty IV11 8XQ Wheelchair access +44 (0)1381600354

Eden Court Theatre Bishops Rd, Inverness IV3 5SA Wheelchair access, accessible toilet, hearing loop +44 (0)1463 234234

The Tooth & Claw 50 Baron Taylor’s St, Inverness IV1 1QG No wheelchair access +44 (0)1463 243000

The Hynish Centre Isle of Tiree, PA77 6UG Wheelchair access; accessible toilet +44 (0)1865 311468

The West Side Cinema Stromness Town Hall Victoria St, Stromness, KW16 3BA Wheelchair accessible; no accessible toilet +44 (0)1856 850712



George A Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is often spoken of as a manifesto for the modern horror film. Taking its inspiration from the racial and political strife of late ‘60s America, it created, as a BFI programme booklet put it in 2004, “A nightmare which overturned the conventions of fantastical horror”.

Sun 01/09 | 8pm The Tooth & Claw, Inverness | Free English language; No subtitles

This highly acclaimed documentary, co-produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, goes beyond the current climate change narrative to highlight fresh approaches and new solutions, from tidal power to direct air capture of carbon dioxide. Several participants will be present to answer questions afterwards, including Prof Peter Wadhams, who in the film highlights Arctic methane dangers from permafrost melt, and Neil Kermode of the European Marine Energy Centre.

Sat 07/09 | 7.45pm West Side Cinema, Stromness | £5/3 English language; No subtitles



CineMor77 present a programme of films for all ages and stages, children’s animation, classic Scottish drama and more in their wonderful cinema yurt. The cinema yurt offers a really special film experience; cosy up on a cushion and discover a chilled-out nook for film fans young and old.

Sea Change provides a dedicated space for women in the industry to develop professionally and personally. Set on the beautiful and remote island of Tiree, time away from your inbox will bring fresh air and insight to your immediate and distant horizons. The public programme includes sessions curated by Mia Bays and Rachel Hayward, the last film made by the iconic Agnes Varda, a new collection of shorts from the Women Over Fifty Film Festival, family films and workshops, archive films, special guests and much more, including our daily swim. Together, we will bring about change for women in the industry and female audiences for film.

Look out for the Yurt on the Links, near the Bandstand. Programme details will be posted to and on CineMor77’s Facebook page.

Sat 14/09 - Sun 15/09 | 10am Nairn Book & Arts Festival | Free

Fri 20/09 - Sun 21/09 An Talla/The Hynish Centre £50/£35 Weekend Pass | £5/3.50 per film



From the imagination of Stephen King, the world’s greatest writer of horror fiction, comes a 35mm double bill danse macabre! Will it be ghosts and ghouls or psychics and psychopaths? Malevolent machinery or deranged dogs? You will have absolutely no idea what you are in store for until the lights go down and two twisted tales flicker on to the screen. Not for the fainthearted...

Sun 22/09 | 6pm Eden Court | £12/10/8 English language; No subtitles

This early and somewhat overlooked film by director Lisa Cholodenko (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT) has at its centre a magnetic performance by Frances McDormand as a hedonistic music producer. Her estranged and uptight son Sam (Christian Bale) returns to his mother’s bohemian lair in the Hollywood hills with his sheltered fiancee Alex (Kate Beckinsale). They plan to stay in the empty house while he takes up his new job and she works on her PhD. But his mother is unexpectedly in residence, finishing an overdue album with a British pop group, whose young lead singer is her new lover. The conservative young couple are soon being pulled apart by the various temptations of their new situation. Tues 24/09 | 7.30pm The Old Brewery, Cromarty | £6/Members Free English language; No subtitles



A musician (Bradley Cooper) helps a young singer (Lady Gaga) find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral in Cooper’s affecting directorial debut.

THE BRINK (2019) is a documentary that follows the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon through the 2018 mid-term elections in the United States. Alison Klayman’s film sheds light on Bannon’s efforts to mobilise and unify far-right parties in order to win seats in the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections. It will be paired with artists’ shorts, including John Smith’s WHO ARE WE? (2016), to create a timely event, one month before the UK is set to leave the EU. The screening will be followed by a celebration of European food.

Fri 27/09 | 7.30pm The Muir Hub | £6.50 English language; No subtitles

Sat 28/09 | 7pm Aros Cinema | £8.95/8.45/6.95 English language; No subtitles

OLD BOYS Sun 08/09 | 5.30pm Screen Machine, Grantown-on-Spey | £5/3 English language; No subtitles

THE FIGHT Sun 15/09 | 5.30pm Screen Machine, Fort William | £5/3 English language; No subtitles

LADY MACBETH Sun 29/09 | 5.30pm Screen Machine, Brodick | £5/3 English language; No subtitles FILMS WE LOVE: HOW WE LIVE | Screen Machine know that some of our audiences want to see a broader range of films, so alongside our usual programme, this autumn we’re screening films from the past six years that we haven’t yet had a chance to share with our audiences, but that we hope you can relate to as much as we have. Each of the films in this selection explores the complexity of balancing the different pressures of belonging and identity. We have films here to make you laugh, think and cry, films to move you to action and feel the warmth of recognition. We hope you’ll see something of yourself in the ideas, characters and themes explored, just as we did. These are films we love – we hope you’ll love them too. All films are in English. Please see for more info. For hearing aid users, we have a personal inductive neckloop facility. If you would find this facility useful, please ask the operator or usher when you arrive. Tell us what you think of Films We Love! We’ll listen to all the feedback on this project and use it to inform our future programmes: Facebook /screenmachine | Twitter @screen_machine Instagram @screenmachine | email

BeRwIcK BERWICK FILM & MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Thursday 19th - Sunday 22nd September 2019 The Maltings Eastern Lane, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1AJ Wheelchair access; accessible toilet; hearing loop +44 (0)1289 330999 Berwick is 45 minutes by train from Edinburgh and Newcastle. Full Pass: £40 Day Pass: £14 Professional Accreditation: £30

This year’s festival features a retrospective of pivotal Ukrainian filmmaker Kira Muratova; a profile of Lebanese moving image artist Marwa Arsanios; the wide-ranging series ANIMISTIC APPARATUS focusing on Southeast Asian moving image artists’ explorations of human entanglement with nonhuman beings and larger-than-human worlds; FANTASTIKA, a curated series on fairytale, folktale and fable in international cinema from the 1960s to the present; and the UK premiere of Carlos Casas’ distinctive and award-winning feature film CEMETERY as the opening film to BFMAF 2019.

Full programme and tickets at

As well as their Berwick New Cinema Competition, full slate of Exhibitions, the discursive Propositions series, daily Seminars with featured artists and much more.





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