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user experience

Inhabitots Pilot Store



Inhabitots is an online blog turned store. Inhabitots features ecologically friendly products for children and parents. Inhabitots creates an experience for parents and children alike where they can test the products before purchase. Shoppers contribute to the blog as they shop. In every cell phone there are RSS feed capabilities that are accessed to allow shoppers to blog about each object they or their children test. Shoppers use their cell phones as a shopping cart to be reviewed when they checkout. The Inhabitots store is an experience for the whole family.


inhabitots pilot store::chicago, illinois live feed wall As you walk through the door at Inhabitots the first things you see are the receptionist, who will get you started shopping, and the live feed wall. The live feed wall streams what is going on at throughout the day because the blog is a vital part of the Inhabitots shopping experience. The display units at Inhabitots are sculptural tree forms. The store connects the customers with nature through the custom displays and the natural sustainable aesthetics.

display area & showroom


floor plan


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1. entrance 2. reception 3. live feed wall 4. stroller storage 5. customer storage 6. displays 7. library 8. snack bar 9. public restrooms 10. stockroom 11. custodial 12. employee restroom 13. receiving/ employee entrance

inhabitots pilot store::chicago, illinois

Inhabitots is a place where parents take their children for the day. At Inhabitots there is a cafe that continues to educate children and their parents about ecological and sustainable lifestyles, through nutrition. The library at Inhabitots is a more lush and comfortable place for children to test out the products.




Warehaus Gallery

The Warehaus Gallery is a place for all majors of Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts College to exhibit their work. This is a socially dynamic space that joins art students in a community space. There is space for relaxation and contemplation, as well as an organic cafÊ. Through flexible displays the gallery will continue to create and inspire.


1. video projection wall 2. pivoting display walls 3. coffee and snack bar 4. longe seating and displays 5. mock runway and fashion display


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visual and performing arts gallery::syracuse, university

2D projection walls The Warehaus Gallery has flexible surfaces that allow for every major to have a place to display their work. These walls are for two dimensional presentations.


cafe and security The pivoting display walls in the gallery allow for 2D or 3D artwork to be displayed. The walls are flexible to any angle and with six of these walls a large or small display can be created with endless possibilities. A media screen tells the story of how these pieces of artwork are created.

pivoting display walls


visual and performing arts gallery::syracuse, university 3D displays and lounge It is important for a gallery to embrace community. Lounge seating throughout the gallery creates a space for students to study or simply observe. The mock runway provides a place for fashion and textile majors to display their work. There are endless possibilities for three-dimensional art through various display options.

mock runway and fashion display


display unit




Kalied is a store where all the majors within the School of Visual and Performing Arts College at Syracuse University to come together and sell their artwork. At Kaleid there is a continually changing spectrum of products emphasized by the fusion of vibrant colors and organic patterns. The constantly changing products with the mix of majors and aesthetics of the store captures the essence of a kaleidoscope.

lighting fixture; a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors

floor design


visual and performing arts retail store::syracuse, university

lighting fixture construction documents (not to scale)


hallway elevation

wood acrylic panel


digital room and patient information

floor plan living space double patient room single patient room


Rehabilitation Center

The facilities at Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center offer rehabilitation services from inpatient to outpatient to insure a successful recovery. Within their rehabilitation center they are looking for new space planning among their community living spaces, and single and double patient rooms. The new medical center offers a clean modern aesthetic that is beneficial to patients as well as staff and visitors. It is important to create a positive atmosphere that increases productivity among staff and speedy, complete recoveries among patients.


saints mary and elizabeth medical center::chicago, illinois living space

double patient room

single patient room


4 5


liz claiborne

500 michigan avenue, chicago, illinois 60611

Liz Claiborne, Inc., is a fortune 500 company opening a new corporate marketing office in Chicago. Liz Claiborne, Inc., designs apparel for both men and women that is comfortable, affordable, and sophisticated. This new office is a direct reflection of their design aesthetics. The materials and colors chosen are powerful, detailed, and timeless. At Liz Claiborne, Inc., pink is not a color chosen for its femininity, but its commanding presence.



1 2

1. waiting area 2. receptionist 3. administrative assistants 4. confrence room and library 5. private office(s) 6. general work area

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5 2

N 10

corporate marketing office::chicago, illinois


waiting area


private office


corporate marketing office::chicago, illinois



auditorium entrance


Edward Smith Elementary is more than a school it is a safe, helpful place for the whole community. Ed Smith is constantly adapting to the changing needs of the community. Ed Smith was one of the first inclusive schools in the nation, and now they are taking on 7th and 8th grades in addition to their already established K-6. Ed Smith has communicated that while keeping architectural integrity intact; they need reorganization of classrooms, improved circulation, and necessary additions to the gym, cafeteria, and auditorium. It is evident that Ed Smith has an important role in the community and an innate connection to nature. It was most important to create a connection between education, community, and nature throughout Edward Smith Elementary.

main entrance

rendering by: hans spicer


edward smith elementary school::syracuse, new york

gymnasium and gymnasium lobby

locker rooms



physical education offices


gymnasium storage

resource room

second floor library

breakout room

second floor


teachers lounge

guidence office

resouce room

library first floor






green atruim

health center cafeteria music room art room

first floor


edward smith elementary school::syracuse, new york

K-2nd grades

3rd -4th grades

As the children learn and grow at Edward Smith Elementary School their development is represented aesthetically by the changing seasons. Kindergarten through second grade represent spring as a new beginning followed by summer ( 3rd - 4th grades), then fall (5th - 6th grades), ending in winter (7th -8th grades) where they are ready to begin another chapter of their education.

5th - 6th grades

7th - 8th grades


green atruim The green atrium is a very important addition to Ed Smith. The Atrium is where education and nature connect. The library and some second level classrooms overlook the atrium. It provides cleaner air quality for the students while new solar panels and rainwater systems educate and provide the students with energy efficiency. A designated classroom is located in the atrium for teachers to break away from the typical classroom setting.

rendering by elizabeth gorn


edward smith elementary school::syracuse, new york

edward smith lobby

5th-8th grade cafe

renderings by courtney drake

second floor library

first floor library

renderings by ashley kowalski



Exhibition Booth

Timber framing methods allow for mobile systems construction. Systems construction makes it easy for vendors to create interesting and interactive exhibition booths that communicate their products and ideas to their clients.

The Timber Framer’s Guild, Inc., exhibition booth provides an informational and interactive look at timber framing. The ADA accessible booth emphasizes the comfort you feel when you walk inside a timber frame home and provides a hands on look at custom joinery that makes timber frames so durable. On the exterior of the booth are two rock climbing walls that create interaction where participants contribute to reforestation. On the interior are interactive televisions that help you locate a timber framer near you, and information on timber frames and other ways to keep your new home sustainable and energy efficient.


timber framer’s guild, inc::exhibition booth

floor plan


east elevation

west elevation

interior information wall


timber framer’s guild inc::exhibition build

north elevation

south elevation

interior information wall


8 bedroom

Geography changes design. Designing in different locations around the world provides challenges based on climate. This home is created with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind. In the desert the sun is a key element in everyday life. This house is positioned to absorb daylight in order to release warmth into the home during the night. The sun can be harnessed as a tool for energy efficiency.

living room


Desert Home



floor plan N


weekend retreat::tuscan, arizona


living room



vestibule exterior

SUNY Upstate Medical University Health Sciences Library




The vestibule that leads into the Health Sciences Library at SUNY Upstate Medical University is providing a place within the library where students go to quitely study individually or in small groups. The vestibule is where students congretate before it opens. The new aesthetics in the vestibule are rich and inviting. The deep blue tiles and the tag on the wall help locate the library, which can be overlooked in its current condition. The Scholars’ Den is not adjacent to the vestibule, but carries the same rich palette and great furniture.

The Scholars’ Den is an area separate from the rest of the Health Sciences Library where journal collections are available. The Den is designed for group collaboration and independent studying.

suny upstate medical university health sciences library::syracuse, new york individual spaces

group collaboration space



Studio Arts

At Syracuse University I have improved my watercolor skills through two upper-level classes. Watercolor is a relaxing skill with endless possiblilites. Surface pattern design is a new found passion of mine since taking a suface pattern media and techniques studio. The class was inspirational and stimulating.


watercolor painting::surface pattern deisgn


sarahboynton 29 Woodhaven Drive.Kennebunk, Maine 04043 207.205.0065



Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior & Environmental Design Program May 2009 CIDA accredited program

Proficient in AutoCad 2009, Revit 2009, Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, Indesign CS3, Google SketchUp, watercolor

Relevant Projects

Design Intern, York Hospital York, Maine

Student Work SUNY Upstate Medical Health Sciences Library Scholars’ Den

Fall 2008 Met clients needs by creating an open space plan with adequate seating for group collaboration and independant studying

Syracuse University Warehouse Gallery

Fall 2008 Designed a dynamic space for students of Syracuse University’s Visual and Performing Arts Department to display their artwork,

Edward Smith Elementary School

Fall 2008 Proposed an updated design and concept for children K-8

Work Experience Fall 2009-Present Assisted Designer with FF&E specifications, Autocad drawings,custom millwork design, space planning, site visits, and field measurements.

Garden Design, Sweet Woodruff Gardners Arundel, Maine

Summer 2006-2008 Assisted in garden design, and in maintaining client’s gardens

Manager, Kennebunk Sunoco Service Center Kennebunk, Maine

Spring 2005-2008 Responsible for all daily operations, training incoming employees, and small business cash cycle; assisted mechanics

Deckhand, Barbara Jean Fishing Vessel Scarborough, Maine Summer 2006-2008 Deckhand,Responsible for all daily operations

Small Business Cash Cycle, Mike’s Clam Shack Wells, Maine

Spring 2002- Summer 2007 Cashier/Sales Responsible for all daily operations, customer service training incoming employees

Freelance Graphic Design, Kennebunk Sunoco Service Center Kennebunk, Maine

Summer 2006 Designed apparel logo


Sarah Boynton Interior Design Portfolio  

portfolio of student work for BFA in interior design at Syracuse University