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Hello Friends, Eyes have been opened. The tragedy that unfolded at the “house of horrors” operated by Kermit Gosnell showed the harms that abortion does to women and babies alike. Lethal harms. What’s more, the Gosnell trial underscored how the anti-human face of abortion radicalism combines with neglect – by public officials across the political spectrum – to make tragedy routine. Change is coming. And in 2013 it accelerated. State after state, commentator after commentator, looked at this history of neglect and said, “Enough is enough. Women and infants deserve better.” For the third straight year, a record number of pro-life laws were passed. One House of Congress passed historic legislation – a national law to protect babies after the fifth month of pregnancy. Pro-life laws are good and just. They are a consequence of changed hearts and minds. In 2013 opinion polls continued to show that America is turning toward life. The truth is breaking through, and mothers and babies are being set free. From the pain and denial every abortion represents. From the sorrow and regret of such loss of life in a nation we have always understood as blessed. The year 2014 can be a year of incredible change. In the pages that follow, we explain how. In all that we do, through our actions and our example as people of life, we must explain why. The moment is ours to demonstrate another way – a path away from fear and violence, desperation and rejection. We can embrace and march forward to the celebration of life America was always meant to be. We invite you to join us now in education, legislation, voter identification, and mobilization efforts that can advance the first of all human rights – the right to life.

Marjorie Dannenfelser President


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A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT Restoring the Human Right to Life





10 CANDIDATE TRAINING Project Lifeline: Year Two

12 IN THE STATES National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus: Year Two


“Human-rights movements have

Pro-Life Youth Movement

traditionally existed to help the voiceless and those without agency


gain progressively more rights. Yet

Reaching Millions for Mothers and Babies

in the case of abortion, the voice-


less have progressively lost rights

Protecting Life After 20 Weeks

at the hands of people who claim


to be human-rights crusaders.”

Science and Statistics for Life Kirsten Powers Media Commentator July 2, 2013 “I Don’t Stand with Wendy Davis.”

22 SBA LIST v. STEVE DRIEHAUS Going to the Supreme Court

24 DEVELOPMENT Pro-Life Pillar Clubs

25 GIVING OPTIONS 26 ORGANIZED FOR LIFE The SBA List Family of Organizations

27 PROGRAM BUDGETS 2014 28 KEY LEADERS SBA List Leadership Profiles


The Pro-Life Moment The pro-life cause is on the move. Routine for us, surprising to our opponents, stunning to some in the media, we are women and men who will not, cannot, give up fighting for life.


espite their victories in the 2012 Presidential election and

A record number of pro-life laws. For three straight years state

the most prominent state race in 2013, advocates of un-

legislatures have passed new measures to protect babies and safe-

limited abortion know that their cause is faltering. For four

guard their mothers. A dozen states have limited abortion after the

full decades, they have held the reins of power, bolstered by media

fifth month of pregnancy. A half dozen now bar abortions to choose

and judicial allies who constantly urge defenders of life to stand

the sex of the child. Laws to ensure women have access to ultra-


sound images of their developing child are now on the books in two

Instead, we have stood up, and now we are running forward, with

dozen states. Informed consent and clinic safety laws are finding

passion and truth on our side. Consider what the first few years of

new footholds.

the current decade have already brought.

12 States have adopted new bans on abortion after 20-weeks gestation

24 States require abortionists to provide mothers with access to their ultrasound images

States with bans in place Passed 20-week bans which were blocked by courts


Require ultrasound before abortion. Mother must be able to view it and description is given.

Require that mother have opportunity to view ultrasound if used as part of an abortion.

Require ultrasound before abortion. Mother offered opportunity to view.

Require that mother have opportunity to view her ultrasound.



Popular Support Growing for Pro-Life Legislation









Popular support among women and men for common-sense legislation aimed at protecting both an unborn child and the mother has been growing steadily for years. Today, in seven categories of protection, more than six-in-ten Americans agree on a pro-life position.





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tri m es te ra bo rti Pa on rti ba al -b n irt h ab or tio n ba n

of g e in ar d C n fu ma il c ba b O pu er g in nd os n u p p io O ort ab

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Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, our VP of Government Affairs, speaks in New Hampshire about taxpayer funding of abortion.


Resistance to abortion in ObamaCare. Each passing day seems to reveal another way the massive Affordable Care Act (ACA) entangles families in abortion. The ACA: •

contained direct payments for abortion under risk pools and other clauses;

included elective abortion plans in tax-preferred state exchanges;

had a loophole allowing Congress and its staff to use federal dollars to buy plans with elective abortion coverage; and

imposed a mandate on resistant employers to provide free coverage of abortion-inducing drugs.

Action mounting against abortion in ObamaCare. Four years into implementation, ObamaCare has sparked intense and sustained opposition: •

Life issue groups have filed nearly 100 lawsuits against the mandate;

Susan B. Anthony List and Charlotte Lozier Institute have filed legal comments and a brief opposing it;

Twenty-four states have rejected elective abortion in their exchanges;

Members of Congress are striving to end staff coverage of elective abortion and to require full disclosure of abortion coverage on every exchange plan.

Women voters favor life. Overall, more pro-life laws were enacted from 2011 to 2013 than were passed in the entire previous decade. Champions of abortion on demand until birth are alarmed – and rightly so. The Guttmacher Institute complains that the proportion of U.S. women living in what they call “restrictive states” has now risen from 31% to 56%. We agree with the numbers: what they miss is that a concentration of women favors our side. As you will see here and in every page that follows, women are taking the lead for life. Women across the political spectrum. A wave of women of diverse educational and

Emblematic of the growing grassroots momentum against an abortion-on-demand

ethnic backgrounds. House members. Senators. Business women.

culture, this expectant mother attended a rally outside of the White House in

Lieutenant Governors. Governors. Women in Congress. Women in

Washington, D.C., opposing abortion-inducing drugs and infringements of conscience

leadership on the Hill. On the airwaves and in print.

rights in the health care reform law.

Grassroots support for pro-life positions is now trending.

today. The founding mothers of feminism inspire us. The love of

Today’s progress for life is not skin-deep. Long before laws are

women for their children through the generations nurtures us. The

enacted, polls shift as more Americans see the damage liberal

marchers, speakers, and banner-carriers – the writers, donors, and

abortion does. Majorities are strong to break the status quo of

witness-bearers – all have helped secure the momentum we have

human violence (see graphic opposite).


Progress like this is not ephemeral – a wildflower sprung up by

We owe it to them, and to the God who gave us life, to press

random seedlings. Nor is it the work merely of those who labor for life

forward in 2014.


Campaign Plan 2014 The mid-term elections of 2014 are bursting with opportunity for advocates of life. The President’s party historically loses ground in Congress during off-year elections. This time the strains in our economy, aggravated by a wildly unpopular health care scheme that subsidizes abortions and tramples conscience, are enormous. Liberal incumbents, clinging to President Obama’s agenda, face sinking approval ratings.


year can be a lifetime in politics, but 2014 is that rare

than the Susan B. Anthony List.

chance to make huge strides. Momentum has been

Choosing key races carefully, and refining messages proven to

building for years. The make up of key competitive

mobilize voters, SBA List and WSO PAC have created a powerful

elections in 2014 plays particularly well to the strengths of the Susan

engine for change, particularly in the U.S. Senate. Presented on

B. Anthony List and Women Speak Out (WSO) PAC. We are the

page 7 (opposite) are four races we are certain to tackle.

largest pro-life political organization in the country; we focus on

These four are our initial priorities. SBA List remains alert for other

women; and we develop grassroots armies that leverage the abor-

opportunities – and we welcome the extra income needed to

tion issue to turn out pro-life voters.

address them. As the map below shows, at least six more states

In 2014, voter turnout is expected to be low, placing a premium

present chances for major pro-life victories in 2014. We anticipate

on grassroots organization. This year, the most vulnerable pro-

potential involvement in two more Senate races, and as many as six

abortion senators and gubernatorial candidates are running in

House races where dynamic pro-life women have a shot at bolster-

pro-life states. In these races, the SBA List and WSO PAC will be best

ing the pro-life majority in Congress and/or defeating EMILY’s List

able to recruit large numbers of pro-life volunteers and go on offense,

candidates. Electing pro-life women who will lead their peers in securing the

exposing candidates who turned their back on unborn children. Going on offense is the key to neutralizing the “war on women”

sanctity of life has been our constant goal. In the year 2014 we will

narrative the abortion lobby will use in 2014. No other organization

surpass the 100 mark in pro-life women and men we have helped

will be more focused on aggressively fighting and neutralizing the

elect to the U.S. House and Senate. We are determined to reach

“war on women” attacks that will be used against pro-life candidates

the next 100 even more swiftly.

2014 Senate States in Play*

SOLID Republican LIKELY Republican LEANING Republican TOSS UP SOLID Democrat LIKELY Democrat LEANING Democrat

*Based on polling analysis at the time of printing 6

2014 Key SBA List Races



Perhaps no other incumbent Senator faces as

Kay Hagan (D) is another U.S. Senator who

tough a fight as Mark Pryor (D). Polls in early

votes contrary to her state’s pro-life convic-

2014 showed him significantly behind his

tions. In late 2013, she told a reporter that

prime challenger. Arkansas helped lead the

there was “no chance” she would support

pro-life legislative surge, with women legisla-

the popular federal ban on abortion after

tors joining others in both parties to protect human life from the

five months of pregnancy. Radicalism like this prompted the pro-

onset of the fetal heartbeat at six weeks’ gestation.

abortion powerhouse PAC, EMILY’s List, to write, “Sending Kay back

Pryor’s pro-life support registers at just 37% according to a

for a second term is a top priority.”

national pro-life ally organization, and he supported ObamaCare

North Carolina is trending pro-life and passed key pro-life measures

and its many abortion subsidies.

during the 2011-2013 surge. A switch of the vote in just a few

SBA List has budgeted its four-phase effort at $781,000 in

counties moved the state away from President Obama and into the


pro-life column in 2012. Our budget for North Carolina is $918,000.

Budget Components:

Budget Components: Campaign offices and field staff


Campaign offices and field staff

$ 94,000

Voter identification and contacts


Voter identification and contacts


Persuasion communications


Persuasion communications


Get-out-the-vote efforts

$ 73,000

Get-out-the-vote efforts




In 2010 Mary Landrieu (D) voted to pass

Shockingly, State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) has

ObamaCare, thrusting millions of Americans

rooted her campaign for governor of Texas in

into health insurance plans that cover abortion

her failed attempt to block a simple law to

on demand and mandating that religious

protect babies after 20 weeks in the womb. That same law protects women as well,

nonprofits pay for abortion-inducing drugs.

elevating minimum health standards in Texas abortion clinics to the

Landrieu has increasingly lost touch with Bayou State voters.

same level other ambulatory surgery centers must meet.

Representing a state imbued with pro-life values, Landrieu has

Texas is a focal point for life in 2014, a national race the

compiled a 0% rating with pro-life groups since 2008. Although Landrieu has never won more than 52% of the vote in

pundits and politicians are watching closely. The state leans

Louisiana, she is a formidable campaigner who will be well funded.

Republican, but Democrats see it as a national opportunity to turn the tide in a Southern state.

Our budget for Louisiana in 2014 is $742,000.

SBA List has budgeted $667,000 to defeat late-term abortion champion Wendy Davis.

Budget Components:

Budget Components: Campaign offices and field staff

$ 99,000

Campaign offices and field staff


Voter identification and contacts


Voter identification and contacts


Persuasion communications


Persuasion communications


Get-out-the-vote efforts


Get-out-the-vote efforts



Advancing Pro-Life Women Leadership in the U.S. House The 2014 U.S. House of Representatives Races Elections to “The People’s House” offer an exciting range of opportunities for 2014. While there is a small pro-life majority in the House of Representatives, it cannot be taken for granted. Our plans for 2014 are not just defensive – we believe we can hold what we have only by taking new ground. The U.S. House seats listed below meet our criteria: polling shows they are winnable, the women candidates selected are capable of becoming pro-life stars, and our efforts can make a difference. With the exception of Jackie Walorski of Indiana, who was elected to Congress in 2012, our targets are either open seats contested by pro-life women, seats held by pro-abortion Congresswomen, or pro-abortion incumbents challenged by pro-life women candidates. Our top support targets are:







We plan to raise $25,000 in small contributions for Walorski’s race, and will target social conservatives with $100,000 in mail, phone calls and Christian radio.

Our goal is to bundle $25,000 for her as well as to spend $200,000 for radio advertising, signs and newspaper ads in her largely rural district.

We intend to raise over $25,000 for Love in 2014. We will also spend $100,000 in social media and targeted mail on her behalf.

WATCH LIST Republican







Arizona 01 Pro-abortion incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick won in 2008, lost in 2010, but came back to win by four points in 2012. Polling has her up by only three points against largely unknown challengers, at least two of whom are good pro-lifers.



Arkansas 02 With Tim Griffin retiring, this GOP-oriented seat is up for grabs, and a great pro-life woman, Ann Clemmer, is running. Clemmer was a leader on landmark legislation to ban abortions after 12 weeks. There are two other Republicans in the primary.






Georgia 10 Pro-life heroine Donna Sheldon is running for this open seat. A member of the National Pro-life Women’s Caucus, she sponsored the fetal pain bill in the Georgia House. Sheldon faces four opponents in the GOP primary, but is considered a front runner.







Florida 19 Embattled Congressman Trey Radel resigned from Congress, setting up a special election on June 24. Florida Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto, with a long history of support for pro-life legislation, is the early favorite. She must first win a primary.



New Hampshire 02 Pro-abortion incumbent Ann Kuster has earned bad press by not paying her taxes and bungling town hall meetings. Pro-life champion Marilinda Garcia and former state Senator Gary Lambert are vying to run against her.


New Jersey 03 A Republican retirement puts this seat in play. Democrats are nominating Aimee Belgard, a pro-abortion local official. The GOP has several good pro-life candidates considering the race.

Bundling: Leveraging the Power of Our Membership Endorsing Champions

our membership behind the pro-life heroes who meet our endorse-

SBA List makes investments in key races that can shift entire states

ment criteria and need it most, the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate

and even Congressional majorities in a pro-life direction. These

Fund shapes the pro-life political landscape.

investments are usually carried out as independent expenditures, SBA List Candidate Fund Endorsement Criteria:

allowing us to target states and districts with an array of voter iden-

tification, education and mobilization techniques. Naturally, we

Be a pro-life woman running for election to Congress

conduct only a limited number of these costly campaigns each cycle.

or statewide office OR be a pro-life man running for

To multiply our impact, we deploy other strategies that allow us

election to Congress or statewide office against a pro-abortion woman;

to affect dozens of races. The first strategy, with the widest application, is our endorsement process through the SBA List Candidate

Complete our candidate questionnaire;

Fund. SBA List endorsements are coveted on a national scale,

Be a viable candidate;

because they convey not only a candidate’s pro-life principles but

Be interviewed by the SBA List;

her practical ability to champion pro-life policy. In 2012, SBA List

Earn the official approval of our Candidate Selection Committee.

supplemented its independent expenditures with endorsements of

40 candidates for Congress and key state offices. SBA List endorsements are not easily earned. Our aim is to leverage our endorsement to ensure not only that candidates embrace the life cause, but that they also express it in a winning way. As we expand the depth of our training program, endorsements are playing a key role in helping candidates learn how to win. Bundling Political Contributions The bundling of candidate donations is another part of our strategic arsenal. In the 2012 election cycle the SBA List Candidate Fund delivered $533,000 in bundled funds to federal candidates. The power of collecting such donations at SBA List and delivering them en masse to the designated campaigns is tremendous. Your gift, and those of other SBA List members, to a candidate’s


campaign will not be “lost in the crowd.”

SBA List members across the country helped elect these pro-life women to Congress and now they are leaders in the fight for life. When the Pain-Capable Unborn Children Protection Act hit the House floor, we had 15 pro-life women Members of Congress ready to speak out on behalf of unborn children and women.

We strive to increase the percentage of pro-life women in Congress and high state public office. By marshaling the power of


Project Lifeline: Year Two No project is more essential to every goal we have set than effective candidate training. Preparing candidates to speak effectively can make the difference in a high-stakes election.

Project Lifeline trains pro-life leaders to communicate our values with strength and compassion


olitics is always treacherous terrain. It’s no secret that the

to induce candidate participation in our training program.

mass media love explosions more than they value illumi-

Our messaging is going far and wide – even deterring media-

nation. Knowing this, and seeing how widely rhetorical

driven attempts to derail pro-life candidates.

mistakes and policy missteps resonate beyond the boundaries of states and Congressional districts, our training programs must be

• Training Seminars Our project team has planned training

strong and swiftly deployable. They are the first step on the road

sessions in 2014 in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and several other

to victory – whether what’s at stake is the fate of legislation or of a

states to be determined. Each session will include presentations


by national experts on messaging, political organization, debate

In 2013, facing a high-stakes off-year election in a “purple” state,

preparation and polling. The Richmond prototype featured

SBA List held its first new-generation training program in Richmond,

Kellyanne Conway, media commentator and president of “the

Virginia. State Rep. Kathy Byron (R) hosted this inaugural event. The

polling company, inc.,” a prominent national firm; Carlyle

high participation and enthusiastic engagement that spring day

Gregory, principal of his own political consulting company; and

showed how keenly candidates are interested in getting the issues

Robert Heckman, a veteran in coalition-building and grassroots

right. Project Lifeline is our honed and tested response to the harsh

outreach who has served seven U.S. presidential campaigns.

attacks launched by national “abortion rights” interest groups. • The Pro-Life Manual, 2nd Edition Last year, the SBA List • SBA List Endorsement Process Candidates at all levels are

updated its pro-life manual originally written in the thick of the

seeking our help in handling tough questions on the issues. We

partial-birth abortion ban debate. A thorough rewrite with fresh

are using the leverage of our 20 years of coveted endorsements

citations and coverage of new issues like sex-selection and late-


term abortions was completed in 2013. This year we will update the manual with new polling, messaging and resources and we will produce an interactive, password-protected online version as well. This will lower costs, allow wider dissemination, and foster

audiences. Project Lifeline candidate training in 2014 with Wisconsin Right to Life.

user flexibility. • Training Video While media attention has flowed to pro-life “gaffes,” many commentators have handled the issues in a compelling way. SBA List has compiled examples of this effective communication and produced a high-quality video companion to the Pro-Life Manual. The video will be a pivotal part of the Training Seminars and an online resource for candidates in key races across the nation. • Individual Training These personal sessions are for major statewide candidates. They feature one-on-one work, videotaped

practice, and a “murder board” where the candidate will face an intense grilling and receive evaluation and advice.

Carlyle Gregory Political Strategist

• Research How do we know the impact of our ideas and words?

Carlyle brings more than 30 years of politi-

How does a candidate handle tough questions without becoming

cal experience to the SBA List’s political

or appearing defensive? Our messaging and training work are

team, where he oversees the candidate

based on the best polling and focus group testing with target

training program and other campaign efforts. He established the Carlyle Gregory

SBA List Has Budgeted $74,450 for Project Lifeline in 2014

Company, a political consulting firm, in 1989. He has served as a consultant for numerous Congressional campaigns including Newt Gingrich’s first successful bid for Congress, Roger Wicker, Morgan

Pro-Life Manual, 2nd Edition and Printing


Griffith, Joe Scarborough, and Randy Forbes. From 1981 to 1985

Interactive Online Manual

$ 3,000

he served as a Field Director for the NRCC and was the first presi-

Training Video


dent of the American Campaign Academy from 1985-86. Mr.

Travel and Speakers


Gregory also served as Special Assistant for Political Affairs under President Reagan. He has lectured extensively not only in the U.S., but abroad including South Korea, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania.


National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus: Year Two “Identify, organize, and advance women lawmakers dedicated to ending abortion in America by passing laws that save lives.” That’s the mission of the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus (NPLWC) and, despite its short tenure, this dynamic caucus of women lawmakers is rapidly transforming the legislative landscape throughout the U.S.

AL Lt. Gov Ivey


AL Rep. McClurkin

AR Sen. Bledsoe

CO Rep. Saine

FL Sen. Flores

FL Sen. Flores

MD Del. Szeliga

ND Rep. Grande

ith the number of pro-life women in Congress growing

in Washington and the state capitals, the NPLWC mission has three

each year, the SBA List created a federal Pro-Life

overriding elements:

Women’s Caucus in 2007. The Caucus quickly established

• Connecting women to model legislation, allied groups,

itself as a positive force for policy change and education on Capitol

ground-breaking research, legal support, and other

Hill. With the election of a wave of female pro-life legislators,

resources they need to introduce and defend pro-life

governors and executive branch officials in 2010, a wave SBA List


helped to foment, a new idea naturally suggested itself: creation of

• Providing women with the grassroots and media

a National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus (NPLWC) spanning state and

support they need to pass pro-life legislation;

local government.

• Training women and their male colleagues on how to

In June 2013 SBA List formally launched the Leadership Team of

best articulate the pro-life message.

the NPLWC. Response to this new SBA List initiative has been rapid

Each of these missions benefits from the cumulative cooperation

and sustained. By year’s end, the Leadership Team comprised 41

of Caucus members. We must learn from our successes as well as

female officeholders from 24 states, including two governors, one

our errors. The calculated strategy of legal abortion advocates

state attorney general, four lieutenant governors, 11 state senators

depends on words and phrases proposed, tested and identified at

and 23 representatives. Diverse ethnically and politically, the Team

the national level. Fool pro-life voters once, shame on you; fool us

has two Hispanic pro-life leaders, an Asian-American pro-life cham-


pion, and an African American pro-life Democrat. A true coalition is

Even before its official launch, members of the NPLWC were in

being born.

the thick of the legislative battles across the nation as the following

In an era of burgeoning pro-life action, much of it led by women

State summaries attest.

Members of the NPLWC Leadership Team at the June 2013 Tea (l to r) Marilyn Musgrave, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Rep. Bette Grande (R-ND), Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-PA)


“A new generation of young women rejects the illusion that to be pro-woman is to be pro-choice.” ~ Caroline Casagrande (R-NJ) State Capitol rally January 2013

NH Rep. Cormier

NH Rep. Notter

NH Rep. Peterson

OK Gov. Fallin

PA Rep. Oberlander UT Sen. Dayton

WI Rep. Lazich

WI Rep. Strachota

NPLWC In Action: Breaking New Ground in the States [NORTH DAKOTA] Gov. Jack Dalrymple (R-ND) signed into law two historic bills championed by Team Member Rep. Bette Grande (R-ND). The first measure banned abortion at six weeks in North Dakota if a heartbeat is detectable. The second measure banned both sex-selection abortions and abortion based on genetic defect.

[ALABAMA] Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL) signed into law the Women's Health and Safety Act, meaningful abortion clinic regulations. The law was championed by Team Member Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R-AL), who noted, “If an abortion clinic is truly dedicated to providing adequate care, ensuring dependable safeguards and putting patients' needs before profits, it will embrace this legislation rather than oppose it.” Team Member Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) hailed the law, saying, “I support the Legislature's efforts to restrict the operation of unsafe clinics to help ensure a woman's health.”

[NEW HAMPSHIRE] Team Members Reps. Jane Cormier and Lenette Peterson (R-NH) introduced legislation to require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can obtain an abortion and to provide information about abortion risk. Team Member Rep. Jeannine Notter (R-NH) stood up for the legislation when it was brought to the floor.

[ARKANSAS] Team Member Sen. Cecile Bledsoe (R-AR) successfully passed legislation that opted Arkansas out of funding abortions under ObamaCare. During debate Sen. Bledsoe remarked, “This is about tax dollars and Arkansans have said overwhelmingly we don’t want to spend tax dollars on abortions.”

[NEW HAMPSHIRE] Marilyn Musgrave traveled to New Hampshire and Florida to speak at conferences on women’s leadership in the public square. [OKLAHOMA] Team member Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK) signed into law the Parental Notification for Abortion Act, requiring that a minor's parent be notified before an abortion is performed. She also signed into law HB 2015, updating the state's abortion reporting law.

[ARIZONA] More than 30 Team Members signed on to a Supreme Court amicus brief appealing the decision of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn Arizona’s law stopping abortions after 20 weeks, more than halfway through pregnancy. [COLORADO] Team Member Rep. Lori Saine (R-CO) helped lead opposition to a bill that sought to water down a fetal homicide law. Rep. Saine said, “Under guise of protecting pregnant women, this bill repeals the Colorado criminal abortion statutes, which in some respects makes this the Kermit Gosnell Enabler Act.”

[PENNSYLVANIA] Pennsylvania enacted a law sponsored by Team Member Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-PA) opting Pennsylvania out of covering elective abortions in the state health insurance exchange under ObamaCare.

[FLORIDA] Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) signed into law the Infants Born Alive Protection Act, which was sponsored by Leadership Team Member Sen. Anitere Flores (R-FL).

[TEXAS] NPLWC director Marilyn Musgrave traveled to Texas to support the effort of women lawmakers to pass historic 20-week legislation paired with much-needed clinic regulations in the state.

[NORTH CAROLINA] Marjorie Dannenfelser traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet with women lawmakers as they prepared to pass historic clinic regulations. SBA List and its coalition partners will conduct training with these lawmakers in 2014.

[UTAH] Gov. Gary Herbert (R-UT) signed into law SB 60, sponsored by Team Member Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-UT), requiring Utah’s Department of Health to prepare an annual report detailing abortions performed in the state. The legislation was based on abortion reporting research released by the Charlotte Lozier Institute.


States represented in the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus

National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus 2



Lieutenant Governors

11 State Senators 23 State Representatives 1

State Attorney General

Expanding the Caucus in 2014 In 2014 SBA List will conduct a major drive to expand the NPLWC general membership. In addition to the legislative and grassroots projects they pursued last year, these women leaders will work with SBA List on court briefs, legislator and

Marilyn Musgrave

spokeswoman message training, joint and

SBA List Vice President of Government Affairs and Director, National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus

individual op-eds, bus tours and rallies, and passage of laws ending abortion after five months. The growth of the NPLWC is one

From the local school board to the U.S.

of our highest priorities.

Congress, the breadth of Marilyn’s legislative experience uniquely qualifies her to oversee SBA List’s governmental affairs. She also

The 2014 budget for the NPLWC is $306,800

directs and helped launch in 2013 the National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus. She served two terms in the Colorado


$ 98,000


$ 65,000

a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in


$ 33,600

2002. She served three terms representing

Member Communications $

House and one in the Senate before winning


Colorado’s 4th District.


$ 38,000

After losing a hotly contested election in


$ 65,000

2008, Marilyn joined SBA List, traveling the nation, speaking to leadership groups, engaging with the media and rallying the grassroots for Life.


Life: A Movement By and For Youth One inescapable fact of the Pro-life movement is the presence of youth populating every level, from volunteer to activist to movement professionals and policy makers. These youthful voices, many trained and tutored at SBA List, are turning cultural convention and media bias on its head and infusing the movement with an ever-growing vigor and fresh energy.


ince Roe v. Wade the burden of legal abortion has fallen especially hard among people in their teens and twenties. Yet that first person witness to the toll of a practice that has

stunted the deep potential of their generation, has also spawned vigorous motivation to engage on life with a passion and a vision the founders of the pro-life movement could scarce imagine. From its founding in 1992 the SBA List has actively engaged, trained, and involved these young women and men in leadership on the life issue. Through our comprehensive intern program we have provided practical grassroots political experience in Congressional and Presidential campaigns. We have introduced many to the

Mallory Quigley

legislative process and the leaders who champion life there every-

Communications Director

day, and still others have been challenged to enter the political and Mallory oversees messaging and communications to members

policy arenas professionally when their formal schooling is complete.

of the media and to the SBA List grassroots.

Our Young Leaders program also actively encourages and

After graduating from Loyola University Maryland, she taught

recognize the efforts of young women elsewhere who are leading

English to French high school students before joining the SBA

and innovating with new ideas and organizations for life.

List as an intern in the spring of 2009.

SBA List has touched the lives of many young leaders throughout

A gifted communicator, today Mallory guides our relationship

the country who are helping to write legislation, run for and hold

with broadcast and print news media, oversees our digital

political office, work in policy shops, direct pregnancy care and out-

communications through the SBA List website and social media

reach centers, and apply their gifts and talents in the cause of life.

platforms, and applies her writing skills to everything from press

Indeed, several current SBA List staff came to us through our

advisories to op-eds.

intern program, including our Communications Director, Mallory

Through it all her one mission is to speak the truth in love.

Quigley. Like many who have gone before her, and those who we

“I constantly remind myself of that straightforward goal of

hope will follow, Mallory’s internship with us galvanized into her life’s

communicating the intrinsic value of each human life, and our

work the emerging sense of moral rightness she discovered here

responsibility to protect and cherish it.”

was inherent in the pro-life position.


Media: Reaching Millions for Mothers and Babies In all of our media work – from cable news, to radio talk shows, to guest op-eds and feature articles – SBA List counters “war on women” myths by advancing a vision of authentic feminism. And we take that message to every media platform available today, from the traditional broadcast media platforms to the digital frontiers on the web and in social media.


ne of the most familiar battle cries in politics today is: The War on Women. The phrase can make even experienced candidates flinch. It is a label meant to intimidate not to

inform. To stir up fear, not prompt debate. But the phrase is not new. It dates back at least a quarter century, when radical feminists used it to describe resistance to any portion of their agenda. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, uses it now to attack any woman or man who disagrees with their agenda – unlimited abortion, without parental involvement, paid for with our tax dollars. In all of our media work – from cable news, to radio talk shows, to guest op-eds and feature articles – SBA List counters “war on women” myths by advancing a vision of authentic feminism. As Marjorie Dannenfelser wrote recently at Townhall.com: “Those of us who espouse authentic feminism reject the idea that abortion is the be-all and end-all in how successful a woman’s life


will be. We reject the notion that mothers must become enemies of

Marjorie Dannenfelser and SBA List have experienced explosive

their children. The well-being of women, families, communities and

growth in media coverage over the past year. On secular and

nations can only be enhanced and strengthened by challenging this

religious television, nonpartisan and conservative talk radio, in

false and cruel dichotomy.�

electronic and hard-copy print venues, Marjorie and other members

Our media messages help educate the American people,

of our team are ďŹ nding opportunities to make the case for life.

advance state and federal legislation, defend pro-life ofďŹ ceholders,

Despite the political spin that dominates so much reportage,

and elect pro-life legislators. We work day and night to champion

something in the human heart knows how reckless it would be to

women and their true dreams for their sons and daughters.

cease public conversation about issues of life.


Legislation: Protecting Life After 20 Weeks There must be a limit. That idea is becoming more widely accepted, even among hardened pro-choice believers. The tipping point? Pain. It’s been proved that a baby in her mother’s womb can feel the excruciating pain of an abortion, and the thought of that fact is changing minds and keeping the human center of the abortion debate current and unavoidable.


he United States is one of a

perinatal intensive care – life in the womb

ment. The fetus can actually hear noises

handful of countries anywhere in

at 20 weeks is better and more widely un-

outside the womb. The heartbeat is loud

the world to allow abortion after

derstood than ever. What are the realities

enough to be heard with a stethoscope.

that we can no longer deny?

Eyebrows and eyelashes have appeared

the fifth month of pregnancy. One of the globe’s most prosperous nations is among

One popular maternity care website puts

and tiny nails have surfaced on the fingers

it well, “By 20 weeks, the fetus is making

and toes. The fetus is now about 8 inches

Thanks to the march of science – ultra-

itself known. What the mother felt as a slight

long and 12 ounces in weight.”

sound, intrauterine cinematography, and

fluttering at 18 weeks is now regular move-

its most barbarous as well.

The undeniable humanity of these children

“The success of new limits on when, how and where abortions can be done has invigorated the Republican base like few other issues this year.” ~ The New York Times July 28, 2013

Photo courtesy of Life Issues Institute


has stirred the nation to action. So too have

their mothers as well.

Late-term abortion is also more dangerous

the research and testimony of experts in

In 2014 SBA List has made the passage

to women’s health than carrying a child to

neurology like Maureen Condic, Ph.D.

of similar laws its highest legislative priority.

term. If there were ever a “war on women,”

A professor of neurobiology and anatomy

H.R. 1797 has already passed the U.S.

this would be it.

at the University of Utah and an associate

House of Representatives and its compan-

scholar of the Charlotte Lozier Institute,

ion bill, S. 1670, introduced by Sen. Lindsey

Dr. Condic told the House Judiciary

Graham (R-SC), has 40 co-sponsors in the

Committee on May 23, 2013:

Senate. Our 2014 goals include a recorded

“In light of the scientific facts, the obser-

floor vote in the U.S. Senate and introduc-

vations of medical professionals, our own

tion and debate on the bill in at least three

experience of pain, and our indirect experi-

target states: South Carolina, West Virginia,

ence of others’ pain, we must conclude that

and Mississippi.

there is indeed a ‘compelling governmental

Working with members of the National

interest in protecting the lives of unborn

Pro-Life Women’s Caucus, SBA List will

Our 2014 budget for this project is $1,151,000 Targeted Online Grassroots Campaign


Direct Lobbying Campaign $215,000 Focus Groups

$ 36,000

Cable/Video Advertising


Billy Valentine Director of Policy & Programs

Natalie Valentine CLI Development Coordinator

Billy is responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s legislative policy strategy at both the state and federal level. He is a native of Alexandria, Virginia and a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he studied legal studies and human life studies. Billy has worked in grassroots, communications, and development positions with ABOVE: VP of Government Affairs Marilyn Musgrave speaking to supporters and pro-life leaders in Texas during debate on the 20-week abortion ban bill. BELOW: Screen shots from SBA List media efforts in the Albuquerque, NM 20-week fetal pain bill campaign.

Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), in addition to managing a Congressional campaign and he came to us in 2003 as a high school intern.

children from the stage at which substantial

provide policy information, advertising

Natalie, has been with SBA List for more

medical evidence indicates that they are

support, grassroots alerts, messaging and

than 5 years, and is an indispensable

capable of feeling pain.’”

polling to move this legislation forward.

member of our development team. In 2014,

Fourteen states – 12 of them in recent

Poll after poll shows that strong majorities

Natalie became the Development Coordi-

years – have passed laws protecting the

of Americans believe late-term abortions

lives of unborn children at this stage of

should be illegal – 64% of Americans would

pregnancy and even earlier. Laws like this

outlaw it in the second trimester, 80% in the

are good for the infants protected and for

third trimester.


nator for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Billy and Natalie and their two sons live in Fairfax, Virginia.

Charlotte Lozier Institute: Life Science and Statistics In 2013 the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) sharply increased its impact on the public policy debate over life issues. CLI published the work of its own staff and its associate scholars on a growing array of topics. National and local media, as well as federal and state policy makers, continued to turn to CLI for policy papers, commentary, testimony, polling and fact-checking.


Making an Impact For Life

he Charlotte Lozier Institute represents a strong and vital new development in analysis of life

MARCH 2013

issues. We draw together scholars and

CLI published Elizabeth Ann John-

writers from a wide variety of disciplines and

son’s analysis of data on unsafe abortion

make their research and commentary

and informed consent. In May CLI and

available to policymakers in the executive,

Heartbeat International cohosted a

legislative and judicial branches of federal

webinar on the topic by Dr. Johnson for

and state government.

U.S. pregnancy center personnel.

Damage to Life in the ACA CLI continues to be the leading voice

CLI President Chuck Donovan

identifying and raising concerns about

published a paper on the federal and

abortion subsidies under the Affordable

state adoption tax credits, urging steps

Care Act (ACA). In October, right after the

to make them permanent features of

ObamaCare health insurance exchanges

the tax code. In early 2014, the Ohio

went live, CLI published articles document-

House passed legislation to increase tax

ing how, despite the plain language of the

breaks for adoption.

elective abortion.



CLI’s work encouraged policymakers and

published a paper detailing the extent

reporters to question U.S. Department of

of abortion subsidies under exchange-

Health and Human Services (HHS) efforts to

based health plans and Medicaid ex-

comply with the ACA and guarantee full

pansion via ObamaCare. The explosive

transparency regarding abortion subsidies.

information led to many articles in

As 2014 began, these efforts continued,


Senate and House Values Action Teams. OCTOBER 2013 CLI senior advisor Gene Tarne and colleague Andrew Mullins published a trends that now favor ethical sources of

SEPTEMBER 2013 CLI President

nationally, and CLI briefings for the U.S.

paper documenting public funding

ACA, the exchanges continued to obscure whether or not individual plans cover

National Review, coverage on Fox News

stem cells over embryo-destroying techniques. The CLI report was highlighted on EWTN’s national news program and in a front-page feature in the Washington Times.

CLI Associate Scholars (l to r) Elizabeth Johnson, M.D., Michael New, Ph.D., Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D., and Susan Wills, J.D.

with federal and state officials failing in their

• Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, Ph.D. – Associate

commitments to disclose elective abortion

Professor, Dept. of Anatomy of Cell Biology,

in qualified plans. In response to CLI’s research, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NH) introduced H.R. 3279, the Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act, to require HHS to make abortion coverage information accessible to insurance applicants before they enroll. That measure has now passed the House as part of H.R. 7. In 2014 CLI will focus on topics like the incidence of late-term abortion, the revolution in perinatal science, U.S. abortion policy relative to that of other nations, the accumulating evidence regarding how abor-

Wayne State University School of Medicine • Michael New, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan-Dearborn • Pia de Solenni, Ph.D. – Ethicist and cultural analyst, Owner, Diotima Consulting • Steven E. Calvin, M.D. – Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of OB/GYN and Women’s Health, and co-chair, Program in Human Rights

Chuck Donovan

and Health, School of Public Health (both at

President Charlotte Lozier Institute

the University of Minnesota) • Margaret H. (Peggy) Hartshorn, Ph.D. – President, Heartbeat International • Jacqueline Harvey, Ph.D. – Bioethicist and public policy scholar

tifacient drugs and devices work, improving

• Teresa A. Donovan, M.P.H. – Researcher,

the effectiveness of pregnancy help centers,

University of Kentucky College of Public Health

progress in research on Down Syndrome, and the enforcement of laws on abortion reporting and clinic inspections and safety.

CLI Associate Scholars CLI has announced 18 accomplished men

and Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention • Dawn

Eden – American author and

journalist • Keiren D. Smith, M.D. – Former Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University Health Services • Thomas Messner, J.D. – Legal Fellow

As the head of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, Chuck directs research and public policy analysis on some of the most pressing life, science, and bioethical issues facing the world today. Over his nearly four-decade career, Chuck has served as legislative director of National Right to Life Committee, senior writer for President Reagan, executive vice president of Family Research Council, and senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation. He has helped develop and

and women who are working with us as

• Moira Gaul, MPH – Director of Services,

associate scholars (institutional affiliations

Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services,

champion pro-life measures, promote alter-

listed for name identification only):

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

natives to abortion, and advance child and adoption tax credits, marriage penalty relief

• Samuel B. Casey – Managing Director &

• Susan E. Wills, Esq. – former Assistant Direc-

General Counsel, Jubilee Campaign’s Law of

tor, Education and Outreach, U.S. Catholic

Life Project

Conference, J.D., University of Miami School

Chuck’s published writing and media

of Law and LL.M., International Law, George-

appearances include ABC News, CNN’s

town University School of Law

Inside Politics, Fox, BBC, NPR, EWTN, The

• Byron C. Calhoun, M.D., FACOG, FACS, MBA – Professor & Vice-Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, West Virginia University-Charleston

• Gracie Yu, M.H.S. – Former Policy Analyst, Family Research Council

• Reginald Finger, M.D. – Physician, Former

• Elizabeth Ann M. Johnson, M.D. Fellow,

Member, Advisory Committee on Immuniza-

Program in Human Rights and Health, Univer-

tion Practices, CDC

sity of Minnesota School of Public Health

• Maureen Condic, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy, University of Utah


and conscience rights.

Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN Online, USA Today, Politico, The Hill, The Daily Caller, National Review Online, Forbes.com, American Library Journal and many more.

SBA List v. Steve Driehaus “We hope to see our First Amendment rights affirmed by the Supreme Court so that, headed into the 2014 U. S. Senate elections, we may expose the truth about ObamaCare and those who support it.” ~ Marjorie Dannenfelser


he SBA List petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court in February to allow our First Amendment challenge to Ohio’s “false statement” law to proceed on the grounds

that the statute criminalizes “false” political speech and empowers a state agency to determine what constitutes true or false speech. The lawsuit originated with the now ongoing problem of taxpayer funding of abortion in ObamaCare. Ex-Congressman Steve Driehaus of Cincinnati, Ohio, was originally opposed to the Affordable Care Act because it did not contain specific language preventing the funding of abortion. That never changed and to this very day, Americans are still fighting the expansion of taxpayer funding of abortion brought about by the overhaul. During the 2010 election cycle – after Driehaus and others like Rep. Bart Stupak caved – the SBA List sought to inform constituents of their votes for taxpayer funding of abortion in ObamaCare. Driehaus used the Ohio statute to silence us when we sought to erect billboards in his pro-life district. Despite the fact that our Free Speech rights were chilled and that we were threatened with

Image for illustration purposes only. The actual billboards were never posted.

prosecution if we engaged in similar speech about Driehaus or other candidates, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the SBA List

In January 2013, the SBA List won its related two year court battle with Driehaus over the defamation suit he filed alleging that SBA List cost him his job and a “loss of livelihood.” Driehaus filed an appeal from the dismissal in February 2013, which remains pending.

could not challenge the Ohio law under the First Amendment. We expect the Supreme Court to say otherwise. Oral arguments are scheduled for April 2014 and we expect the Court decision in June 2014.


As it is implemented, ObamaCare continues to be exposed as the largest expansion of taxpayer funding of abortion since Roe. CLI research found that as many as 111,500 additional abortions per year could be subsidized by taxpayers through federal premium tax credits and the Medicaid expansion in ObamaCare.


In an outpouring of support for the SBA List’s freedom of speech, 21 amicus briefs were submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court by various legal groups and public policy organizations shown below. 1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Christian Legal Society

Media Coalition

Alliance Defending Freedom

Citizens United

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

American Civil Liberties Union


Republican National Committee

Bioethics Defense Fund

First Amendment Lawyers Assoc.

Seventh Day Adventists

Cato Institute

Government Integrity Fund

Solicitor General of the United States of America

Center for Competitive Politics

Institute for Justice, et al.

Southeastern Legal Foundation

Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

Justice and Freedom Fund

Student Press Law Center


SBA List: By The Numbers It’s impossible not to notice. The national debate over abortion is more intense than ever – there is more media coverage, more legislation, more movement toward life in the polls, and more scrutiny of related bills like ObamaCare and conscience laws. Mid-term




2014 Projected $14,456,557

365,000 SBA List Donor-Activist Members



97 Pro-Life U.S. Representatives elected

13 Pro-Life U.S. Senators elected


Grassroots Contacts with Congress


Pro-Life candidates elected to statewide offices




Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Limiting abortions past 20 weeks based on the unborn child’s ability to feel pain and the dangers these late abortions pose to the mother’s health.

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act Enacting a government-wide prohibition on taxpayer-subsidized abortion, including under ObamaCare.

2013 $5,248,763



Ensure taxpayer dollars do not go to abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood.







13-14 Projected

Fundraising Effectiveness by Election Cycle Pro-life supporters have seen the benefits of our approach and rallied with support that enables us to sustain our efforts.

CONGRESSIONAL PRO-LIFE LEADERSHIP The surge of pro-life women on the House floor in June 2013 reflected their rise into House leadership. House Republican Conference

Ending Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Providers





Rodgers served her first full year in that post in 2013, opening a door that will never be closed. Rep. Rodgers says, “I am a prolife Republican member of the House who was first elected in 2004 thanks in part to

Healthcare Conscience Rights Act

the Susan B. Anthony List. At that very first

Stop the HHS abortion-drug mandate under ObamacStop the HHS abortiondrug mandate under Obamacareare.

was encouraged to know that there was an

Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act

meeting I was so impressed by them and organization that had created the network across the country to counter EMILY’s List. It’s needed now more than ever.”

Enact a nationwide ban on sexselection abortions.

U. S. House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)


Pro-Life Pillars Club Marshalling our resources and forging a path to victory.


his plan demonstrates the momentum, both in terms of

officials and attending our dinners to participating on the grassroots

politics and enthusiasm, on the side of pro-life progress.

level by signing petitions and going to rallies, members may be as

The funding advantage, however, remains with the

involved as they wish.

abortion industry. Five smooth stones can defeat a giant in arms,

The chart (opposite) displays the categories we have designed,

but even simple weapons aren’t free.

each of them offering a level of involvement to match you and your

SBA List has grown and groomed its finances carefully, minimizing

family’s time and capacity. We know that love of life brings friends

administrative costs and targeting resources where they can do the

and supporters to aid in our fight. We want you alongside us for

most good. In order to take the next step, we have moved boldly

the duration.

to establish an array of donation and engagement opportunities we

The key to our plan is its six-region structure. SBA List began to

call the Pro-Life Pillars Club.

bring its message to the states through a series of regional events

Donors are our investors in the truest sense of the word. They

in 2012. In that year we held events in five cities; in 2013 it was four

have bought shares of our work in order to accomplish our common


interest to protect women and children. Just as stock owners earn

You can be the heart of our success. We seek regional co-chairs

voting rights to influence company decisions, our members are

for these events. SBA List will nominate from among its members

eligible to weigh in on various policy questions, including candidate

co-chairs who have shown a commitment to protecting life, a record

endorsements, our stance on pro-life legislative proposals and

of wise counsel, and a talent for member recruitment. As co-chairs,

messaging in the media.

you will serve as regional and national representatives for us.

In addition, our members have an array of benefits to enjoy that

To learn more about the Pro-Life Pillars Club, see the contact

at the same time advance our cause. From meeting with elected

information on page 26.

REGIONAL CO-CHAIRS Regional Co-chairs will be asked to do one or more of the following: 1. Advise on topics including local pro-life legislation and candidate endorsements 2. Bundle contributions for endorsed candidates and, on occasion, personally deliver them

3. Join meetings with members of Congress and attend political functions 4. Make introductions and facilitate relationships with state based pro-life groups and legislators 5. Raise or contribute at least $25,000 per election cycle


6. Co-host the regional Campaign for life Dinner and Reception and/or the Gala and Summit in Washington, D.C. 7. Represent the organization at public events in consultation with SBA List executives

Founding Legacy Benefactor


Premier Legacy Holder


Legacy Holder


Premier President’s Club Advisor


Chief President’s Club Advisor


Executive President’s Club Advisor


President’s Club Advisor


Executive Pro-Life Trustee


Pro-Life Trustee


Sponsoring Associate


Supporting Associate

Ad vis W as or hi ng to Le n ga Le cy ad er H ol sh de i rM pV isi ee t tin g w ith th VI e P Ch Se ai at rm i ng Ca an a m t Ev pa en ig n ts Re St co ra te gn gy iti on Co Su m at nf m .C Ev it al e In nt lw Re sid s i gi th er on sM Po al l i ee t Tr i Po c tin us al lic t E g e y xp es Br e ’ i r D e t Re s& fin in ne ce gs Ca r ive an nd d Pr id Q U e at sid pd ua es rte en at es t’s rly Re Re Re co gi po on m r t m al N en As ew Em de so sle ai d cia lA tte Re t le e r ad rts Re in co g gn iti on In vit at io n

Bo ar d

N am e Cl ub

Pi lla rL ev el $1,000,000

d an ts n e sm es s As gs ce efin a i lR r ia e B t v n i de lat nfi gis o e C L






Amanda Robey

Bryant Conger

Vice President of Development

Major Gifts Officer

Amanda works closely with the organization’s leaders and

Bryant acts as a resource for our key stakeholders, matching their

department directors. She is responsible for overseeing the

interests with our mission to elect pro-Life leaders dedicated to

development staff and all fundraising activities, including growing

ending abortion in America.

our base of support and keeping donors apprised of the work

During college he worked on the Bush/Cheney campaign in

they make possible.

Cleveland, OH and served as a field representative with the

Throughout her career assisting both organizations and

United States Chamber of Commerce. After graduating from the

candidates find funding, the issue of protecting human life has

University of Arizona, he worked with philanthropists to preserve

remained at the heart of her ambition. Amanda and her husband,

the Reagan Ranch before joining the SBA List family. Bryant

Christian, have two sons and are expecting their third.

and his wife Michal, are expecting twins this year!


Organized for Life Our full family of organizations responds to our movement’s need to maximize our election resources as well as to enhance the policy research and education we provide policymakers and the public. Each of our entities and funds is subject to different rules governing donation amounts, donor privacy, tax deductibility and other factors. For information on each option, contact Amanda Robey, Vice President for Development at: arobey@sba-list.org or (202) 223-8073.

CHARLOTTE LOZIER INSTITUTE 501(c)(3) Education Trust Fund www.lozierinstitute.org

SUSAN B. ANTHONY LIST 501(c)(4) membership organization www.sba-list.org

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is the education and research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List. The Institute publishes research papers, policy studies, commentaries, fact sheets, and other materials on the most pressing life issues. It covers a wide spectrum of topics featuring staff analysts and associate scholars from medical, legal, sociological and other disciplines across the United States and around the world. YES Donations of any amount YES Donations from corporations and gifts of stock YES Deductible for federal and other income tax purposes YES Confidential giving – no public disclosure NO Donation to support or oppose federal candidates

The SBA List mission includes educating voters on critical pro-life issues and on upcoming legislation; training and equipping pro-life activists nationwide to run well-messaged political and grassroots campaigns; and advocating passage of pro-life legislation, using direct lobbying, field operations, social media and person-to-person coalitions and networking. YES Donations of any amount YES Donations from corporations and gifts of stock YES Confidential giving – no public disclosure NO Deductible for federal income tax purposes NO Donation to support or oppose federal candidates

SUSAN B. ANTHONY LIST CANDIDATE FUND Federal Political Action Committee SUSAN B. ANTHONY LIST LEGAL DEFENSE FUND Project of 501(c)(3) Education Trust Fund

To donate to the Candidate Fund, you must first become a member of the Susan B. Anthony List. Federal election law requires us to report the name, address, occupation, and employer of every person who donates more than $200 in a calendar year to the Candidate Fund. YES Public disclosure triggered after $200 donation YES Donation to support or oppose federal candidates NO Deductible for federal income tax purposes NO Gift amounts limited by law and corporations cannot give

Throughout our history we have pursued political and legislative victories while fully complying with the demands of federal and state law. On occasion, however, we face the need to defend ourselves against a political attack in the form of unwarranted litigation. We are also determined to fight unjust laws that infringe on the First Amendment freedoms of advocates for life in the public square. YES Donations of any amount YES Donations from corporations and gifts of stock YES Confidential giving – no public disclosure YES Deductible for federal and other income tax purposes NO Donation to support or oppose federal candidates

WOMEN SPEAK OUT POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE Section 527 “Super PAC” www.womenspeakoutpac.com Anyone* can donate to the Women Speak Out PAC which makes independent expenditures to support or oppose candidates. Federal tax and election laws require us to report the name, address, occupation and employer of every person who donates more than $200 in a calendar year to Women Speak Out. YES Public disclosure triggered after $200 donation YES Gift amounts not limited by law and corporations can donate YES Donation to support or oppose federal candidates NO Deductible for federal income tax purposes

*Foreign nationals may not make contributions or expenditures in connection with any U.S. election. However, “green card” holders (i.e., individuals lawfully admitted for permanent U.S. residence) are not considered foreign nationals and, as a result, may contribute.


Programs and Budget: 2014 We understand that every dollar we spend represents the belief by our donors that it will be used to end abortion in the United States. Every member of our staff is also aware that it represents the sweat equity of others who have given, often sacrificially, of their own resources. We have the obligation of stewardship that we plan, allocate, and expend each dollar with care. Our 2014 budget is the result of much prayer and preparation.

SBA List leadership in action. (From top to bottom) President Marjorie Dannenfelser speaking outside Planned Parenthood; Charlotte Lozier Institute President Chuck Donovan testifying, VP of Government Affairs Marilyn Musgrave addressing a legislative gathering; Marjorie addressing a group of Congressional staffers during a Capitol Hill briefing.

Campaign Plan


Project Lifeline


Advancing 20-Week Ban


National Pro-Life Women’s Caucus

$ 306,800

Interns & Young Leaders Program


Traditional Media

$ 112,000

Social Media & Web Development

$ 194,000

Coalitions & Outreach



Federal Lobbying



New Membership Recruitment

$ 400,000

Membership Communications

$ 388,000

Administration and Personnel

$ 919,044

Candidate Fund Bundling Program

$ 200,000

Candidate Donations

$ 500,000

Charlotte Lozier Institute

$ 674,500

Legal Defense Fund

$ 600,000

2014 Combined Organizational Budget




Executive Vice President Emily Buchanan and VP of Government Affairs Marilyn Musgrave with Pennsylvania Congressmen Mike Kelly (PA-03), Keith Rothfus (PA12), and Tim Murphy (PA-18).


SBA List Leadership: Pro-Life Profiles

Jane Abraham

Marjorie Dannenfelser

Chairman of the Board


Jane has a lifetime of service in civic and national leadership

Co-founder of the SBA List, Marjorie directs our mission and

working both in public roles and the private charitable sector. In

serves as our primary spokeswoman.

1992 she co-founded the SBA List and helped it become one of

In the latter role, Marjorie has appeared on an ever-expanding

the largest and most effective political action groups in the United

list of national media outlets, including Fox News, MSNBC, EWTN,


CNN, CBN and many more. Her op-eds have appeared in The

For more than three decades Jane has held senior positions with

Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, WORLD Magazine and

the Michigan Republican Party, the Republican National Commit-

dozens of other publications.

tee, and the Michigan State Senate. She has garnered deep ex-

Marjorie serves on the boards of the Alliance Defending

perience in state, local and national affairs and developed extensive

Freedom, Constituting Culture Foundation and Chosen Families,

grassroots experience, ultimately founding her own consulting firm,

a ministry to families with special needs children. She previously

Abraham Strategies, in 2002.

served as staff director of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus and worked at The Heritage Foundation.

Jane is married to Spencer Abraham, U.S. Senator from Michigan

A graduate of Duke University, Marjorie and her husband Marty

(1995-2001) and former Energy Secretary under President George W. Bush. They have three children.

have five children.

Emily Buchanan

Frank Cannon

Executive Vice President

Chief Strategist

Emily is responsible for day-to-day operations at the SBA List.

Frank has more than 30 years of experience in national politics,

She oversees our administrative, development, candidate evalua-

public affairs, and legislative campaigns. He is the President of

tion, government relations, coalitions, advertising, media relations

American Principles Project in Washington, D.C.

and internship programs, supervising a staff of 15.

Frank’s past and current client work in the public policy arena

She joined the SBA List in April 2007. Prior to SBA List, Emily

includes the trafficking office of the U.S. Department of Health and

worked at the Carlyle Gregory Company, a prominent political

Human Services (for which his firm was awarded the Silver Anvil by

consulting firm specializing in U.S. House and Senate campaigns.

the Public Relations Society of America), Knights of Columbus,

She also has experience with state-level tasks, working for a

American Principles in Action, and the National Organization for

Virginia delegate in both his campaign and legislative offices.

Marriage. He has served in several Presidential campaigns, as chief

Emily graduated from the University of Virginia where she

of staff for several members of Congress, and as a spokesman in

studied government and bioethics. She is very involved in her

major media. His writing has appeared in The Weekly Standard,

church, First Baptist Church of Alexandria, and has participated in

Politico, The Los Angeles Times and many more; he has been a

several international mission trips over the last few years.

guest on public affairs programs like Washington Journal.


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