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Fall/Winter 2013

EAGLES’ Wings Unto us a Child is born ... which is Christ the Lord.



On Eagles’ Wings From the Principal

Dear SBA Family, When you work at a place with almost 1,000 teenagers, it can get exciting. Not that it’s ever dull for very long anyway, but this time of the school year is a very special time. It is refreshing to see our students, our future, looking for ways to help others. I catch myself weekly, giving the storyline, “Well, back in my high school days…..” Yes, my day of being in high school is a lot different than the day our students experience. It’s not only technology, but it’s the willingness of many to reach out and help others. It’s the comments from the AdvancEd Accreditation Team and other outside groups who come and tour our great facility. The comments are how friendly, respectful, happy and welcoming our students are. This semester we’ve had several fundraisers for various groups. Just recently we raised over $2,500 for the Wings Cancer Foundation and over $1,000 for the new Catholic Charities St. Sebastian Veteran Services Program. At the same time, we were able to honor those who have served and are currently serving our country on Veterans Day. We are collecting canned goods and money like crazy for our Food Drive. We are collecting coats, toiletries, baby supplies – you can pretty much find a club or class who is collecting something for somebody. But, there is a very special fundraiser I want to mention – one I’m hoping that we can garner the support of our alums into helping. This fundraiser was December 13. It was a day when our students raided their parent’s closets for that “special” Christmas sweater. They made a donation to participate and we will crown the “most special” (some will say tackiest, ugliest) sweater of the day. I had to hide my Christmas sweater before it ended up in the “special” contest – and I actually think it’s a nice sweater! This day is in honor of one of our very own, Garrett Helms. Garrett is the son of Jenni (Gillespie) and Matt Helms (1997/1995 respectively). Garrett was recently diagnosed with retinoblastoma and is undergoing treatment at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. As soon as they heard about the struggles Garrett will face, SBA’s Club St. Jude came forward and wanted to help. Those who remember Jenni and Matt will certainly agree this is a great way to help “Team Garrett.” So, if you would like to contribute or maybe even host your own “Special Christmas Sweater Day” – please do. We will post updates on our SBA school and alumni Facebook pages. The one thing we can all do for sure is say a prayer for Garrett and his family. Lastly, I’m aware that most every dollar donated or every can purchased was from the wallets or pantries of our parents. Thanks to all for supporting our many causes. Together, I believe we are helping to teach our children that it is a good thing to help others. The non-uniform days or “No Shave November” for the males who participated, were for a good reason although some came with an extra headache or an extra detention for being a little too excited. This is the time of the year we give thanks! Thanks for the great group of students you have given us to help prepare for Harvard and Heaven! And most of all thanks for you...whether you are a current or past parent, alum, teacher or student, we couldn’t do it without you! God Bless, Sondra Morris, Principal

From the Editor This year has moved so quickly, but that’s what we say every year. Yet, I can’t believe that we are wishing you a Merry Christmas when it seems like we just got started! Our cover first appeared this month as an ad on the back cover of the new Diocesan publication, Faith West Tennessee. Admissions Director Terri Heath came up with the ad idea and we liked it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone in our database. In the picture, the students are wearing clothing that depict the many and varied aspects of SBA. It is a diverse group, and we tried to capture as much as possible. So, please accept this wish of a Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Also, I want to personally thank so many of you for your prayers, thoughts, cards, donations, Masses, food and so much more upon the death of my husband, Dave, last month. I cannot express how much I am humbled by your caring and concern. SBA is truly an extraordinary place. The Good Lord has surely blessed me by placing me in this wonderful environment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, as do my children (all SBA graduates and some former teachers/coaches) for all the love we have received these past few weeks. Sharon Masterson, Editor Director of Communications & Sports Information



On Eagles’ Wings


Catholic Schools: Educating Our Youth in Truth for the Honor and Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls.



St. Benedict at Auburndale High School is a diocesan, coeducational, college preparatory school committed to academic excellence through a comprehensive and challenging multi-level curriculum presented in an atmosphere permeated with the aims, values and teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. On Eagles’ Wings is a publication of St. Benedict at Auburndale High School. Editor/Director of Communications & Sports Information Sharon Masterson

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Advisory Board 2013-14 Phil Sisneros, Chairman Jon Bascom Madonna Bond Msgr. Peter Buchignani, V.G. Dana Capocaccia Nick Griffin ’98 Chad Harrell John Hyden ’93 Joe Incardona Chris LeBlanc Patty Neuhoff Paul Schuhlein John Schuman Duane Sell Don Williams Wanda Winnette Andy Wise Beth York

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“Throwback Thursday” Momentum continues at SBA By Phil Sisneros, Advisory Board Chairman The 2013 school year represents both the 25th anniversary of the school and the start of a new era in St Benedict’s history —the post Valadie years. As those with a history at SBA know, Mr. and Mrs. Valadie were instrumental in the growth of the school both in terms of numbers and quality. While it is difficult to overstate their impact on the school’s growth, the Valadies were helped by a “community” of SBA supporters. First and foremost, the teachers and staff that have served our students over the years have done so with a quiet excellence that is not always recognized by our students and parents. I know I have not fully appreciated the impact their dedication has had on the development of our kids. Second, the support of parents and alums has been crucial in the development of SBA’s state of the art facilities and athletic, fine arts and other student activities. Finally, the most important members of the SBA community are the young men and women that make up each year’s student body. The activities and efforts of these students in the classroom and community provide a window into the school that SBA has become—a school we can all be proud of. As you will see in this and other issues of On Eagles Wings, their accomplishments are many and a source of pride for the school. As an Advisory Board our focus is helping SBA maintain its momentum to ultimately become the school of choice for talented young men and women in the Memphis area. In that regard, we are evaluating the role technology should play in SBA’s curriculum, looking for ways to recognize excellence in teaching and service to the school, enhancing the financial support for students that may not be able to afford an SBA education, and spreading the SBA message to prospective students and parents. Hopefully, these objectives are shared by the entire community of SBA supporters and we ask for your support in these and other endeavors. We ask you to consider what role you can play in our efforts to help ensure SBA’s excellence for the next 25 years and beyond. Please feel free to contact me or the school with any ideas or concerns you might have and issues you think need to be addressed by the Board.

is a HIT on our Alumni Facebook page!

In honor of our 25th year as St. Benedict at Auburndale and to also commemorate our IN HONOR 2013-14 Annual Fund, we have been posting a “THROWBACK Thursday” picture every week this year. Here are just a few…

ketball Team

as 1993 Varsity B

SBA Class of 2


Class of 2002


Superlative Gro

Here is the good news:

All of our announcements and drawings and Here is the good news: Monday Mail flyers about the All of our announcements and drawings Kroger Community Rewards program have and worked! Monday Mailup flyers aboutThat the is AWESOME! We got our family number to 249. Community Rewards program have worked! OurKroger third quarter earnings with that many participants totaled We got our family number up to 249. That is AWESOME! $2,912.35! Our third quarterTHANK earningsYOU with that many participants totaled SO MUCH!!! $2,912.35! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Here is the not-so-good news:

With Kroger’s new program came a new renewal process. is year, theour not-so-good On JanuaryHere 1 of each SBA participant news: number will go back Withand Kroger’s newwill program renewal process. to zero everyone have tocame sign ainnew to their account to renew On January 1their of each year, our SBA participant number Community Rewards school of choice.will go back to zero everyone will have towould sign intake to their accounttotogorenew We and would be so happy if you a moment to their Community Rewards school of choice. We wouldand be so happySBA if you would take of a moment renew as your school choice. to go to You can also use that same link to sign up if you haven’t had the and renew SBAchance as your to school yet. of choice. You can also use that same link to sign upand if you had the Thank you so much for your diligence for haven’t your support! chance to yet. Thank you so much for your diligence and for your support!

Save Save The The Date Date

Jeans and Jazz Jeans and Jazz The 4th Annual SBA The 4th Annual SBA FASHION SHOW Benefitting the SBA Annual Fund FASHION SHOW

Benefitting the SBA Annual Fund

Saturday, February 22 Saturday, 6:30February p.m. 22 6:30 p.m.

FROM THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE.... Lori Trew Regis ‘91 Director of Alumni and Development Who knew that the Annual Fund could be so much fun?!? When our

IN HONOR Of 25 Years The 2013-14 Annual Fund for St. Benedict at Auburndale

The Development Office keeps up with ALL donations given to the school and all donations go into the Annual Fund total, but are allocated to different accounts according to the donor’s wishes. While we would prefer your donation to be unrestricted to the school for us to use where it is most needed, we certainly welcome any gifts to programs that are special to you and your family. Our current numbers so far break down as follows: Annual Fund Report From 7/1/13-11/21/13

administrative team talked over the

Donations given to SBA for Sports and Programs $58,334.81

summer about honoring the

Donations given to SBA for Scholarship and Tuition $35,085

twenty-five year anniversary of the Catholic Diocese purchasing our school, I thought it would be neat to also incorporate the anniversary into the Annual Fund. The challenge easily became $25 for 25 years. That quickly evolved to an additional challenge to HONOR someone who has been a special part of your SBA journey with your gift. THAT has been the fun part. Former players have honored their coaches, high school friends have honored each other, parents have honored their student and even alumni have honored their parents. One alumni called to ask how on earth he was supposed to choose between his teachers and coaches? I told him to list them all! Because it has been so much fun, I wanted to show you what a response we have had to our IN HONOR challenge, so on the opposite page,

Donations given to SBA unrestricted - $43,916.12 Total SBA giving - $137,335.93 Total Donors - 240 New Donors - 93 Hopefully, you received your brochure in the mail and saw the challenge to all of our friends and families to donate $25 in honor of our 25-year anniversary as St. Benedict at Auburndale. The fun part of the challenge is that we would like for you to donate it IN HONOR of someone. The person you honor will receive a letter letting them know of your kindness, and we will also list all names in our Annual Report at the end of the year. For fun, we created the following graphic to let you know how the honorarium part of the challenge is going! Please keep in mind that these are only the honorarium names and donors that have given in their honor or memory, and not a complete list of donors. We would like to thank all of our families and friends who have given so far. If you have not yet participated in the SBA Annual Fund, we ask you to consider a gift. All donations are much needed and most appreciated, no matter what the size. You can find more information about our Annual Fund and an online giving link at

I have included the honorariums and memorials up through 11/21/13. I always tell people that SBA is such a neat place, and it truly is. What an HONOR to be a part of it all!

There is also an envelope enclosed in this magazine, or you can scan the QR code with your smart phone to donate online.


The2013-14 2013-14Annual Annual Fund Auburndale The Fundfor forSt. St.Benedict Benedictatat Auburndale in honor of Pearson Allen from Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Allen ~ in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Arnoult from Mr. and Mrs. T. Darren Arnoult ~ in honor of Alfred and Mary Ann Bailey from Mark and Leigh Zipperer ~ in honor of Billy and Madonna Bond from John M. Mills ~ in honor of Jack Brock from Robert and Elizabeth Fischer ~ in honor of Angie Buchanan from Bridget Bradshaw Krebs ~ in honor of Dianna Cervetti from Linda and Bill Payne ~ in honor of Caitlin Cunningham from Joanie and John Cunningham~ in honor of Brennan Cunningham from Joanie and John Cunningham ~ in honor of Jillian Cunningham from Joanie and John Cunningham ~ in honor of Olivia Mallory DeLozier from Metcalf and Madalyn Crump ~ in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Donnelly from Anthony S. and Joan E. Mitchell ~ in honor of Josh Dove from Randy and Debbie Dove ~ in honor of Jeffrey Dove from Randy and Debbie Dove ~ in honor of Justin Dove from Randy and Debbie Dove ~ in honor of Nickel Ebbing from Mr. Bill Hecht and Ms. Nanetta Walls ~ in honor of Teresa, Joseph and Nic Ferrante from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ferrante ~ in honor of Bryanna S. Hall from Doug and Becky Hall ~ in honor of Dylan Holzemer from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holzemer ~ in honor of Ryan Kathman from Elizabeth Kulow ~ in honor of Dave Masterson from Sean and Ann O’Leary ~ in honor of JP Masterson from Gary and Susan Fetz ~ in honor of Sharon and Dave Masterson from Joan Best ~ in honor of Sharon and Dave Masterson ~ John and Jill Frierott ~ in honor of Don Madeksho from Mr. and Mrs. Jon May ~ in honor of Blake Mills from Russ and Tina Mills ~ in honor of Garrett Mills from Russ and Tina Mills ~ in honor of John Mills from Lee and Jennifer Lowrie ~ in honor of Mrs. Sondra Morris from Theresa Mills ~ in honor Mrs. Sondra Morris from George and Nancy Valadie ~ in honor of Mrs. Sondra Morris from JoAnne Van Frank ~ in honor of Seaton Neill from Ronnie and Carol Neill ~ in honor of Robyn, John Michael and John Hopson Pela from Ginny Dulaney ~ in honor of Patty and Allison Rose from Philip and Margaret Rose ~ in honor of Kaitlyn Seaman from Denise and Tommy Seaman ~ in honor of Taylor Seaman from Denise and Tommy Seaman ~ in honor of Kelly Lynch Tamowski from Ms. Jean Tierney ~ in honor of George Valadie from Timothy E. and Denise H. Broughton ~ in honor of George and Nancy Valadie from Louis and Mindy Costabile ~ in honor of George and Nancy Valadie from Elizabeth Domico ~ in honor of George and Nancy Valadie from Jim and Kate Marconi ~ in honor of Mr. Eric Wells from Patrick Erstine ~ in memory of Ann Beibers from Mr. Bill Beibers ~ in memory of Don Bingham from Dave and Jeanne Schmidt ~ in memory of John Buchanan from Dianna Cervetti ~ in memory of John Buchanan from Annette Dabaldo ~ in memory of John Buchanan from Chris and Rena Fay ~ in memory of John Buchanan from Barbara Hervey ~ in memory of John Buchanan from Sharon, Dave, Chris, Jennifer and JP Masterson ~ in memory of Walter R. David from Annette Dabaldo ~ in memory of Walter R. David from John and Sondra Morris ~ in memory of Raul Fletes from Kristen and Jonathan Spencer ~ in memory of Eric Gaston from John and Sondra Morris ~ in memory of Anita Gonzalez from Annette Dabaldo ~ in memory of Anita Gonzalez from John and Sondra Morris ~ in memory of Theresa Grecco from Dan Grecco ~ in memory of Gale Heath from SBA Golf ~ in memory of Mr. Henze from Margaret G. Henze ~ in memory of Mr. and Mrs. William Kiernan from Philip Sorette ~ in memory of Matthey Lelis from Martin and Liza Lelis ~ in memory of Cathy Linxwiler from Frank Linxwiler ~ in memory of Mary Lois Massa from Barry and Lisa Jones ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Dominic, Julie, Alex, Zach and Michael Bardos ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Charlie and Kye Bargiachi ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Joan Best ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from David and Darla Boston ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Angie Buchanan ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Sheila Cassady ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Dianna Cervetti ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Vince and Robin Ciancioso ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Mary Cox ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Annette Dabaldo ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Michael and Janet Donato ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Fischer’s Pro-Line Sports ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Richard and Mary Fischer ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from David and Andrea Gillespie ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Russ and Pam Gordon ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Don and Sheri Grear ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Barbara Hervey ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Craig and Donna Hofer ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Michael and Kathy Hurt ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from John and Courtney Hyden ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Jeremy Jackson ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Doug Kearney ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Tony and Nancy Lanigan ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from John and Sondra Morris ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Michael and Ann Mondelli ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from John and Gigi McCarroll ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Becki and Tony McGehee ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Lynn and Ned Nelson ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Sean and Ann O’Leary ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Todd and Carol Peterson ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Project Graduation ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Werner and Provie Rose ~in memory of Dave Masterson from Gary, Patti, Houston and Cameron Russell ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Sacred Heart School ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from SBA Cheer ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from SBA Lady Eagles Basketball ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from SBA Volleyball ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Blair Seymour ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Society for Information Management Memphis Chapter ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Lisa Stotts ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Joanne Wilkins ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Mike and Anne Waddell ~ in memory of Dave Masterson from Lori Wade ~ in memory of Robert McEwan from Raymond and Rosemary Wynne ~ in memory of Patrick Mulhern from the SBA Class of 2003 ~ in memory of Mary B. Peevy from Brian Peevy ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Annette Dabaldo ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Liam O’Donnell and Family ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from St. Agnes Academy/St. Dominic School, St. Louis, MO ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Nick Stark and Family ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Steven and Lisa Stotts ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Mr. and Mrs. J. Benedict Beer ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Mildred Brignole ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Jerry and Doris Cardin ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Brenda Carter and Family ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Victor and Linda Cavola ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Kevin and Beth Evetts ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Sheri and Mark Fernandez ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Charles and Brenda Lenahan ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from James and Denise Lenahan ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Paul Lenahan ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Ellen and Jason Minderman ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Molly Pickering ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Bill Roberson ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Mr. and Mrs. Rhea Roberson ~ in memory of Drew Roberson from Angela C. Strain ~ in memory of Leon Roelke from Sharon and Mike Lucus ~ in memory of Jenny Rybczyk from Stanley Rybczyk ~ in memory of Dorothy Angel Rybczyk from Stanley Rybcyzk ~ in memory of Nick Stidham from Sean and Ann O’Leary ~ in memory of Margie Stiel from Greg Stiel ~ in memory of Aaron Vasquez from Sheri and Mark Fenandez ~ in memory of Dan Wesson from Eric and Lori Regis ~ in memory of Dan Wesson from Jonathan and Alison Wilcox ~ in memory of Kyle Williams from Gene and Patricia Green




Legacy Families Once an Eagle – ALWAYS an Eagle

A Unique History


Tradition. Education. Balance. Spiritual Foundation. est.

These are the words our Alumni used when asked why they chose to send their children to SBA. What a wonderful testament to our school that we have so many students enrolled that are children of alumni. With our unique history, and our change from a 13-year school to a 4-year high school, we are just recently able to have large numbers of legacy students. Hopefully you will not only enjoy seeing where some of these alumni are in life now, but you will also feel the true joy they express in their reasons to send their own children back to their alma mater for high school. We are certainly glad to have them all home. Here are a few of their stories…

Mr. Stanley Smith and Mrs. Mary Alice Smith founded The Auburndale School in 1966. The school was originally housed in a church in Midtown on Auburndale Street from which it took its name. By the 1974-75 school year, Auburndale had held school in a few different locations but was finally able to move all 480 students to it’s new campus in Cordova. By the fall of 1987, Mr. and Mrs. Smith were both in poor health and, being devout Catholics, discussed with Bishop Daniel Buechlein the possibility of selling the school to the Catholic Diocese. On January 14, 1988, Bishop Buechlein announced the Catholic Diocese of Memphis purchased the Auburndale School and we became St. Benedict at Auburndale that fall. As the demand for a quality Catholic high school education grew, SBA was receiving more applications than we could admit. In July 2004, after several years, of discussion, fund-raising, and construction, SBA moved next door into our new campus and underwent a transition into a high school-only setting serving grades 9 through 12. Simultaneously, Bishop J. Terry Steib, S.V.D. declared the elementary portion of the school to have a new governing structure. It became an official part of the neighboring St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, allowing one of the largest parishes in the Diocese to have a parish school. We are now neighbors with no official ties. A unique history indeed, but we are ALL EAGLES.


Brian Alexander, Auburndale Class of 1988

West Bond, SBA Class of 1994 Daughter, Jennifer Bond, SBA Class of 2017 West attended St. Benedict at Auburndale for six years and was a member of the SBA baseball and football teams. His favorite memories are of being quarterback for the Eagles from 1990-93. West operates Sunrise Builders Supply in Horn Lake, MS. He has three daughters, Jennifer, who is 14 and a freshman at SBA, Alex, 12 and Hailey, 8, who are both students at SFA. West chose SBA for his girls because he couldn’t imagine them being anywhere else. He and his high school best friend, John Mills, are still buddies and can usually be found on the Eagle sidelines at our home football games. West and his family have always been a big part of SBA.

Daughter, Cameryn Alexander, SBA Class of 2015 Brian attended Auburndale for 10 years before graduating in 1988 and going on to play golf at Arkansas State University. There, he met his long-time friend, John Daly, and was a caddy on the PGA Tour for John for seven years. Brian is now the General Manager at Quail Ridge Golf Course, where he has been since 2006. Brian’s favorite high school memories all surround Friday night sporting events! Brian has two girls, Cameryn Reed who is a Junior at SBA, and Chandler Grace, who is in the 7th grade at SFA. Brian’s wife, Paige is a sales rep for Terminix and they have been married for five years. He chose SBA for the girls because he knew they would get a great education.


Keith Brents, Auburndale Class of 1981

Liz Kersting, SBA Class of 1998 Daughter, Julia Kersting, SBA Class of 2017 Elizabeth attended SBA for four years and has many great memories of high school. The ProLife March and spending the week before graduation swimming, hanging out at Shelby Farms, and having prayer time with her very tight-knit group are among the top of her list. Elizabeth is now a hard-working single mom of two. Her daughter, Julia, is a freshman this year and her son, Jacob, attends Holy Rosary, but will be a member of the SBA Class of 2021.

Elizabeth chose SBA for her daughter last year because she is a proud EAGLE and couldn’t wait for Julia to experience SBA for herself. As a parent, she is exited about all of the various opportunities the school offers. “SBA really tries to help everyone feel welcome and find their niche. It's a great balance of academics, fun and extracurricular activities,” Elizabeth says.

Daughter, Kaitlin Brents, SBA Class of 2012 Son, Hunter Brents, SBA Class of 2014 Keith attended Auburndale for eight years and graduated with a class of 31 students in 1981. He said the small class size made it easy to know all of the students and it felt like a family. His favorite memory is of their senior class trip, which was a Caribbean Cruise! Keith attended Ole Miss and Memphis State, graduating from Memphis with a BS in Civil Engineering. He has worked at FedEx Express for 29 years in Aircraft Engineering focusing on program management, passenger-to-freighter modifications and other major aircraft modifications. Keith says that Kaitlin and Hunter made their own decisions to attend SBA after visiting other private schools. They both liked the overall atmosphere, the friendly students, faculty and the state-of-the-art facilities. Kaitlin is now a sophomore at University of Memphis, while Hunter is enjoying his senior year at SBA. They are both proud Eagles like their dad!


Danny Lipsey, Auburndale Class of 1980

Son, Brock Lipsey, SBA Class of 2016 Danny came to The Auburndale School when he was in the 5th grade. He still remembers his class motto, “We’re so great, We’re so crazy, We’re the Class of 1980.” His favorite memories all have to do with sports and hanging out after school waiting for soccer, baseball, cross country or golf practice. Danny is now a licensed realtor with Keller-Williams Realty in Memphis. Danny and his wife, Bridget, decided to send Brock to St. Benedict at Auburndale for a number of reasons and knew that it would be a great fit for high school. They were right. Brock plays sports just like his dad and has a love for lacrosse. They also have two older sons, Zach, 25 and Chase, 23.

Renae Adcock McElwain, Auburndale Class of 1988 Son, Patrick McElwain, SBA Class of 2017 Renae graduated in the LAST class of Auburndale, in 1988, after attending the school since 1st grade. She LOVED the Friday night football games and says there was just something awesome about getting together with your friends for a rowdy night of cheering for the Eagles. Renae earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English from the University of Memphis, then spent over 15 years in corporate communications with a local orthopedic company. Two years ago she left the corporate world to do communications work on the faith-based side -- and loves it! She has been married to Marlin McElwain, an I.T. Advisor at FedEx, for 17 years and they have three children. Patrick is a freshman at SBA this year and enjoys his involvement with the Theater Department. Claire is currently in the 7th grade and Matthew is in 6th. Both attend Immanuel Lutheran School and are SBA-bound for high school. Renae feels that aside from the obvious nostalgic appeal of SBA being her alma mater, the school offers students limitless opportunity. She says there is so much more to SBA than the curriculum and that our school beckons students to get involved, to “plug in" and to find something that fuels their passion. She and her husband love that SBA values quality experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.


Jennifer Jones Milburn, SBA Class of 1989

Sherrie Overton Rojas, SBA Class of 1989 Daughter, Gaby Rojas, SBA Class of 2016 Sherrie attended Auburndale/SBA for 12 years and loved the small school environment. Her favorite memories are of cheering for six years for the Eagles. Sherrie graduated from the University of Memphis and is a teacher by profession, but chose to be a stay at home mom 15 years ago. Sherrie is married to Renzo Rojas and they have two children, Gaby, 15-year-old SBA dance team member, and Mason, 12-year-old SFA student. They chose SBA for Gaby because of the Catholic faith background and they knew that she would flourish here because there is something for everyone.

Son, Jordan Milburn, SBA Class of 2008 Daughter, Elle Milburn, SBA Class of 2014 Daughter, Hannah Milburn, SBA Class of 2017 Jennifer attended SBA for two years and her favorite high school memories are of the close-knit group of friends she had and their fun times surrounding the Friday night games. Jennifer went on to become a Registered Nurse and soon met her husband, Dr. Mark Milburn, who is with the Mid-South Ear, Nose and Throat group. They have four children, Jordan, age 23, Elle, age 17, Hannah, age 14 and Alex, age 2. Mark and Jennifer chose SBA for their children because of the smaller class sizes and the loving environment that they knew would nurture close friendships like the ones that Jennifer remembers.


Carrie Horsfall Ybos, SBA Class of 1994 Son, Nicholas Saulters, SBA Class of 2014 Carrie attended SBA for three years and says that St. Benedict provided her with an amazing education, great friends and a spiritual foundation that prepared her for independence and a higher level of learning. She decided to send Nicholas to SBA for those exact reasons. Carrie graduated from The University of Memphis with a BA in education and is married to Chris Ybos. She is now a fulltime 4k teacher at St. Louis Catholic School where her other two sons, Trey and Drew attend.

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(All Sports Schedules may be found on DECEMBER MARCH 5 All-School Mass, Ash Wednesday 12-15 Christmas Play – Best Christmas Pageant Ever 7 1st Friday Adoration, Chapel                 16 Young Alum Meet & Greet – 10:30 am-1:00 pm 10 Spring Break 17-20 Semester Exams 17   Classes resume 20 ½ day – End of semester, begin Christmas break 23   Mother-Son Dinner (seniors) JANUARY APRIL 2-4 Holiday Hoops Boys Basketball Camp – 3-6 Spring Musical – “West Side Story” Grades 1-8 4 1st Friday Adoration, Chapel                 7 Classes resume 13 Father-Son bowling lunch (seniors) 20-23 March for Life Trip, Washington DC Crossroads Concert – John Angotti & Matt Tudor, SBA Leads the March 6:30 pm 20 Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes) 16 Athletic Information Night 17 Holy Thursday (½ day-begin Easter Break) 24 “Fill the stands with 8th grade fans” 18 Good Friday – No classes 26 Crossroads Concert – Germantown Symphony 20 Easter Sunday Orchestra, 6:30 pm 26 Prom 27-31 Catholic Schools Week MAY 30 All-School Mass 1 All-School Mass – Crowning of Mary FEBRUARY 2  1st Friday Adoration, Chapel 1 Trivia Night, Sponsored by Project Graduation 15 Baccalaureate 7  1st Friday Adoration, Chapel                 17 Commencement 8 High School Placement Test Senior Project Graduation Party 17 Presidents’ Day – No classes 26 Memorial Day – No classes 22 Annual Fashion Show – Jeans & Jazz 27-30 Final exams – Half days 30 Last day of classes

Admission & Guidance Information ADMISSIONS Applications for the 2014-15 school year are now being accepted. Please visit our website at for admissions procedures and application. Parents Please Note: All siblings who wish to attend SBA must complete the Application for Admission. If you have questions, please contact Terri Heath, Director of Admissions, at 260-2873;

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GUIDANCE Parents of seniors (Class of 2014) – if you would like a conference concerning college plans for your child, please E-mail Senior Counselor Mary Cox at to set up an appointment. Please see the following schedule for College Entrance Testing. ACT TEST DATES (


Test Date

Registration Deadline

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Feb. 8, 2014

Jan. 10. 2014

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June 14, 2014

May 9, 2014

May 3, 2014

Apr. 6, 2014

June 7, 2014

May 8, 2014

SBA Code needed for registration – 430-451 DRIVER’S PERMIT ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION FORM – is required in order for a student to get a Driver’s Permit. Students may pick up a form in the front office during regular office hours. Please have student Social Security Number to complete the form.


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New parents coffee is a learning experience

Our Home and School Association is off to a good start. Thanks to all the parents who joined the Home and School Association. Our goal is to foster family involvement and provide a sense of cooperation between home and school. For those who have not signed up, it is not too late. Please consider joining now. We hope to have a 100% family participation. We DO NOT fundraise but we request a $40 donation per family to help finance various activities that the Home and School Association supports. For membership form, please go to home_and_school_application.pdf.

The New Parent Coffee gave parents new to SBA an opportunity to meet and learn more about the school they chose for their students.

A big thanks to all the parents who have been volunteering and helping during the first semester various activities — Registration, Used Uniform Sale, Freshman/Sophomore tailgate, First Friday Adoration, the Spirit Shop, 8th Grade visits, National Honor Society Reception, Project Graduation (Trivia Night), Junior Ring Ceremony and our ongoing Monthly Teacher Treats, to name a few. The faculty and staff are truly grateful for the time and effort that our volunteers are giving to our school. As the second semester rolls in, more opportunities to get involved are coming. One of the major events is the Annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon on January 27. This is a great time to let our teachers and staff know how much we appreciate them for the things they do for our children. If you would like to help, please email Angie Valadie at or Cynthia Shah at

November Trivia Night Fun – That’s Entertainment!

Project Graduation 2014 Plans are underway for Project Graduation, a drug and alcohol free graduation party that is now a senior tradition, held this year on the night of graduation, Saturday, May 17, 2014 at Incredible Pizza. Senior parents, be sure to get your student’s reservation check and permission form in so we can begin ordering all the terrific gifts and prizes for the event. Parents from all classes are welcome to get involved in planning and hosting PG. We would also like to invite you to be a part of our next major fundraiser, Trivia Night on Saturday, February 1, 2014. This Trivia Night theme is “Love American Style.” If you would like to become a sponsor or donate prizes for either event, please contact Donna Moore (826-6113) or Beth Jackson (826-2112)


About Our Faith

On Eagles’ Wings

Seeking Truth, Love and Liberty

have a day focused solely on the Lord. Students and other members of the community encounter Christ as they meet Him in Adoration. Masses are celebrated frequently for the intentions of our community. Rosaries have been prayed for peace, to protect the sanctity of all human life. Thousands of students have provided a witness to God’s Love and Mercy at the National March for Life, and others continue to pray in front of the local Planned Parenthood clinic. Countless food drives provide sustenance for the hungry. Donations made to local and Catholic charities assist those in poverty. Coats made available to Project Outreach keep school children warm in the winter. Essential baby items are given each year to crisis pregnancy centers like Birthright and Life Choices to assist children and parents who make the choice for life. Our students even provide their very own bodies for the lives of others during LifeBlood drives. The list can go on and on, and these don’t even include the many ways that alumni currently serve the needs of our world beyond this local community.

By Khira Rotty Director of Spiritual Affairs This year, St. Benedict at Auburndale celebrates its 25th anniversary. For 25 years, our school has been commissioned to educate in Truth (Veritas), serve with Love (Caritas) and provide the Freedom (Libertas) Christ gives to all we encounter. These three qualities are so essential to the school’s mission that they are proclaimed boldly on our school crest. I recently had the privilege of meeting Fr. Boniface Hicks, a Benedictine priest. It’s not often that any of us in our community get to meet Benedictine monks, so I was very excited to have the opportunity. He had a shaved head, a black habit and a very long beard. My daughter called him Jesus, perhaps because he looked like some of the pictures. I think that the resemblance was more than visual, though, because he acted, spoke and listened as Christ probably did. More than that, he reminded my family that he saw Christ in us. He truly lived up to that famous statement in The Rule, “Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ.”

Why have we done this for 25 years? Why do we hope and plan to continue to do this for 25 more (even 50 or 100 more!) years? Whether we state it aloud or not, our Catholic faith teaches us the same thing that Fr. Boniface said: “We believe that the Divine Presence is everywhere.” God’s presence is everywhere, in the Holy Eucharist, in our selves, in our neighbor, in the beauty of nature. He surrounds us! So, let’s never forget to acknowledge Christ in our presence. And, let’s seek to bless others by bringing Him to them, through our educational efforts and by engaging in spiritual and corporal works of mercy. As members of this community, whether past or present, we are all called to bring mercy and hope to this world. We are to be good stewards of the education, faith and mercy God has given us. Let us pray and act in such a way that God’s good work will continue in this community for another 25 years.

When I met Fr. Boniface, I was preparing for our annual faculty retreat. I asked him, “What would a Benedictine want to tell the faculty of a school named after St. Benedict?” Immediately he responded with a quote from The Rule: “We believe that the divine presence is everywhere” (chapter 19). That statement became the theme of the faculty retreat, and now I want to extend that theme to you. This school continues to meet the needs of our community by providing encounters with God’s Truth, Love and Mercy. There are numerous ways that we accomplish that mission. Annual retreats for each grade allow students to

St. Benedict, Pray for us!

Celebrating 25 years as a Catholic School of the Diocese of Memphis, SBA welcomed Fr. Dexter Noblefranca (St. Ann) and Fr. Patrick Hirtz (OLPH), who each gave up his day off and concelebrated the first All-School Mass of the year for students & faculty. As tradition has it, Honor Council members were inducted and Miraculous Medals for fall athletes were blessed and distributed. The spiritual aspect of the school in worship and prayer are what makes SBA unique and is the fundamental reason for our existence as a Diocesan School.


About Our Faith

On Eagles’ Wings

Students involved in prayer and service demonstrating their Catholic faith BenedicTeens follow the St. Benedict Rule of “Ora et labora,” Pray and Work! The BenedicTeens Club is a student-centered organization with a goal of creating an open forum for discussion of the faith in school, the family, the nation and the world. Members share food, fellowship and fun each Thursday at 4:30. Students also discuss and plan service opportunities in school and community. Phil and Shona Moore of Project Outreach visited the BenedicTeens recently. Then the club accepted a challenge

from Father Patrick Hirtz, Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Church in Germantown, to collect food items for the Project Outreach food pantry. The BenedicTeens are currently having their annual winter coat and gloves collection for the same outreach program and have coordinated efforts for students to express their prayer needs by making prayer deposit boxes available at the doors of theology classes and the chapel.


About Our Faith

On Eagles’ Wings

Rosary for Peace – a tradition at SBA The Rosary for Peace recited on or near the Feast of Our Lady Rosary (Oct. 7) is fast becoming a tradition at SBA. Diocesan schools stopped their classes and activities at 10:00 am to participate. At SBA, students (from left) Teresa Ferrante, Kevin Rotzoll, Luckie Krog, Jake McClure, Kyle Van Frank and Breanna Pollet, led the recitation of the Rosary for the entire school while several classes recited the Rosary in the chapel.

The following students attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Nov. 21-22, representing their church youth groups and making SBA proud – juniors Dalton Bailey and Hannah Jones, freshman Annie Longoria and senior Hailey Warriner.

† In Memoriam The faculty, staff and students of St. Benedict at Auburndale offer our most sincere condolences to all those families who have lost loved ones. We remember them and all our dearly beloved in our daily prayers and Masses. Walter R. David, 86, father of Head Football Coach Mike David and Father-in-law of Counselor Laura David, passed away on October 29, 2013. Courtney Davock, 37, class of 1995, passed away on August 23, 2013. Eric Gaston, 58, father of Ryan (’97), Mindy (’99), Christy Gaston Shrader (’03), Maria (’08) and father-in-law of Noah Shrader (’02), passed away on November 1, 2013.

Dave Masterson, 67, former SBA Director of Technology, husband of Director of Communications & Sports Information Sharon Masterson, father of Rena Masterson Fay (’95), Chris Masterson (’97) and John Paul Masterson (’03), passed away on November 5, 2013. Rick Pannell, 60, father of Lynsay Pannell (’09) passed away on August 27, 2013.

Dave Masterson

Drew Roberson, 16, rising senior in the class of 2014, passed away on August 4, 2013. Courtney Davock

Ana Rfaela (Anita) Gonzalez, 80, mother of SBA Spanish teacher Maria Scoggins, passed away on October 10, 2013.

Stephen Edward Watermeier, 58, brother of former SBA Advisory Board member Mike Watermeier, passed away on November 13, 2013.


Drew Roberson

Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

SBA SENIORS RECEIVE HONORS Natonal Merit Scholars National Merit Scholars were congratulated by Senior Guidance Counselor Mary Cox (at left) and Director of Academics Dr. Beth Fischer (at right) – Theresa Stoddard, Kate Walsh, Rachel Hofer, Sarah Timmins, Andrew Lee and Jodie Crocker.

This fall, we learned that SBA has seven National Merit Scholars selected for their exceptional academic promise. Our National Merit Semi-finalist is Jodie Crocker. Jodie will be considered for a National Merit Finalist and scholarship to be awarded in the spring. Only approximately 16,000 Semifinalists are selected from a pool of over 1.5 million students taking the 2012 Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). Five students were named Commended Scholars – Rachel Hofer, Andrew Lee, Theresa Stoddard, Sarah Timmins and Kate Walsh. In addition, Lucky Krog received the National Achievement Award of Merit by the National Merit Corp. She is among 3,100 Outstanding Participants, scoring in the top three percent of those considered.

Nikki Shah

Four SBA students have been recognized by the Commercial Appeal as Academic All-Stars so far this year. They are Nikki Shah, Emily Summers, Sarah Timmins and Tara VanCleave. Nikki and Sarah were selected for General Scholarship, Emily was selected for History/Social Studies and Tara for Foreign Language.

Sarah Timmins

Luckie Krog

Emily Summers

Tara VanCleave


Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

SBA Academics among the best Catholic Schools has received notice that the system is a an AP Honor Roll recipient.

Recently, Director of Academic Affairs Dr. Beth Fischer provided an academics report. It proves that St. Benedict provides an extraordinarily superior education as evidenced by her research, findings and the students mentioned on the previous page. Be sure to check out the “Achievements” section for even more success stories.

• T he Art, English and Science departments have initiated Honor Societies. Students will be inducted in the spring.

Dr. Fischer’s report –

• T he guidance office has hosted 3 financial aid workshops for junior parents and 3 college planning workshops for senior parents last month. ACT prep classes have also been offered for junior and senior students to prepare for the next ACT.

• T he average ACT score for the class of 2013 was 23 (including all disciplines, AP/Honors, Traditional and PLUS) • The top 25 students had an average ACT score of 31 • The top 10 students had an average ACT score of 33 • F or the class of 2014 - already, 29 students have a score of 30 or above - 47 students have a score of 28 or above. • O  ver 100 students took 13 different Advanced Placement exams last spring. Over 80% passed the exam. Exams included English Language, English Literature, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics B, Spanish, US History, World History, Government, Economics, Psychology and Studio Art. Because of the SBA success, in part, the Diocesan

• N  aviance and Atomic Learning technology programs have been rolled out for SBA students. Naviance includes features such as ACT/SAT preparation, college and university information and transcript reference. Atomic Learning is an on-line resource for all students in diverse subject areas. • A  two-day Apple Training workshop was hosted on the SBA campus for faculty and staff. The workshops were conducted by certified trainers from Apple/Macintosh.

Atomic Learning comes to SBA Teachers and students at SBA are using Atomic Learning to increase their skills both on Mac and PC platforms. Atomic Learning gives teachers and students the flexibility they need by using short, segmented videos instead of long, uninteresting tutorials for hundreds of application programs. Atomic Learning is a trusted training solutions provider and empowers teachers and students to effectively utilize technology for the best achievement. This technology has proven to be easy and fun and allows learning at their own pace. SBA faculty receive in-service seminars on Atomic Learning


Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

Veterans Day ceremony was a tribute to many Every few years, the Fourth Degree Knights of ColumbusDeacon Lee R Hurst Assembly help SBA students celebrate Veterans Day in a prayerful and musical service. Singing artist John Angotti joined our choirs and bands to provide patriotic and spiritual music as the Knights presented the colors. The Knights, who count veterans among their ranks, posted the flags except the POW-MIA Flag, explaining, once again, that it will never be posted until every POW-MIA is found.

The National Anthem was sung, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Rev. LCDR Gary Lamb (ret.), Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Germantown), spoke. Honored guests included Deacon Chip Jones (St. Ann-Bartlett Parish and SBA father, who offered the Gospel reading), Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham (uncle of SBA alums) and Tony Brown, Director of the newly opened Catholic Charities St. Sebastian Veteran Services. The students had a “jeans day” earlier in the month that raised $1,100 for the new center. The check was presented to Brown at the ceremony.

Over 50 veterans and current military attended the ceremony, including Casimer (Casey) Kania, Chief Petty Officer USN (ret). Kania, who is 82, attending with his daughter Malecia Kurtz, mom of SBA alums and current sophomore Noah Kurtz. Casey enlisted at age 18 in 1942 and retired in 1965 as an Aviation Chief Machinist Mate. He fought in World War II, the Korean War, the Lebanon Crisis and the Vietnam War. He had shipboard

duty on the aircraft carriers Forrestal, Coral Sea, Cecily and the Ranger. Interestingly, he was stationed on Tinian Island during the launch of the atomic bomb and survived a crash of a transport plane, carrying 20 passengers, over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Following the crash, he walked down the snow covered mountain side with another survivor to secure help for the other injured.

SBA Eagles Scouts Josh Mothersell, Dalton Bailey, Andrew Hartmann and Kevin Rotzoll demonstrated the proper protocol for folding the American Flag, using the flag presented to Communications Director Sharon Masterson the previous Saturday at the funeral of her husband Dave. Dave lost his battle with cancer on November 5 and was a retired Marine. He had planned to attend the SBA Veterans Day ceremony. Scout Leader Tony Rotzoll narrated the meaning and designation of each fold.

Again, as in previous years, St. Benedict students appreciate what their family members and others have given for the freedoms they enjoy as students in America. This moving tribute is always a favorite in Eagle Country! Thanks to Christine Armour, Assistant Director of Admissions & Special Events Coordinator, for all her efforts in making this event so meaningful.



On Eagles’ Wings

ACHIEVEMENTS Senior Sarah Timmins received internship opportunities last summer from both the University of Louisville and Mississippi State University. The University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering offered her the opportunity to work on a research project with graduate and undergraduate students or to develop her own research project if she wanted to do something specific. This was a great opportunity in itself. Mississippi State University topped that offer, though. She received summer employment from the Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering to conduct research on the mechanical properties of polymer gels. She spent six weeks under the direction of Dr. Kundu running experiments and analyzing data video and getting paid, to boot.

Sophomore Carter Pruett recently earned his Eagle Scout status at the young age of 16. Carter’s Eagle project was creating fish habitats at Herb Parsons Lake in Fayette County. His long-time neighbor, Barry Miller, DVM is his scoutmaster.

SBA’s Senior All-West Choir selections are Sophie Bougeois, Cassandra Carrasco, Tia Clorina, Arielle Labilles and Lily Newbern. The Junior High selections are Erin O’Brien and Malia Scorce. Freshman Allison Sorette auditioned and was selected to dance in The Nutcracker at the Orpheum Theatre this December.

Sophomore Eric Rodriguez and junior Piper Ziebarth competed in the North American Youth Bridge Championships in Atlanta this summer. They placed first in two sessions, earning 10.13 red masterpoints. Piper and Eric are members of the SBA Bridge Club.

New Forensics Team takes to competition Under the direction and sponsorship of instructor Ryan Kathman, the new SBA Forensics Team was successful in their first competition and hasn’t looked back. Without any practice and after only one meeting, three members jumped in head first at the Bartlett High School competition in September and all received first place trophies. Kyle Van Frank competed in the Impromptu (a three-minute persuasive speech) and Nikki Shah and Sydney Valadie competed in Duet Musical Theatre (eight-minute scene from “Gypsy”). With little practice and prep time, these Forensics Team members brought the gold home and became hooked. At the Arlington tournament in November, ten entries took home awards. They include: 1st place for Kyle Van Frank in Impromptu, 1st place for Nikki Shah in Storytelling, 1st place for Kyle & Thomas Trouy in Duet Improv, 2nd place for Jake McClure in Poetry, 2nd place for Nikki in Prose, 2nd place for Gabby Velasquez & Ben Chappell in Duet Acting, 3rd place for Cassandra Carrasco in Prose, 3rd place for Mary Conroy in Pantomime, 3rd place for Kyle & Thomas in Duet Acting, and 5th place for Gabby & Ben in Duet Improv. This was the first tournament ever for Jake, Cassandra and Mary and the third consecutive tournament in which Kyle and Nikki have earned trophies.



On Eagles’ Wings

SBA history students shine in bowl competition

The Saba Scholarship was established in 2010 in memory of Nabil “Bill” Saba by his family following his untimely death in 2006 at the young age of 37. Each year the family honors a worthy SBA senior with the Saba scholarship. His niece, sophomore Pamela Saba, represented the family in the presentation.

SBA came in 4th in a Regional History Bowl competition in November. The director of the National History Bowl and Bee organization invited the school to the Western Tennessee Regional Competition held at First Assembly Christian School. Mr. McDonald and Mrs. Seboldt put a small team together for the Academic Bowl type competition. The SBA students did outstanding! With an overall record of 4-2 after six rounds and one of the highest point totals, SBA put forth a very strong showing finishing 4th overall and qualifying for a spot at the National Competition in April. The students who represented SBA were: Daniel Sweat, Sarah Timmins and Hunter Scrivener.

Latin students excel at Latin Festivus Hats off to SBA Latin Students & Magistra Latinae Karen Terre for outstanding Latin Festival results - SBA won six awards: 2nd & 3rd - Nikki Shah and Kirkland Schuler for “airing grievances” which was quite an honor since each school could only enter two contestants; 1st & 2nd costume - Katie Groendyke and Jill Stark; 1st and 2nd discus throw - Grace Summers and Kirkland Schuler.

SBA Principal Sondra Morris (from left), Superintendent of Catholic Schools Janet Donato, Pamela Saba, Eloiza Tecson and her parents Yvette and Louie Tecson following the announcement of the Saba Scholarship winner.


Senior receives scholarship for her essay Senior Eloiza Tecson was recently named the recipient of the annual Nabil “Bill” Scholarship. She received the scholarship based on her essay, “How my St. Benedict education will help me succeed in college.” In her essay, Eloiza says, “….From the very beginning, I knew how much SBA would help me. I have received good quality education, understanding teachers and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Best of all, I have gotten much closer to God, which I know is the number one factor for my success…. I am so fortunate to have grown up in a school where I saw Christ in every person. The morals and values that St. Benedict has taught me will give me a guideline for the type of person I will be in college.”


SGA – President Jill Stark, Vice President Katie Morgan, Secretary Hugh Lynch, Treasurer Nikki Shah, Chaplain Grace Davis, Historian Abby Muffoletto, Sergeant-at-Arms Garrett Mitchell; Senior Class Representatives Pauline Cabe, Rachel Davis, Alicia Lawson, Matthew Sena; Junior Class Representatives Catie Blackwood, Ben June, Kirkland Schuler, Thomas Trouy; Sophomore Class Representatives Taylor Barnes, Blake Gerard, Emma McDonald, Maggie Perry; Freshman Class Representatives Katie Cook, Veronica Fillion, Mary Ornosky, Allie Replogle, Emily Sosnowski Senior Class – President Andrew Lee, Vice President Morgan Patrick, Secretary Grace Hill, Treasurer Olivia Parsels, Chaplain Lucky Krog Junior Class – President Brad Reber, Vice President Maddie Arnold, Secretary Grant King, Treasurer Michael Bardos, Chaplain Tia Clorina, Prom Chairman Grayson Golightly Sophomore Class – President Joseph Ferrante, Vice President Harley Chapman, Secretary Catherine Saig, Treasurer Rey Garcia Freshman Class – President Rick Carrasco, Vice President Tylan Barr, Secretary Courtney Cremerius, Treasurer Anna Armour, Chaplin Isabella Giddens Ambassadors – Maddie Arnold, Dalton Bailey, Jackie Banks, Michaih Bayani, Catie Blackwood, Griffin Booth, Hillary Briggs, Jack Brock, Melanie Chando, Gina Cianciolo, Shannon Conway, Bailey Coppedge, Grace Davis, Hallie Dunham, Madison Durkee, Taylor Etter, Alex Evans, Allie Evans, Teresa Ferrante,


On Eagles’ Wings

Patrick Freel, Emily Gillenwater, Grayson Golightly, Gabbie Green, Dillon Harckum, Nicole Harty, Jessica Hawes, Grace Hill, Rachel Hofer, Madeline Howard, Connor Jones, Hannah Jones, Lucy Kaplan, Hannah King, Alexa Kintinar, Luckie Krog, Sarah Kutas, Arielle Labilles, Jacob Lawrence, Andrew Lee, Meredith Lerma, Hugh Lynch, Maria Marconi, Maddie Morgan, Katie Morgan, Clare Morris, Abbey Muffoletto, Michelle Murphy, Jessica O’Brien, Alanna Oliphant, Morgan Patrick, Jamie Patterson, Erin Peel, Breanna Pollet, John Prascak, Bradley Reber, Kevin Rotzoll, Kirkland Schuler, Hunter Scrivener, Katelyn Shaner, Christopher Shaner, Spencer Smith, Rachel Smith, Jill Stark, Theresa Stoddard, Julie Stoll, A.J. Sturdivant, Sarah Timmins, Thomas Trouy, Sydney Valadie, Kyle Van Hoeck, Kyle Van Frank, John Vassallo, Gabby Velasquez, Danielle Verhaak, Kate Walsh, Hailey Warriner, Bri Williams, Kayla Williamson, Catherine Wylie, Meredith Wylie, Devam Zalawadia, and Piper Ziebarth Art Club – President Amanda Magusiak, Secretary Violet Durden, Treasurer Karen Talens Bridge Club – President Piper Ziebarth, Vice President Eric Rodriguez, Secretary Katie Groendyke Chess Club – President Andy Madeksho,Vice President Randon Dupont Club St. Jude – Co-Presidents Hannah King & Clare Morris, Secretary Jackie Banks, Treasurer Jessica O’Brien, Publications Madison Bond Ecology Club – President Harley Chapman, Vice President Cameron Caldwell, Secretary Kate Dudek, Treasurer Jessie Wharton, Chaplain Emily Reber  Engineering Club – Co-Presidents Jonathan Boulanger, Hunter Scrivener, Vice President Competition Jacob Aljundi, Vice President of Funds Ben Jackson, Vice President of Communications Garrett Mitchell French Club – President Jacqueline Glover, Vice Presidents Ashley-Marie Evans & Michelle Murphy, Secretary Kate Walsh, Treasurer Breanna Pollet French Honor Society – President Kate Walsh, Vice President Breanna Pollet, Secretary Hillary Briggs, Treasurer Jamie Patterson German Club – President Brad Reber, Vice President Catie Blackwood, Secretary Kate Dudek Global Outreach – President Kyle Van Frank Granola Club – Co-Presidents/Founders Grayson Golightly & Katelyn Turner, Secretary Lauren James, Treasurer Thomas Truoy Honor Council – Chairman Joseph Pearlman  Key Club – President Tara VanCleave, Vice President Michelle Murphy, Secretary John Yarbro, Treasurer Henry Evetts, Chaplain Christie Moore, Senior Representatives Hunter Scrivener, Nikki Shah, Junior Representative Alexa Kintanar Knowledge Bowl – Team Captain Sarah Timmins, Megan Brino, JR Jamora, Drew Hays, Jake McClure, Hunter Scrivener, Luigi Siligato, Daniel Sweat, Jacob Timmins, Easton Williams

Model UN – Secretary General/President Sarah Timmins, Under Secretary General/Secretary Kathleen Riley, Under Secretary General/Treasurer Devam Zalawadia, Under Secretary General/Parlimentarian Daniel Sweat Mu Alpha Theta – President Sarah Timmins, Vice President Jodie Crocker, Secretary Nikki Shah, Treasurer Kate Walsh, Junior Representatives Maddie Barbier & Easton Williams National Art Honor Society – President Sarah Brannon, Vice President Samantha Pilcher, Secretaries Catherine Wylie and Ashley Hammond. National Honor Society – President Daniel Sweat, Vice President Hunter Scrivener, Secretary Katie Morgan, Treasurer Grace Hill, Chaplains Teresa Ferrante & Gabbie Green, Directors of Academic Advancement Hallie Dunham & Andrew Lee Newspaper, The Eagle’s Eye – Co-Editors Rachel Hofer & Amanda Slade, Copy Editor Kayla Williamson Photography Club – President Anna Hughes, Program Chairman Evelyn Montgomery, Vice President Brittany Ahlers, Secretary Jessica Bradley, Treasurer David McDonald, Historians Sarah McClain & Clair Tracy Poetry Club – President Alex Garry, Vice President Rachel Patrick, Secretary Mary Buchholz Rho Kappa – President Henry Evetts, Vice President Sarah Timmins, Treasurer Morgan Patrick Senior Retreat Leaders – Jonathan Boulanger, Pauline Cabe, Caye Caparas, Andrew Carr, Gina Cianciolo, Grace Davis, Rachel Davis, Dominick Disalvo, Henry Evetts, Mary Hannah Giddens, Thomas Gilman, Patrick Graham, Austen Graves, Gabbie Green, Jessi Hawes, Dillon Harckum, Mary Jane Hedden, Kirt Jenkins, Gabbie Johnson, Connor Jones, Lucy Kaplan, Luckie Krog, Robert Langley, Jacob Lawrence, Alicia Lawson, Marisa Loeffel, Hugh Lynch, Kaitlin McFarland, Michael McGuire, Laura Meagher, Anna Miller, Christie Moore, Katie Morgan, Maddie Morgan, Emily Mott, Alanna Oliphant, Morgan Patrick, Joseph Pearlman, Erin Peel, Grey Peevy, Cassidy Quistorff, Andrew Raffanti, Kathleen Riley, Alex Rittman, Matthew Sena, Christopher Shaner, Katelyn Shaner, Jill Stark, Theresa Stoddard, A.J. Sturdivant, Eloiza Tecson, John Vassallo, Catherine Wiley, Meredith Wylie Spanish Club – President Sammy Lunsford, Vice President Dominica Angotti, Secretary Melanie Chando Spanish Honor Society – President Michelle Boongaling, Vice President Eloiza Tecson, Secretary Gabbie Green & Kathleen Riley, Treasurer Kristin Fabian Students for Life – Chairmen Seniors Grace Davis, Luckie Krog, Hugh Lynch, Kyle Nestler, Morgan Patrick, Matt Sena; Juniors Emily Gillenwater, Hannah Jones, Will Wooley International Thespian Society – President Sydney Valadie, Vice President Kyle Van Frank, Secretary Nikki Shah, Treasurer Grayson Golightly Yearbook, The Talon – Co-Editors Emma Lightner & Hailey Warriner, Design Editor Erin Peel, Photo Editor Matthew Smith, Copy Editor Laura Meagher, Business Manager Morgan Patrick


Faculty Focus

On Eagles’ Wings

St. Benedict High School faculty recognized at awards ceremony The following six SBA faculty and staff were honored at the Catholic Schools Professional Day in October with awards denoting years of service and exemplary teaching. Principal Sondra Morris and Senior Guidance Counselor Mary Cox received recognition for 25 years of service to the Catholic Schools (all at SBA). English and Theater instructor Ryan Kathman received the St. Cecilia Fine Arts Award for setting an example of visionary leadership in promoting fine and performing arts in school. Health/PE teacher and coach of several sports Molly Pickering received the St. Sebastian

Exemplary Coaching Award for coaches who consistently exhibit in words and actions an attitude of Christian sportsmanship, while maintaining high expectations for Christian behavior from her players. Communications Director Sharon Masterson received the Immaculate Heart of Mary Award given to those whose dedication, commitment, self-sacrifice and kindness represents the heart of Catholic education. Spiritual Affairs Director Khira Rotty received the St. John Bosco Award for total Christian formation of students.

Khira Rotty and family featured in inaugural Memphis Diocese monthly SBA Director of Spiritual Affairs Khira Rotty and her family were featured in the very first issue of Faith West Tennessee, the new Memphis Diocese monthly. The cover article, titled, “Why I am Catholic,” was an interview with Khira and husband Derek and what their faith means to them and their family of three children and one on the way. It was a beautiful article that made us proud to have Khira as an SBA alum, teacher and spiritual director. You can check out the article at Memphis/MEM0913/#?page=22.


Faculty Focus

On Eagles’ Wings

Kathman chosen Outstanding Teacher

Heather Freel subject of article on Southern Studies

English and Theater teacher Ryan Kathman was nominated and selected an “Outstanding Teacher” this past summer by the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts. Ryan and wife, Jenny, had leading roles in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center in September.

English teacher Heather Freel is the subject of an article in the Ole Miss Southern Register fall newsletter written by Rebecca Lauck Cleary. The article, “Providing a Platform for Conversation,” is about Ole Miss alumni, of which Heather is one, teaching Southern Studies classes. In the article, Cleary says, As a second generation University of Mississippi graduate who grew up in the Grove, Heather Freel’s first treasured book was Ghost Stories of Rowan Oak by Dean Faulkner Wells. Freel was an English major and a Southern Studies minor who now teaches junior English (British Literature) and Southern Studies at St. Benedict at Auburndale High School in Memphis. “I read Johnny Vaught’s autobiography for a high school book report,” Freel says. “My grandmother was a member of the University of Mississippi staff for over 15 years. I cut my teeth on Southern cooking, the Square is where I find peace, and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi is truly a part of my soul.” Freel says her students inspired her to offer Southern Studies after she attended a 2012 Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminar hosted by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. “Listening to the topics discussed and the different views presented were inspirational,” Freel says, realizing that it would be fun to one day teach a Southern Studies class. “One day, in class, we were discussing dialect, and I made the comment how our Southern accent is really a form of the British accent. They were in awe, so after class we discussed more about the South, and they were excited over the topics.” After more class discussion, the students ultimately persuaded Freel to present a Southern Studies class as an addition to the St. Benedict at Auburndale curriculum. “I am overwhelmed at the enthusiasm for this class,” she says. “Originally, this was designed to be a semester elective, and I was hoping to at least have enough students to fill one section per semester. During the summer, I received a call that the numbers exceeded expectation, and they asked if I would be willing to teach two sections first semester and one section second semester. I jumped at the opportunity.” The high school students are interested in food, culture, history, hospitality, people, food, and traditions. Freel supplements her classes with short stories and a few volumes of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture as well as A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain. “Needless to say it went over pretty well,” Freel says. “The passion the students had and the desire to know more about their South is the main reason we have a Southern Studies class at SBA.”

Laura Burke supports SBA athletes Foreign Language Chair and Spanish instructor Laura Burke is often seen at SBA athletic events. She was caught recently at a girls’ soccer match all decked out in her SBA colors.

Congratulations Congratulations are in order to SBA history teacher Mark McDonald and science teacher Kristin Hennessy-McDonald, who married over the summer.


On And Off Campus SBA art students offer Christmas gift ideas

On Eagles’ Wings

Dancers and musicians light up downtown

Since the SBA National Art Honor Society is new this year, they wanted to come up with new and creative ways to showcase the artistic talent here at Saint Benedict and raise a few funds at the same time. NAHS has created a wall calendar, complete with artworks by the students, and are offering them for sale to help establish the NAHS Chapter. This beautiful cover gives you an idea on what the calendar offers. They are selling these beauties for only $12. Hey, the holidays are approaching and calendars make pretty decent gifts! Plus, these will be pretty AND give you another opportunity to brag on the wonderfully talented students we have at SBA. If you’re interested in purchasing a calendar, contact the office at 260-2840. They won’t last long!

SBA senior Kaitlin Rogers and freshman Sarah Webster (fifth and sixth from left) were asked to participate in the National Civil Rights 2013 Freedom Award Forum in early November. They performed a traditional Irish dance in honor of Mary Robinson, one of the three honorees. Robinson is the former first female president of Ireland and is from County Mayo, where the parents of the girls’ dance teacher hale. It is reported that the Irish dance was the favorite of the approximately 4,000 in attendance at the event.

Art Calendar cover design!

Bridge Builders “Younify”

The SBA Jazz and Soul Bands, under the director of Tom Link, played at the Annual Memphis Music and Heritage Festival sponsored by the Center for Southern Folklore in September. The SBA band was the only high school group invited to the festival that was held on outdoor stages in the Main and Beale area of downtown. The combined bands performed a New Orleans brass band set. Guest artist was Vic Sawyer, a local trombone celebrity.

These SBA Bridge Builders were part of the end-of-summer YOUnified color conga line event in August. Having fun with powdered paint were (from left) junior JR Jamora, sophomore Jacob Timmins, junior Alexa Kintanar and junior Tia Clorina.


On Eagles’ Wings

On And Off Campus Mock Trial Team members celebrate at the annual Red Mass

Golf team shines at Bishop’s Open The St. Benedict student team of Ben Jones, Dale Pitawanakwat, Cole Peevy and Nick Giles placed first in a rain-shortened Bishop’s Open Golf Tournament on Sept. 20 coming in seven under par. Nick Giles also was closest to the hole. The foursome are members of the SBA Boys Golf Team. They cannot receive monetary prizes so their prize is being donated to the Eagles Golf Program. Thanks to Bishop Steib for his tee-off greeting.

The SBA Mock Trial Team and sponsor Dr. Karen Terre celebrated with Bishop Steib at the annual Red Mass at St. Peter’s Church, sponsored by the St. Thomas More Catholic Lawyer’s Guild. Following Mass, the students were given a presentation of financial literacy and the rule of law by Judge T. Fowlkes of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee.

Classes celebrate fall holidays in a variety of ways Now an October tradition at SBA, the science classes of Patsy Rush design “pumpkin scientists in an effort to really get to “know” a famous scientist. On Halloween, Laura Burke’s Spanish classes celebrate the “Day of the Dead,” a Mexican holiday where people gather to celebrate the lives of those they lost and pray for their souls.

Southern Studies students experience some Southern culture

In September, Ms. Freel took her Southern Studies classes on a field trip to Oxford, MS for a visit and presentation at the University of Mississippi Center for Southern Culture. They also visited Rowan Oak (William Faulkner’s home) and the historical sites of Oxford on a double decker tour bus.


On And Off Campus SBA students perform good deeds in a variety of ways

On Eagles’ Wings

SBA Key Club members joined Mayor A C Wharton’s 2013 Memphis Faith in Action Clean-up effort in October and received a certificate of appreciation from Memphis City Beautiful and Mayor Wharton’s office. Local Memphis 24 news station also came out to interview and film the students as they completed their trash pickup along Chimneyrock.

Sophomore Abi Naqin and her family have founded a non-profit organization, One Good Deed, for rescue dogs. Many of God’s furry creatures have been saved through this families’ efforts. You can learn more about OGD at and on their FaceBook site at OneGoodDeedTN?ref=hl.

SBA freshman Logan Prather received notice in the Commercial Appeal Cordova Community News section about his used clothing drive at Advent Presbyterian Church. While volunteering with his church at the downtown First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen, Logan saw the need of many of the patrons for clothing items. After visiting about 30 homes the donations started coming in and his collection totaled 10 boxes, three large plastic bags and 20 outfits on hangars.

Key Clubbers like Laura Cardona are also active in the Annual Special Olympics sponsored by St. Ann Church in Bartlett.


On Eagles’ Wings

On And Off Campus

Each year, Club St. Jude sponsors the aluminum can pop tab collection for the Ronald McDonald house. This year, SBA contributed 231.8 pounds of pop tabs that helps the house continue providing a “home-away-from-home” to over 600 St. Jude families each year, free of charge. SBA’s contribution was the most of any school participating. Officers (from left) Secretary Jackie Banks, Co-President Hannah King, Treasurer Jessica O’Brien, Co-President Clare Morris proudly deliver the club’s pop tab donation. Pop tab collections are ongoing, so you can send them into to school during the year.

Students write notes of prayer, good will and cheer Through the efforts of theology teacher Kaitlin Thackery, 383 positive notes from SBA theology students appeared on the “I Wish You Well” wall in Overton Square in October. Bigfish Creative coordinated the wall as a city-wide effort to encourage Memphians to feel good about their city and provide a forum for people to share their health story so others could share best wishes and prayers. Speak Creative was so impressed by the participation of the students that they expressed interest in visiting SBA soon.

Busy time for SGA The SGA had a busy fall with Homecoming and Spirit Week, Pink Week in support of the Wings Foundation (SBA raised over $2,300), canned food drive (CanStruction, No Shave November, class competition, Powder Puff game, Jazz/Soul Band concert, etc.) and, new this year, “Go-Jim-Go.” Go-Jim-Go is an effort by WREG-TV meteorologist Jim Jaggers on behalf of LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. SBA raised $2,325 for the effort. Jaggers talked to the students at a pep rally and then rode in on his official Go-Jim-Go bike later to accept the donation from the Eagles.

SBA’s Global Outreach Club sponsored a collection this fall for “Operation Christmas Child.” This program is part of Samaritan’s Purse, an organization founded in 1970 to provide assistance to those in need around the world. For Operation Christmas Child, the members of the club filled almost 60 shoeboxes with education supplies, hygiene supplies, an assortment of toys, games and selected candies. These boxes were dropped off at a local distribution center then were sent to needy children around the world. The countries vary each year and the boxes all go to children between the ages of 2-14 in impoverished areas. In addition, SBA’s group was able to make a donation of $430 dollars to the organization that assisted with shipping costs. Members are all smiles as they prepare their boxes for Operation Christmas Child, (from left) Cara Carpenter, President Kyle Van Frank, who organized the collection and was the driving force behind the outreach program, Shayla Gaffney, Jackie Banks and Anthony Bologna.


On And Off Campus SBA Welcomes Visitors

On Eagles’ Wings

Leading cancer scientist speaks to biology students

New admissions team has summer introductions

In October, Dr. Hennessy-McDonald’s biology classes experienced an extraordinary presentation by Dr. Gerald Zambetti of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on the cell cycle and cancer. Dr. Zambetti is Vice President and Director of the Department of Biochemistry for the world renowned research hospital located in Memphis. His department’s studies and research are helping to lead the way in finding how cancer works on cells and ultimately a cure for the disease. The SBA students were fortunate to have the opportunity to hear, first-hand, from one of the leading scientists in the field. Dr. Zambetti provided a very interesting description of the most cutting edge research being done, a description that should give hope that a cure is in the future.

SBA board member Andy Wise (from left) meets the new SBA Admissions Team Terri Heath and Christine Armour in a summer-time “Meet & Greet” reception.

AdvancEd team impressed with SBA

Some members of the St. Anne School Administration were able to enjoy some of the SBA hospitality at the “Meet & Greet” reception before the hectic pace of the opening of school.

Dr. Marie Williams, Superintendent for the Diocese of Lafayette, IN and Sheila O’Leary, Field Consultant for AdvancED Northeast Region visited SBA in November as part of the Memphis Catholic Schools system-wide accrediting process. The team was able to observe almost 15 classes, view the Admissions video, listen to our Academic presentation, see our notebooks of artifacts and dine from our SBA Café. They left with our SACS Report and a few SBA souvenirs. Catholic Schools Superintendent Janet Donato reported that the team was extremely impressed with our school in all its areas and that SBA helped secure an excellent rating.

SBA students get motivated

Dr. Marie Williams (from left) and Sheila O’Leary (AdvancEd team) enjoy a nice lunch before reporting their findings to Mrs. Morris and Dr. Fischer.

National motivational speaker Dr. Harriet Turk offered a leadership workshop for students in September. Over one hundred students gave up their Saturday and enjoyed the team building and leadership skills activities.


On Eagles’ Wings

On And Off Campus

St. Cecilia Community visits SBA Groups meet at SBA SBA often provides meeting space for a variety of groups. This fall, the Catholic Schools Principals meeting was held in the DLC, with Superintendent Janet Donato presiding and in October Catholic Charities of West Tennessee hosted a two-day Parish Social Ministry Regional Training Conference. Bishop J. Terry Steib presided at the closing Mass in the SBA chapel. Mother Ann Marie, O.P. and some of her sisters from St. Cecilia Community in Nashville stopped by Mrs. Nevle’s freshman theology class during their visit to SBA in November.

Yearbook staff hosts middle schools for first annual Yearbook Workshop

SBA’s top-ranked yearbook staff hosted their first ever Yearbook Workshop for area Diocesan middle schools. Students from both the Memphis and Jackson areas attended the day-long event, sponsored by Balfour, that offered discussions on design, copy, photography, cover ideas and much more. The SBA staff planned, coordinated and presented during the day. Lunch was provided and a scavenger hunt was held near the end of the day. The Holy Rosary School staff won the most spirited school contest, as they came decked out in their blue and gold school colors. Tammie Ford is sponsor of the SBA staff.


On And Off Campus

On Eagles’ Wings

Ryan Cobb sends greetings from Germany As mentioned in the last issue of ON EAGLES’ WINGS, junior Ryan Cobb is spending this school year with a host family in Germany. We heard from Ryan in August – “I am very glad to tell you that I will be staying with the Onken family in Bad Essen, Niedersachsen, Germany. This is a small town consisting of about 16,000 people at the edge between the German plains and a small mountain range. Its closest major city is Hannover and it is approximately an hour east of the Netherlands. My host parents, Marita and Hermann, are both in the health industry (they also own two horses) and my host brother, Henrik, who is fifteen is an excellent tennis player/ sports enthusiast. Henrik and I are attending Gymnasium Bad Essen, which is one of maybe two high schools in the entire town. I will be writing a blog which can be found at If the opportunity ever arose

where we could have a Skype session between Bad Essen English classes and St. Benedict German classes, my Skype address is under this same email. Again, thank you so much for everything you all have done, I wish you all a very successful and special year! Hello, again!! I just wanted to take the time to tell you that everything is going absolutely swimmingly in Germany. I love my host family, my school, my community and I am getting to see so much of the country. In a few weeks I will be in Munich, in January I get to go skiing in the Alps, and in May I spend a week in Amsterdam with another exchange group. I am loving every minute here, and even though I will probably have to retake some classes this upcoming summer (it’s much harder than I expected), it is definitely worth it. I hope that everything at St. Benedict is going just as well!”

The British Isles St. Benedict students and parents are invited to join us on a trip to the British Isles next June with the Worldstrides International Discovery Programs. Our group will begin the 14-day tour in Ireland where we will explore the Ring of Kerry and Blarney Castle. We will then head to Dublin to take in the architecture of Trinity College and the amazing history of the Irish Parliament and the Book of Kells. From there, we will voyage to Wales and Caernavon Castle before heading to Edinburgh for three days in scenic Scotland. Stirling Castle and Hadrian’s Wall are but a few of the sites in store. London awaits following our stay in Scotland as we will explore the city’s unlimited historical venues. In addition, we will venture to Oxford University and Stratfordupon-Avon for a fantastic wrap-up of this amazing trip. Coach Eric Wells will be leading the group and all SBA students, recent graduates and parents are invited to participate. Email Coach Wells at for more information.


On Eagles’ Wings

On And Off Campus

Homecoming Happenings



On Eagles’ Wings

Girls Soccer The Lady Eagles season started with success and hopes for a winning season, but as some injuries plagued the Lady Eagles, the tide turned. Yet, the girls pulled out a third place standing in the regions advancing them to a Substate match with Hutchison, losing 1-0 in a very close hard-fought game.

Success continues for SBA athletes Cheer Team SBA’s Varsity Cheer Team had runner-up finishes at both State and Regionals, also giving them a Nationals bid in the spring. Cross Country At the State Championships the SBA Girls’ Cross Country team finished sixth place overall with a sixth place finish from senior Mayson Morrissett and an 11th place finish from freshman Catherine May, her personal best time of 20:32. The boys finished in ninth place led by freshman Ray Wynne’s 38th place finish with a true team effort from all seven team members. Varsity/JV Dance Teams The Varsity Dance team captured the State Title for the third straight year in large varsity hip-hop. Earlier, they performed a first place routine for regionals, launching them to Nationals in the spring. The JV team also captured a first place finish in regionals and finished as state runner-up at State Competition.

Volleyball The Lady Eagles Volleyball Team advanced to the State Final Four, again, this season after a huge win over rival Fr. Ryan in three sets at home. The team finished as runner-up in the region and placed five players on the All-Region Team.

Football Senior Zach Rasmussen was selected to play in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl High School All-Star Football Game on Dec. 14. Zach was honored earlier in the season as the Memphis Touchdown Club Defensive Player of the Week.

St. Benedict Names Winnette as Interim Athletic Director Principal Sondra Morris recently named Steve Winnette as interim Athletic Director for SBA. He takes over the position for the remainder of this school year. Greg Stiel, who has served as the school’s athletic director for nearly 14 years, recently took a position in Houston, TX. Winnette has 35 years’ experience in high school – 32 of those at Kingsbury High School. He has served as a TSSAA Coordinator for the Memphis area, Officials Trainer for the Gulf South Conference and Officials Observer for the CUSA and AAC Conference. He received his BS from UT-Martin and Masters from University of Memphis. In announcing the appointment, Morris said, “We are very fortunate to have Mr. Winnette serve as our athletic director for the rest of this year. His vast experience and his outgoing personality are a true asset. When we announced his hiring, our coaches were the very first to congratulate him. Steve and his wife, Dr. Wanda Winnette have been friends of SBA and we are now fortunate to have Steve share his skills with our athletic department.” Wanda Winnette served as Dean of Academics for the school for several years and is a member of the advisory board and consultant to the school guidance department.

Golf Grey, Cole and Meribeth Peevy carried the SBA golf teams throughout the season, with Grey and Meribeth advancing to the State Tournament and Cole only missing the cut by one stroke at regions. The boys’ team won the Fr. Ryan Tournament earlier in the season in Nashville with Grey getting the MVP Award. Cole, Grey and Meribeth all medaled for the Eagles this season.

Mrs. Morris accepts the Fr. Ryan Tournament Trophy from the Boys Golf Team.



On Eagles’ Wings

For the third year, SBA Basketball will host games at FedEx Forum, home of the Grizzlies, on Tuesday, January 14. This year the girls open the series in a game with White Station at 1:00, followed by the boys game with Mitchell at 2:30. Watch for notices on FaceBook and the web for ticket information to these exciting match-ups and come out to support your Eagles Basketball teams. The price of a ticket also gets you into an exciting Memphis Grizzlies game later that night. The Basketball teams have also announced that, thanks to some private donations, they have launched the site where players and parents are able to view game film throughout the season. Basketball is state-of-the-art at SBA!

Athletes continue to advance their skills in college

Grace Summers carries her tennis skills to the Lady Panthers of Eastern Illinois (Div. I, OVC).

Catcher Olivia Parsels will continue playing softball for the Lady Bucs at CBU (Div. II, GSC).

Middle hitter Dacia Williams signed to play volleyball for the Lady Racers of Murray State (Div. I, OVC).



On Eagles’ Wings

Trap & Skeet Team to be offered as a new spring sport Old Brownsville Rd. Of course, anyone with some land and an interest in helping the team with an additional practice location should not be shy about letting us know.

St. Benedict is launching a new spring sport for SBA budding athletes, the Trap & Skeet Team. The team will be formed as a competitive club activity for both boys and girls. Coach Eric Wells will be head coach with the help of Bret Bilbrey, Tom Link and Caleb Marcum. Our hope here at SBA is to provide a safe and competitive environment for our students to participate in this exciting and fast-growing sport. Here are some basic answers to some of the questions that we imagine you might have:

• COST WILL BE A FACTOR TO CONSIDER FOR ANYONE INTERESTED. FROM MOST ESTIMATES IT WILL BE +/- $700 ---NOT INCLUDING A SHOTGUN. Each shooter will shoot at least 100 rounds per practice (4 boxes at $6/box) and will have to pay for targets (around $20 for 100 targets). This means that practice is $44/shooter before paying for range time, uniforms or any other incidentals.

• Trap and Skeet will be open to all students in grades 9-12 PROVIDED THEY HAVE COMPLETED A HUNTER’S SAFETY COURSE APPROVED BY THE TENNESSEE WILDLIFE RESOURCES AGENCY (TWRA). For your convenience, Cross Country Coach Lynn Park’s husband, Officer Park of the TWRA, has volunteered to teach the 12 hour course at SBA at a time to be determined before the season. • SBA hopes to have no more than 12 boys and 12 girls on the team. In competitions, SBA will field “squads” of 5 shooters who will shoot a total of 100 rounds per competition. The limit of 12 will allow us to have two squads with two alternates. Therefore, tryouts may be necessary to determine our final members. • SBA will more than likely practice one day per week initially and then twice a week before the competitive season begins. We hope to field a team beginning in March and the season will end in early June. ***AS A RESULT, THIS MAY MEAN THAT TRAP AND SKEET WILL CONFLICT WITH OTHER SPRING SPORTS. CHECK WITH ALL COACHES AND SCHEDULES BEFORE COMMITTING TO ANYTHING. • Practice will be held at Shelby Farms. They currently have two fields open and plan on opening a third. SBA is on the list for available practice time. We also may see some time at MSSA off

There has been an amazing amount of interest in our new Trap and Skeet Team. Students, parents, grandparents, alumni and even strangers have been appearing in order to be a part of the experience in some way. We hope to include as many as we can accommodate, and will surely be learning quite a bit over the next year. Many thanks to Eric, Bret, Tom and Caleb for volunteering to help with coaching duties.  ***Please remember that all shooters must possess proof that they are certified in Hunter Safety. In Tennessee, this can be accomplished at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) in Bartlett, or online Please note that even online courses will require a shooting session by all course participants. This must be completed before any SBArelated activity.   Thanks again to all of you who’ve shown so much support. We have an amazing array of volunteers (a grandparent with a shooting world record and Olympic training) and others willing to share some of the team’s financial requirements. This should be a fun---and safe---addition to the SBA experience.

Coach Wells leads the information meeting launching the new SBA Trap & Skeet Team.



Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Class Notes

Ed Nienaber is on the Christian Brothers University Men’s Basketball Team coaching staff. Ed is proud to say that while he has been on the staff, the Bucs have made it to three NCAA Division II national tournaments and have advanced to the Sweet 16 and the Elite 8.

1993 Katy Kull Martinez has two children, Riley (11) and Fiona (20 mos). She works in social service as a regional coordinator ombudsman. The family makes their home in Prairieville, LA.

Brian Weigel is an IT Analyst in Memphis.



Kristen Albonetti Spratlin and husband David reside in Collierville, TN with their almost two-year-old son Luke. Kristin works with Regency Homebuilders and David is in sales at Elliott Data.

Laura Bastedo Torchen is a Pediatric Endocrinologist and is married to Stephen Torchen and the mother of two, Grace (4) and Ryan (2). The family makes their home in Chicago, where Laura has recently accepted a faculty position at the Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital (affiliated with Northwestern University) of Chicago in pediatric endocrinology.

2005 Kyle Bailey recently had an EP released on ITunes. Check it out at \https://itunes. id749709228.

2000 Nick Etheridge and Mary Beth Miller (’04) were married in October. Brandon is employed at Federal Express and Mary Beth is a teacher.



Tina Hernandez has been living in the Philippines since graduating from SBA. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Diliman in April, 2013. While at the university she founded an organization for UP ROTC. Tina is currently working to complete a Philippine science fiction novel and getting her MA in Foreign Service through Philippine Women’s University. In this photo of her college graduation, Tina is wearing a “sablay” sash, the traditional Filipino attire for UP commencement. The embroidery on the sash is in Baybayin, a Filipino script which predates the Spanish colonization of the country. Tina tells is that she works with a group called Rescue Team 926, Inc. in their efforts after the recent Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. She encourages her SBA friends to check the group’s FaceBook page at https://www. to contribute to their efforts.

Joseph Barzizza is a Payroll and Tax Administrator at British Embassy-Washington, DC.

2002 Ethan Edwards was married to Traci Allen in April, 2012. The couple has a son, Thomas, born in February 2013. The family makes their home in Memphis. Ethan graduated from the University of Memphis and recently established his own business, Edwards Steel Solutions. Sarah Shiba married Brent Thompson on June 29, 2013 at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis.

2003 Carla Anderson makes her home in Arlington, TN and is an echocardiographer at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Katie Burkle Bailey and husband Robert make their home in Jacksonville, FL, where Katie is an RN.


Julie Bauer makes her home in Denver, CO.

Chad Martin recently sent a thank you to SBA. Chad is a teacher at St. John Jubilee School in Memphis. The SBA Admissions Team dropped off some coffee and donuts at the beginning of the school year for the staff and administration. Chad was so proud when he saw the SBA gift that he sent a note to Mrs. Morris, “Thank you so much for the card, On Eagles Wings and donut treat! It was a great surprise to come into the teacher’s lounge and have a gift from my St. Benedict Family! I hope that your first week back went well! This was my seventh

Bobby Benedetti is a maintenance manager with Sonoco Co. and he and wife Katye make their home in Memphis. Dennis Clay makes his home in Bartlett, TN and is a Parts Sales Manager for Clay’s Warford Autoparts of Memphis. Kevin Coll makes his home in Memphis and is a Brand Content Specialist in marketing with ServiceMaster. Cristina Fletes Boutté is married to Hal Boutté and is a photo/videojournalist in Durham, NC.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

week back, and things have been going well so far. It took me a while to get my room organized how I wanted it, and then getting used to the textbooks/resources that we use. There is a St. Benedict poster up on the door to the teacher’s lounge and it is always comforting to see the school every day. I know I would never be at the place I am today without the skills and support I received from the St. Benedict staff while I was there and even years after. I will keep you all posted on any new developments at St. John and I hope you all will do the same! Thank you again for the card, donuts and everything else that you all have done for me over the years, and I hope to see you soon!”

Jes Schneider is a senior at Christian Brothers University and is treasurer of the Iota Xi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. Adam Stiles recently graduated from Mississippi State University with a BBA in finance. He is a financial analyst for Baker Hughes Oilfield Services Company in Houston, TX. Abby Tompkins is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has recently affiliated with Keller Williams Realty in Memphis. She welcomes friends to contact her with any real estate needs. You can contact Abby at 901/849-0044, or visit her web site at

2009 Erin Edwards is a senior at the University of TennesseeKnoxville, due to graduate in December with a major in public relations. Erin is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and has served as their Director of Publicity. She is a certified life guard and swimmer and is employed at the TRECS (Tenn Recreational Center for Students on Campus).

2010 Veronica Brown is a student of Middle Tennessee State University and is a member of the school’s Performing Arts Company.

Nuria Espin is graduating from the University of Memphis in December and is a content specialist with ALSAC. She is engaged to former classmate, Jake Gaskin, who graduated from college in May, 2013 and is a physical tech and therapist.

Mary-Kate Cooke is a senior at Christian Brothers University and a member of the Lady Bucs Soccer Team as a defender. Mary-Kate is the Ritual Chair for the Iota XI Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. (see Alumni Photo Album)

Mikki Ferguson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mississippi State University Shackhouls Honors College in May, 2013 with a BS in Biological Sciences and a minor in Classical Studies. This past August, Mikki started classes as a member of the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medicine Class of 2017 and has been elected class Historian.

Michael Hogan was selected Mr. MSU (Mississippi State University) this fall. Michael was also Co-Mr. SBA for the class of 2010. Katie Jarvis is a student at the University of Tennessee-Martin with a major in public relations and minor in marketing. Katie is the President of the school’s chapter of the Public Relations Society Student Association (PRSSA) and director of the UT-Martin’s “Up ‘til Dawn” program.

Jackie Gillespie is a senior at the University of Memphis and a Sigma Kappa alum and Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. She is student teaching this year.

Chelsea Orland is a senior at the University of Memphis and is a Word Wizard with The Selling Agency.

Kayla Kiernozek has been named to the spring 2013 Dean’s List at Maryville (TN) College.

Wen Powers held his first lead role as Andrew Jackson in the University of Alabama’s production of Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson in November. Wen is a senior at Alabama.

James Macyauski has been commissioned as a 2 Lieutenant in the Air Force through the ROTC program. He earned his bachelor’s degree and commission from UT-Knoxville. nd


Kelsey Miles has been recognized by the Division II Athletic Directors Association as a recipient of the 2012-13 Academic Achievement Award for academic accomplishments as a student-athlete at the Division II level. To receive the award, the student-athlete must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, have attended a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college level work and have been an active member of an intercollegiate team during his/her last academic year. Kelsey was a star volleyball player for the CBU Lady Bucs.

Alex Austin heard about SBA’s “pink week” in October from his younger brother, Sam Austin, current freshman. It brought back memories of pink weeks while he was at SBA and he wanted to do something to help. Therefore, he took donations to “Save and Shave” and people paid to have Alex’s head shaved. Alex brought in a little over a $100 to add to SBA’s total for the week. Jennie Burks has been named to the spring 2013 Dean’s List at Maryville (TN) College.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Julie Eckel was named the SEC Women’s Soccer Defensive Player of the Week right out of the shoot in the early part of the season for the Lady Vols of the University of Tennessee. Julie played 180 outstanding minutes in goal for Tennessee and went 2-0-0. She notched six saves against UCF and stood her ground on numerous one-on-one attempts, allowing Tennessee to come back with a pair of second-half scores to win the game. Then in the next game she recorded her first shutout of the season and the 18th of her illustrious Tennessee career. Her 18 saves ranks third in Tennessee history. The two wins pushed Julie’s career total to 32 and moved her in third place in UT history.

Holly Black, Katelyn Frierott and Caitlin McCurdy received notice in July that they had their submissions selected for the Primavera 2013 edition of Albricias, the official magazine of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society). The girls submitted their works while seniors at SBA, and they were selected for publication last summer. Holly and Caitlin submitted poems and Katelyn submitted an essay.

Alumni, make sure you join “The OFFICIAL St. Benedict at Auburndale Alumni Group” on Facebook to reunite with your classmates and to stay up to date with the latest SBA Alumni information!

Taylor Seaman has been recognized by the Division II Athletic Directors Association as a recipient of the 2012-13 Academic Achievement Award for academic accomplishments as a student-athlete at the Division II level. To receive the award, the student-athlete must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, have attended a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college level work and have been an active member of an intercollegiate team during his/her last academic year. Taylor, a junior, plays baseball for the CBU Bucs and has appeared on the Presidential Dean’s List with a 4.0 GPA for all semesters. Taylor is the Epsilon Psi Chapter President of Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity at CBU and was honored recently for receiving two fraternal scholarships. (see Alumni Photo Album)



Any Auburndale and SBA alumni can update database information by Emailing Sharon Masterson, Director of Communications, at or logging on to We want to hear from you and help everyone stay connected! And, send us something about yourself, too.

Michael Robinson is a journalism major at the University of Memphis. He works as an interior design assistant for Robinson Restoration and Design. He is also shares his vocal talents throughout the Memphis area and at SBA. 2013 Katie Akin is in her first semester at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and submitted her first article for their on-line magazine in early September. Check it out at this link

If you have pictures you would like to share on our ALUMNI PHOTO ALBUM PAGES, Please E-mail them in JPEG format to

Aleksandr Brown recently received the Jerry Pace Memorial Scholarship from the Mid-South Fair for academics and for his many years of participation in the Fair’s competitions for original Lego building, wood design, etc. and has won Best of Show during that time.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings


Over the summer, Patrick Erstine ’12 (at right) worked for Coach Eric Wells in his carpentry and landscape business. In mid-July they got some “R and R” at Sardis Lake, where they caught a limit of crappie. Patrick is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas.

SBA’s golf team entry for the 2013 Bishop’s Open at Quail Ridge in September had a chance to visit with Auburndale alum and course general manager Brian Alexander (’88).

SBA grads make up a good part of this year’s CBU Lady Bucs winning soccer team –

Mary-Kate Cooke (‘10)

Alex Bickenbach (‘11)

Chelsea Casaccia (‘12)

Carly Downing (‘13)

Katelyn Graham (‘12)


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

The team of 2013 alums Andrew Nevle, Nick Gerard, Avery Black, Jay Stoll, Johnny Cordera, Chance Donohue and friend John McLaughlin finished third out of 20 teams in the amateur division of the 8th Annual Dodge This! Tournament for Youth Villages in August at Wellworx Sporting Club. Over $30,000 was raised in both the amateur and pro divisions. Another SBA alum, Channing Peeples (’07), who is a PR Specialist for Youth Villages, said, “We really appreciate the guys’ support and hope they had a good time.”

This is the Chattanooga gang at The Crust on Nov. 10 with Mr. Valadie, who is now living there and is President of Notre Dame High School. He joins Katelyn Anderson (’11), Bernie Smith (’11), Megan Van Eaton (‘10), Maria Pirani (‘09), Max Smith (‘11), Tim Barczak (‘11), Alex Ashlock (‘13), Kyle Anderson (‘13), Andrew Zazzara (‘11), Yusuf Egal (‘13), Mr. Valadie and Jacob Bosworth (‘13). Katelyn and Kyle helped to organize the gathering with Mr. Valadie.

Taylor Seaman (at left), SBA class of 2011, was recognized at the Delta Sigma Pi Grand Chapter Congress in Seattle, WA. Taylor, president of the Epsilon Psi Chapter at Christian Brothers University (CBU) received two different fraternal scholarships. With Taylor are Hayley Isaac, Associate Director of Graduate Business Programs at CBU, who was named District Director of the Year for the region and Chapter Advisor Dr. Robert Brittingham, CBU professor emeritus, who received three distinguished awards for Chapter Advisor of the Year at the regional, provincial and national levels.


Madeline Marconi (’12) starred as Anne Frank in the “Diary of Anne Frank” produced by the Actors Bridge Ensemble and the Belmont University Department of Theatre and Dance this fall. Her performance received wonderful reviews, such as this one from the Nashville Tennessean, “...But the evening belongs to Madeline Marconi, who fully embodies the role of Anne by tempering moments of levity and wit with an unmistakable sense of dread. She — along with the rest of the cast — draws us into the story so completely that several members of the audience at Saturday’s matinee responded to the inevitable arrival of the Nazis with audible gasps.”

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Brothers Jordan (’13) and Trey Wilkins (’11) met up at the Ole Miss-Vanderbilt game in Nashville. Jordan is an Ole Miss Rebel and Trey plays for Vanderbilt.


Alumni News

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2002 Alum Andrea Mason Ray, who was an “Alumni Spotlight” in the last issue of “On Eagles Wings,” spoke to current SBA students about her upcoming three-year mission trip to Zambia. The Rays have made it to their new home and Andrea gives us updates through her blog.

Craig Carter (’00), wife Stacey and daughters Aubrie and Haley let us know about their move to their new home in Hernando, MS.

Friday night lights shine on SBA 1993 alum Dr. John Hyden (right) of Campbell Clinic as he now serves as the SBA team physician, working with Campbell Clinic Certified Trainer Troy Koerner.

UArk Razorback fans gather at a recent tailgate before a game. Andy and Chase Wise (at left) visit with daughter Jordan Wise, SBA class of 2013, (at right) and Arkansas alum Ann O’Leary (center).


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SPOTLIGHT Chris Masterson, SBA Class of 1997 Dedicated to Catholic Education SBA Class of 1997 alum Chris Masterson was recognized as one of North County (MO) Regional Development Association’s “30 Leaders in their Thirties.” He received his award at their luncheon in late September. Chris, who lives in Ferguson, MO (a suburb of St. Louis), is a teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School. He recently received his master’s degree in Catholic Education Leadership from Saint Louis University. Before moving to the St. Louis area, Chris taught Economics/Government and coached football and basketball at SBA. While in Memphis, he completed the Catholic Schools Leadership Academy. In his more than four years at Sacred Heart, he has served on a number of faculty committees including the principal’s advisory committee and school climate committee and chaired the Sacred Heart Walk-a-thon. During the 2010-2011 school year, Chris completed the Archdiocese of St. Louis Potential Leader program for future school leaders. In 2012, he began serving as a member of the academic excellence committee for the Archdiocese Advancement Initiative for Catholic

Education and was a part of a contingent accepting an award at the National Catholic Education Association Conference in Boston that year. This past July, Chris was appointed by the principals of the Federation of Catholic Schools to be the Director of Professional Learning Communities Northeast Federation of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Chris is married to Jennifer Masterson. They have a daughter, Emma (15 mos), and are expecting their second child in April. They are active members of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish in Florissant, MO.

Congratulating Chris are (from left) Dr. Karen Tichy - Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Archdiocese of St. Louis, Chris, Monsignor Mark Ullrich - Pastor Sacred Heart Parish and School, Lois Vollmer - Principal Sacred Heart School, Ken Morr Principal St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish School, a member school of the Northeast Federation of Catholic Schools.


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SBA alum and new husband receive blessing from Pope Francis

SPOTLIGHT Eric Edwards taking part in Post-Doctoral Research Eric Edwards (2005) is doing post-doctoral research at the University of Regensburg, Germany. Eric graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2009 from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a major in physics. At Alabama, Eric received a vast number of honors; Blount Scholar, Computer Based Honors Program, Goldwater Scholar 2008, Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award 2009, Rhodes Scholarship Finalist 2008, Department of Physics and Astronomy Outstanding Senior Physics Major, University Presidential Scholarship 2005-09, Summer Cornell Research Program, Summers Columbia University Research Program and Rehovat, Israel Summer Research Program. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Münster, Germany in 2012 with a Ph.D in Physics. He is engaged to Melanda Szabo of Hungary.

Deanna Jones (’04) married Michael Johnston on October 5, 2013 at St. Ann Church in Bartlett. The couple honeymooned in Rome and were blessed with the opportunity to meet Pope Francis. Deanna is studying for her MA in Theology at Newman University and the couple makes their home in Dodge City, KS, where she is a pastoral minister at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Deanna says, “Meeting Pope Francis was an amazing experience.” She also sends greetings to all her SBA friends and says, “I am so grateful for my formation at SBA. I really can’t express enough how being part of the SBA family has shaped who I am today. Thank you for being a part of my journey. May God continue to bless you always.”

2013 grad still making news in research 2013 graduate Carley Johnson had a senior internship at the University of Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology Computational Neurodynamics lab. Her work consisted of processing electroencephalographs (EEG) through computer analysis. After graduation, this past August, Carly attended the IEEE International Joint Conference of Neural Networks (IJCNN) in Dallas, where she helped present her lab’s paper - “Spatial Alignment of Scalp EEG Activity During Cognitive Tasks.” It was a twenty-minute paper presentation in front of some major players in the Neural Science research field, like Walter Freeman III. Carly says she stuck out like a sore thumb, as she was the youngest person attending and presenting.


2013 Young AlumNite

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SBA thanks Jonathan Sadler (1999) for this beautiful landscaping which fronts the sign on Chimneyrock.


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