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Please note the correct clip and part number relative to where they fit on the chair. The clips have the same plastic clamp size but different length stainless steel pin that goes through the height adjustment hole to set the chair, bridge support legs or shower base height.

Use Part # 9 Medium pin height adjustment clip in the caster wheels leg. It is also used in the height adjustment leg on the bridge support.

Use Part #25 Long Pin in the main frame height adjustment tubes

Use Part # 50 Short pin height adjustment clip in the shower base only.

(parts list)

See the exploded chairimage for the location of parts.

0 5" Cns\orWheel @ Seal Base

® HeightAdjustment Tube (CoslorWheell @ Arm ReslCllp @ Tube Cap @ Cu&luon Connector

0 Rolling Traci< @ Tube Cap(32mm

© Secondary Brake (lefll

@ Secondary Brake (Righll

0 Primary Brake Latch

@ Latch Hook

Arm Rest(Left)

® Securing Clip (Mediuml (§) Arm Rest(Righi) @ Base Leg (left)

Arm RestPadding (Left) @ Base Leg (Right)

Arm Rest Padding (Right)

Arm Rest Lock @ TrackWhc I

Arm Rest Cap @ TubeWasher (32mm)

Arm Rest Knob @ TrackWheel Axle (Front)

@) TrackWheel Axle (Roar)

Back Rest Frame

Back Rest Fabric

@ Primary Brake Lever @ Hand Grips

Bridge @ Foot Rest

@) Primary Broke Handle Slocve

Bridge Tongue (Long) @ Foot Rest Grips

Bridge Tongue (Short> @ HeightAdjustment Tube (Front)

@ HeightAdjustmentTube (Rear)


@ TubeWasher (25mm) @ Height Adjustment Tubes (Shower Track)

(§) FIKing Knob @ Rubber Feel

@) Securing Clip (large) @) Securing Clip (Small)

@ Bridge Support Bracket

Note: Part#97thebridge supportsystem isnotshownin theexplodeddrawingsbutisdetailedlater in this user manual. Itmustbefitted tothe bridge andused during transfers.


Part#21 Front heightadjustment tube. This isa1-piecetube, sidetoside

Part#21R Frontheightadjustmenttubes(a LHandRH tube),removesthe sectionoftubein







thecentrefront toallowbetter access bythecaregiver.

Cushion, PU Foam,OpenFront

Latch fitted tobridge

Latchfittedtobridge(asS82-2Tdesign)withadjustablelength hoop

Commode bucket and lid

Armrestlock (sliding plastic lock)

Rearheight adjustmenttubes(LHand RHtube)

@ LegTube Cop

step 9


if the shower floor is tiled and a grout line is where the feet go, or is not a smopoth surface, you may need Part#SD which are orange plastic discs to be adhered to the floor where the suction cup feet are located for better suction. We recommend using a STP Polymer Technology but check with your local hardware store for the correct product.

(safety instructions)


Failureto comply with these safety instructions may result in injury or damage!

Itisimportantthatthe user(s), and/orthe caregiversof theuser(s), learnhowtosafely operate the Showerbuddy showerchair.

Thefollowing must bereadbefore useof the Showerbuddyshower chair toensurethe safe operationof your Showerbuddy shower chair:

The User(s) Manualmustbe read and understoodbefore using the Showerbuddy shower chair.

If youdon'tunderstandany parts of theUser(s) Manual,clarificationshouldbesoughtprior to using theproduct.

For furtherclarificationof any part of theShowerbuddyUser(s)Manualcallyour local dealeror visit thewebsitebelow.

TransferstoandfromtheShowerbuddy shower chair canbedangerous. Consult a physical or occupationaltherapistto ensuresafeandreliabletransfertechniquesarepracticed. Individualswhohave notlearnedtheseskills musthaveassistanceduringtransfers.

Donotusethe Showerbuddy shower chair for anyapplicationoutsideof the manufacturersIntended use, thiscan result Indamage tothe shower chair andcomponents. Notcomplying withthe manufacturer'sinstructions can result in injury to the user(s) or caregiver. Showerbuddy willnotbe held responsible for anyinjury or damage resulting fromthe misuseorinappropriate operation of the Showerbuddy shower chair.

If any part of the Showerbuddy shower chair requires maintenance please don'thesitatetocontact your dealer. Any problemsthat could affect thesafeoperationof thechair MUSTbeattendedto immediately.


TheMAXIMUM USER weightforthisShowerbuddy shower chairis: 3501bs(160kg)

ALWAYS ensure thatyourShowerbuddy shower chair iscapableof maneuveringover thesurfaces thatwill beencountered, priortooperatingtheshower chair with any user(s). Thischair isonlyintended for use Indoors, on flat surfaces, withoutthresholds, steps, curbsor obstacles.

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