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a year in review

A look at the year’s most notable local weddings.


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Caprese Bi tes

Follow us: © 2010 CFY Catering, LLC. Tuna Spoons photo by Studio J. Caprese Bites photo by Jennifer Dickerson. Main photo by Bill McCullough Photography.

a year in review Since 2009, Say Yes has proudly shared the stories of hundreds of engaged couples and newlyweds every week. We are happy to be the newest medium for exciting wedding journalism and photography in the Midsouth, and we are ecstatic to present the inaugural issue of our Say Yes: A Year In Review for 2010. This collection of remarkable weddings, submitted by our readers and friends, is just a taste of the wonderful local couples that tied the knot this year. Please visit our website at to submit your own announcement, because every “I do” is worth celebrating.

Holly Whitfield, Say Yes Producer

\ 2010/

award winners ............................. 6

BEST DÉCOR Laura Romanow & Justin Trawick


SWEETEST DETAILS Bridget Graf & Elliot Pope


most rockin’ party Rachel Tyler & Matt Young


best surprise Julie Amann & Chad Johnson


most stylish Chinna Prude & Frankey Anderson


best garden party Karen Harris & Glen Coleman

A March wedding at the Dixon included some of the couple’s favorite things.


best supporting cast Katie Hall & Jon Paul Brashear



do-it-yourself award Malorie Bridger & Neil Carrigan

The bride kept the wedding-day-surprise a secret from the groom for an entire year.



most unique ceremony Betsy Weintraub & Mark Bailey


most school spirit Kristen Murdock & Derek Clenin


most romantic proposal Kerri Kimzey & Charles “Joshua” Brand


most elegant Kimberly Brooks & Rodney Williams, Jr.

When two Tigers fans met on the field, they knew they had a bright (and blue!) future.


best cultural fusion Vivian Lo & Coley Stafford




PRODUCER Holly Whitfield | EDITOR Anna Mullins CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Prater

Timeless tradition met modern chic at a classy celebration of love and unity.


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Laura Romanow


Justin Trawick

When Laura Romanow, a self-professed “girly-girl,” envisioned her dream wedding to long-time love, Justin Trawick, she knew there would be one dominant color. Coordinated by Social Butterflies, the entire celebration was “an explosion of pink!”

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Creation Studios | PLANNER Social Butterflies VENUE Brooks Museum | CATERING The Brushmark | INVITATIONS Mrs. Post RENTALS Mahaffey Tents and Party Rentals, Classic Party Rentals | CAKE Cakes by Mom and Me


April 10, 2010

Memphis Brooks Museum PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Tim and Sheri Romanow of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM John and Jane Trawick of Memphis


nspired by a pair of shiny pink Cinderella slippers she found while on vacation in Paris, Laura Romanow wanted to celebrate her love for groom Justin and express their upbeat personalities at their wedding. Bouquets and blossoms of hot pink and yellow Gerber daisies and bright orange tiger lilies-the bride and groom’s favorite flowers-covered every surface in The Brooks Museum. The dining room of The Brushmark became a pink ice cream parlor. Anyone with a sweet tooth could step up to the counter and order a hand dipped waffle cone of vanilla, lemon or

chocolate ice cream and top it to taste. A fuchsia and tangerine taffeta canopy covered a spectacular outdoor ballroom, and a nightclub-inspired lounge and cigar bar. As the band played hits, friends and family danced in the blushing light or chatted as they rested on mod white leather sofas in the lounge. As the newlyweds finally made their exit, they were showered with popcorn. The pink, yellow and orange candy-glazed popcorn served as both earth-friendly confetti and a delicious, color-coordinated late night snack.

“The wedding was based on my personality which is bubbly and laid back.”

Top left: Laura and Justin enjoy a first dance under a canopy of pink and orange. Left: The shoes that started it all. Above: Even the cake was covered in Gerber daises.


Left: Guests showered the couple with colored popcorn as they left the Brooks Museum. Right: The private courtyard was brightened with custom floral arrangements and fabrics.

Photography by Creation Studios |

Full service planning and event design. • 901.828.9321


LET US BE YOUR CANVAS Art Galleries Courtyard Terrace Grand Entrance Park Setting For more information, contact Stacy Wright 901.544.6222

© Ramblin’ Rose Photogr aphy



Bridget Graf


Elliot Pope

Bridget Graf and Elliot Pope both grew up in Memphis, went to college in Indiana, and moved back to the Bluff City before they finally met one another. It was no surprise that their unique story led to marriage and a wedding full of personalized details and special touches.

PHOTOGRAPHY Ramblin’ Rose Photography | PLANNER Amy Miller Weddings & Events RECEPTION VENUE Dixon Gallery and Gardens | CATERING CFY Catering | HAIR & MAKEUP Gould’s Day Spa & Salon FLOWERS Garden District | RENTALS Classic Party Rentals



or a couple with so much in common, it only made sense to express mutual interests on their wedding day. With help from Amy Miller Weddings and Events, Elliot and Bridget incorporated special details into their outdoor reception at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. “My best friend is an artist and she created figurines of our dogs, which sat next to the wedding cake,” says Bridget. Other touches included champagne flutes with “Mr. and Mrs. Pope” spelled out in rhinestones, a Notre Dame themed groom’s cake, and unique favors. “We both work at Heinz so we customized mini Heinz ketchup bottles,” the bride explains. She wore a graceful lace Vera Wang gown, with her blonde hair swept into a classic chignon crafted by Gould’s Salons. The beauty of the bride was nearly matched by the venue. “I wanted the reception to feel like an elegant garden party, and I played off of all the beautiful colors and textures throughout the Dixon grounds,” she retells.

“We had many things in common, including a love of family, sports, and dogs.”

Left: Bridget and Elliot enjoy a first dance. Top: Figurines of the couple’s three canines. Right: Mini ketchup jars commemorated the wedding date. Bottom: Guests feasted on crab legs, among other delicacies.

March 21, 2010

Christ The King Lutheran Church Dixon Gallery and Gardens PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Alan and Susan Graf of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM James and Linda Pope of Memphis


’ Left: guests waltzed under a floral archway with delicately dangling votives. Right: The couple cuts their personalized groom’s cake.

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© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

© Creation Studios Photography

© Jessica Claire Photography

detailed planning

inspired design

© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

© Steve Jones Photography

© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

© Ramblin’ Rose Photography

flawless coordination

• •




Rachel Tyler


Matt Young

Once a member of the Memphis-based band The Venus Mission, Rachel Tyler knows how to throw a great party. Her relationship with new husband Matt Young revolved around their mutual love of music, so it was only natural that rock-and-roll was the highlight of their wedding.

PHOTOGRAPHY J.Malahy Photography | PLANNER Angela Mazanti Events | RECEPTION The Cadre Building BRIDAL PARTY ATTIRE Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop | FLOWERS Angela Mazanti Events | CATERING Me and My Tea Room Catering ENTERTAINMENT Soul Shockers (represented by R.E.G.)



rom blues tunes to the oldies, the Soul Shockers’ exciting performance kept guests of Rachel and Matt’s wedding on the dance floor the whole night. After a more formal ceremony at the Bartlett United Methodist Church, the wedding moved downtown to The Cadre Building where Angela Mazanti Events had skillfully transformed the room into an elegant but energetic affair. The bride and her groom showed their personalities in traditional wedding attire with a twist. Rachel’s dancing shoes were bright pink and matched Matt’s eccentric socks, as well as her bridesmaids’ watermelon-toned gowns. “We really love to dance and be social so we said our hellos and headed straight for the dance floor,” says Rachel of the charismatic reception. Guests added to the excitement by dressing up in boas, top hats, Elvis glasses and tiaras and posing for pictures in a photo booth. Mardi Gras beads were everywhere as a tribute to the couple’s New Orleans engagement, and guests left with CDs of the couple’s favorite songs. The couple’s first dance was to the tune “Crazy Love”. The bride explains: “We were very particular when picking out music because we have so many songs we love. I think music has always been one of the big things we have in common.”

July 31, 2010

United Methodist Church The Cadre Building PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Dennis and Lynda Tyler of Bartlett PARENTS OF THE GROOM Warren and Debbie Young of Bartlett

“I can honestly say it was both a formal affair and a party.” Top: The maids’ watermelon-toned dresses matched the bright flowers and fun vibe of the reception. Below left: A member of The Soul Shockers rocks the crowd. Below right: A sweet table setting matched the idea of formal affair-meets-party.


’ The newlyweds spent half of the night entertaining their guests with song and dance and the other half enjoying the show.


Here Comes The Bride TO

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P S H O E M RE T A  Event Design

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Event Lighting

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Julie Amann


Chad Johnson

For months leading up to their big day, Chad Johnson had begged his fianceé for a special cinematic touch at the end of their ceremony. He wanted to recreate a scene from the film Love Actually when a full brass band pops up from the crowd to play a happy rendition of “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Creation Studios | RECEPTION VENUE Dixon Gallery and Gardens BRIDAL PARTY ATTIRE All About Weddings | FLOWERS Haute Horticulture | RENTALS Amerispan & Classic Party Rentals



hroughout their wedding planning, Julie Amann refused Chad Johnson’s request thinking that it wouldn’t fit in with their classic ceremony. But on the day of their wedding, a choir, a singer and a full band—including trumpets, trombones, guitar and flute— waited for the moment when the bride and groom turned to leave the church. Strains of “love, love, love” gave way to a verse from the happy Beatles tune that finished with a trumpet fanfare. The look on Chad’s face was priceless as he hugged Julie in total shock; it was an incredible surprise gift from the new wife to her new husband that showed their creative personalities and appreciation for one another. “I am generally a sporadic, energetic individual. Julie showed me that she understood by surprising me after over a year of secrecy,” says Chad who met his wife as an intern at Hope Presbyterian Church where they married.

Top: Julie and Chad danced the night away at the Dixon. Below: Chad showed his surprise when musicians hiding in the crowd suddenly began playing “All You Need Is Love” at the close of the ceremony.

“Our wedding was like I was meeting her for the first time again, reminding me that I was in love.”

September 25, 2010

Hope Presbyterian Church Dixon Gallery and Gardens PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Jim and Lisa Amann of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM Nick and Debbie Panagiotakis of Bradenton, Florida Mark Johnson of Ocala, Florida


The bride and her bridesmaids took a moment to jump for joy before the reception. Cocktail dresses in dark taupe or slate reflected the autumn theme.



Where beautiful weddings are always in season. 17 october 2010 — 9 january 2011

Fumio Yoshimura, Grouper, 1975, Linden wood, 27 x 59 x 20 in. Norton Museum of Art. Purchase, the R.H. Norton Trust, 78.66

4339 Park Avenue | Memphis

901.761.5250 | 4339 Park Avenue



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Bridesmaids Flower Girls Mother of the Bride Shoes Jewelry Invitations Men’s Formalwear


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Photos by Sweet Water Images



Chinna Prude


Frankey Anderson

After eight years, Chinna Prude and Frankey Anderson were ready to marry. They wanted an event that guests would discuss for months afterwards, and a historical building in downtown Memphis proved to be the perfect spot for their stylish and memorable wedding.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Creation Studios | VENUE The Cadre Building | BRIDAL GOWN Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop WEDDING DAY PLANNER Social Butterflies | FLOWERS & DÉCOR Payton’s Perfect Designs | BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE David’s Bridal CAKE The Cake and Catering Company



ong stem calla lilies floated in threefoot tall vases, and candlelight flickered around Chinna and Frankey at their reception. Warm neutral colors of champagne and chocolate offset the sophisticated architecture of The Cadre Building. Guests enjoyed soothing jazz music, delicious cuisine and lively dancing. The romantic setting matched what the bride had envisioned as a young girl. “I wanted the longest aisle possible, so people could look at me a long time!” Chinna jokes. She chose a strapless ball gown with a train and a fitted, beaded bodice from Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop for her long walk down the aisle. “I wanted to enjoy that long walk to my soon-to-be husband.”

“I wanted it to be simple, very elegant and romantic.”

March 21, 2010

The Cadre Building PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Elaine Prude of Kenosha, Wisconsin Ernie and Janice Oakley of Statesville, North Carolina PARENTS OF THE GROOM Dewayne and Tereasa Breckenridge of Memphis Rochelle and Linda Anderson of Oakland, Tennessee

Above: The historical Grand Ballroom, complete with crystal chandeliers, exuded a classic and glamorous style. Below: The bridal party strikes a pose downtown. Bottom: Slender lilies and fancy footwear.


’ A five-tiered cake kept a stylish simplicity with white fondant, chocolate designs and a bejeweled monogram topper.

Th T eh e


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garden party

Karen Harris


Glen Coleman

Swirls of rose petals adorned the aisle that Karen Harris walked down to exchange vows with Glen Coleman at their garden wedding. A bounty of summery flowers complemented their daytime ceremony. Later that evening, a clear tent trimmed in orange banners set the scene for the ultimate garden party.


PHOTOGRAPHY Blu Orchid Photography | PLANNER Social Butterflies | VENUE Dixon Gallery and Gardens CATERING CFY Catering | INVITATIONS Mrs. Post | RENTALS Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals FLOWERS Haute Horticulture



he lush green foliage of The Dixon Gallery and Gardens provided the perfect canvas for the entire affair of Karen and Glen’s nuptials. The bride was stunning in a flowing Vera Wang gown with a halter neck and stylish open back that she purchased in San Francisco. Both tents and the dining room were accented by orange, green, champagne and copper décor—coordinated by Social Butterflies and Haute Horticulture. The highlight of the garden-themed design was an arch formed with slender branches, from which hung glass orbs containing single orange flowers. Guests feasted on unique cuisine from CFY Catering before an evening of dancing under the summer’s night sky. Above: A classical string trio added to the ceremony’s garden atmosphere. Clockwise from below: Tasty and eye-catching hors d’oeuvres, custom invitations gave a preview of the memorable event, and cigar bar.

June 19. 2010

Dixon Gallery and Gardens PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Patrick and Lucille Harris of Manchester, England and Manchester, New Hampshire, respectively PARENTS OF THE GROOM Laura Coleman and the late Robert Coleman of Memphis

“It was a beautiful and memorable spot that we will remember fondly for many years.”


’ Left: A chocolatebrown table covering contrasted the cake’s bright layers of white icing and flowers. Right: Woven branches were anchored among hydrangeas and roses to form an arch.

Photography by Annabella Brandon

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supporting cast

Katie Hall


Jon Paul Brashear

A wedding party of more than twenty people might seem like a lot. But to Katie Hall and Jon Paul Breshear it was only right that they’d invite their closest friends to be a part of their wedding.

PHOTOGRAPHY Ramblin’ Rose Photography | PLANNER Amy Miller Weddings and Events | RECEPTION VENUE & CATERING Hilton Memphis BRIDAL PARTY ATTIRE All About Weddings | VIDEOGRAPHY Birdsong Productions ENTERTAINMENT Soul Shockers (represented by R.E.G.) | CAKE Cakes by Carolyn | FLOWERS Deedra Stone Designs



atie and Jon Paul are thankful for their friends. After all, they’re the ones who introduced them. After their initial meeting in 2004 at a friend’s house and a chance meeting on the Main Street trolley, the couple knew they were destined for matrimony. When planning their big day they also knew that they would have a large wedding party. Twelve bridesmaids wore honeydew colored dresses from All About Weddings, accented with bright bouquets. Ten groomsmen wore classic black tuxes with black vests and bow ties. Before the wedding, the couple’s “supporting cast” graciously hosted numerous showers, parties, and weekend getaways. After a ceremony at Germantown United Methodist Church, Amy Miller Weddings and Events planned a fun reception at the Hilton hotel, featuring bright hanging votives, pink and white floral centerpieces, and a special cake to commemorate the couple’s alma mater. “We felt so lucky to have so much love and support from all the people that we have in our lives,” says Katie.

“We truly have the greatest friends ever.”

Top: The couple cuts their Ole-Miss themed cake. Below: Bride Katie and her twelve bridesmaids show off their colorful bouquets. Right: Dangling votives and lush centerpieces at the reception. Above: Guests dine in the Hilton Grand Ballroom.

March 21, 2010

Germantown United Methodist Church Hilton Memphis PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Robert Ray and Colleen Hall of Germantown PARENTS OF THE GROOM Bryan and Marina Brashear of Collierville


’ Above: Groomsmen show their support for groom Jon Paul; Right: the newlyweds share a kiss on their wedding day.

As seen on TLC’s “Best Food Ever”




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do it yourself \A WA R D /

Malorie Bridger


Neil Carrigan

When Malorie Bridger couldn’t find the perfect elements for her vintage and nature-inspired wedding, she made them herself—including the wedding dress. The bride also created all of the flower arrangements, programs, and vintageinspired hairpieces for herself and her bridesmaids.

July 24, 2010

Union Avenue Baptist Church Central Station PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Frank and Susan Bridger of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM Dennis and Cathy Carrigan of Memphis

PHOTOGRAPHY Tomorrow’s Memories Photography RECEPTION Central Station BRIDESMAIDS ATTIRE Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop CATERING Me and My Tea Room Catering ENTERTAINMENT G3 (represented by R.E.G.)



ressed in a custom-made chiffon dress and carrying a handcrafted bouquet, Malorie embodied her all-natural wedding aesthetic as she wed Neil Carrigan at Union Avenue Baptist Church in July. The two met in college, and as the groom confesses, “For me, it was love at first sight.” After three years together, Neil proposed in May of 2009, and Malorie began planning her dream Do-It-Yourself wedding. The reception was held in the historic Central Station in downtown Memphis, where Cajun pickles from Malorie’s grandmother’s recipe waited in hand-decorated jars for guests to take home. “I didn’t want to pick the details of my wedding out of a book or catalog,” says the bride.

“The inspiration came from my love of anything vintage.” Top: Bridesmaids show off their vintage black dresses, handmade hairpieces and bouquets. Right: Antique silver vases served as centerpieces. Far Right: The hand-packed pickle jars were a heartfelt touch.

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unique ceremony

Betsy Weintraub


Mark Bailey

When Betsy Weintraub visited the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to see Monet’s “Water Lilies” with then boyfriend Mark Bailey, she began to realize that he was the one. Her love of art and the revelation the famous flowers inspired them to an intimate wedding ceremony at the very spot the artist conceived the painting.

May 28, 2010

Ceremony Monet Gardens in Giverny, France Memphis Botanic Gardens - July 31, 2010 PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Jeff and Melody Weintraub of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM Deana Bailey Campbell of Memphis Mark Warren Bailey, Sr. of Knoxville


PHOTOGRAPHY France - Marc Lucascio Memphis - Morgan Yen TRAVEL Leigh Sullivan of Regency Travel PARTY RENTALS Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals, and Party Concepts EIFFEL TOWER REPLICA Classic Party Rentals


etsy and Mark exchanged vows in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France in the company of their closest friends and family. “My mom is an artist, so I have always loved art, and Mark knew that I had lived in France for a year in college,” says Betsy of the many reasons why their wedding in France was the perfect combination of their non-traditional and artistic personalities. The couple later had a stateside reception at the Memphis Botanic Garden, and did everything possible to bring a taste of France home. Thoughtful details included a 25-foot Eiffel Tower, sidewalk artists sketching portraits of guests, a mime, string musicians and a singer performing with an accordion player. “The main room felt like Moulin Rouge in Paris,” says Betsy of her inspired reception at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

“It was more beautiful in real life than either of us had imagined.”

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Opposite page: Betsy and Mark exchanged vows at Monet’s Garden in France. Photo credit Marc Lucascio of France. Top: The couple brought Paris home with a 25-foot tall Eiffel Tower replica. Bottom: The mother of the bride painted a Monet-inspired piece as backdrop for the wedding cake.

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school spirit

Kristen Murdock


Derek Clenin

Kristen Murdock and Derek Clenin credit their alma mater, The University of Memphis, with more than their college degrees. The sports-loving couple met through Tiger football, so it was only natural their wedding would include a lot of school spirit.

July 10, 2010

Second Presbyterian Church Minglewood Hall PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Mike and Nancy Murdock of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM Ken and Barbara Clenin of Memphis


PHOTOGRAPHY Creation Studios RECEPTION VENUE Minglewood Hall BRIDAL GOWN Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop BRIDESMAIDS’ ATTIRE Ballew Bridal REHEARSAL DINNER Dixon Gallery and Gardens CAKES Lee Smith


he football field is the reason we met,” explains Kristen of her relationship with new husband, Derek. He played safety for The University of Memphis Tigers football team, while Kristen was a cheerleader. Their love of the game initially connected them, and this mutual interest is what they shared with guests during their wedding in July. The bride wore an off-white lace gown from Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop while her bridesmaids were ready for a night of dancing in cocktail-length champagne gowns from Ballew Bridal. At the reception, blue flipflops were available for women who wanted to kick off their heels, and Tiger blue koozies kept beverages cold. The couple left their party in a flash of Tiger blue on The U of M fire truck and rode downtown as a newly united pair of relentless Tiger fans.

“Derek and I both bleed Memphis Tiger Blue.” Top: Kristen chose flattering neutrals and soft flowers for herself and her bridesmaids. Above: The groomsmen played a pickup game before the ceremony. Left: The groom’s cake was a replica of Liberty Bowl Stadium.


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romantic proposal

Kerri Kimzey


Charles “Joshua” Brand

When you travel with someone, you see the best and worst parts of their personality. A scenic trip to San Francisco brought out the very best in both Kerri Kimzey and Joshua Brand, especially when he proposed by a scenic pier on the bay.

April 10, 2010

Bellevue Baptist Church Central Station PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Gary and Jane Kimzey of Germantown PARENTS OF THE GROOM Eric and Penny Brand of Cordova


PHOTOGRAPHY Creation Studios RECEPTION VENUE Central Station BRIDAL GOWN Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop CATERING Club Windward ENTERTAINMENT A440 (represented by R.E.G.)


erri and Joshua met at age sixteen. Though they may not have realized their connection as “true love” at the time, Joshua and Kerri would become partners in a lifetime of adventure and travel. While on vacation in San Francisco in March, Josh proposed to Kerri after a day spent walking around the city. The setting was ideal for a romantic moment: “The beautiful skyline stretched out behind us, the bay sparkled in front of us, and we had the whole park to ourselves,” Josh says. Kerri accepted the customcrafted ring, and later transcribed the words of his proposal into her Bible. The couple wed in June at Bellevue Baptist Church surrounded by shades of the bride’s favorite color—purple. They celebrated their union-and the city that made it all possible-at Central Station with a first dance to “I left my heart in San Francisco.”

“The scene of the proposal was perfect,” says Josh. Opposite page: Kerri and Joshua triumphantly left the Central Station amidst their guest’s sparklers. Right: Purple and white linens transform Station’s Hudson Hall. Above: The bride and her maids have a laugh before the ceremony.



Kimberly Brooks


Rodney Williams, Jr.

When planning their May wedding, Kimberly Brooks and Rodney Williams, Jr., wanted to express a timeless elegance, while giving a nod to the future. “You have the rest of your life after the wedding,” says Kimberly of her memorable big day.

May 15, 2010

Pink Palace Museum and Mansion PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Eddie and Mary Brooks of Memphis PARENTS OF THE GROOM Rodney and Janice Williams, Sr. of Birmingham, Alabama


PHOTOGRAPHY Ramblin’ Rose Photography CAKE & CATERING Draper’s Catering VENUE Pink Palace Museum and Mansion PLANNER Southern Event Planners


roomsmen looked sharp in tailored black tuxes, while bridesmaids in sleek floor length gowns the color of champagne watched as Kimberly and Rodney wed under rose-colored stone architecture of the Pink Palace. The bride wore a strapless multi-tiered dress during the ceremony and changed into a mermaid style gown as she celebrated with her groom, who wore a classic black tux with a blush tie. Their new initial, “W,” was an important element of the decor, projected in light on the dance floor. Draper’s Catering provided a colorful spread of mouth-watering food and an impressive cake for the reception. From the timeless attire to the signature cocktails, every element of the party reflected the elegant and sophisticated vision the bride and groom wished for the evening.

Left: An over-the-top cake added drama to the elegant reception. Below: Kim and Rodney waltzed over a light projection of their newly shared initial while guests look on.

“We wanted something traditional yet modern where our personalities shined through.”

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cultural fusion

Vivian Lo


Coley Stafford

“You can’t do much with one chopstick,” explains Vivian Lo of her choice of favors at her June wedding to Coley Stafford at the Memphis Zoo. The two chopsticks represented their unity as a couple and the fusion of her Chinese heritage and their Southern values. The entire celebration shared this theme of merging cultures and merging lives.

June 5, 2010

Memphis Zoo, Teton Trek PARENTS OF THE BRIDE Herrick Kin Hung Lo and Grace Mui Ching Lo of West Memphis, Arkansas PARENTS OF THE GROOM Jimmy and Debbie Stafford of Southaven, Mississippi


PHOTOGRAPHER Photog Studios PLANNER Southern Event Planners VENUE Memphis Zoo Teton Trek Lodge CAKE Brown Baguette CATERING Hog Wild / A Moveable Feast


oley knew Vivian wanted to add a special cultural element to their celebration that was symbolic of both of their backgrounds. “I wanted to incorporate as much of my Chinese culture and heritage as I could into my wedding,” says Vivian. After exchanging vows in a traditional Christian ceremony, their reception created the atmosphere of a downhome Southern house party for their guests. The newlyweds chose an East meets West menu complete with spring rolls, tuna sushi, braised short ribs along with crawfish étoufee and a spring walnut salad. Vivian also surprised her father by changing into a traditional Chinese wedding dress for their fatherdaughter dance. Their guests danced the night away as Vivian and Coley enjoyed the wedding of their dreams.

Top: The bride and a few of her maids, dressed in gorgeous eggplant-colored gowns. Right: Vivian and Coley in their traditional attire. Below: The ceremony took place in front of the grand fireplace.

“We wanted simple, warm, Asian, and southern since we are from the South. We got exactly that,” says Vivian.


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