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Bio We started Timeflies in 2010, and after releasing only singles, on September 19, 2011, released our debut album,The Scotch Tape. We also started Timeflies Tuesday – a series in which we are able to stay connected with you by releasing remixes, performing live covers, and freestyling over original beats. We released Under The Influence, a 6 track sample-based mixtape, in July 2012. On November 27, 2012, we released a 6 track EP, One Night, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes overall charts. We are currently working on our second all-original album to be released in Spring/Summer 2013. With another national tour planned for 2013, we’re excited for what the future holds. Cal has been singing and freestyling since high school. While majoring in music and entrepreneurship he joined a band called The Ride. This blues, funk and hip-hop band was when Cal later teamed up with The Ride’s drummer, Rez, to form Timeflies in October 2010. Cal’s musical influences include Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, and his favorite, Big L. Cal’s biggest strength, and weakness, is his love for scotch. Rez got an early start in production after building a studio in his basement for multiple high school bands. Rez works mostly in Pro Tools, Ableton, and Reason, and plays mainly drums, guitar, and piano. Rez spent a few years DJing in college, double majoring in music and philosophy. In regards to his Timeflies production, Rez cites Porter Robinson, Benny Blanco, Pretty Lights, and JR Rotem as major influences. He is also a serious Green Lantern fan.




(April 2, 2013 – New York, NY) After a whirlwind courtship, NYC duo Timeflies, whose One Night EP topped the iTunes chart (at #1) and Billboard Digital Songs chart (#2) last year, has now been signed to Island Records, a division of Island Def Jam Music Group. Timeflies’ single, “I Choose U,” is now available at iTunes! “I Choose U” officially impacts at radio on April 22nd. It is the first single to be released from Timeflies’ upcoming new album on their newly formed label imprint, forty8fifty/Island. Timeflies, who have logged over 50 million cumulative YouTube views and more than 165,000 subscribers, shot the video for “I Choose U” on location in Los Angeles last week. Today, 24 hours prior to the music release, the video will premiere at #1 music destination VEVO and MTV as well. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

The release of “I Choose U” takes place in the afterglow of Timeflies being named an “MTV Artist To Watch” and one of MTV Buzzworthy’s “Breakthrough Artists of 2012. Timeflies, described as “musical masterminds” in Vanity Fair, followed up with an heroic premiere performance earlier this month during the closing weekend of the SXSW Music Conference’s annual “mtvU Woodie Awards Festival.” MTV’s Timeflies lovefest continued over the weekend, with SXSW VJ Correspondent pieces airing all day on MTV and mtvU. Timeflies’ Woodies festival performance ultimately went into rotation on MTV, MTV Hits, and mtvU over the final week of March. Check out Timeflies’ Woodies blog at: The Monday night after SXSW, Timeflies arrived in New York to headline MTV’s sold-out “Artist to Watch” series at the Highline Ballroom. Five days later on March 23rd, they performed on MTV’s “Spring Fix” at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Promos begin on April 1st for“Spring Fix,” which is scheduled to air starting April 2nd on MTV “Primetime” (4-6:00 p.m., ET). “Spring Fix” will then be added into MTV Hits Rotation. “I Choose U” is by all accounts about the 23rd single release since 2010 by the Timeflies duo of Cal Shapiro (from New York) and Rob Resnick (from New Jersey). In addition to their non-stop flow of singles and videos, they have gained worldwide notoriety across the web with Timeflies Tuesday – a series in which they stay connected with their followers by releasing remixes, performing live covers, and freestyling over original beats. Cal and Rez began producing music while at college outside Boston, where they first played together in a band known as the Ride. After forming Timeflies in 2010 and releasing their first half-dozen singles, their debut album arrived in 2011, The Scotch Tape (owing to Cal’s love of scotch). A six-track sample-based mixtape titled Under The Influence followed in July 2012. Four months later came the six-track EP, One Night, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes overall charts! The EP contained the single, “Swoon,” whose video can be viewed at:

For more information on Timeflies, please contact: Lauren Schneider / Island Def Jam 212 333 8173

Savoy Jefferson / The Purple Agency 920.471.2340

Interviews & Features


April 23,  2013  

Elvis  Duran:  Timeflies  Is  Next  Big  Music  Group      


Video: Elvis Duran is a national morning-show radio host who is up on the hottest music groups. He introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to Timeflies, musicians from New York City he thinks will be the next big music duo. Watch Video At:

2013 Winter Issue (2 Page Feature)  


January 27,  2013  

13 ARTISTS  TO  WATCH  IN  2013  

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November 28,  2012    

Timeflies Discuss  'One  Night'  EP  &  Unlikely  Rise  To  Success    

Last July, pop-rap duo Timeflies released a six-song mixtape, "Under The Influence," that featured covers of radio hits like Rihanna's "We Found Love" and Adele's "Someone Like You." The project made sense for a group that had earned a following covering other artists -- their techno take on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," posted online in April, has garnered 2.2 million YouTube views -- but Timeflies has proven to be more than just a one-note Internet sensation since its release. In September, the duo headlined a show at New York's Terminal 5, and sold out the 3,000-capacity venue with ease. And on Tuesday (Nov. 27), Timeflies released "One Night," a new EP with five original songs, including a title track that has amassed 140,000 YouTube hits in six days. For Rob "Res" Resnick and Cal Shapiro, watching Timeflies' viral presence slowly translate into real-world success in less than two years has been a surreal experience. "YouTube is really where we started making moves," Shapiro tells Billboard. "Everything kept growing, and next thing we knew we were at Terminal 5."  

Read More  At:­‐discuss-­‐one-­‐night-­‐ep-­‐unlikely-­‐ 1008028722.story#/news/timeflies-­‐discuss-­‐one-­‐night-­‐ep-­‐unlikely-­‐1008028722.story    

December 7,  2012  


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March 11,  2011  

Time Is  Flying  for  Timeflies    

The  future  is  looking  very  bright  for  Cal  and  Rob  “Rez”  Resnick,  the  musical  masterminds   of  electro-­‐pop-­‐hip-­‐hop-­‐rap  group  Timeflies.  In  the  months  following  their    first  major   release,  with  the  track  “All  Night”  in  late  October  2010,  the  duo  has  built  a  formidable   following.  Now  with  more  than  10,000  Facebook  fans—and  100  more  joining  every   day—Cal  and  Rez,  both  22,  have  mastered  the  fine  art  of  social  media,  using  Twitter  to   generate  and  perpetuate  hype  among  thousands  of  followers,  who  eagerly  await  the   release  of  Timeflies’  first  album,  The  Scotch  Tape,  early  next  month.     
“There’s  no  doubt  that  social  media  has  been  hugely  instrumental  for  us  getting  all   these  fans,”  says  Cal,  the  vocalist,  who  met  Rez,  the  beat-­‐maker  instrumentalist,  at  a   party  when  they  were  undergrads  at  Tufts  University,  near  Boston.  “I’ve  got  to  say,  I  was   a  little  reluctant  at  first  to  create  a  Twitter  account,  but  Rob  convinced  me  to  get  [my]   act  together.  We  try  to  respond  to  fans  and  retweet  their  comments  and  just  keep  our   fan  base  buzzing—keep  them  involved  in  what  we’re  doing  and  stay  involved  with   them.”

Indeed,  the  Internet  has  been  good  for  Timeflies,  whose  videos  on  YouTube— most  of  them  amateur-­‐hour  productions  featuring  Cal  freestyling  over  Rez’s  remix— have  together  received  more  than  one  million  views.  Nearly  150,000  of  those  resulted   from  their  catchy  reinterpretation  of  The  Little  Mermaid’s  “Under  the  Sea,”  in  which  Cal,   between  sips  from  a  can  of  Bud  Light,  soulfully  strings  together  his  flow  while  Rez  goes   to  town  on  his  new  steel  drum,  a  graduation  present.  The  video  was  posted  on  June  7,   2011,  as  part  of  “Timeflies  Tuesdays,”  when  they  release  an  original  musical  video—a   weekly  routine  the  pair  started  “to  give  people  an  insight  into  what  we’re  doing,”   according  to  Cal.   Read More At:

April 16,  2013        

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November 26,  2012  

Need a  Dose  of  Adorable-­‐Hotness?  Check  Out  This  New  Song  From   Timeflies  (Man,  Can  They  Sing!)     When  my  best  friend  showed  me  a  free  styling,  steel  drum-­‐filled  cover  of  "Under  the  Sea"  from  the  Bostonian  duo   Timeflies,  I  was  hooked  and  found  myself  coming  out  of  a  Timeflies  YouTube  binge  hours  and  hours  later.  But  it   wasn't  just  me-­‐-­‐when  I  sent  the  video  to  Caroline,  gushing  over  the  cuties  and  their  tunes,  she  fell  in  love,  and  soon   enough,  our  whole  office  was  buzzing  over  them.  Well,  the  best-­‐kept  secret  isn't  a  secret  anymore  because  their   EP,  One  Night,  is  out  tomorrow!  

Comprised  of  23-­‐year-­‐old  Rob  Resnick  (otherwise  known  as  'Rez,')  and  24-­‐year-­‐old  Cal  Shapiro,  the   two  have  garnered  more  than  39  million  views  on  YouTube  and  are  about  to  head  out  on  a  six  city   tour  (yes,  please!).  Get  to  know  the  boys  and  check  out  their  cover  of  Flo  Rida's  "Wild  Ones"   below!  

Watch Video At: /entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2012/11/need-a-dose-of-adorable-hotnes.html      

January 8,  2013  

Video: Timeflies Freestyle Raps For Seventeen

    Timeflies duo Cal and Rez stopped by the Seventeen offices recently and we put the guys' skills to the test! Before they came in, Seventeen editors all came up with topics that we talk about pretty much all the time here (you know, like One Direction, prom, "Call Me Maybe..."), wrote them all down, and put them in a jar. Then, we asked Cal to freestyle rap using the words right on the spot! The guys totally pulled it off, incorporating the freestyle rap into an acoustic performance of their new single, "Swoon." Um, Cal and Rez, we promise next time we won't write them on Post-It notes. Watch Video At:                

August 13,  2012  

New Music Crush: Timeflies

If  you're  planning  a  back  to  school  bash  or  designating  your  dorm  room  as  the  floor   hangout  spot,  hip-­‐hop  duo  Timeflies  would  make  the  perfect  addition  to  your  music   playlist.  Comprised  of  singer  Cal  Shapiro  and  producer  Rez  (bonus:  they're  both  super   cute!),  the  group  blends  pop,  hip-­‐hop,  and  dance  to  create  a  chill,  yet  catchy  vibe.  Based   in  Brookyln,  the  guys  host  "Timeflies  Tuesdays"  on  their  YouTube  channel,  giving  their   fans  an  inside  look  at  their  lives.   Check  out  the  music  video  to  their  song  "Sleep  Forever"  below.  

What  do  you  think?  Do  you  want  to  see  Timeflies  in  Seventeen?  Share  your  thoughts  in   the  comments!     Watch Video At:                  

February 22,  2013    

Live From The Cosmo Fashion Closet: Timeflies

  Ear candy alert: For the last few weeks our office has been hooked on "Swoon" by producer Rez, 23, and vocalist Cal, 24, collectively known as Timeflies. These Tufts grads (who were both music majors) are hot, single and super-talented. Their sound is a mish-mash of pop, electro, hip-hop, dub step and rock—but they're best known for Cal's ability to rap about anything. Like, an-y-thing. Case in point: Timeflies stopped by the Cosmo office for an exclusive acoustic performance of our fave song and showed off their freestyling skills with a rap about our March issue table of contents. Pretty badass. Rez and Cal told us that they are working on a brand new album which will be released later this year. Read More At:

March 12,  2012     Mix Masters: YouTube hit ‘Timeflies’ enjoys fame out of a ‘crap apartment’ in B’klyn

In a  living  room  in  Crown  Heights,  a  half-­‐eaten  breakfast  sandwich,  drumsticks  and  empty   bottles  of  Glenlivet  scotch  line  a  tabletop,  while  two  baby-­‐faced  former  frat  boys  —  Cal  Shapiro,   23,  and  Rob  “Rez”  Resnick,  22  —  kick  back,  admiring  their  new  coffee  table.   “The  other  table  was  glass.  I  sat  on  it  and  it  shattered,”  says  Resnick,  still  wearing  last  night’s   clothing.   Ten  minutes  later,  Shapiro  props  his  feet  against  the  replacement,  and  it  falls  apart.   Welcome  to  the  makeshift  music  studio  of  homegrown  pop  stars  Timeflies,  an  “electro  hip-­‐pop   dub-­‐something”  duo,  best  known  for  their  “Timeflies  Tuesday”  remixes  recorded  on  an  iPhone.       Their  rendition  of  “Under  the  Sea,”  a  funk-­‐ified  (and  dirt-­‐ified)  version  of  the  Disney  classic   offset  by  a  steel  drum,  has  nearly  1.3  million  views  on  YouTube.     So  how  did  two  nice  Jewish  boys  from  the  suburbs  of  Westchester  and  New  Jersey  find  each   other  and  start  spittin’  clever  rhymes?   “We  were  at  a  party,  and  Cal  was  freestylin’  and  I’m  like,  ‘Dude,  you’re  so  good,  let’s  make   stuff,”  says  Resnick,  the  beatmaster,  who  met  Shapiro  in  2007  at  Tufts  University.  

Read More At: /p/entertainment/music/mix_masters_xatvHFlxOWYNR4dL21lvsM        

January 10,  2013    

Cal  Shapiro  and  Rob  Resnick,  aka  “Rez,”  of  Timeflies  are  the  sort  of  fellas  you  wanna   grab  a  pint  (or  a  scotch,  their  preferred  poison)  and  chat  about  Homeland  with  at  a  dive   in  LES.  They  are  also  the  musical  group  of  the  future.  They  have  a  weekly  YouTube   series,  Timeflies  Tuesdays,  for  which  they’ve  covered  every  artist  from  famed  Disney   character  Sebastian  the  crab  to  Ray  Charles.  They  know  how  to  use  Photoshop.  They   even  have  their  very  own  iPhone  App.  To  the  New  York  based  duo,  social  media  is  not   simply  a  buzzword,  it  is  the  backbone  of  their  success—and  boy,  are  they  successful.   With  their  ability  to  seamlessly  blend  every  musical  genre  under  the  sun,  the  duo  have   played  a  sold-­‐out  show  at  New  York’s  Terminal  5  and  graced  millions  of  computer   screens  across  the  globe.  We  caught  up  with  production  mastermind,  Rez,  and  freestyler   extraordinaire,  Cal,  about  Internet  fame,  life  in  New  York  and,  of  course,  Skrillex.     Tell  me  about  how  you  guys  got  started.   CAL:  Rez  is  from  Jersey,  I’m  from  New  York.  We  went  to  school  up  at  Tufts  and  we  were   just  hanging  out  with  a  bunch  of  people  and  I  started  freestyling.  He  had  a  seven-­‐piece   funk  band  that  he  was  playing  with  and  they  had  no  vocalist.  So  he  was  like,  you  should   come  down  and  do  vocals  for  us  and  it  kind  of  just  went  from  there.  He  was  the   drummer,  I  was  the  singer  and  then  we  spun  off  into  Timeflies.     Read More At:            


April 1,  2013    

Timeflies'  “I  Choose  U”  :  JJ  Music  Monday!  

Read More At:            

April 1st, 2013

INTERVIEW: Timeflies Talks Working On Debut Album And Beyonce Conspiracy

On a chilly night in New York, it’s safe to say the last place you want to be is steps away from the West Side Highway where the risk of getting lost in a see of vacant car dealerships runs high and finding an acceptable watering hole or restaurant is nearly impossible. And yet, the streets are teeming with teenage fans all of whom are wearing far too little considering the fickle weather we’ve been having. I guess I should mention that I’m standing outside of Terminal 5 and we’re a few hours out from a Timeflies show. Ah, it all makes sense now. Read More At:      


December 7,  2012  

  Popping  Up  is  our  recurring  look  at  new  artists  making  noise  on  the  music  landscape.   Because,  hey  —  Madonna  and  Britney  were  once  unknown,  too.     The  music  of  Timeflies  is  hard  to  pin  down.  The  duo’s  songs  all  have  an  electronic  sheen,   but  not  in  the  overpowering  sense  that  would  warrant  them  a  dubstep  or  EDM  label.   Further  complicating  labeling  is  the  fact  that  singer  Cal  is  prone  to  unleash  some   rapping,  and  that  he  and  producer  Rez  have  a  keen  ear  for  radio-­‐friendly  pop.    It’s  this   agility  that  enabled  them  to  record  seemingly  effortless  covers  of  Taylor  Swift‘s  “We  Are   Never  Ever  Getting  Back  Together”  and  Rihanna‘s  “We  Found  Love,”  both  of  which   garnered  them  a  host  of  new  fans  online.   But  with  their  just-­‐released  EP  One  Night,  the  guys  are  now  succeeding  on  their  own   terms.  The  EP  was  #2  on  the  iTunes  charts  its  first  week  (behind  Alicia  Keys‘  Girl  On  Fire)   and  they  sold  out  New  York  City’s  Terminal  5  so  fast  that  a  second  show  was  added  —   but  they  told  us  T5  is  just  the  beginning.  Watch  the  interview  up  top,  and  read  on  for   more  Timeflies  trivia.     Watch Video At:  

March 1,  2013  

Electro-Pop Duo Timeflies Plan New Single, Festival Dates  

Watch Video At:              

PRIMED: Timeflies    

         November  28,  2012  

Watch Video At: /Originals/ #show=Mcprimed&vid=fcb798e0-ba2a-48e8-96c7-31ce27a2d201                  


November 27,  2012  

Timeflies Talks  About  Their  New  EP  &  Their  Favorite  Taylor  Swift  Song!    

    The  Timeflies  Tuesday  duo  of  Cal  and  Rez  are  taking  the  music  world  by  storm,  one   free-­‐styled  cover  at  a  time.  Recently  the  singer/producer  pair  have  been  traveling   around  the  country  on  their  One  Night  tour  and  are  gearing  up  for  an  EP  released  today.   We  got  a  chance  to  talk  to  Timeflies  about  their  tour  experience,  their  EP  and  what  they   think  of  Taylor  Swift!     What  Is  Your  Favorite  Song  To  Perform  As  A  Group?   “‘For  You‘  is  our  favorite  because  it  tends  to  be  higher  energy  and  there’s  like  a  crowd   response.  Although  now  that  we’ve  added  ‘Glad  You  Came‘  that’s  a  close  second   because  that  one’s  really  fun.  We’ve  been  really  lucky  in  that  our  fans  can  recognize  the   different  genres  and  that  they’re  getting  exposed  to  whatever  we’re  into  and  are   accepting  of  all  of  our  music.”       Read  More  At:                      

February 7,  2013  

Timeflies Live  Chat:  Duo  Answers  YOUR  Questions  LIVE    

Earlier  today  (Feb  7)  we  had  the  pleasure  of  live  chatting  with  Timeflies!  The  guys  were   gearing  up  for  back-­‐to-­‐back  shows  at  New  York  City's  Terminal  5,  but  took  a  break  to   join  our  Google  Hangout  to  answer  fan-­‐submitted  questions.     Watch  to  see  if  they  answered  yours!       Watch  Video  At:            

October 8,  2012    


Occupation: Smash  makers     My  New  Album:   Under  the  Influence     You  Should  Buy  It  Because:   It's  going  to  change  your  life.     If  You  Don't  I  Might  Just:   Give  up  on  Timeflies  and  start  a  death  metal  group     Favorite  Cocktail:   Why  would  you  mix  anything  with  hard  alcohol?     Favorite  Sexual  Position:   Sit  on  my  face!     Favorite  Celebrity  Baby  Name:   Honey  Boo  Boo  Child     Favorite  Singer:   Ella  Fitzgerald  or  Frank  Sinatra.  Aretha  is  right  up  there  too.  Tough  question.     Favorite  Headphones:   Bose  (non-­‐studio);  Grado  Labs  (studio)     Read More At:!/favorite-gadget  

September 6,  2012    

The Next  Big  Thing:  Cal  and  Rez  of  Timeflies    

  In  today’s  over-­‐saturated  music  industry,  it  takes  a  lot  to  stand  out.  Your  average  top  40   radio  station  is  permeated  with  recycled  beats,  remixes  and  mindless  versions  of  the   same  songs.  Enter  Timeflies,  a  duo  consisting  of  Tufts  alumni  Cal  and  Rez,  who  are   determined  to  change  all  of  this.  Utilizing  pop,  hip-­‐hop,  electro,  dubstep  and   rock  throughout  their  tunes,  it’s  difficult  to  pin  down  exactly  what  they  are,  but  all  we   know  (along  with  hundreds  of  thousands  of  fans)  is  that  it’s  good.  It  also  doesn’t  hurt   that  Cal  and  Rob  are  so  accessible  —  updating  their  YouTube  page  every  Tuesdays  with   new  videos  for  fans  (a  day  which  has  been  dubbed  “Timeflies  Tuesday.”)     With  an  album  and  a  mixtape  under  their  belts,  the  boys  are  preparing  for  a  tour  which   kicks  off  today.  We  were  lucky  enough  to  score  some  face  time  with  the  dapper  duo  as   they  took  a  break  from  recording  their  as  of  now  untitled  album  upstate.  Read  on  to  see   how  we  passed  the  time  with  Timeflies!     StyleCaster:  Congratulations  on  all  of  your  recent  success!  Tell  me  a  little  bit  about   how  you  guys  got  started.     Read More At:  

March 5,  2013  

     P op The Question With Timeflies  

  It’s  amazing  the  success  pop  /  hip-­‐hop  duo  Timeflies  have  garnered  remixing  hits  by   Kesha,  Taylor  Swift  and  even  ‘The  Little  Mermaid’  for  their  weekly  ‘Timeflies  Tuesdays’   YouTube  segments.  But  producer  Rob  “Rez”  Resnick  and  singer  /  rapper  Cal  Shapiro   were  always  ones  to  experiment  —  especially  when  it  came  to  freestyle  and  covers.     They  started  writing  and  producing  beats  in  Rez’  basement  while  enrolled  at  Tufts  and   would  try  out  their  “joke  tracks”  when  they  DJed  at  parties  —  “we  would  slip  them  in   and  see  if  people  were  still  dancing,”  Cal  admitted.  Now,  they  are  riding  off  the  success   of  their  most  recent  EP  ‘One  Night’  (which  peaked  at  No.  2  on  the  overall  iTunes  chart,   No.  1  on  the  iTunes  Pop  chart)  and  currently  touring  the  country.  In-­‐between  their  sold-­‐ out  gigs  at  Manhattan’s  Terminal  5  (a  3,000  person  venue),  the  duo  visited  our  office   and  played  a  little  game  of  Pop  the  Question.     Watch Video At:          

September 4,  2012  

Timeflies Releases  'Under  The  Influence'  featuring  Rihanna,  Adele,  The   Wanted     Boston  duo  Timeflies  is  another  great  example  of  a  very  talented  new  act  that  not  only  has  great   musical  instincts  but  also  possesses  invaluable  DIY  savvy  when  its  comes  to  promoting  their   music  and  building  a  fanbase  online.  After  releasing  their  debut  LP,  "The  Scotch  Tape,"  back  in   2011,  the  group  has  been  stirring  up  excitement  and  garnering  loyal  fans  with  their  genre-­‐ mashing  blend  of  pop,  dance  and  hip  hop  by  playing  shows  all  over  the  country  and  launching   their  Timeflies  Tuesdays.     Timeflies  Tuesdays  is  a  clever  and  fun  segment  on  their  YouTube  channel  that  features  the  duo's   weekly  (and  highly  imaginative)  take  on  a  popular  song.  The  group  has  bundled  some  of  their   best  Timeflies  Tuesday  moments  on  their  new  mixtape  "Under  The  Influence"  that  includes   crafty  remakes  of  tracks  by  Rihanna,  Adele  and  The  Wanted's  'Glad  You  Came."     Timeflies  is  the  duo  of  producer  Rez  and  vocalist  Cal  Shapiro  who  first  started  working  together   while  attending  college  at  at  Tufts  University  right  outside  of  Boston.  "Rex  started  a  six  piece   funk  band,"  Shapiro  explains  in  an  interview.  "He  heard  me  freestyling  at  a  party  and  was  like,   “Yo,  come  sing  with  my  funk  band.  So  I  came  down,  we  did  a  rehearsal,  and  next  thing  we  know   we  were  playing  gigs  and  won  battle  of  the  bands  and  were  opening  for  Asher  Roth  and   Ludacris."   An  early  inspiration  of  their  popular  Timeflies  Tuesday  was  their  play  with  beats,  samples  and   surprise  rhymes  during  college  parties.  "Rez  would  write  some  stuff  for  me,"  Call  explains.  "We   recorded  some  'joke  tracks'  and  then  when  he  was  DJ'ing  parties,  he  would  slip  them  in  in  the   middle  of  really  hot  songs,  then  we  would  see  if  the  room  was  like  'What  the  f*ck?'  or  if  they   were  dancing."     The  group  adds  that  sampling  other  people's  songs  has  been  a  good  way  to  kickstart  their   creativity.  "You  find  something  and  work  on  it  and  when  you  make  it  better  than  the  original   then  you’re  like  oh  thats  phat,"  Rez  concludes.  But  their  play  with  other  people's  tracks  has  also   inspired  many  of  their  own  ideas  and  melodies  for  new  original  music.  Before  heading  on  a   national  college  tour  this  fall,  the  group  has  been  in  the  studio  recording  new  material  with   none  other  than  Mike  Posner.  Stay  tuned  to  hear  more  of  that  soon.  In  the  meantime  listen  to   Timeflies  "Under  The  Influence"  mixtape  right  here.    

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Timeflies is  one  of  the  better  acts  to  come  out  of  the  college  music  scene  lately.  Their   sound  is  difficult  to  describe:  It's  pop  and  electronic,  but  it's  rock  and  hip-­‐hop.  It's  Cal   freestyling,  but  it's  carefully  crafted  work  from  two  music  majors  well-­‐versed  in  music   theory.  It's  very,  for  lack  of  a  better  word,  "now."   Cal  and  Rez's  road  to  success  has  been  unusual.  They're  an  unsigned  act  whose  first   album,  "The  Scotch  Tape,"  hit  No.  8  on  iTunes  last  year,  primarly  because  of  an  Internet-­‐ savvy  fanbase,  the  group's  relentless  touring,  and  the  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  success  of  videos   like  Timeflies  Tuesdays.  Their  July  mixtape,  "Under  the  Influence,"  also  found  success.     Keep  in  mind:  These  guys  did  this  without  a  label.  So,  we  thought,  who  better  to  mentor   aspiring  musicians  who  how  to  start  your  own  music  career?    We  wanted  to  get  a  nuts-­‐ and-­‐bolts  view  at  the  step-­‐by-­‐step  process  you  need  to  go  through  to  "make  it."  And,   from  talking  to  the  duo,  it's  clear  that  it's  not  really  about  having  the  nicest-­‐looking   webpage  or  best  equipment  or  even  most  dedicated  fanbase.  Success  came  from   actually  buckling  down  and  getting  some  songs  together.     Read  More  At:

August 15,  2012  

Timeflies Opens  Up  About  Their  Album  and  Dream  Collaborations    

  Timeflies  is  comprised  of  producer  Rob  “Rez”  Resnick  and  vocalist,  Cal  Shapiro,  both   class  of  2011  graduates  of  Tufts  University.  The  group  formed  in  October  of  2010,  after   performing  together  with  the  band,  The  Ride,  a  funk  band  consisting  of  Tufts  University   students.  Currently,  residing  in  Brooklyn,  NY,  the  duo  is  geared  up  for  their  upcoming   tour  and  highly  anticipated,  sophomore  album  due  this  fall.  Their  debut  album,  The   Scotch  Tape,  landed  on  the  iTunes  pop  chart  and  iTunes  overall  chart,  number  2  and   number  8  respectively.  We  caught  up  with  the  busy  musicians  and  discussed,  Timeflies   Tuesday,  their  favorite  city  to  tour  and  what  female  vocalist  they  would  love  to  perform   with.  And  yes  ladies,  we  asked,  they  are  single.     Over  the  past  two  years,  Timeflies  has  accomplished  a  lot  and  has  gained  some  fairly   impressive  notoriety  in  the  industry.  Asking  what  the  journey  has  been  like  so  far  and   their  most  defining  moment,  Rez  stated,  “It  has  been  incredible  and  surreal.  Most   defining  moment  has  been  sharing  the  stage  with  JoJo  and  Neon  Hitch.  Our  New  York   show  was  the  sweetest  show  we  have  had  so  far,  a  very  validating  experience.  We  have   played  in  cities  I  didn’t  even  know  existed  and  who  knew  there  were  people  out  there   that  love  to  party  with  us?”  They  both  agreed  when  Cal  chimed  in  and  said,  “Cincinnati   is  one  of  our  favorite  cities  to  hang  out  and  play  in.”     Read  More  At:  

August 12,  2012  

Spotlight  Feature:  New  Musical  Duo  –  Timeflies  –  Listen  to  Their  Mixtape!  

Allow  me  to  introduce  you  to  new  musical  duo  Timeflies!   Comprised   of   producer,   Rez   and   vocalist,   Cal   Shapiro,   Timeflies   originally   gained   popularity  on  YouTube,  performing  unique  covers  of  songs  like  Carly  Rae  Jepsen‘s  “Call   Me  Maybe,”  Rihanna‘s  “We  Found  Love,”  and  LFO‘s  “Summer  Girls.”   They  currently  have  nearly  30  million  video  views!   Timeflies  received  praise  from  MTV  and  Vanity  Fair  for  their  unique  sound  that  blends   hip-­‐hop,  dance  and  pop  and  they  already  have  a  growing  list  of  celebrity  fans  including   Mike  Posner,  JoJo,  Neon  Hitch,  Outasight  and  Marc  Roberge  of  O.A.R.   Timeflies   recently   released   their   new   mixtape,   “Under   The   Influence,”   which   you   can   listen  to  right  here:  

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October 2,  2012  

TIMEFLIES TAKES CONTROL  J oonbug chats with the guys after their sold-out show in NYC  

This past Friday, Timeflies took over Terminal 5 in NYC. They played to a packed crowd of screaming fans and proved they are players to watch out for in the music world. The stage presence between Cal and Rez was filled with charisma as they connected with their fans from the stage. Accompanying that charisma, was an immense amount of energy showcasing their versatile approach to each song they performed. The guys were pumped being in their respective hometown and it showed. They played a mix of well-known songs (with a Timeflies twist, of course!) as well as their own productions. The duo is currently on their first headling tour, 'The One Night Tour,' which goes through November hitting 35 cities. We were able to catch up with them to see what their production routines are, how social media has helped them and what type of music they plan on making in the future. Read  More  At:  

Timeflies Press Kit  
Timeflies Press Kit  

An overview of the press the electro-pop duo has received for their EP, One Night as well as their upcoming major label debut.