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The home building process is often fraught with emotion. Excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and indecision are all par for the course. But it’s even more complex when the decision to build is made for you by circumstance. As the co-owner of Bella Vista, a local home building company, Sheena Sinclair

has experience guiding clients along such home building journeys. She’s worked with clients who’ve lost a home in a fire, and others, like Anne-Marie and Tom, whose anticipated six-week renovation turned into an unexpected teardown and rebuild. When looking in from

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the outside, some people might expect these future homeowners to be excited, says Sheena. “But it’s more complex than that.There are a lot of memories and emotions any time that choice is taken away from someone.” Last year, Bella Vista took on a new renovation project for Anne-Marie and

Tom—it involved replacing their Berber carpets and two bathroom makeovers. When old flooring was removed, evidence of water damage was discovered. Walls were then opened up, and the builders found mould. Unbeknownst to Tom and Anne-Marie, water had been seeping into their