Saskatoon HOME magazine Spring 2022

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Creating a flower-filled life

Fresh Cut Flowers Close to Home Asking Chantelle Fourney to name her favourite flower is akin to asking her to choose a favourite child. Amaranth, calendula, dahlias, lupines and peonies all spring to mind. “My favourites change with the seasons,”


she says, adding that rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan) and sunflowers are favoured in the fall. She’s cultivated dozens of flower varieties since moving to her family’s Grasswood acreage with husband Daryl and three

sons in 2018. (Their home was featured in the fall 2019 issue of Saskatoon HOME). After purchasing the property, Chantelle told her family: “We are going to be acreage folk now. We need to learn how to grow things.’”

The tabula rasa of the family’s five acres is every gardener ’s dream. The couple carved out one acre for a fruit orchard, one acre for a haskap berry maze and another acre for the cut flower garden. With 120 apple trees,