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Volume 16, Issue 28, Week of July 17, 2017

Darren Gowan’s artistic path leads from bear to buffalo Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express arren Gowan was 19, living a communal lifestyle on the eastern slopes of the Rockies, when he came upon a fully intact carcass of a bear. Beautiful green spring moss was partially covering the skeletal remains. “No animals had bothered any of the bones; they were still all in a row,” he said over a recent lunch at a restaurant on Central Avenue. “I stopped because it seemed sacred; it was like church or something. “I sat down there for a while and had a cigarette. I think I laid down by the bear and maybe had a nap.” Gowan said when he left the bear he had a desire to make “beautiful objects, so the rest of the world could understand how beautiful something from the natural world is.” Using equipment he purchased at a pawn shop, he began what has become a lifelong passion and career. At first he made pendants for people he knew. Then, a person said he would pay $60 if Gowan made him a piece. “When you’re living off bannock and wild meat in the bush, that’s a lot of money,” he said. “This was 25 years ago or something. I thought, ‘Groovy, no problem, I’ll do that for you.’” He was turning stones and antlers into pieces of art. “That was one of the things that really moved me to use these things so people can understand that there are things more beautiful than gold, more beautiful than silver, titanium. I wanted to change that KK071120 Karen


Darren Gowan saved the stone he used for his buffalo sculpture from a construction site. (Photo by Ryan Grainger) mindset. And that’s all I could come up with; I’m not very creative.” He is, of course, very creative. And very engaging. Gowan is putting the final touches on a piece he did as part of the city’s art placement program. It’s a detailed sculpture of a buffalo that has been installed on the corner of 112th Street and Central Avenue in Sutherland. There has been no official unveiling yet or date set for one. Gowan was born in Winnipeg and “adopted out at the age of two months” to an Irish-English Canadian family. During his early years, his dad’s work took them to Panama, Barbados, Contadora and the Dominican Republic. Gowan’s first language is Spanish. His family moved to Ottawa when he was six or seven. “It was a huge culture shock. For one, I didn’t speak English. I thought every-


body spoke Spanish. I thought that is how humans communicated,” he said. He moved to Saskatoon about 12 years ago, approximately 25 years after he stumbled upon that bear carcass. “My wife at the time was trying to finish her degree so we moved to town so she could attend the U of S. Those were good days, man, when we first moved to Saskatoon. We didn’t have much of anything but we had a new baby and we had each other. My art career seemed like it had a lot of hope and promise at that time. Everything was shiny and new, you know.” The shine dulled when he and his wife separated and then divorced. Racism was also part of his everyday life. “I’m a brown guy who gets treated like a brown guy. In Saskatchewan, it is very ‘us and them’ compared to a lot of places in the world. It’s hard to be brown, man. If you walk with any kind of strange gait,

people will automatically assume you are piss drunk or on drugs or something. ‘No, man, I have a broken ankle; thanks for asking.’ I am the son of an Indian woman in Canada so I experience everything that goes along with that.” He found the massive stone he used for his project just north of the city where the new bridge is being built. He figures the stone was destined to become part of a roadway or the bridge had he not rescued it. He created the sculpture on a friend’s farm. It wasn’t ideal, but it was the best place he had. “I need an industrial shop of some scale and some size. I’m getting too old to do it out in the bush under a tarp like I did on this one.” He said he is happy with the final result and would like to work at that scale, and bigger, in the future. (Continued on page 7)

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Famous summer sale starts thurs, July 20th

Sale Warren K Cook Andrew Marc Ecco Braga Tuscano Signum Valenza Ingram Jack Lipson Thomas Dean Ike Behar Coppley Viyella Linea

The 1967 Saskatoon Centennials midget hockey team held a 50th anniversary last week. Members of the team at the reunion were from left to right: Terry Bicknell, Charlie Cairns, Mel Grosse, Bob Will, Dale Thiesen, Orest Kindrachuk, Richard Grassie, Larry Brown, Murray Fairweather, Bill McBean, Dick Harvey and Ron Wallace. (Photo by Milt Taylor)

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204-115 SECOND AVENUE NORTH 306-653-5333 • have interviewed a fair their reflections with Ned Pownumber of people over the ers in a story in the Saskatoon years, but Darren Gowan Express on May 8. is right at the top of the class That prompted Wallace to when it comes to interesting play detective and see how and cool. many he could coax back to Gowan has recently comSaskatoon this past week. He pleted a sculpture at the corner gathered 12. Orest Kindrachuk, of Central Avenue and 112th once a star with the PhiladelStreet — in front of the Sutherphia Flyers, came back from land Hall. Philadelphia. Bill McBean, There was something about who has homes in both Texas his tell-it-like-it-is personality and Florida, also took the trip Editor that struck me. He has a great to Saskatoon. And so did Terry sense of humour on top of it. And his art Bicknell, the coach of the team who just speaks for itself. moved to Coldspring, B.C. One of the outtakes from the cover The main dinner was Wednesday night story was when INAC (Indigenous and at the Saskatoon Golf and Country Club Northern Affairs Canada) came up. where Wallace asked all the participants “I don’t know what they are callto tell what has happened to them during ing INAC these days,” he said. “Justin the past 50 years. Milt Taylor was there to (Trudeau) says we are indigenous now. capture the team photo. Man, I am none of your damn words. Five of the players have died and so Don’t go there. Allow me to define myself has Ed Chynoweth, the Saskatoon Minor in my own terms.” Hockey Association director who conceived When I asked him how he defines him- the idea of sending the team to Kingston. self, he said: “I set myself up for that one, ***** didn’t I?” The answer is in the cover story. New CFL commissioner Randy AmLater in the conversation, he said it brosie got his first big decision wrong would be cool to have a piece outside when he gave Hamilton Tiger-Cats thug Remai Modern. Will Hill only a one-game suspension for “I’d like to have a great big something manhandling an official. Let’s call it a all lit up and pretty. And tag the whole city rookie mistake. with my sculptures,” he said with a laugh. ***** Gowan has sold art in places such as With the exception of the loose-lipped Phoenix and Seattle, and is showing with a tenor, why are we so quick to jump on famous artist at a Vancouver gallery. anthem singers who make a mistake? The “My work is right beside Renoir’s.” woman giggled. She was nervous. What’s Or you could say Renoir’s work is right the big deal? beside Darren Gowan’s. ***** ***** There are too many words on some of A dozen hockey friends, linked together those anti-racism billboards in the city. as teammates on the 1966-67 Saskatoon I could have been pinched for distracted Centennials midget team, gathered last driving when I tried to read one last week. Wednesday and Thursday to relive some And, yes, I was going the speed limit. of the happiest moments of their lives. Honest, officer. The Centennials were formed for one ***** season to represent Saskatchewan in the Isn’t it great that one of the world’s Canadian championships where they most famous dresses — the one Marilyn finished third. Monroe wore when she sang Happy BirthRon Wallace, manager of the team, and day to President Kennedy — is owned by Bob Will and Mel Grosse, shared some of a Canadian?

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see recently have been finding that smaller bones have greater amounts of DNA than the leg bones. “They weren’t sure why that was,” said Andronowski. She took up the challenge to learn why, and discovered that smaller bones have more spongy tissue in the middle, which carry more nuclear DNA. “But we wouldn’t have been able to see that. So it was an unexpected finding,” she said. Here’s why this is important. Crime scene work, unlike what people have seen on TV, is grim, hard, occasionally chaotic and often unsafe. As a forensic anthropologist herself, Andrownowski knows this new bone information could be a game changer for law enforcement. “We’re hoping to guide how these samples are taken in the field,” said Andronowski. “Instead of the forensic anthropologist going out there with a heavy bone saw and having to sample a femur at a crime scene or in the field – especially when there are multiple individuals, if it’s a chaotic situation – we want the people to be as safe and efficient as possible.” Lifelong fascination Andronowski’s fascination with bones began as a child, and has continued throughout her life. “I’m one of those people who actually has wanted to do this my entire life, or something related to human anatomy, or Janna Andronowski is a forensic anthropologist whose work could change how law enforcement identifies missing people. forensic science,” she said. “I was always really interested in bones, (Photo by Joanne Paulson) in the human body, and in animals as well. Joanne Paulson poised to change the way crime scenes are analysis,” explained Andronowski in an I was that kid who would find animals on Saskatoon Express sampled, analyzed and managed. Because interview. “DNA analysis is commonly the side of the road and want to dissect ome of the tiniest bones in the huwhen it comes to DNA analysis, bigger is, used to identify unknown individuals, so them. No one in my family is a scientist, man body reveal some of the most apparently, not better. currently the bones commonly sampled so they’re like, ‘Janna might be a serial important information. In fact, fingers, ankle and kneecap are bones from our lower limbs; the femur killer or a scientist.’” It seems counterintuitive, but groundbones seem to reveal more about a — thigh bone — and tibia, which is in the From Toronto originally, she studied breaking research at the Canadian Light deceased person than, say, the relatively lower leg. These bones have really dense biology and criminology at Simon Fraser Source’s biomedical beamline (BMIT) is enormous femur. tissue.” University, and then completed a master’s proving just that. “I’m working on using three-dimenIn the past, no work has ever been done degree at the University of Toronto. Her The work of Janna Andronowski, a sional bone imaging techniques to try to on whether these are the best bones to PhD came at the University of Tennessee forensic anthropologist, and her team is guide which bones we sample for DNA sample. However, researchers in Tennes(Continued on page 7)

Synchrotron research will help at crime scenes


AS080114 Aaron

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I don’t love a good thunderstorm



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Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority - Liquor Permit Under the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997 Notice is hereby given that Leopold’s Tavern Rosewood Inc. has applied to the Liquor and Gaming Authority for a Restaurant Permit to sell alcohol in premises known as Leopold’s Tavern at Unit 10, 120 Tweed Lane Saskatoon S7K0K1 Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their name, address and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection(s). Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous, vexatious or competition-based objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered, and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Write to: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, Box 5054 Regina Sk, S4P 3M3

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ell, now. Wasn’t that a mighty storm? From time to time, I hear people saying “Oooh, I love a good thunderstorm.” Let us, just for a moment, dissect that for those of us who just don’t understand why anyone would actually like high winds, pouring rain, hail, ear-splitting thunder and jagged electrical lines flashing across the sky. The “oooh” part may be an expression of awe. As in “oooh, that was a big one.” Or, “oooh, that mountain sure is high” or “oooh, that man sure is handsome/woman is beautiful.” Then we have the subject/verb phrase, “I love.” I recall a Mad Men episode in which Don Draper (about whom women often say, “oooh, that man sure is handsome”) lecturing the copywriting staff about using the word “love.” We “love” our family, friends, pets and, perhaps, our Columnist nation. We do not “love” our washing powder, toothpaste or soft drink. (I suspect some of us do “love” our cars, mind you.) In any case, we do not “love” inanimate things, and if we truly do, we are weird. I’m willing to accept the argument, here, that thunderstorms are not exactly inanimate. Neither, however, do they have souls. Now we arrive to the object of the thing, “a good thunderstorm.” What, pray, is a “good” thunderstorm? Does this refer to an extremely active, exciting, seemingly endless weather event? One that gets the blood raging and produces excellent photo opportunities? Does it come with hail, rain and wind in addition to the thunder? Or, is a good thunderstorm one that behaves well, and causes no damage? Good thunderstorm. Pat, pat. Nice thunderstorm. Please do not dent my car, break my windows or flood my basement. In the wake of last week’s storm (and I do mean wake, since every time a car drove through the two-foot-deep lake at our intersection, it created enough wake to be a boat on a river) I’ve heard several people say, “Oooh, I love a good thunderstorm. But that one was a bit too much. Even I didn’t really love that thunderstorm.” It was a thunderstorm. Do you love them, or do you not? Or only when they’re “good”? I am in a different place on the thunderstorm love-hate debate. I do not love thunderstorms. I suppose I should not hate them, either, to be consistent with my theory about emotions over inanimate things. Let’s say, instead of hate, that they scare the ever-

Joanne Paulson

Signia Signiaunveils unveilsits its

smallest smallest

ever ever hearingaid aid hearing Promotionally Priced

Promotionally Priced Promotionally Priced for a Limited Time for a Limited Time for a Limited Time

Streets were submerged at an intersection near Joanne’s home. (Photo by Joanne Paulson)

loving bejeepers out of me. This time, I saw that baby coming over the tops of our fir trees. My husband was downtown at the gym, and wouldn’t be ready for a while yet. Then, yes, he planned to walk home, too. Nothing doing, said I. I called him and said, “I’m on my way, if you can be ready early. It’s going to storm.” He agreed. Then all hell broke loose. The wind came up, rain started to pour and the hail hammered down. There is no way I am driving through a hailstorm. The hail finally stopped, and I got ready to leave…and it started again. We had three hailstorms in 45 minutes. When it finally abated, I pulled out in the car, looked right, then left . . . and realized there was an enormous lake at the end of the block. Big trucks were making it through, but I have a small SUV. I turn around and get to Broadway and Taylor, and it’s under water, too. So I hit the freeway, and ended up driving through three enormous pools, and past three stalled vehicles. (That’s what you get if you drive through deep pools. Just saying.) We came home and, with our neighbours, spent the next hour clearing debris out of the drains on the corner. That was fun. By 8:30 we were wet, cold, filthy and starving. They say it was a 25-year storm. I recall one eight years ago, in which the lake at the corner crept halfway up our lot. If it hadn’t finally stopped raining that night, our house would have been under water, along with some of our neighbours. Seems to me we get a 25-year storm every eight to 10 years. This time, there were popped manhole covers, power outages, hail damage, flooded basements. An acquaintance had the stucco stripped from her home by hail. Oddly, a friend of ours on the far east side of town had nothing. “Storm? What storm?” It was pretty exciting for some of us, though. Was it a good thunderstorm? I leave it to you to decide.

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hearing aids Nearly invisible Nearly invisible hearing aids hearing aids

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A close-up of Silk in the ear.

A close-up of A close-up of Silk in the ear. Silk in the ear.

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*Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated. Hearing instruments help many people hear better, but cannot of solve hearing of *Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness theevery new features *Study conducted atand theanalyzing University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of both the new features of problem or restore normal hearing. Copyright © 2017 Signia All rights reserved. primax by collecting ongoing EEG data whileInc. subjects performed speech testing. For primax features

primax by collecting and analyzing data while subjects performed For bothinprimax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the ongoing objectiveEEG brain behavior measures revealed speech a signifitesting. cant reduction listening effort SpeechMaster andwas EchoShield, objective brain behavior measures revealed significant reduction in listening effort when the feature activated.the Hearing instruments help many people hear abetter, but cannot solve every hearing when the activated. instruments helpInc. many people hear better, but cannot solve every hearing problem orfeature restore was normal hearing.Hearing Copyright © 2017 Signia All rights reserved. problem or restore normal hearing. Copyright © 2017 Signia Inc. All rights reserved.

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Diamond House P ERS O N A L C A RE H O M E • W A RM A N , SK

Diamond House is one House with 6 homes. Our goal is to build living environments that feel and look like home. We have created each of our 6 homes to be unique in meaningful ways; ceiling height, décor, style of furniture, flooring, wall colors, and access to the outdoors. Each home has support staff hired specifically for that home so continuity of care and support is maintained and fostered. We provide all levels of support and care so residents can age in place.

L I V I N G I N T HE R I GHT P L A C E Family Room

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Outdoor Living

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Diamond House recognizes that the way we design and build living environments has a significant impact on the health and well-being of the resident who lives there. After several years of research, Diamond House was designed to provide an environment that adapts to the needs of the resident. The home is architecturally designed and operated to provide a living environment that is as close to “HOME” as possible. Every effort was made to pattern the environment after the familiar “ the home” and the past. This helps provide our resident with a soft transition to a new setting.

Diamond House is located at 700 Ballesteros Cres in Warman, SK For more information please call 306-955-1300 or visit our website at

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Every generation has its own fidget spinners

knew when I walked by an for you to choose from,” I told overflowing, neglected bin him. “Go nuts.” of fidget spinners at Walmart Before long he was doing that it was probably too late to that thing that kids do: you be writing a column about the know, asking me for one every craze that has seized the hearts five minutes until my head and fingers of kids and adults exploded. Then I heard Ellen across North America. DeGeneres talk about them in Oh well, I’m writing it her monologue one day, and reanyway. alized that this wasn’t just some While the origins of the silly weird request of my son’s – this little plastic toy are disputed, was a bona fide fad. what is undeniable is the frenzy So I gave in, because who Columnist with which the demand for among us was never a kid fidget spinners took hold. caught up in the midst of a fad? The stress For those of you fortunate enough not of not having the object of desire, the to have someone in your house infatuated ostracizing and peer pressure until you got with them, a fidget spinner is a little toy it, and then that empty, anticlimactic feelthat sits like a helicopter propeller on your ing when you finally did . . . ah, childhood. finger, with round blades that spin around What a glorious time. a bearing. Probably the world’s most popular fad, Kids have been obsessed with them for though it predated my childhood, was the months. Until recently you couldn’t buy Rubik’s Cube. My earliest memory of a one anywhere except online, and when the fad is when I was six years old and those odd enterprising retailer did manage to get homely, dimpled Cabbage Patch Kids were a few dozen onto its shelves, they were a Grade 1 must-have. sold out within minutes. I remember this distinctly because my My 12-year-old son is no exception to parents somehow managed to find a black the obsession. When he came and asked market Cabbage Patch Kid in Saskatoon. me if I would buy him one from Amazon, How does that even happen? I knew I thought he had lost his mind. “If you something was off on the yellow-haired need to fidget with something, there’s a doll in the blue dress (yes, I remember perfectly good junk drawer in the kitchen that too), but it was good enough that I


pretended not to notice. Then one night, watching the news around the supper table, a segment came on warning parents about the dangers of knockoff Kids — apparently they were highly flammable. “Rocco Alessandro, a chemist with the (United States) Customs Service, said preliminary tests indicate that the stuffing in the dolls contained several volatile and flammable compounds, including benzene and toluene,” read the New York Times story on the counterfeit Cabbage Patches, dated Dec. 15, 1984. “Mr. Allesandro said he could not assess whether the dolls themselves were poisonous or highly flammable. However, he said ‘good toys don’t contain flammable compounds.’” The story then went on to detail how recent raids on three different Manhattan warehouses resulted in the seizure of $400,000 worth of black market Cabbage Patch Kids. Back at that dinner table, I watched in horror as a clearly sadistic television news reporter gleefully held a flame to the toes of a pseudo-Cabbage Patch Kid, upon which it incinerated with a vengeance. I screamed and fainted into my Chicken Tonight. That night my beloved doll disappeared. My mother lovingly explained that they kidnapped her and disposed of her body because she could kill me, and we

didn’t want that. Later, my parents bought me and my younger sister new, real Cabbage Patch dolls (I think — I never really trusted my parents again), but it still wasn’t quite the same because they bought them from Consumers Distributing, so they came in weird boxes. Anyway, it’s fine now. I’m over it. Really, I am. Jelly shoes, Teddy Ruxpin, Scratch ‘n’ Sniff stickers, calculator watches and My Little Ponies – my generation’s fidget spinners. There were also fads that weren’t objects: Jennifer Aniston’s famous ’90s haircut from Friends, crimped hair, and formation dance crazes like the Macarena or Psy’s Gangnam Style all once took the world by storm. That Walmart bin signals to me that the fidget spinning craze has peaked. People smarter than I predict another spike in sales at the start of the school year and then again at Christmas before the inevitable decline really takes hold. I’m 100 per cent certain I will be able to buy one at pretty much every single garage sale I peruse next summer. But will the fidget spinner go the way of Teddy Ruxpin, never to be seen again? Or will it calm down, but like the Rubik’s cube, still always be available for purchase at big box retailers forevermore? Let’s watch.


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(Continued from page 3) at Knoxville, which has an excellent forensic anthropology program and a body donation program with more than 1,700 modern individuals. Her bone samples come from this “huge resource.” She was also a researcher at a medical examiner’s office in New York City. There, she studied with prominent anthropologists, one of whom specialized in bone histology — the microscopic study of tissues — which brought her to the Canadian Light Source. Her Saskatoon team is the first to use a 3-D imaging technique to examine the relationship between the number of bone cells and the amount of DNA. The light of the CLS synchrotron, created by accelerated electrons that produce light a million times brighter than the sun, makes it possible to see microscopic or atomic bits of bone. The research has been published in the May issue of Forensic Science International: Genetics, and she presented her team’s findings at a recent forensic sciences meeting in New Orleans. “I always say, we can find out so much about a person’s life from a skeleton, or even tiny pieces of bone,” she said. “My role as a forensic anthropologist is to assist law enforcement with recovery and subsequent analysis of unknown human remains. We help with the recovery and then analyze those bones. One of the main things we do is developing a biological profile.” That involves approximating the age of death, biological sex, living height, previous trauma or injuries around the bone at time of death, as well as disease processes that may have affected the bone, such as arthritis. That information is provided to the police, to help them narrow down the missing persons’ pool. “We use multiple methods; we don’t just use one for age and one for sex, for example. We use as many as we can depending on the state of the remains. If we have, say, just one arm, we’d be more limited than if we had the whole skeleton. The pelvis is what we use primarily to determine sex in adults. And then the skull gives us a lot of information as well. Long bones can be used to determine height.” Adding DNA found in the tiny bones to the biological profile, then, is a huge step forward in identifying people. “At the end of the day, we’re helping families identify missing loved ones.” Andronowski said working at the CLS in Saskatoon has been a great experience. Her work also extends to gender differences in bone cellular networks —which leads to assessing whether men and women have different effects from age-related bone loss. In other words, her work could lead to timely interventions for diseases such as osteoporosis. “I always go where the best opportunity is for my work. The work here is cutting edge, and it wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else,” she said. The international post-doc is now off to Akron, Ohio, where she will be an assistant professor in biology, doing research and teaching anatomy. “But then, I might get in touch with local law enforcement and say hey, I’m in the area.”

Buffalo sculpture took a year to complete


(Continued from page 1) t was a scale I wasn’t used to working in, but now I feel even that is small – bring it on universe to do a bigger one. The budget dictates what you can do. If you’ve got a million-dollar budget, yeah we can come up with some pretty neat stuff.” The grant for the Sutherland piece was $10,000. It took Gowan about a year to complete the project. “I want to have a whole bunch of big sculptures all around the world and then when I check out, maybe my daughter will inherit what that’s worth and hopefully, if I work hard enough, it will have some real value.” Gowan was asked if he is making a living at art. “That’s funny. That’s funny. Some days. I have a lot of friends in the art world and they seem to have figured out how to do not too badly. I’m still struggling.” He said he would love to make ends meet through his art. “And trying to stay hopeful that this is a valid choice of the way to spend your life. I think I might be partially vindicated in a thousand years. When all of us are all gone and my legacy is the art I made.” He said he hopes his sculpture in front of the Sutherland Hall will open the door to other large projects. “Edmonton started an aboriginal sculpture park and I thought, ‘Oh my lucky stars have aligned’ and boom, they said, ‘but you haven’t worked in that scale.’ Well, yeah, because of people like you. At some point someone has to say, ‘well, let’s see what the guy’s got.’” He would like his piece in Sutherland to make people stop and think. “I hope when people see the work, they’ll reflect on our shared history of this land. Perhaps when they come out of their reflection, they will have a tad more respect for the people of this land.” For more information on Gowan’s work, visit or contact him at







Regina area home

Saskatoon area home

301 Spruce Creek Street, Spruce Creek Estates, Pilot Butte

304 Greenbryre Crescent North, Greenbryre Estates

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Research could help identify missing loved ones

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JW071701 James


SASKATOON EXPRESS - July 17-23, 2017 - Page 8 JW071707 James

The Palisades Retirement Residence

Downtown, off Spadina Cres.

ENRICHED LIVING APARTMENTS Studio $1590 - $1645 1 Bedroom $1805 - $2510 2 Bedroom $2245 - $3065



Folkfest pavilions consolidate at Prairieland Park

Ned Powers Saskatoon Express askatoon Folkfest pavilions have shifted venues from time to time over the past 37 years. But nothing in the past has matched the momentous movement of venues to one major site like the cultural organization is about to do in August. There will be a wholesale invasion of Saskatoon Prairieland Park for the three days, Aug. 17-19, leaving only four pavilions choosing to stay in their regular places or finding venues outside of the park. Five cultural groups – Caribbean, Greek, Scottish, the Philippines and Ukrainian Karpathy – have been occupying the main halls in Prairieland’s Trade Centre for more than 10 years. Each has benefitted from others being in the heavy traffic neighbourhood and from the parking availabilities. “Just after last year’s Folkfest, we had an inquiry from one pavilion wondering if there could be more space in the RBC Global Village, which operated outside on the grounds last year,” said Terry Rau, Folkfest executive director. “The more we talked about more pavilions on the grounds, the more we liked the idea and certainly Prairieland had the space to accommodate us. “And since Canada was celebrating its 150th birthday, we thought it would be an ideal time to celebrate our diversity in venues as close together as possible.” There was also a practical solution to a problem which pavilion operators had discussed in the past. “When I was making my tour through all the pavilions in previous years, I’d have people asking me how the other pavilions were doing. Many get so busy in their own venue, they never get a chance to see what happens elsewhere. This time most of the organizations will get a chance to check out what’s happening next door to them. There are lessons to be learned from each other.” The battle plan reads like this: The Trade Centre lineup stays the same – the Scottish in Hall A, theAaron Caribbean pavilion in Hall B, Filipinos in AS071718


Hall C, Ukrainians in Hall D and Greeks in Hall E. Each of them draws about 10,000 customers a day. Prairieland’s main stage, which will be called Canada Place, will be occupied almost continuously, with each pavilion promising to present its own special show once during the festival. Situated on the tarmac in and around the stage will be the Francophone, Brazilian and the RBC Global Village pavilions. On a strip commonly known as Kicking Horse Saloon by Exhibition-goers there will be three pavilions, operated by the Hungarians, Pakistanis and South Sudanese. The Indian-Metis pavilion will be located where the Ex once had an outdoor theatre and right next to it will be Maple Leaf Village, a park where children can play. Farther east on the grounds will be pavilions operated by the Bangladeshi and Chinese communities. Parking on the grounds will be free with the admission ticket. “We will try to keep the traffic flowing smoothly,” said Rau, who is in her 20th year with Folkfest. “We know that the Ex can handle up to 30,000 people on a given day. Our bonus is that there will be parking available near the Bangladesh and Chinese pavilions in an area near The Sports on Tap facility.” The German pavilion will again operate on the grounds where the Concordia Club exists. The Irish will be sticking to the Nutana Curling Club where they have been situated for almost 20 years. The Norwegians will move into Holy Cross and the India pavilion will be located at Brunskill School. “The German community has proven for years that it likes an outdoor setting, even though they have indoor space available. Their food and drink tent and their stage are outside. The new pavilions coming to Prairieland will have tents. We’d like perfect weather and we have been lucky over the years,” said Rau. All pavilions pay rental fees at Prairieland, but each will be able to retain all of theAS071716 money theyAaron charge for

India’s colourful pavilion is going to operate at Brunskill School during Folkfest. (Photo Supplied) food and drink. All of the pavilions are operated on a non-profit basis and each promises to turn the money back into cultural programs for their people. Bus services will be available again, with departures from in front of City Hall on 15-minute intervals, with stops at the Prairieland grounds and four other pavilions outside the grounds. There is no charge to ride the buses, as Folkfest pays for the service.

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority - Liquor Permit

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority - Liquor Permit

Under the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997 Notice is hereby given that 101273460 Saskatchewan Ltd. has applied to the Liquor and Gaming Authority for a Restaurant Permit to sell alcohol in the premises known as Thien Viet Nam Restaurant located at 123 3rd Ave N in Saskatoon SK Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their name, address and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection(s). Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous,vexatious or competition-based objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered, and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Write to: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Box 5054 Regina Sk S4P 3M3

Under the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997, Notice is hereby given that 102018155 Saskatchewan Ltd has applied to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) for a Restaurant permit to sell alcohol in the premises known as Royal Thai at #2 325 3rd Ave N Saskatoon SK. Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their name, address, and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection(s). Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds, and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous, vexatious or competitionbased objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Write to: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Box 5054 REGINA SK S4P 3M3

Must be legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly. Taxes extra. ®Registered trademark of Cara Operations Limited.


FROM 8-10 JULY 20TH & 27TH

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Two for the price of one at Pinty’s auto racing event Darren Steinke Saskatoon Express he NASCAR Pinty’s Series stop in Saskatoon became a whole lot more important thanks to a tweak in the event’s format. When the Pinty’s Series visited the Wyant Group Raceway in the past, the feature race for the circuit was 250 laps in length. This year, the series is hosting two feature races that are 100 laps in length. A championship trophy and prize money is awarded for each race and the results of both will go towards the Pinty’s Series points championship standings. Those feature races will be split up by a 100-lap feature race from the super late-model class from the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association. “When NASCAR comes around, it is always bigger, because there is a lot more excitement,” said Matthew Shirley, who drives in the local super late-model class and is the local track’s director of fundraising. “There is a lot more of a buzz. There is more advertising going on out there. “As a local driver, especially with this new format, we get to put our super lates between the two 100 races. It’s a big opportunity to show the City of Saskatoon, the corporate sponsors, everybody what they are missing on their week-toweek racing.” The Pinty’s Series stops runs over the course of two days — July 25 and 26. On July 25, action starts at 7 p.m. and that day’s program contains 75-lap feature races for the local pro truck and sportsman class and heat races for the super late models. On July 26, action starts at 6 p.m. and that day’s program contains the two Pinty’s Series races and the feature run of the local super late-model class. The Pinty’s Series is a minor-league circuit that prepares drivers to compete on day on NASCAR’s top level – the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. It is believed that this will mark the first time the Pinty’s Series has held two 100-lap feature races on the same night. Andy Clewes, who is the president of the SSCRA, said it is hoped the two shorter races will entice more racing teams from Western Canada to come try the Pinty’s Series. “If a guy has a mechanical malfunction in the first one, you are looking at least an hour between the 100s,” said Clewes. “If you have a problem in the first 100, you can come back and start the second one. In a 250-lap race, if you are out, you are out.” It is expected a field of 21 to 22 cars could be present in Saskatoon for the race. A field of 18 cars is expected for the super late-model feature race. The field for the NASCAR Pinty’s Series likely will include Nick Jewell from The Pas, Man., Stefan Klym and his daughter, Destiny Klym, from Weyburn and Jason Hankewich out of Kindersley. Circuit phenom Cayden Lapcevich, a 17-year-old from Grimsby, Ont., is expected to be in the field for this year’s race. Last year in his rookie season on the Pinty’s Series, Lapcevich won the feature race in Saskatoon. It was his first victory on the circuit. He used that as a springboard for two more circuit victories, while capturing rookie-of-the-year honours and the series championship. That marked the first time someone was both the rookie of the year and the class champion in the same season. With the calibre of drivers that take part in the Pinty’s Series race, Clewes said it is the showcase event for the SSCRA, and it usually draws close to 5,000 spectators. “It is what makes or breaks the club,” said Clewes. “That is our highest attended event of the year. “You get these fans that only come one time that year . . . it is really a benefit to show them what we have locally here to try and get them to come out even more times.” Last year, Shirley won the Bryce Mann Memorial super late-model feature race on the Tuesday night of the Pinty’s Series event. The 22-year-old said the excitement of being part of this year’s race is higher because it is on the Wednesday race night. Shirley and Jared Reddekopp are part of a big group of youngsters that will try to get past a strong presence of local veterans like Jim Gaunt, Trent Seidel, Dave Bone and Doug Bienia. “The experienced guys always have the edge on us young guys,” said Shirley. “They are going to sit there, they are going to tune the crowd out and they are going to do their thing. “They know the sponsors are there, and they are going to be super competitive. Those vets are going to be there at the end. It is always cool to watch, and you always have to try and pick up more and more every race. “We’re going to give them a run for their money. That is our goal.”


(You can see more of Darren Steinke’s work in his online blog

Fans check JW071706 Jamesout the cars before the Pinty’s series race in 2015. (Photo by Darren Steinke)


Wednesday, July 26, 2017 TWIN 100 RACES

Gates Open - 1:00 PM

Green Flag Race #1 - 6:00 PM Race times subject to change, please visit for updates

Photos courtesy of Just Sports Photography

TWIN 100 LAP NASCAR PINTY’SRow SERIES RACES AND A SPECIAL WSSL Sec Seat SUPER LATE MODEL FEATURE ALL IN ONE POWERFUL NIGHT Gates - 1:00 Practice Time / 4:30 Autographs / 5:35 Introductions / 5:55 Start Your Engines

NASCAR Pinty’s Series Ticket Pricing: Adult Assigned Seating - $48 Child Assigned Seating - $21 Family Pack - $104 (2 Adult/2 Youth Berm Seating Only) VIP - $110 (includes GST) Tuesday, JulyA l25, 2017 l NASCAR Pinty’s Series Tickets Include F R E E A D M I S S I O N t o J u l y 2 5 ELocal v e n t ( IDivisions ncludes GST)

BONUS LOCAL RACE EVENT – Free Admission Stub Gates Open 5:30 PM 3 0 6- 95 6- 3 2 1 2 f o r in f ormation Green Flag 7:00 PM

SASKATOONEXPRESS - July 17-23, 2017 - Page 10

Jaguar XF R Sport offers luxurious performance and comfort


hen my wife and I went to visit friends in Florida, I asked Jaguar if they could provide me with a set of wheels that would hold four people, luggage and still be fun to drive. I should have known better than to give a PR person that much of an opening. His answer was, “that doesn’t narrow things down much; I’ll get back to you.” The next thing I saw on the subject was a phone number Autozone to call when we landed and had our luggage. I called and we were taken to a parking lot where I signed a bunch of papers that included things like I promised not to speed and the like. The papers did tell me what the car was, but I had never seen an XF Sedan in real life. The design is subdued and the XF blends in with the surrounding luxury cars quite well. Since badging is subtle as well, and the U.S. does not use the leaping Jaguar as a hood ornament, you need to pay

Charles Renny

The Jaguar XF R Sport was a joy for Charles to drive. (Photo by Charles Renny) attention to the subtleties that Jaguar uses in its new designs. Once you get a good look at the front, though, the grille and fascia are definitely Jaguar. Our friends live a couple of hours away from the airport. Getting into a strange car after a day of flying isn’t always easy. The XF took care of that in typical luxury performance fashion.

Everything was at hand and controls were easily adjustable. I took the auto journalist’s five-minute introduction to a car. In short, I pushed every button and turned every switch to see what it did. My wife’s comment was, “you’re as bad as your kids.” After wending our way through the airport and traffic, we were on the interstate

highway loping along effortlessly at about 125 kilometres per hour (kph), thanks to the 3.0 litre, 340 horsepower, supercharged V6 and the eight-speed automatic. It took about five minutes of driving to figure out that the R Sport package added more than a bit of bling and different trim finishes to the XF. (Continued on page 12)

AS071712 Aaron

Blind Spot Monitoring* The way you imagine it





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115 4.29%


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$3,988 down payment. $46,269 MSRP includes $2,274 freight & delivery, PDI & block heater. Earn 500 Aeroplan® Miles when you test drive and 5,000 points when you purchase.**

2017 Highlander XLEAWO shown

Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & offers from Toyota Financial Services (TFS). OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered models sold and delivered between July 1 & 31, 2017. †Lease a 2017 Highlander XLE AWD V6 (JZRFHT A) for $115 weekly with down payment or equivalent trade of $3,988. Security deposit is waived. Based on vehicle price of $46,269 and 4.29% lease APR. Total lease obligation is $33,749; lease end value (for personal use only) is $19,130. In addition, Dealer Lease End Option Fee of $300 will be added. Example based on 60-month walk-away lease with 100,000 km. If km limit is exceeded, additional km charge of $0.15 per km will apply. The first future scheduled weekly lease payment will be payable 7 days after the contract date. Total of 260 weekly lease payments required during the lease term. Weekly lease offer can be combined with most other offers excluding the First Payment Free and Encore offers. Vehicle price includes a maximum of $2,274 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning charge. All offers exclude license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and taxes. Down payment or equivalent trade, first payment and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Dealer may sell, lease or finance for less. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. Some conditions apply. **See for details. ®Aeroplan and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc. Further conditions and limitations apply. *Standard on 2017 Highlander XLE & LTD AWD (JZRFHT, DZRFHT) models only. For complete details, ask your participating Saskatchewan Toyota dealer or visit

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Three-wheelers need their own vehicle classification


ou may have seen that blurs the lines between one on the road — or the three-wheeler being a moseveral. torcycle or a car, and it is just Three-wheeled vehicles are as confusing for the governbecoming increasingly comment regulators as it is for the mon, although they have been public. around for decades. Morgan Canada’s federal motor is probably the most famous vehicle standards define a of the three-wheeler makers, three-wheeled vehicle as difhaving started production of ferent from a motorcycle. It is three-wheel vehicles in 1911 designed to travel with three and still producing them wheels in constant contact Autozone today. with the ground, has no more There are many other than four designated seating three-wheeled vehicles being built today. positions and has a gross vehicle weight Most are open topped, while a few are rating (GVWR) of 1,000 kilograms or enclosed. Some have seating side by less. Even this leaves some confusion, as side, while others place one person beit does not designate seating positions, hind the driver. but does reference several safety stanSome have a steering wheel, while dards the vehicles must meet, such as others have handlebars like a motorseatbelts, lighting and mirrors. cycle. There are even differences in conThe United States National Highway figuration, with some having one wheel Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in front like a tricycle, while many have lists all three-wheel vehicles as motortwo wheels in front and one in the rear. cycles, regardless of configuration and It is this multitude of configurations requires occupants to wear helmets and

have a motorcycle licence. Even there, it is not simple. Amended legislation has been introduced, but not passed, to make three-wheeled vehicles comply with passenger-car safety regulations and meet all crash test standards. As you can imagine, this has been hotly discussed. In Canada, even our provinces don’t agree. British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec class them as three-wheeled vehicles and they can be driven with a car driver’s licence. In Alberta and New Brunswick, they are classed as motorcycles and require a motorcycle driver’s licence. Saskatchewan has just allowed three-wheeled vehicles to be licensed in the province and Ontario is undertaking a 10-year pilot program. Looking closer at the new Saskatchewan program, three-wheeled vehicles are separated from motorcycles by the controls and seating. Three-wheeled vehicles will have a steering wheel instead of handlebars. Foot controls for acceleration and braking are used instead of hand con-

Jim Kerr

trols, and the seating will be equipped with automotive-type seat designs. Drivers will be able to drive with a regular passenger car driver’s licence, but learner’s licences and the transporting of children or infants who require booster/ car seats are prohibited. Occupants must wear helmets and eye protection unless the vehicle is equipped with a windshield. The vehicles will be exempt from some of the passenger car safety standards such as airbags, heater/ defroster or bumpers. One of the more popular threewheelers is the Polaris Slingshot with headquarters in Medina, Minn., and a Canadian sales office in Winnipeg. The Slingshot is a two-passenger, side-byside seating open-top vehicle that its website lists as a motorcycle, but with different handling characteristics. It is equipped with a 2.4-litre engine in front, ABS braking, belt-drive rear tire and a tilt steering wheel. It is definitely closer to a car than a motorcycle. (Continued on page 12)


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JW071708 James

SASKATOONEXPRESS - July 17-23, 2017 - Page 12


(Continued from page 11) nother three-wheeler is the Elio. It is a fully enclosed vehicle with heater and air conditioning, a .9-litre three-cylinder engine with manual or automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, power windows, ABS braking, air bags and seating with one person behind the other. Elio says their vehicle is a motorcycle because of the seating configuration. Discussions around the table would lead me to think that these vehicles and many others like them are neither passenger cars nor motorcycles. First of all, almost all of them are seasonal vehicles, not equipped for cold-weather driving. They handle differently than passenger cars or motorcycles and the seating positions are not consistent. The most consistent item on them is the use of a steering wheel. People don’t buy these to save money. There are much cheaper passenger cars on the market that will get similar fuel economy. These are typically vehicles people buy because they like the wind in their faces, the sun on their bodies and the thrill of driving something different.

Perhaps the regulators should take a look at what the regulations are trying to achieve. If we are trying to protect the occupants of three-wheelers by making them passenger vehicles, why do we allow motorcycles on the road? I am an avid motorcyclist and live with the knowledge that there are inherent dangers in riding them. Perhaps three-wheelers should be given the same responsibilities and choices. Put them in a class all their own. Don’t try to make them passenger cars or motorcycles. They are three-wheelers. Put in consistent regulations across Canada, such as the type of driver’s licence needed. Perhaps there should be a separate designation added to your regular car driver’s licence that you get after writing a specific three-wheeler safety exam. We do it for boat and snowmobile operators, so why not three-wheelers? Regardless of what happens with the regulations, three-wheelers will become more popular on our roads. The discussions will go on for a long time on how to regulate them. I think we should just call them what they are.

Jag light, nimble in traffic


(Continued from page 10) y first discovery was the gigantic four-wheel disc brakes that haul the car down from highway speeds like you hit a wall. This was courtesy of a truck that decided to move from the slow lane to the fast lane in one move — without the use of signal light. Two hours later we arrived and we hadn’t had to fiddle with seats to get comfortable or anything. We were able to get out of the car and feel like humans. The Jag was safely parked on the driveway beside his Mercedes and it looked right at home. The next day, all four of us decided to head downtown to an art gallery. I know what you’re thinking: me in an art gallery? Give your head a shake. The gallery we went to was a travelling show featuring the works of a glass blower by the name of Dale Chihuly. This drive was done at speeds of less than 60 kph in heavy traffic and in 28-degree weather. Keeping your cool was easy thanks to an excellent air conditioning system, and the

Jag being light and nimble enough to make city driving and parking easy. Once home, planning for the next day began and in a great vote of confidence our friends wanted to use the Jag again. So far all I’ve learned on this upscale, civilized vacation is that the XF is a wonderful, very comfortable luxury car. In a quiet time, I sneaked out to go for a personal drive. The book says 5.5 seconds or so to 100k and I can tell you the thrust pushes you back in the seat and the revs climb quickly enough that you will have a hard time using the paddle shifter before the engine gets to red line in the lower gears. Then I went and found a couple of onramps to test out the suspension and handling. No worries in these departments and the grin on my face kept getting bigger. When our host asked what I had been doing, my wife looked at me and said, “don’t ask, you really don’t want to know!” Do I like this new Jag? In short, an unqualified yes. Go drive one and you will see for yourself.





89 3.99











57 @ 1.99









→ → → →






2017 HR-V LX-2WD










73 @2.99 #







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DL#: 910649

#/£ Limited time lease offers from Honda Canada Finance Inc. (HCFI), On Approved Credit. Weekly lease offers apply to a new 2017 CR-V LX AWD CVT, model RW1H3HES/2017 Civic 4D LX 6MT, model FC2E2HE/2017 HR-V LX-AWD, model RU6H3HE for a 60/60/60-month period, for a total of 260/260/260 payments of $89/$57/$73 leased at 3.99%/1.99%/2.99% APR. 120,000 kilometre allowance (12 cents/km excess charge applies). Consumers may pre-purchase up to a maximum of 16,000 extra km/year at $0.08/km at the time of entering into the lease agreement. Total lease obligation is $23,140/$14,820/$18,980. Lease obligation includes freight and PDI of $1,725/$1,595/$1,725, Federal air conditioning charge, tire levy and other applicable fees except PPSA lien registration fee of $52.76 and lien registering agent’s fee of $5.25, which are both due at time of delivery. No down-payment required. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Dealer may lease for less. ¥$750 Civic bonus lease or finance dollars available on select new and unregistered 2017 Civics only when financing through HCFI and are applied to purchase price after taxes. #/£/¥ Offers valid from July 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for Saskatchewan residents at Honda Dealers of Saskatchewan locations. Weekly leasing available on terms of 36 months or greater. Offers subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Offers only valid on new in-stock 2017 vehicles. While quantities last. Dealer order or trade may be necessary. Visit or your Saskatchewan Honda dealer for details. †Based on vehicles available in the U.S. market. Vehicles’ projected resale value is specific to the 2017 model year. For more information, visit Kelley Blue Book’s Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc. *None of the features described are intended to replace the driver’s responsibility to exercise due care while driving. Drivers should not use handheld devices or operate certain vehicle features unless it is safe and legal to do so. Some features have technological limitations. For additional feature information, limitations and restrictions, please visit or refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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AS071701 Aaron SASKATOONEXPRESS - July 17-23, 2017 - Page 13

Boryski’s Butcher Block

Cam Hutchinson & Friends: Views of the World

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A Darth Vader-like pitcher delivers the ball during the Saskatoon Amateur Slopitch Association tournament on July 8. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)


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Trump lays foundation for Mexico’s Olympic hopes


hy do Regina media keep pumping Tyler Crapigna’s tires by calling him a clutch kicker? He is a pretty good kicker percentage-wise, but a clutch kicker makes field goals and converts when the game is on the line. He hasn’t done that this season, and it has cost the team a win and likely a tie. • TC Chong, on Los Angeles likely to host the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympics: “By that time, Trump’s border wall should be built and Mexico will be favoured to win gold in the pole vault.” • Janice Hough, on Tim Tebow hitting a walk-off home run for St. Lucie Mets: “So he’s on his way to being a solid minorleague calibre player in baseball as well as football.” • Torben Rolfsen, on an elderly grandma flashing the Dodger Stadium crowd after a dance-cam performance: “Vin Scully asked: ‘Who’s the young hottie?’” • It seems to me we have a 25-year storm every couple of years. • I can’t remember the last time the Riders played as good a game as they did against Hamilton. Hopefully this bodes well for the rest of the season. • From Chong: “Once again the MLB All-Star Game was a meaningless affair — just like last weekend’s series between the Mariners and the White Sox.” • From Hough: “During the All-Star game, Nelson Cruz walked to the plate, pulled a phone out of his pocket and had Yadier Molina take a photo of him with umpire Joe West. Out of habit, Roger Goodell fined him.” • From Rolfsen: “Interesting Canadian anthem at the All-Star Game. Was she high on maple syrup?” • Where did Kent Austin go? He’s lost a

NH071703 Nathan

ton of weight since the end of last season. Hopefully he doesn’t lose losing his temper. • Hough, on Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Adolphus Washington being arrested for allegedly carrying a concealed gun at a water park near Cincinnati: “Well, yeah, those kids in line for the rides can get scary.” • As much as I don’t like Buck Martinez as a broadcaster, it donned on me that Pat Tabler is worse. • Chong, on 48-year-old QB Todd Marinovich attempting a comeback with a team called the Southern Cal Coyotes: “What? He couldn’t spell Saskatchewan on Google?” • From Rolfsen: “I’m about as interested in this Mayweather-McGregor bout as Jeffrey Orridge was in the CFL.” • I’m not sure the CFL on-field product has ever been better than what we are seeing this year. • Hough, on the San Francisco Giants honouring Barry Bonds by adding him to their Wall of Fame: “They might have done better to put him in left field again.” • After watching the Montreal Alouettes first three games, I think Riders coach and general manager Chris Jones got it right when he traded Darian Durant. Right now, I’d take Kevin Glenn over Durant. And I never thought I would write that. • Rolfsen, on a man in Florida being bitten on the arm by an alligator while he was diving for golf balls: “Probably was Jean van de Velde.” • I’m wondering if umpire Jim Joyce said, “Been there, done that” after a CFL official’s horrible call cost a Winnipeg woman $1 million?

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The Apple Crate Café is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious lunch, tasty dessert, or a refreshing glass of sparkling hard apple cider. Located at the Glen at Crossmount, five kilometres south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue (Highway 219), the Apple Crate Café boasts splendid views in a relaxed prairie setting. OPEN DAILY M-S 10:00 - 3:00 Th 10:00 - 9:00 (during Cider Nights) Reservations recommended | 306-374-9872 AS071707 Aaron

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Government policy on flying vermin is bats

ust when I think I have a peaceful sleep, the baby wakes heard it all, another tale up screaming. It’s unusual, presents itself to prove me because the little guy normally wrong. Here is the story. plays for a while when he wakes Boy (Dick) meets girl (Jane). before he fusses. Jane runs to his They fall in love, get married room in a panic and brings baby and plan to have a family. With a back to comfort him. While dochild on the way, Dick and Jane ing so, a bat swoops overhead. look for an affordable home to In short order, Dick has his tenraise their offspring. nis racket in hand and is on the Dick and Jane find their hunt. After a fruitless effort, they affordable home and anxiously conclude the bat had flown into Columnist move in just before the baby the basement, so Dick seals the arrives. The inside of the house door to contain it. was newly renovated but the exterior needJane’s first call is to the health departed some work. They did get a home inspec- ment. Because the baby was exposed to tion done and the few deficiencies noted the bat and the bat was still at large and were to be corrected. All seemed well. couldn’t be checked for disease, the world’s The previous owner’s son had done cutest baby (OK, it’s my grandson) is going some of the work and returns to fix the to have to endure the necessary rabies predeficiencies. He had lived in the house dur- vention needles. Because of this, the baby’s ing the renovation period. Seeing Jane with maternal grandmother and I declare war on a newborn baby, he casually mentions there this bat(s). were a few bats in the house last fall. This Dick starts by calling pest control is not something a new mother wants to companies only to discover that bats can’t hear, but since they hadn’t noticed any bats be exterminated. Who knew that bats were around, Jane isn’t overly concerned. Then a protected species in Saskatchewan? Who spring rolls around and Dick and Jane start knew that these bats hibernate over winter? to hear noise in the walls. Meanwhile, I spend over an hour on the One night, when the family is settled into phone calling numerous provincial govern-


ment departments trying to find out who is responsible for protected animal species. After several conversations with a variety of provincial departments in Regina, I am referred to the Fish and Wildlife Branch. The conservation officer is busy, but I am promised that someone will call me before noon. They don’t. Did I mention I am on the warpath? In the afternoon, I call back and after expressing my displeasure, I’m given a number to call in Saskatoon. I do get to speak with a reasonable officer in Saskatoon who listens to the tale and then suggests I call the city about the problem. Duh, already did that and the city said call the province. Then I ask what can be done. He advises me that department officials do not attend at sites to investigate, but suggests catching one to see if it is a protected brown bat. Failing that, what’s next? Well, we could try lighting up the wall to watch for them and he heard playing music might help. What the hell, are we to play Brahms’ Lullaby and hope the creatures sleep through the night? He does tell me that under certain circumstances they will issue a special permit to exterminate but first I should contact Saskatoon’s Bat Lady. She is not a public

DC071757 Darlene

employee, but a city resident who has made herself an authority on bats and dedicates herself to rescuing them. The Bat Lady is a lovely person. She comes to the house that evening and is certainly knowledgeable about the species. After checking the premises, she is reasonably convinced that the bat is gone and further states that just because there was noise in the walls didn’t necessarily mean there were a lot of bats. Two hours after she leaves, Dick finds a bat flying about the nursery. Thankfully the Bat Lady comes back the next day, catches the bat and off it goes to the university for testing. We ask about the health hazard relating to the guano (bat poop) apparently when guano dries it will eventually turn into a dust which can then be airborne. The Bat Lady glosses over this question and implies that there is no research to the effect that says guano is dangerous to humans. Yet an Internet site says bat guano can be dangerous because exposure can cause a disease called histoplasmosis. Who do you believe? Although the cleanup procedure is extensive, it must be done. It is the better to be safe theory. (Continued on page 15)


Dear Readers, I am on the hunt for a great guy for one of my clients. She is in her early sixties, petite, fit, active and financially fortunate. She is genuinely nice and is a pleasure to be around. She enjoys golf, socializing, and loves to travel. I am seeking her soulmate and would love to hear about an amazing man who is a down-to-earth class act. He would be interested in enjoying life with a new partner and wants to travel. A love

for golf would be a wonderful bonus. Should this describe you or someone you know, do call me at 306.978-5683 and let’s be responsible for another love connection! Dear Lianne, I’m in my 50’s, male, divorced and in a dilemma. I accidentally fell in love with a woman who is tearing my heart out. She is recently separated and has become my best friend. We see each other twice a week and

I’ve fallen hard. So, here’s the deal. She has reacquainted herself with a high school sweetheart. She says she loves me but is waiting to see what happens with this fellow. When I stop seeing her she calls me letting me know how much she misses me. What do I do? – Vern Dear Vern, Slam on the brakes immediately! You are not being treated properly and you are being used. Clearly, she is nowhere

near ready for a relationship. I’m not sure if she actually knows what love is. It seems as though she is relishing all of the attention from you and the other fellow. Her marriage likely did not provide her with the strokes and attention she is receiving. Vern, love is not a competition. It is two feet in from both parties. Set this woman free and avoid all contact with her. She has plenty of work to do on herself before she is ready for real love.

Lianne Tregobov Intuitive Matchmaker

I am an award-wInnIng, IntuItIve matchmaker wIth twenty three years of experIence turnIng sIngles Into happy couples.

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Plenty of options for cleaning driveways Dear Reena, Strain the noodles as normal; I don’t own a pressure you will notice they are sticky washer. What is the best (which is fine). Stir in the pasta way for me to regularly sauce that you normally use clean my driveway? — along with pasta water and toss Tyrone the noodles. This extra step adds Dear Tyrone, flavour to the dish and loosens Here are a few methods the noodles. If you want to keep for effectively cleaning a the pasta sauce separate, add pasconcrete driveway. Combine ta water to the sauce in a pot and water with dish soap. Scrub reduce the liquid on the stove. the driveway and rinse with Dear Reena, Household water. Or mix 1 cup TSP I have my mother’s 80-yearSolutions (trisodium phosphate) to old engagement ring made every gallon of water (use from platinum, plus eight proper eyewear and gloves). Let soak for diamonds. I had a repair done several 15 minutes, then spray with a hose. Or try years ago, and now this repair has 50/50 chlorine bleach and water. Scrub turned black. Is there anything that can with a stiff brush and rinse with water. be done to bring my mother’s ring back Dear Reena, to its beautiful sparkling condition? — I have a red blob of candlewax on my Stella wooden dining room table. How can I Dear Stella, remove the wax? — Max I am sure that this is a very precious Dear Max, heirloom and therefore I recommend that Place an ice cube on the wax. Leave for you take the ring to a professional jewelthree or four minutes. Use a credit card to ler. Begin by questioning the jeweller on lift the wax. whether they have experience dealing with Dear Reena, this issue. Only leave the ring in the hands Is there a trick to making tasty of someone with whom you have complete spaghetti sauce without making it from confidence. scratch? — Wes Reena Nerbas is a popular motivational Dear Wes, presenter for large and small groups; Yes, and here is the trick: Save about check out her website at Ask a one cup of water from the cooked pasta. question or share a tip at


By Boots and Jim Struthers


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General Denistry & Emercency Patients Welcome • Dr. M. Goodman • Dr. S. Mamer • Dr. D. Rayner • Dr. S. Brakstad • Dr. S. Rayner • Dr. B. Reynaud

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to whom the government doesn’t even have the decency to pay a consulting fee? How does the story end? Although I respect The Bat Lady’s concern for saving bats and her help in catching one, the old bat grandmothers held a parallax view – we wanted to permanently eliminate the bat(s). Ironically, it turned out to be a win/ win scenario. We won the battle to have the conservation officer issue a permit to exterminate, but she won the end game as, sadly, there is no extermination company that will undertake the job. As for the previous homeowner who knew of the bat situation and did not disclose the problem, knowing this young couple was bringing a newborn baby into this environment, I hope there is a special place in hell for her.


(Continued from page 14) Currently, quotes are being obtained to remove the siding from the house. The contractors have forewarned that the bats may have chewed through the vapour barrier and gotten into the insulation, and if so, it will also have to be replaced. Meanwhile, this family is displaced from its home, primarily because of concern for the baby and potential health hazards. However, this tale, be it tall or small, raises questions that need answers. Why does a government issue a protection on any animal and then not have the expertise to advise the public on how to deal with a protected animal/human conflict? If the species needs protection, why would the government department not come to collect and relocate the bats? Is it sufficient to simply refer citizens to a local self-taught resident

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Arts &


Shakespeare scholar directs Richard III Shannon Boklaschuk Saskatoon Express he annual Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan festival is in full swing, with Twelfth Night and Richard III being presented on alternating days in the iconic white tent on the South Saskatchewan River. One of Shakespeare’s greatest villains is brought to life in Richard III, with local actor Rob van Meenen cast in the ambitious title role. The show is directed by Skye Brandon, a theatre professional who has spent four previous summers with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan taking on acting roles in The Tempest, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Henry IV and more. Brandon has a keen interest in the works of William Shakespeare as both an actor and an academic; for example, he is currently a master’s degree student at the University of Saskatchewan, where he is applying historical research to productions of Shakespeare’s plays. He has also appeared at the acclaimed Stratford Festival – including in a production of Richard III, among others – and has directed Cymbeline and Richard II for the YXE Shakespeare Lab. The Saskatoon Express asked Brandon a number of questions about directing Richard III this summer, why audiences still love the play’s dramatics hundreds of years later and why he finds Shakespeare’s work so interesting. Saskatoon Express: How did you feel when you were asked to direct this year’s production of Richard III?


JW071711 James

Brandon: I was both excited and surprised – excited in that it was a Shakespeare play I knew fairly well and had some ideas that, as far as I know, had never been done with the play. And surprised, because I knew it was a play that (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan artistic producer) Will Brooks wanted to direct himself at some point. Express: Shakespeare’s Richard III is considered a historical masterpiece. What is it about the play that still resonates with modern audiences? Brandon: Well, historically, it certainly isn’t accurate, but it does give us a sense of how a portion of Elizabethan London would have viewed Richard. I think, in part, audiences still come to this play because they are in on Richard’s scheme right from the start. They are complicit. The success of (the television show) House of Cards just goes to show how effective that type of storytelling still is. Express: What factors did you take into consideration when directing this production? Brandon: Despite the size of role that Richard is, I wanted to treat this production very much as an ensemble play and put focus on Richard’s interactions with the women of the play: Lady Anne, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret (the former queen) and his mother. Express: Why do you think it is important to bring the story of King Richard III of England to life? Brandon: Generally, I think it is worth revisiting classics because they give us a

Rob van Meenen plays Richard III

Skye Brandon is directing Richard III glimpse into a window – one that shows us that we haven’t come very far in many ways. Specifically, I think Richard III is a reminder of how power can be politically manipulated and serves as a warning. Express: How have audience members been reacting to the show? Brandon: We’re early in the run, but so far they have been reacting as I hoped they would. There have been laughs, groans, winces and gasps. Express: Shakespeare is a big part of your life. What is it about Shakespeare’s

NH071701 Nathan

work that appeals to you? Brandon: The stories are large, epic, and the stakes are often very high. The plays display humanity in its glory, but also its warts. And, as an actor, it is a challenge to perform. I love the challenge. For more information about Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, or to purchase tickets, go online to The festival continues through to Aug. 20.


4 days filled with games, skill improvement & a little friendly competition. We will have one day of fun in the park for activities such as: slacklining, frisbee golf, foot races & prizes!



PARENTS ARE WELCOME Grip it offers extensive & varied climbing terrain from 8’ to 50’ tall walls suitable for all skill levels. Grip it is a top rope, lead, and boulder gym that offers a supportive climbing environment, friendly staff and professional and helpful instructors.


501 23rd St West


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Sing a thong of Canada


By RJ Currie ilos Raonic opened Wimbledon with a straight-sets win over Jan-Lennard Struff. The Canadian was on his game, while the German had all the wrong Struff. • Cornerback Shareece Wright took a 450-mile Uber ride to Buffalo to make the Bills’ voluntary offseason workout. At the very least, he’s a lock for the taxi squad. • I overheard Wimbledon analyst John McEnroe saying a player “got his teeth into the match.” This is why he’s not an NHL commentator. • Joey Votto bought Zack Cozart a donkey for making the MLB all-star team. Who do these guys think they play for, the Atlanta Brays? • Canadian Vasek Pospisil’s Round 1 defeat at Wimbledon was his seventh opening loss in his last eight Slams. Getting to Round 2 at a major just doesn’t seem to be Pospisil. • Steve Mason will be tending goal in Canada’s wheat belt after signing with the Winnipeg Jets. Call him Prairie Mason. • The Astros clobbered the Blue Jays 19-1. Lucky for Toronto the game was in Canada: they got a single for a wide field goal. • Canadians Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes won beach volleyball gold at the Porec Major — on Canada Day. Sometimes two thongs can make a right. • Madison Bumgarner said he has healed from his dirt bike accident. Talk about a history of living dangerously — the guy got married wearing jeans. • After the Knicks fired him, Phil Jackson tweeted a pic of his feet on a railing in front of a body of water. Knowing Jackson, it’s probably the Bermuda Triangle. • Titans cornerback Logan Ryan wed former Rutgers softball star Ashley AS071720 Aaron

Patches says


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Joey Votto bought a teammate a donkey (Wiki Photo) Bragg. I’m guessing he allowed her to complete a few passes and she let him get past first base. • Tokyo police arrested a man suspected of stealing more than 1,000 bras and panties over 20 years. Snicker if you must, but that’s a large undertaking. • The World Taekwondo Federation has shortened its name to World Taekwondo. WTF were they thinking? • My dog has taken to barking at Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen. It all started when an announcer said Jenson went three months without allowing a walk. RJ’s Groaner of the Week Viagra and Cialis said they’ll no longer be advertising on NFL games. With cheaper generics flooding the market, competition is getting stiff.

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Simply answer YES or NO to each question: Do you have difficulty hearing in a group?

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All renovations booked by August 31st, 2017 12-3214 11th Street West


Showroom at: Unit #30, 3935 Brodksy Ave, Saskatoon 306-500-3959

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Show Home: 1-3210 11th St W • Mon-Thurs: 2-6PM • Sat, Sun & Holidays: 1-5PM MARKETED BY:

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - July 17-23, 2017 - Page 18 creation story of Elder Brother and the Flood. Similar to the biblical story of Noah, the creator creates the world, but the people start misbehaving and a flood is sent to clean matters up. The Elder Brother survives and saves some of the otherwise doomed creatures, but must find and protect a piece of earth to re-create the world. Theatre in the Pool is a Canada 150 project, and therefore has the federal government as a partner, along with the City of Saskatoon (providing the swimming lessons), Escape Sports (providing pool/ athletic gear), White Buffalo Youth Lodge and the Saskatoon Open Door Society. “Sum Theatre’s mandate is to use professional theatre to create community,” said Peters. “It’s entertaining, but it’s more than that. It’s about bringing the community together.” It’s also about covering a wide range of skills, and the children, in the first three days of lessons and rehearsals, seemed to be enjoying it all. “It’s a huge mix of different people loving different parts of the program,” said Children involved in the Theatre in the Pool program learn to swim, do yoga and act, courtesy of Sum Theatre Peters. “Because there’s so much diversity, and its partners. (Photo by Joanne Paulson) I don’t think it’s ever boring.” The children themselves, aged 10 to 14, were found through referrals, mainly provided by White Buffalo and Open Door. Many were referred because the organizations felt they would benefit from Joanne Paulson “He got to thinking, what’s my response no less, at the same time — and all in two the swimming lessons; some of them had weeks. Saskatoon Express to that?” absolutely no swimming experience. With that in mind, “our big thought was orty kids, sunshine, a sparkling blue His response was to plunge into a fun Theatre in the Pool is also consistent pool, music and acting. Summer and wet way to engage kids in both water what we can do in the pool that you can’t with Sum Theatre’s desire to provide do in a theatre?” said Peters. camp was never so cool. skills and theatre. Ergo, Sum Theatre’s performance in accessible and unusual So, the concept will be “image theatre” locations. It’s the brainchild of Joel Bernbaum, ar- Theatre in the Pool project for children. tistic director of Saskatoon’s Sum Theatre; “They get free swimming lessons pro- presented to the rap music of MC AK, a “Accessibility, without sacrificing the Syrian newcomer, and indigenous rapper and while the mix of fun activities serves vided by the city, free yoga training, and fact that actors need to be paid,” Peters as a terrific camp idea, it’s much more than theatre lessons from us,” explained Peters. MC Lina Razor, performed to composer said. “It shouldn’t only be those with Jeffrey Popiel’s work. that. “It’s a fantastic day for them. It’s a twomoney who have access to art. It’s hard, “The rappers provide the narrative and but it’s a worthwhile thing to pursue.” “Joel deserves credit for coming up week summer camp style program. the story; the actors’ job is to provide imwith it,” said the associate director of the “It all culminates in the free public project, Charlie Peters, sitting at a picnic performances in the pool, done in collabo- ages,” said Peters. Everyone is welcome to attend the perThe children will swim and paddle, dive formances at 4, 5, 6 and 7 p.m. July 19 to table near George Ward Pool. “It came ration with eight professional actors.” and splash to create those images, led by from him learning that immigrant and Obviously, it’s pretty hard to teach 40 21 at George Ward Pool; and as a bonus, indigenous people have less access to kids swimming, yoga, acting and get them the pro actors. the audience can hit the pool for a dip, too, The narrative is based on the Cree swimming lessons. to learn and deliver lines, from the pool in between shows. Bring bathing suits. AS071704 Aaron


Theatre in the Pool allows 40 kids to take the plunge


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S askatoon EVENTS


July 5 to Aug. 20 Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan: This year’s main stage productions are Richard III and Twelfth Night, performed in repertory in the tent on the riverbank. For detailed times and dates, visit

JULY 20-23 Saskatchewan Express Saskatoon presents Disney’s The Lion King, Jr. at The Refinery (609 Dufferin Ave) July 20 at 7:30 p.m., July 21 and 22 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. and July 23 at 2 p.m. Join a cast of 50 young performers as they treat you to this well-loved Disney musical. For tickets www. or call 306-477-5553. Adults $15, children 12 and under $10.

JW071705 James

economical travel while forging new friendships with club members from around the world. For more information, visit To attend a meeting contact Bev at 306-291-4411 or

FIRST AND THIRD WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Resporados support group for people with breathing difficulties taking place at 1:30 p.m. at Mayfair United Church (33rd Street West). ***** Depression Support Group from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the CMHA building (1301 Avenue P North). This is open to anyone struggling with depression and family members wanting to support them. For more info, call Marilyn at 306-270-9181 or email



The Saskatoon Horticultural Society Passport Tour from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The tour will feature the Home Grounds Award winner’s yard. Passports are $15 and will be available at Dutch Growers on Reid Road and both Early’s locations – 51st Street and Lorne Ave. For further information, please call Chris @306-281-8921.

Overeaters Anonymous: Is food a problem for you? Do you eat when you’re not hungry? Do you binge, purge or restrict? Is your weight affecting your life? We are a non-profit 12-step group that meets on Tuesdays at noon, Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. For more information including locations visit



The residence, located at 326 11th St. is open Sunday afternoons in July and August from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There are also a number of special events. Music in the Garden. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in our heritage garden, with harp music provided by Chris Lindgren beginning at 2 p.m. The house will be open for tours.

Bridge City Senioraction Inc: Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Registration is $20, drop-in fee is $2. For information, call Sheila at 306931-8053 or Kathy at 306-244-0587.


SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH Trigeminal Neuralgia and Facial Pain Support Group meetings at 1:30 p.m. at the Edwards Family Centre (338 - Fourth Ave. North). For more information, contact Gail at 306-382-1578 or email


The Canadian Federation of University Women is collecting Saskatoon Oldtimers’ Association’s monthly meeting. books, CDs and videos for its Mammoth Book Sale until Parkville Manor (625 25th Street East), Reception at the September. Please contact Alverta at 306-652-7708 or main door between 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The association Alison at 306-244-2988 to arrange to drop off books. looks after the Log Cabin at the Exhibition. New members TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) needed. For more information, contact Lloyd at 306-3824915 or Laura at 306-373-1861. This is a support group those wanting to shed some of their extra weight. There are various chapters in Saskatoon Mood Disorder Saskatoon and surrounding area. We can help you start a Support Group TOPS chapter in your work place or in the area that you The Saskatoon mood disorder support group for people live in. To find out more, visit or telephone Bev at with bi-polar, depression and other related mental health 306-242-7180. problem meets at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at 323 Fourth Ave. South (south entrance) at 7:30 p.m. FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH For more information call Al at 306-716-0836 or Lindi at 306-491-9398. Pet Loss Support Group offers support and comfort to people who are struggling with the loss of a beloved EVERY MONDAY companion animal due to old age, sickness or other Acadia Drive Grief Support Group meets every Monday reasons. The no-obligation support group meets at 2 at 7 p.m. at Acadia McKague’s Funeral Centre at 915 p.m. at the W.A. Edwards Centre, 333 4th Avenue North, Acadia Drive. This is a drop- in support group for Saskatoon. For more information or telephone support, people who have lost their spouse or other close family call 306-343-5322. member. Come and meet with others who understand SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH what it is like to lose your spouse or someone very Renters of Saskatoon and area meet. 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. close to you. St Thomas Wesley United Church, Lower Hall (808 20th St. COSMO SENIOR CENTRE West). ROSA supports renters and shares information to Daily activities for seniors during the week, beginning in work towards better, affordable, and safe rental housing September and running through May. Monday - Yoga: 8:45 for all. Child-minding available. Ring doorbell for elevator a.m; Kaiser and Whist: 1:30 p.m.; Tuesday - Exercises: access. For further information contact: 306-657-6100, or 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.; Bridge: 1 p.m.; Wednesday - Yoga email 10 a.m.; Whist:1:30 p.m. Thursday - Exercises: 9:30 TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS and 10:30 a.m.; Bridge: 1 p.m. (partners); Friday - Yoga: Country Farms Marketplace at Confederation Mall, 10 a.m. 930; Cribbage and Kaiser: 1:30 p.m. Light refreshments provided. Drop-in fee for cards is $2 The fee for the to 4 p.m. Indoor marketplace located across from Urban exercise classes and yoga are $4-$5. New members Planet. The Marketplace features home cooked lunch, desserts, pies, preserves and other amazing food as well welcome. Annual membership is $5. For more information, as hand crafted items and home based business vendors. call 306-343-6710. ***** NEWCOMERS’ CLUB Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art Centre. All ages are The Saskatoon Newcomers’ Club welcomes new female welcome, all materials supplied, no registration required. residents in the Saskatoon area, as well as those who Tuesdays 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursdays 5:30 p.m. - 9 have recently undergone a significant change in lifestyle p.m., and Saturdays 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. (such as relationship status, retirement, or becoming a THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH new parent). A new resident is defined as one who has not resided in Saskatoon and/or surrounding area for The Saskatoon Prostate Cancer Support Group meets more than three years. The club holds monthly dinner every month except July and August at 7:30 p.m. in the outings, coffee gatherings, book club and other planned W. A. Edwards Family Centre, across from the Saskatoon activities. If interested, please reply by email to saskaFuneral Home. For more information, call Murray Hill at 306-242-5893 or email


welcome to attend. There is no cost to attend. There will be an educational topic presented and an opportunity to learn from each other. For more info, call Rae Ann at 306652-5151 or email ***** The Compassionate Friends is a non-profit self-help bereavement organization offering friendship, understanding and hope to parents that have experienced the death of a child at any age. TCF Saskatoon meets the last Tuesday of every month (except December) from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Edwards Family Centre (333 Fourth Ave. North).

LAST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH Epilepsy Saskatoon Support Group meets the last Saturday of every month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the W.A. Edwards Centre at 333, Fourth Ave. North. Family, children, caregivers and friends are all welcome! This is a safe, friendly place to share, discuss ideas, answer questions, and support one another. You can follow Epilepsy Saskatoon on Facebook.

FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH Saskatoon Ostomy Association meetings at 7 p.m. at Preston Park 1 (114 Armistice Way). Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month except when there is a holiday. If so, meetings are on the second Monday. There are no meetings in January, July and August.

SECOND AND FOURTH THURSDAY SASKATOON KETO CLUB for people following or considering a LCHF/Keto lifestyle for Body Building/ Weight Management/Reversing: Auto Immune Illnesses ,Diabetes, Cancer or any other reason are invited to join our meetings to learn, share ideas, support or get support. There is no cost to attend. For more info, call Carol at 306-280-2160 or email cadithompson@ DC071749 Darlene


• Sask Legends • Bandoleros • Street Stock • Mini Stock 306.651 FAST


S E E Y O U AT T H E F A S T T R A C K !




July 25th 3pm - 8pm Join us at our new showhome as we host local artisans and vendors for an evening of shopping while enjoying some wine and cheese. 610 Meadows Boulevard.

• Duo Plant Studio • Oneiro Designs • Prairie Port • Joy Weave Company


SHOWHOMES OPEN Tues to Thur 4 – 8 PM Weekends 1 - 5 PM Or by appointment TAYLOR ST E Costco











Our New Showhome Is Located At 610 Meadows Boulevard



Dizziness and Balance Support Group will meet from 7 Friendship Force International, Saskatoon and Area Club p.m. to 8 p.m. at LifeMark Health Centre, 3907 Eighth St. is an organization of more than 360 clubs in more than 50 countries throughout the world. FFI allows you to enjoy East. Anyone with a dizziness/vertigo/balance condition is


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Broadway District @broadwayyxe




Sunday Night Acoustic Jam at Buds on Broadway

Tonight Itʼs Poetry, Instant Slam at Amigos Cantina

PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festival


34th Annual Broadway Street Fair AS071019 Aaron


Fit Fest hosted



TA071718 Tammy


1011 Broadway Ave. (corner of Broadway & 8th) 306.665.0213 •

nEw RETiREmEnT CommuniTy Now ReNtiNg!

Open HOuse Fridays 2-4pm

250 Hunter Rd, Saskatoon

Call 306-664-0501 EXT. 222 foR infoRmaTion Virtual tours at

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