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Volume 10, Issue 21, Week of May 27, 2013

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of Distinction

Margaret Tosh received the lifetime achievement award at the Women of Distinction dinner (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson)

Another successful gala for the YWCA

Ned Powers Saskatoon Express or the Saskatoon YWCA, its 32nd annual Women of Distinction Awards dinner on Thursday at TCU Place was another moment of triumph. Thanks to the major presenter, PotashCorp, a strong group of sponsors and a crowd estimated at 660, the YWCA’s major fundraising event of the year will produce close to $100,000 to serve the needs of the community. Barb Macpherson, executive director, told the story of attending a conference on


homelessness just recently where a woman at the back of the room “invited anyone to come and live with her at any time and no one took her up on the offer. “We don’t know how difficult it is, and what life is like for the people who come to our door,” says Macpherson. “We try to make life better for them. We try to help clients to develop their skills so they can get out and help their families and children. At the YWCA, we try and give these people hope.” The YWCA provides programs like crisis shelter and residence, employment

and learning facilities, a child development centre as well as maintaining the longstanding tradition of a fitness centre. The focus is placed on trying to eliminate poverty, homelessness and violence within families. “I feel privileged every day to watch the exhilarating group of people in action at the YWCA whose desire is to find hope for women and children,” said Macpherson. Vlatka Tustonic accepted the challenge of being the dinner chair for the fifth straight year, sharing the celebratory mood that the 33 award nominees in 10

categories might inspire everyone at the dinner. And, as enthusiastic as Tustonic was at the beginning, she was even more upbeat at the end. “How inspiring was the message and the spoken word poetry of Zondra Roy (the youth award winner) and how uplifting was the storytelling of Margaret Tosh (the lifetime achievement winner)?” said Tustonic. “I was blown away by what they said and the way people got to their feet and gave standing ovations to both of them.”

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We have reached the century mark

DON’T count particularly well, but Here’s to the next 100 covers. this could be the 100th edition of the I AM TECHNOLOGICALLY Express. Or maybe it was last week. challenged. I don’t know how to use a remote control. I don’t know how to play It’s hard to believe we have had 100 editions. One hundred cover stories. One DVDs. I don’t know all the features on my vehicle — and I’ve had it hundred columns in this since 2006. space. One hundred people I was worried that test driving stories written by Ned a new Ford Explorer would be a Powers. To keep Ned in bit of a challenge. Tammy Robert, people to profile, we need our columnist/reporter/Ford the city to hit 1.2 million person, assured me it was simple much sooner than Mayor and told me to drop by her home Atchison is predicting. and pick up the fob. Deciding on the cover “I thought I was getting an story is one of the few Explorer,’’ I said to myself. “I tough calls we make some don’t want to drive a fob.’’ weeks. (Note: There is I now know a fob is the thing no stress at the Express.) that locks and unlocks doors and Editor The decision is based is essential to making the vehicle on a number of criteria: The photograph, the story and what Ned run. I am glad Tammy told me to push Powers tells us to do. That is why Ned has the brake and push the start button at the same time. Otherwise, I would still be most of the cover stories. sitting in front of her house. The odd time, we have been within a I emailed Tammy the next day: “How day or two of deadline and still not had a plan. We were in that position last week. do you switch the radio from FM to We played a hunch and Joelle Tomlinson AM?’’ She replied with something about coming to the office and slapping me on came up with a wonderful feature on the side of the head. I learned quickly Katie Miyazaki, a Saskatoon athlete of renown who now is on the sidelines after how to change the radio from FM to AM. suffering the fifth concussion of her life. It really isn’t that complicated to learn This is another time to thank those that to use the features on this vehicle. It is contribute to the paper and those that read fun to touch the screen and see something cool appear. us. Thank you, again and again.



Local content Local people Local commitment To advertise today call 306-244-5050 LS9069068.E27 Liza

uestion: When do you anticipate Question: With the recycling fee of more highrises being built just under $5 a month, why are we paying downtown? that when we already pay a recycling fee on our purchased goods? Mayor Atchison: Not soon enough Mayor Atchison: We need to for me. We need a developer who really remember one is a provincial fee. believes in the future of our downtown; The other one is City of someone who is prepared to Saskatoon, and that’s to build a 20-, 30-storey highrise. pick up all your recycling When we talk about highrises, goods. What we are trying what we need to talk about to do here is reduce the is a mixture. We need retail amount of garbage going on the main floor. We need into the landfill. For me, commercial offices, from say quite frankly, it’s about never floors two through 10, and building a new landfill. On above that residential, highrise the recycling fee the province condominiums. You need to charges, you can still take look to the rest of the world your aluminum cans and and see they are doing more plastic bottles and milk and more of that all the time. Ask the Mayor cartons back to SARCAN and I think there is a real demand get your money back. for layers, where you have Question: Do we have a civic law that commercial near the street and residential would prevent a concerned citizen from on top. The problem we have is finding “gifting’’ you or another elected civic that special developer who says, “I politician $90,000? If not, do you think believe.’’ I have always said Saskatoon we should have some guidelines? is like Missouri — The Show-Me state. Once one developer does it, many more Mayor Atchison: I truly believe we will follow. have to have guidelines. I’ve been saying SASKATOON



this for a long time. And as you can see by recent news reports, some of their rules aren’t tight enough. I’ve been on this page all along. We have to have really tight guidelines and we have to know exactly what it means so there isn’t that much room for interpretation of the law. So for me, when you talk about guidelines, I’m there 100 per cent. This should not only be for mayoralty candidates, it should be for councillors too. I think everyone, regardless of the cost, needs to have audited election expense statements. This is a city that’s going to have a budget of $1 billion. This is big business. People need to know when they are going to the polls; this is not a popularity contest, this is about elected officials running a community. And if you think of a city that is going from 250,000 to a population base of 1.2-million people, you better have rules in place in advance, not after something occurs. (If you have a question for Mayor Atchison, email it to editorial@ Please include “mayor’’ in the subject line.)

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Correction A couple of editions ago, we spelled Deb and Cliff Wiegers’ names incorrectly. I should have known better, with the Wiegers being among the many generous citizens of our city. Remember the Wiegers Care for Kids fundraiser will be held June 8. For more information, please go to We apologize for the mistake and wish Deb and Cliff all the best with their fundraiser.

We need highrises in our downtown


Saskatoonʼs REAL Community Newspaper

The sync system from Microsoft is amazing. The vehicle has a backup camera. Blind spot indicators. Heated seats. Air conditioned seats. Leather seats. Voice activated everything. I have a feeling if I said to the nice SiriusXM woman: “Write a Page 2 column, please,’’ there would be something much better in this space today. I drove the Explorer to Wakaw and back. I am happy an RCMP officer got a guy going the other way. It was so smooth that when I looked down at the speedometer, I was cruising along at … Well, I was cruising along at about a $300 clip. As auto reviewer Charles Renny would say, “This car put a smile on my face.’’ Fob and all.

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he PotashCorp Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan started as a simple conversation in 1988 between neighbours over a cup of coffee. That was 25 years ago. Cass Cozens and Joan Flood knew they were on to something special. Today their idea still thrives as one of Saskatchewan’s largest festivals. “The timing was really perfect,” said Cozens of the first festival, called the Northern Saskatchewan International Children’s Festival. “Saskatoon is very much a family-oriented city and it was a time when festivals were just getting going. The jazz festival had just started and the fringe festival followed us the year after. It was the year of the Jeux Canada Games. The climate was just right.” Flood remembers sitting down with Cozens and discussing the need for a children-focused festival in the city. “I remember saying: ‘So what are you going to do next, Cass?’ We were both casting around for the next thing to do.

Bringing the world to


Cass Cozens (left) and Joan Flood were the founders of the children’s festival in 1988 (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson)

Festival founders reflect on its evolution We found that we had a coincidence here, a mutual interest in this wonderful idea,” said Flood. “We’re both educators in our background, and so somehow it just came together that this would be a fantastic thing to do. We got very involved with the education side of it. The children’s festival is largely about entertainment, but entertainment is a very complex thing, and you can either do the funny stuff, the easy access stuff, or you can go with the stuff with some thought to it and some life lessons and values.” Neither Cozens nor Flood had taken on anything of this magnitude before. Cozens credited their ability to push forward to pure “naivety.” “Joan used to say it’s like being seven months pregnant,” said Cozens. “You certainly wonder when you are that far along if it’s such a good idea anymore! You can’t change your mind; it’s a little too late. Once the ball starts rolling, you can’t stop it. We definitely had moments of trepidation and worry, but, oh, it was fun.” “Our only capital expenditure our first year of the festival was to buy a telephone recorder — an answering machine — for just barely under $90. We ran our office out of the second floor of Joan’s house; she

was gracious enough to open up her house and let us do that. It was very much on a shoestring budget in that first year.” In its first year, the Festival sold more than 13,000 tickets. Cozens and Flood both say they were overwhelmed with this feat. Cozens, whose youngest son was seven years old at the time, was able to see the vision of the festival through his eyes. Flood’s second grandchild was born that year. Both women are passionate about the education and empowerment of children through entertainment, and believe that is why the festival was, and is, so successful. “People like Fred Penner and Sharon, Louis and Bram are good for children; they bring with them a set of solid values. They respect children, they honour them. There’s no condescension or patronizing,” said Flood. “A lot of festivals that we knew in the early days have folded. It’s partly money in tight times; it’s partly that they haven’t stuck to a strong artistic vision. This is a strong performing-arts festival. If it becomes a jolly-laugh festival, then there are missed opportunities and it doesn’t

have the same durability. “We’ve taken some real risks with issues. We’ve had the odd complaint and we welcome it because it means we were walking that edge.” This year’s PotashCorp Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan will run from June 2-5 in Kiwanis Park. More than 20,000 people visit the festival annually to watch international arts performances and participate in creative activities with little to no cost. The focus — both in 1988 and now — is on high-quality performance, according to Cozens. “Insuring that a solid variety of art forms are presented is so important,” said Cozens. “There is a very strong cultural focus so that you create a larger world view, especially for those children that aren’t able to leave Saskatoon. “You bring the world to them,” added Flood. Though Cozens and Flood are not part of the organizing committee this year, they are guests of the festival. Flood did 11 festivals in 12 years; Cozens retired from


organizing the festival six years ago. They have passed the torch on to executive director Shauna Bradford-Wilson, who Cozens originally hired as a publicist. “Shauna has got a solid artistic vision,” said Cozens. “That is important to me and Joan, that that the vision of the festival doesn’t radically change.” The PotashCorp Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan kicks off with an opening night celebration and cupcake reception on June 1, with a concert and performance in the StarPhoenix show tent for ticket holders. For more information on the festival, go to www. Tickets are available online, by phone at 306-6524700 or in person at the box office, located in the lobby of the Delta Bessborough Hotel. You can expect to see both Cozens and Flood there, perhaps enjoying a coffee. “We had such fun,” said Flood with a laugh. “There was no question it was hard work, and at the end of every festival I would think ‘Oh gosh, I can’t do this again. I’m getting too old.’ And in two weeks, I’d be talking to Cass about ideas for the next year. It’s just fantastic to see the festival go on and enrich children’s lives, even for a few days.”

Page 4 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Tammy’s tips


and tricks for garage sales

and put up tons of signs in high-traffic t’s that time again — garage-sale areas (there’s probably bylaws regulating season. this, so look them up). Balloons are Last year, I wrote a column about my (then) new-found passion for cruising standard protocol — tie them to your car, your trees, whatever. backyards, front yards, driveways, alleyways and, of course, garages for Rule 2: You are not Bloomingdales. So castoff treasure. This year I’ve decided don’t price like it. Consider everything in to weigh in early in the season with my your sale one-step away from the donation (potentially useless) tips and tricks for both bin, regardless of how high-quality, scouting and hosting your own sales. never-worn or rarely-used it was. Your Shopping Garage Sales kid only wore those $40 Baby Gap jeans Rule 1: The best garage sales are once? That’s your problem, not mine, so advertised in the newspaper’s classifieds. take my $2, or take nothing and donate Yes, Kijiji is also invaluable. them. That’s how this works. However folks who take the If you’re putting something time to place a classified ad tend in a sale priced high to justify to be better organized and have selling it, reconsider selling planned ahead, which always it, or only do it with one or equals more inventory and better two items. As for antiques and scores. collectibles — people who pay Rule 2: Make a plan. top dollar for those rarely shop Actually, make a list. Scour at garage sales, so don’t bother. Kijiji (which redeems itself (See final thought). The City because it’s searchable — see of Saskatoon allows you to Rule 4), comb the classifieds and have four garage sales a year, make a list of your target sales. otherwise you are considered Columnist Then group them according to a business. I can rattle off at area (nobody wants to leave least a dozen addresses who Briarwood for Meadow Green, only to have turned their garage into a kitschy realize that lamp they really wanted is all second-hand gift store, and it’s not cool. the way back in Lakeview). Use Google Your neighbors probably don’t like you, Maps if necessary to figure out the best and you need a new hobby. time and fuel-saving route to second-hand Rule 3: Don’t hover, stare or be shopping bliss. (Note: Mapping your aggressive, but do be friendly. Visit, chat route makes sense whether you’re driving, and have fun. Be prepared to barter — it’s biking or even walking. not an insult; it’s part of the game. Having Rule 3: Annual community or block a garage sale should be fun and social, not sales are good, but not great. It sounds like a means to pay your mortgage or test your a no-brainer, right? Blocks and blocks of marketing skills. sales, all in one spot — perfect for getting Rule 4: Get one over on early birds. in and getting out with piles of deals in no If you want your garage sale to start at time. Well, not quite. The problem with 8 a.m., advertise it as starting at 10 a.m. annual sales is that they’re annual — often You could line the front of your driveway with the same people hauling out the same with landmines and they’d still get in, stuff they couldn’t sell last year. In my hours before you’re scheduled to start. So experience, moving sales are where it’s hit them where it hurts — their wallets. at. If you can find a set of grandparents Post a big sign: Early-bird Surcharge or baby-boomer parents downsizing to a $5. Proceeds to (charity of your choice). condo from their 1,500-square-foot home There’s nothing you can do to get rid of of 30 years, you’ve just found vintage these vultures, so let them dig through decor and collectible heaven. your unopened boxes for a price, then Rule 4: Don’t become a hoarder. (It donate that money to charity. happened to a friend.) Look at your life, Rule 5: If you have kids, encourage then divide your shopping strategy into them to set up a stand — lemonade, iced two categories: what you need and what tea, bottled water or a beverage of your you love. For example, I have a toddler choice. They will make more money than who goes to daycare five days a week. I you will. really don’t care what he wears to daycare, Final Thought — And It’s A Weird One but he needs to wear something, so I’m Like so many things in life, the world of after your 2T/3T boys clothes. I also need garage sales has a seedy underbelly. Isn’t a few statement pieces of furniture for that weird? But it does. There are a handful my home that look good and double as of people in this town who will beg, cajole storage, so those are on my list this year. and bully their way into your homes and I love retro costume jewelry, so that’s my garages with one goal in mind — to get splurge item this year. You might love something for nothing. Do NOT answer books or tea cups — whatever it is you those ads online from people wanting at love or collect, make that your treasure your garage-sale items before anyone else, (puts the fun back in the hunt). You DO claiming to be antique collectors, buyers NOT need that vintage pole lamp in or appraisers. Do NOT let any stranger 1970’s orange or an old baking soda tin who contacts you online into your home that you’re positive you can resell on or garage — ever. Those people are not eBay. Walk away, because that road leads interested in giving you a fair deal, they to hoarding. Use Kijiji’s search function are interested in using their knowledge to target sales that advertise your chosen (and your lack thereof) to get their hands goals. on your potentially valuable items. In Rule 5: Read between the lines or street short, these are greedy amateurs who signs. For example, if you are looking for have seen way too many episodes of the gently used children’s clothes and toys, Antiques Roadshow or Canadian Pickers or more modern decor items, one word: (who are great people, and professionals). Stonebridge. Newer areas tend to be home If you are in doubt about whether to younger families with either tons of something you’re considering placing in kids’ stuff to sell or household items that a garage sale might have value, contact are more Ikea than Royal Dalton. Areas reputable dealers with a business license. like Westview, Caswell and Nutana tend Folks like Chris and Joanne Kinzel of to house more established families who might be more inclined to sell that vintage Saskatoon Antiques & Furniture are fabulous; they will deal with you fairly and Formica and chrome kitchen table and honestly if your item has value. chairs you’ve been lusting after. Good luck out there! Hosting Garage Sales Rule 1: Be organized, plan ahead and Tammy Robert blogs at advertise, advertise, advertise. Open your Email her at wallet and buy a classified ad, hit up Kijiji,

Corner of 8th St. East & Preston Ave. 2105 8th St. East Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T8

ML41566.E27 Mary


! W E N

Hakim Optical is now recruiting business minded professionals for:


• Good English/well groomed • Extrovert, outspoken, organized • Retail experience an asset; training available

Fax resume to 416-323-0660 or email

JW10861.E27 James


Prairieland Park

June 14th, 15th, and 16th Showtimes:

Friday 4:15 pm and 7:30 pm Saturday Noon, 4:15 pm, 7:30 pm Sunday 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm

Get Your Advance Tickets! Safeway, Mac’s Locations

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Enjoy peace of mind maintenance free living in a convenient East side community.

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Corner of Ruth St. & Haultain Ave. Currently under construction. 374-1010 Discovery Centre 291-2420 Cell


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4 lb (1.82 kg) Clamshell No. 1 Grade Produce of U.S.A.


88 each

N GRHOoWme at




Assorted Colours 2 lb (907 g) Bag Produce of Canada

Cut from Canada AA Grade Beef or Higher Aged 14 Days Warehouse Pack

Seasoned, Frozen Sold in 4 kg Carton - $25.40 each


/lb 88 6.35/kg




/lb 99 11.00/kg




White, 100% Whole Wheat or Multigrain 570 g


3 $ FOR


12 Rolls FIRST 1


99 each

Greystone, Westview, Attridge & Stonebridge


Cracker Barrel Cheddar or Mozzarella 907 g FIRST 2 Combined Varieties


99 each


Double, Ultra Double or EnviroCare 12 Rolls FIRST 2 Combined Varieties


99 each


TUE 28 WED 29 THU 30

Pricing in effect : Tuesday, May 28 to Thursday, May 30, 2013

Page 6 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Caswell Boys F

Seven reunite to celebrate 80th birthdays

or one group of 12 boys growing up in Saskatoon’s Caswell district, there was a special significance to the week they first attended school. While they were settling in Grade 1 at Caswell School, most of Saskatoon was talking and worrying about the start of the Second World War, which began in Europe on Sept. 1, 1939 and lasted until May 7, 1945. Seven of the boys will be holding a reunion this week, all in celebration of 80th birthdays. Their friendships have been lasting. Most went to Bedford Road Collegiate as well. Bill Neill, Larry Langley, Roy Hufsmith, Jack Smith and Ken Summers have reached No. 80. Greg Barnsley and Stan Thomas are soon to join the club. Two others, Gerry Moir and Daryl Olstad, are unable to attend the reunion. Three — Tom Cole, Murray Pyke and Bill Sharpley — are deceased. Most have been raking up old memories, turning them over to Thomas, who has compiled their thoughts in written form. The Second World War affected them in many ways, but partly because there was suddenly a population crisis at Caswell School. A decision to establish two flying training schools led to the new air force recruits occupying Bedford Road Collegiate. Bedford students moved to Westmount and Westmount students swelled Caswell’s population. “Most of the displaced Westmount kids were sent to Caswell,’’ Thomas recalls. “The remainder attended Princess Alex. The result — Caswell’s enrolment exploded. We believe we had around 800 kids at the time. Four classrooms were set up in the basement. The Westmounters were at Caswell for three years — from September 1942 to June 1945, the year the war ended. Kids being kids meant we blended well. We recall no friction. We do remember a positive benefit. More athletes to draw from resulted in top sports teams which gave Caswell several city championships those years.” Outdoor Hockey: “Our rink had no boards around it and required constant scraping, shovelling and sweeping. The goal area was served, at each end, by two four-by-four posts frozen into ice. There were no nets.” Thomas recalls a time “when I was thrust in between two wooden posts, wearing my aviator helmet with flaps over the ears, holding a sliver of a stick with shins protected by felt pads. Playing on the other team was Walt Kuzma, one of the Westmount boys. Walt wound up at the far end and started up the ice. My team parted like the Red Sea in front of me. I’m screaming, ‘Don’t’ raise, don’t raise!’ The next thing I heard was boing, the sound of the frozen puck hitting the post right beside my ear. As a goalie, I took early retirement that day. “School hockey culminated in the big event — the annual East Side versus ML70537.E27 West Side school all-star game. Around


The Grade 4 class at Caswell School in the early 1940s (Photo submitted) everyone had a radio. Some were small 5,000 kids would jam into the Arena on table models. Some were large consoles. a Saturday morning in March. The place was pure bedlam. The rivalry intense. The Some sets could even pull in signals from Moose Jaw and Prince Albert. Some had referees used cowbells to stop the play. crystal sets with ear phones. Nobody could hear the whistles. “We were in Grade 3 in “After school, the kids March, 1942. The West Side listened to Green Hornet, took an early lead and easily Superman and The Shadow, won the game. The star of the then joined their parents to game was a big kid from King listen to Amos and Andy, George School. He scored a Fibber McGee and Molly, and fistful of goals. His name — Jack Benny. A big event was Gordie Howe! He would have Hockey Night in Canada, with been in Grade 8 at the time.” Foster Hewitt from Maple In Softball: The senior boys Leaf Gardens. This was the won softball championships big-band era which most of us and Neill remembers, “We still favour today. And we were People were doing really well until we nostalgic for Vera Lynn’s The played Westmount. They had a White Cliffs of Dover and Kate fantastic pitcher named Peter Voykin. He Smith’s God Bless America. shut us down. We couldn’t hit him. Guess “There were movie theatres: the Tivoli, who was catching Peter? None other than Daylight and the beautiful Capitol theatre our old Grade 5 pal, Walt Kuzma.” on Second Avenue; the Victory, Roxy and Summer fun: “The annual fair was Ritz in other locations.” really a big deal in our 1940s lives. We Main source of travel: “The streetcar could hardly wait to get there and go on system was the main source of travel. The the rides. We walked down the midway, streetcars had three main routes: Mayfaireyes agog at painted ladies standing on University, Seventh Avenue-Avenue stages outside huge tents, listening to the H, Exhibition-Pleasant Hill. The cars pitchmen; watching motorcycles racing travelled on steel tracks and were powered around a spherical wire cage; watching by electricity. The overhead trolleys cowboy star Lash Larue crack his whip. on the cars slid along overhead power Greg Barnsley said he was a star. He’d lines supported by poles and guy wires. seen him in a movie at the Roxy. Shorter cars, called puddle jumpers, were “After the war, Gypsy Rose Lee was a midway headliner one year. There were occasionally pressed into service. Some lineups to get in to see her show. Somehow rogues would jam into the rear of a puddle two of our boys managed to sneak in. They jumpers, jump up and down, causing the did report that at big moment when it was car to bounce, scaring the passengers and expected that Gypsy would do the reveal, tormenting the conductor.” all the lights went out. There was a total And some pranks: “We’d occasionally blackout. Miss Lee must have had a highly shake the trolley. A favourite spot for this paid lighting man with excellent timing.” was at Avenue E and 30th Street where the Other entertainment: “In the 1940s, streetcar began a shallow turn to Avenue F. A key element was the nearby park where Saskatoon had one local radio station, we hid. In shaking the trolley, we pushed owned by A.A. Murphy. Virtually


against a pole, causing a support wire to vibrate, knocking the street car’s trolley off its electrical power lines. The streetcar would then halt. Out came a fuming conductor who had to come to the back of the car and manoeuvre the trolley back on the wires. “There was a game called putting out the cans. We’d get two empty averagesized tin cans, connect them with fourto-five feet of string and fill the cans with water. We then found a dark spot on the sidewalk, usually where people got off the streetcar. We put a can on each side of the walk, with the string taut between the cans. Some poor innocent would trip the string, causing the cans to tip and splash their feet with water. Bad words followed.” Boy oh boy it was fun to be A boy in those days of yore We’d probably trade everything in To capture it all once more. Thomas, Barnsley, Langley and Moir all started in broadcasting at CFQCTV and stuck with it. Langley was elected three times as an alderman in Edmonton. Olstad and Pyke played on Canadian junior football champions with the Saskatoon Hilltops. Sharpley was also a former Hilltop. Olstad became a senior executive with Gulf Oil; Pyke a geologist and leader in mineral and oil exploration; Sharpley a trendsetter in manufacturing environmentally safe soap and cleaning products. Hufsmith, who played on Canadian high school curling championship teams, owned a family insurance business. Smith mixed a career of music and sales. Neill joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and retired an assistant commissioner. Cole carved a career with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Summers spent his working life with the City of Saskatoon.

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 7

It’s a perfect time

LS906075.E27 LIZA

COFFEE’S ON in Jo us

for Senate reform


hat’s fascinating about the The only thing I can believe from Senate scandal is that opposition Wright’s comments is that Harper was not parties, the media and the advised about the activities of his chiefpublic-at-large seem anxious to throw the of-staff, if for no other reason that the Senate under the bus, rather backroom boys wanted him to than the handful of people be able to swear under oath that guilty of impropriety. Yet, the he had no knowledge of the Senate is the only institution transaction. Wright has paid for we have that serves as a check his stupidity by resigning. and balance for any majority Adding to the Senate woes government that runs amok. is Sen. Pamela Wallin, who Our judicial system runs is currently having her travel on the premise that a person is expenses audited. Senators innocent until proven guilty. In Mac Harb and Patrick Brazeau the case of Sen. Mike Duffy, he have already been told they has already been convicted in owe $51,000 and $48,000, the court of public opinion, if respectively. Then there is the Columnist not for legal wrongdoing, then issue of Sen. Pana Merchant’s certainly for bringing dishonour, discredit knowledge, or lack thereof, of her and public outrage to bear on the whole of husband’s off-shore account. That saga the Senate. continues. “Our great democracies still tend to I’m unclear as to why people are upset think that a stupid man is more likely about the residency rule, other than some to be honest than a clever man, and our senators breached the half-year rule. politicians take advantage of this prejudice What happens if the Senate and/or its by pretending to be even more stupid committees are required to sit more than than nature has made them.” — Bertrand 183 days a year? As for being in touch Russell with residents in their province, I’d bet Duffy’s first act of stupidity was good money that if you stopped 1,000 padding his expense account. But greed, people on the streets of Saskatoon and wedded to omnipotence, is a powerful asked them how many senators are from seductress. Saskatchewan, fewer than one per cent would know the answer, much less be able In repaying improperly claimed to name them. Hell, I could run over any expenses, Duffy acknowledged that, one of them and not know who I had hit through error or otherwise, he did until their identities were divulged. wrongfully overcharge his expenses. Compounding one act of stupidity with What all parties should be focused another, he justified his overbilling by on is how we can reform the Senate to stating that the expense claim forms were perform the useful function for which ambiguous. It begs the question, if you’re it was created. Appointments are not too stupid to read a form, or check with the necessarily the problem as they ensure proper authority to ensure that the claim that those appointed will not succumb is legitimate, how can you be considered to re-election folly. But limited terms smart enough to be considered a “sober rather than lifetime appointment until age second thought” in the Senate? 75 might be the answer. Having a body Not to be out done by Duffy, Prime outside the Senate setting the rules for Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, expenses and scrutinizing accounts would Nigel Wright, stupidly believes that the be beneficial. And as no prime minister public will accept that he bailed Duffy can fire a senator, perhaps strident laws to out by gifting him $90,000 because he’s oust wrongdoers are needed. If these are a good guy wanting to help a friend and constitutional issues for the good of the didn’t want the taxpayers footing the bill. country, parliamentarians of every political Duffy could have been ordered to repay his stripe should be addressing reform rather overbilling or face charges of fraud. Duffy than seizing the opportunity to make owns a residence in Prince Edward Island. election advances. Surely with that asset, coupled with his And Harper would do well to remember guaranteed base salary of $135,200 for the that the U.S. Watergate scandal wasn’t next eight years, followed by a lucrative just about the criminal act of a few who pension plan, it would’ve been enough to committed a break and enter, but it was the secure a loan from any bank. Better yet, ensuing cover-up that destroyed Richard secure a court order for the recovery of Nixon’s presidency. the money and deduct payments from his paycheque.

E NGL PRI rt B BO spo r kid raise d fun

EMPORIUM on ou st r

Sat. June 1

GRAND OPENINg Samples of baking and kabobs award winning jams and jellies

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ML41561.E27 Mary



Starting from $ 57,245* $ Lease from


2013 Lexus GS 350 AWD


The track-inspired GS makes a powerful statement in both appearance and performance.

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*Price includes freight/PDI & block heater. Taxes, license, registrations and insurance are extra. †MSRP is $57,245 for a new 2013 Lexus GS 350. MSRP includes freight/PDI ($1,995) and block heater ($230). Taxes, license, registration (if applicable) and insurance are extra. All advertised lease and finance rates are special rates. *Lease and finance offers provided through Lexus Financial Services, on approved credit on new Lexus. Lease example based on a 48 month term at an annual rate of 2.9% with $6,250 downpayment. Taxes, license, registration (if applicable) and insurance are extra. 80,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.20/km for excess kilometres. Lexus Dealers are free to set their own prices. Limited time offers only apply to retail customers at participating Lexus dealers. May require factory order. Offers are subject to change without notice. Offers expire at month’s end unless extended or revised. See your Lexus dealer for complete details

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Physician-only skin care available to public Complimentary Consultations with Dr. Demkiw-Bartel Dr. Coby Demkiw-Bartel has been practicing family medicine for ten years. The Saskatoon physician has a special interest in dermatology and has spent extra time training and doing research in skin-related issues. Her background in associated medical fields as a lab tech and pharmacist have allowed her to further investigate skin-related issues, including skin care products and services that actually work.

Four years ago, a Canadian company approached her to try their line of products by the name ALYRIA. They are concentrated and potent products that as a result only physicians can sell. The product line is appropriate for people of all ages and both genders. The best part is that these products actually do what they claim, last a significant amount of time and are affordable. “Quite often patients come back after trying the line and together we marvel in what has been the result,” she says. ALYRIA is a safe effective way to improve your skin’s appearance including the treatment of dull skin, fine lines/wrinkles, acne/acne scarring, brown spots/melasma/ hyperpigmentation, and photodamage. Also offered are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. These services are safe, effective, non-invasive ways to improve your skin’s appearance and complement the ALYRIA line extremely well. “We also treat warts, skin tags, molluscum and seborrheic/actinic keratosis,” Dr. Demkiw-Bartel adds. Uniquely all treatments performed by physician.

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3 se 5 SPRi E nG SAlE jun n Hou W ed ne pe sday, june 5/13 O

Answers on page 24



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Page 8 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013


Rick Mercer

Comedian coming to fundraiser


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

ou’re coming to Saskatoon to do a night of comedy at the Wiegers Care for Kids cabaret event in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. How do you feel about our province and the event? I’m always thrilled to travel and provide entertainment for events like these across the country. I’ve been to Saskatchewan a bunch of times with the show. The University of Saskatchewan pops into my mind, and the potash mine. It was pretty phenomenal and everyone I met down there was so nice to me. The shoot I did with the Saskatchewan Roughriders is probably one of my favourite pieces we’ve ever done. And of course, just recently, Estevan in Saskatchewan won the Spread the Net Challenge. What does this say about Saskatchewan’s fundraising efforts? I would say I’m no longer surprised by these things, because the dark horse often takes the race. What’s been phenomenal to me about the entire Spread the Net experience is that schools have done such a phenomenal job of raising money — it’s $1.5 million now around the country. Yet every school knows that the contest is inherently unfair, because no matter what school you go to in the country, there will always be a bigger school somewhere else. And that’s just the way it is. That’s the way life is as well, and yet the students do it anyway. They do such a tremendous job and the spirit at Estevan school was tremendous. I met them and I totally understood why they did so well. Can you tell me about the inspiration behind Spread the Net before we work our way to the Wiegers Care for Kids comedy and cabaret event? Belinda Stronach and I went to Africa; we were following Dr. Jeffrey Sachs around. He’s a rock-star economist who was trying to figure out many problems LS90093.L17 that were on that continent. In one community, there would be corn growing Liza

in the field, children running around and a school and a small economy. What you needed to survive was there. Then, we would literally go 200-300 miles down the road and there would be another village; no children, no food growing, people were not well and there was zero economy. There was poverty in the sense that you can’t even begin to imagine. Dr. Sachs explained the difference was the first community had access to these anti-malaria bed nets, so the children weren’t getting sick and dying. If all the children in a community die, they are the soul of a community; the adults are sick so they can’t grow food and it just all immediately begins to collapse. And so then, we were no longer looking at a huge, insurmountable problem, we were looking at one problem, and the solution was a $10 bed net. You are known for rants, but also for being a comedian. Is it tough as a writer to combine the two, in a sense? Well, I generally don’t combine those kinds of issues. Even though issues like bullying have come up on the show, by and large, that’s not my job. I’m not a social scientist that’s out there exploring the ills and the problems of the world every single week. Like I said, I’m celebrating. If I’m going somewhere it’s to celebrate it. Let’s focus on Saskatoon and the Wiegers Care for Kids Rant ‘n’ Raise cabaret. What about this cause speaks to you? Do you pick and choose which events you can attend? You spend the first part of your career desperate to get anyone to come see you do anything. I’m very fortunate now that I have this show and lots of people want to see it or want me to come out. Saskatchewan has always been a great place for me to perform. I did the Silver Spoon dinner three or four years ago, and that was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. The show that I’m doing now is very similar to that show; the content is different but the format is the same. I really enjoy doing it, and I’m fortunate I get to choose places like Saskatchewan and causes like the Children’s Hospital in

Saskatchewan to support. The cabaret is Canadianthemed. What kind of material will you bring to the event? The show is called A Nation Worth Ranting About. I’ve been doing the RMR show for 10 years and as a result I haven’t unpacked in 10 years. I’ve got to travel the country non-stop and I think it gives me a unique perspective. When I go to a place, I create a piece and we put it on television, but quite often the story of meeting the people involved is the overwhelming thing that I take away from that. That experience is often not the one you see on television. I will talk about some of those stories. I will talk about the country and some of the conclusions I’ve come to and some of the questions I’ve asked myself that I know I’m further away from answering now then I was 10 years ago. You just wrapped up the 10th season of the Rick Mercer Report. Taking a look at your career so far, is this somewhere you predicted you would be? If you’re in show business, especially somewhere in Canada, you’re happy if you’re just working. So for the vast majority of my career, I was just thrilled that I was working. Before I went

to work at 22 Minutes, the longest I’d had a job was six weeks in terms of show business. That was fantastic. I’ve had a career that I’m very proud of, and I can’t believe I’ve managed to stay working this long. What are your thoughts on the Wiegers Care for Kids campaign and the hospital being built here in Saskatoon? I just hope people come out. It’s obviously a great cause. I hope they realize that it’s a fun night and it’s a comedy night. While it’s very important to talk about things like the Spread the Net issues and all the other issues, I hope people realize that it’s a night of pure comedy. And it will be very Canadian. Rick Mercer will be in Saskatoon on June 8 in support of Wiegers Care for Kids Inc.’s major fundraiser. The proceeds go to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. Tickets are available at

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 9

Krazy Kiley’s

Customer loyalty key to success Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express

owners agree that hard work, good staff and customer loyalty have been the key ingredients in the success and growth of razy Kiley’s is locally owned the business. and operated, and has been for McCrea said customer loyalty can’t be 33 years. That is something that emphasized enough. should be emphasized, say the owners of “Our customer base is pretty strong. I the business. have guys coming up to me and saying, ‘I Krazy Kiley’s has faced competition think I bought my car stereo from you in from national and international companies 1985.’ And they are still coming back.’’ during the years, but it has thrived — one Farmer agrees. “We are starting to deal television, one cellphone and one tablet at with their kids and their kids’ kids.’’ a time. “Not to make us sound old,’’ McCrea As Saskatoon grows, Krazy Kiley’s said. is growing, with an expansion into Training and retaining staff is important University Heights in the northeast sector to the success of the business, Farmer said. of the city. The city’s construction boom “It is a fulltime job for most of our staff. has given the business the opportunity to We try to make it more a career situation, provide home solutions. rather than work for company X for two As you build it, they will outfit and months and then move on.’’ install everything from appliances to a He said it is important to have an theatre room. No sinks, however. enjoyable working environment to have a The four owners have similar high retention rate. backgrounds. They are all from “Then, you are not talking to a different Saskatchewan and were all working for the salesperson every time you go into a store. company when the opportunity to purchase That gives you the service aspect of it.’’ it arose. After 28 years, the family which The business has evolved, said founded and owned the business since Menzies, who manages the store at Avenue 1980 was ready to sell. D and 22nd Street. “They came to us, as many owners do, “Back in the day, we did a lot of car when they wanted to retire,’’ Joel McCrea audio. We used to bring Lamborghinis into said. “They said they are going to sell the our store downtown just to show off our business or ‘here is a plan for you guys to car audio. We are still definitely involved take it over.’’ in that at the downtown location — we do McCrea, Brad Farmer, Don Menzies a full line of mini-car audio lines, we do a and Wade Stupnikoff knew the business lot of boats, and we have a full install shop and stepped in. That was in 2008. McCrea downtown for marine, audio, car starters. has been with the company since 1985, You name it and we can put it in your Farmer since 1993, Stupnikoff since 1995 vehicle.’’ and Menzies since 1996. The business has changed during the “Throughout the years, we’ve spent years, with the company concentrating more time with each other than probably on custom home sales and installations our families at certain points,’’ McCrea as well as selling the latest in technology said with a laugh. piece by piece, Farmer said. He was only partially joking. The “Our sign says it on it, ‘Home Solutions


(left to right) Brad Farmer, Wade Stupnikoff, Don Menzies and Joel McCrea have owned Krazy Kiley’s since 2008 (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson) by Krazy Kiley’s.’ We are a base company that will come into your house and help you from the beginning to the end as far as your lighting, your ambience, turning up the heat from the airport, using the smart devices we have today. You can make your own theatre room and go to every room in the house.” “We have fridges, stoves, washers, dryers, television, lighting, complete home automation, security. What have I missed? We have Dimplex fireplaces, which are quite successful in today’s market. They heat up a room at a minimal cost.’’ McCrea said home solutions is a big reason for expansion into the northeast part of the city. “With a lot of new homes being built, we felt we had to be here.’’ The decision was not taken lightly. Farmer said the partners visited the site of the new store about two years ago, when it was an open space. “Joel said, ‘What do you think?’ I wasn’t sure where I should look because it was all just open space. The rest is

history,’’ he said. McCrea said buying power has helped the company compete with the big-box stores. “We are part of a 300-store buying group across Canada, so our buying power is huge. There are no issues as far as what we pay, compared with what they pay. We’ve been through it for so many years . . . there’s been a lot businesses come and go.’’ Business has been good during the 11 months since the new store opened, McCrea said. “For any business to be 10 months in and do the numbers we have done, they would be happy. It’s growing, growing, growing. What we wanted to concentrate on are the custom home projects and they are growing a lot. It’s coming along.’’ The new store in University Heights in located at 106-1844 McOrmond Drive. The store can be reached at 306-664-2244. For more information on Krazy Kiley’s, including store hours at both locations, go to


79-8) 23;34)2


MANOR at stonebridge




In Trinity Manor you are surrounded by friends and neighbours who share similar life experiences and values. Live a truly carefree lifestyle in a secure, comfortable home with a sense of community, designed to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Scheduled opening July 2014.

For more information call 306-373-3135 or visit

Page 10 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Woods of art on display at exhibition


Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

alking into Art Delahey’s Saskatoon home, the first thing you notice is the aroma of fresh-cut wood. Then you begin to absorb the beauty that is everywhere, in the form of stunning, hand-crafted tables, cabinets and even a rocking chair. And they were all designed and manufactured by Delahey’s own hands. Not looking a day over 60, the 82year-old speaks humbly and eloquently of his craft. “I really became intrigued with woodworking when I was a kid,” he said. “I didn’t do much about it though, other than take a couple of night classes. Then, I retired and joined the Saskatchewan Woodworkers’ Guild (SWG), which is where I became seriously interested in fine furniture.” The guild was launched in 1978, when a group of individuals began getting together casually to share ideas, tips and their passion with others who were also interested in working with wood. During the past 35 years, the SWG has grown exponentially.Today it includes both professional woodworkers and hobbyists ranging in age from 10 to over 90 years old. The group meets once a month in Walter Murray Collegiate’s industrial arts lab. Delahey credits the guild with helping him achieve the phenomenal level of skill he’s reached today. “At the meetings, we have ‘show and tell’, a questionand-answer period for folks who are having problems with some task or another, and live demonstrations,” said Delahey, whose trademark pieces are his custom-designed jewelry boxes. “Guests and members alike demonstrate their expertise — we mentor each other.” Delahey described a massive library for SWG member use, located over Saskatoon’s Great Western Saw. “There’s

LS906038.E27 Liza

Art Delahey’s work will be on display at the woodworkers’ exhibition (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson) a wealth of woodworking knowledge in that library,” he said. “You get all this mentoring, education and networking for a membership cost of $45 a year.” Every year, the SWG sponsors a show to display the works of its members. This year’s show, the SWG’s 35th Annual Exhibition of Fine Works — or Wood 13 for short — runs from May 25 to June 2 at the Galleria Building at Innovation Place. The show is open to the public for viewing or to purchase items from the artisans. However, its primary purpose, as stated on the SWG’s website, is to “educate the public and raise awareness of the beauty and diversity of works that can be created from wood.” The beautiful woodworking pieces at the show have been crafted by both

Welcome To Our Team Saskatoon Funeral Home and the Edwards Family are pleased to welcome Kurtis Rae to our team of professionals. Kurtis is a licensed funeral director, embalmer and pre-need counsellor. 25 years of experience in the funeral profession have given Kurtis the experience to help grieving families make educated decisions in their critical time of need. Kurtis prides himself in providing the respect and dignity required to honour the life and memory of your loved one. He is passionate about ensuring the needs of families with various cultural backgrounds and traditions are met. Kurtis’ expertise and work ethic have contributed to our company’s core principles of fairness, honesty, integrity, trust, and compassion.

Kurtis Rae LFD.LE.FS

the artisan and the novice woodworker. Getting ready for the show with the purpose of sharing their work with the world motivates the craftsmen and women to achieve new heights, while using the opportunity to expand their education in the presence of other woodworkers.

Wood 13 showcases more than 200 pieces of woodworking of all genres, from furniture to decor and art, crafted by members of the guild, as well as students from Saskatoon schools. The exhibition is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, with the exception of June 2, when the hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, go to

ML41544.E27 Mary


$190 million — List price for the Copper Beach Farm, the most expensive single-family home in the United States. The home, located in Greenwich, Conn., is 13,519 square feet and sits on 50 acres of land. It has 12 bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a library, solarium, wine cellar and a whole floor for staff. It hasn’t been on the market in more than a century. 72,000 — Ladybugs released recently at the Mall of America in Minnesota. The ladybugs are being used to protect the greenery in the mall by eating aphids. There are 30,000 plants in the mall. 2 — Percentage of people that claim to be in the Mile High Club. $34,000 — Annual income needed to be in the one per cent of the richest people in the world. Most people in the world’s middle class live on approximately $1,250 a year. 97 — Percentage of 30,000 scientists surveyed that believe climate change is caused by humans. $15,000 — Amount PETA offered the city of Hamburg, N.Y., in 2003 to change its name to Veggieburg. 60 — Percentage of vegetarians that said they had eaten meat, fish or poultry the previous day, when polled by CNN. 75 — Percentage of Glamour Magazine readers that said they fantasize about their man being dressed like a firefighter. 31 — Age women think their own beauty peaks. Men believe women’s beauty peaks at age 29. 1,142 — Calories in a Mega Potato, a container of McDonald’s french fries available in Japan for a limited time. There are 350 grams of fries in the container — about double the amount in a large order of fries. $900,000 — Amount it costs per year to house each inmate at the Guantanamo Bay prison.

SaSkatoon BuSineSS Bulletin Board

May Special

25 % off

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230 - 2600 8th Street East

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Neil Acupuncture Clinic Traditional Acupuncture and

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Tired of feeling stressed...

814 Lamarsh Lane • Saskatoon, SK


SOLUTIONS FOR DEBT PROBLEMS Pinder Bueckert & AssociAtes inc.

Sandals that scream Spring!


Glenda Neil BSc(Hons) Ac.Lic.Ac. MBAcC MAcSCA

• Karl Bueckert • Jeff Pinder • Joann Borkowski • Crystal Seed • Personal & Business Bankruptcy • Debt Settlements, Proposals & Counselling • Free Personal Consultations

Open Sundays Noon to 5pm (306)-956-2272

Trustee in Bankruptcy & Member of Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP)

#212 Eastwood Centre • 3521 8th Street East (306) 653-1100

LS906031.E27 Liza

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 11 Advertorial Feature

Prairie Meats makes entertaining a breeze

Wedding and graduation season is almost here! Let Prairie Meats help you plan for your big day so that you can focus on the celebration instead of worrying about the food. We have several options to choose from, including a

Prairie Lunch. This includes Prairie Best Cold Cuts, cubed cheese, pickles, buns, butter, and tableware, all for only $3.59 per person. We can also add extra items such as vegetable or fruit trays and dainty trays to complete your meal. If you want more than cold cuts, check out our B.B.Q.- ready meal! Choose from a selection of steaks, kabobs or burgers. To complete your meal, your meat selection also comes with baked potatoes, sour cream, salad, buns, butter, pickles, and cheese. B.B.Q sauce and tableware round out the package so that all you need to do is cook your meat and heat your potatoes, and dinner is served! We also have quick and easy heat and serve options, like pulled pork, or my personal favorite, cooked roast beef with sauce for beef on a bun. You just have to open the pouch and pour the contents into a slow cooker to heat. When your guests arrive, all you need to do is put out the buns and butter and take the lids off the broccoli/

cheddar salad and Premiere potato salad that you picked up already prepared in our catering bowls. Just like that, your guests are eating, leaving you the time to enjoy not only the meal but the celebration as well. Along with these suggestions, we also have a wide variety of kabobs, steaks, and salads for you to choose from for your summer entertaining. And don’t forget the appetizers! Our selection includes pork or vegetable spring rolls , chicken fingers, samosas and three different varieties of chicken wings, and fully cooked meatballs. And then there is our delicious Prairie Meats Own Boneless Dry Garlic Ribs. This popular item is always a big hit, whether served as an appetizer, snack or a meal. Pair it with Pairie Meats Own Caesar Salad, and your meal is taken care of! Come in and check out our wide selection for summer entertaining. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have or to make suggestions. Let us worry about the food so that you can enjoy the big day!

Prices in effect until May 28th-June 5th


Prairie Lunch $

Includes: Prairie best cold cuts, cubed cheese, pickles, buns & butter and tableware

New York Striploin Steak

6 x 2 lb. packages


12 lbs.


Sweet & spicy tender cubes of pork approx. 10 - 8 oz. per case


Pkg 1.4 Kg


Chicken Breast Kabobs Approx. 10 - 8 oz. skewers per case




From the Deli

Smoked Pork Chops




Chicken Breast Franks


$ 99



5 lbs.



Kabob Combo Pack



$ 98

Deluxe B.B.Q. Beef Burgers 24 - 6 oz. portions




23 lbs. 70-049-4003


Pork Back Ribs


$ 49


2 lbs. Boneless Top Sirloin Steak 4 lbs. Pork Loin Chops (Center Cut) 5 lbs. Beef Sausage 2 lbs. Pork Side Ribs (BBQ or Sweet & Sour) 5 lbs. Medium Ground Beef 3 lbs. Outside Round Roast -Bnis 2 lbs. Sliced Side Bacon #1


71-022-5267 or 71-022-5268

Frozen, 2 per pkg.

Mini Pack



Honey Garlic or Greek


4 - 4 oz. Pork Souvlaki 4 - 4 oz. Chicken Souvlaki 4 - 4 oz. Monteray Chicken Kabobs 4 - 4 oz. Honey Rose Pork Kabobs 16 portions

Chicken Thighs

71-010-3005 4 lbs.

Pork Kabobs

$ 99

$ 99


Sweet Mesquite

approx. 14 per Pkg

5 lbs.

Cut from Canada AA+ Beef


4 lbs.

Mitchell’s BBQ Wieners


per person


Pork Button Bones





From the Kitchen Boneless Breaded

Stuffed Peppers

Mushroom, wildrice stuffing Heat & Serve


$ 99



Crab & Shrimp stuffed

Mushroom Caps


$ 95



College Park Mall 306-477-1959 2326 Millar Ave. 306-244-4024 WE DELIVER Hours: Mon. - Sat. 8:30 - 6 p.m. Thurs. til 8 p.m. See us at

JW10864.E27 James

Page 12 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Streetscape Homes A unique floor plan in Stonebridge

Discover Your Neighbours A Celebration of Built Heritage Enjoy an afternoon of peeking behind doors and experience Saskatoon’s most interesting architectural buildings through this family-friendly event!


nother showhome from backyard deck. A main-floor half-bath is Streetscape Homes offers a unique conveniently located just off of back-yard floor plan in a popular Saskatoon patio door. neighbourhood. The 1,337-square-foot, two-storey The three-bedroom home has a practical layout, with home — 506 Stonebridge all three bedrooms located on the Common at The Oasis upper level. The master bedroom on the Park in the rapidly features a walk-in closet and a growing Stonebridge tub-equipped ensuite. The family subdivision — has a bathroom is also located on this maintenance-free exterior floor. and an impressive interior The front porch of this Energywith many upgrades Star-rated home has an attractive as standard features, view of Stonebridge’s large including maple hardwood central park, located just across floors. the street. The park features Large windows make walking paths, playgrounds and this home a bright and sports fields. The home has a Homes cheerful place to put detached garage pad with access down family roots. And to the back lane. its interior layout is The front porch of this home sufficiently flexible to accommodate a has an attractive view of the park. variety of lifestyle options. Listed at $349,900, the home can be The showhome’s open kitchen features toured Tuesday to Thursday from 2 p.m. attractive cabinets, granite countertops, to 4 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The a built-in dishwasher and an over-range home is also open for viewing on Monday microwave. The connecting dining from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and nook has a garden door to a future Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. ML41575.E27 Mary

Sunday June 2, 2013 Noon - 5pm


Visit our Facebook page for more details on visiting properties and where to get your buttons.

FREE ADMISSION Free - Access Transit Buttons Available

Cory-Parke Greenhouse On Special This Week

Begonias and Impatiens for the SUN!! Mandevillas, Succulents & Heuchera and much more...

Save $1.00 on 6” Martha Washinton Geraniums Rose Bushes $26.95 each Preston and Cornish Road in Stonebridge 374-4444 • 3200 Preston Avenue South

Your Yard



Shop at Saskatchewan’s Largest Greenhouse

Monday - Friday 9-9 | Saturday 9-6 Sunday 11-5

Business Profile

Floral Acres


n 1936, Floral Acres Greenhouses started as a small vegetable farm by Priscila Mah’s grandparents on Valley Road, several years later one small greenhouse was added to the operation. 77 years later, with its third generation, Floral Acres Greenhouses has grown to be the largest greenhouse in Saskatchewan, covering over five acres of greenhouses and employing over 70 people.

Each year over four million plants are grown with over 2000 varieties of spring plants, hanging baskets, planters, perennials, house plants, succulents, poinsettias, trees and shrubs. There is also a great selection of garden accessories and outdoor furniture. May and June hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday, Sundays and stat holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Every Tuesday is

May 24 to May 30 reg. $2998 12” planters $ 15” planters 5” petunias

1998 reg. 42 Sale $3498 reg. 5 Sale $398

Sale $

Toony Tuesday


$ 98

held over

310 Valley Road • Phone (306)382-7352 Open 9-9 Daily • Sunday & Stat Holidays 10-6

Check out our SPECIALS!

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 13 At PotashCorp, we value the efforts of local leaders who make our communities strong and vibrant places to build a future. That’s why we are proud to recognize this year’s Women of Distinction and support YWCA Saskatoon – also a leader and difference-maker in our community.


inners Margaret Tosh Lifetime Achievement

The Saskatoon Express was proud to be the Champagne sponsor at this year’s Awards Gala. Stories by Ned Powers, Joelle Tomlinson and Tammy Robert


Ned Powers Saskatoon Express

argaret Tosh has always subscribed to the theory that “this is the only body I’ll ever have, so take care of it.” Her strong beliefs in fitness and health really made the perfect fit when the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards selection committee recognized the former Olympian and present-day Masters athlete with its lifetime achievement award. As Margaret George, she represented Canada in the javelin event at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. Then she married George Tosh and settled back into a Saskatchewan farming lifestyle, as well as embracing teaching as a career and coaching and inspiring young athletes to follow in her footsteps. At the age of 68, she competed in the 2005 World Masters Games and last summer, at age 74, she won one silver medal, three bronze medals, as well as gaining a fourth-place and fifth-place finish in her throwing events at the World Masters Athletic championships in California. Margaret captivated her audience at TCU Place at last week’s dinner with stories filled with true Saskatchewan spirit. She was born in a log cabin, delivered by a grandmother mid-wife. She grew up on a farm near Mervin, overcoming her shyness and working diligently on the farm. She paid tribute to her mother “who was dedicated to canning and preserving, and living off the land, and instilling in me the values of nutrition.” She hailed her father as “an expert in weight training. It started at the woodpile, went into the fields where we picked rocks every spring, pitched hay onto the rack, and swung a nine-pound hammer to drive posts into the ground.” She was the catcher on the softball team, “only getting a mask after I had endured three black eyes.” Her three sisters – Edith from Loon Lake, Marion from North Battleford and Shirley from Assiniboia JW10876.E27 – were in attendance at the dinner and heard their


sister praise them for gifts of selfdiscipline and support. “When I’d go away to the Canadian Olympic training program, 10 days at a time for five years, my sisters covered my chores and there was no animosity and no sibling rivalry.” Margaret also touched on other influences. Her first coach was the

legendary Joe Griffiths “who waved the magic wand over me.” When she embarked on a competitive comeback at the age of 68, Tolga Yanik at the YWCA pointed her in the direction where “I could do six reps of a 220pound leg press.” When she went to her first indoor meet “and I’d been away from the sport 13 years, there was Dean Bertoia as a coach.”

She also shared the evening with husband, George, their children, Theresa, Adele and Jim, who all grew up in Harris, noting that “an award of this magnitude is humbling and my journey through life sometimes feels like a fairytale.” There is more to come. She will be inducted into the Canadian Masters Sports Hall of Fame in July in Regina.


Nominees for the Women of Distinction Awards gather at the dinner (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson)

We always take pride in our university family, and we’re privileged to work with the best of the best. Today, we celebrate 15 of our outstanding women—faculty, staff and alumni—who are nominees for the Women of Distinction Awards. Congratulations!

Page 14 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

RS310134.E27 Rob

ML41570.E27 Mary


Congratulations to all Nominee’s and Award Winners of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Awards! Scotiabank proud Platinum Sponsor

at Argyle would like to congratulate all the Nominees and Winners.

A culture of inclusion is the heart of our Global Community od Scotiabankers. it is here, where distinct perspectives and unique talents ignite personal career growth. Hundreds of inspiring, heartwarming and even heroic career stories take place at Scotiabank every day. You can experience these now, by visiting

When you dress with Argyle.... you’re always a winner!

122-1820 McOrmond Drive. University Heights

(306) 978-8889

Award inners Community Builder

Arts, Culture & Heritage


Fran Forsberg

Karin Melberg Schwier

Tammy Fleming

As a foster parent for 31 years, Fran Forsberg brought more than 125 children home to live with her — some short-term, some long-term. She and her husband, Lee, have two children of their own, Adam and Shae, and adopted nine more, Sheena, Destiny, Krista, Tana, Nate, Gracie, Sienna, Renn and Jacob. She never gets tired of what she lovingly called “a family living like a circus without a tent.” As the award winner in the Community Building category, Fran said her children “teach me so much about courage and unconditional love. I really feel blessed that they chose me to be their mom.” All the adopted children are from First Nations backgrounds and she encourages them to stay in touch with their culture. She said each has special qualities and eight have attended the Georges Vanier School of Fine Arts, where they can study arts, music and drama. Fran was nominated by Shatilla, “who came into my life at 18 months, went back to her family and has never been far away.” She educates foster parents, gives PRIDE training, lectures on gender creativity in schools and promotes understanding and respect for children who could otherwise be neglected. She supports organizations like the Lighthouse, the Breaking the Silence movement, the diversity branch of Saskatoon Police Services, the Adoption Support Network, Saskatoon Foster Families and the CNIB. She drew the crowd’s attention to a Tibetan saying that “when a sleeping woman wakes, mountains move. Now let’s get out and kick aside some mountains.”

Through her achievements in listening, writing and storytelling, award-winning author and editor, Karin Melberg Schwier has had a profound effect on the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities. She credits her 39-year-old son James, who lives with Down Syndrome and has been volunteering at the YMCA for 18 years, with inspiring her to always ensure her work is always authentic and honest. “Because I work freelance, I’m able to spend a lot of time creating an interesting and purposeful life for James and our family. Anytime I’m writing, he’s always in the back of my mind,” Karin said. “I’m always working towards promoting a better life for people with disabilities, because that’s what we want for James.” Karin has written eight books focusing on the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, and edited numerous publications for organizations such as the Fetal Alcohol Support Network, the Saskatoon YMCA and the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living. In 2013, she launched her latest book project, Flourish: People with Disabilities Living Life with Passion, which reached No. 4 on McNally Robinson’s best-seller list. “I strive to preserve the exact words of the people I’m interviewing, even if they’re a bit awkward,” Karin said. “It’s about telling their unique stories, especially the people who haven’t always had an opportunity to be heard or understood, even though the stories might be uncomfortable for people to hear. We have a responsibility to listen.” On winning the Women of Distinction Award, Karin was clearly overwhelmed. “It’s unbelievable, especially when hearing the accomplishments of the other nominees. I’m still in disbelief, but it’s really cool.”

Congratulations to women of distinction. We salute you.


Koi Esthetics SALON SPA

2013 RX 350

2013 RX 350

Starting From: $47,303† Cash Purchase Incentive



Includes freight/ PDI and block heater

Lease or finance for up to 48 months * **


Lease from

Security deposit waived

495 /Month



with $6,300 down, 20,000 kms/yr

• 3.5L V6 engine • Class leading 10 airbags • Available F-Sport model with 8-speed auto and sport-tuned suspension • Available heads up display.


285 Venture Crescent Saskatoon 306.653.5611

†MSRP is $47,303 for a new Lexus 2013 RX 350 Sfx ‘A’. ◆ RX 350 F-Sport package shown: $60,773. MSRP includes air conditioning tax ($100), and tire tax ($20) . Taxes, license, registration (if applicable) and insurance are extra. *Lease and finance offers provided through Lexus Financial Services, on approved credit on all new Lexus 2013 RX 350 Sfx ‘A’ models. Lease example based on a 48 month term at an annual rate of 1.9% and MSRP of $47,303 (includes $258 block heater charge, $100 air conditioning tax, $20 tire tax, and $1,995 freight/PDI). Monthly payment is $495 with $6,300 down payment or equivalent trade in, $0 security deposit and first monthly payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $32,423 Taxes, license, registration (if applicable) and insurance are extra. 80,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.20/km for excess kilometres. See participating dealers for complete details. Limited time offers only apply to retail customers at participating Lexus dealers. Dealer order/trade may be required. Offers are subject to change without notice. Offers expire at month’s end unless extended or revised. See your Lexus dealer for complete details.

Tammy Fleming is at the forefront of fitness in Saskatoon. She is passionate about the lifestyle changes women experience through fitness, and was involved for 10 years as swim coach, race director and volunteer with Just Tri It in the city. At times, her mother helped out as a volunteer, which inspired Tammy to create the Makin’ it Happen Triathlon in memory of her mom, who died of cancer in 2010. “Simply being nominated is a gift that continues to give,” Tammy said at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards night. Tammy said she was “truly honoured to be recognized among the incredible women who were nominated in her category.’’ Tammy thanked her family, without whom the Makin’ it Happen Triathlon couldn’t have been such a success. “This year, we had 119 women complete their very first triathlon at the Shaw Centre. I get to support women in the community while they work so hard to do something they thought was not even possible. They give 100 per cent of their hard work.” Proceeds from this year’s Makin’ it Happen Triathlon will go toward giving patients’ families a place to stay in partnership with the Park Town Hotel. In addition to overseeing triathlons, Tammy also advises the Saskatoon Health Region on patient and family care, is co-chair of the Client and Family Centred Care steering committee and has presented to the quality summit and Saskatchewan Union of Nurses.

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214B Stonebridge Blvd 306-249-4633 We are proud to offer you the best in hair and skin care; including organic, all-natural, and cruelty free product lines.

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 15

Award inners Education


Health & wellness

Arlene Shiplett

Christin Butcher

Johanna Bergerman

Any students of horn in Saskatoon and area are likely familiar with Arlene Shiplett. Arlene has been instructing horn in schools – with the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, at the university and at the International Music Camp — all for the past 20 years in different capacities. “What’s really interesting to me is all the wonderful students I have learned from,” she said. “When I think back to everything I have done, the hardest student to teach is the one I learned the most from. It’s been just fabulous working with the children of Saskatchewan and watching their lives be enriched by music.” Arlene is both a teacher and a performer, and plays with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, the International Brass Quintet, the Prairie Virtuosi, the Gala Trio, and in the Elim Tabernacle Christmas musical. Somewhere in this mix, she manages to find time to conduct for the Saskatoon Horn Choir and present across Saskatchewan for the National Arts Centre Music Alive Program.  Arlene fondly remembers moments in her career, such as handing out 150 kazoos to children, and “watching 150 children play kazoo at the same time — can you imagine?”  Arlene’s recent accomplishments include winning the Dwaine Nelson Teaching award, conducting the mass horn choir at the Call of Wild horn conference and performing with the International Brass Quintet at the International Peace Gardens. Every summer Arlene performs on the Saskatchewan Western Development Museum’s steam calliope, which is one of the few in playing condition in North America. She is married to Lee Springett. Together, they have seven horns.

Christin Butcher knows a good cupcake when she sees one. In fact, she probably made it. Butcher is a Saskatoon entrepreneur who enriches Saskatoon’s community through leadership and volunteerism — and with the delicious creations she bakes at The Cupcake Conspiracy. Christin credits her passion for entrepreneurship and creativity to her family, and says she is following in the footsteps of her “great grandmother, grandmother and mother, who were all so incredible and inspiring. “In the room earlier when I looked around and I thought, ‘What am I doing here?’ All of the women who are nominated are so incredibly inspiring and have done such wonderful things for the community,” said Christin at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards night. “I guess I just come by it naturally in a sense, and I am so honoured to follow in their footsteps. We are a community and I believe in making it a better place.” Not only is she an active volunteer, busy baker and successful entrepreneur, she also gives to causes for people in need. Through The Cupcake Conspiracy, she donates to The Lighthouse, Friendship Inn, YWCA, Ronald McDonald House, Crisis Nursery and The Princess Shop and she provides placements every year for work-education students. “My staff inspires me every day,” Christin said. “I get a chance to work with young people who all have these fantastic ideas and creations, then we get to show these to customers on a daily basis.”

RS31114.E27 Rob

Internationally recognized breastfeeding expert Johanna Bergerman has had a long career as a public health nutritionist and lactation consultant. She believes that breastfeeding is a social determinant of health and a factor in women’s gender equality. “As a public health nutritionist, most of the world I’m involved in is focused on maternal and child health,” Johanna said. “I want to thank the women in this community who have entrusted me with their birthing and breastfeeding stories.” Johanna is a strong advocate for maternity protection policies, breastfeeding-friendly public spaces, and workplace changes for flexible work and better maternity and parental leave. She played a critical role in the Saskatchewan Human Rights publication Pregnancy, Parenting and the Workplace. Recently, Johanna worked with the Saskatoon Health Region to establish the Saskatoon Mothers’ Centre in Station 20 West, helping mothers in the city’s core neighbourhoods develop leadership skills. “The work I do would not be possible without the synergy of local, provincial, national and international networks. It’s through these networks that we here in Saskatoon are able to initiate and sustain change.”  Through these networks, it is her dream to bring a donor milk bank to Saskatchewan. Johanna is thankful to the Saskatoon Mothers Centre Coalition for their support in starting a “dragon boat team, which was the initial starting point for the mothers centre in terms of team building. “That metaphor of working together (in the boat) made me realize the truth behind the words: Together we are stronger.” 

Out of the Mouth’s of Babes

This is what I thought when my 4 year old son says to me one afternoon, “Look, mom that lady is almost as fat as you are!” My 17 year old son was just mortified that his younger brother could be so callus and reprimanded him for his comment but I quickly reminded my son that he was just little and he didn’t realize nor did he understand just how hurtful his words had been. I explained that he was being truthful and that it was ok but deep down I realized it was not ok. I was not always large but the years working in an office environment, stomach issues, depression and life’s hurdles in general had caught up with me. I knew I was gaining weight 5 pounds here, 10 pounds there but I did not realize how much I had gained until I had to buy an outfit for my son’s graduation and the pictures….oh the pictures!!! I had spent years of dodging camera’s, scales and mirrors. I had been on every diet known to man and the money I spent on each and every one of them I am sure I could have bought a new car. Not to mention the exercise equipment and tapes I bought could equip a small gym. Sure I would lose the weight but once I started eating regularly the pounds would come right back on and then some. Once my 4 year old had brought me back to reality I realized that my family was the most important thing in my life and we could not be happy unless I was happy. In order for me to be happy I had to get healthy. Years of research and numerous numbers of referrals to Canadian Bariatric Surgeons I had come up empty handed. Then through my sister I had met Debra from Weight No More Consulting. One phone call was all it took and days later I was on the road to a new & healthier Life!!! Debra was so kind, understanding and considerate. She answered all of my questions as if I was the most important person in the world to her and not just a number or a dollar value. Debra and her fantastic surgical team saved my life. The care and attention I got at the INT Hospital in Mexico by the doctors and nursing staff was absolutely wonderful. I weighed in at 255 pounds with a height of 5 feet; my BMI was well over 40 when I started my weight loss journey. The pre op diet was not such an easy task; straight liquids for 2 weeks with no solids but I did it!!! On November 15, 2011 I had my sleeve surgery and weighed in at 239

Weight No More Consulting

pounds. For the up and coming months afterwards were struggles of what to eat and what my body would allow me to eat but as the days went by I went from clear liquids to blended liquids, to soft foods and then solids. Christmas dinner was a real treat because it was the first real meal I had had since the beginning of November. My goal initially was to get down to a weight of 140 lbs. Mission accomplished!!! January 2012 was the month I started at the gym twice a week. With the combination of a healthy diet, a great trainer and lots of support from Debra at Weight No More Consulting, friends and family I had hit my goal in no time!!! Today I am just 18 months post op, weighing in at 132 lbs, my BMI is 25.8 and my Waist to Height ratio is .45 for a total loss of 123 lbs since I had started my journey. I have no more stomach issues, my GERD/IBS is now manageable with medications, my muscles/joints do not ache and I can finally sleep through the night!!! I thought that hitting my goal weight would be my reward but the real reward is the look on my friends and family’s faces at what I have accomplished and the words out of my now 8 year old son were “Look mom, when I hug you I can get my arms all the way around you and then some!” That was the most wonderful statement I had ever heard come out of his little mouth, it brought tears to my eyes. If I had just one message for anyone who was considering WLS it would be this…..Weight Loss Surgery is a tool and not “the easy way out”, for some it is a “Last Resort” but for most it is a life altering decision. I would be lying if I said there are no struggles…there are struggles after surgery just like the struggles you had before surgery but the struggles are different and the way you handle each struggle will be different but if you take each day and each hurdle one step at a time you can be as successful as I am!!!! Debra at Weight No More Consulting will be there for you every step of the way and through every struggle…she lends a listening ear, is very confidential and treats each client as they are the only person in her life. She truly cares and nothing makes her happier than seeing our smiling faces.

Watch for the announcement from Weight No More Consulting of their doctors coming to Saskatoon for a presentation.

For more information visit or call Debra toll free 1-855-343-0907.

Page 16 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Award inners Leadership & Management

Science, Technology, Research


Patricia Prowse

Lesley Anne McGilp

Zondra Roy

As superintendent of education for Saskatoon’s Board of Education, Patricia Prowse is considered a courageous and values-driven leader by her colleagues and peers. Her vision is to create safe, caring and culturally responsive schools in our city by advocating for improved educational achievements for First Nations, Inuit and Metis students. Patricia has worked tirelessly for the past nine years to close achievement gaps and nurture effective partnerships, including the implementation of a violence threat risk-assessment model in Saskatoon public schools in tandem with organizations such as the Saskatoon Police Service, Ministry of Social Services, MD Ambulance and the Saskatoon Health Region. This violence threat risk-assessment model has been recognized by educational institutions nationally and internationally as an example to follow. “I have learned so much, and continue to do so,’’ Patricia said. “I have learned to be culturally responsive. I want to bring back culture to our schools, and celebrate it.’’ Patricia considers the fact that she was mentored by “extraordinary leaders’’ an invaluable part of her journey. “From these leaders I have learned the power of hope. My hope as a leader includes having all students succeed,’’ she said. “To do that we must eliminate learning disparities for First Nations, Inuit and Metis students. I also hope for safe and caring schools and communities that inspire learning. It is this hope that fuelled my passion and commitment for the last 33 years, and that will continue well into the future.’’

Petroleum engineer Lesley Anne McGilp is a busy woman, a mother to two young children, fundraiser and has a full-time, demanding role managing the Saskatchewan Research Council’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre. With a Bachelor in Education in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, Lesley Anne is a fabulous role model for young women considering a future in the sciences, and she wants to encourage more women to pursue the field. “I have almost always been the only woman in the boardroom,’’ she said. “Having more women in the business would bring a new, more varied perspective to the field. That’s so important.” Lesley Anne describes the challenges of being one of the only women, and typically the first, to have to forage family-friendly policies in a typically male-dominated environment. “In other fields, such as nursing and education, there tend to be more flexible policies for women who need to make the time to have and raise their children. It was challenging at times, but it’s getting better.” She credits technology and more educated, inclusive corporate culture with the development of policies which allow for flexibility for women striving to balance motherhood and their jobs. Lesley Anne is an international leader in research on pipeline transport and practical applications for industry. Prior to her role with the research council, she worked for 11 years in the oil and gas industry focusing on acquisitions and divestitures, reservoir development and production engineering. She co-chaired the first Saskatoon Innovation Week in 2012 and is chairing Saskatchewan’s Innovation Week in 2013.

RS310133.E27 Rob

ML41574.E27 Mary

Celebrating Strong, Successful Women!

Affinity Credit Union is proud to support this important award, and to celebrate the success of all nominees! We appreciate everything you do in our community.


TeleService® 306.934.4000

Zondra Roy, who also goes by Zoey, recently returned from New York where she was at the United Nations on her own accord, advocating for Metis youth, who she feels are politically marginalized by the current system. Despite this weighty and significant project immediately behind her, she moved seamlessly onto the stage to receive her YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Youth, wowing the audience with a spoken-word poetry presentation that brought the audience to its feet. Zondra is an activist, spoken word poet, hip-hop artist and social entrepreneur hailing from the Black Lake Denesuline First Nation and Cormorant Lake in Manitoba. Today, she attends the University of Saskatchewan where she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in education, while working tirelessly to improve the lives of marginalized and disenfranchised youth. “I have struggled,” Zondra said. “My goal is to inspire youth to become leaders, to have a better life. I am living proof that social programming works.’’ Zondra has been locally and nationally recognized for founding Rock the Vote in Saskatchewan, which grew into a Canada-wide movement during the 2011 federal election. Zondra has committed numerous hours to volunteering with the Restorative Action Program and the David Suzuki Foundation. She taught a medicine wheel life-skills course and was recently a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.


- May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 17

Award inners A collection of shots captured by Joelle Tomlinson at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards last week.

ML415997.E27 Mary


What kind of


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Page 18 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Doors Open

Get a glimpse at buildings past and present


Jeff O’Brien for the Saskatoon Express

omething old, something new, and lots in between — Doors Open is coming back to town on June 2, as some of the most interesting buildings in the city open their doors to welcome everyone in for a look around. Doors Open is an international celebration of built heritage — those all-important bits of bricks and mortar (and concrete, glass and steel) that give structure to the urban landscape and help us anchor ourselves in space and time. First started in France in 1984, and then quickly spreading through much of Europe, Doors Open jumped the Atlantic to Toronto in 2000. In 2005, a local alliance of heritage-minded individuals and organizations brought it to Saskatoon. Since 2007, Doors Open Saskatoon has been held every second year, alternating with the city’s Municipal Heritage Awards. Although people tend to think of Doors Open — and built heritage generally — as being about old, historic buildings, this isn’t always the case. This year’s lineup will include some grand old standbys, but also some radical new departures. Civic buildings include Fire Hall Number One on Idylwyld Drive and the Bus Barns at Avenue C and 24th Street. Saskatoon Transit is 100 years old this year. In celebration they are offering free bus service during the event to anyone wearing a Doors Open button pass. Passes are available at Tourism Saskatoon, the 23rd Street Bus Mall transit office and at the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. The Riverhouse Gallery, an art gallery and coffee house in a beautiful old 1908 home on Spadina Crescent West, will be opening its doors this year, as will the AODBT Building at 235 Avenue D North, a ’70’s-era wholesale food warehouse converted into a stunning, state-of-theart, LEED (Lead in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Standard office building. Downtown, the HMCS Unicorn, Odd Fellows LS906076.E27 Temple (home of Saskatoon’s first public library) James and the Delta Bessborough and Senator (nee

Flanagan) Hotels, are joined by the Drinkle No. 3 Building on Third Avenue South. A symbol of ear Lianne, because I am not healed totally I Saskatoon’s boom years of 1909-1912 and the It is all about him. If I shouldn’t go with him and meet his catastrophic bust that followed, it was planned ask my husband what he friends. What do you think about for 10 storeys, hastily finished off at five when wants for dinner, he just picks what this? — Senior Lady the money ran out in 1913, then stood empty for he wants. He was driving home several years before finally being converted from the other day and I was talking to Dear Senior Lady, offices to apartments and opening in 1919. him on the phone, and I said I was My first reaction was to suggest Across the river, the public can walk the starving and would love a burger. strongly that you run. After hallowed halls of the 1910 Nutana Collegiate, have He said he didn’t feel like that. thinking about it, I think you need a look inside the Little Stone School House (our Most people would say to dissect the parts of first school, carefully disassembled and moved to they would grab one for the relationship that the University in 1911) and take a tour of the very the person whether they are wrong. A man who heart of Saskatoon’s Temperance Colony roots — wanted one or not. I know drinks regularly and the 1884 Marr Residence, at 326 11th Street East. this seems minor, but it is has behavioral changes Built by a stonemason named Sandy Marr, the like this with everything. certainly sounds residence is a bona fide Saskatoon landmark. It What should I do? — The like big trouble. is our oldest building still on its original site, and Wife When addictions one of only a very few Temperance-colony-era are involved in structures still standing (the aforementioned school Dear Wife, relationships, the — also built by Sandy Marr — is another). It was I would say it is time addiction will take a field hospital during the 1885 Riel Rebellion. for a talk with your priority. I truly Louis Riel is rumoured to have slept there while husband. Perhaps he believe there is no Relationships being taken to trial in Regina, and it may even needs a reality check by room in someone’s have ghosts. Either way, it and the gardens next having you gently point life for more than the door reek of history and are well worth a walkout to him how it makes you feel substance that controls them. He through. when he doesn’t consider you. Try has also been cruel by suggesting Two campus buildings are joining the festivities to be gentle and not accusatory. that you do not look good enough this year — the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, Make a special point of praising to join him out publicly with his (Canada’s only prime ministerial library, archives him when he shows consideration. friends. He simply does not seem and museum), and the youngest building in the You truly can teach old dogs new like a nice person. Our world is 2013 lineup, the Health Science Centre D-Wing, tricks. full of wonderful people who treat which just opened this year. The largest capital people as they should. You deserve project in U of S history, the new building is an Dear Lianne, better than this. extension of the existing A-Wing, built in 1948. I have reunited with a high Care was taken to match the look of the original school friend. He is kind and Lianne Tregobov is a building. Construction materials were sourced lovely on one hand, but then he matchmaker and the owner of locally, and recycled material was used whenever shows signs of being controlling, Camelot Introductions. She will be possible. But with its bright, six-storey atrium to particularly in the evenings. I in Saskatoon interviewing potential provide natural light to much of the interior and started to notice that he drinks clients on June 19-20. Call 204its “green roof,” it is truly a 21st-century structure every night. When he drinks, 888-1529 to book an appointment dressed in 20th-century clothes. he changes. I recently had some or go to www.camelotintroductions. (The doors are open at Doors Open from cosmetic procedures done. He had com. Questions for this noon until 5 p.m., Sunday, June 2. For more invited me to an event prior to the column can be submitted to JW10890.E27 information, call 306-652-1400, or online at www. surgery. He is now telling me that James



THANK YOU Thank you, Saskatoon, for your support of the YWCA and the work we do. Congratulations to all of our 2013 Women of Distinction! PRESENTING SPONSOR


GOLD SPONSORS The Barn Playhouse Conexus Credit Union Saskatchewan Blue Cross Saskatoon Express


It’s always about him

SILVER SPONSOR Bourassa & Associates Rehabilitation Centre


BRONZE SPONSORS Butler Byers Insurance/SGI MNP SaskTel WMCZ 306-244-7034

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 19

JW10872.E27 James Customer Service (Sponsored by CGI):

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in providing services (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional services, communications, financial). Judging considers the relative size of the business.


Award Winners

Environmental Sustainability (Sponsored by Cameco):

Awarded to a business that has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability through, taking action to reduce its environmental footprint which has resulted in a measurable, environmental improvement in its own business; providing innovative products/services which has, resulted in a footprint reduction and environmental improvement elsewhere and/or; actively promoting and engaging in environmental sustainability with its stakeholders.

(Sponsored by BDC):

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in launching a new Saskatchewan-made product or service in the last 3 years, which is original and is currently available to consumers.

LB Distillers

TinyEYE Therapy Services

Tiffany Kaminski (left) — TinyEYE Therapy Services Shawn Derby (right) — CGI (Sponsor)

New Product and/or Service

Marketing (Sponsored by Handy Group of Companies):

For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in marketing. The judges will evaluate the success of a marketing program giving consideration to the nature of the product and the relative size of the business.

Kavia Auto Body

Shercom Industries

Cary Bowman (far left), Michael Goldney (left) and Lacey Crocker (right) — LB Distillers James Limin (far right) — BDC (Sponsor)

Growth & Expansion (Sponsored by CGA):

For a business who has made significant changes in their business which has resulted in “Growth” or “Expansion” of 15% or more of the business’ markets, physical locations, number of employees, etc., and which in turn has made an impact on the company’s overall ability to increase its revenues, investments, and profits now or in the future.

Superior Cabinets

Sabex JW10872

Raj Kavia (left) — Kavia Auto Body Diana Pereira (right) — Handy Group of Companies (Sponsor)

Shane Olson (left) — Shercom Industries Tim Gitzel (right) — Cameco (sponsor)

Business of the Year (Sponsored by Edwards School of Business): A business which has demonstrated excellence in the areas they consider key to their success. The winning business will have stated their critical success factors and clearly demonstrated how they have achieved meeting their goals for these factors. Size of the business is not a criterion.

Loraas Disposal

Small Business of the Year (Sponsored by TD Canada Trust): Awarded to a business with 15 or less employees. The recipient must clearly demonstrate excellence in the areas they consider key to their success, including profitability, customer service, growth and/or expansion, marketing, and employment creation. The recipient must also have been in business for a minimum of three years, with their head office located in the Saskatoon region.

Koenig & Associates

Aaron Loraas (left) — Loraas Disposal Daphne Taras (right) — Edwards School of Business (Sponsor)

Peggie Koenig (right) — Koenig & Associates Dennis Kiefer (left) — TD Canada Trust (Sponsor)

Community Involvement (Sponsored by SaskTel):

For a business demonstrating substantial support for arts and culture, amateur sport, education, or voluntarism.

Alliance Energy

Hall of Fame Inductee (Sponsored by RBC Royal Bank): One individual or business will be inducted into the SABEX Hall of Fame each year. An independent committee notifies the SABEX Committee of the recipient. The recipient will be a long-standing member of the Saskatoon region business community.

Jack Brodsky

Chad Leverick (left) — Alliance Energy Minister Ken Cheveldayoff (right) — SaskTel (Sponsor)

Jack Brodsky (right) — Saskatoon Blades Phil Klein (left) — RBC Royal Bank (sponsor)

Scott Hodson (left) — Superior Cabinets Jim Vermeersch (right) — CGA (Sponsor)

New Business Venture (Sponsored by SaskPower):

For a new business venture which has been in existence for three years or less and which has shown positive performance in terms of current or expected profitability, job creation or entrance into new markets. The judges utilize financial criteria as well as considering the nature of the new venture and its impact on job creation and market expansion. Judging takes into account the relative size of the new venture.

LB Distillers

Lacey Crocker (far left), Michael Goldney (far left) and Carey Bowman (right) — LB Distillers Rachel Verret Morphy (far right) — SaskPower (Sponsor)

The Business for Peace Award (sponsored by Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce): A businessperson is nominated who through actions and commitments are outstandingly promoting the interdependent relationship between business and peace.

Jim Halford

Jim Halford (right) Monica Krueger (left) — Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce (Sponsor)

Congratulations to this years’ winners!

Page 20 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

New theatre group presents ground-breaking classic


Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

n 1956, British playwright John Osborne first produced his controversial, ground-breaking classic, Look Back in Anger, for audiences in England. The show was hailed as a new era for the stage at a time when theatre-goers were primarily tittering at the upper-class, parlour-room romps they were used to. Osborne has been credited with launching the genre of “angry young men” and “kitchen-sink dramas” that eventually became staples of both stage and screen. Brick and Mortar Theatre, a new local, professional theatre collective, is bringing Look Back in Anger to Saskatoon audiences this Friday at Riversdale’s Studio 914. This show is directed by Pamela Haig Bartley with stage management by Grahame Kent. Rob van Meenen is a familiar face on Saskatoon performing arts’ scene, Rob van Meenan plays Jimmy appearing in productions such as PersePorter in Look Back in Anger phone Theatre’s The Mighty Carlins and (Photo Submitted) Three Days of Rain, as well as Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s King Lear. He can also be found on stage with the Porter, a smart but disillusioned young troupe at the Saskatoon Soaps. In Look man who runs a candy-stall by day, while Back in Anger, van Meenan plays Jimmy subjecting his wife and friend to angry

Canadiana Crossword Canadian Contrasts

BootsRosella and Jim Struthers ByBy Bernice and James Kilner

ACROSS 1 Roman God 4 Low ____ , Northwest Territories 8 Asian nation 12 Copy 13 Run amock 14 Flat fish 15 Contend 17 High ____, Manitoba 18 Affirmative 19 Platter 20 Lewis Carroll character 23 West _____, Nova Scotia 26 Cold ____, Alberta 27 Female deer 28 Rhenium symbol 29 Shoe size 30 East _____, Manitoba 32 Sheep sound 33 Tory party, for short 34 Belch 35 White ____, British Columbia 36 Banff Hot _____, Alberta 38 Sire 39 Black 40 Civic pol. 41 Prima donnas 43 Little ____, British Columbia 47 German river 48 Ireland 49 Play part 50 Conservative 51 North ____, Newfoundland 52 Hurry DOWN 1 Lake, in Laval 2 Military mailbox, for short

JW10860.E27 James




















26 30


over GRAND PRIZE #2 Worth $1.2 Million

Worth over $1.4 Million Retail!


GRAND PRIZE #3 Worth over $187,000 Retail!

EARLY BIRD PRIZE PACKAGE Worth over $96,000 Retail!

Early Bird Deadline July 3, 2013






Regina Home 3630 Green Water Drive, Greens on Gardiner


1 – 2013 CEDAR CREEK 36B4


Supplied by: Mercedes Benz of Saskatoon

Supplied by: Saskatoon RV Superstore


39 41



Saskatoon Home 434 Greenbryre Lane, Greenbryre Estates










18 20


JW10826.E27 James

Helena arrives unexpectedly. This triggers a series of events that will change the trio’s lives forever, launching entirely new battles. In addition to van Meenan, the cast includes Angela Kemp, Jules Mercier, Jenna-Lee Hyde and Blaine Hart. “Look Back in Anger’s reappearance on a Saskatchewan stage is long overdue,” said van Meenan. “The play still sizzles, and its themes still resonate.” Look Back in Anger runs at Studio 914 at 914 20th Street West from May 31 to June 9 (preview May 30, no show June 3). Shows are nightly at 8 p.m., with Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. Ticket prices are $22 for adults and $20 for students, seniors and artists. Tickets are on sale now through La Troupe du Jour’s box office, at their website (, by phone at 306-667-1221, or in person at 914 20th Street West.


Answers on page 24 7

rants and violent outbursts by night. “Look Back in Anger hasn’t been produced in Saskatchewan in what I would call a generation,” said van Meenan. “Older audience member may remember when it was first produced and relate to the impact it had on the theatre world. Young people in audience will relate to the play’s theme of anger against the system — similar to what we saw recently with the Occupy movement. Young or old, everyone in the audience will have a very visceral, vivid experience.” Set in post-Second World War England, when the economy was in the tank and a cultural revolution raged, Look Back in Anger drops the audience into a cramped, filthy apartment and the boorish, sometimes violent, lower-class lives of Jimmy, his wife Alison and Jimmy’s buddy Cliff. Life is rough but predictable, until Alison’s childhood friend




Supplied by: Jubilee Ford Sales, Saskatoon








3 Radioactivity unit 4 Big ____, British Columbia 5 Small islands 6 "The Raven" author 7 And, in Abitibi 8 Black ____, Manitoba 9 City in Quebec 10 Lord Tennyson, to his pals 11 Napkin holder 16 Funeral pile 17 Small goose 19 Emaciated 20 Flat-handed blows 21 Civil rights org. 22 Alias 23 Poker player's requirement 24 Expunge



25 Slightest 30 Ruffians 31 Revelry 32 Sack 34 A kind of star system 35 Of the foot 37 South ____, Ontario 38 Tranquil 40 Song 41 Dorothy, for short 42 Artificial language 43 Cambrian or historic preceder 44 Bravo! 45 Here, in Hauterive 46 Summer, in St. Agathe 48 What did you say?

Includes round trip airfare, accomodations, transfers, and taxes from Regina or Saskatoon. Supplied by: UNIGLOBE Geo Travel



Supplied by: Acura Centre of Saskatoon

1 – 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 4 DOOR GLS Supplied by: Hyundai of Regina



1 – 2013 FORD F350 CREW CAB XLT

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HURRY, ORDER NOW! TICKETS WON’T LAST LONG TICKETS ONLY $60 EACH, 2 FOR $100, 6 FOR $250 Total tickets printed 152,200. Prizes may not be exactly as shown. Ticket buyers are eligible for all 2206 prize draws if tickets were purchased prior to stipulated deadlines. Only tickets purchased by midnight on July 3, 2013 will be eligible for the Early Bird Draws on July 18, 2013. Only tickets purchased by midnight on July 24, 2013 will be eligible for all Final Draws on August 14, 2013.




$20 Million Over 28 Years Hospital Home Lottery reaches multi-million dollar milestone

3can9b Canadian Contrasts

Over the past 28 years, Saskatoon’s Hospital Home Lottery has raised more than $20 million for health care in the community. Funds have gone directly to improve facilities, purchase significant equipment and create new services, all while enhancing patient care. Thank you to the people of Saskatchewan for purchasing tickets and supporting health care in Saskatoon’s three hospitals. Your continued support for the past 28 years ensures Saskatchewan patients and families benefit now and into the future.

Photo caption: Arla Gustafson, CEO of Royal University Hospital Foundation; Steve Shannon, CEO of Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation; Judy Lehne from S. O. Asher Consultants; and Bruce Acton, CEO of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation

ML41547.E27  Mary

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013 - Page 21

JUNE EVENTS Exhibitions showing until June 2 at the Mendel Art Gallery

June 8

June 14 – 15

Dakota Dunes Season Opener – Auto Live Thoroughbred racing – Marquis Clearing Motor Speedway Downs The Home Show Waterfront Craft Art Festival in Re-stART: A Gallery Group Art Sale I Know You by Heart partnership with Affinity Credit Union and Fundraiser – Mendel Art Gallery Jason Baerg: Returning – River Landing Bart Gazzola and Barbara Reimer: June 14 – September 15 at the The Stone Frigate Band – The Bassment Green Man Portraits Mendel Art Gallery Through to June 16 Eli Bornstein: Contemplate Colour June 8 – 9 The Jury’s Out: Saskatchewan Craft Reflections Saskatoon Blitz: Comic and Geek Council exhibition of fine craft – Culture Convention – Saskatoon Inn Shaping Saskatchewan: The Arts Affinity Gallery Scene 1936 to 1964 June 8 -15 The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal June 1 2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival 1941 to 1960 Meewasin International Trails Day June 9 Rodney LaTourelle Youth Infusion event at Shaw Centre Jazz Diva Series: Melanie Gibbs with Bridge City Boogie – Griffith Stadium June 15 Motorcycle Ride for Dad – Western the Maurice Drouin Orchestra- – The Walmart Walk for Miracles – Friendship Park Development Museum Bassment Jet Feature #2 – Saskatchewan Super Trucks Season Opener – Auto Caswell Art Festival – contact Meewasin Valley Authority International Raceway Clearing Motor Speedway The Klassen/Salkeld Quintet with June 11 Grant Currie – The Bassment Alma Flamenca presents Flamenkura Saskatoon Pride Parad – Broadway Theatre Duo Competition Semi-Final – Broadway Theatre

June 12 – 15 June 2

MoSo Fest – Various venues on Broadway Avenue

June 2 – 5

KOLD Radio: Whitefish Bay – The Barn Playhouse

June 5 – 6

Carmen, presented by Saskatoon Opera – Remai Arts Centre

June 12 – 16

PotashCorp Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan – Kiwanis Memorial Park

June 13 – 22

Duo Competition – Broadway Theatre

June 7 – 8

Art Trek (The Mix artist collective) – Urban tour of studios, various in Saskatoon RS31059.E27

June 22

Mac’s Froster 50 (Legends) – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway Broadway ArtFest – Broadway district

June 28

Local Points Meet (Street) – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway Live Thoroughbred racing – Marquis Florida Georgia Line – TCU Place Downs Street Legal Racing – Saskatchewan International Raceway June 21 – 23 Kinsmen Day at the Zoo – Saskatoon PotashCorp Wanuskewin Days Forestry Farm Park and Zoo Cultural Celebration and Pow wow – June 28 – 29 Wanuskewin Heritage Park Live Thoroughbred racing – Marquis Downs Special Olympics Saskatchewan June 29 – July 7 Provincial Summer Games Saskatoon Summer Players present June 21 – July 1 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Dreamcoat – Remai Arts Centre

June 21 – 22

June 21 – Aug 5

June 30

À table! (The Metal Collective) – Affinity Gallery

LS906078.E27 Liza

Subaru Saskatoon Triathlon – Pike Lake/Meewasin trails

June 19 – 23

KOLD Radio: Whitefish Bay – The Barn Playhouse

Local Points Meet (Street) – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway Roots Series: Anderson Burko – The Bassment Street Legal Racing – Saskatchewan International Raceway

Roots Series: Ana Egge – The Bassment

Saint Jean Baptiste Day Celebrations – École canadienne-française National Aboriginal Day Celebrations – Batoche National Historic Site

Points Race #3 – Saskatchewan International Raceway Make a scrapbook for Father’s Day – Mendel Art Gallery Meewasin Valley Centre Father’s Day program Keeping up with the Keepers – Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

June 14

June 7

June 21

June 16

June 12

Saskatoon Heritage Society presents Doors Open

*dates are subject to change

ML415992.E27 Mary Saskatoon Summer Players’ Amateur Production of

June 28 – July 7, 2013 Remai Arts Centre Persephone Theatre Box Office


Rob For more information contact

LYRICS BY Tim Rice MUSIC BY Andrew Lloyd Webber

DIRECTOR Dennis Beerling

PRODUCER Kelly Brophy MUSICAL DIRECTOR Jennifer Rommens

JW10875.E27 James

TM 1991 The Really Useful Group Limited ®Technicolor is the registered trademark of Technicolor group of companies.


Joseph_SKExpress.indd 1

ML41588.E27 Mary

Dakota Dunes Season Opener

Saturday, June 8th, 6:00PM Don’t Miss the Excitement!

Gates Open at 4:30 PM • Green Flag at 6 PM

– Western Canadian Super Late Model – Mini Stocks – Thunder Stocks

Over 50 years of racing in Saskatoon

JW10878.E27 Discounted tickets available at all Macs stores James

5/22/13 4:49 PM



SASKATOON is calling Toll Free: 1.800.567.2444

Page 22 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

Cam Hutchinson & Friends:

Views of the World

Canada known for its inventions

• Janice Hough, on Star Trek: Into Darkness having a $70.6 million opening weekend in the U.S.— slightly disappointing to Paramount executives who had expected more: “On the other hand, $70.6 million is pretty impressive considering how many theater-goers went without a date.’’ • From Bill Littlejohn: “Tiger Woods has just dismissed the publicity firm in charge of restoring his good-guy image — who needs them when he has Sergio Garcia?” • A company has come up with an app for a breathalyzer for cellphones at a cost of $150. It is known as the iLohan. • Hough, on Jesse James apparently severing his pinky finger in a shop accident: “Ex-wife Sandra Bullock can/be forgiven for wishing he had severed something else.’’ • Torben Rolfsen, on the Charlotte Bobcats changing their name back to the Hor-

nets: “Marketing move or witness protection program?’’ • Japan named Ramen instant noodles as its best invention in the 20th century. I’m thinking the No. 1 invention in Canada was the garbage bag. Honourable mentions go to the zipper, five-pin bowling and the Abdominizer. • Hough, on an 80-year-old Japanese man becoming the oldest person to reach the top of Mount Everest: “And what were his first words at the top? Presumably, ‘You punks get off my mountain.’ ” • Hough on the same topic: “I wonder if he did the whole ascent with his right blinker on?’’ • From Littlejohn: “The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the lottery for the second time in three years. Unfortunately for them, in next year’s draft there doesn’t look like

Saskatonians, Sharapova got it covered By RJ Currie • ESPN praised Saskatonians at the Memorial Cup for belting out America’s anthem to help the singer who forgot the lyrics. Maybe ESPN missed the Saskatoon tweak: And the home of the Blades. • Maria Sharapova graces the May cover of Esquire Mexico. In Spanish, Sharapova’s name is spelled Mucho Dinero. • Shortly before Dion Phaneuf’s Leafs imploded against the Bruins, his wife, Elisha Cuthbert, had her TV series axed. In short, no Happy Endings. • One painful lesson I learned as a writer: if intoxicated, don’t try to impress a lady by saying you’re a cunning linguist. • What do you get if you combine NHL star Alex Ovechkin with Alec Guiness of Star Wars? Ovie-Wan Kenobi. • Tokyo reportedly has the most millionaires of anywhere in the world. A close second is the New York Yankees clubhouse. • The Memphis Grizzlies’ Tony Allen writhing on the floor in Game 2 against the Spurs might be the most artistic flopping act ever. Unless you count Bea Arthur’s nude painting. • According to a new study, young people born after 1983 drive 23 per cent less than ML41599.E27 Mary the previous generation. On the other hand,

their parents drive them 75 per cent more often. • Chuck Norris has publicly endorsed Tim Tebow. Maybe he’s confusing Tebow with TaeBo? • Show me a man who thinks baseball statisticians throw the most obscure facts into an argument and I’ll show you a guy who’s never had a wife. • Some ESPN reporters were surprised Niners coach Jim Harbaugh was chosen to drive the Indy 500 pace car. Less surprising? He finished second. • Metro UK reports Swaziland is banning witches from flying broomsticks above an altitude of 150 metres. In a related story, Kim Kardashian recently flew back from Africa. • At the Memorial Cup, Halifax sniper Martin Frk had a hat trick in a 9-2 thumping of the London Knights. From the opening drop, the Knights seemed to be, um, Frked? • A long-term study of chess players and musicians has led scientists to finally conclude practice doesn’t make perfect. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just follow the Cubs? • Ottawa right-winger Guilliame Latendresse told TSN hockey is a game of mistakes. In which case, the Leafs should be a dynasty.


there’s a Sam Bowie available.” • From TC Chong: “Orb loses in Preakness, still no Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978. ‘So what am I, chopped liver?’ asked Miguel Cabrera.” • Have you noticed how the members of the Hockey Night in Canada panel roll their eyes when P.J. Stock is talking? Clearly, he should be sent down to TSN for seasoning. • Please, Hockey Night in Canada, keep Bob Cole doing the big games for the duration of the playoffs. His play-by-play reminds me of a young Bob Cole. • From Hough: “Apparently if we really want to get voter turnout up in the U.S., all we need to do is offer voters a free Powerball ticket.’’ • A Massachusetts priest was suspended for plagiarizing online sermons. As hard as that it is to believe, it’s the gospel truth.

• A few years ago, a 2,700-year-old body of a Caucasian with blue eyes was found in China. With the body were 789 grams of marijuana and a video of Rob Ford. • Chong, on Saskatoon singer Alexis Normand flubbing the U.S. national anthem at the Memorial Cup: “Still, she’s not quite as famous as her teacher, Christina Aguilera.’’ • Research says that 10 per cent of Facebook users are not real. Or as Manti Te’o said: “Tell me about it.’’ • Rolfsen, after Alex Edler knocked Eric Staal out of the world hockey championship: “It was the worst hit in Sweden since ABBA’s final album.’’ • Well-dressed single men in their 30s are most likely to get an upgrade on a flight, according to a survey of attendants. The least likely are Alec Baldwin.

If you are heading out to the cabin or camping for the weekend, and are busy filling containers with treats for the kids and grandkids, you are probably trying to find a recipe that the kids will love and is good for them. These cookies are packed full of good ingredients like flax seeds. These are the most abundant source of lignans, which can potentially block the cancer-promoting effects of estrogen on breast and prostate tissue. They may also slow cancer-tumour growth. The seeds are also great source of healthy fibre. “Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies.”

HEALTHY CHOCOL ATE CHIP COOKIES 2 cups whole wheat or spelt flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup quick rolled oats 3/4 cup organic butter or virgin coconut oil 3/4 cup unrefined or raw sugar

2 organic eggs 2 cups dark chocolate chips 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 cup wheat germ 1/2 cup whole flax seeds 1/2 cup chopped nuts Optional: 1/2 cup organic raisins.

r and eggs. Add dry ingredients.

il, suga Mix dry ingredients. Cream butter/o kie lla. Drop by spoonfuls on greased coo Fold in chocolate chips and vani F for 12-15 minutes. sheet. Flatten with a fork. Bake at 350 n. doze e thre ut Makes abo

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. - Margaret Atwood

JW10865.E20 James

Saturday June 1St

June 29, 30 & July 1, 2013 Hosted by: Saskatoon Golf & Country Club




54 Holes Medal Play - 2 Qualifying Rounds Men’s Division - Senior’s Divison

Saturday: Qualifying Round #1 & Team Skills Challenge Sunday: Qualifying Round #2 & Horse Race Monday: Final Round & Presentations

• Visit the festivities, displays and entertainment in Friendship Park between 12-4pm • Participate in one of the many activities hosted by local groups throughout the day @MVA Trails Day

For all inquiries, including sponsorship and entry forms, visit our website at

Thank You to our Major Sponsor and Senior Division Sponsor:

Proudly Supported By:




Cartwright Street West • 931-0022 • JW10882.E27865 James LF




Business owners... get involved in Canada’s leading chamber!

Join the Chamber today! • over 1800 members • numerous member benefits including payroll, insurance, research and member-to-member programs • dozens of special events including luncheons, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities

The Chamber

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Building the Best Business Climate in Canada, Thereby Creating a City of Opportunity

For more information or to join the Chamber call Derek at 664-0702 or email

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Morocco Touring with other families proves popular


know trouble has arrived once the manic laughter begins. One daughter, usually the elder one, whispers something hilarious to the younger. This leads to some playful tickling or happy shoving, followed by good-natured wrestling — until a seagull-like shriek knifes the air. Tears start to fall. Red patches (where “she hit me!”) have to be examined. The next hour passes painfully slowly, taken up entirely by that ancient sibling tournament: “Will mom believe that you or I am in the right?” And for some reason, likely too many unbroken hours of togetherness, these melees occur much more frequently while on vacation. So for this past spring break, I decided to travel with a buffer zone: other families. We were going to join a tour. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I’m a wanderer by nature and tend to chafe when too many planned activities keep me from losing myself in back alleys and open markets. But after some searching, I thought I’d found the perfect compromise: a “small group adventure tour,” specifically for families, that included lots of free time in the itinerary. And where better to try this sort of adventure than exotic-yet-safe Morocco? So we headed off in mid-March, spending a few days on our own as a family in Fez, and then, just as the bickering had escalated well beyond the dull-roar stage, jumping a train to Marrakech to meet our touring counterparts. Our group was international: two families from Britain, a mother and daughter from Munich, and, much to our amazement, a family whom we’d never met, who lived just three blocks away from us in New York City. The first day was a shy one, with each family exchanging pleasantries, but pretty much sticking within our own groupings as we drove up into the spectacular Atlas Mountains. Though Morocco is thought of as a desert country — it’s home to the Sahara, after all — a good 40 per cent of it is covered by towering peaks, some so tall they’re snow-capped much of the year. Our

Local helpers guide donkeys as the families take a ride in a desert oasis (Photo by Pauline Frommer) day “up high” consisted of visits to take pictures of goats climbing the one of only two mosques in the coun- squat trees of the region and extry open to non-Muslims (a spectacu- changing camel-sitting advice as our lar ruin from the 1400s), dromedaries lurched down the fossil hunting during beach during one particularly impromptu hikes and uncomfortable adventure. strolling several of the Together, they tried to smash one-street Berber villages Argon seeds at a women’s that are notched into the cooperative where this onlyhillsides. in-Morocco product is turned That night, we into the expensive hair and checked into an orangeskin treatment known in the farm-turned-guesthouse, West as Moroccan Oil. As we and just as the peaks journeyed from the walled city were starting their spring of Taroudannt to resorty AgaTravel thaw, so was our group. dir to the ecstatically pretty The kids joyously raced port town of Essaouria and together to the little resort’s swimthen back to Marrakech, we learned ming pool, while the parents gathered about the culture from our terrific (and around a pot of mint tea, starting to kid-loving) tour leader and became laugh and talk in earnest. better and better friends. And so it went for the week, with There was only one hitch: the the kids happily traipsing through people in the group were too darn nice. souks (markets) and tanneries, excitTruly, there was not a whiner or woredly leaping out of the group van to rier among them.


And that meant the free time I’d anticipated turned into group time, because my daughters considered heading off with mom and dad a punishment. Consequently, our unwieldy gang crowded the tiny streets of ancient medinas together and every meal was taken at places that could accommodate 16 people without a reservation (so not always the best meals). To my daughters, this was one of our most successful family vacations. And like most parents, when the kids are happy, well, so am I. There are a number of family itineraries in Morocco. The one we took cost approximately $750 per person for seven night’s accommodations, incountry transportation guide services, many activities and breakfasts. Other meals and airfare to Morocco were extra. (c) 2013 by Pauline Frommer

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What am I to do with my ’do?


fter writing about the shenaniAnyway, the day was great and the gans that happened last year on lovely thing was that my husband really Mother’s Day, I bet both of my wanted to show he was so much better at readers have held their breath gift-giving than camouflage and wondering how Mother’s Day scotch. So he put my daughter 2013 went. Well, I can report in charge. It was the right thing that it was a wonderful day to do. that held none of the bumbling They (she) picked out a craziness that seems to mark fancy-shmancy hair straightenevery special occasion in the er from a real salon. This thing Lalonde family. Of course, I is top shelf, man. It heats up to had thrown out little remind450 degrees. Apparently, that’s ers, looking at my calendar a really good feature. However, and loudly commenting on I’m not sure if I’m supposed to how fast time was going by: use it to straighten my hair or to Me: Oh wow, May is just sear a prime rib. Columnist flying by. This coming weekHair, specifically women’s end is MOTHER’S day and hair, has become so complicated. Quite next weekend is already the long weekfrankly, I’m just no good at it. It’s fussy, end! it’s time consuming and there are all these Him: What? No, Mother’s Day is always rules. Like, apparently you can’t just straighten the front of your hair; you have the long weekend. Me: No, they’re trying something new for to do the back too. Pfft. You can’t even the long weekend this year, calling it Victoria see the back! Almost every woman I see out there looks so put together – I mean Day after some queen or something.


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July 15 - 25 2013 All Breakfasts and Dinners Chateau De Mores - Pitchfork Fondue - Medora Musical - Tour of North Dakota Badlands Deadwood City Tour including Mount Moriah - Homestake Mine Tour – Tatanka - Crazy Horse Memorial - Mount Rushmore Fort Hays Chuckwagon Dinner & Show - Reptile Gardens - Bear Country - Farewell Dinner



they actually have a hairstyle. My style is called, “This is what it looked like when I gave up this morning.” Remember the good old days of hair? You had two women’s hair styles to covet: Farrah Fawcett and the blonde chick from ABBA. You had two shampoos to choose from: Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific (pretty straightforward on the branding there) and Agree (someone was asleep at the advertising board room table here). There were no special botanicals, unless you count the beer in that one stinky shampoo. We didn’t even know what botanicals were. Nowadays, you can’t even find anything that’s not infused with yak’s milk and rose hips or some other weird combination for tone and structure. A trip to the beauty parlour (as it was called in our hometown) was a big deal. It was still a luxury for a lot of people to see a hairdresser and therefore, many moms doubled as stylists at home using products such as Frost n’ Glow and Toni — the ever-popular home permanent solution






August 4 - 9, 2013 The 14 Annual “Jays Jaunt” bus tour takes us back to Seattle for the fifth time. Enjoy the three game series vs the Seattle Mariners in August for only $1099 double occupancy.

which did one of two things: nothing at all (sorry, your Toni didn’t take) or produced a head of curls closely resembling that of Trixie, the family poodle. “Oh, it’s really tight now, but it’ll relax.” It didn’t relax. The ’70s and ’80s were dark decades for hair, simple but dark. Some women love going to the salon. I am not one of them. Why? Because I am forced to confess all my hair sins: “So, have we been cutting our own bangs again?” “What? No! … well, maybe just the once.” “OK, you’re using a deep conditioner once a week, right?” “Um, yeah, of course! Actually no.” I tried a trendy hairstyle once, the angled bob, where the back is short and the sides are longer. It looked great when I left the salon. In three weeks, I looked like a basset hound. I’m sticking to long, boring and hopefully, straight. Wish me luck.

September 11 October 5, 2013

September 14 October 1, 2013

Maritime Museum ; Anne of Green Gables Cottage; Alexander Graham Bell Museum; Rideau Canal Cruise; Cannon Mountain Tramway; Peggy’s Cove; Maid of the Mist Boat Tour Niagara Falls; Magnetic Hill; Hopewell Rocks; Reversing Falls; city tours




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Spring Fling priceS in eFFect now!

2014 trilogy 3650rl FiFth wheel

2014 Freelander claSS c motor home

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2013 2280 Freedom tent trailer

hot water, Shower, 12’ box, loaded Was $ 15,250

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Rd. 306-374-6330, Toll Free 1-877-374-6330 SHERWOOD RV Inc.540TheBrand RV people in the Saskatoon Auto Mall

JW10843.E27 James

Your Full-Line RV Dealership

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June 1-2

What: Radisson Jamboree. Old time country gospel music, expanded dance floor, fundraiser for a new fire truck. Full details at (click on the Jamboree link) or call 306-827-2233. Where: Radisson Arena

Where: Clubs are held in the small meeting room by the entrance to the Cliff Wright Library in the Lakewood Civic Centre at 1635 McKercher Dr.

June 21

What: Centennial Banquet hosted by Third Avenue United Church from 5 to 6 p.m. Tour of What: Piano Fridays with Neil Currie Museum is at 6 p.m. Banquet with Guest Speaker June 2 Where: The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North What: Cause for Paws Telethon in support of the Rev. Lorne Calvert. Cost is $40 and $18 for chilNo cover charge. Saskatoon SPCA. Live on Shaw TV from 10 a.m. dren aged four-10. For tickets, call the church **** to 4 p.m. To donate or volunteer, visit www.saska- office at 652-6812. Where: The Western Development Museum. What: Back of The Bus and The Residuals are Celtic **** bands who are ready to hit the stage with traditional June 3-9 What: Fight to Cure Multiple Myeloma Golf and modern Scottish, Irish and East Coast music. What: In Motion Hike>>Bike>>Roll Challenge. Tournament; 11 a.m. registration and 1 p.m. Show time is 9 p.m. Walk, bike or use other forms of active transporta- shotgun start. Cost: $150 per golfer includes Where: The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North. tion for some of your trips - to school, work, store, round with cart, pizza lunch, steak supper and Tickets: $15 for SJS members, $20 for non-members. etc. Log your trip information each day at www. gift. To Register, contact Jason at 306-291-2310 or for chances to win a bike and other for more info. JUNE 1 Where: The Legends Golf Course, Warman. What: Songstress Tatrina Tai joins pianist Maurice great prizes. Drouin in an evening of musical standards, with June 7 June 22-23 Meeting in Progress opening the show at 9 p.m. What: The Eremondi’s Road Kill Soccer Club is What: Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club 2013 Field Where: The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North organizing a fundraising dinner and dance event Day from noon to June 23, 12:00 noon. Summary: Tickets: $15 for SJS members, $20 for nonfor Dave Eremondi in their time of need. Event Participating in North America’s largest on-air members tickets are priced at $30 for the dinner/dance amateur radio event and emergency communicaand $20 for dance only and available from Adam tions training exercise. Talking to Ham Radio June 2 Baxter-Jones at ( or 306What: Le Choeur des Plaines, Saskatoon’s French 230-8145, or from Xtratime Sports Soccer Locker. Stations around North America, maybe South America and the Caribbean. Join us for a little community choir directed by Michael Harris, Where: Sutherland Curling Rink. while. If you are 18 or under, help us increase our invites you to its Spring Concert at 2 p.m. With score! Telephone: 309-974-2699. Website: http:// special guest Henri Loiselle. Tickets are $12 for June 7,8 Email: adults, $6 for teenagers, free for younger children What: The second annual Art Trek, Saskatoon’s and will be available at the door. For more infor- studio discovery tour, will take place Friday from Location: Southeast side of Saskatoon Western Development Museum Parking Lot (to the right mation call Jean at 343-9460. 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to looking out the museum door) 5 p.m. This year we have a total of eight studio Where: Saints Martyrs-Canadiens Church at 1007 groups, over 69 artists, which include 330 Design Windsor Street. Group, Artists’ Workshop, Atelier 2302, Men June 7 Who Paint, St George Studio Artists, The Mix What: Show and Dance, “Buddy Holly with Artists Collective, Studio 5, and Textile Artists “England” 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Group (TAG). Artists will be actively working on Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Nutana Branch. projects as well as displaying completed works that Advance tickets recommended, 374-3292 or 955will be available for sale. For the map for locations First Saturday of every month What: The MindFULL Café, part of the interna3599. of the studios see our Facebook page at https:// tional Alzheimer Café movement, is an nity to meet in a relaxed social setting for persons with dementia, family, care partners and other June 8 interested people. The Café is a two-hour get What: Marian Gymnastics 50th Anniversary & together with refreshments, entertainment and Reunion at 7 p.m. Wine and appetizers; tickets to be purchased in advance at information. First Saturday of the month from 3 mariangym50th. A family fun event is to follow on p.m. to 5 p.m. June 1 June 9: more details at Come Where: Sherbrooke Community Centre. What: The sixth annual Saskatchewan Walk to celebrate with us and reunite with old friends! a Cure hosted by the HSC Saskatoon Chapter. First Tuesday of every month Registration starts at 9:30 a.m. and walk begins at June 9 What: FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People 10 a.m. The walk is in support of the HSC to end What: The 12th annual Caswell Arts Festival, with Mental Illness. These meetings run from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Huntington disease. Art in the Park. This event for all ages runs from Where: Meewasin Trail, University of Saskatchewan. noon-5 p.m. with live entertainment, art, food and Where: W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue North (wheelchair accessible).If you have **** fun! Over 80 artists showcase artwork and hand- a loved one or friend with a mental illness and What: Grandmothers For Grandmothers crafted goods. The Kids ArtsFest features crafts, you need understanding support, contact Carol at Saskatoon invite community friends and neighgames, face painting, balloon-twisting and more. 249-0693, Linda at 933-2085, Lois at 242-7670 or bours to join us in the National Walk “Stride to Free admission. Artists and craftspeople wishing to e-mail Turn the Tide” of Aids in Africa. Registration participate may email or call begins at 9:00 a.m., walk starts at 10 a.m. Open Raeanne at 306-652-7580. For more information Second Wednesday of every month to Everyone. All proceeds to The Stephen Lewis go to What: Friendship Force International, Saskatoon Foundation Where: Ashworth Holmes Park at Ave. E North & Area Club welcomes all travellers! We are a Where: Meewasin trail behind the Mendel Art and 31st St. West. non-profit cultural exchange organization promotGallery. ing friendship and goodwill through a program June 11 **** Canadian Contrasts 3can9b of homestay exchanges. We are an organization of What: Have You Laughed Today? Grumpy? What: Inside/Out Craft Sale and Flea Market more than 360 clubs in more than 50 countries Stressed? Inhibited? Join me at the Laffing Out from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Breakfast and Burgers for throughout the world. FFI allows you to enjoy ecosale. Tables $15 (inside) for Crafts or home based Loud Lafter Club. One Tuesday each month from nomical travel while forging new friendships with 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Reduce stress and feel betbusinesses and $10 (outside) for Flea market items. club members from around the world. Visit our Please call: 306 934 6975 for more information or ter. Reservations not required, but would be appre- website at out ciated. Join anytime. For information, call Helen to reserve a table. more about us or come join us at our next meeting at (306) 222-0563 or e-mail: laffingoutloud@ by contacting Bill Gulka at 249-0243 or emailing Where: Massey Place Community Church, 930 $8 donation suggested. Visit www. Answer to today’s puzzle Northumberland Ave.

MAY 31












































































































































May 9-June 6

What: Five-week “Brain Fit Fun Program” for older adults who want to take an active role in maintaining their brain health as they age. Educational, interactive and fun! Cost for five weeks is $75. Begins May 9 and runs Thursday mornings from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. To pre-register email or call 306-2703800. Where: Avalon Alliance Church, 413 Cascade Street.

May 10 - June 7

What: Five week “Brain Fit Fun Program.” Check description above. Begins May 10 and runs Friday

mornings from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. To pre-register email or call 306-2703800. Where: Nutana Park Mennonite Church, 1701 Ruth St. East.


What: Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art Centre. All ages welcome, all materials supplied, no registration required. Every Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursday 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., and Saturday 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH What: The ACT/UCT Saskatoon # 1031 Fraternal Club is always looking for new members. An optional Insurance plan is available with all memberships. Where: Mixed Supper Meeting start at 5:30PM at the ACT Hall (upstairs) in the ACT Area, Sutherland. For information call Penny at 931-8647 or Bob at 382-4893.


What: St. James Farmers’ Market from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where: 607 Dufferin Ave. New vendors welcome. For more info call 6642940. ------What: Singles Social Group - “All About Us” in their 50s and 60s. Events such as weekly Wednesday restaurant suppers, monthly Sunday Brunch , Movie Night, Dances, Pot Luck, and more. Meet New Friends! No Membership Dues. For more information, email or phone 978-0813. ------What: River Heights Artist Group. This group is a brand new non-profit group running Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Lower level, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Dr. For more information, call Wendy at 934-1586.


What: Saskatoon International Folkdance Club meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. Learn dances from Italy, Romania, Israel and other countries. Where: St. John’s Anglican Cathedral Hall (816 Spadina Cres. East) First night is free. Call 374-0005 or visit www.sifc. **** What: New Farmers’ Market. Thursdays 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. rain or shine at The Centre Mall in front of Dollarama. Go to


What: Monthly Drop-In Caregiver Support Group Who: Caregivers for adult family members or friends Cost: Free (presented by Saskatoon Health Region) To Register: Jeanne (655-3426) or Karen (6553427) **** What: BRIDGE CITY SENIORACTION INC: Two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and one class on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. until June 30, 2013. Registration fee is $15, drop-in fee is $2. For information call Sheila at 931-8053 or Kathy at 244-0587. Where: Classes at Saskatoon Field House. **** What: Depression Support Group — free group runs on the first and third Thursday of each month, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This is open to anyone struggling with depression and family members wanting to support them. Where: 311 - 38 St. East. This is a wheelchair accessible building. For more info call 270-9181. **** What: Coins for Africa is an ongoing initiative of G4G Saskatoon. We are asking for donations of spare change to support African grandmothers raising children who have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Please contact Gail Zink 373-8749 or Susan Ashton 373-3210. **** The Saskatoon Storyteller’s Guild meets the third Friday of the Month, September through June. The story sharing circle take place at 7:30 p.m. This event welcomes tellers and listeners alike. For more information phone Chris at 653-5092. Where: The Unitarian Centre, 213 2nd St. East.

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It all begins with a wild set of headlights. hold feature that keeps the car from rolling back when stopped on an incline (helpful when switching to the gas pedal from the brake pedal when you’re ready to take off). The rigid body structure uses considerable amounts of high-strength steel that, combined with numerous aluminum body panels, helps keep the car below the 1,820-kilogram mark. That’s roughly 45 kilograms lighter than the RL. The RLX clings to its V6 roots by using a 310-horsepower 3.5-litre unit that produces 272 poundfeet of torque. By comparison, the RL’s 3.7-litre V6 made 300 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque. The engine prefers premium fuel, but the RLX is rated at 10.5 l/100 km in the city and 6.4 on the highway, which is impressively down from the RL’s 12.2/8.2 rating. The sole transmission choice is a six-speed automatic with paddle-shift controls. On the road and on the track at California’s Sonoma Raceway (formerly Infineon), the new V6 gives the quiet-riding RLX plenty of spunk, although the engine sounds from the Mercedes-Benz E350 and BMW 5-series that Acura offered up for comparison testing were more appealing. Track driving also revealed the strengths of Acura’s Precision All-Wheel Steer system. This standard technology reacts to steering and braking inputs for added control. When cornering, the rear wheels point slightly in the direction of the turn, thus reducing the front-wheel-drive’s tendency to continue in a straight line even with the steering wheel turned (called understeer). During braking, however, both rear wheels are automatically angled toward the centre of the car

What you should know in napa, calif.


nitely showing, but it easily beats the rest of Acura’s sedan fleet when it comes to appearance. Perhaps surprisingly, its overall dimensions — length, width and height — differ only slightly from the RL. However, a five-centimetre stretch between the front and rear wheels (in addition to an equal reduction in the length of the snout) contributes to a significant visual impact. The RLX’s more aggressively styled front fenders, smoothed-out grille and unique multi-reflector headlight pods also contribute to a distinctly premium look. Much of the between-the-wheels increase gives the RLX an impressive amount of rear-seat legroom that puts its key Japanese and German competitors to shame. The rest of the interior also impresses, with an elegant dashboard and control-panel layout, inviting and supportive leather-covered seats and a floor console that can be opened from the driver, or passenger’s side. The console also features an electric parking brake (replacing the traditional handle) plus a

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☛ New RLX flagship puts Acura squarely back in the luxury-automobile game. ☛ Attractive styling conveys premium look, feel. ☛ Dimensionally similar to the outgoing RL, but with shorter overhangs. ☛ All-wheel-steering helps offset front-wheel-drive drawbacks. ☛ Gas-electric hybrid RLX with AWD arrives by year-end. ☛ Close to $20,000 cheaper than RL.


Front airbags; side-impact airbags; side-curtain airbags; driver-side knee airbag; anti-lock brakes; traction control; stability control. L/100 km (city/hwy): 10.5/6.4 Base price (incl. destination): $50,000 (est.)

By comparison Lexus GS

into the

2013 SONIC

FROM $11,399 $


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2013 CRUZE

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2013 TRAX

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STK# 39054

BMW 5-series

Base price: $54,500 Well-priced A4-based car offers engine choices from 211 to 420 horses.

new vehicles

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Audi A6

Base price: $53,900 Sharp-looking sedan gets high marks for sporty handling and Teutonic flavour.

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Smart Start Credit

2014 Acura RLX

something a bit bigger, more luxurious and more technically proficient than the TL sedan.

akaburi” is the word Acura’s project leader Yousuke Sekino uses in describing the 2014 RLX sedan. It means “exhilarating” in Japanese and if any car in Honda’s premium division fits that description, this is it. Acura has been noticeably bereft of a truly toplevel flagship model with takaburi for some time. The long-in-the-tooth RL sedan that resembled a slightly enlarged Accord from two generations ago never really cut it with those seeking flash and dash. The replacement RLX, arriving by early spring, likely won’t pry anyone from their status-mobiles models displaying three-pointed stars, interconnected rings or airplane-propeller logos. But at least Acura offers some compelling reasons for having the valet gang park one for you in its assigned stall. The first thing you notice about the RLX is its handsome sheetmetal. The car’s Honda roots are defi-


for maximum control. Although not obvious in flat-out driving, the RLX certainly feels poised and precise in tight turns and provides a no-sweat experience when braking at high speeds. The RLX arrives with an abundance of peoplepampering content, but you will need to shell out more than the $50,000 base price to add a number of collision-mitigating features, the navigation system, premium leather package and your choice of two high-end audio systems. The RLX is a giant leap forward for Acura and is comparable to more established luxury brands in style and content, with a smidgen of takaburi tossed in for good measure.

Type Four-door, front-wheel-drive mid-luxury sedan Engines (hp) 3.5-litre SOHC V6 (310) Transmission Six-speed automatic with paddle-shift controls Market position The RLX is the badly needed ingredient in Acura’s vehicle mix that provides a choice for buyers who like the brand, but want

By malcolm gunn

offers exclusive price protection

The RLX’s interior fits well and is neat and tidy. The centre console can be opened from the left or the right while the shift lever is in charge of a sixspeed automatic transmission.

Base price: $56,500 Leader of the pack for its sports car reflexes and its 560-hp M5 option.

SUMMER FUN SPORTSCARS 3 Month GM Warranty | 30 Day Exchange | 150pt GM Inspection | 24 Hr Roadside Assistance


14,999 $ 115 bw oac




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If you are buying somewhere else you are paying too much.

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », ‡, § The Month of the Ram Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating retailers on or after May 1, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing excludes freight ($1,595), licence, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, other retailer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. •$17,998 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Ram 1500 Reg Cab ST 4x2 (23A) only and includes $7,000 Consumer Cash Discount. $24,498 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 (23A+AGR) only and includes $9,250 Consumer Cash and $1,500 Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. »$1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash is available to qualified customers on the retail purchase/lease of any 2012/2013 Ram 2500/3500 models (excluding Cab & Chassis models) and 2013 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg Cab models) and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include current owners/lessees of a Dodge or Ram pickup truck or any other manufacturer’s pickup truck. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before May 1, 2013. Proof of ownership/lease agreement will be required. Additional eligible customers include licensed tradesmen and those working towards Skilled Trade certification. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. ‡4.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 with a Purchase Price of $24,498 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 4.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $140 with a cost of borrowing of $4,684 and a total obligation of $29,182. §2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie 4x4 with optional equipment shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $40,755. ≠Based on 2013 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Ask your retailer for complete EnerGuide information. 2013 Ram 1500 with 3.6 L V6 4x2 and 8-speed transmission. 11.4 L/100 km (25 MPG) city and 7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) highway. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.



DPR_131089_EB_RAM_LD_MOR.indd 1

$ 2013 RAM 1500 REGULAR CAB ST 4X2






2013 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4


24,498 •





Shannon Page 26 - EXPRESSautoz - May 27-June 2, 2013 T:10”

ALL-NEW 2013 RAM 1500 •








4.49 @



2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie 4x4 with optional equipment shown.§

5/14/13 6:58 PM

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FullThrottle Finally, a hybrid system lands at the top of the food chain, where it really matters


or the first time in my life, I feel like if I don’t get a hybrid, I’ll be left in the dust. No, it’s not all the Toyota Prius models running around, or even the electric Fisker Karma that have me feeling this way. It’s actually Ferrari’s fault. Take one 800-horsepower V12 engine and add a 163-horsepower electric motor, and you have a car that will run circles around the company’s former flagship model called the Enzo. They call the new car the LaFerrari. It’s also stunningly gorgeous. Suddenly, my car, an Aston Martin with a V12 engine, feels hopelessly outgunned by technology. That’s right, it took Ferrari, with a million-dollar exotic car, and not Toyota, or Nissan with its Leaf or Chevrolet with its Volt, to render all other cars obsolete, overnight. How did this happen, you ask? Well, it’s not that complicated, really. When a company such as Ferrari, known for making some of the most desirable objects on the planet, views it as a competitive advantage to adopt a hybrid system, then everyone else will have to, too. As much as Toyota is likely proud of the sheer number of hybrids it has sold, none of that has the outright impact of the LaFerrari. It could very well be the turning point as competing companies attempt to match it. In fact McLaren launched its hybrid model, called the P1, around the same time LaFerrari hit the show-car circuit. The point is that to be adopted by all, hybrid systems have to land at the top of the food chain, and guess what? Here it is. Is the world paying attention? You bet. While the systems used in these models might actually help lower emissions and improve fuel economy, they first and foremost are performance enhancers. For the LaFerrari, there’s a lot of romance as the system is a direct transplant from Ferrari’s Formula One racing program. It’s one of the most direct connections between the racetrack and the street, and that, quite frankly, gets me all revved up. How does it work? Kind of like any other hybrid, really, with a few very notable exceptions. The small electric

motor is attached right to the back of the seven-speed transmission. It’s powered by two lightweight batteries that straddle the V12 engine, right behind the passenger compartment, mounted very low to keep the centre of gravity low to ground to aid handling. The batteries are charged during braking and when the V12 is putting out excess torque. How the engine and the electric motor work together is the really cool part. Electric motors generally provide instant low-speed torque -- and a lot of it -- which is how it assists the gas engine. This allows the 6.3-litre V12 to be tuned for high-speed power, which normally compromises low-speed drivability. With the electric motor digging way down low, who cares how the V12 performs at low revs? No one. The system, however, has no ability to run in an electric-only mode. One would presume because doing so would mean the battery packs would end up being bigger, which would add more weight. Speaking of which, the system does add a couple of hundred kilograms, so the LaFerrari endeavors to make up for it with some unique tactics. For example, it uses lightweight paint, super-thin carbonfibre body panels and a cockpit that doesn’t use traditional seats. Rather, the interior is upholstered carbon fibre with adjustable foot pedals and steering wheel. Without seats that bolt in, the cockpit is actually smaller and therefore lighter. The technology is simply fantastic and the best part, aside from this masterpiece, is that Ferrari has designed the system to be modular; it wants to port it to other models. This sets the stage for two classes of vehicles: hybrid; and non-hybrid. And to be players in this arena, manufacturers are going to have to take the hybrid route. They’ll have no choice. I love my Aston Martin, but I have no desire to be left in the performance dust. How soon before Corvette and Viper adopt similar systems? Or Hyundai? How long before the aftermarket begins offering hybrid systems as power adders for classic cars? (Buy stock in the first company that offers it, by the way.) Who knows for sure, but when we look back on how all this changed, we’ll know what car made the difference.

Among her numerous accomplishments, Courtney Hansen is the author of her own book, the host of Spike TV’s “Power Block,” the former host of TLC’s Overhaulin’ and a writer with Wheelbase Media. You can email her at by clicking the contact link. By COURTNEY HANSEN w w w. sh i f t w ee k ly. co m


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2200 Eighth Street East Corner of 8th & Preston

The Bugatti Veyron makes 1,001 horsepower with 16 cylinders and four turbochargers. The new LaFerrari rewrites the rulebook with 963 horsepower from 12 cylinders, a hybrid system and no turbochargers. It’s also more emissions friendly.




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SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013
















June 8 - 15

2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Stage – Presented by the Cash Store PRIDE Festival MAIN STAGE - Victoria Park Presented by The Cash Store Friday June 14th

4:00pm-4:45pm: Charly Hustle/The Gaff 5:00pm-5:45pm: Open Sails 6:00pm-6:45pm: Kirby Criddle 7:00pm-7:45pm: Jeans Boots 8:00pm-8:45pm: Light Fires 9:00pm-10:00pm: Rah Rah

Presenting sponsor Gold Sponsors

Saturday June 15th

Silver Sponsors


12:00pm to 2:00pm: Nick James 2:00pm-2:30pm: Rally 2:30pm-3:15pm: Young Benjamins 3:30pm-4:15pm: The Seahags 4:30pm-5:00pm: Nick James 5:00pm -6:00pm: Boy & Gurl

Media Sponsors SASKATOON


LS906071.E27 Liza


O’Shea’s Irish Pub Celebrates


Follow the Rainbow to O’Shea’s Rooftop Deck! 222 2nd Ave S | Saskatoon |

SASKATOON EXPRESS JW10871.E27 James - May 27 -June 2, 2013

2013 Saskatoon


Pride Festival Events

sweets + treats + coffee

like us on facebook for our daily menu

136 second avenue south | 306.974.6666

PrePride Events: |

specializing in hand painted custom cakes for all occasions – Bring in this ad for $1.00 off a latte or americiano –

JW10874.E27 James

Your NDP MLAs celebrate diversity!

Tuesday June 11th

Hi-NRG Drag Show When: Friday June 7th, Doors open at 8:00pm, Show starts at 10:30pm Where; Diva’s Night Club (220 3rd Ave South, alley entrance) Cost: $5 (Members Free) Brought to you by: Diva’s Night Club

Rainbow Burlesque/ Queerlesque workshop ​When: Tuesday June 11th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Where: Free Flow Dance Centre 224 25th St. W. Cost: $5.00 per person Brought to you by: Rosebud Burlesque Club

Cost: Free Brought to you by: Diva’s Nightclub

Sunday June 9th Unitarian Congregation’s Pride Service​ When: Sunday, June 9, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m Where: Unitarian Centre, 213 2nd Street East Cost: Free Brought to you by: Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon (a Welcoming Congregation since 2000)

Mosaic - A Celebration of Queer Artistry When: Wednesday June 12th, doors open 8:30pm Where: Village Guitar, 432 20th St W Cost: $10 Brought to you by: The Saskatoon Diversity Network, Village Guitar, Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival and Mane Productions Welcome to the Gaybourhood When: Wednesday June 12th, 11am -1:00pm Where: Avenue Community Centre, 320 21 St W Cost: Free Brought to you by: Avenue Community Centre

Monday June 10th Rainbow Flag Raising & Press Conference When: Monday June 10th, 10:30am Where: Saskatoon City Hall (3rd Ave & 23rd street) Cost: Free Brought to you by: Saskatoon Diversity Network

David Forbes Cathy Sproule Danielle Chartier Cam Broten 306.244.3555 306.664.6101 306.244.5167 306.384.7200

Gay Latte Where: McNally Robinson When: Tuesday June 11th, 630pm Cost: Free, donations being collected Brought to you by: Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan

ACC’s Affinity Community Appreciation Awards When: Friday June 7th, 7pm Where: Albert Community Centre Auditorium, 610 Clarence Ave S Wednesday June 12th Cost: Free Brought to you by: Avenue Community Centre & Affinity Gay Bingo Credit Union Where: HMCS UNICORN, 405 24th St E, Saskatoon SK, S7K 0K7 When: 12 June 7:00pm to 10:00pm, Doors open at Saturday June 8th 2013 Prairie Pride Diva/Divo Competition 6:00pm Cost: TBA When: Saturday June 8th, doors open at 8:30pm , Brought to you by: HMCS UNICORN Show starts at 10:30pm Where: Diva’s Night Club (220 3rd Ave South, alley Dress Up Karaoke entrance) When: Wednesday June 12th, Doors open at Cost: $5 (Members Free) 8:00pm, Karaoke starts at 9:30pm Brought to you by: Diva’s Night Club Where: Diva’s Nightclub

Thirza Cuthand Retrospective When: Sunday June 9th, 7pm Where: Broadway Theatre Cost: Free Brought to you by: The Avenue Community Centre & The Broadway Theatre

Sask NDP JW10861

LS906051.E27 Liza

Homo Hike: An Historical Downtown Walking Tour ​When: Monday, June 10, 2013 Where: Departure: 7:00PM from the Farmer’s Market (19th Street & Ave.B) Cost: Free Brought to you by: Your local neighbourhood homos

Thursday June 13th Throwback Thursday - PRIDE Edition! When: Thursday June 13th, Doors open at 8:00pm Where: Diva’s Nightclub Cost: No cover charge Brought to you by: Diva’s Nightclub

Friday June 14th Pure Pride Kick-Off Party When: Friday June 14th, Doors open at 8:00pm Where: Diva’s Night Club Cost: $10 (Members $5) Brought to you by: Diva’s Nightclub

2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Fair When: Saturday June 14th, 4:00pm to 10:00pm Where: Victoria Park Cost: Free Brought to you by: Saskatoon Diversity Network For the first time in Saskatoon Pride Festival history the 2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Fair is being expanded to two days! Friday June 14th come down to Victoria Park, listen to live music on the main stage, browse booths from various vendors and community organizations or come have an ice cold drink in the Pride Beer Gardens (19+)

Make your summer last a lifetime! Apply now for the opportunity to meet like-minded youth, participate in award-winning leadership programming, and be mentored by local artists, musicians, politicians, and community leaders! As our campers tell us, fYrefly stands for: fostering, Youth, resiliency, energy, fun, leadership, yeah!

2013 Saskatoon Pride Parade When: Saturday June 15th, Parade mashalling at 12pm, Parade starts at 1pm Where: Mashalling will take space on Spadina Cres West between Ave C and Ave A Cost: Free Brought to you by: Saskatoon Diversity Network Join us as we will be rolling, marching, dancing and frolicking through the streets of downtown Saskatoon. Queer people, friends, family and straight-but-not-narrow allies from across the Prairies are invited to help celebrate diversity. The 2012 Saskatoon Pride Parade was the largest Pride Parade in Saskatchewan’s history with over 4000 participants. Help us break that attendance record once again. You don’t have to be gay to participate, everyone loves a parade!

Saturday June 15th Diva’s Nightclub Pride Finale When: Saturday June 15th, Doors open at 8:00pm Where: Diva’s Night Club, (220 3rd Ave South, alley entrance) Cost: $5 (Members Free) Brought to you by: Diva’s night Club Pure Pride Saskatoon - 2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival Dance When: Saturday June 15th Where: Odeon Event Centre Cost: $32.95 General admission Brought to you by: Saskatoon Diversity Network & Pure Pride Starring winner of Rupauls All Star Drag Race Chad Michaels, International recording artist Cazwell and the hottest Go-Go dancer duo in history Brent Everett & Seth Knight. This is by far the strongest line up of any pride show in Canada and are extremely proud and excited to be hosting this show for Saskatoon Pride in 2013. Joining the superstars for this show will be Mantra (Vancouver). April Storm and friends Farah Moan & Argintina Hailey- Doir (Calgary) Plus Western Canada’s Hottest female DJ Dopamine (Calgary) and Saskatoon’s very own DJ Aaron Paetsch (Divas) Along with the World’s hottest entertainment the show will feature amazing visuals , laser light show in the world class venue The Odeon Events Centre There will be a VIP balcony ticket available where VIP ticket holders will be able to meet and greet with the stars of the show and get their pictures taken and take home a souvenir VIP lanyard.  Tickets available at the Odeon Box office and online ticket link : eventperformances.asp?evt=106


In the event of rain, the parade will go on as scheduled! Please make a spectacle of yourself! Help the SDN ensure that the Parade is a safe event for everyone Please adhere to local bylaws regarding nudity Leave “isms” and phobias at home Everybody loves free stuff! Feel free to bring candy, literature or other items to hand out. Please ensure that floats are no wider than one vehicle width

2013 Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Fair When: Saturday June 15th, 12:00pm to 6:00pm Where: Victoria Park Cost: Free Brought to you by: Saskatoon Diversity Network Immediately after the Pride parade join us for the 2012 Saskatoon Pride Festival Community Fair. After the success of last years new location, we are thrilled to be returning to the beautiful riverfront Victoria Park. Listen to live music on the main stage, browse booths from various vendors and community organizations or come have an ice cold drink in the Pride Beer Gardens (19+)

Please visit our website and learn how you can apply to attend Camp fYrefly-Saskatchewan!

12:00pm: Community Fair & Beer Gardens opens 2:00pm: Rally 2:30pm: Main stage entertainment 6:00pm: Community Fair & Beer Garden closes

For more detailed event information, please visit our website or email

JW10879.E27 James Want to help make a kid’s summer one they will never forget? Contact us to learn how you can send a youth to Camp Fyrefly 2013.

This summer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersex, queer, questioning, and allied youth will come together to develop the leadership skills and personal resiliency necessary for them to become positive change agents in their schools, families and communities.

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27 -June 2, 2013

Building Diversity, Equality and Human Rights

Rainbow Pride Committee

Building Diversity, Equality and Human Rights

JW10890.E27 James

The National Leader

In Documenting LGBTQ Life and History The University Library and Archives host a variety of unique collections, services and programs including The Neil Richards Collection of Sexual and Gender Diversity The Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity web portal ( QueerUS: Language, Space & the U of S, a major exhibition at the Murray Library from October through December 2013

LS906074.E27 Liza

Pride PAGE 4

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 27-June 2, 2013

You are what makes our community an amazing place to live, work and play. RBC® is proud to celebrate Saskatoon PRIDE.

To find out more, go to

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