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Saskatoon Jack Brodsky, with a treasured souvenir on his office wall. (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson)

Jack Brodsky exemplifies community involvement


ack Brodsky played minor hockey company. He kept going, mostly out of in Winnipeg. He became a fan of the respect to his employees. He was a hard Saskatoon Blades when his family worker, filled with perseverance. When moved to Saskatoon in 1965. he made up his mind to do Little did he know how hockey something, he stuck to it. He would dominate his future as a was a risk-taker, believing that business enterprise. was the only way to get ahead. Today, he is the co-owner, He was a sharp businessman, president and governor of the filled with honesty and Blades of the Western Hockey integrity, whether it was in League (WHL). He is in his construction or hockey. ” 15th season on the executive His father bought the Blades council of the WHL and chairs franchise from Jim Piggott, its education committee. another construction executive, He was president of the bid and entered a co-owners committee and subsequently the position with Joe Reich and People chair for the 2010 world junior Jack McLeod in 1976. Four hockey championship when the years later, the family bought event came to Saskatoon. He is co-chair of out its partners. Rick Brodsky became the Memorial Cup tournament, which will the chief executive officer, until he left to be held here from May 17-26. purchase a franchise in Victoria. Jack took And if you think that’s all in a day’s over the operation in 1992. work for Brodsky, he is also the chair The family sold the construction of Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition, a business as their father was dying of board member and co-founder of the cancer. He passed away in 1996. Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame, “My mother, still alive at 94, was the and chair of the board of Tourism homemaker, the balance to Dad’s drive, Saskatchewan. and she inspired us all as well.” He looks back and recognizes the Brodsky was primarily a fan when the inspiration came from his parents, Nate Blades played out of the downtown arena. and Marie. “You could smell the fried onions. You “My dad was an entrepreneur before see the smoke, from the people smoking anyone ever knew what the word meant,” cigarettes, near the ceiling at the beginning Brodsky said. of the game. Near the end, you could “In the early 1930s, when he was barely see the ice. It was a great place for unemployed, he rode the rails, begged for atmosphere.” food, but never gave up his spirit. He was The Blades became the major tenant a commercial ice fisherman and hauled when Saskatchewan Place, now Credit freight into northern Manitoba before Union Centre, opened in 1988. launching a construction business in the “It’s grown from 7,800 seats to 11,300 late 1940s. to nearly 15,000 in my time – perhaps a “By the early 1960s, an accountant once little bigger than ideal for normal season advised him to close down his construction games. We accept the size, knowing that


the building draws in many attractions, and it’s a natural for events like the Memorial Cup, the world juniors and the Briers.” Brodsky likes the way Saskatchewan teams have stayed competitive in an extremely strong WHL. “Regina has the second-biggest rink. The new building in Moose Jaw made a big difference the last two winters. Moose Jaw, Swift Current and Prince Albert are the community-owned teams and people rally around them. The one thing about the WHL is that it values all partners equally, and where it makes a difference is in the bantam drafts.” As long as Brodsky has been a governor, the WHL’s education committee has been close to his heart. “Yes, our league is the fast track to the National Hockey League. But it doesn’t happen for everyone. Educational scholarships began early in the 1970s and a league standard by the early 1990s. Since 2000, the education committee has provided tuition and books to a nearby university for each year a player has served in our league. It is a very flexible program, making scholarships available at universities or trade schools. “If you look at the rosters of the Alberta Golden Bears or the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, you see the value their teams are getting out of WHL graduates. “The funds from our 50-50 sales program go mostly towards the education scholarships and other charities. Our investment in player education is about $70,000 annually and the WHL total is about $1.5 million.” Brodsky says making the playoffs usually guarantees financial success.

“Over the last five years, we own the best won-and-lost record in the WHL. I’m at a loss to explain how we have failed at playoff time. I’ve said all along that I support Lorne Molleken as our general manager and coach. When he was with us for the first time in 1991, I had the deepest respect for his hockey knowledge, his motivational skills and the ability to get players to work for him. Then, he went away to the pros and came back from Chicago, San Jose and Pittsburgh with more knowledge. He knows the game.” Brodsky says he has learned from WHL executives such as the late Ed Chynoweth and current leader Ron Robison, as well as from men like Bill Hunter. “The more I got to know Bill Hunter, I grew very fond of him. He was a warm guy, was really humble and gave friendly advice. The last time he did an autograph session for us, his hand was shaking so badly, but Bill stayed until the last customer got a signing. I think of Bill and Al Anderson as men who taught me to get more involved in the community.” He’s become an expert at wearing multiple community hats at the same time. That’s why he was selected as the winner of the Saskatoon B’nai B’rith’s We’re Proud of You award in 2007 and why, just days ago, he became the newest inductee into the SABEX Hall of Fame by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Shirley, live on a quarter section of land west of Saskatoon, where Shirley raises horses. They are parents of three children, John, David and Heather. He is also the father of three — Erik, Schad and Jesse — from a previous marriage.

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I was the logical choice to play third for Martin

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DON’T feel Kevin Martin treated me fairly. I applied last week to take John Morris’ spot on one of Canada’s most successful curling teams of all time. I fired off an email listing my credentials. Two days after I sent my email, Dave Nedohin gets the job. No tryouts. No nothing. Here is an excerpt from the email I sent Kevin and his reply: Hello Kevin, I am wondering if you are going Editor to have tryouts to replace John Morris as your third. If so, I would really like the opportunity to attend them and throw rocks with you. I haven’t played as much as I would have liked in recent years, but I feel I am ready to play the game competitively again. I played third on a number of successful teams. At one time, I played for Jim Wilson, the lead for Rick Folk on Saskatchewan’s last Brier-winning team. We won the provincial high school title in 1972 and finished second at nationals. We went undefeated in winning the Saskatchewan junior title in 1973. I skipped the University of Saskatchewan team to the Western Canadian college championship in 1977. I played competitively in men’s curling, doing very well on the cash circuit. At a car spiel in Calgary, we beat the likes of Hec Gervais, Paul Gowsell and Sam Richardson. We lost in a semi-final to then-world champion Ed Lukowich. He stole a point on an extra end. It still stings after all these years, since I missed a peel on that end. We played and lost the 3-4 game to Rick Folk. We played what would

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Kevin Martin won gold at the 2010 Olympics (Wiki Photo) later evolve into a skins game. Fans enjoyed our game more than the final. Sadly, we didn’t suggest changes to the game at that time and Russ Howard eventually took the credit. (Note: I covered for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix the first Brier in which Russ Howard competed. I remember one curler saying about Howard: “He has a million-dollar delivery and two-bit shots.’’ The guy really nailed it, didn’t he?) I made a lot of runbacks in my day, but was best known for my fine touch in an era of bangers. I recall coming around a guard and welding a freeze onto a Gowsell rock that was just behind the pin. As I walked past him, he said, and I quote, “You skinny little (bleeping) son of a (bleep).’’ I took that as a compliment. Another claim to fame came when Ray Turnbull called me an idiot on national television. Clearly, he didn’t like something I wrote in a column. He didn’t use my name, but I knew it was me. I remember calling my wife to come downstairs, saying, “Moose Turnbull is talking about me on national television.’’ I played much of my career in the era of straw brooms and Rink Rat synthetic

Hi Cam Thanks for the email. We went with Dave Nedohin at third. Good luck next season. Kevin Note: There won’t be a next season for me. It was Martin or nothing.

SARCAN employee threatens to have mayor arrested

NE of the many things I enjoy each week is my Tuesday chat with Mayor Don Atchison. We always have a couple of laughs before and after I ask him questions, most of which are submitted. There are weeks when I toss in a couple based on current civic events to make sure we sustain the column. Never has the mayor dodged a question thrown his way. People may not like or agree with his answers, but he has never said, “Pass.’’ When Mayor Atchison was answering a couple of readers’ questions regarding recycling, he tossed

in an anecdote regarding one of his trips to SARCAN.

“The place falls to dead silence. “He says, ‘You’re supposed to be taking these caps off, but I’m going “One day I packed up our SUV, and to let it go this time. But if it happens I’m thinking, ‘I wonder how much again, I’ll be phoning the police.” money I am going to get back today?’ So, off I go. I have three shopping carts “I said, ‘I’m terribly sorry; I will full of bottles. I finally get them all in make sure it doesn’t happen again.’ the door at the Avalon centre, and I Everybody is looking and they are finally get to the front of the line. laughing and smiling. I tell people, taking your bottles back is half the “The place if full of people and fun.’’ noisy as heck; you can’t hear yourself Mayor Atchison says he takes his think. I am dumping my bags on the counter when the fellow across from me paper to Cosmo bins and his bottles and cans to SARCAN, and encourages the says, ‘I could have you arrested, you rest of us to do the same. know.’



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brooms. I confess I used a women’s corn broom and a “baby’’ Rink Rat. One broom had red straw. It was called a Senorita. We were one of the first teams to wear our names on our sweaters. With a name like Hutchinson and only weighing about 120 pounds at the national school boy, my name pretty much was lost in my armpits. I went from Hutchinson to “tchins.’’ By the way, I now weigh 150 with only a bit of belly hanging over the belt. Do you agree that Glenn Howard looks ridiculous wearing those white belts? Up until two years ago, I had a national sports humour compilation that appeared in papers such as the Edmonton Journal. I am now the editor of a paper named the Saskatoon Express. I still like writing humour. Regards, Cam Hutchinson Your Third in Waiting

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1998 Woman

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013 - Page 3

Distinction made history six years later of


Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express

rin Beckwell was selected as the Young Woman to Watch at the 1998 YWCA Women of Distinction awards gala. How fitting. Little did she or anybody at the dinner know Beckwell, then known as Erin Scriven, would become a woman being watched on the national news and seen on the front page of newspapers. Beckwell and her wife, Lisa, were the first same-sex couple to be legally married in Saskatchewan. They were married in 2004, a month before a judge’s ruling was handed down, and then again a day after the ruling. Five couples challenged the province after it refused to grant samesex couples marriage licences. Neither the province nor the federal government appealed Justice Donna Wilson’s decision. Beckwell recalls fondly winning the woman of distinction award at age 23. “It was kind of surreal being in a room with so many women who had accomplished so much in their careers,’’ she said. “I was this baby sitting there doe-struck the whole time and I remember it being quite the moment because we’re sitting and the guest speaker that year was from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which I was an avid fan of. I was like, ‘This is wild.’ A lot of my profs were there, so it was quite a humbling experience —certainly one I haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. “I used to joke that I was nominated just for being myself because at the time I was social work student and I was doing a lot of work around sexual orientation. I didn’t feel I was doing a lot of extra stuff, but I was really involved in the gay/lesbian community at the time. That was really important to me and I made it work with my school and it became a big part of my life.’’ She said 1998 was a time when things were slow to change. “We had so far to go. A lot of the work I was doing as a volunteer as a student was


just around putting gay and lesbian issues on the radar. There seemed to be nobody that wanted to talk about it.’’ That included her family for a time. “Fast forward six years and to think I would be all over the front of the paper and hitting the national news with my wife. A very short time later, my family was so supportive and excited for us. They really thought it was great that we had become part of the lawsuit and managed to be the first legally married same-sex couple in the province.’’ That was never the intention, she said. “It wasn’t part of the plan — it was timing and luck. The (woman of distinction) award and the lawsuit were being in the right place at the right time, and having a willingness to step out and do it.’’ Even after nine years, she says her historic ceremony still comes up. “Every now and then there is a news story and I will get a phone call or something,’’ she said from her office at the University of Regina campus in Saskatoon. “It is still an interesting thing to imagine it is part of my life. It still doesn’t quite click sometimes . . .” The instructor and field education coordinator for the Faculty of Social Work said her students sometimes have “thatwas-you’’ moments. She said while she was privileged to be a ground breaker, it’s not the same for every gay and lesbian person. “At the time, I felt marriage was one issue, but one a privileged few are able to pursue. There are lots of folks struggling and facing discrimination and stigma all the time.’’ She mentions the recent case of a transgendered person not being able to try on a wedding dress at a local bridal store as an example. “I think there is a lot of awareness to be raised even though there is broader acceptance. I think there are certainly pockets of push back to that. I think there is an assumption now that everybody’s good, and that isn’t necessarily the case.

Erin Beckwell (pictured) and her partner, Lisa, were the first same-sex couple married in Saskatchewan (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson) “I still keep an eye on things like the bullying in schools. There are so many kids struggling in school and the language like “that’s so gay’’ and people saying they don’t mean it, but I still think it hurts a lot of people. There is still work to be done and always will be.’’ One piece of that work is Beckwell being invited to Swift Current, near her hometown of Cabri, to speak at the city’s inaugural Pride Festival next month. “It is so exciting for me to be invited back . . . I never would have imagined 15 years ago they would have a pride celebration in Swift Current. Like, that never even crossed my mind as being possible,’’ she said with a laugh. Beckwell says she loves her job teaching social work for the U of R. “Teaching is where my heart is and where I get most excited and passionate. I am very lucky I get to have a job where I get to teach and be a bit more out of the limelight. “My social justice work now is training

the next generation — people who are out there working in schools and hospitals and social services. That is where I put a lot of my energy.’’ She says she will always cherish her woman of distinction award. “A couple of years after I won, they asked me to be on the selection committee. That was a really tough job, but fascinating to see all the nomination packages. It is so amazing to see the calibre of women in our community in so many diverse areas. It was neat to work with other former recipients to choose the future winners. It was neat to have a chance to connect in that way. “I have nominated a few folks over the years as well, so it has been kind of neat to go back and be a nominator and attend the dinner and watch others go through the process. It is such a cool program. I just think it does such an amazing thing in terms of highlighting and recognizing women in such a range of categories.’’

A reflection when First Nations man finds a mirror

’m a storyteller. That’s the bottom had a camp along the South Saskatchewan line. Even though I’ve worked in the River, near where the City of Saskatoon media for more than 25 years, all I ever now stands. In the camp were two brothers wanted to do was tell stories about people. I who were identical twins. Even those who wanted to tell inspiring stories of lived in the camp couldnt tell ordinary people who overcame the two apart. When one of the situations that would have taken twins was tragically killed in others down. a hunting accident, the other There is a huge difference was heartbroken, so much so he between writing “journalism stayed in his teepee for days at a style” and the writing of a time, sometimes even weeks. storyteller. The following story Finally, after months of was recently repeated to me by mourning, he decided to go an elder. I almost killed myself hunting. He walked along the laughing when I heard the story river and then up the banks in Cree. However, I think I can to look for possible game. He write the story in English. walked for several miles when Columnist A long time ago, First he noticed something. It was Nations people had no mirrors. the tracks of a covered wagon. They didn’t know how they looked. When European settlers had passed by. He heard European people started to arrive, there about the settlers, but had never seen one. was one group of First Nations people that He was following the tracks when he


noticed something shining. He looked at it, and couldn't believe his eyes. It was a broken mirror one of the settlers must have thrown out. He looked at the mirror showing his reflection. “Hello, my brother,” he said, with tears running down his face. He sat there all day talking with his brother. He decided to hide the “spirit of my brother” before he reached the camp. “I have to leave you here,” he said, “because nobody is going to believe me.” He had a girlfriend who was jealous and extremely controlling. “Where were you?” she demanded when he reached his teepee. He tried to explain he went hunting, but she wouldn’t believe him. “Yeah, right,” she said. “You were probably at another camp,” she mumbled as they went to sleep. He woke up early to go hunting. He immediately walked to the mirror. What he didn’t know was his girlfriend was following him.

“I have to leave you here my brother,” he said as he hid the mirror and started to walk away. His girlfriend went to the spot where he was and found the mirror. “I knew it,” she screamed out as she attacked her boyfriend. Her grandmother was watching all this. “What are you two fighting about?” the elderly woman asked. “He’s got a girlfriend hiding under that tree,” said the young woman. The elderly woman decided to see for herself. She found the mirror and was stunned at what she saw. “Why,” she wondered out loud, “why would a young man fight over an ugly old lady?” That’s the way a First Nations person tells a story. I’m a storyteller and that’s the bottom line.

Page 4 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

Stobbe’s book fails to mention murdered wife


fter Saskatoon resident Mark Stobbe From Remand. The subject matter, as the was acquitted in 2012 of the murder title suggests, is the two months Stobbe of his wife, Beverley spent in a Winnipeg Remand Rowbotham, he wrote a book. Correctional Centre after his arrest in 2008. He was eventually granted “This is not the story of bail to await his trial. my wife’s death,” Stobbe says within the first few pages. According to promotional Indeed, it is not. In fact, materials, the book “provides Beverley’s name appears in a fascinating example of how the book only once, at the academic theories can be applied in end of the book in the About a practical way to make sense of an the Author section, where it otherwise inexplicable situation.” indicates she was murdered Truly, throughout the book, while Stobbe worked for the Stobbe goes out of his way to Columnist Manitoba government. extricate himself from his situation. In 2000, Rowbotham was He rarely refers to himself in struck 16 times in the head with a hatchet the first person within the context of his in backyard of the Stobbe home in St. experience in the remand centre. Instead, he Andrews, just north of Winnipeg. Sixteen refers to the “fish” — a rookie inmate. The times — often described by criminologists “fish” complained incessantly and was told or investigators as a form of “overkill,” to “shut the f--- up”. The “fish” didn’t like driven by passion and familiarity between prison food. the victim and slayer. Rowbotham’s bloody Instead, Stobbe appears to have body was then moved, in the backseat of considered the whole experience a social the family sedan, to a grocery store parking experiment, with him as the wizened lot in Selkirk, where it was later found by observer there to shine light on a process. authorities. She was missing two fingers and There’s also a whole lot of justification part of her skull. and rationalization. Within a few pages Earlier this week, at a McNally Robinson Stobbe evokes the theory of socialist hero event, Stobbe launched his book Lessons Max Weber to consider the rationalization


of violence, after a rebellious inmate is subjected to the use of force by guards, in order to return him to his cell. After some rambling about the legitimacy (or not, as the case may be) of “state violence,” Stobbe says, “the question to be considered is: can the act of violence legitimize itself?” Ballsy coming from a man who just walked away from a murder charge. Writing the way Stobbe does about his experience, it’s difficult to get past what one could describe as some serious egocentricity. Stobbe relishes the fact that from his perspective, his fellow inmates — gang bangers and career criminals — considered him a “figure of respect.’’ He brags that he stood out from “almost all other inmates,” not just because he’s a “50-year-old fat white guy,” but because he is educated, affluent and doesn’t suffer addictions. Upon being granted bail, Stobbe enjoys a “standing ovation” from his fellow inmates. He describes himself as a “symbol that (fellow prisoners) too might have a future,” and his bail release as a “thin reed” for an inmate to build his hopes and dreams upon. In fact, Stobbe describes criminals as driven by “hope and optimism.” The hope is that “they would avoid getting caught — that they would “get away” with the criminal

activity.” The optimism is that this hope would be realized. There are references to the Biblical account of Job, and comparison to Colin Thatcher. Stobbe strongly suggests that a Winnipeg Remand Centre guard tipped him off to the presence of an RCMP plant in his cell. Stobbe clearly wrote the book about everybody and for anyone but him — to shed light on the plight of the prisoner. There are statistics, anecdotes about overcrowding, the randy biker in the shower and a prisoner’s boredom. The book, desperately in need of an editor, was published by The Key Publishing House, whose other works include The Twelfth Imam’s A Woman? and Loveless Marriage Among the Dinkas. It took eight years for Stobbe to be charged with the murder of his wife. The prosecution relied heavily on circumstantial evidence and witness testimony, but it wasn’t enough. In March 2012, a jury found Stobbe not guilty. Stobbe testified in his own defence, and denied everything. He admitted he was home when Rowbotham was killed, but had no explanation as to why he didn't hear the attack, or ideas on who would have killed her. The Crown chose not to appeal.

Recycling program beginning to pick up


uestion: How would you say the they are actually importing garbage now. new recycling program has fared I’m not suggesting that for Saskatoon, just to date? so you know (laughing). Let’s make that Mayor Atchison: A total clear, OK? of 545 tonnes was collected from Jan. 1 The other thing we are going to be to the end of March this year. We were looking at are green bins. The green bins hoping for a 65 per cent rollout of the are for table scraps, food scraps, your bins — people that have used them already grass clippings and leaves; that will be the — at the low end and 80 to 85 per cent at next one. That one will probably have the the top end. We’re at about 63 single biggest impact on the per cent, but you have to factor landfill site. in one of the coldest winters Question: Do you have a we have ever had and a lot of timetable for that? snow. I understand why we are Mayor Atchison: I do not at about 63 per cent right now. yet. We have to get through the By the end of June, we are blue-bin scenario first of all. going to have all the carts out One hill at a time (laughing). and we will see a significant Question: Many city number of recycled goods at homeowners have overgrown that point. trees that are ready to topple Question: I just got a blue over as well as standing dead bin. Why do I have to have trees that need to be removed. Ask the Mayor one? I have been taking my Why is there no bylaw to recyclables to a depot. protect neighbouring home Mayor Atchison: Not everything owners? can go to the neighbourhood depot. For Mayor Atchison: The City looks after example, glass. Tin is another one. Those its own urban forest and we trim them can certainly go in the blue bin. (My wife) once every seven years and we keep them Mardele and I will continue to take our in as good a health as we can. Trees that newspapers to the Cosmo bins. We will are on private property are on private return our aluminum cans and bottles to property. If somebody has a concern with SARCAN. Because I am a little frugal — a tree that is next to them, they should as opposed to cheap — and I paid my 10 be sending their neighbour a registered cents for every bottle to the government, I letter informing them that you don’t think want to get my money back. So I am still their tree is healthy and is a concern to going to SARCAN. your home. They should be put on record. Question: Why is there such poor The city can’t be everything to everyone. garbage pickup in the winter months since People do have to take some responsibility the majority of households generate the also. same amount of garbage all year round? Question: With all the layoffs and Mayor Atchison: We need to evaluate cutbacks in pay, as well as big increases the scenario here to see exactly where we in city taxes, such as property tax and the are at. I would say we need to get through new recycling tax, where is the city cutting a year or two (of recycling) first of all. The back in spending? end goal for me, just so you know, is to Mayor Atchison: When you say to have no new landfill in Saskatoon. That is me, layoffs and cutbacks in pay, I am not very ambitious, but I can tell you if Berlin aware of that. My understanding is salaries doesn’t have to have a new landfill site, have gone up in our community. I know at with very little going to it these days, why City Hall, we are competing against many can’t the City of Saskatoon do that? In other businesses and we are losing a lot Norway, they have run out of materials to of our employees because we don’t seem JW10767.E13 generate Jameselectricity from their garbage, so to be as price competitive as other ones

are. So, I don’t know where that is coming from. On the big increase in property taxes, the increase was $8 on $350,000 in value of a home, which is the equivalent to 66 cents a month. If you compare us to Calgary, their taxes this year went up 13.88 per cent. Recycling is a fee for service, not a tax. That is something a lot of people asked for; it is not on your tax bill and it is a fee for service that Loraas recycling provides

House Cleaner Wanted This is a part-time, bi-weekly position doing domestic cleaning duties.


For more information call Hilda at 306-653-1155 or after 6 at 306-374-7078 LS906020.E13 Liza

the City of Saskatoon. It was put out for tender. Cosmo Industries had the lowest price, but there was a point system on how they were going to handle it, and Loraas won that. And it was for just under $5 per month. It’s probably the least expensive recycling program in Western Canada, if not Canada. (If you have a question for Mayor Atchison, email it to editorial@ Please put “mayor’’ in the subject line.)



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Young actors tackle heavy material


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

oung actors in Saskatoon are tackling some heavy material, and they are doing so on the city’s most prominent main stage. The Kinsmen Young Company has chosen the controversial play, The Laramie Project, to perform for its 2012-2013 season at the Persephone Theatre. Will Brooks says it’s a challenge that the actors in the company are ready to face. “We designed this program for those students who were at a certain level and really wanted to take their acting somewhere,” said Brooks, who is the youth director at Persephone Theatre. “They apply in September, we do a bunch of auditions in November and then we start at the end of the year. It’s very competitive and they’re a very talented group of young people.” The Laramie Project is a play by Moises Kaufman that revolves around the reactions to the 1998 murder of a gay University of Wyoming student, Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. It includes more than 90 characters, which will all be played by the nine actors in the Kinsmen Youth Company. The ensemble includes: Chris Holtcamp, Michelle Giesbrecht, Alysha Forester, Dalton Lightfoot, Ben Thomas, Jordan Jasper Williams, Jake Stebner, Katee Polischuk and Sammy Ramsey. “I was a little worried at first about whether the students would be iffy about the subject, or whether they would be comfortable playing gay or homophobic characters,” said Brooks. “That all became a non-issue pretty fast. These kids are living in the same world we are. In many ways, it’s probably easier for them to tackle subject matter like this than it would be for an adult company. JW10839.E13 “It’s a great experience for them and a James great exercise for them to be able to try to

understand these people. You can’t play a character you hate, so you have to spend some time thinking about that person, who they are and how did they arrive at their opinion.” It has been a welcome challenge learning how to play several different characters, according to the actors in the young company. “I have 13 or 14 different characters that I play,” said Michelle Giesbrecht. “I was actually really excited when I found out that we would get to play multiple characters because it’s something I have always wanted to try. You have to change your voice and your physicality along with your costume.” With such a highly debated issue, students have to play highly contrasting roles in the three-act play. Eighteen-yearold Jake Stebner, who has been with the Kinsmen Youth Company since its inception, plays Shepard’s killer. “Honestly, as an actor it’s exciting to find out that one of my roles was the killer. It’s a challenge,” said Stebner. “Along with the killer, I play university students, a doctor, a preacher and more. At one point the scene I do is the interrogation; it’s a heavy, intense scene. Having to remove yourself from that character and switch into other roles can be exhausting.” Though the topic seems dark, Brooks says the production is actually one of hope, and that seeing it performed by younger actors gives it a unique twist not offered anywhere else. “It’s pretty heartfelt sometimes. There’s a lot of humanity; there’s a lot of hope in it. I wouldn’t call it a dark play. It’s dealing with a very sad event and what happened around it, but when you get down to it, the play is about hope in the face of hate. There’s something that really tugs at your heartstrings,” said Brooks. “If you’re sitting and watching an adult company do it, there’s this very powerful monologue

red SeedleSS WAtermelon

of the man who had to announce Matthew Shepard’s death on national TV. And if you’re watching an adult say something like, ‘Go home and hug your kids in case they’re not there tomorrow,’ that’s one thing. But when you see a 16-year-old do it, it’s a whole new experience.” The three-act play lasts about one hour, 45 minutes. It will break boundaries, according to Giesbrecht and Stebner. “It depends on beliefs and background and that sort of thing. I know when I first auditioned I read through the play and was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to bring my grandma to this.’ But I decided to do it, because how could you pass up acting in Persephone on the main stage. You just don’t do that,” said Giesbrecht. “You have to be careful not to let yourself go when being these characters because

it’s such an emotional piece. And so at one point, during rehearsals, one of our co-actors ended up crying during this intense monologue. And he’s crying and we’re all sitting there trying to hold it together.

“Nobody is going to be saying, ‘You’re so gay’ after watching this,” added Stebner. “People will walk out, and they’re going to have a lot to think about it. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else with some fresh faces.” The Laramie Project runs from May 16-18, there are three evening performances at 8 p.m. and one student matinee. To purchase tickets, go to www. or call the box office at 306-384-7727. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the theatre.

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Jake Stebner, Will Brooks and Michelle Giesbrecht at rehearsal for The Laramie Project, opens on May 16. (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson)



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Wiegers Care for Kids bringing Mercer to city Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

boards and committees, but we wanted to then do something that would be our baby.” t doesn’t get much more Canadian Their baby turned into a theatrethan television icon Rick Mercer. style night featuring a local folk singer, That’s why, according to Deb Carrie Catherine, in 2009. The next and Cliff Wiegers, he was the perfect time around, Deb invited Brent Butt — host for Wiegers Care for Kids’ major a star of the show Corner Gas, and also fundraiser on June 8. from Deb’s hometown — to do a night of comedy, accompanied by the band “It’s for a great cause. Who isn’t Studio 54 with a Rock and Roll themed touched by children? The Children’s Hospital Foundation has been working cabaret in 2011. This third event, featuring Mercer, promises to be the tirelessly for many years, and now biggest one yet. we’re in go time,” said Deb Wiegers. “It’s there, it’s happening and the “We want you to have a great hospital’s going forward, so the timing experience. It’s unique because how couldn’t be better for people to get their many other venues in Saskatoon have head around the reality of it. Second a guy like Rick Mercer coming out? to that, in our world’s craziness, who It’s for everybody,” said Cliff Wiegers. doesn’t want to go out and have fun?” “We’ve moved the venue to the Odeon, because ticket sales are going much The event, called the Rant ‘n’ better than anticipated. Maybe we Raise, is a comedy and cabaret event underestimated our ability to do it. that focuses on having fun. The other “We went out there in 2009 with no focus is on the fundraising dollars, idea of how much we would raise. We which go entirely to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. ended up raising $50,000. With Brent After having been on the board for the Butt, we raised $100,000, and this year our goal is to do $150,000 or more.” Children’s Hospital, Deb thought it a fitting cause when founding Wiegers Both dollars and awareness will be Care for Kids Inc. in 2009. raised at the Rant ‘n’ Raise in June. The Children’s Hospital Foundation was an “We’ve always believed in helping easy choice for both Cliff and Deb. and trying to make a difference in “I had been on the board with the the communities as much as we can. hospital foundation for 10 years, and I was inspired by Brett Wilson, one plus we’ve got the four kids,” said Deb of the dragons on the show Dragon’s Wiegers. “It was really this one that just Den. He was being recognized as the philanthropist of the year about five or hit it for me because it was for the kids. six years ago,” said Cliff Wiegers. “He We’ve been through a few incidences, but we’ve been very blessed that we talked about events that he was doing have never had anything too crazy. in Calgary. They were an investment banking firm and they were known as “The question is: How could this the investment banking firm with a work if one of them got seriously hurt? heart. And so they did big events to help If we had to go to Toronto, and one of make a difference in the community. us had to be there for two months and WeML41557.E13 had always been Mary involved with the rest of us had to try and function at


STARS lottery has $3.8 million in prizes


Rick Mercer (Wiki Photo) home. And the kids being 14 and under, how would you do this? My heart goes out to the families, ability to be there for the kids when they need you. Financially, how do you do it? That’s the hospital’s whole mission. “ For $300, a ticket to the Rant ‘n’ Raise gets you a night of comedy and entertainment provided by Mercer and the Saskatoon band Studio 54. The all-inclusive event includes drinks and appetizers of Canadian origin or reputation that will be served throughout the evening. “We are very blessed with Saskatoon businesses and sponsors willing to help out with respect with entertainment and food,” said Cliff Wiegers. “We’ve got Lucky Bastards coming in to do drink tasting, and the food and wine reception is in the first hour. The way businesspeople in this city jump onboard for a great cause is a testament to Saskatoon. Businesses like Value Tire, Manulife Securities and Financial, and so many more, deserve so much appreciation.” To learn more about the Wiegers Care for Kids Rant ‘n’ Raise, donate to the foundation or to buy tickets, go to www.wiegerscareforkids. ca. You can also visit their Facebook page at Wiegers Care for Kids or follow their twitter handle @WiegersCares. com

Saskatoon Express

he second annual Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service Foundation (STARS) Lottery in Saskatchewan officially launched last week with more than 2,000 prizes worth more than $3.8 million. The STARS lottery launched last year, raising more than $1.6 million. Saskatoon base director Cindy Seidl, STARS executive vice-president Rod Gantefoer, STARS lottery manager Joan Black, home builder Dale Hanley and a STARS Very Important Patient (VIP) Tanice Mackie were present in Saskatoon to announce plans and prizes for the 2013 STARS Lottery. This spring marked STARS’ first anniversary of providing critical emergency care in Saskatchewan. The operation runs 24 hours a day from bases located in Saskatoon and Regina. Since beginning service, STARS has flown more than 300 missions in the province. As a nonprofit, charitable organization, all of the funds raised from the lottery are used to keep STARS helicopters in the sky. Mackie credits her existence today to the speedy response of STARS. While living in Calgary, her car collided with another vehicle at an overpass. Marked as a fatality on scene, Mackie was helped by an off-duty EMT who called STARS. After more than a month in hospital with severe injuries, Mackie was released just before her 22nd birthday. “STARS’ success depends on the people across this great province,” Gantefoer said in a news release. “Whenever you see a bright red STARS helicopter overhead, or land in your community, take comfort in knowing a team of highly trained critical-care experts are giving hope to someone who needs it most.” The two biggest prizes in the STARS lottery include $1-million showhomes in Regina and Saskatoon. The lottery also features a home-awayfrom-home truck and fifth-wheel combination worth nearly $200,000. In addition to these grand prizes, there are four vehicles, 13 vacations and more than 2,000 other prizes including cash, furniture, electronics, jewelry and luggage. Two winners also get to experience a flight on a STARS helicopter. To purchase a ticket for the STARS lottery, go to, or call 1-855-449-2444. Tickets are $60 each, two for $100 or six for $250.

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Phatboy Fireworks opens at Confederation Mall!

Phatboy Fireworks is opening their seasonal Saskatoon location on May 13, just in time for the Victoria Day Long Weekend. Located at Confederation Mall, Phatboy has a 60 foot trailer with five eight-feet long tables full of fireworks to meet your long weekend needs. The Saskatoon location is Phatboy’s first ever venture outside of the over sixty existing locations in British Columbia and Ontario, and partner Harmin Gill says “we were doing so well at our other locations, that we thought it would be a good time to try to expand,” and that a Saskatoon store for Phatboy “ felt like the right time and the right place.” He goes on to add that Phatboy’s success in Saskatoon is also a way of “testing out the waters to see if we will expand to Winnipeg and Calgary in time for Canada Day.” Founded eight years ago, Phatboy now carries twenty different brands of

fireworks, both individual fireworks and larger packages, and prides itself on its motto of “We Don’t Match Prices, We Beat’em.” Along with promising to meet or beat any competitor’s prices, Phatboy also has daily deals and door crasher prices and other promotions to ensure you are getting the best price. In fact, Gill says that “when you come into our locations, you’ll often find that our prices are lower than what was advertised in our own flyers.” Because Phatboy sells only fireworks, Gill says employees know their products, and are happy to give advice or even help to customize your firework display to fit your budget and your needs. You can do this by visiting the location, or by logging on to Phatboy’s website and browsing the selection there. Gill attends a yearly fireworks tradeshow in Abbotsford, BC, to per-

sonally see what is new and exciting for his customers. Phatboy carries Barrages, Component Effects, Bombshells, Brazilian Shells, Comets, Family Packs, Firing Systems, Fountains,,Ground Spinners, Mines, Mini Floral Bombshells, Multi-Shot Cakes, Multi-Shot Cakes Fanned, Multi-shot Pro-Pyro Series Cakes, Noisemakers, Roman Candles, Skyrockets and Missiles, Sparklers, Specialty Bombettes and Wheels. If you would like more information about any of these products, this is available, along with performance videos of the fireworks, at Phatboy’s website http:// . Along with offering a best price guarantee, Phatboy also offers the best quality product for you. Unlike some other fireworks vendors, Phatboy’s fireworks have not “sat on a shelf, year after year, gathering dust.” Gill says that it is important to Phatboy to offer

only new products to its customers, as “people sometimes don’t realize that gun-powder goes stale, and those fireworks that sit on a shelf year-round are more likely to produce duds or mis-fires. We don’t want that for our customers. We want them to have the best fireworks show they can, and you can’t have that with fireworks that aren’t performing properly.” Phatboy’s Saskatoon location will be open prior to Victoria Day at Confederation Mall from May 13 to May 20, and again prior to Canada Day from June 24 to July 1. If all goes well, Gill hopes that Saskatoon will become a permanent seasonal location for Phatboy, and will add the New Year’s Eve selling season of December 26 to December 31 to its schedule. Be sure to visit Phatboy Fireworks, and celebrate Victoria Day with a bang!




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What constitutes conflict

of interest not rocket science


Punjabi Mela

hile it is true that the city solicitor acts cases, it may be a donor breaking up a large for the City of Saskatoon and not the donation by funding several members of a family individual members of council, it would or employees to make smaller donations, but seem appropriate that the city solicitor could give collectively adding up to a substantial sum. In a crash course to council as a whole other cases, it may be an organization as to what constitutes a “conflict of having each of its members make a interest.” donation, which when added up, might be sufficient to warrant concern. This is not rocket science. As Coun. Pat Lorje so aptly stated: “If It is these large “group” donations that a councillor doesn’t have enough may cause conflict of interest concerns, common sense to know they are in and especially with the growing practice a conflict that is very troubling.” of awarding sole-sourced (non-tendered) The simple rule of thumb is that city contracts for both goods and services. if you, or through you, a family Without a public tender and a committee member, business partner, employer to scrutinize potential contracts, it could or associated organization, stands be that undue influence might be placed on to receive a personal or business city administration to award a contract, at gain as a result of a decision you possibly a higher cost, to someone’s friend, Columnist are asked to make, then you are family, in-law or political donor. It places likely in conflict. The classic definition is a set of an opaque veil over political transparency and circumstances that creates a risk that professional, public accountability. or in the case of council, political judgment or City administration is right about granting a action is unduly influenced not only by financial sole-source contract in an emergency situation, but gain, but motives such as desire for professional those should be few and far between. And even for advancement and the wish to do favours for family emergencies, I would expect that the City should or friends. have a list of pre-approved contractors and then As a councillor, if any member of your family have the emergency work circulated from that list. or a business partner is bidding for a city contract, As to having work done in a timely fashion, you should back away from the debate and abstain I would think that the City knows what work from voting. If your vote on a motion benefits is on the horizon and what on-going contracts your employer, don’t expect you can be impartial are coming due. Public tendering of goods and because what benefits them may indirectly benefit services gives several sets of eyes and professional you, or may be viewed as advancing your personal opinions on a contract before it is awarded. It is career. If you think it doesn’t meet the exact legal the most reasonable way to ensure that there is definition of conflict of interest, it will certainly no behind closed doors “undue influence” by an qualify as a conflict in the court of public opinion. elected member of city council, and thus a possible A few years ago, there was pressure from the “conflict of interest.” media, and through that the public, for politicians Smart politicians shy away from situations to disclose campaign donations. Clearly, the where even the appearance of impropriety presents public wanted to know if elected members would itself, if for no other reason than self-preservation. be influenced to make decisions favourable to They don’t generally seek legal advice to tell them their donors. At the time, no one believed that a when something stinks in the political heap. To politician would throw away their career for the date, we have not heard allegations of conflict paltry sum of $250, and since civic campaign of interest against any member of council. But if donations are not tax deductible, it was anticipated common sense can’t prevail, and $27,000 is the that huge donations would not be on the table. cost of self-policing or council members policing At its inception, no one considered that each other, it might be a small price to pay given groups would collaborate to financially support a the hundreds of million dollars being spent. particular candidate and that such group support might influence an elected councillor. In some


a celebration of culture Tammy Robert


Saskatoon Express

ajinder Grewal has been an integral part of ensuring Saskatoon’s Punjabi Mela has been celebrated in our city for the past 10 years. “We have had more than 100 performers, volunteers and families working hard for the last four months,” Grewal, an organizer of the event said. “Our performers range in age from three years old to 75 years old. They’ve been practicing their performances once a week since February and, more recently, almost once a day.” Organized by the local Punjabi Cultural Association of Saskatoon, which regularly puts together potluck suppers, fundraisers and other events, the annual Mela is by far its most significant annual event. This year, the event is being held at Prairieland Park on May 19, where the proud, colourful and energetic celebration of Punjabi culture will feature at least 10 different group dances and singing performances. The purpose of the Mela is to ensure that children of Punjabi background living in Canada remain educated about their culture and heritage. “It’s about celebrating the culture, something that is a very common thing back home,” explained Grewal, who compared the scale of the event in his home country to the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition. “Even in Toronto and Vancouver, the Mela has grown to be a massive celebration. Though our community continues to grow in Saskatoon, we have opted to keep the focus on the culture, in order to best educate our children about their heritage.”

ML41543.E13 Mary

Churchill Gardens Spring is here!

Enjoy peace of mind maintenance free living in a convenient East side community.

A shot from last year’s annual Mela (Photo Submitted) In addition to the dancing and singing, stunning Indian and Pakistani garments will be available for sale, and always-popular henna stalls will be set up for those inclined to get the intricate body art, he said. Grewal points to his own son as an example of the success of the Punjabi Mela. “We immigrated here when he was only four years old. Today he’s 17, and he is so into it,” he said with a smile. “The kids become so immersed in the culture and language as they get ready for the show.” In 2012, more than 1,600 people celebrated the Punjabi Mela, and organizers are expecting at least that many again this year. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 15 years of age and under. They can be purchased at the door, or in advance by contacting Gurdev Tumber at (306) 649-0279; Bobby Singh at (306) 341-2919 or Dr. Ravinder Grewal at (306) 665-2957.

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Your Yard &

Garden I

Business Profile

Floral Acres

n 1936, Floral Acres Greenhouses started as a small vegetable farm by Priscila Mah’s grandparents on Valley Road, several years later one small greenhouse was added to the operation. 77 years later, with its third generation, Floral Acres Greenhouses has grown to be the largest greenhouse in Saskatchewan, covering over five acres of greenhouses and employing over 70 people.

Each year over four million plants are grown with over 2000 varieties of spring plants, hanging baskets, planters, perennials, house plants, succulents, poinsettias, trees and shrubs. There is also a great selection of garden accessories and outdoor furniture. May and June hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday, Sundays and stat holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Using a clean, properly adjusted spreader, apply the material evenly. A drop-type or broadcast-type spreader may be used.

Alstroemeria Plants, Kangaroo Plants, Banana Plants and Much More. Preston and Cornish Road in Stonebridge 374-4444 • 3200 Preston Avenue South RS31093.E13 Rob Watering in this product will disperse each granule into thousands of particles

and move the particles to the root zone. This will eliminate paw and shoe pickup. Water thoroughly as directed and it is safe for your pets and children to resume activities in the yard!


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Five Guys Burgers opening in Saskatoon Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

tight. Now that we’ve found it, though, we’re so pleased to be on Eighth Street.” The Five Guys premise is simple: ll over North America, the Five Fresh, never-frozen beef. All the potatoes Guys Burgers and Fries franchise are hand-cut for fries, and the fresh has garnered an almost cult-like vegetable condiments such as iceberg following. Now, Saskatoon is going to lettuce, white onion and tomato are handget its taste of that magic. sliced as well. As construction continues on the new The basics are burgers — the Eighth Street location, Five Guys area hamburger, cheeseburger or bacon burger. manager Larry Boulanger says it will For smaller appetites, throw the word be the first of at least “a few” new Five “little” in front and you’ll receive, well, Guys franchise locations in Saskatoon. a littler version. Then choose from the “We’ve been looking at Saskatoon Five Guys menu of 15 free toppings. The for a long time,” he says. “It was about basics are all there — mayo, ketchup, finding the perfect location, and the lettuce and tomato, or for the more commercial real-estate market is really adventurous, things like grilled onions


and mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, steak sauce and even hot sauce. In fact, there are more than 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys. “All our burger patties are handformed from fresh beef,” Boulanger said. “Nothing is ever frozen. In fact, we couldn’t even if we wanted to. There isn’t a freezer in the place.” Five Guys was founded in the Washington, D.C., area in 1986, when Jerry and Janie Murrell offered sage advice to their four young sons: “Start a business or go to college.” Under the guidance of mom and dad, the Murrell family’s little burger

joint quickly developed a fanatical following. A fifth brother was born and, as the Murrell family grew, so did their business. Early in 2003, Jerry and Janie Murrell, together with their “five guys,” began offering franchise opportunities. Twenty years later, there are more than 1,000 locations nationwide and more than 1,500 units in development. Saskatoon’s Five Guys restaurant is set for opening in mid-July, and is still looking for managers and staff. Email if you’re interested in being a part of the family. Five Guys Burgers and Fries will be located at 1840 Eighth St. East.


LOCATION: PIKE LAKE PROVINCIAL PARK TRANSPORTATION: PROVIDED BY BUS ON THURSDAY NIGHTS: OVERNIGHT CAMPING FOR THE 9 TO 12 YEAR OLDS COST: $120.00/CHILD/WEEK, Boys & Girls Clubs of Saskatoon have been offering JULY 2-5 (NO CAMP ON JULY 1) AUG. 6-9 (NO CAMP ON AUG 5) Summer Day Camps at Pike Lake Provincial Park for ARE $100/WEEK AND ALL OTHERS CAMPS ARE $120/WEEK. more than 25 years. Camps fill up quickly so register Registration forms are available from the early to guarantee your spot!

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For more information or to register, call Shaw Centre at 306-975-7744, Lawson Civic Centre at 306-975-7873 or visit

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$130 per child.

July 15–19 July 29–August 2 August 12–16

July 8–12

For ages 7–11 years 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5 & 6 years, 9 a.m. to noon 6 to 8 years, 1 to 4 p.m.

July 22–26 5 & 6 years, 9 a.m. to noon 9 to 12 years, 1 to 4 p.m.

August 19 to 23 5 & 6 years, 9 a.m. to noon 6–8 years, 1 to 4 p.m.

Mendel members receive a 10% discount! Extended supervision available for full day camps, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $30 per child.

Open Daily 9 a.m. — 9 p.m. | 950 Spadina Cres E |

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013 - Page 11


Summer Camps & Lessons 2013 JW10853.E13 James

LS906052.E13 Liza

2013 Huskies Sport Camps

Come hang around with us!

2013 Summer Camps


Marian offers camps for ages 3-12 though out the summer.


Train with


Each week will include gymnastics, exciting crafts, activities, and lots of fun.


For more information, visit our website at Or contact Debbie 934-0944 or

Online Phone 966-1001

For more information, visit

College of Kinesiology

Full Day, Half Day, Evening and Goalie Camps

Liza LS906050.E13 Liza

SASKATOON YOUTH SOCCER INC. PROUDLY PRESENTS: What: “PotashCorp Soccer Kids In the Park” Program Free Summer Drop-In Soccer for Ages 4–18

When: Mon to Fri ~July 2nd to Aug 22nd, 2013 Visit our website for a program schedual after June 25 Where: City of Saskatoon Playground & Youth Centre Sites

Contact: or 975-3413

Thank you to PotashCorp for their sponsorship of this free program for the fourth summer in a row and also LS906049.E13 Community Initiatives Fund, City of Saskatoon, Xtratime Sports Soccer Locker, and Sask Soccer for their financial support. Liza

Include power skating and high intensity drills Fun swimming and field activities New Evening specialized camps including Defenseman, Puck Handling, Checking and more. ALL FOR $140/WEEK July 8-12 August 6-9 July 15-19 July 22-26 July 29-Aug 2 Aug 19-23 Aug 26-30

ML41555.E13 Mary



Pre Novice to Atom Pre Novice to Atom Atom to Bantam Pre Novice to Pee Wee Pre-Novice to Pee Wee Pre Novice to Pee Wee Atom to Bantam

Half Day Camps

Full Day Camps run from Elite Goal Tenders Camp 9am– 4:30pm Full Day Camps Huskie Elite Prep Camp

Evening Camps start at 5pm

Call 966-1001 to Register and 966-1031 for any questions JW10856.E13 James

College of Kinesiology | Recreation Services Register NOW for Summer 2013 Aquatic Programs

From the preschooler to the senior - we have learn to swim programs and everything in between! Want to stay at the pool once summer is over? Get qualified as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor!

Dance Camps (July 8 - 26)

We offer camps for children ages 4 through 14, beginner to experienced. Offerings include: 4 - 6 Years: Creative Movement, art, story time, and a swim lesson. 7 - 10 Years (Beginner to Novice): Ballet, jazz, swim time and more. 10 - 14 Years (Experienced Only): Ballet, jazz, and more. 10 - 14 Years Co-Ed Extreme (all levels): Hip hop, wall climbing, strength training, and swim time!

Children’s Activity Camps (July 8 - August 30)

Fun, safe, non-competetive activity camps for ages 5-12. Weeklong, full or half-day camps available. There is something for everyone with a variety of activities to choose from, including lacrosse, basketball, Sports & Water Mania, rock climbing and more! 13


ui G s e i it Activ mer

um ng / S

ge of







n 8 tratio Regis s March 1 in g e b 01 6-10

Limited spaces available!


n erso ) 96 r in-p (306 one o Call: y ph ter b Regis

Call (306) 966-1001, to register or for more information.

REGISTER TODAY! /Jemini 306·955·3606


-prog unity


.kine www




Page 12 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

The Duo back for fourth season


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

our years ago, Keegan McAvoy was looking for a way to celebrate local musicians in Saskatoon. He thinks he found it with a competition called The Duo. “I just wanted to get local musicians back playing in venues across the city, and more so back downtown. To some degree, there wasn’t enough going on in the city. Broadway has always had a good live music scene, and downtown, from what I used to hear, used to have a big live music scene,” said McAvoy. “I think with the whole age of the DJ craze, it kind of changed the dynamic of live entertainment, especially downtown. It kind of strayed away from live music.” McAvoy created The Duo, a musical competition that features two artists collaborating on performances in three different venues across the city. The competition starts at StaQatto Lounge (Tusq), the restaurant and bar McAvoy owns, for two weeks. The next two weeks are played at the Broadway Theatre, and the finale is at TCU Place on June 20. “It started at Tusq, and it caught on so quickly the first year that we had to rent a room last minute at the Sheraton — around 480 people attended that event. So we realized we might have something here,” said McAvoy. “The next year, we did it at Tusq again; we were more organized, but the crowds couldn’t get in. The biggest complaint we had was that we weren’t able to get everybody in the room. We were disappointing families and friends who were waiting outside, so we said, ‘OK, we’ve got to expand.’ ” Applicants To the Duo must first get through an audition, and then get through to the StaQatto Lounge performances, which are split into three groups. The duo’s survival in the competition is based on two factors: 50 per cent is public voting and 50 per cent is decided by a judges’ panel. “The format seems to work, because you need to work both ends of the spectrum,” said McAvoy. “So part of it is self-promotion, because you’re bringing those voters out to see you play, but you also need to

Kirby Criddle and Josh Palmer were the top duo last year (Photo Submitted) impress the judges. We’ve had media personalities, older musicians and producers on the judges’ panel and it rotates week to week.” The benefits of being in The Duo competition are far-reaching, according to McAvoy. His original intent to promote and help local artists is being justified by duo artists’ CD releases, deals and more frequent performing in venues in Saskatoon. Last year, Josh Palmer and Kirby Criddle won the competition. Criddle is about to release a new CD, which McAvoy hopes to be able to support in some way. “It’s all about how can we bring recognition to the artist. So whatever we can do to put the artist’s name on a platform or put them on a stage that they weren’t able to get to before, that’s the objective of the whole competition,”

he said. “Music is their love and their passions for so many people, but they need to be able to afford to live and stuff like that. All of these people have real jobs and real lives going on, but a good 30 per cent of the people who played at the finale are now playing regularly throughout venues in Saskatoon.” Surprisingly, the most common reaction McAvoy gets at the finale is one of shock from the families of the artists. “They didn’t realize they were that good. They’ve heard them in the basement, in their room, but once you put them under the big lights and on this big stage with a video introduction and a sound system, it’s eye-opening,” said McAvoy. “The families are coming up to me and going, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize my daughter could sing

like that.’ That’s why this is so great; we’re bringing awareness to this talent. “We’re shooting for 1,500 people this year at the finale. It we do achieve that, it’s also about thanking Saskatoon for supporting local music. Because I know the nine people in the finale last year were overwhelmed with the support of the city.” Week one is May 21-23 at StaQatto Lounge, week two is May 28-30 at StaQatto Lounge and the quarter-finals are June 5-6 at Broadway Theatre. The semi-finals are also at Broadway Theatre — on June 12. The top nine duos will compete for more than $10,000 in cash and prizes at the finale. Tickets to attend are $10 and $20 for the finale June 20 at TCU Place. For more information on The Duo, go to



Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express

Tradebank opens for business in the city

here is another way of doing business in Saskatoon. A company called Tradebank Inc. is inviting and recruiting companies to be part of its network. In Tradebank, companies trade goods and services with others in the network. No cash is used in those transactions. Tradebank Inc. president John Porter provided an example based on a series of transactions that took place in Saskatoon recently. When Porter spent five days in Saskatoon, he paid the hotel with Tradebank dollars. The hotel needed glass work done, and paid a local glass business with those same credits. The glass firm needed to rent a lifter and used the credits with the construction rental firm. Now the rental company holds the credit and is looking at opportunities to use it, likely in a marketing capacity. “In each case, every business in that transaction got new business from a brand new customer,’’ Porter said. “The hotel was able to trade off down time in ML70536.E13 their hotel — empty hotel rooms — in exchange Mary for a Tradebank credit.’’

The hotel got full retail price in trade dollars for the room, he said. That ignited the chain reaction. “It changes people’s buying habits into a closed loop network of business owners that are all taking the same currency,’’ Porter said. “When you take Tradebank dollars and use them for an expense and replace that cash cost, you are guaranteeing yourself an equal amount of new business in exchange within the network.’’ Kim Groff is the Saskatoon regional owner. Groff has lived in Saskatoon since 1984, working in a number of capacities from owning a business to human resources and recruiting to being the provincial representative with He met Porter through an ad Tradebank was running for a sales manager in Saskatchewan. Little did Groff know, he would soon own the company’s north Saskatchewan region. “I wasn’t looking for anything like this when John and I connected. He and I clicked,’’ Groff said. Groff thinks the business is a perfect fit for Saskatoon. “I think the sky is the limit with this,’’ he said. “I think it is something that is definitely needed in Saskatoon. It is something that has really caught

the imagination and the eye of the business community. “I knew it was going to be well received, but our initial sharing of information on the service so far, I’ve been overwhelmed. It’s an opportune time right now with the Saskatchewan economy the way it is. People seem to be open to new concepts and ideas. I know enough about the Saskatoon business community and anticipated it to be very well received, but it was very, very well received.’’ At the first introductory meeting, 15 businesses attended, with 12 signing “on the spot,’’ Porter said. Porter says in the next 36 months he wants to grow the network to more than 1,000 companies in Saskatchewan, split between the north and south. He says only a few businesses will be part of the network in each category. “We are not going to sign up every electrician in Saskatoon — maybe three to four,’’ he said. “We are not going to sign up every hotel – two or three. If people want in, it is imperative they learn about it as quickly as possible.’’ Porter said Tradebank makes money based on a commission for bringing new business to members and then helping them turn that business

Kim Groff is Tradebank’s Saskatoon regional owner (Photo Submitted)

into other products and services. “We act as a sales agent for our customers. We get out there and put our sales hat on and sell their product. We also act as a purchasing agent to help source other products and services they need. Once we complete both sides of that job, we charge a small fee for making all that happen.’’ There is a meeting scheduled May 15 at 6 p.m. at the Willows. For more information, call or text Kim Groff at 306-230-7885 or email kim.groff@tradebank. ca. People are welcome to attend without confirming their attendance. More information on the company can be found at

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013 - Page 13

Page 14 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

Canadiana Crossword Beautiful BC

Answers on page 18

ByBernice BootsRosella and Jim By andStruthers James Kilner


Ehrenburg Homes Showhome adds to upscale neighbourhood

tonebridge boasts many executivecustom cabinetry and gleaming granite style homes, and Ehrenburg Homes’ countertops are among the highlights. A 2,385-square-foot showhome has corner walk-in pantry, a large island with just become part of the upscale landscape. a breakfast bar and a large dining area Featuring many upgrades, the threeprovide convenience for the family chef bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home and comfort for guests. A garden door has a uniquely styled interior off the dining area leads to a that will please many an eye. backyard deck. The impressive two-storey A den off the front foyer is design includes a doubleanother convenient feature on attached garage and a lowthe main floor. maintenance acrylic stucco All three bedrooms are on and stone exterior. the second floor. The master From the spacious foyer, bedroom features a walk-in visitors will be impressed closet with built-in organizers by the bright and cheerful and a spa-like ensuite with a atmosphere. Hardwood floors tub and tiled shower. There’s dominate much of the main also a second-floor family floor, and large windows beam bathroom, laundry room and natural light throughout the family bonus room. Homes home. Adding to the charm Located at 226 Warder Cove is a gas fireplace that shines in Stonebridge, this home is a cosy welcome in the great listed at $779,900. It can be viewed Mondays to Thursdays from 7 p.m. to room. The kitchen is a delight, both from a 9 p.m., and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays practical and esthetic perspective, where from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed Fridays.






















27 30







22 26















44 48



52 53

3 _____de Janeiro 4 Selkirk or Cascade 5 BC's flower 6 __ Dhabi 7 CD ____ 8 Collection of star systems 9 Insane 11 ______ boom 12 Satisfy 14 Son of Adam and Eve 17 Second sight, for short 20 Premium tea 21 Examine 24 Abner, for one 26 Downwind


28 Hug 30 Identical 31 British Columbia Grey Cup champs 32 Confesses 33 French monetary unit 35 Joe Kapp forte 36 More faithful 37 Birds 40 Neighbour of India 46 Gunk 47 Russian space ship 49 Brewery product 50 Female Saint, abbr.

JW10857.E13 James

3can6j Beautiful BC

T R I N I T Y at stonebridge

Welcome Home.

Welcome Home

Starting From: $41,725† AVAILABLE



Monthly Lease Payment




Down Payment

Includes freight/ PDI and block heater



48 month Lease * **

5,000 3.5%


Finance from 1.9%

Security deposit waived Payment includes $2500* Cash delivery credit Improved handling and quieter ride • Smart key system with push button start • Class-leading 10 airbags • No requirement for premium fuel



2013 Lexus ES 350 and ES 300h Hybrid


DOWN 1 Colorful fabric 2 Limb


Answers on page 18



ACROSS 1 Legendary west coast painter 5 Sock repair 9 Lady of Spain 10 Woodwind instruments 12 Coho or Sockeye 13 Clay soils 15 American cuckoo 16 Gaw preceder 18 One, in St. Denis 19 Partner of tac and toe 20 Mexican monetary units 22 Lighted 23 School in Ste. Scholastique 25 West coast Indians ceremonial feast 27 Isaac, for short 29 Collectable 30 Whistler or Apex activities 34 Profundity 38 Assistance 39 Black 41 Part of the verb "to be" 42 Mother, colloquially 43 Bitter herb 44 British Columbia flag feature 45 Mystery 48 Crowsnest and Kicking Horse 51 Philosophical 52 Change 53 Angry 54 Lascivious look


In Trinity Manor you are surrounded by friends and neighbours in a secure, comfortable home with a sense of community, designed to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Scheduled opening July 2014.



Come in and meet our client services representatives, and view an exact model of accomodations, with a lifestyle video presentation. 331 Cornish Road Saskatoon, SK beside Samaritan Place in Stonebridge.

285 Venture Crescent Saskatoon 306.653.5611


2013 RX F Sport shown.‡ $4,000 Cash Purchase Incentive may not be combined with special lease and finance rates offered through Lexus Financial Services as part of a low rate interest program. Cash Purchase Incentive offers take place at the time of delivery. See your Lexus dealer for whether tax applies before or after the application of Cash Purchase Incentives.

For more information call 306-373-3135 or visit

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013 - Page 15

Outstanding list of artists at Montreal jazz festival


s the sun is shining and the days are International it is, with more than 3,000 lengthening, I find myself thinking artists participating from 30 different about summer plans. For this jazz gal, countries. This year, Chucho Valdez and the that means music festivals. This Afro-Cuban Messengers and summer is especially exciting Soweto Gospel Choir are great as I will be able to attend examples of the international flair. our own incredible SaskTel During a 10-day period, June Saskatchewan Jazz Festival 28 to July 7, the Montreal jazz from June 21-30 and, as ours festival will produce more than ends, I’ll be taking in most of the 1,000 concerts with two-thirds Festival International de Jazz de of them being free. That says a Montreal. lot for the largest non-profit jazz The Montreal jazz festival organization in the world. is 34 years old and boasts Having visited the festival of being the world’s largest. more than a dozen times, I have Columnist Having travelled to a number of always been impressed with festivals, I agree with its claim. the transparency of the festival Born from creative thinking in the 1970s finances. Each year, within their published by two men and a woman — Alain Simard, program, they take time and space to let Andre Menard and Denyse McCann — the the public know the shape of the financial festival has grown in diversity and style. books. I believe by doing this they bring in the Well-anchored in the deep historical and people as partners in a cultural and musical cultural tradition of Montreal, the dynamic trio adventure. represents the strength, creativity and success The Montreal festival has a distinguished behind the festival. list of artists that have performed over the

Shelly Loeffler

Thousands gather in downtown Montreal for the Jazz festival (Photo Submitted)

years. Ray Charles presented the inaugural by day and electrifying by night. The festival concert on July 2, 1980. Each year the festival is the perfect outing for the family travellers. gives out awards in the names of jazz legends, The constant stream of street performers, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Antonio noon concerts and a children’s play area will Carlos Jobim and Oscar Peterson — all whom entertain even the youngest festival fan. As have performed during the festival years. there are 10 free stages, one could visit the The 2013 festival program is as dazzling, festival during the 10 days never paying for with headliners such as Aretha Franklin, music, and never going indoors. George Benson, Boz Scaggs, Dr. John and The food and drink are plentiful, and Leon Russell, Lyle Lovett and Chris Isaac, to the free concerts are accessible. One can name but a few. This year’s festival is loaded wander from noon until midnight where many with talent, even beyond the realm of jazz. peaceful festival-goers share a common bond ecently, my wife and I wandered off by jellyfish, been tossed like a rag doll onto a Like many festivals, Montreal honours and of simply listening to music. into Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. She seashell beach by a rogue wave, pranced on recognizes the roots of jazz both over time For complete details on the Festival was in search of adventure, although I the side of an exploding volcano and actually and in contemporary sounds. What Montreal de Jazz de Montreal, check out www. thought she said, “Let’s wander off for some set off alarms in Sigmund Freud’s house. I does really well is present an exceptional Staying near the heart dessert.” can’t wait to take her on a safari in Africa. backdrop for an unbelievable display of of the festival site in downtown Montreal Not too far into the hike, we came across Nature and marketers both camouflage artistic expression, and then teaches us to is a good idea as it gives you the option of a soft, cute, fuzzy, baby lying on the desert themselves to try to attract us to things that demonstrate respect for arts and culture. returning to your hotel to rest no matter what 5p8 22p9 of the festival is energizing floor. It looked so inviting it could have been look so inviting, but are anything but. In fact, the time of day or night. The xambience a dessert, I pointed out. some of the most enticing things in which we Morrison Spec Lisa But to make it even more appealing, partake are the most dangerous. * Sun: Enticing scenes of lounging on a why not call it a “teddy bear” and then add Morrison, Lokinger tropical beach, while your wife chides you for a romantic “cholla” to its name. We had & ogling as she steals your Corona. not only come across a Teddy Associates But a little extra income wouldn’t hurt… Driving a school bus just a few hours a day can give you You roll over so as to brown Bear Cholla plant, but, a baby, Real Estate a great reason to get up in the morning and a wonderful sense of making a positive difference evenly like a marshmallow on innocently lying on the ground 306-651-6155 in our community, and especially in the lives of our school children. If you or someone you know a campfire before it bursts into no less. enjoys driving & working with children, this could be perfect for you. The training is free and flames. Sun beaming, waves Who wouldn’t want to cuddle you’ll be part of the largest and most trusted company in student transportation in North America. Now hiring for both immediate & September openings. As about our limited time training lapping, rays absorbing, DNA a million of them? My wife allowance & hiring bonus. changing, skin wrinkling, chemo certainly would. A perfect storm starting. for a gentle “ahhh” photo op. But Don’t settle for second or third best. Call FIRST! * Booze: Cold drink, hot this plant’s nomenclature should day, cold ice. Enticing, yet I will To View have included “vicious attacking any never forget the comment of one Real Estate maiming Godzillus cactusi.” The We are an equal opportunity employer. ER doctor as he struggled to jam Listings ahhh moment turned in to an a compression balloon-on-a-tube owww moment when the cuddly Doctor down the gullet of a “partier” little cholla she had picked up so who was thrashing about as gingerly, decided it didn’t want to be let down and suddenly shot hooks out of he was throwing up buckets of blood. “I don’t believe they showed this part in the its arms, like Wolverine on Red Bull. commercials.” The attack of the jumping teddy bear LS906037.E13 Liza * Vitamins: Hunkered between booze cholla was on: “DAVID, COME GRAB and cigarettes are vitamins? Isn’t that kind THIS THING OFF ME,” though what I’m of extreme? But call anything a “vitamin” or sure I heard was “Run the other way, I’m “natural” or “all-natural” and the gumboots being attacked!” Saskatoon Funeral Home and the Edwards So her plea for me to manually remove will come a stompin’ like flies to scorpion Family are pleased to welcome Kurtis Rae this vicious beast of the Sonoran from her poop. Though some vitamins have been to our team of professionals. carcass went unheeded for self-preservation shown to be counterproductive to our health, Kurtis is a licensed funeral director, purposes. (One of us had to make it out in who wants to let science interfere. The word embalmer and pre-need counsellor. 25 years of experience in the funeral profession order to return the rental car so we didn’t get vitamin is just too lovely to ignore and, of have given Kurtis the experience to help dinged an extra day.) course, if it’s natural, it’s got to be like really, grieving families make educated decisions But as I looked around for a rock or stick really good for us, like hemlock and chollas. in their critical time of need. Kurtis prides or a stiff lizard to knock it off her, she made * Cigarettes: Skulls and crossbones himself in providing the respect and dignity the fatal mistake (“fatal” added here to make are just too tempting for the Jimmy Dean required to honour the life and memory of your loved one. He is passionate about this story even more “gripping” and, hey, wannabes. They can’t resist getting that ensuring the needs of families with various in the end we all die anyway) of grabbing it bad-boy image to go along with that bad boy cultural backgrounds and traditions are with her free hand, to which the cholla leaped breath and bad boy cough. met. Kurtis’ expertise and work ethic have on with apparent cholla glee. By the time * Green stuff: A recent study found that contributed to our company’s core principles we finally extricated her from this spawn people tend to think a candy bar with a green of fairness, honesty, integrity, trust, and of Satan succulent, she had several broken calorie label is healthier than ones with compassion. barbs sunk deep into her hand. Later, back red or white labels, even when the number at the hotel, I removed them with a Black of calories is the same. I would call this Kurtis Rae LFD.LE.FS and Decker, mucho tequila, earplugs and a “cholla” chocolate. This effect was strongest hatchet. among people who place high importance on That this happened to her is no surprise healthy eating, the moral being therefore not to either of us as in the last two years she has to care about healthy eating so you won’t be been kicked by a horse, attacked and stung fooled.


Enticing things often the most dangerous

dr. dave hepburn




Welcome To Our Team

WorldTours Where Dependability is a Tradition

All WestWorld Tours now AED equipped

Saskatoon Downtown Saskatoon East North Battleford Prince Albert


668-3777 668-3789 446-0344 764-6858


July 15 - 25 2013 All Breakfasts and Dinners Chateau De Mores - Pitchfork Fondue - Medora Musical - Tour of North Dakota Badlands Deadwood City Tour including Mount Moriah - Homestake Mine Tour – Tatanka - Crazy Horse Memorial - Mount Rushmore Fort Hays Chuckwagon Dinner & Show - Reptile Gardens - Bear Country - Farewell Dinner



August 4 - 9, 2013 The 14 Annual “Jays Jaunt” bus tour takes us back to Seattle for the fifth time. Enjoy the three game series vs the Seattle Mariners in August for only $1099 double occupancy.





AUGUST 11 - 17, 2013 This is the 19th Annual Tour to Churchill, Manitoba in association with SARM. The package includes whale watching, Churchill area tour, and Via Rail.




Page 16 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013


It was a memorable Mother’s Day for the Lalondes

’m finally starting to be able to laugh about it. The subject matter in this column happened on Mother’s Day 2012, not 2013. It took about a year for my disillusionment to turn to humour. This one’s for the moms. It began at midnight, at the very minute Mother’s Day started. We were out of town at a wedding and were staying in a hotel room. This is never a good thing for the Lalondes. If the room doesn’t have a sofa, we are in trouble. This one didn’t. I slept with my daughter; Norm slept with the boy. Be darned if I wasn’t reminded about every 15 minutes what it was like to be pregnant with her, because that was the frequency with which she kicked me. All night. Then, there was Norman on the other side of me breathing in the curtains, which eventually woke up both kids. This stopped my daughter’s incessant kicking, but it was quickly replaced with violent tossing and turning, and very loud sighing, along with a pillow whizzing past my face. The boy eventually moved to the floor, then the bathtub, when he could take it no more. Believe me when I say never again. Once we all woke up for the day and completed our arguments about the previous night’s events, we enjoyed a sunny few hours at the gift opening. It was great. We arrived back home in the late afternoon, and picked up some beautiful steaks for a barbecue. I sat on the deck and had a cappuccino in the sun. I could see all my neighbours’ beautiful Mother’s Day planters and hanging baskets displayed proudly in their front yards. Ahhhh, a day for us moms. This was good. Steaks went down on the barbecue, it was smelling great and, best of all, I would do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. This was the point when the planetary alignment shifted ever so slightly and things started to go to hell in a handbasket, as it were. I was called inside and presented with a beautiful handmade card by my daughter. (Reminded that it was Mother’s Day, she had fled downstairs as

Concert to aid kidney care in province

soon as we got home and threw some I could think of not one thing to say. sentiments down.) Nonetheless, it I recovered and laughed at the joke. was lovely. My husband was standing Haha! Mother has a sense of humour. there with a ridiculous grin, It was then that I realized holding a large gift bag that it was not a joke, or at still had a tag on it that said, least the camo was not a “Merry Christmas to Dad joke. I became remarkably from Jordana.” OK, welcome confused. to gift giving in the Lalonde “It will be perfect for family . . . whatever. It camping,” he said. obviously wasn’t a beautiful Seriously? The man has hanging basket, but I bet I known me for 22 years. knew what a bag that size I thought I made it clear held. I’ve been asking for a somewhere in those 22 years new fruit bowl. I bet those that I would rather wear an Columnist kids of mine went to Pier outfit that Richard Simmons , One or a great pottery shop made popular in the 80s and picked me out something beautiful. than wear real tree camo. Well, as it turns out, the bag did not My children were equally as in fact contain a new fruit bowl, but a confused, as they had no real clue that it pair of real tree camouflage pyjamas was Mother’s Day in the first place, and from Cabella’s (his new favourite store had let dad take care of it. During my ever) and a bottle of Scotch (I don’t husband’s repeated attempts to get me really drink, and I detest the smell of to “just try them on,” no one noticed the JW10832.E13 Scotch). Silence ensued. Blink. Blink. flames leaping out from the barbecue in



the backyard until the boy mentioned that “something might be burning.” So father runs out the back door and prevents the house from burning down, but not before the intense heat cracks one of the basement windows. We sat down to the charred remains of our meal and attempted to assess what had just happened. Words like “good intentions,’’ and “gifts are not important” were bandied about. The word karma was brought up. The importance of really listening to one’s partner was also discussed. In hindsight, I’m still a bit confused, but it’s funny. We do get caught up in the silliness of these special occasions, but one thing drives the point straight home. We just want our kids to be OK. If they are not, there is not a store in the world that contains a gift to ease that anxiety. If your children are healthy and happy, every day is Mother’s Day. Hope yours was swell.




over GRAND PRIZE #2 Worth $1.2 Million

Worth over $1.4 Million Retail!



Saskatoon Express The inaugural Evening Under the Stars concert, presented by Dakota Dunes Casino, promises to be one filled with food, music and a celebration of First Nations culture. The concert, which will be held beneath a full moon on Aug. 21, also promises to help Saskatchewan attain its first digital transmission electron microscope. The purchase of a digital microscope is essential to the health-care services of Saskatchewan, and will be located at St. Paul’s Hospital. The microscope is standard for kidney care in Canada and around the world. It costs $1.4 million. With the increasing rate of diabetes, St. Paul’s hospital continues to provide almost 32,000 treatments to dialysis patients year after year, according to the hospital’s website. The addition of this microscope will cut down the wait time for diagnoses of kidney, cardiac and neurological illnesses. The Evening under the Stars plans to help bring this kind of technology to Saskatchewan, sooner than later. One hundred per cent of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation. The concert is at the Whitecap Sports Centre on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation south of Saskatoon. The headliner is The Music of Queen, presented by Jeans n Classics, accompanied by the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and a local symphonic choir. Early-bird tickets are $50, and are available as of May 6 at the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival box office at the Delta Bessborough Hotel. For more information on the lineup or on how to purchase tickets, go to

Saskatoon Home 434 Greenbryre Lane, Greenbryre Estates

Regina Home 3630 Green Water Drive, Greens on Gardiner

GRAND PRIZE #3 Worth over $187,000 Retail!

EARLY BIRD PRIZE PACKAGE Worth over $96,000 Retail!

Early Bird Deadline July 3, 2013



1 – 2013 CEDAR CREEK 36B4

Supplied by: Mercedes Benz of Saskatoon

Supplied by: Saskatoon RV Superstore PLUS

Supplied by: Jubilee Ford Sales, Saskatoon

Includes round trip airfare, accomodations, transfers, and taxes from Regina or Saskatoon. Supplied by: UNIGLOBE Geo Travel



Supplied by: Acura Centre of Saskatoon

1 – 2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA 4 DOOR GLS Supplied by: Hyundai of Regina



1 – 2013 FORD F350 CREW CAB XLT

Worth over $194,000 Retail!


Supplied by: Wheaton Chevrolet, Regina

1 – 2013 LINCOLN MKZ

Supplied by: Capital Ford Lincoln, Regina


HURRY, ORDER NOW! TICKETS WON’T LAST LONG TICKETS ONLY $60 EACH, 2 FOR $100, 6 FOR $250 Total tickets printed 152,200. Prizes may not be exactly as shown. Ticket buyers are eligible for all 2206 prize draws if tickets were purchased prior to stipulated deadlines. Only tickets purchased by midnight on July 3, 2013 will be eligible for the Early Bird Draws on July 18, 2013. Only tickets purchased by midnight on July 24, 2013 will be eligible for all Final Draws on August 14, 2013.





- May 13-19, 2013 - Page 17

Cam Hutchinson & Friends: Views of the World You can call me Ray, you can call me J., but don’t call me Arya

• The ABBA museum has opened in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s on the same block as the Ikea missing parts store, the Elin Nordegren golf club, the Bjorn Borg hair salon, the Sedin Playoff Retreat and the Hakan Loob oil-change shop. • Janice Hough, on Arya being the fastest-rising baby name for girls in 2012, thanks to the popularity of Game of Thrones: “And 40 to 50 years from now, women will curse their parents because everyone will know exactly how old they are.’’ • How the Toronto Maple Leafs can solve two problems at the same time: Trade Dion Phaneuf for a goalie. • From Torben Rolfsen: “At the world hockey championships last week, France defeated Russia. Well, that only took 200 years.’’ • Bill Littlejohn, on Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon acknowledging the 10-year disassociation of the school with Chris Webber and the Fab Five is over: “But he had to first check to see if he had any reinstatements left to give.” • When talking heads call a hockey player an energy guy, it makes me think he’s a lousy player, but he tries hard. • Hough, on Hooters giving free meals to moms on Mother’s Day: “The only thing worse than taking your mom to Hooters on Mother’s Day? Going to Hooters on Mother’s Day and seeing mom at work.’’ • Mike Duffy? (Is a punchline necessary?) • Chong, on naming Tim Tebow as the most influential athlete on sports fans: “He beat out the likes of swimmer Michael Phelps and New York Yankees star Derek Jeter. Obviously, no coaches, general managers or owners have ever visited”

• A study found the shorter a person’s first name, the more money they make. Shorter than Cam, no doubt. • From Hough: “Detroit defensive tackle Nick Fairley says that the Lions will be in the 2014 Super Bowl. Even Cubs fans think he’s delusional.’’ • Littlejohn, on Vijay Singh suing the PGA Tour over its reaction to his use of deer-antler spray and the damage it did to his reputation: “He’s claiming eminent doe-main.” • Rolfsen, after the Southeastern Conference unveiled its own network which will begin broadcasting in August 2014: “Plans are to air football, basketball and endless reruns of Dukes of Hazzard.’’ • Littlejohn, on University of Texas pitcher Cory Knebel trying to help a teammate by giving him a urine sample before a team-mandated drug test: “The result came back positive for Adderall. That’s one blown save.’’ • Hough, on the news that Toronto Blue Jays pitcher JA Happ is making a speedy recover after taking a wicked line drive off the head last week: “Here’s hoping Happ is back on the mound soon, ideally against the Angels. They’re not hitting the ball hard enough to hurt anybody.’’ • Chong, on the Maple Leafs fan that held up the sign “Toronto Stronger:” “Buy some soap and deodorant.’’ • I enjoyed my first zipper merge so much I had a smoke. • A poll found Jimmy Carter is the most trusted politician in the country. I’m thinking in Canada it would be Rob Ford. • Hough, on Bill Clinton calling speculation over whether Hillary would run for president in 2016 “the worst expenditure of our time:” “Thinking to himself no doubt, ‘enough about her, let’s talk about me.’ ”


2 — Amount in centimetres Jupiter is shrinking each year. Scientists say it is radiating more heat than it gets from the sun. They also say the planet was originally much hotter and about twice the size it is now. 48 — Number of pigs used in the making of the movie Babe. A total of 56 animal trainers were on the set, handling approximately 1,000 animals. $5,000 — Michael Jordan’s fine per game for wearing Nike basketball shoes in 1985. He was fined by the NBA because the shoes didn’t have white on them. Nike paid Jordan’s fines. 80,000 — People that have applied to become colonists on Mars since the application process opened on April 22. 49 — Percentage RS3092.E13 Robof parents that have

presents taken money from their children’s savings accounts. Thirty-four per cent of those polled said they have taken money out of their child’s piggy bank. $8.25 million — List price for Nick Nolte’s Malibu, Calif. home. The home is 6,000 square feet, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It sits on a two-acre lot. $10,000 — Gift card Apple is giving to the person that downloads the 50th billionth app. In January, Apple hit the 40-billion mark. 73 — Percentage of parents that say they have a positive relationship with their adult children. 29 — Percentage of Americans that believe an armed revolt against the government will be necessary in the next few years.

Tiger Woods, Russ Howard both getting busted By RJ Currie

contract extension. • More than 80,000 people so far • Us Weekly reports an inebriated have reportedly applied to the Mars One Tiger Woods fell down at the Met project, a one-way trip to live on the red Gala after-party and girlfriend Lindsey planet. “There goes the neighbourhood,” Vonn had to help him up. I bet he got said Dennis Rodman. more than a two-shot penalty for that • Speaking of space, NASA scientists inappropriate drop. are drawing fire over allegations they • One of Vancouver’s newest hot used the land rover Opportunity to draw properties is Canucks goalie Roberto a penis on the surface of Mars. Just Luongo’s $4.2-million, top-floor condo. imagine if they drew it on Uranus. Don’t expect the Sedins to be interested; • A tennis analyst in Madrid asked it’s a corner unit. what’s more exciting for 21-year-old • Toronto southpaw JA Happ was Grigor Dimitrov than just beating world released from hospital Wednesday and is No. 1 Novak Djokvic? Note to ESPN: recovering from a line drive to the head. The guy is dating Maria Sharapova, The Blue Jays, meanwhile, continue to that’s what. look hapless. • Police in Ireland broke up a fight at • Standard magazine reports heavy a chess tournament after a player was metal fans are among the most anxious found strategizing using his computer and depressed in the world. But still a in the toilet. In other words, he was distant second to Cubs fans. attacking kings and queens on the • Ex-tennis pro Anna Kournikova throne? and long-time fiancé Enrique Iglesias • According to a new study, Houston are reportedly set to tie the knot. Let’s has the fattest population of major hope Kournikova has more success in cities in America. If they celebrate, marriage than she did in singles. I’m thinking we can rule out a victory • What do you call a fashion-store march. promotion that saw 50 young Swiss • Chicago reporter Susannah women race 375 metres through Basel Collins was fired two days after she in their undies? Over too quickly. misspoke on-air that the Blackhawks • Two-time world champ and had “a tremendous amount of sex” this Olympic gold-medal curler Russ season. CSN claims her dismissal was Howard will be inducted into Canada’s due to unrelated circumcisions - er Sports Hall of Fame. Just think how circumstances. much bronze will be needed for that • Wall Street Journal reports poker head. players with higher “attachment • Thomas Tusser is credited with anxiety” due to frequent dumping by the proverb “A fool and his money are romantic partners are more likely to soon parted.” In a related item, Jerry have big winnings. Now excuse me Jones gave Tony Romo a $108-million while I go join PokerStars.

LS906024.E13 Liza


Tickets on sale now! Awards Dinner Thursday, May 23, 2013 TCU Place

5:30 champagne reception and silent auction 6:30 dinner and program Single ticket $100 | Table of 8 $800 Join us to celebrate the Women of Distinction, a group of inspiring individuals whose initiative, passion, commitment and achievements have enriched our community. Funds raised support YWCA Saskatoon services, touching the lives of thousands of women and children every year.

Buy your tickets online at For more information, call (306) 244-7034 x 121

Page 18 - SASKATOON RS31090.E19 Rob EXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

Spring Fling priceS in eFFect now!

Spring de-winterize Special Until may.17/13

• Flush winterize fluid only!! $57.50 + taxes. • Flush & Appliance Test(Furnace,Stove, Fridge,Heat/AC,Water Heater) $

2012 19’ rockwood roo 2012 rockwood 8286wS 2012 Sabre 32 qbtS travel expandable travel trailer diamond package FiFtH wHeel trailer Stock 2H-850 - “loaded”

Was $ 23,995


Stock 2H-901 - bUnkS - oUtSide kitcHen - loaded Stock 2H-892 - qUad bUnkS - 3 SlideS - loaded below coSt! below coSt! Mrsp Mrsp



Now $18,995




Now $31,995






Now $29,995




2013 2280 Freedom tent trailer

Hot water, SHower, 12’ box, loaded Was $ 15,250

Now $12,995




Rd. 306-374-6330, Toll Free 1-877-374-6330 SHERWOOD RV Inc.540TheBrand RV people in the Saskatoon Auto Mall

+ taxes any additional parts required would be extra.

JW10842.E13 James

Your Full-Line RV Dealership

See showtimes at


May 16

What: The Saskatoon Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society will hold their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. The topic will be “Extracting More from Passenger Lists”, a webinar by Lisa Alzo. The Library will be open from 5-7 PM. May 18 Come and browse the collection and stay for the What: The Saskatoon Symphony presents An American Salute, in the Gyro Productions Masters program. Everyone welcome. coffee & cookies will be served. Series, presented by SaskPower. The symphony Where: Albert Community Centre, third floor, pulls out all the stops with a salute to Gershwin 610 Clarence Ave. South. and Bernstein in their season finale at 7:30 p.m. Tickets available online at May 17 and at the TCU Place box office, call 306-975What: Sutherland School Centennial Celebration. 7799. For more information go to www.sutherland100. Where: TCU Place org or call 306-664-2767.

May 19

What: Punjabi Mela 2013. A cultural night of gidha, bhangra and much more. Tickets are $10 per person, $5 for children 15 and under and can be purchased from Mr. Gurdev Tumber (306-6490279), Mr. Bobby Singh (306-341-2919) or Dr. Ravinder Grewal (306-665-2957). Where: Prairieland Park (Hall A). 509 Ruth Street West. Doors open at 2 p.m. and program begins at 3 p.m.

events April-May 26

May 18

What: Aviation Day; you are invited to attend our annual barbecue from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Meet our two new instructors, Josh Hinz and D’Arcy Fox and see our new facilities. Fly, drive, bike or walk in! Where: Millennium Aviation, Hangar 6, Saskatoon International Airport

May 18

What: Clothesline Fill a Truck day. Donate clothing, small household appliances and electronic items from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Proceeds to diabetes and pre-diabetes programs. Where: Confederation Mall, Market Mall, Martensville Civic Centre, Warman high school

What: Spell It Photo Art’s Spring Exhibit. Unique Photo Art for Weddings, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Grad & year-end teacher gifts. On display until May 26. For more information visit: www. Where: Jade & Amber Galleries located at the Centre Mall.

May 19

April 16 – May 21

May 23

What: LiveWell with Chronic Conditions Workshop (six classes).Tuesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Where: Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Dr. Cost: Free (presented by the Saskatoon Health Region.) To register: Call 655-LIVE (5483)

May 14, June 11

What: Cirque Orphelin/Orphan Circus. A puppet show without words, as seen in over 36 international theatres. Plays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Limited seating. Go to for more information. Box office: 306-667-1221. Where: Studio 914, 914 20th St. West. What: The YWCA Saskatoon Women of Distinction Awards presented by PotashCorp. Join us as we celebrate women’s achievements from across all fields for their exemplary contribution to society. Tickets on sale now at wodsaskatoon or call 306-244-7034 ext. 121. Where: TCU place.

May 25

What: Ten course Chinese Banquet hosted by Third Avenue United Church at 6 p.m. Cost is $35. For tickets or info, please e-mail or call her at 229-8289. Where: The Mandarin Restaurant. **** What: The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 63, located at 606 Spadina Cres West, is holding a Fundraiser Garage Sale/BBQ on Saturday May 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations are welcome. For more information call 306-384-2510 or 306244-7575. Where: 606 Spadina Cres West. **** May 15 What: The famous Saskatoon Horticultural What: LDAS Steak Night Fundraiser Cocktails: Beautiful BC 3can6j Society’s plant sale and fundraiser is to take place 6 p.m. Supper: 7 p.m. Cost: $20/ticket. Choice between steak and chicken. Call 306-652-4114 to from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can donate plants and pick up a few new ones. Gardening Magazines will purchase your ticket. All monies raised from this be available. For more information call Frank at event will go towards the Learning Disabilities 306-249-4522. Association of Saskatchewan’s Summer Sunshine Where: 18 and 22 Churchill Dr. Day Camp **** Where: Natasha’s Bar & Grill (134 English Cr, Answer to today’s puzzle What: Myeloma Info Session. Registration and Saskatoon)


What: Have You Laughed Today? Grumpy? Stressed? Inhibited? Join me at the Laffing Out Loud Lafter Club. One Tuesday each month from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Reduce stress and feel better. Reservations not required, but would be appreciated. Join anytime. For information, call Helen at (306) 222-0563 or e-mail: laffingoutloud@ $8 donation suggested. Visit www. Where: Clubs are held in the small meeting room by the entrance to the Cliff Wright Library in the Lakewood Civic Centre at 1635 McKercher Dr.


































































































































Lunch: 11:30 AM – 12:30 p.m. Presentations and Q & A: 12:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. For multiple Myeloma patients, their families, healthcare professionals and the general public. Registration is free. For more information and to register call 1-888-798-5771, email or go to Where: Saskatoon Inn, 2002 Airport Dr.

a loved one or friend with a mental illness and you need understanding support, contact Carol at 249-0693, Linda at 933-2085, Lois at 242-7670 or e-mail

Second Wednesday of every month

What: Friendship Force International, Saskatoon & Area Club welcomes all travellers! We are a May 26 non-profit cultural exchange organization promoting friendship and goodwill through a program What: Bone China Tea presented by the of homestay exchanges. We are an organization of Saskatoon Chapter, Osteoporosis Canada. Contact: 306-931-2663 for tickets, which are $30 more than 360 clubs in more than 50 countries throughout the world. FFI allows you to enjoy ecoeach. nomical travel while forging new friendships with Where: Sheraton Cavalier, Top of the Inn club members from around the world. Visit our June 1 website at out What: The sixth annual Saskatchewan Walk to more about us or come join us at our next meeting a Cure hosted by the HSC Saskatoon Chapter. by contacting Bill Gulka at 249-0243 or emailing Registration starts at 9:30 a.m. and walk begins at 10 a.m. The walk is in support of the HSC to end May 9-June 6 Huntington disease. What: Five-week “Brain Fit Fun Program” for Where: Meewasin Trail, University of older adults who want to take an active role Saskatchewan. in maintaining their brain health as they age. **** Educational, interactive and fun! Cost for five What: Grandmothers For Grandmothers weeks is $75. Begins May 9 and runs Thursday Saskatoon invite community friends and neighmornings from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. To pre-register bours to join us in the National Walk “Stride to email or call 306-270Turn the Tide” of Aids in Africa. Registration 3800. begins at 9:00 AM, walk starts at 10 a.m. Open Where: Avalon Alliance Church, 413 Cascade to Everyone. All proceeds to The Stephen Lewis Street. Foundation Where: Meewasin trail behind the Mendel Art May 10 - June 7 Gallery What: Five week “Brain Fit Fun Program.” Check **** description above. Begins May 10 and runs Friday What: Inside/Out Craft Sale and Flea Market mornings from 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. To pre-register from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Breakfast and Burgers for email or call 306-270sale. Tables $15 (inside) for Crafts or home based 3800. businesses and $10 (outside) for Flea market items. Where: Nutana Park Mennonite Church, 1701 Please call: 306 934 6975 for more information or Ruth St. East. to reserve a table. Where: Massey Place Community Church, 930 TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS Northumberland Ave. What: Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art Centre. All ages welcome, all materials supplied, no June 2 registration required. Every Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. What: Cause for Paws Telethon in support of the - 9 p.m., Thursday 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., and Saskatoon SPCA. Live on Shaw TV from 10 a.m. Saturday 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. To donate or volunteer, visit SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH What: The ACT/UCT Saskatoon # 1031 Fraternal June 8 Club is always looking for new members. An What: Marian Gymnastics 50th Anniversary & optional Insurance plan is available with all memReunion at 7 p.m. Wine and appetizers; tickets berships. to be purchased in advance at http://www.picatic. Where: Mixed Supper Meeting start at 5:30PM com/mariangym50th. A family fun event is to folat the ACT Hall (upstairs) in the ACT Area, low on June 9: more details at www.mariangym. Sutherland. com. Come celebrate with us and reunite with old For information call Penny at 931-8647 or Bob at friends! 382-4893.

June 21

What: Centennial Banquet hosted by Third Avenue United Church from 5 to 6 p.m. Tour of Museum is at 6 p.m. Banquet with Guest Speaker Rev. Lorne Calvert. Cost is $40 and $18 for children aged four-10. For tickets, call the church office at 652-6812. Where: The Western Development Museum.

MISCELLANEOUS First Saturday of every month

What: The MindFULL Café, part of the international Alzheimer Café movement, is an opportunity to meet in a relaxed social setting for persons with dementia, family, care partners and other interested people. The Café is a two-hour get together with refreshments, entertainment and information. First Saturday of the month from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Where: Sherbrooke Community Centre.


What: St. James Farmers’ Market from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where: 607 Dufferin Ave. New vendors welcome. For more info call 6642940. ------What: Singles Social Group - “All About Us” in their 50s and 60s. Events such as weekly Wednesday restaurant suppers, monthly Sunday Brunch , Movie Night, Dances, Pot Luck, and more. Meet New Friends! No Membership Dues. For more information, email or phone 978-0813. ------What: River Heights Artist Group. This group is a brand new non-profit group running Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Lower level, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Dr. For more information, call Wendy at 934-1586.


What: Saskatoon International Folkdance Club meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. Learn dances from What: FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People Italy, Romania, Israel and other countries. with Mental Illness. These meetings run from 7:30 Where: St. John’s Anglican Cathedral Hall (816 to 9:30 p.m. Spadina Cres. East) Where: W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth First night is free. Call 374-0005 or visit www.sifc. Avenue North (wheelchair accessible).If you have

First Tuesday of every month

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page 23

page 27

pages 25

page 24

Less Fuel. More Power. Great Value is a comparison between the 2013 and the 2012 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim based on 2013 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption estimates. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. See retailer for additional EnerGuide details. Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », ‡, § The Grand Caravan National Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating retailers on or after May 1, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing excludes freight ($1,595), licence, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, other retailer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. •$18,998 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (29E+CL9) only and includes $8,100 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. »Ultimate Family Package Discounts available at participating retailers on the purchase of a new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G/JCDP4928K). Discount consists of: (i) $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $775 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. ‡4.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Ultimate Family Package model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. See your retailer for complete details. Example: 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Ultimate Family Package with a Purchase Price of $25,498 (including applicable Consumer Cash and Ultimate Bonus Cash Discounts) financed at 4.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $146 with a cost of borrowing of $4,875 and a total obligation of $30,373. §2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $27,995. ¤Based on 2013 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG). TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under license. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

Page 20 - EXPRESSautoz - May 13-19, 2013

Shannon T:10”



DPR_131089_EB_CARA.indd 1

l A n O i T Na

N a V a R a C D GrAn T n E v E SaLeS

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown.§



7.9 L/100 KM HWY ¤






• 2nd row overhead DVD console • 9-inch video screen • Hands-free® connectivity with UconnectTM Voice Command with Bluetooth® • ParkView® rear back-up camera















5/1/13 7:35 PM




www . wheelbasemedia . com

EXPRESSautoz - May 13-19, 2013 - Page 21



ust how important has China has become ons, to the global automotive marketplace? All so you have to do is look at the recently con- the cluded 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, which drew an estimated 2,000 exhibitors from 18 different countries, as well as 1,300 or so cars. And what was especially significant was the quality and quantity of the world debuts at Shanghai, many of which were for the China market only, but a fair number were true global cars. Clearly, the automakers see China as a target-rich environment for new-car sales. Here are some of the highlights from Shanghai: BUICK RIVIERA The Buick name carries a tremendous amount of cachet in China, where Buicks are regarded as full-on luxury cars and not merely aspirational vehicles at the entry level of the upscale market. The Riviera concept was one of Shanghai’s true showstoppers, with its gullwinged doors and hybrid powerplant. This just might be Buick’s next halo car. MERCEDES-BENZ CONCEPT GLA Designed to slot in between the current GL and GLK tall wagons, the new GLA is radically styled, at least by the fairly conservative Mercedes-Benz standards. Rather than stiff, angular lines, the GLA has an almost jellybean-like shape to it. Power comes from a 208horse turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox and the familiar Mercedes 4MATIC all-wheel drive.


Chevrolet is bringing back the Z28 nameplate to the Camaro lineup for 2014. The new Z will have a 500-plus horsepower engine from the 2013 Z06 Corvette and will be stripped down for road-race use. That means less content and creature comforts, but more speed and better handling.

THE FIRST CAR ISN’T EVEN HERE YET, AND . . . : Alfa Romeo, which is planning a re-

turn to the U.S. market with its sexy 4C sports car, is also pondering selling its secondgeneration MiTo subcompact hatchback here as well.

FRONTRUNNER: Toyota has thoroughly over-

hauled its venerable 4Runner model for 2014. There will be three flavors to the new 4Runner: SR5; Limited; and the off-road capable Trail model. All three will share a 270-horsepower V6.

PORSCHE PANAMERA The second-generation Panamera gets a much expanded model lineup with its first move makes sense. The X4 features BMW’s plug-in hybrid, producing 416 total system horsepower, and two extended-wheelbase vari- xDrive all-wheel-drive system. ants. The Panamera S models receive a new twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6. The Panamera S E-hybrid can accelerate to 60 mph (96 km-h) in just 5.2 seconds and can hit a top speed of 84 mph (134 km-h) in electric-only mode.

VOLKSWAGEN CROSSBLUE CONCEPT Another example of a fuel-efficient vehicle that’s fun to drive, is the VW CrossBlue, which combines a turbocharged V6 gasoline engine with a plug-in hybrid system. Thanks to its low BMW CONCEPT X4 Although BMW did not release full specs on fuel consumption, the CrossBlue has a range its new X4 tall wagon, the automaker did say it of about 725 miles/1,160 kilometres. Another will be assembled at the company’s massive fa- attractive element is its muscular stance, due cility near Spartanburg, S.C. This same facility in large part to the 22-inch chrome wheels that already produces the X3, X5 and X6 tall wag- this tall wagon rides on. With purchase of a vehicle, enter to win one of

2 draws of $4500!!

MASERATI GHIBLI The German automakers weren’t the only ones having fun in Shanghai. Italian luxury and sports car brand Maserati used the show to reveal its new midsized Ghibli sedan, which offers a choice of no fewer than three turbocharged powerplants: two gasoline engines and a diesel. This is a bold move for Maserati, which is looking to expand its footprint. LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP 720-4 50 ANNIVERSARIO EDITION The car with one of the longest names in the show is also certainly one of the sexiest. The Italian automaker is only building 100 of these insane supercars, each of which packs a 720-horsepower V12 engine. How does zeroto-60-mph (96 km-h) in 2.7 seconds sound? Loud, in all probability. HONDA CONCEPT M How do you say “Honda Odyssey” in Chinese? Well, that’s pretty much what the

new vehicles 2013 SONIC

Like us on facebook and you will be entered into the

2 draws for $500!

FROM $11,399 $

Find out how you could


STK# 3125

2013 CRUZE

See dealership for details.

FROM $13,177 $



or bw 84 Months @ 0%



2013 TRAX

or $173 BW 84 MONTHS @ 0.99%

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or bw 84 Months @ 2.9%


FROM $26,777 $ CASH SALE


or bw 84 Months @ 1.99% Sherwood

offers exclusive price protection

Smart Start Credit Call for details


or bw 84 Months @ 0%

STK# 39054

Concept M is, an Odyssey tailored to the Chinese market. Honda officials said this will be the basis for “a new-value vehicle to the segment that offers the attributes of a passenger car with a comfortable and spacious cabin that is also fun to drive.” But what is up with that grille? Whoa.

FORD ESCORT CONCEPT File this one under, “Honey, I Shrank The Fusion.” Looking for all the world like a scaled down version of Ford’s popular full-sized sedan, the Escort was designed with Chinese buyers in mind, Ford officials said. It’s also one of 15 new offerings planned for the China market by 2015. Details await, but the styling certainly was captivating.

SUMMER FUN SPORTSCARS 3 Month GM Warranty | 30 Day Exchange | 150pt GM Inspection | 24 Hr Roadside Assistance


14,999 $ 115 bw oac




12,999 $ 100 bw oac




11,999 $ 95bw oac




13,999 $ 109bw oac



If you are buying somewhere else you are paying too much.

Page 22 - EXPRESSautoz - May 13-19, 2013

You’ll likely smile as wide as if you were driving a 911, but not just because you’re saving big money.

By malcolm gunn


www . wheelbasemedia . com

or just about any driving enthusiast, the Porsche 911 is a go-to dream car. And because of its price, a dream is about all it will ever be for most people. But there is a Porsche that many would argue is just as good at delivering smiles, and for tens of thousands less. An affordable Porsche? In relative terms, the 2014 Cayman is a bargain. The closely related Boxster convertible was given a thorough updating for the 2013 model year and now it’s the Cayman’s turn. If you’re not conversant with Porsche’s mid-engine hatchback coupe, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. For everyone else, the changes in content and design are cause for much celebration. Although the gorgeous fastback shape is familiar, the distance between the front and rear wheels of this two-seater has been extended by about six centimetres and there’s more rubber on the ground. That should add up to greater stability and ride comfort with improved cornering prowess and stopping power. Additionally, the constantly variable Active Suspension option with “normal” and “sport” shock settings has been upgraded and can be combined with the available Torque Vectoring that directs extra power to the outside rear wheel when cornering. The Cayman benefits from a net weight reduction

ML41556.E13 Mary

ual transmission (PDK) is selected. For the Cayman S, the times drop to 5.0 and 4.9 seconds, respectively. For comparison, that’s right in the range of the Audi R8 supercar that has about 100 more horsepower. Porsche has added a start/stop feature for the Cayman that shuts off the engine while stopped, then fires it up again once the brake pedal is released. This, along with a coasting feature that idles the engine when driving downhill, contributes to an unofficial fuel-economy rating for the 2.7 of 9.4 l/100 km in the city and 6.2 highway. For the 3.4 with the Louder exhaust? Check. Sport modes? Two of them. PDK, the numbers should mirror the Stiffer ride? Yup. Boxster’s 9.9/6.6. For those of you who don’t want clutter, such as redundant controls, the Sport Chrono package, pressing will be much appreciated by serious the Sport button on the console will drivers. still produce more rapid upshifts at With deliveries beginning this higher revs, faster downshifts and spring, base Caymans will start the stop/start and coasting features at $61,000, while the Cayman S will be bypassed. stickers for $74,000 (all including A large part of the Cayman’s destination charges). Those are makeup is how it treats drivers and about the same prices as for the prepassengers and the restyled intevious models, and a great deal for rior is a total joy. The gauges and Porsche’s talented duo that provide of 27 kilograms (30 kilograms for the Cayman S). The switchgear are logically positioned similar driving pleasure and style to shell alone drops 45 kilograms because of the increased and the absence of steering-wheel the 911. use of aluminum that makes up 44 per cent of the body. However, more glass area and larger wheels have put some of the weight back on. What you should know 2014 Porsche Cayman Adjustments to the body design are subtle, but they give the car a cleaner, crisper appearance. As with the Type Two-door, rear-wheel-drive hatchback sport coupe Boxster roadster, the coupe has a new nose, reshaped Engines (hp) 2.7-litre DOHC horizontally opposed six-cylinder (275) 3.4-litre DOHC horizontally opposed six-cylinder (325) fenders and deeply sculpted door panels that incorporate larger side air intakes. This is a distinct styling Transmissions Six-speed manual; seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual (opt.) departure from the 911 and helps identify Caymans. Market position The Cayman’s mid-engine design makes it unique among its direct competitors, including the higher-priced 911. Cayman is a relatively affordable entryOut back, the aluminum hatch is larger and the deck level sports machines that’s both luxurious and thrilling. spoiler is taller and has a steeper angle. You’ll likely Points • Cayman’s new design is a marked improvement. • Base and “S” powertrains never see it as it’s automatically deployed once the car offer plenty of thrust. • Socially responsible fuel-economy improvements. • reaches 120 km-h, which is a pretty easy speed given Reasonable base prices can quickly spiral into 911 territory by piling on pricey accessories. • Is this the best-looking Porsche? the powertrain choices. Safety Front airbags; side-impact airbags; side-curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes; tracThe previous 2.9-litre six-cylinder engine, with its tion control; stability control. 265 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque, has L/100 km (city/hwy): 9.4/6.2 (2.7, PDK, est.) Base price (incl. destination): $61,000 been replaced by a 2.7-litre engine that makes 275 By comparison horsepower and 213 pound-feet of torque. The 3.4-litre Nissan 370Z Nismo Subaru BRZ six-cylinder Cayman S powerplant has been nudged to Audi TTS coupe Base price: $48,000, est. 325 horses, with torque remaining about the same at Base price: $60,000 Base price: $29,300 Tightly wound track-ready The best model, the AWD A great entry-level sport 272 pound-feet. model sells for less than half TT-RS, will actually clobber coupe for those who like Porsche’s stats box indicates the Cayman will hit 100 the price of a GT-R. a Cayman S. shaping raw talent. km-h from rest in 5.7 seconds with the six-speed manual gearbox, or 5.6 if the quicker-shifting Sport Chrono package for the optional seven-speed automated man-

All New 2013 RAV4 – with Class-Leading cargo space

On the prairies, you only get out what you put in. That’s why the all-new 2013 RAV4 comes with more cargo space than any other vehicle in its class. So you can fit more in and get more out.

2013 RAV4 LE

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Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & offers from Toyota Financial Services (TFS). OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered models sold and delivered between May 1 & May 31, 2013. Lease a 2013 RAV4 LE (ZFREVT A) model only: for *$248 per month with $3,450 down payment. Security deposit of $300 is waived. Based on vehicle price of $25,800 and 4.5% lease APR. Total lease obligation is $18,330; lease end value is $11,264 Example based on 60-month walk-away lease with 100,000 km. MSRP includes a maximum of $2,010 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning tax, and excludes license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and all other taxes and levies. If km are exceeded, additional km charge of $0.10/km will apply. Down payment or equivalent trade, first month’s payment, lien registration fee and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Dealer may sell for less. See your participating Saskatchewan Toyota dealer for details. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. AWD Limited model shown.

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It’s spring, so where did all the road salt go?

hink of? Probably the stuff that comes out the tailpipe, like carbon dioxide. Of course it’s much broader than that. The endless rows of rusted cars in junkyards, the oil and gas leaching into the ground, oil spills in oceans and the taking of natural resources from the earth to build cars. But what if you were to learn that each year local governments all over Canada and the United States, the supposed defenders of environment, dump millions of tons of pollution on the road every winter, perhaps for no other reason than because it’s accepted practice and it’s a cheap solution to an icy problem. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about road salt. We blame road salt for ruining our cars -- their bodies, frames, brakes, wheels, exhaust systems, etc. -- well before their time, wrecking our roads and even ruining our pant cuffs. Blame the salt all you like, but it doesn’t end up on the road all on its own: someone has to put it there. You’re probably thinking that we’re not talking about much salt to keep the roads clear, just so we can drive to the pizza joint in the middle of a storm when we shouldn’t be out all. Not so fast. Hunting around on the Internet I came up with a small, but eye-opening number. It’s not uncommon to read that high-snow areas dump, on average, as much as 20 tons (19 tonnes) of salt on one mile (1.6 kilometres) of highway lane per winter (four lanes would be four times that, for example). That number is startling, simply because you can’t see it piled up on the side of the road . . . because it’s leaching into our precious ground water as the snow melts and the earth thaws in the spring. Do a little research and you’ll find all sorts of road-salt studies on damage to plants, wildlife and water, dating back 20 years in some cases. And then there’s the decay of our vehicles and the premature repair to roadways due to salt use. It’s tough to put all that into dollars and cents, especially when considering the environment, but that’s the only tangible thing that government money managers deal with: the budgeting process. Road salt, all by itself, without considering the cost of the damage it does, is cheap and plentiful. But if we’ve known that road salt is a problem for decades, why are we still using it? Science can put 10,000 songs on a device the size of a pack of gum and develop computer software to prevent a vehicle from rolling

over, but it can’t make a better road salt? Actually, it can, and has, but one report of many I reviewed puts the cost at 10-15 times as much as road salt. But, really, is that so bad if, by its use, we can reduce environmental, vehicular and transportation infrastructure damage that likely costs us billions of dollars per year to fix? Isn’t looking only at the price of road salt tragically short-sighted? And cost aside, isn’t it just wrong to dump a known pollutant into the environment in that volume? Yes, no doubt, but advocates would say it’s a small price to pay to save drivers’ lives. And maybe, just maybe, we turn a blind eye because without it we seemingly wouldn’t be able to travel in the ondemand style to which we’ve become accustomed. Whatever happened to staying off the road when it becomes icy? Maybe the bigger question is how can we change. In my view, local government needs to be subsidized by those who would directly benefit from the cost savings of road salt’s replacement: we, the taxpayers. Before you get out your poison pens (or keyboards), we taxpayers have actually already paid some of the money. Instead of governments spending it on road damage/maintenance due to salt (such as rebuilding concrete bridge decks) and the purchase of salt itself, governments would spend it on the new-and-improved road de-icer, which would presumably become less expensive over time with increased volume. That’s offset by what we would pay ourselves for being able to keep our vehicles longer, with fewer repairs and increased resale values. To put it into perspective, if we use 10 million tons (nine million tones) of new-style road deicer per year (which would match our average salt usage per year, according to an older report that cites the National Research Council) at an estimated price of $500/ton (road salt appears to run about $30 per ton), that’s $5 billion plus the costs of converting to the new deicer (trucks, storage, etc). It seems like a lot, and it is, but consider that we pay nearly five times that amount ($24 billion, according to the International Carwash Association) on “battling automobile corrosion damage” and the issue of cost seems easily solvable . . . once we can see the big picture and the payoff that comes with it. And that’s just scratching the surface since we haven’t talked about reduced damage to road infrastructure and bridges. There’s no question that we need

to keep our roads clear of ice and snow for safety’s sake, but there appear to be newer and better ways than with road salt. Think about it over a nice glass of cold, clean water and let us know what you think. Among her numerous accomplishments, Courtney Hansen is the author of her own book, the host of Spike TV’s “Power Block,” the former host of TLC’s Overhaulin’ and a writer with Wheelbase Media. You can email her at www. by clicking the contact link.

By COURTNEY HANSEN w w w. sh i f t w ee k ly. co m



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You might not think that much road salt is uses and that’s because it washes into the ground water when the snow melts.



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We drove a British car . . . yes, we were weirdos.

Irreverence MALCOLM GUNN/senior editor

Most of us vividly remember the first car we owned or learned to drive. We’re likely not as clear about the vehicle that our parents used to bring us home from the hospital, or the first car we recall riding in as a child. For that we have to rely on photographic evidence tucked away in an old album. Car shows generate many an epiphany, too. Other than the obvious oohs and aahs from viewing retinasearing levels of chrome and sharp fins, much car-show chatter involves recollections along the lines of, “my parents used to own one of these!” or “that’s exactly like the first car I learned to drive!” Some vehicular memories are of a more personal nature involving amorous activities best left to the imagination. Recalling the cars of our childhood or early adulthood is easier if the vehicles and circumstances surrounding them are out of the ordinary. In my case, the memory banks, assisted by supporting photographic documentation, of course, transport me to about the age of 4 when I rode in our family’s 1951 Austin A40 Devon sedan. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, post-war Britain exported all sorts of strange little numbers to North America, in addition to some very cool sports cars. The more memorable marques included the Ford Anglia and Prefect, Morris Minor and Oxford, Triumph Mayflower and Herald plus assorted Sunbeams, Wolseleys, Rovers, Rileys, Vauxhalls, Hillmans and the like. Many of these obscure brands were sold through neighbourhood garages whose owners acquired the franchises. With only minimal market-

ing support from the manufacturers/ importers, they relied mostly on wordof-mouth sales to their regular customers, which is how my dad came to purchase the family Austin. In retrospect, the A40 was an odd choice for a family car, but its low price allowed dad to buy something brand new and the garage owner assured him the little import would hold together just fine. That it did, except British automakers were unfamiliar with winters on this side of the pond. The Austin’s minimal heater and other mechanical components simply weren’t up to the task. There were cold, throbbing toes and noses for all aboard, plus considerable frustration for dad as he struggled to get the A40’s 40-horsepower (clever) 1.2litre four-cylinder engine to turn over at -30 C. Still, the Austin proved pretty reliable in an era when cars required a lot of upkeep, anyway. There were also growing numbers of repair shops displaying small “Foreign cars repaired here” signs, which was perhaps a tip of the hat to the everexpanding market for foreign cars at that time. Ultimately, it wasn’t the wear and tear from the thousands of miles and extensive road tripping that finally did in the A40. The growth spurts my brother and I experienced made it increasingly difficult to fit comfortably inside its confines. The tiny Austin was replaced by a series of mostly nondescript Chevys, Fords and Dodges, or whatever, proving once again that when it comes to love or automobiles, you’ll always remember your first one. — Malcolm

While every other family was driving a Chevy or Ford or whatever, my weird family drove a British car.

ML41562.E13 Mary

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The parts are not made from raw vegetables; instead, their fibres and chemicals are broken down at microscopic levels and reformed into usable compounds. Scientists say bio-composites are, gram for gram, stronger than steel and are lighter and cheaper to produce than traditional petroleum-based plastics. They stand to create new, value-added markets for agricultural that often have been discarded as worthless or undesirable — such as wheat straw — and for a range of common vegetable crops. “A car made from grass may not sound sturdy,” says Lawrence T. Drzal of Michigan State University’s Composite Materials and Structures Center, “but plantbased cars are the wave of the future.” Bio-fibres like kenaf, hemp, grass, corn straw, flax, jute, henequen, pineapple leaf and sisal — when combined with renewable-based plastics — offer light weight and strength and thereby help improve fuel performance, said Drzal. “Natural fibre like hemp has higher strengthto-weight ratio than steel and is also considerably cheaper to produce.” Ten to 11 million vehicles each year reach the end of their life cycle in the United States, he said. A network of salvage and shredder facilities process about 96 percent of these old cars, but about 25 per cent of the vehicles by weight — including plastics, fibres, foams, glass and rubber — remains as waste, none of which break down easily in the environment. “A car made mostly of heated, treated and molded bio-fibre would simply be buried at the end of its lifetime,” Drzal said, and “would be consumed naturally by bacteria.” Working with academic researchers and one of its suppliers, the Ford Motor Company was the first automaker to develop and use environmentally friendly wheat-straw-reinforced plastic in a vehicle. Ford is using 20 per cent wheat straw bio-filler in the third-row storage bins of its Flex tall wagon, with plans to extend the material’s use further throughout its lineup. “This application alone reduces petroleum usage By JOE KNYCHA www . wheelbasemedia . com by some 20,000 pounds (9,000 kilograms) per year, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 30,000 pounds of production, compared with traditional compounds ou know that vegetables help build strong (14,000 kilograms) per year and represents a smart, bodies, but not necessarily like this. Packed made with man-made glass fibres and petrochemicals sustainable usage for wheat straw, the waste byprodwith vitamins, minerals and fibre, they provide derived from oil. uct of wheat,” said Ford engineering manager Patrick Bio-composites have been around since the 1920s, Berryman, who develops interior trim in Dearborn, the stuff that keeps us going. when Henry Ford built prototype car components — But who knew how important veggies — or more Mich. specifically, vegetable fibre — would one day become including dashboards, door panels and passenger Potential long-term savings could be staggering, compartment parts — out of hemp-derived plastics. to keep people going in another way: through the he added. As the industry overall adopts an attitude of movement of automobiles. An interior storage bin might seem like a small sustainability in manufacturing and in the products it Car parts made with plant-based “bio-composite” start, said Dr. Ellen Lee, technical expert with Ford’s makes, veggie-based bio-composites are taking on materials are finding favour with automakers for their Plastics Research, but “we see a great deal of potential light weight, strength, durability and competitive costs newfound importance across the industry. for other applications since wheat straw has good me-

It’s hard to believe, but vegetables do a car body good.


RS31098.E13 ROB

MAINWAY MAZDA • 321 Circle Drive West • 373-3711

chanical properties, meets performance and durability specifications and can further reduce our carbon footprint, all without compromise to the customer.” Already under consideration by Ford are centre console bins and trays, interior air registers, door trim panel components and armrest liners. She said traditional components made of steel, plastic and glass will increasingly be replaced with plant-based products. A “hemp-infused” bio-composite bodied electric car concept, called the Kestrel, was unveiled in Calgary, Alta., by Motive Industries Inc. The company says that its manufacturing techniques will allow the vehicle to be made profitably at smaller initial volumes than traditional vehicles. Motive’s Nathan Armstrong said a major advantage to using advanced composites versus metal are increased impact absorption, rust resistance and reduced weight. Where a steel-stamped vehicle will absorb impact by crumpling under pressure, “a composite vehicle will absorb the energy, then return to its original shape.” That observation, he said, was recently verified by British automaker Lotus, “who found similar results with its Evora sports car.” The tiny Kestrel with its extreme cab-forward design, seats four people, weighs less than 500 kilograms and with a lithium-ion battery driving an electric motor, has a top speed of 135 km-h. Perhaps the most radical example of a biocomposite vehicle yet is a racing car developed at the University of Warwick in England. The “ecoF3” single-seat racer is made from vegetables and runs on chocolate-derived biofuels. Its steering wheel is made from carrots and other root vegetables while the seat is made from soybean oil, recycled polyester and plant-based lubricants; the bodywork is crafted from potatoes and the side pods are made from recycled bottles. Plant-based oils and greases provide all necessary lubrication. Team WorldFirst project leader, James Meredith, said the car does contain traditional materials; no glass, but plenty of steel and aluminum in and around the engine, gearbox and suspension, plus plenty of carbon fibre used in areas requiring high strength. Thus far, all the unconventional parts have stood up well to use around various tracks, he said. At this time, said Meredith, bio-composites can’t match the strength properties of carbon fibre, “but we are hopeful they will in the future.” Joe Knycha is a feature writer with Wheelbase Media. You can reach Wheelbase on the Web at www. by clicking the contact link. Wheelbase supplies automotive news and features to newspapers and Web sites across North America.

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RS31095.E13 Rob

You could say that she blazed the trail for women drag racers. However, no women, and few men, have been as outspoken or successful in the sport since.One of a kind?

No question.

divisions, Muldowney decided it was time to dive in head first. She chose to move into the popular new “Funny Car” category, a division of vehicles run on nitro-methane fuel that produced violent horsepower and violent oil fter being strapped to a 5,000-horsepower missile for a career, what do you do when it’s fires. She experienced both. Nicknamed the “Bounty Huntress,” Muldowney won over? What can compare? Hanging up the helmet and driving gloves in her first time out and at nearly every stop, including her first national event at the International Hot Rod isn’t easy, despite the close calls, the fires and friends Association’s Southern Nationals her first year. But in who died doing the exact same thing. At some point, she said, though, the ride had to find two years running Funny Car she also experienced an end. The green lights couldn’t always mean go. The four bad fires, including one in 1973 at the NHRA U.S. Nationals, drag racing’s biggest event. quarter mile couldn’t go on forever. With burns covering most of her body, But would it really surprise anyone if Muldowney had discovered there was nothShirley Muldowney, the little girl from uping funny about Funny Cars. state New York who grew up to become an “I drove them when they were really icon, a legend, a mover and a shaker, debad machines.” cided to hammer that engine a little longer? Still hungry for more, Muldowney took After all, Shirley was only 62 at the time. on the big boys, qualifying and receiving Stop right there, she says. P r o f i l e s her license to drive in Top Fuel, the king “I think that would mean the Pink Lady division of drag racing. A queen emerged. would be the Pink Old Lady,” Muldowney Automotive legends and heroes said at a press event in February of 2003, In two lightning-quick years, a month before the first of her final six apMuldowney blistered the competition and pearances. shattered stereotypes and racing records. She also be“But I still have the same attitude I’ve always had. came the first woman to advance to the Top Fuel finals My best still may be yet to come.” in June of 1975. When she beat Bob Edwards on June Did anyone put it past her. 13, 1976, she had her first NHRA win. In a drag racing career that has been the inspiration Sports Illustrated magazine wanted her and her pink for a generation of young drivers, young women and race car on its cover. A racing world wanted every piece anyone with a hint of youthful exuberance, Muldowney of her. has been the gold standard. Over the next 25 years, records fell. She won four More than 30 years later, the roll call of accomplish- season titles, the first coming only a year after her first ments is still remarkable for someone who has been victory, and she won the respect of everyone who had known by her nicknames as much as by her real one: ever thundered down a drag strip. The First Lady of Racing. The High Priestess of Top Congress recognized her. Fans adored her. Fuel. Or, simply, Cha-Cha. But she stayed the same Shirley . . . outspoken, However you say it, she’s a winner. aggressive, committed and daring. Even after a crash in She was the first three-time National Hot Rod Montreal in 1984 nearly ended her life, Muldowney came Association (NHRA) Top Fuel drag champion, the back 18 months later as committed and as controversial league’s highest division. She is the only woman to ever as ever. win a Top Fuel title. Everyone could hear her roar. Hollywood has tried to capture her glow. Madison On her accomplishments: “It’s all because I’m a Avenue has tried to cash in. tough old broad.” But Muldowney, now 72, is still the same simple On money available to women drivers: “I am . . . in this woman who still lives in a small town of 10,000 in southwomen’s drivers group that could not find serious funding ern Michigan — candid, outspoken and raring to roar, if their lives depended on it, and it just p----- me off.” even if she finds it hard to say good bye. And, in the mid-1970s, when a bleach-blond female The “Last Pass,” as Muldowney’s sponsors called it, Top Fuel driver tried to add a little sex appeal, there was the toughest of all. “It’s one of the hardest decisions I have ever made,” was Muldowney: “There is no room for bimboism in drag she said. “That drive to be a champion never goes away.” racing.” Decades decades later, she is the only woman to It was a drive that began on the streets of Schenectady, N.Y., when a teenaged Muldowney would turn drag racing into a blur of pink. “I can only hope,” she said, “that what I have done drag race her high school friends for fun and it would continue in a supercharged, twin-engine “Top Gas” drag- for racing is half of what racing has done for me.” Perhaps the feeling is mutual. ster in the mid-1960s. At the time, no other woman had ever been permitJason Stein is a feature writer with ted a qualification to drive such a vehicle. No other man Wheelbase Media. He can be reached on the or woman won like Muldowney. Web at by using the conShe spent the first few years winning exhibition tact link. Wheelbase supplies automotive news races from New Hampshire to Ohio. But, by 1971, when the NHRA decided to eliminate and features to newspapers across North America. the Top Gas category due to the introduction of new

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AMVIC Licensed. *Lease offer available on new 2013 Altima S edan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission. 1.9% lease APR for a 60 month term. Monthly payment is $288 with $0 down payment or equivalent trade-in and includes freight and PDE ($1,695) and no Security Deposit required. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km per year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $17,310. I ncludes $150 Dealer Participation on 2013 Altima Sedan 2.5 (T4LG13 AA00), CVT transmission. Conditions apply. See your Nissan retailer for details. Models shown $34,413 Selling Price for a new 2013 Altima Sedan 3.5 SL (T4SG13 AA00), CVT transmission. * Freight and PDE charges ($1,695), air-conditioning tax ($100) where applicable, certain fees where applicable (AB: $20 tire recycling tax), manufacturer’s rebate and dealer participation where applicable are included. License, registration, insurance and applicable taxes (including excise tax and fuel conservation tax, where applicable) are extra. Finance and lease offers are available on approved credit through Nissan Canada Finance for a limited time, may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers except stackable trading dollars. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid between May 1st, 2013 and May 31st, 2013. �The Blind S pot Warning System is not a substitute for proper lane change procedures. The system will not prevent contact with other vehicles or accidents due to careless or dangerous driving techniques or detect every vehicle or object around you. �The Lane Departure Warning system operates above approximately 72km/h and only when the lane markings are clearly visible on the road. Will not prevent loss of control. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for more information. �The RearView Monitor with MOD cannot completely eliminate blind spots and may not detect every object. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle. Not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn to check what is behind you before backing up. U.S. model/components shown. †Fuel economy from competitive intermediate 2013 internal combustion engine models sourced from Autodata on 13-12-2012. Hybrids and diesels excluded. 2013 Altima fuel economy tested by Nissan Motor Company L imited. Actual Mileage will vary with driving conditions. Use for comparison only. 2013 Altima: 2.5 L engine (7.4 L /100 KM CITY/5.0 L /100 KM HWY), 3.5L (9.3L/100 KM CITY/6.4 L /100 KM HWY). 3.5 L shown. ∞TOP SAFE TY PICK+ winners must earn good ratings for occupant protection in at least 4 of 5 II HS evaluations, with no less than acceptable in any test. II HS rates vehicles good, acceptable, marginal or poor based on performance in a moderate overlap frontal crash, small overlap frontal crash, side impact and rollover, plus evaluations of seat/head restraints for protection against neck injuries in rear impacts. For details see Competitive equipment information retrieved from manufacturer websites April 26th, 2013. IIHS Topz

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By MALCOLM GUNN www. wheelbasemedia . com


’m not sure just how true the story is, but by father once told me that his uncle, a well-to-do businessman during the time of the Great Depression, would order a new Packard automobile every few years. Family legend has it that each of his specially tailored motor carriages would undergo a thorough shakedown at various speeds and road conditions. Following this, the engine would be completely disassembled to uncover any signs of undue stress or damage to its various internal pieces. After ensuring that all components were working as they should, it was buttoned up and the well-tested Packard was shipped off to said uncle, who would be assured of trouble-free ownership until his next purchase. Even if my uncle had never even laid eyes on a Packard, the story sounds plausible when you consider that these cars were once considered the cream of the automotive crop. Cars bearing the distinctive Motometer radiator cap (later to be replaced by a graceful cormorant mascot) became symbols of power and affluence. But they also represented much more. Packards hold a number of important “firsts” in the history of the automobile, including the first “H-pattern” gearshift, steering wheel (replacing the tiller), hydraulic shocks, air conditioning and power windows. As well, a Packard was the first car to break the mile-a-minute barrier (60 mph) in 1903. The beginnings of Packard date back to 1899 when Warren, Ohio-based James Ward Packard, with the help of his brother, made his first single-cylinder horseless carriage. This led to the formation of the Ohio Automobile Company. Packard’s creation became an instant success with sales (and outside financial investment) quickly increasing. Following the relocation of the business to Detroit in 1903, Packards became even more popular, although the company was, for the most part, controlled by wealthy entrepreneur industrialists. As the fortunes of Packard increased – the company made more than $1 million in profit in 1907 – so did the size of the car’s powerplants, with four- and six-cylinder engines employed until 1915. But the car that solidified the company’s position as a leading-edge auto maker was the introduction of the Twin-Six that year. This was the first V12 engine used in a passenger car, vastly outpowering Cadillac’s V8. With 85 horsepower at 2,600 revs per minute, the nearly-seven-litre engine became the preferred drivetrain upon which Packard’s well-heeled customers would install their preferred custom coachwork. From its inception until the final TwinSix rolled off the line in 1923, more than 35,000 vehicles had been manufactured. This was followed by the adoption of

An American that defined power, prestige and total dedication to craftsmanship

Few Packards ever looked the same because the bodywork was up to the customer to pick out from a separate “coachbuilder.”




L-head eight-cylinder engine that was not only cheaper to produce, but actually had more horsepower than the V12. These Packards managed to carry the company through its uncertain depressionera period in fine style. While many highend auto manufacturers met their doom during the 1930s, Packard sales remained relatively strong by comparison. Initially, the 320-cubic-inch inline-eight-cylinder generated 90-110 horsepower, depending on the year. This was followed by a significantly larger 385-cubic-inch engine that was rated at up to 145 horsepower. During this time, Packard body styles, whether built by the company or an outside supplier, ran the gamut from sedans and coupes to roadsters and phaetons (fourdoor convertibles). A plan to develop a V12 front-wheeldrive model was abandoned, but the completely redesigned engine that resulted from that project saw its way into production from 1932-’39. Two different sizes of the V12 were built during this period, with horsepower ratings of between 160 and 175. These cars didn’t come cheap, with prices topping out at just over $8,500. However, for the money, there was no quieter running or more reliable automobile to be found anywhere. The company’s sideline business of developing powerplants for aviation and marine applications was obviously put to good use in the manufacture of these superior engines. The classic Packards of the 1930s and early 1940s eventually gave way to more conventionally styled mass-produced products that followed the end of World War II. These cars, including such names as the Clipper, Custom Eight, Super Eight, Caribbean and Patrician would all retain the aging original straight-eight design. The first conventional V8 Packards appeared in 1955. By then, however, the company was in dire financial circumstances and was swallowed up in the merger with Studebaker a year later. The last Packard-branded car – in reality a Studebaker with slightly different trim – left the factory floor in June of 1958. For true Packard followers, those classic hand-crafted cars from the 1920s and 1930s represent the best of the marque. The oft-used advertising tag line, “Ask the man who owns one” was not a pompous slogan, but a reflection of the company’s dedication and pride that was poured into each and every vehicle. For my great uncle, Packard ownership came at a price, but returned a level of style and satisfaction that no amount of money could buy. Malcolm Gunn is a feature writer with Wheelbase Media. He can be reached on the Web at by using the contact link. Wheelbase supplies automotive news and features to newspapers across North America.



Hyundai 118 2011 Sonata GLS






Black On Grey Interior, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Power Seat, Bluetooth, Premium Cloth Seats.

t$0.1&5*5*7&-:13*$&$)&$,&% t7&3:#&453&$0/%*5*0/*/( t$0.1-&5&%*4$-0463& t''6/):6/%"*(6"3"/5&& t''6/&91&3*&/$&





Great on Gas, A/C, Multimedia center, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Alloy wheels, Heated seats




PST Paid, Sport Leather Heated seats, Alloy wheels, AWD Stock# N33512A

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Toyota 179 2010 Venza V6





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Hyundai 164 2010 Tucson GLS

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for up to











0 72




149 0.99% ‡



27,995 *






• Segment Exclusive Automatic Locking Differential • Proven V8 Power with Excellent Fuel Efficiency


months ‡ financing






25 MPG 11.2L/100KM HWY 15.9L/100KM CITY▼



Best-In-Class 5 Year/160,000km Powertrain Warranty^, 60,000km Longer than Ford F150 or RAM^^

2013 SIERRA 2500HD CREW 4X4






VALUE OF $1,445





The Increased Power of the Sierra HD starts with a High-Strength, Fully-Boxed Frame from Front to Rear – Another Segment-Exclusive‡‡



ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE BUICK GMC DEALERS. PRAIRIEGMC.COM 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ‡/††/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2013 Sierra Ext 4WD (R7C), 2013 Sierra 2500HD Crew 4WD (R7C), equipped as described. Freight included ($1,600). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Prairie Buick GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer trade may be required. GMCL, RBC Royal Bank, TD Auto Financing Services or Scotiabank may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See Buick GMC dealer for details. � Based on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‡ 0.99% Purchase financing for 84 months on 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD on approved credit by TD Auto Financing Services/RBC Royal Bank/Scotiabank. Example: $10,000 at 0.99% for 84 months, the monthly payment is $123. Cost of borrowing is $355, total obligation is $10,355. Biweekly payments based on a purchase price of $29,495 with $3,299 down on 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD, equipped as described. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment and/or trade may be required. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will also vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade.♦ $7,500/$6,500 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on the 2013 Sierra EXT 4WD/2013 Sierra 2500HD Crew 4WD (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. $1,500/$2,000 non-stackable cash credits is a manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2013 Sierra 1500 Ext Cab/Sierra 1500 Crew. Non-stackable cash credits are available only when consumers opt for the cash purchase of a new or demonstrator model. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing such discounts and incentives which will result in a higher effective interest rate. See dealer for details. Offer ends May 31, 2013. ^Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply. ^^ Based on latest competitive data available. † Valid at participating GM dealerships in Canada only. Retail customers only. Offer ranges from 750 to 3,000 AIR MILES® reward miles, depending on model purchased. No cash value. Offer may not be combined with certain other AIR MILES promotions or offers. See your participating GM dealer for details. Offer expires July 2, 2013. Please allow 4–6 weeks after the offer end date for reward miles to be deposited to your AIR MILES® Collector Account. To ensure that reward miles are deposited in the preferred balance, Collector should ensure his/her balance preferences (AIR MILES® Cash balance and AIR MILES® Dream balance) are set as desired prior to completing the eligible purchase transaction. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer for any reason in whole or in part at any time without notice. ®™Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and General Motors of Canada Limited. **Offer applies to new 2013 MY Sierra Heavy Duty Models delivered by May 31, 2012 at participating dealers in Canada. Dealer trade may be required. This offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details. *† 2013 Sierra 3500HD 5th-wheel towing capacity of 10,478 kg (23,100 lb) is based on model K30903 with Dual Rear Wheels and available Duramax® diesel engine. Competitive information based on comparably equipped 2012 model year data available at time of printing. Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your Chevy dealer for additional details. *‡ Requires Regular Cab model C30903 with Dual Rear Wheels and gas engine. Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo. ¥¥ Available on GMC Sierra Heavy Duty models only. Vehicle features and performance capabilities subject to change. Additional charges for product options may apply. See Dealer for Details. ‡‡ Based on latest competitive data available.

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

SASKATOONEXPRESS - May 13-19, 2013

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Saskatoon Express issue of May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013  

Saskatoon Express issue of May 13, 2013