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Dear friends! We are glad to present this reference book which is supposed to be useful for both local residents and guests of Ternopil. The main aim of this book is to show the colorfulness of this beautiful European town. Ternopil is an area of good emotions, coziness and smiles. It is worth even more than has been said. The information presented here is quite short for you to have a quick look not reading long hours. The first part of this book is mostly emotional. It consists of Ternopil inhabitants’ and visitors’ thoughts which reflect the existing atmosphere very well. Here you can find reference section, town map, the list of the most interesting places of the town which are worth visiting and much more. Ternopil is a unique place. It is a pleasure to write about it. We proudly inform you that this reference book has appeared by means of the effort of a public organization “German Youth” and by the support of the welfare fund of Shynke family “With Love And Charity”. It is not difficult to get accustomed to our town. And we are dead sure you will eventually want to say: “I Love You, Ternopil”. Reference book team: Project supervisor – Maxym Cherkashyn Project coordinator – Oksana Diakiv ( Designer – Olexandr Valyus ( Photographer – Andriy Kanonovych ( Project managers – Oleh Kotsyubynskyy, Svyatoslav Lashkevych Proofreader — Natalia Shevchuk Print: Edition 3000 samples

#1 Ternopil Lake

Yes, it is unbelievably beautiful and amazing. Ternopil – is the only city in Ukraine that has such a beautiful pond in the city center. It was created by the founder of the city - Yan Tarnovsky in 1558. Wide stairs, which lead to the pier, divided a cascade of artificial fountains, that are named in honor of their creator “The tears of Gronsky”. In 1968, Ternopil got a ferry called “The hero Tanzorov”, named after one of the city’s liberators from the German occupation during WWII (1944), Grugorij Tanzorov. Today, the Ternopil Lake is one of the most beautiful sights in the city.


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#2. Parks

The city amazes me with its beautiful green surrounding. Anywhere you go or stay in Ternopil is filled with vegetation,, that will make you feel that you are constantly in a park. Chestnuts in the city center, greenery, willows by the water‌ This is also one of the magnificent city sights.

#3. Spiritual centers


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There are more than 70 churches in Ternopil. In comparison: in Kiev, where the population is about 14 times bigger than Ternopil’s, only has 158 churches. We can truly and honestly say, that is the city of Religiousness and Faith.

#4. Ukrainian language

This is the only city in Ukraine, where the majority of the population(98%) is Ukrainian. Our live, charming and real language echoes here a thousand times more often than, in any other part of Ukraine. Here, we honor Bandera and often people greet each other with words, such as “Glory to Ukraine!� Here, people genuinely love their country and maintain the oldest traditions and customs.

#5. Ternopil nights

Strong odor of the night, calmness, peacefulness, empty streets at night, dull lights, that the calm water reflects. Silence‌.

#6 The island of Love

The island of love was built in 1956 on the Ternopil Lake. A picture, no one can forget – willows that lower their branches in the water, surround the small island. It is really hard to imagine something more beautiful, then the sunset on this island.


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#7. Theater square


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Recently, it has recently been decided to add a variety of colors to this place. We can see it being done, due to the new colorful paving on the central square. One of the heart-warming moments you can encounter with are the children feeding doves. It looks very moving and makes you warm at the heart. Children’s happy laughter and smiles on their parents faces – it’s a good enough reason to spend many hours here, on the central square.

#8. Sergey Prytula

A very famous star, not only here, in Ternopil, but is known around the country. One of those one in a million comedians. A resident of “Comedy Club UA”, where he makes everyone just die of laughter. He never forgots his origin, city or his language. He is a popular TV host of a famous morning show of Novuj kanal – “Pidjom”. An actor, a writer…. …co-producer of sketch show “Fayna Ukraina” on the “Novy” channel. The man of whom the whole city is proud. To put in briefly – the cool guy. 

#9. Valova street


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One of the oldest streets of Ternopil. Here comfort and eld blow. Artists sell their paintings. Ardent amateurs play chess. Old cobblestone complements the image which induces to feel the breath of the eld.

#10. Beer “Mykulynetske”.

Both the country and its capital city drink it. Brewery “Brovar” is the only brewery in Ukraine which brews live unpasteurized beer preserving the old classic scheme of brewing simultaneously using its own environmental friendly natural stuff. We are not afraid to call this beer the best one in Ukraine, because it is so!

#11. Pretty girls

Let somebody even try to argue! Glancing back at them, don’t forget going sightseeing, please ;)

#12. Domestic atmosphere

Indeed, everybody here feels himself at home. Here every second citizen is a friend of yours. The city soothes you. It is pretty quiet and the life flows slowly but happily. You can feel yourself unconstrainedly. The city is friendly and comfortable. Besides, it is not very big and you can get to any place without using the vehicle. It is not a problem and it doesn’t take a much efforts.

#13. Cleanness

The city has something to be proud of. It is one of the cleanest cities in Ukraine.

#14. Coffee “R.A.I.V.-ESPRESSO”

The producing of coffee “R.A.I.V.-ESPRESSO” is thought-out to details, organized honestly and responsibly. Do you really love coffee? Genuine coffee which is made of the roasted and ground seeds is rightfully considered to be extraordinarily delightful and fragrant and is popular throughout the whole world. And it is made here, in Ternopil!

#15. Reastaurant “Staryy Mlyn”

To truly feel the genuineness of the land of Ternopil you should visit this establishment. It includes “museum-restaurant” and the shop of antiquities. Details that are used for the decoration of the “museum-restaurant” have been gathered during three years throughout the whole country. There are unique collections, for instance – the collection of keys, irons, a great number of tools which were used for reaping a crop. In general, there are more than 3000 display units.


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#16. Ihor Pelykh

. He is a famous anchorman, inventor and a person, who introduced the unprecedented on native television entertaining programs and simply a cheerful and chatty guy from Ternopil. The anchorman of widely-known program “Halopom po Yevropakh�. In perspective one of the new streets in new sector of Ternopil will be called after his name. In 2011, in honour of the anniversary of his tragic death the memorial monument was established. This is the touchscreen, decorated with forged ornament which depicts a TV-set. Clicking on the monitor you can talk to Igor Pelykh i.e. watch the selections of videos with him.

#17. The song of a band “Braty Hadyukiny” (Brothers Gadukiny).

An abstract from a well-known song “Faine misto Ternopil” (Beautiful city Ternopil) has already became winged expression. The first association after hearing this song of the band is of Ternopil. The whole Ukraine will certainly sing its refrain: ”Common Vasia, starais’a ne trusyty popil. Dobyi, brodyaha, pyatku I poidem v fayne misto Ternopil… ”.

#18. Ternopil citizens’ symbolical places


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Ternopil “Stometrivka”- a place for skateboarders and cyclists to perform their talent and for training their skills. “Near the Flag” has been a meeting point for people of Ternopil for years. “Elyseisky polya” (Champs-Elysees) hillside by the lake-is a perfect place for spending your warm summer days on green grass admiring breathtaking surroundings.


#19. Ternopil bands

“S.K.A.Y.” (Sky) is a popular group of musicians that is well-known even abroad. “Los Colorados” has its unique style which they call agro-rock. The group “Grannies” is warmly met on any celebrations. They successfully distinguish ours from other and leave their competitor far behind.

#20. City of Fountains


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That is another name which is sometimes given to the city for a brilliant combination of fountains in the streets, most of which have a sufficiently significant architectural and aesthetic role. Its quiet noise calms and summer days seem not so hot while sitting on a bench and feeling small drops of water falling on your face.


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A little bit about the marvelous Ternopil city Ternopil was first mentioned in 1540, when the Polish King Sigismund I gave a charter to the crown hetman Jan Amor Tarnowski on the city foundation and owning the lands around it. In 1548 the city acquired Magdeburg Rights, under which its people were exempted from taxation for 15 years, from duty payment for 20 years. Except this there was the right to organize three annual fairs and weekly auctions, and have a warehouse for foreign merchants’ goods. In 1809 Napoleon Bonaparte gave Ternopil region to Russian Empire. But after the war, under the Congress of Vienna in 1815 Ternopil was returned to Austrian Empire. In the second half of the nineteenth century, they laid down six highways in Ternopil were. In 1870 they built a railway from Lviv to Ternopil. 2 banks, 5 private mills began to operate in the city. This influenced the population growth. When in 1808 Ternopil had the population of 7093 people, at the end of the century there were over 30 thousand inhabitants. In 1922 Ternopil became the center of a newly established province of Poland, which consisted of 17 districts. On December 4, 1939 Ternopil became the center of the region as a part of Soviet Union. Now Ternopil – is the major city of Ternopil region that is a part of Ukraine. The population - 218 641 people Area - 7268 hectares Area code - + 38 0352

To learn more about Ternopil you are to visit museums Ternopil regional museum Museum of local lore, the largest collection of monuments and materials of nature, history, ethnography and every day life of Ternopil region, the oldest institution of culture and enlightenment in the region. Location: estate “Center”, Majdan Mystetstv,


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Ternopil Regional Art Museum Since January 1, 2009 museum collection consists of 8011 display units, where there are 765 paintings, 6965 graphs, 140 sculptures, 141 arts and crafts. Location: north-central part of the city, Solomia Krushelnytska, 1.

#12 Museum of Political Prisoners Historical and memorial museum establishment, located in the building of former KGB prison (28 Cells). The exhibition recreates how the political prisoners were imprisoned, the methods of enquiries of prisoners etc. Location: estate “Center”, Kopernyka, 1.


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Be sure to make an overlook of the following memorials! #14

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Daniel Of Galicia

Solomia Krushelnytska

Maidan Voli

Shevchenko Boulevard

Was established in October Встановлено 15 липня на 2002 . The authors are Boris бульварі Шевченка. Урочисand Bohdan Rudyy (sculptors) то відкрито 22 серпня 2010. and Alexander Mishchuk.



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Alexander Pushkin

Josyf Slipyj

Іван Франко

V.Chornovil Str.

J. Slipyj Str.

Getman Sagaydachny Str.

Was established in V.Chornovil Str. in 1959. The Sculptors are: Vronskiy M., Oliynyk O., Skoblykov O.. Pedestal is made of Plexiglas.

The monument was established Was established in 1995, on and consecrated in 2004 by the place of former Ternopil Cardinal Lyubomyr Husar. Grammar school №1 (sculptor Vilhushynskyy Roman; architect – Vodopyan A.)


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Stepan Bandera

Taras Shevchenko

Zamkova Str.

In small square on the left of Drama Theatre

Урочисто відкрито 26 грудня 2008 року. Виготовив пам’ятник місцевий скульптор Роман Вільгушинський.


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Andrey Sheptytsky

The square which is situated between Shevchenko Boulevard The monument of Kobzar and Sichovyh Striltsiv Str. was established in 1982. The The opening took place in author is Mykola Neveselyy, 2004. Made of engraved brass. the sculptor. Sculptor – Golovchak P.


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Monument To The Invisible Man.

Monument To A Chair.

Cardinal Slipyj Str.

The monument of Ostap Bender’s chair is made as a seat from headset of Kisa Vorobyaninov’s mother-in-law ( one of the characters from novel by Ilf and Petrov “Twelve Chairs”).

The opening took place on August 24, 2010.


Cardinal Slipyj Str.


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Monument To Plumber Cardinal Slipyj Str. The monument to plumber is created as a man in overalls, who is climbing out of water manhole holding a wrench in his hand. Sculptor – Milyarchuk Dmytro.


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Monument To A Stork Zamkova Str. The monument “The stork couple” was established on May 29, 2010. Stork is the symbol of family, youth, wellbeing and happiness. Architect – Lebedynsky Sergiy.


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Monument To Afghanistan Soldiers

Sculptural Composition “Chance Meeting”

Zluky Avenue

Square near Drama Theatre on Shevchenko Boulevard

The monument to Afghanistan soldiers who died during the war was established in 1994 in Zluky Avenue. Author and sculptor – Sikorsky K.; architect – Chepil D.


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This composition was presented to Ternopil by American volunteer of Peace Corps John Zvozhek in 2002.


Monument “Love Heart”

To Igor Pelykh

To Igor Pelykh

Еmbankment of Ternopil Lake

On the corner of Boulevard and O.Kulchytska Str.

Shevchenko Boulevard

The opening took place on August 14, 2010 during It is designed as a television set Ukrainian festival of with touch screen function, Blacksmith. where everyone can review videos with Igor Pelykh at any time during the year.

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Second in Ukraine and Europe 2.5-meter bronze monument of bee opened on October 24, 2010.

It is worth seeing these monuments of national importance #31 Look on the map

Old Castle or Ternopil Castle is a fortification, an architectural monument of national importance. It is located in Zamkova Street, 12. It was built in 1540-1548 on the left bank of the river Seret in the Sopilche tract to protect the south-eastern borders of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth against attacks of Crimean Tatars. Nowadays, only palace remained from the castle. Church of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary is a monument of sacral architecture, the cathedral church of Greek– Catholic Church in Ternopil, the main temple of Ternopil-Zboriv Diocese. It was built in 1749-1779 in baroque style. Look on


the map

Church of the Cross Elevation (Vozdvyzhenska, Zdvyzhenska, Nadstavna) is the oldest temple in Ternopil. It is a national architectural monument erected in the late 16 century. It is located in Pidzamcze, a small eminence near Ternopil Lake. Look on



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the map

Church of the Nativity of Christ is one of the oldest temples of Ternopil. Today it is a currently functioning church of UAOC (Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church). In place of the modern church there was a wooden one, known as Middle (Serednya), which was burnt at the end of 16 century. The first mentioning of it was in the royal charter (6 July 1566).

Other places that are worth visiting: Gallery “Bunker of muses” is in the downtown. At one time in the basement of the prewar building there was a local administration dining room, and printing-house. Now the first nonacademic gallery in Ternopil is located here. Creative people could prove that a usual basement can be converted into an art establishment. Here you can find a photo gallery, an area for theater actors, a playground for artists, two workshops for photographers who are volunteers, a platform for experimental music and for installations. Admission is free. Location “Center”, Blvd. Look on Shevchenko, 1. the map


Old Italian patio location “Center”, Blvd. Shevchenko, 1. Holiday the largest concert hall and nightclub in Western Ukraine st. Textil’na, 28ch. Nightclub Riverpool st. Chumats’ka 14a Nightclub Maxim st. Biletska 1 Commercial and entertainment establishment “Podoliany” st. Textil’na, 28ch


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Comfortable places to stay: Hotel «Camelot». Ternopil Objizdna 6 street. Ph.number: (0352) 51-47-47, 51-47-51, (067) 354-56-86. It is a modern hotel that consists of 32 rooms. Inside those rooms you will find all of the appliances needed for a comfortable stay: air conditioning, satellite TV, Jacuzzi, refrigerator and WiFi Internet. Additional: restaurant(European cuisine) seating 120 people, conference room, banquet room, summer playground with pavilions, parking that is under 24 hour surveillance, 2 saunas, 3 pools, autoshop, PIT-stop.

Hotel «Galychyna» Ternopil, Chumatska 1 street. Ph.number: (0352) 53-35-95, 53-39-51, 25-29-69. It is situated in the city center. Inside of the rooms, you will find necessities such as TV and telephone. Breakfast is included in the price of the room. Additional: bar, restaurant conference room, parking.

Hotel «Ternopil» Ternopil, Zamkova 14 street. Ph.number: (0352) 52-42-63, 52-43-97, 52-15-25. It is situated in the city center. Various rooms of different categories. Additional: bar, restaurant, night club, casino, billiards, conference room, parking, sauna, laundry service.

Hotel “Central”. Ternopil, Shevchenka 25 street Ph.number: (0352) 25-3516. Rooms have all accommodations, such as TV, refrigerator, dish ware. Additional: restaurant.

Hotel “Versailles”. Ternopil, Lvivska 34 street. Ph.number: (0352) 51-28-95, 51-29-95, (099) 034-41-05. Hotel is situated in the city park area and consists of 13 rooms. Each room hasa TV, refrigerator, shower with 24 hour hot and cold water. Additional: restaurant, summer area.

Hotel «Yuhnovich» Ternopil, Rodunu Barvinskih 3a street Ph.number: (0352) 43-39-56, 43-39-57. A modern hotel in the city center. All rooms are A-class. Breakfast is included. Additional: bar, beauty salon, parking, car rental, conference room, railroad ticket reservation, taxi service.

Hotel “Dukanka”. Ternopil, 15 Kvitnya 3a Ph.number: (0352) 42-1414, (067)350-67-52. A modern hotel near the town, that consists of 24 rooms. All rooms have air conditioning, shower. 24 hour hot and cold water. Additonal:restaurant, sauna, parking.

Hotel “Globus”. Ternopil, Bydnoho 18 street Ph.number: (0352) 55-00-35, 55-00-36, 55-00-44, 55-00-40. Rooms have all accommodations: air conditioning, TV, telephone, blow-dryer. Room service. Additional: bar, sauna, parking , car wash.

Hotel “German Auto”.

Hotel “Chaika”.

Ternopil, Mukylynetska 116a street. Ph.number: (0352) 47-00-10. The hotel has 4 rooms: standard and A-class. Additional: parking.

Ternopil, Biletska 52 street. Ph.number: (0352) 25-87-70, 25-88-20. Rooms have all accommodations. Additional: bar, sauna.

Hotel “Ruta”.

Hotel “Monako”.

Ternopil, Medova 2 street. Ph.number: (0352) 52-62-15. Situated in the city center. Rooms have TV and a refrigerator.

Ternopil, Tenopilska 8 street. Ph.number: (0352) 43-38-71. Additional: bar.

Hotel “Staruj park”. Ternopil, Bordulyaka 11street Ph.number: (0352) 25-60-73. Situated in the city center. Rooms have TV and a refrigerator.

Hotel “Vivat” Ternopil, Budnogo 22a street. Тел.: (0352) 51-28-81. Situated in the city part Druzba. Rooms have TV and 24 hour hot and cold water. Additional: bar, cafe.

Hotel “Vokzalnuj”. Ternopil, Pruvokzalna street. Ph.number : (0352) 27-23-60. Rooms have all accommodations. Additional: bar, sauna.

Motel “Bratislava”. Ternopil, Vojakiv YPA street Ph.number: (0352) 43-62-93. 24 hour hot water.

Hotel “Electro” Ternopil, Tekstylna 1 street. Situated in the city part Promuslovuj.

You can get tasty meals here: Cаfe Cafe, bar Tadsh- an Indian and Ukrainian cuisine, traditional cuisine, pool, hookah, exotic cocktails, comfortable interior, Tantsorova st., 16 Tel. (067) 779-05-01, (050) 377-66-66 Stara pizzeria - the oldest pizzeria in our city, Shashkevych st.2, tel. 25-14-88, Sicily Italian food, confectionery, pizzeria - more than 20 kinds of Italian sweets, tea, coffee, cocktails, nice atmosphere), st. Chornovil, 2. 52-40-68 Cafe Pizza Celentano -. Sagaidachnogo st 11 Tel. 43-41-21 Cafe Nasha Kuhnya - Ruska st. 32, tel. 43-38-18, 43-41-18, schedule: 9-23 Shop-cafe Bomond - Listopadovaya st., 1 tel. 23-55-20, Hours: 9-22, Sun. 10-21 Cafe “Candy” (confectionery) -. Textile st, 28ch (TC “Podoliany), tel. 47-78-06 Cafe Late – Textilna str., 28ch (TC “Podoliany), tel. 47-78-06 Lounge Cafe Mint - Textilna str., 28ch (TC “Podoliany), tel. 47-78-13

Bаr Flamingo Bar - Brodivska st., 1, Bar Retro - Hrushevsky st. 1 tel. 52-30-54, Schedule: 10-23 Bar City - Khmelnitskogo st., 19 Tel. 23-60-55, Hours: 12.00 - 3.00, Fri. 13.00 - 3.00 Hermes Bar - Kievska st. 10b tel. 28-32-02, Schedule: 11-23

Restourant Art Avenue Restaurant - European cuisine, a banquet hall for 200 people, two VIP-halls for 50 and 20 people Bandera Ave, 53 tel. 51-22-52, (098) 592-71-34 Natalie Restaurant - st. Zhyvova 1 tel. 23-56-60 Bar-restaurant Teranozavr -. Obizna st, 12 / 6 (r-r West) tel. 53-36-46, 050 37-74-618, Schedule: 12-24 Bar-Restaurant Europe Plus - Sagaidachnogo st. 6b tel. 43-43-56, Schedule: 10-23 Maydan Bar and Restaurant - st. Cardinal Joseph the Blind, 1 tel. 52-59-71 063 076-69-32, schedule: 9-23 Restaurant Dykanka -. Pyatnadtzate Kvitna st, 3a, tel. 12/12/1942, 095 537-51-37, Hours: 12.02 Restaurant Ternopil - Zamkova st., 14 tel. 25-25-28, 067 352-03-54, Schedule: 12-24 Restaurant Shynok - Zamkova st., 10a tel. 52-68-23, Schedule: 11-23 Vodohray Restaurant-Bar -. Park Topilche tel. 52-70-00, Schedule: 11-24 Entertainment Center Marzipan - M. Kryvonosa st. 2b tel. 47-50-08 restaurant schedule: 10.06 billiards, bar, bowling, disco 21/06, 12-23 restaurant Khutir Restaurant -. Chumats’ka st, 81 tel. 43-57-79, 097 93-47-902, schedule: 12-24 days a week Restaurant “Staryi Mlyn”- Brodivska st., 1, 38 (0352) 23-58-23, 25-17-17 Restaurant Halutsky Zamok - trail Ternopil - Kremenets, 400 meters from the checkpoint, tel .. 38 (0352) 40-13-23, 38 (067) 730-08-68

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