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USB Alarm I/O Board 46634 16-in and 16-out (without Indicators)

Product Description This is a professional general purpose USB multi-functional Alarm I/O Board (16in and 16-out), designed to interface via a USB port to a PC/Server running Windows, Linux or Wavestore VMS. It is housed in a rugged metal case. The USB Alarm Board can be mounted on a 19” Server rack or deployed almost anywhere in a standalone form factor and includes a cable retention bracket to prevent accidental disconnection. The removable screws terminals make connecting devices easy. Its also allows you to specify an action to occur when a specific trigger input or set of inputs change state Possible applications include; door switches, IR motion, glass breaks, smoke detectors, alarm systems and lights

Technical Specifications Power Inputs

Powered directly from the USB connection (keeping to USB 2.0 power guidelines, 5V at max 500mA 16 Inputs (screw terminals) Inputs 13 – 16 can be independently configured to wet or dry mode


16 Outputs (screw terminals)

Communication Ports USB (via mini B style comm.) Dimensions

137.5 x 148 x 103 (mm)




Attached holes to suit 19” rack mount

Operating 0°C to 50°C Environment Storage Environment -30°C to +70°C

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Usb alarm board no comms (without indicators)  
Usb alarm board no comms (without indicators)