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A leading designer and manufacturer of specialist electronic equipment for military and industrial applications.

About Us Sascal Displays is a leader within the defence electronics market for high quality design, manufacture and support services offered to the UK MoD and Prime Defence Contractors. We have been established for over 20 years and operate from two secure sites located in Hayes, West London - just four miles from Heathrow Airport. Our primary product range is Rugged Display Systems for harsh environments - of which military vehicles dominate. Many of our military products can currently be found abroad on active service, operating in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments: on land, in the air and at sea. Extensive electronic and mechanical design experience, industry expertise and cutting-edge facilities allow us to undertake work from concept to production, utilising the latest computer technologies. Our suite of software options include AutoCAD and SolidWorks for mechanical design and Zuken CADStar for circuit and high-speed PCB layout, linked for greater accuracy and flexibility. Various design control utilities including Microsoft Project are implemented throughout the process. We provide full engineering support to our customers, with highly skilled staff offering a broad capability of functional and diagnostic testing.

Our Work Our bespoke and COTS military display products can currently be found abroad on active service, utilised for Driver Night Vision (DNVS), situational awareness, fire control, gun-mounting, RADAR scan conversion and a multitude of other operational requirements. These products offer extremely high performance, using the latest electronic components, integral machined housings and assembly techniques – with options for communications, connectivity, optics, switching, power, on-screen overlays, multiple picture-in-picture video and graphical overlays among others. Our products are currently used across a large number of land vehicle platforms, including the Mastiff II, Ridgeback, Wolfhound, Warthog, Viking, Challenger II and Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS) – and we also have a good standing within naval and aerospace projects. We can provide bespoke solutions that will overcome obsolescence in fast jets or helicopters, with options for restricted viewing angles, NVG compatibility and programmable features. We offer similar products with reduced specification and cost for Simulated Land Systems, where HMI is paramount to complete mission training.

Aside from military projects, our other areas of specialty include video electronics for simulation and training, medical and industrial purposes where a requirement for high specification equipment exists. Our products operate in the harshest environments from desert to tundra - and meet exacting standards, including those laid down by the UK MoD and international defence organisations, including the rigorous ‘Land Class A’. We offer unrivalled support for our own legacy products but also provide service for obsolete products from other manufacturers; it is well established that technology implants offer a cost effective alternative to replacements – especially in hard pressed economic times.

Our Customers & Partners include:

Notable projects: • Mastiff II Protected Patrol Vehicle • Viking Protected Patrol Vehicle • Warthog Protected Patrol Vehicle • Wolfhound Protected Patrol Vehicle • Challenger II Main Battle Tank

• Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle • Multiple Launch Rocket System • Transport for London Communications System • Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer

• ATR42 Surveillance Aircraft • Overseas Scan Conversion • Approach RADAR • Many other sensitive projects for command & control scenarios

Our associated companies include Wavestore (professional digital video recording), Revader (intelligent video equipment for counter-terrorism) and Rugged DVR Systems (military mobile video recording) -among others- whose products complement our range of display systems. Please visit for further information.

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Head Office 16 The Metro Centre, Springfield Road, Hayes London UB4 0LE, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)20 8573 0303 Fax: +44 (0)20 8569 1515 All content © Sascal Displays Ltd 2011. This is an information booklet only, where content may be subject to change without consultation. All rights reserved.

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Sascal Displays LTD  

Overview of Sascal Displays LTD

Sascal Displays LTD  

Overview of Sascal Displays LTD