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Patch Panel 50625 for Stretch® VRC7016 / VRC7032 card providing: 16 video, 16 audio and 2 spot monitor

Product Description This is a 16 video, 16 audio and 2 spot monitor patch panel designed to work with Stretch® PCIe video capture cards VRC7016 and VRC7032 from the S7 series. This Patch Panel provides a sturdy and durable fixing to which up to 34 BNC cables (analogue video or audio) can be conveniently connected to the selected PCIe capture card as


Possible Applications This Patch Panel can be fitted directly to the rear of any 19” server rack and provides a clear and intuitive method of connecting video leads, via bespoke shielded cables to the Stretch PCIe capture card. This will cut down on the heavily tangled cabling of other solutions. The fact that the BNCs are neatly positioned and clearly labelled makes hooking up a large network of cameras simple. In addition to this, spot monitor outputs from the capture card can also be accessed via the panel .

Technical Specifications Inputs

Up to 32 front facing BNC sockets ( 16 video and 16 audio )


2 BNC outputs sockets on the front for spot monitor access ½ multi-way connector(s) fitted on the rear ( supplied with bespoke cables to suit )


Bespoke shielded cable(s) supplied – 1.2m (1 x part no. 45411)


1U – 482.6(w) x 43.7(h) x 33.3(d) (mm)


<0.476kg (1.2kg packaged )


Gloss Black powder coat


Sheet Aluminium alloy






Designed to attach to 19” racking with 4 x slots of 13.9 x 7.4 (mm)

NB. These products have been designed to work with the Stretch S7 series capture cards. Stretch Inc. will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for their suitability or compatibility. All relevant correspondence should be directed to VSP.

For more information, contact:

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Tel: +44(0)2087565477 Fax: +44(0)2085691515

Patch panel 50625 for vrc7016  
Patch panel 50625 for vrc7016