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PANAGIOTIS-12 Years old Hi Asen, My name is Panagiotis. I like to play basketball, handball and my favorite is football. I play in two teams! The first team is “Nafpaktos” and the second is “Aitoloakarnania Mixed Team”. I have a lot of friends and I have two brothers, Meletis and Angelos. I like playing computer games and making Power Point. Best wishes Panagiotis

Aris and George – 12 years old Hi Nikolay, We are Aris and George and we both like football. We play at the junior football team of Nafpaktos and mixed football team of Aitolokarnania. George’s favorite player is Pique and Aris’s Ribery. After football we go to the beach for a walk. We both like to play Modern Warfare 2 in XBOX360. Bye for now! George and Aris

Melissa…the ballet dancer Hi Kosi and Reni! My name is Mellisa.

In my free time I dance ballet. I also have a dog, “Louby”. My favourite subjects are Maths and Science. Bye! Melissa

Michael‌the tae-kwon-do fan Dear Stoyana and David, My name is Michael. I like to dance Party Rock. I listen to rock, pop and rap music. My favourite band is Linkin Park. I play computer games like LOL, Battelfield 3 online and Assasins Greed 3. I have a dog, his name is Rex. My favourite hobby is tae-kwon-do. My favourite lessons in school are P.E. and music. Regards, Michael

Bessy – 11 years old Dear Alex Hi! my name is Bessy. I like dancing, basketball and running. My favourite subject is P.E. I like music and I play the saxophone! I also like playing computer games. Goodbye, Bessy

Bill and Kostas (the chess players) Dear Boyan, Hi!! We hope you are well! We want to talk to you about chess. We are two of the most popular chess players in our school and town. In our school we have once a year a chess tournament. Usually between us we are draw. We are the best school in our region. Also we are members in our town’s chess club. We have won five cups, thirty-eight medals and a lot of experience. Bye for now, Kostas and Bill

Bill (the one chess player) Hi Leni, My name is Bill and I am 12 years old. I like playing tennis, too. In my free time I play basketball and football. My favourite electronic game is Shakes and Fidget and I am at 53 level. My mums’ name is Athina, my fathers’ name is Thanassis and my brother’s name is George. My favourite school subject is maths. I have two dogs. Their names are Bulla and Aris. Write me back! Bill

Kostas (the other chess player) Dear Martin, Hi, my name is Kostas. It was nice to hear from you. I have cats, too. I have 2 cats, Fifi and Rivi. They are very playful and cute!! Usually they pat me and my mother. They are so happy. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Kostas

Dimitris – 12 years old Hi Stela, I have a dog, too .His name is Larry and he is a very good goalkeeper for a dog. His colours are black and write and it’s pretty hard to find him in the dark. The thing I don’t like about him is when he has a long time to see you he jumps right over your face, he licks you with his big tongue and he’s too strong and heavy to knock you down. He does that a lot of times to me BYYYYYY :]

Dimitris (…again) Hi Zlati and all other guys over there, I’m Dimitris. I know you all sure play LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and I will tell you some games and maybe you will like them. My favourite of all is WAR Z but you must pay for 20 euros but is so cool and so hard .My second favourite game is the BATLEFIELD 2 SPECIAL FORCES it’s a bit old but it is a great game in my opinion . The third game is the AION FREE TO PLAY and is my second favourite game of all . It’s easy to play and download . It has good graphics and good stuffs you can do . And the last game is MINECRAFT 1.4.6 and I bet you all know it . It doesn’t have good graphics but it’s cool too and it looks like playing LEGO . Well, these were my favourite games for now! You can see their gameplays on youtube . Write the games you like and then write gameplay to see how good they are. BYYYYYYYYYYY


Alex…the dancer Dear Alex, my name is Alex, too!! I’m 11 years old and I love dancing. I have two dogs Bob and Max. I love my dogs. My favourite subjects at school are P.E and maths. I’m dancing hip hop, ballet and modern. I listen to rock music. Bye for now, Alex

Rafael‌ the football player Dear Nikolay, Hello Nikolay my name is Rafael. My best football player is Cristiano Ronaldo, too. I am very good at football and I play in a football team.

Rafael Kyriazis 12 years old

Marios‌ the tennis player Hello there!!!! I am writing to Leni who wrote us that he likes playing tennis. I also like tennis very much and I would like to be a professional tennis player. I practise about three hours every day with my father who is a P.E. teacher and my tennis coach. My favorite tennis player is Roger Federer! Would you like to be a professional? Who is your favorite tennis player? How many hours do you practise a day? I am looking forward to hearing from you! Marios

Evita… the flute player Hi Alex and all the other girls!!! My name is Evita and I am 12 years old. I like dancing very much and I have a beautiful dog, Fivos. I love playing with my dog. I listen to and play music, too. I like Adele ,Selena Gomez, Emeli Sande and Kate Perry. I like music, maths and art. I also play volleyball and I love it. My friends are Theofania, Georgia, Rafaela, Fotini, Fay, Katherine, Bessy, Joanna, Melissa, Konstantina, Maria, Mantha, Michael, Panagiotis, Alexandros, Marios, George and Konstantinos. I have 3 cats and I love very very very much to watch NCIS at the computer and at the TV the popular TV series “The 12 gods’ waltz”! Kisses Evita!

Alexandros Stefan, Hi!!!! I ‘m Alex. I have a dog, too. It’s white, playful and happy. Yesterday me and my brother went out to play then we saw a bird, we took it to our home and we put it into a big cage. When it can fly we will let it free. Every day I finish my homework and after that I’m going out to play with my friends. Here in Greece, in four days we will stop school for the Easter. I also play in a football team whose name is “Nafpaktos Junior”. I want you to write me more about you. B.B. Alex

IOANNA, 12 Years old  Hey, Stefan, Stela, Milena and Ivana! I’m Ioanna and I am 12 years old. I am very glad to listen that your favorite subject is P.E. I love running, basketball and football… I know it's weird a girl playing soccer but OK! Also, I’m a member of our local team: P.A.S. Nafpaktou. I also play playstation games such as Uncharted 3 which is my favorite!!... I have two sisters Vassiliki and Manthia & and I’m the youngest:P… I am so happy because I am talking to children from another country and this is faboulous!!...I think that you have the same point of view!!.. See yaa! :D

Fay and Fotini Dear friends, our names are Fay and Fotini. We love dancing and we have pets too! Fay has got a brother and Fotini has got three sisters. We play volleyball every day and we dance every day. Our favourite music group is One Direction. Our favourite singers are Selena Gomez, Pantelis Pantelidis and Adele. The subjects we like are P.E. , Music , Art and Maths. We listen to pop, classic and modern music. We like sports and we have many friends!!! Bye,Bye Fay and Fotini   

Theophania Dear Stella, Milena, Ivana and Musa, Hi, my name is Theophania. I love my town. It is big enough. There is a cinema which opens in summer and there are also two beaches, Gribovo and Psani. In my free time I hang out with my friends. I have many friends. But my best friend is Evita. I also play with my dog Ralou. My favorite subject is Maths and Geography. But I also like Science. My favorite TV show is an American show called '' Supernatural''. Bye, Theophania

George – 12 years old Hello! My name is George. I play football in a local team called “BERNABEU”. I love riding my bike and playing computer games. I also like playing football, basketball, volleyball and handball. I’ ve got two brothers, Chris -11 years old- and Nick -10-. My mum’s name is Olga and my dad’s John. They are both teachers. My house is huge, nearby the sea, with a beautiful garden. I have a dog, a cat, a parrot and a goldfish! Their names are: Buddie, Tarzan, Rico and Gregory. My favourite school subjects are Physical Education, History, Music, German Language and Geography. I think I am a very good student!I believe that Nafpaktos is a special town to visit. People are very friendly, hospitable and talkative too. I feel so lucky living here! I don’t want to leave this relaxing and amazing place! Kisses, George

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