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Cattle of Geryon


At his tenth labour Hercules was asked to travel beyond the edge of the earth to get the cattle of Geryon and bring them back to Myceane.

Geryon was a monster who lived on the island of Hesperides, somewhere in the west Mediterrenian. He was said to have 3 heads and 6 arms, but only one pair of legs.

He had a terrifying dog, Orthos. Orthos was Cerberus’ brother, he had 2 heads and a snake’s tail.

Geryon had ordered Orthos and Eurition, the shepherd, to take care of his cattle. When Hercules arrived on the island, Orthos attacked him, but Hercules killed him with a club. Then, he killed Eurition. Finally, Geryon fought for his cattle wearing 3 helmets, and carrying 3 swords and 3 shields but Hercules killed him with his poisonous arrows.

In the end, Hercules brought the cattle to Myceane where Eyrystheas sacrificed them to goddess Hera .


Cattle of geryon  
Cattle of geryon