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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The History Behind The Ledger Newspaper By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Everyone can recall the younger moments in life when their parents obtained a newspaper, and the kids quickly grabbed the newspaper to flip the pages to the comics. Sunday mornings consisted of giggling and amusement as father or mother scanned the news. The ink graciously smeared across the hands of every user, marking territory, showing proof that one has read the paper, and is quite obviously, proud. But what is background story behind the production of such a delectable piece? Dave Caughman, publisher and owner of the Ledger News, had struggles,

yet overwhelming success once developing the Ledger News. “I was in the newspaper industry for seven years before starting this business.” stated Caughman, “I was intrigued with money and advertising. In order to start, I studied everything for about fifteen months before I took the calculated risk.” The business did not easily jump off with business quickly, yet sacrifices were made in order to have a steady income to make a living. “The newspaper started in my basement, and moved three times until we reached this building [Downtown Woodstock location] in 1997. The process was stable for the first six months, proceeding with our first publication on February 1st, 1995.” With Caughman’s pure and die-

hearted dedication for the business, his very own newspaper industry started to boom quickly. “In 2000 to 2011, the name of the newspaper was changed to Ledger News. I started from three people and have thirteen plus people now beyond years.” Caughman’s idea to produce this newspaper was not only an income, yet to create the ‘greatest’ newspaper in Cherokee County. The reader’s in his eyes were the main source to please, and to give correct and precise information to the public. “Our newspaper is distinctive by size, color, the approach to the editorial content. Our reports are honest and factually; we don’t skew, yet investigate deeply.” Continue on Page. Four

Is Newspaper Journalism a Revolution or a Downfall? By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Most individuals deem that the newspaper industry is falling, while others believe that newspapers will continue to print. Although, there are numerous diverse aspects that readers, and nonreaders, miss on this dilemma. For instance, newspaper industries have moved to technology, such as on the internet, still in the process of working as a newspaper industry, and continuing to maintain similar work. Not only that, but other newspaper companies are continuing to print papers, and to fight hard to continue to write. On the other hand, many newspapers have shut down because of the lack of dedicated readers, and technology is continuing to progress daily, making human beings more

depended on television networks, radio stations and the Internet. The discussion is split down the middle, yet who is correct? Will the long-living newspaper industries retire and put to rest, or will the companies continue to print, write, and provide information to all citizens? People who consider newspapers to be hopeless have interesting reasoning. For one, technology is advancing exceedingly quickly. In the survey I have done recently, most students said that technology has affected their newspaper reading, and they regularly resort to a television set, the radio, or the Internet for their daily news. The reasons why the young adults said television is because of “the vivid images”, for radio, “the clear voices”, and for the Internet, “easy selection to what he or she cares to read

about.” Technology impacts most than they can comprehend. Most items are resorting to technology, objects that are used every day. Typical novels and short stories have transformed into a devise, like a computer, where one can simply click a button and acquire a book instantly. The Kindle is weighted light, easy to travel with, the battery life is long-lasting, and one can purchase up to 1,500 books; all one’s books are converted to one conveniently. Kennesaw resident explained, “I love the feel of a book in my hand, and I didn’t think I’d like the Kindle. Books were my life. But once I used a friend’s, I fell in love. I bought one the next day; it’s brilliant!” Talk has been displayed about textbooks turning into laptops with links to web Continue on Page. Four pages...

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The Westboro Church Versus the First A d m e n d m e n t By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer The world has seen much conflict involving religion from the Holocaust to the burning of the Quran on September 11th, 2010; yet recently, a new church community has caused a quarrel around the world. Ran by Fred Phelps in Topeka, Kansas, The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an Independent hate group that is mostly known for its protest activities including picketing funerals of soldiers, burning the American flag, and standing against homosexuals. The WBC is not associated with any known Baptist conventions or associations. The church calls itself Primitive Baptist and Calvinist based, yet Primitive Baptists reject the WBC and Phelps because of their overly dramatic and hurtful beliefs. The WBC focuses on spreading God’s wrath instead of his love. They condemn homosexuals and see many different religions, nations, and ethnicities as sinners. Most of WBC’s disgust, and their main slogan, “God hates fags,” are centered on homosexuality, which they consider a capital crime. Continue on Page. Five

Above: The Westboro Church

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A Day in the Life News

Around Woodstock 2 Words to the Seniors of 2011 and Teachers By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer When I examine the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see undying pride; I see total honor; I see complete satisfaction. This group of young adults is soon to walk, almost float, across the stage with heads high, smiles that stretch from ear to ear, tear-filled eyes that brighten the entire stage and hearts that are filled with extreme and sheer bliss. This is your second, my class; the spotlight is yours. When I look at the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see cheer, I see delight, I see ecstasy. Once those hands firmly grasp those long-awaited diplomas and the solid handshake of the principal occurs, congratulating them that they have finally reached the goal they were patiently waiting for for twelve years from the young age of five to six, the world is in slow motion. Those two pairs of eyes move to the crowd to see their former class, the smiles on every face, family and friend members cheering, and the moment is mesmerizing, beautiful. This is your minute, my class; the spotlight is yours. When I gaze at the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see dedication, I see adherence, I see devotion. Once those feet walk out of the doors in complete relief, with hearts racing, they realize this is it: the doorway to the future. ‘What will I do?’ ‘Where will I live?’ ‘Who will I stay in contact with?’ ‘Where is my life leading me?’ Many believe this is where their lives start, yet when in all contrary, the long walk starts at our home, our school, Woodstock High School. The beginning has already begun, my friends, yet this is the moment of truth of what will become. This is your

hour, my class; the spotlight is yours. When I analyze the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see respect, I see courtesy, I see appreciation. Every teacher placed in their lives has affected them in different ways, more than others. I was taught to pursue what I love, and that there never is any limitations to what I can do if I set my mind to it. It may sound arrogant, it may sound ridiculous; it may sound impractical; but it is not arrogant; it is not ridiculous; it is practical. This tip given to me from not only one teacher, but nearly all, is possibly the most excellent advice I have ever received. This is your day, my class; the spotlight is yours. When I glance at the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see knowledge, I see accomplishments, I see education. My teachers have taught me in ways that most teachers do not have the ability to do so. Mr. Engram taught with the ability to converse lightly and to appreciate his students. He not only displayed history in his lectures, yet he showed humor, pure-heartiness, and taught that we are the future. Mrs. Humphlett taught me to stay dedicated to the one thing I love. Her love for literature and writing inspired my intake on the subject, and with that, I have decided to pursue journalism as a career. Mr. Wagner taught me that projects and deadlines are crucial. There are no such things as late work during jobs, and pure laziness will not be inclined. He spoke to his classes with full approval, and never looked down upon them either; he saw us as friends. Mrs. Marcusky and Mrs. Beaton taught me that true friends are forever; never have I truly seen the two apart; their unconditional love for each other shows there are true best friends out there.Mrs. O’briant showed me that finding

humerous aspects in life are not bad whatso-ever. She truly cares for her students, and always lends a helping hand, showing to always help those in need. Her love for teaching has inspired me to try harder in school for myself and not only for my parents.Mr. West has taught me that teachers do have patience, and one must have that in order to be sane. This does not only apply for teachers, but for every individual. Mrs. Sellers taught me that beingcalm and serene is a great asset, and that being angry and violent is not a good way to live by at all. Breath, relax, think positive. Coach Roddy taught me that teachers love their students dearly. Not one day has gone by, when I see Coach Roddy, where he does not ask how I have been doing, how school is going, how life in general is. He has taught me to care and to love others; to have a big heart and to spread it. His heart has turned mine even bigger. Each of these teachers has not only taught me history and biology, government and economics, literature and video broadcasting, yet real life situations. These are not your teachers, class, yet are your mentors, your friends. This is your week, my class; the spotlight is yours. When I scan the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see laughter, I see amusement, I see merriment. I have gone to school with the most of you for over ten years now; friends have come and gone, yet I will always acknowledge this as the best class. We have experienced deaths, moves, hardships, and we have experienced college acceptance letters, passing grades, graduation, pro moments. My friends, we have spent these moments together, and even through the suffering times, I would never throw away these moments for anything. We have grown into who we are

VisionQuest April 2011

A big congratulations to Mrs. Webb: Woodstock’s Teacher of the Year!

“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.” -Henry Adams todaywith the help of our peers; I saw ten and eleven year old versions of you all, and can honestly say you have all turned into extremelymature and intelligent young adults. I believe you all can pursue whatever your hearts desire if you believe you can obtain that goal. Dedication, full comitment and the want is needed. My heart goes out to you, my peers. This is your year, my class; the spotlight is yours. I have aknowledged the chances that we will not keep in touch, we all will not go to our high school reunion, nor be the same exact person as we are today, but with this, I know they are all with good intentions. Teachers and peers will always have a heart for each other. We will forever be Woodstock Wolverines. When I proudly watch the class of 2011 at Woodstock High School, I see friends, I see a family, I see Woodstock Wolverines. We are Woodstock. This is your life, my class; the spotlight is yours.

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A Day in the Around Woodstock

VisionQuest April 2011

Fun Places to Venture to in TLP Resturant Reviews in TLP By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Ever had a boring, uneventful day while being placed in the Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock, area? It is quite obvious that every individual has; yet what s one poorly stricken soul to do on a mind-numbing, dreary afternoon? Towne Lake Parkway, or TLP, has numerous of places to enjoy on those dreaded days! First place is the commonly known Starbucks. To most individuals, coffee is the most significant part of any morning, and this building sees hundreds of people rising before the sun to prepare for said drink feast. From working on computer work inside with the free wireless connection, to simply reuniting with pals over a nice cup of coffee, it can be incredibly enjoyable for all. Most children are not prone to drinking coffee, yet never fear, Starbucks is one step ahead with a delicious hot chocolate as well as delicious treats including pastries, muffins and cupcakes! Yum! But this is not the only striking place! The AMF Woodstock Lanes have a lot to give. Woodstock’s bowling alley is a great place for thrill seekers for those of all ages! Opening at 12 and closing at 2 in the morning (on weekends), there will never be a standstill moment! From

the colorful, twisting bowling bowls, to the presentable borrowed shoes, to the loads of laughs, AMF Woodstock Lanes is full of amusement for those of all ages! For more of a crafty side, Earth Pain and Fire is the place! Earth Paint and Fire offers pottery, painting, and just a creative outlook! One can go with his or her family, or simply on his or her own to work on a masterpiece! For the underprivileged with no artistically bounded skills, they do offer “helpers” ranging to from stencils to photographs to individuals who will do the work for you for a small fee! Earth Pain and Fire is undoubtedly a place to visit for those with a die heart for art. Last, but certainly not least, GTC Cherokee 16 is a nice place to relax and enjoy a movie. From a special date, to taking the family out, every one of all ages will surely take pleasure in this establishment. One starts off by picking a movie he or she desires to see and looks suitable for him or her, ranging from horror, romantic, comedy, action and kids-flicks! From there, one goes to the snack bar and acquires whatever he or she wants ranging from nachos, sodas, water, candy, and unforgettable popcorn. From there, he or she is off to enjoy his or her movie; to sit back, relax and take pleasure in the show! Towne Lake Parkway may seem like a bore at times, yet in all reality, is extremely eventful! From the seasonal festive such as meeting Santa Claus, to the everyday buildings everyone passes daily, it can all be enjoyable! So if one is ready for a new spot to hang out with friends, or simply relax, Towne Lake is the perfect choice!

By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Bogey’s Sports Bar and Grille: “Awesome sports bar, great service, tons of tv. The staff is very friendly and will make sure you can enjoy watching your game. Every sports game imaginable, good beer and food make this place very comfortable to spend an nfl sunday.” Kays -Viperbite4 off of http://

La Parilla: “I’m pretty sure my meal was microwaved from earlier that day. I got the chicken poblanos and although the chicken was good, the poblano and the cheese seemed not so fresh. However, I had , jdthe churros and ice cream for dessert and that was delicious!” -Hannah L off of http:// www.u

Kayson’s Grille: “This is a modern sports bar that even has flat screen TVs at each table where you select the desired channel. We had lunch here and the food quality was better than typical sports bar fare, although the menu was fairly typical of this genre. The service was very good.”

Right Wing Tavern: “Very good wings, fries and tea. Homemade ranch dressing, not the cheap bottled kind, which is a big plus for me. Rest of the menu looks like standard American fare. Like the atmosphere and friendly staff. Will come back here more often.”

-RoswellDad off of http://

-Wes off of http://


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April 2011

Continue: Is Journalism A Revolution or A Fallen Industry? By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer ...Or items like The Kindle have been played out for easy storage turning from pounds to ounces. Not only are the convenient factors a great plus, but prices have plunged immensely causing average human beings to be able to afford such items. Senior James Scarborough stated, “I have five television sets in my house as well as three computers. It isn’t that we’re rich; it’s more of the fact that the prices are extremely affordable that my parents couldn’t pass such an offer!” On Black Friday, 2010, a new HP laptop cost almost $300 a 32 inch LCD television was priced at nearly $200 at WalMart; items like these could reach up to five hundred or even more! It is well known to see households with multiple televisions and computers to this day. Numerous newspaper companies have progressively declined, and many have gone out of business such as Rocky Mountain News, McClatchy Newspapers. Many newspaper businesses such as The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and The Boston Globe had the scare of shutdown, yet resulting in pay cuts and numerous staff members being fired. “I honestly have not picked up a newspaper in probably ten years when I was the age nine. That was just to look at the comics.”

Woodstock resident Corey Erwin explained, “Newspapers don’t interest me whatsoever, and I was never a big reader. I suppose others are like me in the sense, but why waste paper? We should realize that technology is a good factor, and to just take a stand against the companies.” Since the beginning, newspapers were always an important factor, yet declined as soon as technology was discovered, and vice versa, technology sky rocketed. Computers, televisions and even radios become modernized into what society expects to this day, unlike newspapers that still obtain the old-fashioned way to express the news. Senior Zack Goodwin exclaimed, “I DESPISE NEWSPAPERS! They bore me to death! I turn to technology because it conveys what I like and desire. I would rather read an article on my favorite band rather than politics.” Unlike Goodwin, there quite a few that believes the exact opposite on newspapers. Many individuals inquire the statement about the industry falling, and

Continue: Ledger Newspaper By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Not only is the Ledger News a more attractive paper, yet grabs reader’s attention quickly. The newspaper longs to reach out the public in order to hear their words and to fancy their likings from Man-on-the-Street to Pet of the Week! “We have am editorial [soapbox] which brings in readers to have our papers continue to strive. Our audience is more directed towards homeowners and the working class, more likely anyone but preteen. The community is in a state of flux; readers want to know about the three market P’s (PPP): their pocketbook, people around him or her and pads.”

The climb Caughman made to obtain a successful newspaper was hard, yet extremely accomplishing once the business is maintained. “One must be self financed and make critical sacrifices. They should question everything they are going to put themselves forth, such as why they should serve and do they really want to make such a sacrifice? They should study immensely before making such a commitment.” The newspaper industry shows struggling, yet in order for it to work, journalists must be dedicated and loyal to the business which the Ledger News Practices. With full determination and willingness, one can do whatever he or she puts his or her mind to, just like Caughman.

do not understand why the thought is even made. “I continuously read papers, almost every day in fact. [Why], they’re still in business are they not?” said Willow Ieveres, a resident in Acworth. Newspaper businesses continue to acquire money from donations, the money from their products as well as advertisements. Many business buy places in newspapers to hopefully obtain more residents to buy their products, resulting in giving money to the newspaper to help pay for printing and the pay - checks. Another positive aspect to the newspaper industry continuing to strive is the fact that the papers display so much information that televisions and the radio cannot! Headlines from sports, music, politics, daily news, celebrity gossip and more are presented in excellent detail for one to take as much as they desire! Not only is the information accurate and clear, but the diverse topics will interest everyone! Former Woodstock High School student Casey Doran explained, “My father reads the politics , my mother reads the weather

and gossip, my best friend reads the sports and I read the comics. We only have to use one newspaper for the four of us!” The vast amounts of topics are enjoyable for all readers interested in different subjects! The vivid description and wide variation of subjects are not the only pros to readers. The soapbox newspaper companies provide lets readers put their inputs into the paper on random topics such as how they feel about their neighbor, to how they feel on certain topics in the news, to anything their mind is on! “I remember putting in my input to the Paw Print [Woodstock High School’s newspaper] about the obnoxious freshmen this year. It got in!” exclaimed Mandy Johnson. Not only do the writers speak the news, but the readers have voices too! Individuals have different reviews on the subjects, yet from the extensive amounts of research, it is thought to actually occur; newspapers may cease to exist within the printing world in years to come. Although the touch of the paper, the ink stained on hands and the flipping of pages may end, newspaper will continue to strive; the ways television and the Internet display news that are similar to newspaper. Not only that, but many newspaper companies have in fact reverted to online. The turn from paper to technology is quite a change, and the fall of newspapers does not signify that it is an end for the business, yet a revolution in journalism.


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News Related

April 2011

A Basketball Game Victory Turns Into a Sudden Tragedy By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer A triumphit celebration turned into a horrid tragedy on Thursday, March 3rd 2011, at a Michigan high school when sixteen year old Wes Leonard suddenly collapsed on the basketball court, and shortly later died, after scoring the gamewinning shot in overtime having his team obtain a perfect season. Dr. David A Star, a forensic pathologist and medical examiner of Ottawa Couny, claims the cause of Leonard’s death was of cardiac arrect due to a dilated cardiomypath, also known as an enlarged heart . His score-bounded layup led the team winning with a perfect record; his teammates thrilled with the results. When he got into line to shake hands with the opponints, his team holding him up, and him starting to walk, he collapsed. Coaches and players rushed to Leonard who was lying on his back. No one knew why he had fallen. Individuals suspected the cause to be heat exhaustion, and rushed to try to cool Leonard down with ice packs while the ambulance came. The crowd was stunned and frightened; numerous people continued to cry and rushed to

their phones with such disbelief. The unforgetable triumph turned into a sudden tragedy in less that two minutes after. Paramedics performed CPR on Leonard and took him to a defbrillatoron the court. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, Holland Hospital, where he died only two hours later at 10:40. Sudden death in younger athletes is extremely rare, yet is an extensive concern among schools and professional organizations. According to a review published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common cause of sudden death for athletes with a quarter of the deaths, yet dialated cardiomyopathy was implicated in only 2.3 percent of athlete deaths. Leonard’s death was unknown yet it prevented his heart from efficiently pumping blood to the rest of the body. According to the Nation Institutes of Health, the risk factors can include ciatamin or minderal deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease or a family history of it, and the use of certain drugs or medication. According to a cardiac electrophysiologist at the Cardiovasular Genetics Program at NYU Langone Medical center, Dr. Steven Fowler, thirty percent of dialted cardiomyopathy cases are inherited. Symptoms like shortness or

breath, rapid and irregular pulse, chestpain and faintness are unnoticable and develop over time, but can be extremely severe once happening. 350,000 human beings die at sudden each year in the United States; at most time, people having the least amount of symptoms are at most risk. Awarness about sudden cardiac death is extremely important. Once dialted cardiomyopathy is found, it can be treated by using drugs that lower blood pressure or dilate the blood vessels. One particular reason for the death is the rarity of sudden death from all cardiovascular cause among young athletes, the prevalence only being 0.5 percent. Dr. Paul Thomspon, director of cardiology and the athletes’ heart program at Harford Hospital in Connecticut claims it is highly unlikely that a routine physical exam would have retrieved information on Leonard’s condition. “If there’s a family history, it’s detectable. If not, it’s not.” Dr. Paul Thompson states. “We see people who feel totally fine, and then all of a sudden they get sick and their heart dialtes up. It can happen very, very quickly. It comes out of the blue.” A week before the incident, Leonard sufferend from the flu and was recovering. “That’s the classic story. Kid gets a bad case of the flu, they come back, and

the don’t feel quite the same,”Thompson explains. “If he was screened at the start of [the’ season, it might not have been detected. I can happen within two weeks.” The flu can cause inflammation of the heart, also known as myocarditis, which weakens the musles walls causes dialted cardiomyopathy. Lary Gilbert, coach of one of Fennville’s biggest competitiors, Gobles High School, said Leonard’s intions was to become a Division 1 athlete. “And he took care of his body; he worked out, he knew what he has to.” Stated shocked Gilbert. “When I coached against him, I was trying to figure out to stop him, but it was so exciting to see him play, I’d have to keep my thoughts together to not get too wrapped up in watching him play.” As individuals continue to mourn the unforgettable player, teammate, pal, boyfriend, brother and son, they still remember the times that render their heart the most: his dedication, love and powerfulness. Cardiac arrest is a serious condition that can happen to individuals of any age, as young as fourteen year old wrestler Nathaniel Hernandez, who attended Fennville as well, who died in January of 2010 following a seizure. Awarness is key to a healthy life, and playing safe can save it too.

Westboro Church: Can One Take the First Admendment to Far? By: Sarah Muncy Staff Writer Followers believe that every disaster in the world is caused by homosexuality, which they consider a capital crime. Followers believe that every disaster in the world is caused by homosexuals and American’s tolerance towards them, therefore dooming America. WBC also expresses great resentment towards the Catholic Church because of a sexual abuse scandal. While Pope Benedict XVI was in New York for a papal visit, church members protested calling the pope “godfather of pedophiles” and “pervert pope.” Other religions WBC stands against are Eastern Orthodox for their use of icons, Islam because Phelps thought “Mohammed was a demonpossessed pedophile who contrived a 300-page work of satanic fiction”, and Hinduism for their belief in more than one god, and Judaism because of their support for same sex marriage. Although WBC does not consider themselves racist, they have criticized specific nations such as Italy calling them “monster-breeding perverts.” Because the church is very determined that their way of life is the only way to salvation, they have no tolerance for any diversity. WBC thinks anyone that does not share their beliefs or follow their strict rules is going to be cast into hell for eternity with no chance

of being saved. The WBC spends an excessive amount of time and money to protest. Phelps and his followers picket six locations every day. They have conducted over 41,000 protests in all 50 states and spend over 200,000 dollars on travel expenses annually. Although picketing is a harmless form of protesting the messages on the signs are offensive and hurtful to almost everyone but themselves. Some infamous ones include “god hates fags,” “thank god for 9/11,” “America is doomed,” “pray for more dead soldiers,” and “god hates the U.S.” Members of the church like to picket these signs anywhere where they think gays or gay supporters are including high schools, other churches, Jewish sites, and even funerals. WBC does not care about any other being’s thoughts or feelings; they will do anything necessary to get their message across no matter what emotional distress it may cause to the victims of these cruel messages. The church’s community has gone so far that citizens are taking a stand against them all. Albert Snyder, a father of a fallen US marine, is asking the Supreme Court to uphold a 10.9 million dollar verdict, now reduced to five million by the court, for premeditated infliction of

emotional grief and invasion of privacy through protests surrounding his son’s funeral. Signs stating ‘Thank God For Fallen Soldiers’, ‘You’re Going to Hell’ and ‘Thank God for IEDs’ (Improvised Explosive Devise) were a horrifying display at Snyder’s only son’s memorial service. Pastor Phelps stated that the first amendment, free speech, protected their right to protest, and that their speech at the funeral was not forthwith directed at Snyder’s son, nor was their speech outrageous enough to cause emotional harm. The hearings took place on October 6th, 2010 with numerous pedestrians outside, including WBC’s community picketing signs. A daunting image was seen when a boy at the age of nine held a sign as high as he could reading ‘God Hates You’. Numerous other citizens, mostly college students, displayed their petitioning side against the WBC including a freshmen student at George Washington who undressed himself to his boxers, and held a sign on his own: ‘Fred Phelps Wished He Were Hot like Me’ causing delight to the distraught general public. Inside the court room, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg confronted Snyder’s declare of invasion of privacy. She stated that even under Maryland’s funeral-

picketing decree, which was passed after Matthew’s funeral, the Phelps were not breaking any laws. The WBC had checked with the law enforcement on how far from the church they ought to position, and left roughly around the moment the memorial service began. Later, Phelps’ daughter Margie Phelps, an attorney representing Westboro, was challenged. The Justice thought about whether Westboro’s hatred speech should be eligible as “fighting words,” which are not sheltered by the First Amendment, and wondered why Snyder should not be permitted to an emotional-distress claim, since he had suffered physical injury; at the trial, Snyder’s doctors confirmed that the stress caused at his son’s funeral had worsened his diabetes. The facts went back and forth to only have the Supreme Court questioning the different possibilities to the case: does the right of Snyder to bury his son in peace and pride overrule the First Amendment right of the Westboro Baptist members to strike against the funeral and exclaim vile words? Does the explicit aim of Snyder’s dead Marine son display direct harassment and cross the line from political speech? Is the deceased soldier a confidential individual, focus to additional protections than a public human being, or does the actuality that his memorial service was exposed to the public in the obituary page of a newspaper eliminate those protections?


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