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Vic for a Cure Newsletter

Issue III|  November  2013  



Upcoming Events:

News in Research

Hospitals : steps closer to providing personalized treatment   for cancer patients.   New biomarker for oral cancer   found in University of Toronto Research Lab  



Movember Pub Night: Who can grow their moustache or leg hair the longest? Come out to find out!

December Ribbon Memorial Campaign


Honour loved ones who have fought or are fighting cancer: add their name and/or a message of hope to our Holiday tree starting December!


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What is Vic for a Cure? Vic for a Cure is a club dedicated to raising awareness on the profound and universal impact of cancer around the world. We organize various programs, services, and events throughout the school year, including blood drives, socials, fundraisers, workshops, volunteer trips and support groups.


YOU can participate! Join as a general member or just subscribe to our listserv to receive updates about volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.


How was YOUR midterm season? Find out about ours on page

3 _________________ Contact Us! Club Heads: Sarah MacIsaac and Sienna DiGiuseppe

Vic for  a  Cure  Newsletter        

Issue III|  November   2013  


Since 2004, men and women around the world have been putting away their razors during the month of November, to raise awareness and funds for Men's health issues;   including prostate and other male cancers. Vic wants YOU to join us in our tradition of participating in this fun but nevertheless   important initiative! Post your before and after pictures of your facial hair, leg hair, armpit hair (no- we're not kidding!) on Vic for a Cure's Movember Facebook Page! On   this page you can also stay posted about our other Movember events, including   Moustache cookie decorating, Moustache trivia, and our Pub Night on November 28!  


Ribbon Memorial Campaign


The holidays are a time during which families come together, joy and generosity run rampant, and hope often surmounts desolation, even when times get tough. The holidays are thus a wonderful time to honour the lives of loved ones lost, loved ones that are survivors, and loved ones that are currently fighting cancer. Vic for a Cure is bringing together our student community, and encouraging students to participate in our Ribbon Memorial Campaign! Write the name and/or a message of hope and inspiration on a ribbon to be hung on our Holiday tree, and get a head start on your holiday shopping by purchasing a PMH teddy bear!

Vic for  a  Cure  Newsletter  

Issue III|  November   2013  


How Vic for a Cure made the most of   Midterm Season    

CIBC Run for the Cure     On October 6 2013, Vic students ran/walked 5km in the CIBC Run for the   Cure, raising money and support for the   Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!     must say, we ran/walked our way And we to   success! Our team raised$800! Thank you to everyone who came out to support   this event!        

Vic Blood Drive: Approximately every minute of the day, a Canadian is in need of blood. Vic students showed their support and willingness to help save lives during our seasonal blood drive. Thank you for the great turnout! :) To find out how you can donate blood today, visit < Internet/UW_V502_MainEngine.nsf/ page/Home?OpenDocument>. Remember, we will be hosting another blood drive this February!


Vic for  a  Cure  Newsletter  

Issue III|  November   2013  


Cancer in  the  News  



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New Biomarker for Oral Cancer Found at the University of Toronto

Paul Walfish (Department of Medicine) and Ranju Ralhan (Department of Otolaryngology) have   discovered a protein with the capacity to predict   future malignancy of oral lesions. Oral cancer is currently the most prevalent in Asia, and many   oral cancers can become aggressive and hard to target fast! The biomarkers found not only may aid   in predicting malignancy, but also will give   doctors a better understanding of how a specific patient's tumour might grow and behave; a key   step in implementing personalized cancer   treatment options.

Find the UToronto news article here:

Emergence of Individualized and Cost-Effective Cancer Treatment Options Researchers in Germany have developed an automated medication benefit analysis system called "DiagnoSYS". Currently, many treatment options for patients involve combinations of chemotherapy drugs and treatments, responses to which are not often consistent amongst patients. Traditional tests to determine a patient's compatibility with given treatment options are expensive and time consuming. The adaptability and increased efficacy of DiagnoSYS is expected to resolve these problems, and improve the cancer-care approach for many doctors around the world!

Find the Science Daily news article here: 102204.htm

Vic for a Cure Newsletter Issue 3  

Fall 2013

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