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What is the Level 2 Programme like? The Level 2 Programme at Carmel College has been designed to offer students a second opportunity to gain the basic qualifications they need as a pathway to “A” Level courses here at Carmel or elsewhere, or as a pathway to employment, training or to vocational courses linked to a specific career. The course provides the opportunity to retake some GCSE subjects with the aim of gaining at least a “C” grade, which is the minimum grade usually accepted by employers. In addition, there is a range of new subjects to add more challenge and variety to the programme. Some students are allowed to study an “AS” subject in addition to their Level 2 programme, but this is only in cases where the student has shown a genuine talent by achieving a very good grade in the GCSE examinations. A skills assessment is carried out at the start of the autumn term in English and Maths and, where appropriate, a place is offered on a Numeracy or Literacy course.

Level 2 Programme WHAT WILL I STUDY?

meet the students JOEL UNSWORTH Home Educated

Studying: Level 2 Literacy, GCSE ICT, GCSE Maths

Level 2 teaches you the basics that you need in order to follow on to higher education. As well as studying you can also do other activities and go on lots of trips at Carmel. I have taken guitar for Enrichment and I’ve been on a trip to Cadbury World. Carmel is a really friendly environment where you can meet lots of new people and the teachers are very supportive. I hope to do an A’ Level course after I complete my Level 2.

You will choose your programme of study depending on the GCSE results you gain. If you have not achieved at least a “C” grade in English Language and Maths, you are strongly recommended to retake both of these subjects, as many employers regard them as vital qualifications, when recruiting staff. If the chance of achieving a good pass grade seems very remote, or even highly unlikely, you will have the opportunity to follow a Numeracy and/or Literacy course at Level 1 or 2, to ensure that you gain a creditable, recognised qualification in these two key areas. We currently offer the following courses: • GCSE Maths • Numeracy (Levels 1 & 2) • GCSE English Language • Literacy (Levels 1 & 2) • GCSE Science • BTEC Certificate in Business Specialist topics include customer service, personal and business finance, bookkeeping, business administration, office systems, online business, enterprise, marketing and consumer rights. • BTEC Certificate in Creative Media Production. This course allows you to develop the research skills involved in all media production and gives an insight into various employment opportunities.

Units may include interactive media production, animation techniques and advertising production. • BTEC Certificate in I.T. This option offers units in practical ICT skills such as installing software, setting up an I.T. network, database systems, website development, business IT skills and doing business online. The specific combination is agreed with you when your GCSE grades are known.

WHERE DOES THE LEVEL 2 PROGRAMME LEAD? Throughout the course much guidance is provided and you will be encouraged to research the different alternatives available. Many students opt to apply to continue their studies at Carmel. If this is the case, the student is interviewed and a place may be offered, on condition the student achieves GCSE grades that are good enough to allow for progression to an “A” Level programme of study. Other students decide that a better route for them to follow is to take up a training course or apprenticeship in a specific career area. If this is the case, there are support systems in place to help the student through the application process and to help them prepare for interview. Other students decide that it is time for them to seek permanent employment. Here again, the student can expect help and impartial guidance when pursuing this goal.

What support will I receive? Your Personal Tutor is responsible for all aspects of the Level 2 Programme. This person will watch over you during the one-year course and will liaise with all subject tutors to ensure that subject targets are being met, that homework is being completed to the required standard, that all lessons are attended and that you are making the progress you should be making. Pam Milligan is the Aimhigher Officer who will provide a range of additional study support on a one-to-one basis or to the group as a whole.



We ask that you have a minimum of 2 Grade “D” GCSE examinations to embark on the Level 2 programme.

That’s easy. Speak to your subject tutor. Show them what you have tried. You will get extra help from them. You may also wish to contact any of the support tutors who are able to offer assistance in all the Level 2 subjects we provide.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET A TOP GRADE IN ONE GCSE? We have allowed students to do a mixed course, enabling them to take an “AS” course in the subject in which they have a true talent.

WHAT IF I GET INTO A MESS WITH ALL MY SUBJECTS? Again, that’s easy. Speak to your Personal Tutor. There’s no problem or issue we don’t know about. We believe that all problems can be overcome once the right solution has been found.

meet the students LUCY BARNES St Cuthbert’s

Studying: GCSE ICT (Dual Award), GCSE Maths, GCSE Science I love the atmosphere in all my classes. The teachers are friendly and helpful and never refuse to help with anything. I know there are tutorials available if I find myself struggling with certain subjects. You get more freedom at college and everyone is here to study which creates a positive atmosphere. I’ve met some amazing people at Carmel, friends and tutors. So far the highlight of studying at Carmel was getting a grade A in my ICT exam. It felt good to know that all my hard work had paid off!

What support will I receive? We work closely with Connexions and many other external agencies, to ensure that the right kind of advice about employment and training is provided. You can expect to get additional study support from all your subject tutors if you have any problems with homework tasks you receive. We can also provide you with help to improve study skills, essay writing techniques, examination preparation and organisational skills. In short, we are willing to provide whatever support you, or we, think is necessary to help you gain the grades you desire to lead on to the next stage of your career.

Frequently Asked Questions SUPPOSE THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE OUTSIDE COLLEGE? If they are having an effect on your work at college, you should speak about them.You will find your Personal Tutor and all your subject tutors good listeners, who can offer good advice on many matters.

WILL I BE ABLE TO MIX WITH FRIENDS DOING OTHER COURSES? Yes, you will. There will be plenty of opportunities to socialise in college. There are activities open to all students, regardless of the programme they are following.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A GAP IN MY LESSONS DURING THE DAY? As long as your work and homework are upto-date and completed to the standard required, you are free to use any extra time in college as you will. There are always plenty of computers for you to use, either to word process assignments or to carry out research on the Internet for a specific subject. There are newspapers and magazines for you to read in the Library. You can try out some of the equipment in the college gym. You can spend a little quiet time in the Chaplaincy. You may even find the time to socialise with friends.

Contact Us Admissions Department Carmel College Prescot Road St Helens Merseyside WA10 3AG Tel: 01744 452214 or 01744 452212 Email:

Need more information? If you think there is a possibility that your GCSE grades will not be good enough, for whatever reason, to enable you to progress onto an “AS� course, then you should seriously consider the Level 2 Programme. Simply contact Carmel College and ask for an appointment to discuss your circumstances.

Carmel College Level 2 Programme Information  
Carmel College Level 2 Programme Information  

Carmel College Level 2 Programme Information