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Innovation and Invention Product flops Sarah Olsen

Sony Betamax What is the Sony Betamax? The Sony Betamax was a videocassette magnetic tape, that you could use to watch films and record. This was released on May 10, 1975.

Why did it fail in the market? The Sony Betamax failed because it had competition. The VHS was invented and over 40 companies decided to run with the VCRcompatible format instead. Also, the cost of the VHS was a lot cheaper than the Betamax.

What is Friendster? Friendster, is a social networking program that you can and add and find your friends. It beat out MySpace for a whole year, then it was not existing.

Why did this fail ? Friendster failed because Facebook was introduced and MySpace became more popular again. “Now friendster is irrelevant, almost a joke.” Also, friendster was contently slow because it couldn’t keep up with the capacity of people that were on it. So it often crashed which made people turn to MySpace or Facebook.

Apple Pippin What is the Apple Pippin ? The Apple Pippin, was a machine that could play CD’S, also as a network computer. I had standard video output so it could also work with a TV set. It came in two colours greyish black and white.

Why did the Apple Pippin fail ? When it was released (1995) into the world. The market world already had the Sega Saturn, Playstation and Nintendo64. 42,000 units were sold, at $599.

Earring Magic Ken What is the Earring Magic Ken ? Earring Magic Ken is a model of the Ken doll introduced by Mattel, In the early 90s. There were 6 different dolls made. Ken had blonde highlights in his from brown. His outfits were more unique than normal. Lavender vest, and also a earring in his left ear.

Why did Earring Magic Ken fail ? This doll failed because when the doll was released into the market parents thought that it symbolized a “gay� Ken doll. Also, this doll brought controversy to the media The New York Times, CNN, and talk-show host Jay-Leno saw this doll as a symbol of shifting gender, sexual identities and Values. This led Mattel to discontinue the doll from stores.

~ New coke ~ What is “New coke”? New coke was the reformulation of CocaCola introduced in 1985 by The Coca-Cola Company to replace the original formula of Coke. It was known as “ the new taste of Coca-Cola” until they renamed it Coca-Cola II in 1992.

Why did the New Coke fail? From the start the New Coke had a negative response from the public. Everyone who drank Coca-Cola , thought there was nothing wrong with the old coke.. So they thought “New Coke” wasn’t going to make a change.

5 Products I feel that will NOT be successful.

Part 2

SpraySpray-On Fabric What is spray on-fabric? Spray-on fabric is something that high fashion people are using. The product was formed in The Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College in London . There has been two prototypes with different types of fibres from natural to synthetic. Also, by adding smells and colours. The technology has been developed for use in household, industrial, personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion applications using aerosol cans or spray-guns, and will soon be found in products available everywhere.

Why do I think this will fail? I think this will fail because realistically who is going to wear or buy this? Maybe in high fashion they might want to wear it our buy it for the runaway but in reality no one would want to wear this. Another reason why I think this will fail is because it looks like its easy to rip or just over a time period it could start to come off and you’re with whatever you had on before. Also, I think this product would be way to expensive to purchase just to wear for only a day. I don’t think Spray-On Fabric will “stick” in the market.

The Straddling Bus What is The Straddling Bus ? The first time this idea was brought up was at the Beijing International High-tech Expo. The Straddling Bus is a 4-4.5 m high with two levels: passengers board on the upper level while other vehicles lower than 2 m can go through under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can speed up to 60 km/h carrying 1200-1400 passengers at a time . This concept was proposed by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. They claim it to be a cheaper, greener and faster way to commute to where ever there going. Why do I think The Straddling Bus is going to fail? I think this bus is going to fail because its going to cost Beijing a lot of money to put it all together. It might be really big at first but then the wow factor could burn out and then not a lot of people ride it. Then what do they do? Another reason why this might fail is because what happens if there is a car accident underneath and the police or whoever can’t get to it because there is a big bus over top of it. That is why I think the Straddling Bus will fail.

U|ÉVÉâàâÜx What is Bio Couture ? Bio Couture is ˆresearch project harnessing nature to propose a radical future fashion vision.˜ By testing and using microbial−cellulose, and growing it in a laboratory, to produce clothing. The creator of this project is Suzanne Lee. Also a Senior Research at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Her mission is to grow a full length dress.

Why do I think Bio Couture will fail? I think this product will fail because its made out of bacteria. Not a lot of people would normally want to wear bacteria on them. This could go big in high fashion but street wear I don’t think it would do so well. Also, what happens if it gets wet, it could just become slimy and fall off or leave residue on your skin. Another reason why I don’t think this will work is because it could grow bacteria on the bacteria and lead to unknown diseases.

microbial− microbial−cellulose.

Square What is the Square? The Square is a device that you can plug into your Iphone or Ipod. It is a tiny magnetic card reader that attaches to your device . This Square lets anyone process credit cards. You can sign on the screen and a receipt is sent to your e-mail. This can help with small businesses.

Why I think the Square will fail? I think the square will fail because someone could just swipe money off peoples cards very easily. I also think that it might cost more to invest in this because the transaction fee is about $3.00 every time it is used. Another reason why I think this will fail is because the customers might not trust this little device. It might look like a scam to them.

Body Powered Devices What is the Body Powered Devices? This year, Michael McAlpine of Princeton University and colleagues figured out how to turn locomotion into power by embedding piezoelectric crystals into a flexible, biocompatible rubber like material that, when bent, allows the crystals to produce energy. This is a product created by Orange. They introduced a prototype rubber boots that convert heat into current. In Paris, engineers have captured the warmth generated by bodies on the MĂŠtro subway to heat a publichousing project on Rue Beaubourg.

Why do I think this will fail? I think this will fail because eit takes 12 hours of walking to charge a cell phone for an hour. I don’t think idea will stick because every time you want to charge something you would have to wear these boots that aren't that fashionable

Product Flops  

Innovation and Invention. What fails and why?

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