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Industrial Design ENDS 115

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Sara Adolph

Texas A&M University College of Architecture 832 533 0236

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The design developed from the shape of a snail. This represents my deliberation and perseverance. This also resembles a leaf causing a ripple in water. This illustrates my serene nature and motion through life. 1

Industrial Design

This piece of furniture serves as both a bookshelf, desk, and chair. While both shelves are placed against a wall (as in the above photo), it is used merely as a bookshelf. However, if you slide out the bottom shelf (photo to the right), the bottom shelf becomes a bench and the top shelf becomes a desk. To design utilizes a 4 X8 sheet of plywood and usees natural connections. 2


The microdwelling is located in Honolulu Hawaii. The windows are arranged to have a view of the beach, with a voltaic awning for shading and energy production.


This intent of the design was to use the minimal square footage to create a comfortable living space. To do this, a lofted bed rests above a study area and closet. The kitechen is just large enough to comfortable walk through and cook in- containing an oven, sink, stovetop, and refigerator and freezer. The bathroom contains a shower, toilet, and counter with sink.


ENDS 115 Assorted works


The primary goal in the design of this house was to integrate nature with the home, utilize feng shui, and create an environment friendly, sustainable dwelling. The house is centered around a courtyard and contains a multitude of windows viewing the lake. The green roof, which provides natural cooling, is located above the living room and can be accessed through the yoga room. In addition, the entire house is wheelchair accessible.



thank you.


A compilation of projects from the first semester of freshman year in ENDS.

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