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To The Editor, Saptarishis Astrology Sir, We enclose herewith a detailed article on Jaimini's Upapada for publication, if that meets your standards. Upapada Sutras by Shri. Jaimini are drafted for male nativities. Modern day females have right to select /reject/divorce their husbands on various grounds of disharmony, physical, mental or sexual disabilities. Looking into the needs of modern times, we were desperate that Upadesha Sutras become applicable to female charts also. After years of experimentation we discovered “Agra” (A¢) sign, for finding Upapada for female charts. Thus

“%ppd< pd< ipÇnucrat!“, of male natives becomes “%ppd< pd< ipÇ¢at!.“ for females. With this modification, now Upapada Sutras become applicable with full force to charts of both sexes. We do not have facility of computers to check the accuracy of charts used in the article. We entirely depend on charts available in books and journals. Kindly check them, if you so desire. Sincerely yours.

(Jagdish Raj Ratra) A-2, Rishi Nagar, Delhi 110 034. (India)

Word of Appreciation Jaimini Sutras have always been enshrouded in mystery, for long due to the very nature of sutras, which by their very nature are very brief. Upapada (%ppd) or Gaunapada (gaE[pd) is one such factor that has always been subject to multiplicity of opinion amongst scholars. The mystery here is about what the sage meant when he talked of pitranucaraat (ipÇnucrat! ). Some scholars opine that it is the 12th bhava while some say that since the 2nd bhava rises after the Lagna bhava on the horizon one should treat the 2nd bhava as the Gauna bhava

(gaE[Éav), whose pada can be called the upapada. Then some opine that for odd rasis rising as lagna one should treat the 2nd as the Gauna bhava (gaE[Éav) and for even rasis the 12th should be considered the Gauna bhava

(gaE[Éav), whose pada shall be called upapada. There are some scholars who claim that for female this should be reversed as is done in case of Putra bhava (puÇÉav) for Stree jataka (female astrology). Some scholars have another explanation for the word pitranucaraat (ipÇnucrat! ). They say that the word Pitra (ipÇ) is not to be interpreted by “katapayaadi” (kqpyadI) decryption method but to be taken to indicate the bhava of Pita that is father and hence it is the Gauna bhava (gaE[Éav) of the 9th bhava which is to be taken as the bhava whose pada shall lead to Upapada. Each of these arguments has its own distinct logic. It is then no wonder that most astrologers keep away from the Jaimini sutras as these complexities are too much for them. Jagdish Raj Ratra has taken great pains to unravel this aspect of Jaimini sutras and given a new direction to the whole method of calculation of upapada and shown here how the principles of sage Jaimini can be applied with the help of numerous charts. We hope that this article will help give a new insight into the application of Jaimini principles, to our learned readers and encourage them to carry out more research in this, least understood and most talked about, branch of Vedic astrology. Copy Editor: Chandrashekhar Sharma. 856

Upapada: The Ultimate Determinant Of Family & Marriage Life

A Novel Exposition By Jagdish Raj Ratra, India Copy Editor: Chandrashekhar Sharma Readership Level: Scholars


n arranged marriages Matching of Horoscopes ranges from fashion to necessity. Koot Milan is done from Nakshatra-Padas of would be brides and grooms. Some experts perform 'Graha Milan', yet the future spousal life remains a mystery or rather a Lottery.

The Rishis of yore solved this problem of uncertainty. They developed a system, whereby from horoscope of a groom, harmony and turmoil of Conjugal Life, Virtues and distractions of wife, the number of children she will bear, the number of co-born she has, (the Mayaka of her root family) could be predicted. The method was through Upapada Kundali. By certain rules, one of the houses in male horoscope was chosen as reference to lagna which was called 'Upapada'. Shri Jaimini, whose Sutras are like an ocean in a

Jagdish Raj Ratra is B.Com (hons) L.L.B Fellow (F.I.I) worked in Insurance Sector (LIC Of India) for 38 years. He has been dedicated to serious study in astrology since last few decades. He retired in Feb 1996, has special interest in Jaimini Astrology. He Researches on a) Why there are 150 nadis in a sign and what is the span of each nadi b) What is their importance and its contribution in natives age span?

cup, define Upapada - upapadaM (%ppd<), padaM (pd<), pitranucaraat (ipÇnucrat! ). This contains three key words - (1) Pitree (ipt&), (2) Anuchara (Anucr), and (3) Padam (pd<). If we can understand them, we shall know Upapada. A little review of these magic words is necessary. Padam (pd<) or Aroodha (AaêF) is known to all students of astrology. (yavdIzaïy< pd\]a[am!²) "As far as a Sign-lord is away from its sign that far away is the “Padam” from the sign-lord., is the basic rule, e.g. Mars, the lord of Mesha rasi, if placed in Simha, (Mesha to Simha are five signs) which is five signs away from Mesha, counting again the five signs ahead including Simha i.e. Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrishchika and Dhanu, are five signs. Thus, 857

Dhanu is Aroodha of Mesha, whose lord occupies the fifth house from it. This rule is applicable to all non-kendra placement of sign lords. Special Rules: (1) svasthe daaraaH.(SvSwe dara>,) & (2) sutasthe janmaH.




daaraaH (dara>) is plural of (the word) daaraa (dara). So, it refers to more than one sign or bhava. Sva (Sv) has more than one meaning. (i) Swa is own. (ii) Putting numerical value to Swa is 4. (iii) Dara's numerical value is, Da = 8. Ra = 2. If written in speaking order, it is 28. expunging multiples of 12, we get 4. [Having collected the numbers from the letters used, we have to reverse them. Then divide the same figure by twelve, and obtain the remainder. Thus the word daaraa (dara) stands for 28 divided by 12, it stands for the figure 4 indicating 4th house.] If Simha lord is placed in his own sign, there is zero gap between sign and sign lord, in terms of signs. Rishi says extend this gap to 4 signs, eg. If Mars is in Mesha, its pada is in Kataka. The second connotation is that, if that gap between sign and sign lord is four signs, [then also extend to another further a total of four signs], to get Aroodha, eg. If Mars, the Lord of Mesha is placed in Cancer, count four signs away [from Kataka] which is Tula, which is Aroodha of Mesha. These are special rules for [concerned] sign lord's placement in first Kendra, but second Kendra placement from his sign comes under general rules to which one sign reduction is applicable in Aroodha to retro lords of Pitree, Agrachara and Anuchara signs. sutasthe janmaH. (sutSwe jNm>,) is special rule for placement of sign lord in the 3rd Kendra to his sign. The word Suta (sut) is seven, and the word Janma (jNm) is ten, numerically, under katapayadi paddhati. This rule says, if sign lord is placed in seventh from its sign, though gap is seven signs, extend it ten signs ahead to reach the Aroodha. This is the rule for third Kendra placement. To the fourth Kendra placement general rule is applicable, as no specific rule has been framed. These Kendra placement rules override vriddha karikas and their followers. Rishi rejects them. Summary of Padas: Placement of Sign Lord First House Seventh House Second House Eighth House Third House Ninth House Fourth House Tenth House Fifth House Eleventh House Sixth House Twelfth House

Aroodha of Sign Fourth House Fourth House Third House Third House Fifth House Fifth House Seventh House Seventh House Ninth House Ninth House Eleventh House Eleventh House

This summary of padas (Aroodhas) is valid where Lagna degrees and Planet degrees are not available. Wherever this information is available the padas are calculated by formula: Pada = Sphuta (degrees) of bhava lord X 2 – Bhava sphuta. Under special rules, simply add 90°, 120°, 180° etc. to the bhava sphuta to get the Pada.


Pitree (ipt&) is a key word in definition. Almost all scholars have put numerical value of Pitree (ipt&) condensed to one i.e. rising Lagna [bhava]. A careful study of Jaimini Sutras will reveal that, his predictions on Jataka are not based on rising lagna but, on derived lagnas such as seven karakamsha lagnas, twelve Aroodha Lagnas, [including one Upapada-Lagna], Varnada Lagna, Gulika etc. Bhavesha Ashraya Raashi (Éavez Aaïy razI that is the Rashi that gives shelter to the Bhava lord) is very significant in Aroodha system. Here rising lagna is subordinate to the sign of placement for Lagna Lord, because the placement sign is the place in the horoscope from where it shall discharge its horoscopic duties by aspects and other relationships. Hence, placement sign is called Pitree (ipt&) Bhava. (Éavezae yÇ itóit s> ipt&,). This concept has given excellent results in age calculations, in thousands of horoscopes. Anuchara (Anucr) is the one that follows the person ahead of him. Suppose A, B, C three persons are standing in queue. A is first in queue, B second, and C as third. Hence B is anuchara of A. C is anuchara of B. A is leader of (A¢cr) of B. B is Agrachara (A¢cr) of C. Applying this logic to signs that rise in the east. Suppose Mesha is rising in the East, whose Agrachara (A¢cr) was Mina. When it passes off, Vrishabha shall follow as Anuchara (Anucr). We shall chart the odd signs as per Praachi VrittiH Vishameshu' (àacIv&ÄI iv;me;u). For odd signs: Agrachara

sign Pitree sign


(A¢cr razI)

(ipt& razI)

(Anucr razI)

12 Pisces 2 Taurus 4 Cancer 6 Virgo 8 Scorpio 10 Capricorn

1 Aries 3 Gemini 5 Leo 7 Libra 9 Sagittarius 11 Aquarius

2 Taurus 4 Cancer 6 Virgo 8 Scorpio 10 Capricorn 12 Pisces


For Even signs: REVERSE ORDER. Parävåtyotareñu (prav&Tyaetre;u). AgraChara sign Pitree sign

Anuchara sign

(A¢cr razI)

(ipt& razI)

(Anucr razI)

3 Gemini 5 Leo 7 Libra 9 Sagittarius 11 Aquarius 1 Aries

2 Taurus 4 Cancer 6 Virgo 8 Scorpio 10 Capricorn 12 Pisces

1 Aries 3 Gemini 5 Leo 7 Libra 9 Sagittarius 11 Aquarius

Merging the two groups, we get Anuchara and Agrachara signs as under: Pitree sign


sign Anuchara sign

(ipt& razI)

(A¢cr razI)

(Anucr razI)

1 Aries 2 Taurus 3 Gemini

12 Pisces 3 Gemini 2 Taurus

2 Taurus 1 Aries 4 Cancer 859

4 Cancer 5 Leo 6 Virgo 7 Libra 8 Scorpio 9 Sagittarius 10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius 12 Pisces

5 4 7 6 9 8 11 10 1

Leo Cancer Libra Virgo Sagittarius Scorpio Aquarius Capricorn Aries

3 Gemini 6 Virgo 5 Leo 8 Scorpio 7 Libra 10 Capricorn 9 Sagittarius 12 Pisces 11 Aquarius

Anuchara sign (Anucr razI) is relevant for male nativity and Agrachara sign (A¢cr razI) for female nativity. As per Vedic tradition, wife is Anuchara (follower or one who walks behind) of husband, and Husband is (leader or one who walks ahead) Agrachara. Having understood Pitree, Anuchara and Padam, we can easily locate Upapada in any horoscope. Please note, in Aroodha, no distinction is made between even and odd signs. Their count is always forward. If a bhava lord is retrograde, such retrogration needs special attention and are subject in themselves, as explained herein after. Sri Jaimini gives following Sutras. papSy papyaege àìJya darnazae va, (Paapasya Paapayoge pravajyaa Daara Naasho Vaa.) (J.S. 01.04.05.) na AÇ rvI> pap>,

(Na Atra RaviH PaapaH.) (J.S. 01.04.03.)

zuɆgyaegat! n,

(Shubha Drug Yogaat Na.) (J.S. 01.04.04.)

nIce darnaz>, (Neece Daara NaashaH.) (J.S. 01.04.05.) %½E b÷dara>,

(Ucche Bahu DaaraH.) (J.S. 01.04.06.)

In a nutshell, benefics by aspect (Jaiminian Aspects) and conjunction on Upapada, or its lord, blesses native with blissful married life. While malefics create differences, tensions, quarrels, disloyalty and even divorce. It has been observed that, Ketu by aspect or conjunction on Upapada or its lord, denies marriage. If benefics force marriage. Ketu kills spouse or destroys marriage, while other malefics create disharmony. Practical utility of Upapada is available in the following horoscope discussed by late Dr. B. V. Raman, at page 760, of October 1986 issue of [The] Astrological Magazine. In this piece Raman gives instance of his flop interpretation of Kalatra Bhava of one Sri Acharya of Tirupati at Allahabad in March 1938. How is my Kalatra Bhava? was asked by 48 years old Acharya. Mr. Raman writes - my analysis was simple following Parashara. The lord of the seventh house Sun is in Kendra in association with Jupiter and Mercury and otherwise un-afflicted. Depositor of Sun, Mars is exalted, but in the twelfth house with Venus and Ketu, aspected by Lagna lord Saturn. Thus, while the seventh house is somewhat afflicted, there is no denial of marriage. Since Moon is in a malefic sign and aspected by Saturn and Mars. This makes you impulsive and quarrelsome. Due to this, your wife could have left or died. The Acharya became furious and remarked that, he took pity on his knowledge. He said, "No astrologer in India including 'Jyotisha Samrat' has succeeded in analyzing correctly my seventh house. He told - 'My first marriage took place in my 12th year and wife died in 18th year. And my second wife marriage performed in the 18th years and bore me two sons and four daughters. She also died in 41st year. My third marriage was performed when I was 43 years and she too died in my 47th year, after giving birth to a female child, who also died. Today, I have no wife and have come to this place to spend rest of my life. I myself know astrology but cannot figure out which yoga have caused these deaths''. 860

The horoscope quoted by Shri Raman is difficult to decode as far as 7th house is concerned. Using Jaimini definition of Upapada we shall try to understand, whether it is applicable to this chart. The sign allotted to Lagna Lord Saturn is Kataka (an even sign). It also is Pitree. It qualifies for backward counting. Its Anuchara is Mithun. (See chart of Anuchara and Agrachara). Aroodha for Mithun is Mesha, which becomes Upapada. It is a malefic sign. But sign lord being exalted should grant multiple wives which it did grant. But how many? Three benefics Sun, Mercury and Jupiter aspect Upapada, denoting three wives.

Moon Upapada


Saturn Rahu Pitree Lagna

Lagna // Ketu Mars Shukra Sun Mercury Jupiter

But all died. Ketu's conjunction or aspect on Upapada or its lord, or both or on marriage granting planets, destroys wives (spouses). Here Ketu joins Upapada lord (Mars) and aspects three marriages granting planets destroying all marriages.

End of Part I We will demonstrate role of Ketu on Upapada over dozen cases in Part II. Thereby confirming our interpretation of Upapada passes the test of scrutiny.

Upapada Part II Deviating entirely from traditional meaning of Upapada we have visualized new concept of Pitree [sign] (ipt& razI) and Anuchara [sign] (Anucr razI) and proposed Agrachara [sign] (A¢cr razI) for female natives. We have made random selection of charts from various sources - astrodata bank - Articles by renowned authors appearing in widely read magazines. Chart No 1. A female born on 19th November, 1957 at Ambala (India). She married twice and became widow on both occasions. Any explanation?





Lagna Saturn Mercury Sun //

Mars Rahu Pitree Lagna

Jupiter Moon

Lagna [Scorpio] lord Mars occupies Tula rasi which is (i.e. Pitree) an odd sign. It is female chart. We take Agrachara sign, from Pitree, which is Kanya. Pada for Kanya is makara, which becomes Upapada of chart. Upapada is a malefic sign makara aspected by two benefics Mercury and Sun. (Sun is not a malefic under Upapada), along with Saturn, the lord of Upapada, granting two marriages. Ketu, the terminator, aspects Upapada lord Saturn and also the marriage grantors Sun and Mercury, which resulted in termination of both marriages. Next 5 charts are from Saptarishis Astrology website where all are cases of 'No-Marriage' are given. Chart No 2. A female native born on 19th February, 1959 at 4-45 Hours at 7 E 6, 50 N 44. Sagittarius Asc Ketu, Venus


Moon 7 th House

Mercury Sun Female Chart (Reverse counting)

Saturn Agrachara //Lagna

Jupiter Pitree Lagna



Lagna lord Jupiter in Vrishchika which is Pitree, an even sign, governed by reverse counting. Agrachara of Pitree is Dhanus, whose Aroodha is Tula. Hence, Tula is Upapada. Ketu joins Venus, the Upapada lord, destroying all possibilities of marriages. Chart No 3. 862

A female born on 11th November, 1958 at 00-30 Hours. (05-30 East). 77 E 13, 26 N 40. Lagna Katak. Ketu


Lagna // Upapada



Sun, Moon, Rahu Jupiter, Agrachara Venus Pitree Lagna

Lagna lord Moon occupies Tula which becomes Pitree, which is an odd sign governed by forward counting. Agrachara of Pitree is Kanyaa whose Aroodha, Makara, becomes Upapada of the chart. Ketu aspects Saturn, the Upapada lord, which gets no benefic relief. Hence, marriage denied. Chart No 4. A female born on 16th June, 1954 at 20-00 Hours. (05-30 East). 77 E 13, 28 N 40. Dhanu is Lagna. Agrachara

Mars(R) Moon Rahu Lagna //

Sun, Ketu, Mercury, Jupiter, Lagna Pitree Venus

Saturn ( R ) Upapada

Lagna lord is placed in Mithuna which is Lagna Pitree Mithuna, an odd sign is governed by forward counting. Agrachara to Mithuna is Vrishabha, whose Aroodha falls in Kanya. So, Kanya is Upapada. Ketu aspects Upapada and pollutes upapada lord Mercury, along with Sun and Jupiter, and aspects Moon, other benefic. Thus destroys all chances of marriage. Chart No 5.


A male native born on 12th October, 1931 at 07-54 Hrs. (05-30 East). 81 E 8, `16 N 10 with Tula as rising lagna. This is the chart of Shri K. N. Rao, astrologer and writer who remained chronic bachelor like A. B. Vajpayee, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and Miss. Lata Mangeshkar. Rahu



Anuchara Moon,Venus, Mercury, Mars Sun, Ketu Lagna & Pitree Upapada Lagna //

Lagna/ Pitree rashi is Tula (as Venus lord of lagna occupies lagna) by forward count Anuchara is Vrishchika, whose Aroodha is Kanyaa which is Upapada. Ketu joins Kanyaa and its lord Mercury, marriage denied. Chart No 6. A female native born on 11th July, 1968 at 1`5-17 Hrs. (05-30 East). 78 E 28, 17 N 23 with Vrishchika Lagna. Rahu



Agrachara Sun,Mars Mercury Pitree Lagna Venus



Ketu, Upapada


Lagna is Vrishicika and Pitree Lagna rashi is Mithuna, an odd sign with forward count, has Vrishabha as Agrachara. The lord of Vrishabha, Venus is placed in 3rd house from Vrishabha. Hence, Kanyaa is Vrishabha's Aroodha, which becomes Upapada of the chart. Ketu joins Upapada and at the same time, aspects Mercury-Upapada Lord, destroying all chances of marriage. Next five charts (from 8 to 12) have been taken from Editorials 'KUJADOSHA CONFINED' to KUJA DOSHA ALONE by Mrs. Gayatri Devi Vasudeva, Editor of ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, December 2005 issue. In all these charts, there is Kuja Dosha, and marriage ended in Divorce or Death. 864

All that happened, when Parashara's Vimshottari Dasha of Mars was not operative in nativity. We have examined them under Upapada, and found that Ketu was culprit in each. Chart No 7. Shri. M. K. Gandhi was a Mangalik but his conjugal life was most harmonious. Chart of M. K. Gandhi 1 is well known. I have no exact degrees of planets with me. Editor may add them .


Rahu, Moon


Saturn Anuchara

Mars, Mercury Venus Lagna Pitree Lagna

Sun Upapada // &

Lagna and Pitree rashi is Tulaa (since lagna lord occupies Lagna itself) - an odd sign, needing forward count. Its Anuchara rashi is Vrishchika, whose Aroodha falls in Kanyaa i.e. Upapada, with Sun free of any malefics including Ketu. His married life was blessed. Chart No 8. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was born on 19 November, 1917 at 23 Hrs. 13 min. at 25 N 27, 81 E 51 with balance of unexpired Vimshottari of Sun - 1 Year 3 Months 25 Days. Jupiter Ketu

Saturn // Lagna Moon Pitree Lagna Venus Rahu Upapada

Mars Sun Mercury


Copy Editors addition: Mahatma Gandhi born on 2nd October 1869 at 7.12 a.m. Porbandar, with Tula lagna at 4 degrees 37 minutes (LMT used). Co-ordinates 69E36 21N38 865

Editors (of Astrological Magazine) comment were Mars in the 8th House, from Moon, is severest form of Kuja Dosha. Here Mars Dasha expired from 12th to 19th year of age. But widowhood came 16 years later. Kuja Dasha had nothing to do with Kuja Dosha. Lagna Pitree is Makara, an even sign of backward count. With Agrachara being Kumbha, whose Aroodha Dhanu becomes Upapada, with Venus (showing love marriage) & Rahu (Out of Caste Marriage) but, Ketu terminates marriage. Chart No 9. A female born on 26th January, 1975 at 3 Hrs 26 Min. at 29 N 32, 75 E 04 with balance of Vimshottari Dasha of Rahu having 10 Months 22 Days. Ketu

Moon Saturn(R)

Jupiter Venus Mercury Sun Upapada Mars Pitree Lagna

Rahu Lagna //

Mars in 2nd house from Lagna is weak Kuja-Dosha. Mars being placed in the 7th from Moon,, is powerful Kuja-Dosha. Her husband died within 4 years of marriage, during Saturn Dasha- Rahu Bhukti. Lagna Pitree is Dhanus, an odd sign, under forward count, whose Agrachara Vrishchika getting Aroodha of Makara, which is Upapada, under aspect of Ketu. Retrograde Saturn is running towards Ketu. Hence Upapada comes under grip of Ketu, hastening the death of husband. Chart No 10. A female born on 31 December, 1969 at 20 Hrs 22 Min. at 29 N 36, 77 E 12 with balance of Vimshottari of Moon at 7 years 14 days. Saturn (R) Mars Rahu Upapada Mercury

Sun Venus

Lagna // Ketu


Moon Pitree Lagna

Mars in 8th from Lagna is severe form of Kuja-Dosha. Mars Dosha commenced when native was 8 years and was over, when she was 15 years. She was married in September 1996 and consent divorce came in January 2000. Lagna Pitree is Kanya (backward count) having Agrachara in Tula, whose Aroodha is Kumbha which becomes the Upapada of chart. Upapada is occupied by Mars and Rahu showing rift with spouse. 866

Jupiter aspects on Upapada granted marriage. Ketu aspects Upapada Lord as well as Jupiter consuming his benefic powers, did not kill, but separated the spouse. Chart No 11. A female born on 25 August 1956, at 5 Hrs at 28 N 39, 77 E 13 with balance of Ketu Dasha of 6 years 13 days.

Moon Pitree Lagna



Mars Lagna // Upapada

Sun Jupiter Saturn Rahu


Mars in 8th of Lagna is dangerous Manglika Yoga, should have killed spouse in his dasha, which was operative from September 1998 to September 2005. But, death occurred much earlier during Vimshottari Venus Dasha and Mercury Bhukti. The husband was killed in a plane accident. Lagna Pitree is Mesha, an odd sign for forward count. Agrachara is Meena, whose Aroodha falls in Makara. Two benefics Sun + Jupiter aspects Upapada. Ketu aspecting Makara terminated first marriage. She may re-marry. Chart No 12. A male native born on 14 November, 1948 at 21 Hrs 15 Min. at 51 N 30, 00 W 10. With balance of Vimshottari Ketu at 2 years 4 Months and 22 Days. The native belongs to British Royalty and got married in July 1985. But divorce came in August 1996. The Mars Dasha, which operated from April 1987 to April 1994, did not destroy marriage. Moon Rahu Pitree Lagna Lagna // Upapada



Sun Mars

Ketu Venus Mercury

Lagna Pitree is Mesha an odd sign, with direct counting has Vrishabha, as Anuchara. Aroodha for Vrishabha is Makara, which becomes Upapada. Upapada is aspected by benefic Sun and malefic Mars also Upapada lord Saturn, prolonging married life somewhat, but Ketu aspecting Upapada lord spoils the game.


We observe that, in cases of celibacy (Siddhas, Shankaracharyas, Spiritual men) no marriages, disharmony, divorce or destruction of spouse, Ketu is involved by aspect or conjunction over Upapada sign or Upapada Lord. In the first place Ketu denies marriage and if benefics force marriage, it destroys them.

End Of Part II. In Part III we shall take some tough cases. Some charts of spiritual men are being discussed here. Chart No 13. Shri. Shankaracharya of Shringeri born on 13th November, 1917 at 8-29 A.M. at Bangalore. Planetary longitudes of planets and Bhavas are: Lagna 2360 37', Sun 2070 28', Moon 1880 13', Mars 1320 59', Mercury 2120 58', Jupiter (R) 450 50', Venus 2530 30', Saturn 1110 2 41', Ketu 700 50', Shri Shankaracharya was world known Brahmachari. Jupiter (R) Shri. Shankaracarya of Sringeri 13-11-1917.



Mars Pitree Lagna Venus Rahu Upapada

Mercury Sun Lagna Moon //

Ignoring longitudes, we may say that Lagna Pitree is Simha, Anuchara is Kanya, whose lord Aroodha is Makara, which becomes Upapada, and is aspected by Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. Ketu is nowhere involved with Upapada and its lord, the native should have been a family man. Has Jaiminian failed ? No. Notice carefully Kanyaa sphuta is 1760 36' (i.e. Lagna Sphuta minus 600.) and Mercury is 2120 58'. The gap between them is 360 12'. When we add 360 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; to the longitudes of Mercury, that is 2120 58', we get 2490 10', i.e. Dhanu becomes Upapada. Which is under aspect of Ketu, along with Venus. Ketu has destroyed sensuous, Venusian role and made him Brahmachari and Spiritual Man. Chart No 14. Sai Baba of Shirdi born on 18th May 1837 at 8-21 P.M. at Pathri (Maharashtra).


Copy Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s note: All Shankaracharyas are brahmacharis (celibates), having taken oath of renunciation while they are still very young and bachelors 868


Sun Mercury Venus Sai Baba of Shirdi Jupiter


Mars Lagna Pitree

Lagna //

Saturn Moon Ketu

Pitree is Simha. Anuchara is Kanya, whose Aroodha is Makara, which becomes Upapada. Ketu joins Upapada Lord. Saturn controls Venus by aspect, making him a Spiritual Man. Jaimini Upapada and Ketu's role makes wonderful distinction between Shri. Ramkrishna Paramhamsa a super spiritual man who had spouse and kins and his disciple Shri Vivekananda, who was a karmayogi without spouse. Chart No 15. Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. Venus Upapada Sun Moon Mercury Lagna Mars


Jupiter ( R)

18-2-1836 // Ramakrishna Paramhamsa (Figures indicate degrees and minutes) Ketu Saturn(R ) Pitree Lagna

Lagna Pitree is Tula. Anuchara is Vrishchika, whose Aroodha is Meena, which is Upapada. Ketu is nowhere involved with Upapada and his lord. Hence, not destroying spouse. Chart No 16. Swami Vivekananda Lagna Pitree is Tula. Anuchara is Vrishchika, whose Aroodha is Kanya, which is Upapada. Ketu aspects Upapada lord and Venus, thus denying family life.


Mars 7.46

Mercury 13.13 Venus 8.32

Ketu 23.41

Swami Vivekananda 12-1-1863

Sun Rahu 29.24 23.41 Lagna // 27.31

Jupiter 5.28 Pitree Lagna

Moon 18.54 Saturn 15.02 Upapada

Now, we will discuss difficult charts, where Lagna lord or Lords of Anuchara and Agrachara bhavas are in retrogration. Here, Upapada worked out in normal procedure, do not respond to the realities of life. How to tackle them? There is no guideline in texts. We are of the view, that retrograde planets have their corpus or body in one sign, and their inclinations are focused in the previous sign. Compare such a planet to a retreating soldier who is firing in his front, but stepping backward to his previous bunker for safety. In such a situation, we propose to use both signs - sign of placement and previous sign. Take Agrachara / Anuchara bhavas from previous sign, but keep the order of forward and backward count applicable to sign of placement of retrograde plane. To explain the thought, an illustration chart is given. Jupiter (R) Pitree Lagna Mars (R)

Lagna // Dhanu is Lagna and its lord Jupiter, as retrograde, is placed in Mithun, which is Pitree. It's body is placed in 7th bhava, while it's inclinations are towards 6th bhava. Take Agrachara and Anuchara from Vrishabha, but count will be forward, as Pitree is an odd sign. If it is male chart, Anuchara is Mithuna, follower of Vrishabha. If it is female chart, Agrachara is Mesha, predecessor of Vrishabha. Let us prepare chart of Agrachara and Anuchara signs, for odd and even Pitree Lagna signs having retrograde planet.


Placement sign For odd signs Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9) Aquarius (11) For even signs Placement sign Taurus (2) Cancer (4) Virgo (6) Scorpio (8) Capricorn (10) Pisces (12)

Previous sign

Anuchara sign

Agrachara sign

Pisces (12) Taurus (2) Cancer (4) Virgo (6) Scorpio (8) Capricorn (10)

Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9) Aquarius (11)

Aquarius (11) Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9)

Previous sign Aries (1) Gemini (3) Leo (5) Libra (7) Sagittarius (9) Aquarius (11)

Agrachara sign Taurus (2) Cancer (4) Virgo (6) Scorpio (8) Capricorn (10) Pisces (12)

Anuchara sign Pisces (12) Taurus (2) Cancer (4) Virgo (6) Scorpio (8) Aquarius (11)

Having fixed the procedure for locating Anuchara/Agrachara signs, we might face another problem in locating Aroodha for Anuchara/Agrachara signs, if their lords are retrograde. We propose to locate Aroodha as usual, but reduce one sign from such Aroodha to reach Upapada. Chart No 17. Miss. Lata Mangeshkar born on 22 September, 1929 hated marriage. Rahu

Jupiter Lagna //

Ms. Mangeshkar 22-09-1929.

Lata Moon



Mars Ketu Upapada

Sun Mercury (R) Pitree Lagna

Lagna Pitree is Kanya, where lagna lord is retrograde. As per retrogression chart, Agrachara sign is Karka, whose Aroodha is Tula which is Upapada. Venus, its Lord is aspected by Ketu, thus destroying all desire for marriage. Chart No 19. A female born at Delhi on 13 February, 1978. at 04-28 A.M. at Delhi. Left â&#x20AC;&#x153;in-lawsâ&#x20AC;? forever after 2 days of marriage.




Jupiter (R) Pitree Lagna Mars (R)

Sun Venus 13-02-1978. Mercury

Saturn (R) Rahu Upapada

Lagna //

Lagna Pitree is Mithun, with retrograde Jupiter. As per retrograde chart, Agrachara is Mesha, whose Aroodha in normal case is Tula. As Mars, Lord of Mesha, is retrograde, one sign is reduced reaching Kanyaa as Upapada which is under aspect of Ketu. Three more female charts with retrograde lagna lords found with Prof. P. S. Sastry's Jaimini Sutras at pages 93 and 94. All became widows after short interval of marriage, due to effects of Ketu on Upapada and Lord of Upapada. Place of birth and has been withheld by P.S. Sastry. Chart No 20. Venus Upapada



Moon, Jupiter Saturn (R) Lagna, Pitree Lagna & Agrachara //

Mercury Mars (R)

Female Chart 03-06-1961.

Rahu (R)

Her husband was shot dead six months after marriage. Pitree sign is Makara, with retrograde Saturn. As per retrograde chart, Agrachara sign is Makara, whose Aroodha is Mesha. Ketu aspects both Mesha and its lord Mars. Chart No 21


Sun Upapada

Venus Ketu Mercury

Jupiter Lagna //


Moon Mars Saturn(R) Rahu Lagna Pitree & Agrachara Pitree Vrishchika. Lagna lord Retrograde. As per Retrograde chart, Agrachara is Vrishchika. Upapada being Meena. Ketu aspects Jupiter. Upapada Lord being Uccha, showing multiple marriages. She became widow early in life. It is likely that, there might be cases which do not respond to Upapada and Ketu combination. We remember a Chandrakaka Nadi dictum "based on Parashara Principles' that, a male who has Jupiter in the 3rd house, will make his in-laws (from where he gets wife) prosperous {7th is spouse or wife, 9th from 7th is 3rd his in-laws (Wife's father)}. Another dictum - aspect or conjunction of Rahu + Saturn on 3rd house, or its lord, destroys chances of marriage. If the marriage does occur then such aspect/conjunction, destroys the marriage. So far we have demonstrated the effects of ketu on Upapada. Over the centuries astrological scholars were unable to crack Upapada, and thus discarded it, as useless, having no practical value. It is surprising - even 'Chandra Kala Naadi' which uses every tool of prediction, prescribed by Shri Parashara has not made a mention of Upapada even once. This may be due to the way Upapada had been defined under Parashara system, in their times, did not match with realities of Life. Therefore, they dropped Upapada in their Nadi. We have presented before astrological community interpretation of Upapada as defined by Shri Jaimini and its utility. Still more work, is needed on this topic. Some one will do that in future. We would request the parents that apart from traditional method of horoscopic matching, they should also study Upapada of 'WOULD-BE' (Groom/bride) before taking final decision. We are of the opinion that, each Jaimini Sutra is a topic in itself. Perhaps nobody knows that simple looking first Sutra of Jaimini %pdez< VyaOyaSyam>, contains full profile of Jaimini Jataka Shastra having 581 sutras spread over 3 chapters each divided into 4 sections each. We propose to write on it, some day. Lastly would like to thank Shri K. Bhushan, one of the senior most student of this shastra in this country & always a great inspiration to me and others, with whom this particular discussion on Upapada & Pitree dates back to 11 years back & without whose support this article would not have been written.



Sir, We enclose herewith a detailed article on Jaimini's Upapada for publication, if that meets your standards. Upapada Sutras by Shri. Jaim...

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