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Have Fun with Paint and Images. Play, Create, Enjoy, Learn.


Experiment with New Media and Play with New Tools.

with Darlene Olivia McElroy Call or email to set up a workshop! Darlene Olivia McElroy 505.471.8300

WORKSHOP Series All workshops are limited to 4-5 students and are by reservation although we will try to accomodate your availabilty.

metal surface? Then learn to paint, stamp,

Paint Day & Demo on Demand

stencil and layered image transfers on plexi-

Want to paint with a professional, get

glas, metal, clayboard, mica and wood.

demos then hands-on on whatever your

Your Computer Printer as an Art

Half Day Workshops are 4 hours long. Cost is $185 + tax per person. (includes all class materials)

Tool Workshop

Full Day Workshops are 8 hours long. Cost is $350 + tax per person. (includes all class materials)

heart desires? This free form workshop is individual tailored to you.

Your printer has more uses than for printing

Take it to the Next Level:

out a letter. Learn the difference between

Portfolio/Marketing Review & More

inkjet and toner based printers and how you

Are you stymied, stuck or lost when it

can use them in different ways. Make trans-

comes to your art or your career path?

fers and print on aluminum foil, book pages,

Maybe you just need some tricks to make

Image Transfers Workshop

gampi and more.

your art pop to take it to the next level, your

Love photos of your travels, family or things

Art from the Kitchen to the Kids

and didn’t know how to get them in your art without ruining the original? You will earn about different image transfer techniques, create a variety of transfers, work with them

Room Workshop No time to go to the art store? In the mood to paint but you don’t have what you need?

web site reviewed so it works hard for you or ways to get more marketing bang for your buck. This one-on-one workshop is all about you and being ready for success.

Look around the kitchen, garage, bathroom

Social Media for the Artist

and kids room for art supplies you didn’t

Need help to set up and stylize your twitter,

know were there. You will be creating art

facebook and blog accounts. Learn how to

Surface Treatments Workshop

from surprise elements and you will walk

make social media work for you and show

Tired of flat surfaces and want to add depth

around your house with fresh eyes. Incred-

off your artwork with minimal pain.

ible fun!


on traditional and alternative surfaces and learn how to merge them with your surface.

to your art. Take your art to a new level In addition to learning 10 techniques with technique variations and layering find out about isolation coats and what they can do for you.

Make a Spirit House Honor your family by creating a 3D spirit house shrine for them. Bring photos of your familly (or a family will be supplied for you)

Alternative Surfaces Workshop

and create a story about them. You will be

If you want to go beyond the canvas, this

doing image transfers, collaging, attaching

is the workshop for you. Love the transparency of glass or plexiglas? The glow of a

objects to your house shape (either wall mounted or standing).

About Darlene Olivia McElroy After attending the Chouinard Art Institute and Art Center College of Design, Darlene went on to work as an artist/illustrator in the States and in France. She has also taught art and computer software at both junior colleges and art schools in Southern California and New Mexico and is currently working on her third art book with Northlight.

Mixed Media & Assemblage with Darlene Olivia McElroy  

Mixed Media & Assemblage with Darlene Olivia McElroy