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11 – 25 MARCH | 2016


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ne of our favorite aspects of Dr. Michelle Hansen is the ease and relaxed nature she brings to consultations which helps her patients better understand naturopathic health and wellness. Another thing we like about her is that she appreciates good wine. She traveled north to study medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine – the oldest naturopathic college in the U.S. located in Portland, Oregon – but we are lucky to have her back in our ‘hood where she’s opened an office in the Upper Village area of Montecito. This Santa Barbara local sat down to give us a glimpse into her life as a doctor of naturopathic medicine. 1. W  hen I was in college at UC Santa Cruz, I went on my annual family camping trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. During a hike, I jumped off a rock into a pool of water and severely broke my foot. It was a long healing process, but it was what started me on a path to become a Naturopathic Doctor. 2. I spend a lot of time outside when I’m not working. I love to take my dog, Buckley, to the beach or on a run. Biking, hiking, playing beach volleyball… I love the sunshine and the ocean. My lifestyle reflects many of my passions about medicine. I shop at the farmers market when I can. I buy local organic meats and eggs. I love to cook and consume a nutritious diet with a wide array of colorful vegetables and fruits. 3. I see an array of different conditions in my practice. I work a lot with thyroid imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and I do a lot of work with the gut. I believe the gastrointestinal system is the center of the universe as far as the body is concerned. I work on improving digestion in every patient whether or not they are there for gastrointestinal complaints. The digestive system impacts the immune system, inflammation, hormone regulation, mood, energy, and nutritional status. 4. My goal is to empower and teach my patients to take their health into their own hands. Knowledge is power and teaching people how to live in a way that fosters sustainable health is really important. While I strive to make my patients feel better, I am more interested in fixing the problem than masking their symptoms. Restoring function within the organ systems is the best way to improve the patient’s quality of life and optimize their health. I listen to my patients. I use science-based medicine and I rely on many diagnostic lab tests to get a complete picture of what is going on. 5. I love Santa Barbara. I feel that the community here is progressive and warm and I love being a part of it. My family has owned SOhO Restaurant and Music Club for the past twenty years and has always been musically and community oriented. I love to be able to offer Naturopathic Medicine to the community here. It’s definitely what keeps me inspired. I moved back here as soon as I finished naturopathic medical school in Portland, Oregon and am happy to be back. Michelle Hansen, Naturopathic Doctor 1470 East Valley Road, Montecito • (805) 698-5200 •

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t can feel like a walking meditation, wandering the gardens of Lotusland. The property was owned by Ganna Walska, a Polish socialite who purchased the estate in 1941. Spanning over four decades, she created lakes, fountains, pools, and orchards. It is now home to more than three thousands different plants from around the world. The 37-acre garden and estate can be yours! Well, almost. Become a member and enjoy the privilege of exploring the garden apart from an organized tour. Visit their website to learn more on how to become a member of this special club.

Lotusland (805) 969-9990 Instagram: @lotuslandgarden




e love David Crosby for many reasons; one being that he is a local with many memories rooted here (for example, he learned to sail in the Santa Barbara Harbor at the tender age of 11). Now, he’s touring his album Ask Croz, an interactive show where fans write in questions that he’ll answer during the show. Santa Barbara will get a chance to converse with the artist when he appears Tuesday, March 22 at the Granada Theatre.

(photo by Django Crosby) You lived in Montecito for a while and now you’re over the mountains. How has the transition been to the Valley? I love it. Mind you, I’ve always loved living [here] all my life, going to school and everything in the Santa Barbara area. But the Valley is really good, you know. Horse ranches and vineyards and not too many people and it’s beautiful. Especially when it rains. I think it’s amazing how open you are to have fans ask you questions and you’re actually answering them on stage. What prompted you to be so transparent with the audience? It’s fun! I have a degree in “fun.” People are just fascinating and I have a great time communicating with the audience. One of the big secrets to being really happy and comfortable on stage is not to pretend you are something you’re not. Just get out there and be who you actually are and do what you actually do and do your best. But just go out and fun. That’s what I do and I really love it! I have such a blast, I can’t even tell ya... What has been one of your favorite questions you’ve been asked so far? (Laughing) One of the funniest is, “How did you get that beautiful mustache?” I just say I woke up one morning and it appeared on my lip. Sometimes, I’ll answer a question seriously, but mainly I use them as an opportunity to get a laugh. Laughing just makes everything better. David Crosby at The Granada Theatre Tuesday, March 22, 2016 7:30 pm 1214 State Street, Santa Barbara Box Office: (805) 899-2222 Tickets may be purchased at the box office or online at www.