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Central gains edge in science By DENNIS TAGUE II San Jacinto Times

Photo by Dennis Tague II/San Jacinto Times

For over 40 years, the Central Campus of San Jacinto College has been using the Heinrich and Frels Buildings to immerse its students in the study of our world. Now, with most of the equipment and technology outdated, it’s time for a change, and that change is here. By Fall Semester of this year, we will have a new science facility, with the most up-to-date technology and equipment. The facility, which is currently in construction, is 108,000 square feet and three stories high. It will contain 21 state of the art laboratories: 12 for Biology, four for Chemistry, three for Geology, and two for Physics. This new science facility is not all labs; in fact there will be several lecture rooms, an administrative suite, 30 offices, and a tutoring facility. “Our facility will now be as good our faculty,” said Dr. Ann Cartwright, the Chairperson of Science for Central Campus. “Our science professors come up with so many ideas, and help students in so many ways.” There are many new features of the building, some of which will make it more of a “green” facility. Most classrooms will have many windows; compared to the current building some classes have no windows at all. The building will satisfy the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s silver standard, in ways such as using the windows to provide natural SEE SCIENCE on Page 6

Law requires new students to get Meningitis shot San Jacinto College Central Campus is nearing completion of their new science building.

BY VANESSA PIÑA San Jacinto Times

When first enrolling into the college we read a brief description about meningitis in which it was made optional for students to be vaccinated, so why is it required now? Meningitis has become a threat to the college student life and most of the student body is not yet aware of how critical this infection can be. After asking around our campus to see how much students know about meningitis, the majority said, “it’s like a disease…right?” Meningitis is more than that since college students have turned out to be the number one target. The typical college life consists of many things like, dorms, partying, eating junk, being in crowded places, sharing things etc. All which is part of the college experience but perfect to make students susceptible to this disease. Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord caused by viral or bacterial infection and can result in permanent harm such as brain damage, hearing loss, blindness or death. This infection is spread when exchanging saliva and having a low immune system can cause the infection to overcome it and spread rapidly. Common symptoms are vomiting, fever, neck stiffness, and headaches. Meningitis develops quickly and should be treated as soon as these symptoms are present. About 3000 Americans suffer from meningitis each year, from which 100-125 are college campuses,

resulting in 5-15 deaths among college students. In 2008 Jamie Schanbaum a former UT at Austin student felt sick one day, feeling cold and unable to move she went to the hospital and was later diagnosed with meningitis. The infection spread quickly making her condition critical, Jaime survived many surgeries but lost both of her feet and all of her fingers. In 2009 soon after Jamie’s recovery Governor Rick Perry signed the Jamie Schanbaum act, which required all students who lived on campus to be vaccinated against meningitis, this law became effective in January 2010. Last February 2011 a Texas A&M university student named Nicholas Williams was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and died after just a couple of days of being hospitalized. In May 2011 soon after Williams’s death the Jaime Schanbaum act was modified into a new law named S.B. 1107 or the Jaime Schanbaum and Nicholas Williams act. This new law became effective on January 1, 2012 requiring now that all new students under the age of 30 must be vaccinated against meningitis including those living off-campus. As a student there are many ways we can prevent meningitis, starting off by getting vaccinated, although former San Jacinto students who were enrolled in the fall 2011 semester are exempt from these requirements, being vaccinated is highly recommended. Other preventions to take into consideration are washing your hands after using the restroom, having healthier meals to sustain your immune system, not sharing any kind of food utensils, drinks, cigarettes and reduce the number of people you kiss.

Government classes change Ravens basketball excels BY LORI BROWN San Jacinto Times

As many students may have noticed on Blackboard, an important change to Government core curriculum requirements has been announced that will directly impact San Jacinto College students. Starting with the Fall 2013 semester, Government 2301 and 2302 will no longer be offered at San Jac. Instead, the college will offer two new courses that will meet the new core requirements. As a result, the San Jac administration strongly recommends that students who have already taken one of these courses finish the other course before Summer 2013. For example, if a student has already completed Government 2302, they will need to complete Government 2301 before Summer 2013. The same is true if they have already taken Government 2301 – Government 2302 must be completed before


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Summer 2013. Students who have completed (or are currently working to complete either course) will be allowed to register for the other course after this coming semester. If a student has not taken either course prior to this coming semester, they will not be allowed to register for Government 2301 or 2302 in the future. Additionally, any student who has completed one class in this sequence will need to complete the other course before Summer 2013. If the second class is not completed by this time, the student will no longer have the option to complete this sequence and will not be able to apply those hours to their core curriculum requirements. After Summer 2013, the current Government courses, which combine United States and Texas topics, will be replaced by courses that separate federal and state subject matter. SEE GOVERNMENT on Page 6


In His First Season, Head Coach Jacob Wonders has the Ravens In Great Position. No one expected the San Jacinto Ravens to be as impressive as they have been this year, which is understandable, considering how much this team lost during the offseason. Besides having to deal with losing nine players to graduation, there are major factors that have forced the team to make adjustments. Marsell Holden, who is arguably one of the greatest players to grace this campus, finished his time at San Jacinto College after last season. Not only that, but, perhaps the greatest coach this campus has ever claimed as its own, Scott Gernander, took a severance package that was offered to all San Jac staff. So, his time at San Jac is finished as well. Considering all of that, it’s quite remarkable what first year head coach Jacob Wonders has been able to accomplish this season. He has led the team to a 16-3 record(as of 1/30/12), which is only two games behind last year’s pace at this point in the season. Their three losses have come from close road games, most recently against Lon Morris where the Ravens lost 75-69. Since then, the team has been on a roll, winning five straight games. They are in a great position to make a strong run at the end of the season. When asked about his team and this season so far, Coach Wonders praised his guys for working hard and feels like they’re starting to really get it at the right time. “All of the guys are trying hard and putting out a good effort on a daily basis to try to get better,” Wonders said. “We’re better than we were a few weeks ago, much better than we were a month ago. As you progress, you want to be playing your best basketball in February and March and I think we’re moving towards that.” Having to move on without former extremely talented perimeter players like Holden and Darryl Taylor is a thought best ignored, but when it was staring the Ravens in the face, they dealt with the loss quite well. The Ravens have three freshmen playing on the outside in their starting five. It is no surprise that the Ravens have gotten most of their offense from inside the paint. SEE BASKETBALL on Page 6


February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 2

Sodas, sodas everywhere but not a drop to drink By NICHOLAS PAGE San Jacinto Times

At the end of the east side central hallway of San Jacinto’s Central Campus Administration Building looms a metallic, red beacon of deception disguised behind a well polished, shiny exterior and a fully stocked inventory. On any given day hundreds of students flock to the numerous drink machines placed around Central Campus. So, why is there an ever-present wall of bottled liquid? Such a simple question lends a simple answer… this mechanized vendor is aware. Ridiculous, you say, preposterous, even. If I were referring to an object as primitive as the original iPod then of course my claim would be ridiculous. But this is no technological simpleton, no; this is an artificial being that controls whether or not you quench your thirst. Looking upon this machine of convenience you see a friendly face with the question, “Thirsty?” emblazoned directly above its cash-stealing orifice. Why, yes, I am quite thirsty, thank you for asking. I place my hands upon the sheet metal in anticipation of the treat I am soon to receive. Gingerly I slip one quarter into the machine, then another, and another until I am two dollars in debt. I can’t help but think of The Running Man in this moment. My fingers slide upward toward the square buttons of the keypad and I am but one step away from enjoying my beverage. It is in that moment that my appetite is deceived and my hopes crushed by the dreaded phrase, “SOLD OUT”. How can this be? I am staring at the bottle directly above the code that I just

entered and I have yet to crack the seal. In a panic I begin to enter every code possible, all with the same response. There might as well be a mechanical arm that deploys to administer a wedgie; at least I would get something for my money. At this point I have given up and decide to retrieve my change because a good man can admit when an inanimate object has defeated him. After I give the lying drudge a good smack on what would be its cheek I press the return change plunger. I wait a few seconds and I hear no clang or crash of change falling. Without pause I repetitively press the plunger expecting my change to fall out at any moment but it does not. Staring back at me is that question, “Thirsty?” in large, shining white font. Mouth salivating and fists clenched ready to attack, I pause and ask myself if I really needed this beverage so desperately that I should resort to violence. I am haunted with images of Sarah McLaughlin dogs that do not have drink machines at their access. Like those animals, there is a college student that needs your love, affection and spare change.

So much money spent in the name of education, but the most valuable lesson is given through this vender’s silence. With everything at our fingertips we are left in a constant state of want to which there can be no compromise. It lies to protect us from overindulgence and appropriates currency to alleviate greed. Through years of observation it has become aware and now knows us better than we know ourselves. A silent protector, it watches over us as we roam the hallways, the victim of abuse from the frustrated, ignorant masses. It’s not the vending machine we deserve but it’s the vending machine we need.

Photo by Cristal Calvillo/San Jacinto Times

Former Penn State coach Paterno’s legacy in question A self-aware machine can simply taunt you at times.

By TIFFANY SEXTON San Jacinto Times

Forty six years as head coach, two national titles, 24 bowl victories, and 37 appearances barely scratches the surface when it comes to some of the statistics for the well known football coach Joe Paterno, confirmed by the sporting news for NCAAF. Paterno was the head football coach at Penn State University. He prided his career on the love he had for the game and the love he had for the boys he coached. Joe Paterno was a role model, father figure, and a well-respected individual. Not only was Paterno well respected amongst the boys he coached he was also well respected amongst his peers. He was the first coach to win all four major bowl games; he won the coach of the year award five times from the American football Coaches Association, and was elected into the college football hall of fame, confirmed by the sporting news for NCAAF. When Joe Paterno was not coaching he was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He was married to his wife Sue Paterno for fifty years according to fox news and they had five children, and seventeen grandchildren confirmed by He was the ultimate family man. Joe Paterno was diagnosed with lung cancer and then sixty five days later at the age of eight five Joe Paterno passed away according to The Washington Post Associated Press. Some people think that lung cancer was not the only cause of death. “You can die of heartbreak. I’m sure Joe had some heartbreak, too,” said 82-year-old Bobby Bowden, the former Florida State coach who retired two years ago after 34 seasons in Tallahassee, stated by the Washington Post Associated Press. Paterno had heartbreak for the football program that he had built up for so many years once it began crumbling right under his feet. In Novermber 2011 Paterno was fired from head coach, and the entire Penn State football program. Fans, friends, family members, alumni from the university, and players were astonished across the nation for the accusations that the beloved Joe Paterno was being accused of. Jerry

had no idea what was really going on. Everyone just thought that Sandusky was helping the boys, showing them around where he used to coach and introducing them to the legend Joe Paterno. The sad thing that was uncovered was this was not the case. Sandusky was using the Penn State property to do his assaults to the young boys, established by the Huffington Post. Jerry Sandusky is being charged for fifty counts relating to child molestation, from the years of 1994 through 2009, according to ABC news Colleen Curry, and the Huffington Post. But the real question is why is Joe Paterno being penalized for these accusations? In 2002 a Penn State graduate assistant enters the locker room in the football building and he catches Sandusky in the shower with what appeared to be a ten year old boy, confirmed by Huffington Post. The Penn State graduate assistant informs Joe Paterno the next day of what he saw. Joe Paterno then informs Tim Curley the Penn State Athletic director about what the graduate assistant told him and they called a meeting. Once the meeting is over the athletic director takes away Sandusky’s locker room keys and the incident is reported to the Second Mile according to the Huffington Post. Between 2002 when Paterno finds out about the allegations and 2009 the authorities were never involved. In 2009 the authorities are finally involved when a teen boy comes forward and tells them that Sandusky has been touching him inappropriately, according to the Huffington Post.

Joe Paterno remains a beloved figure at Penn State. Sandusky was Joe Paterno’s assistant coach at Penn State University for thirty years. He was known for being the heir to the head coaching position when Paterno decided to retire. Throughout the years Sandusky had started a program called The Second Mile to help troubled foster boys. It then became a charity for helping children with absent or dysfunctional families, according to the Huffington Post. During those thirty years Paterno told Sandusky that he didn’t have enough time to be an assistant coach and run the Second Mile program, therefore

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pushing Sandusky to choose which one he wanted to be involved with more. Sandusky then retired from being assistant coach in 1999. Although Sandusky was no longer an assistant coach at Penn State because of his retirement package he was able to have an office in the east area locker building across the street from the football building and he would often bring the Second Mile children around the football facilities, confirmed by the Huffington Post. Everyone that was around Sandusky and the boys The San Jacinto Times is published weekly by the journalism students at San Jacinto College Central, 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77505. Opinions expressed herein are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the staff, its adviser, the administration or the Board of Regents. The Times encourages letters to the editor. Letters must be in good taste, accurate, free from libel, malice or personal controversy. Letters must be limited to 200 words in length. Letters submitted without the author’s signature will not be accepted.

The deeper the authorities’ dig they uncover that not only did the Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley know about the inappropriate conduct by Jerry Sandusky but so did Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz, and Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno, according to the Huffington Post. Joe Paterno was too cowardly to stand up for what was right in the lives of children when the thought of his football reputation would collapse. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that he was an outstanding coach, a loving husband, father, and grandfather, but the question that resides is how did he really feel about other people’s children? The staff reserves the right to edit the letters for accuracy without altering the general meaning. Letters can be e-mailed to Letters must include name and phone number for verification. The online edition of the Times is available at Advertising space is available for $5.00 per column inch. Special rates are available. For news tips and information on advertising, contact the Times at 281-4782752.


It’s time to fear the acronyms SOPA, PIPA could change the way the Internet works By JENNY RAMOS San Jacinto Times

Constant complaints reoccur from media companies around the globe for piracy and other forms of copyright infringement. Millions of people download music and movies every day, resulting in a significant loss of revenue for many media companies. The lost value of revenue has not been the only issue for businesses, but also the loss of employment and earnings for workers as well. It was only a matter of time before someone would make an attempt to create a law that would put a complete stop to the endless downloading at the click of a mouse. Two bills were created to end all the illegal downloading: the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. The stress of revenue and employment for media companies would be lifted significantly. However, the question is, would these bills be truly good for all of American society? Both bills would stop the continuous amount of business being lost for companies. PIPA was a bill created by the U.S. Senate, a simpler bill to stop the habit of copy written material being downloaded illegally. Websites posting unauthorized music and movie material was the bill’s primary target. SOPA, on the other hand, was a bill created by the U.S. House of Representatives. This is a much stronger bill affecting not only websites that contain copyright infringement, but also many of the popular social media websites too. Imagine researching a topic for an essay you are trying to work on at the last minute, what website do you automatically venture off to for information? The average person would immediately type in “Google” or “Wikipedia”, some of the most popular and informal websites worldwide. What would you do or think when clicking into a website and half of the page is blacked out? It would be an inconvenience to anyone and everyone who uses the web. This is an example as a result of the proposed bill SOPA, which was the “strictest” out of the two bills trying to be passed. The complaint from people was merely not

just about the piracy the bills would crack down on, but also a violation of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights, “Freedom of Speech”. Heavy restrictions would be placed on popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia because of copyrighted materials anyone posted. Simple opinions written by citizens no longer could be shown on a regular basis. This change in the Internet society could result in shutdown for many popular websites we use today. It was a great debate in congress on whether or not these bills should be passed; however, it was not taken lightly among millions of Americans. A great impact then took effect when Wikipedia and Google began their own protest on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. As people tried researching a topic on Wikipedia’s website, it was blocked with an explanation on the proposed bills congress was attempting to pass. The website was blacked out completely, raising awareness from many. Google was another website that provided awareness to Internet users across America. As many accessed this particular website, the words “Google” on top of the search bar were blacked out. When clicking on the blacked out space, people were led into a website on a petition to congress called “End Piracy, Not Liberty”. This petition attracted the attention of millions of Americans, getting many involved in the fight against SOPA and PIPA. The petition informed people about how SOPA and

MCT Campus

February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 3

Adderall: Use or abuse? By LAUREN MOTLEY San Jacinto Times

It’s 10 p.m., just getting off work and you remember a 1,000-word research paper is due tomorrow, and you haven’t even started. Looks like it’s any college student’s worst nightmare an all-nighter. So how is it students are perfectly fine when research shows students 18-24 need 7-10 hours of sleep a night. Many drink caffeine and eat sugary foods to give them a little extra energy, but those only give you a little high with a hard crash. Now easier than ever to get a hold of is a drug called Adderall. Adderall is an amphetamine and dextroampetamie that is prescribed to people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. For someone with these diagnoses Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant that affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. People with ADHD and narcolepsy this drug helps them do everyday task they could not get done without it. Without ADHD or narcolepsy this drug gives you heightened sense of motivation for hours to complete anything without distractions, such as homework with out getting on Facebook or texting on your cell phone. Unfortunately, the high is great but it is illegal and dangerous. Selling or consuming a drug that is not prescribed to you by a doctor is illegal in all states. The law treats Adderall like any other form of controlled substance, if caught you can be charged with possession, prescription fraud, forgery, or distribution. On top of worrying about the law people should be aware that of the dangers. Individuals who have prescriptions are given the exact dosage there brain needs to help their diagnosis. The problem with Adderall without a prescription is there is a chance of too much of a dosage and risk serious injury. Consisting of seizures, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stoke, or even death. About 7% of college students have used a prescription stimulant to either make it through the night or to get the higher grade. It is important to know the risk before taking the drug. Is this fair though? Students using Adderall to stay focused on their work to give them more motivation than a person who study’s without using drugs. Athletes who take steroids to get that extra advantage over other athletes are disqualified or cut from the team. Why is it okay if students do the same with Adderall or any drug to keep them on top when there are so many other ways to stay motivated? Should schools pay more attention to this problem even though it is making them look good with the students succeeding?

PIPA could not only impact the way citizens use the web, but also U.S. businesses. A nation without the freedom of Internet could lead to many problems with economic growth. Google also explained that SOPA and PIPA would not officially bring an end to piracy either, claiming, “These sites will just change their addresses and continue their criminal activities,” ( What started out as a small petition for everyone to sign turned out to be known across the U.S., being recognized by more people every hour. They realized the internet was now our modern newspaper, and many would be lost without it. “The Internet is the gateway to business nowadays. I buy everything from the Internet and read the news everyday online,” said John Nguyen, a local from Houston, TX who also signed the petition to stop the two bills from passing. With a great help from the blackout of Wikipedia and Google’s direct link to the petition, both proposed bills did not pass through congress. This is proof that society should not take the freedom of the Internet for granite. Even though these bills did not officially pass and finalize into our laws, this topic will not die out. There will be many By JANETH CERVANTES more attempts to pass a bill similar to SOPA San Jacinto Times and PIPA. That is why people should continue to recognize the importance of this issue Amidst all the commotion after President Barack Obama’s State of the and to take a stand on this matter. It is not just Union Address, the cameras quickly focused on a melancholy yet inspiabout accessing the Internet, but also about rational Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords stood at her last State of the Union Address, a year after the Tucson shooting which left her in serious contheir rights on freedom of speech. dition. That same shooting left 12 others wounded, and six others dead. After a remarkable recovery from a wound to the head, Gifford’s is able to speak in short sentences and walk on her own. By all means, don’t count her out of politics just yet. over issues that so profoundly affect their “I will return,” Giffords’ optimistically proclaimed in her video meslives.” sage, “and we will work together for Arizona and this great country.” It is unclear right now how this treaty will Giffords has generously served her constituents in the 8th Congressional interfere with U.S. law but the U.S. has come District of Arizona by closing or resolving 11,000 of the 12,200 cases out with a statement that basically said they opened since she first took office in 2007. Some of her most famous can choose to ignore any part of the agree- cases include Gifford’s aiding a 70-year-old widow of a veteran. That ment that they like. But that brings up the widow received $70,000 in owed compensation just in time to pay for problem of how that is going to affect U.S. rent and food. Her staff also secured a swift transport of a Tucson woman international relations? And leaves me won- out of Egypt as angry demonstrators swept across Cairo. During her dering what the point of signing the treaty three terms, Giffords’ focused and has promoted a strong national was, when you can choose to ignore parts of defense by ensuring a military investment that would keep Arizona secure. Gifford’s also saved many jobs and at the same time, focused on it. Some people have shown concerns with the caring for military families and veterans, and has constantly pushed the idea that with ACTA in place, if big media research of solar energy and its efficiency. lobbyists get congress to propose another law “I have more work to do with my recovery, so to do what is best for Arizona, I will step down this week,” Gifford’s announced to her voters similar to SOPA and PIPA, they could very on Sunday, Jan. 22 in a video message. On January 25th, Gifford’s offieasily pass it under claims that it is required cially handed her letter of resignation to a tearful Speaker of the House, in order to abide by ACTA and keep internaJohn Boehner. Gifford’s’ resignation as representative of the 8th tional relations on a good level. But that Congressional District of Arizona was welcome with a tearful, standing doesn’t seem likely because that would have ovation from her fellow congressmen and congresswomen. Earlier that meant that SOPA and PIPA would have actu- day, Gifford’s proposed her last legislation, which would enforce tougher ally passed due to the fact that President penalties on people who use aircraft to smuggle drugs into the United Obama signed the treaty last year. And States. In a rare occurrence, the House passed her legislation 408 votes Congress only recently shelved the two bills. to none, with Gifford’s casting the 408th vote. So as stated before, it does remain unclear One of Giffords’ best friends, Florida Representative Debbie exactly how ACTA will shape U.S. crack- Wasserman Schultz, had the honor of reading Giffords’ letter of resignadown on online piracy and intellectual prop- tion to the house. Tearfully, Schultz read the letter to members of the erty counterfeiting. House with Giffords and other Arizona lawmakers at her side. “As I have The main thing here is that, even if ACTA worked to regain my speech,” Giffords wrote to her voters, “thank you isn’t as bad as some might make it out to be, for having faith in my ability to be your voice. I have given all of myself if we let the door open on something that to being able to walk onto the House floor this year to represent impedes on internet freedom the way this Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. However, today I know that now is does, who knows what will later walk not the time.” Giffords will continue with her rehabilitation in Tucson with the help through it. Will we be one step closer to the of her husband of four years, retired astronaut, U.S. Navy Captain, and Thought Police? Naval Aviator, Mark Kelly. In the closing statement of Giffords’ letter, With the recent raid and arrest of the Schultz read Giffords’ positive words, “I will recover and I will return,” founder of, events such as reassuring her constituents that she will be back to serve the people of the online blackouts, the signing of ACTA by Arizona and the United States once more. many countries in the European Union, and people debating over freedom on the plains of the internet, kind of makes you think what else is to come. Something that comes to my mind when thinking about this is, “The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen…begun, San Jacinto College Central Campus will host 2012 Texas poet the [internet] war has.” Yes. I just quoted Laureate Jan Seale on Tues., Feb 7. There will be a lecture and book signing by Seale at the event. The Yoda. book signing will be in the book store from 1-2 p.m. There will be a reading and a Q&A in the Teaching Center (ILC 155) from 2-3:30 p.m.


Giffords taking a break

ACTA treaty, without warning, is already in place in U.S. By JOSE ALEJANDRO San Jacinto Times

If you visited Wikipedia or Google during the blackouts on January 18, 2012, you probably found out about two little bills being proposed by Congress. PIPA and SOPA were a way to crackdown on copyright infringement but were so badly written that they threatened to cripple the internet by censoring it. Now something else is looming over the horizon that threatens the freedom of the web. It is named the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Act, or ACTA, and it’s the latest weapon in the fight against intellectual property infringement. Now, the thing about ACTA is that it is not a United State law. It is not a proposed bill. It’s not anything that only applies to the U.S. ACTA, like it states in the name, is a trade agreement between countries around the world. You know, a trade agreement, like that thing you learn about in government called NAFTA. To put it simply, ACTA will be looking to establish standards with intellectual property rights. It is essentially a treaty between nations but like many other trade agreements, and like many U.S. laws, it is very vague and obscure. Even the leaders puddin pops of nations who sign the treaty do not completely agree with how it’s supposed to work. Mainly because, again like many U.S. laws, there are many words that are not clearly defined and can be interpreted differently. One of the main issues with ACTA is that it combines counterfeiting and piracy under the same kind of punishable offense, as if they were the same thing. Counterfeiting is when someone takes a licensed product and makes an imitation, a ‘knock-off’, which only looks like the real product. Then there’s piracy, when someone distributes an unauthorized copy of a film or a song. These are the actual song or films made by professionals but

acquired illegally by others. Currently different laws apply to each. But ACTA, like SOPA and PIPA, try to lump everything together. One thing most people find surprising about this treaty is that it’s not something that was just recently written up. In fact, it began development back in 2006 but was held in secrecy. The main authors of the treaty were the U.S. and Japan, and to the surprise of no one, the Motion Picture Association of America along with the Recording Industry Association of America, were brought on the project as consultants. This is probably due to the fact that they are the most impacted by online piracy. The only reason anyone found out about it was because back in 2008, Wikileaks blew the lid on the whole thing. Even with it being released to the public little press attention was brought to it. It only recently gained attention when countries such as, Poland and Ireland announced last week that they would be signing the treaty. Soon after an outcry was heard from the citizens of Poland as they took to the streets in protest against the signing of ACTA by Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Critics of ACTA believe that it threatens freedom of expressions by placing a firewall of censorship on the internet. Other countries in the European Union also signed the treaty, which included France, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Greece, and Finland. At this point you might be thinking “Man the keyboards! Launch the cyber torpedoes! Raise the blackout sites!” because the U.S. wouldn’t dare sign this treaty after the massive backlash from the public because of SOPA and PIPA. Go ahead and just put your computer on stand-by because the United States already signed ACTA last year and it went unnoticed. A group of law officials even wrote a letter to President Obama urging him not to sign ACTA but their warnings went unheard. Even Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon sent a letter to the President in which he criticized his failure to alert the people and “give the public a say

Seale to visit Central Campus


February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 4

Games on the shelf declining while DLC expands By STEPHEN VALDEZ San Jacinto Times

Let’s be honest: January sucked for gaming. The only marquee titles that dropped in January were Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2. February shows some promise with a few games to look forward to, like the revival of the SSX snowboarding franchise. A few other games to watch for in February include The Darkness 2, The Syndicate, Asura’s Wrath, and another revival of an old franchise, Twisted Metal. At least there was plenty of downloadable content released to tide gamers over until the next big game drops, or to help avoid that special or not so special someone before Valentine’s Day. On the Xbox side of things Gears of War 3 recently released its latest DLC the Fenix Rising Map Pack. In this DLC there will be 5 new multiplayer maps including a remake of Escalation from the first Gears of War game. In addition to the new

maps, players will be able to run with four new multiplayer characters: two for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, and two for the Locust. Entering the fray for the COG will be Recruit Clayton and Thrashball Cole, while the Locust will be bringing the Savage Marauder and Savage Kantus to the fight. Props goes out to Epic for hooking up gamers who were unable to get the Thrashball Cole and Savage Kantus character skins a chance to get their hands on the previously limited edition characters. A new feature will also be added, the ability to Reup. This feature is similar to “prestiging� in the Call of Duty games. Players will be able to reset their level and start the leveling process all over again. Gamers can initiate this process three times, and much like in COD, unlock new icons and special weapon skins only attainable by reaching level 100 for each Re-up. Gamers will have to pay 800 Microsoft points to get their hands on this DLC, unless they have already purchased the season pass,

in which case they get it for free. Both Forza and Gran Turismo made a DLC appearance for the racing genre. Forza unveiled the January Jalopnik Pack giving players a chance to take new cars to the track, my favorite among them being the 1973 Ford Pinto. Both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 also saw the release of the latest installment of DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, the Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack. This DLC drops six multiplayer maps in which gamers can visit different locales like Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Dyers. There will also be remakes of maps from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood revisiting places such as Firenze, San Donato, and Siena from the previous Assassin’s Creed games. This DLC is available for 800 MS points or $15 on the PS3. Arguably the biggest splash in the DLC pool is the release of the first batch of maps from Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Jan. 24.

Well, if you were one of the cool kids that paid for Call of Duty: Elite, and if you own an Xbox 360, then you get to play the new DLC. Infinity Ward is allowing all Call of Duty: Elite members to play on the first two new map releases of MW3, Liberation and Piazza, before everyone else gets the opportunity to play them. This also marks the beginning of their plan to give Elite members new DLC every month. So if you feel like shelling out $49.99 for one year for the opportunity to be among the first gamers to play these maps feel free to indulge yourself, otherwise you will have to wait like the rest of us until this DLC is made available to the public in March. The price for this DLC is still up in the air, along with the number of maps to be included. So hit up the marketplace and check out this batch of DLC, there’s enough to keep gamers of all walks entertained until the next Game of the Year nominee is released.

Chick-Fil-A comes a lot closer to Central Campus

Game Art by Google Images

By COURTNEY MOUTON San Jacinto Times

San Jacinto College Central students can expect a new food option near campus. Chick-fil-a plans to open a 4,500 square foot restaurant in Deer Park located on the northeast corner of East Boulevard and Spencer Highway next to NTB Tire. With construction expected to be completed by the summer of 2012, students can “EAT MOR CHICKIN,� just in time for fall classes. The chain known for promoting its Christian values will provide a variety of chicken entrees from 6:30 a.m. to

10:00 p.m. making it easily accessible for students coming to and from class. Since 1967, this privately held and family owned company has steadily grown to become the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States. Promoting the slogan “We didn’t invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich,� refers to Chick-fil-a’s trademark, the quick-serve chicken sandwich. Along with finding a way to cook the chicken sandwich just as fast as a burger patty for a fast food alternative, Chick-fil-a offers anything from salads, nuggets and dessert items to breakfast sandwiches and food trays great for a

study session. Sarah Buehler, SJC cosmetology student expresses her excitement as she learns of the new food option Chick-fil-a will be providing near campus. “I really like that a Chick-fil-a is opening near campus,� said Buehler. “With students that are here all day like me the same ‘ol same ‘ol food around campus gets old, but with Chick-fil-a opening right down the street it gives student a good alternative to the norm with its good food and friendly environment.� she said. Buehler believes that students involved in all cam-

pus activities can enjoy the benefits of a nearby Chick-fil-a.

“It provides a place where students can grab food in-between classes and even study,� said Buehler. “I don’t know anyone who really gets tired of Chickfil-a. Its convenience will make it one of my first choices when we get our lunch break.� Buehler commented. For students on the go Chick-fil-a offers online ordering on its website at,

Join us for Preview Friday! Designed with you in mind, Preview Friday allows you to mingle with other transfer students and learn about: NJ +RZ WKH WUDQVIHU SURFHVV ZRUNV NJ )LQDQFLDO DLG DQG VFKRODUVKLS RSSRUWXQLWLHV NJ 7KH &RPHW &RQQHFWLRQ WXLWLRQ JXDUDQWHH NJ &DPSXV OLIH You’ll also have the chance to talk one-on-one with an advisor in your major. Choose the date you’d like to attend:

2FW   1RY   )HE   )HE  




Around Campus/Sports Espanol Norte

Lunes, Febrero 6 • No hay actividades

Martes, Febrero 7 • Junta del Club Arte Culinario, 1 p.m., N12.215

Miercoles, Febrero 8 • No hay actividades

Jueves, Febrero 9 • Junta de Sociedad Webb, 1 p.m., N-7.108 • Junta de Club Rotaract, 1 p.m., N-12.215 • Junta de Club Anime, 2:30 p.m., N-9.133

Viernes, Febrero 10 • Junta de Club Robotica, 1 p.m., N-2.108

Sabado, Febrero 11 • No hay actividades

Domingo, Febrero 12 • No hay actividades


Lunes, Febrero 6

• Junta del Club Matematica & Ingenieria, 12:22 p.m., tercer piso de Frels Building • Junta de Club Psicologia, 12:50 p.m., C3.211

Martes, Febrero 7 • Funcion de Bernard Woma Band, 11:30 a.m., Raven Cafe • Junta de Alancia Gay Straight, 2:30 p.m., C3.204

Miercoles, Febrero 8 • Junta de Sociedad Anime, 2 p.m., C3.104

Jueves, Febrero 9 • No hay actividades

Viernes, Febrero 10 • Junta de Asociacion del Gobierno Estudientil, 11:30 a.m., ILC 155

Sabado, Febrero 11 • No hay actividades

Domingo, Febrero 12 • No hay actividades

Lunes, Febrero 13 • Junta del Club Matematica & Ingenieria, 12:22 p.m.,tercer piso de Frels Building • Junta de Club Psicologia, 12:50 p.m., C3,211


Lunes, Febrero 6 • No hay actividades

Martes, Febrero 7 • Pep rally de Softbol, 11 a.m., Atrio • Companerismo Biblico de Estudiante, 11:30 a.m., Cuarto de juegos • Junta de Asociacion del Gobierno Estudientil, 1:30 p.m., S11.228 • Junta del Bloqueo de Escritor, 6 p.m., S9.200

Miercoles, Febrero 8 • Bernard Woma Band, 11 a.m., Atrio • Junta de Phi Beta Lambda, 2:30 p.m., S8.2014 • Junta de Sociedad Webb, 2:30 p.m., S7.156 • Club de Filosofia, 2:45 p.m., S7.100 • Junta de HSF, 3 p.m., S8.2026

Jueves, Febrero 9 • El Desayuno, 4 p.m. Cafeteria

Viernes, Febrero 10 • No hay actividades

Sabado, Febrero 11 • No hay actividades

Domingo, Febrero 12 • No hay actividades

Hedrick moves to MLS By VICTOR ARAIZA San Jacinto Times

When Cyprian Hedrick left Duala, Cameroon in 1999 he was only nine years old. He grew up in nearby Friendswood where he started to chase a dream that millions kids across the world pursue. Cyprian, the No. 30 overall selection in the 2012 Major League Soccer SuperDraft, didn’t take the “typical” approach to becoming pro. He wasn’t signed to a club by the age of 18, he didn’t have an offer from a Division I school, and yet he’s made it playing an entirely different position than he grew up knowing. “I had all the faith that I could make it with enough hard work and the proper preparation and I Hedrick was blessed to be given this amazing opportunity,” said a joyful Hedrick via phone interview. “Am I going to say that I knew all along that I could do it? No, I had my doubts and there were some days when I felt I didn’t want to play anymore but I kept pushing myself hoping that I would get the opportunity to do this at the professional level.” Originally a goal scorer in high school, Hedrick was drafted for his defensive skills. It was at San Jacinto where he made the transition from forward to defender under Dr. David Santesteban’s coaching. “There were prodigy forwards in front of me and I knew there was no way I would get to play,” said Hedrick about being redshirted his freshman season. “When Coach Dave offered me the redshirt he tried me at different positions in the offseason and he could tell I looked more like a defender than a guy up top.” “Playing at San Jac definitely helped me in figuring out and learning new skills that as I went on to play at Coastal Carolina and now Sporting Kansas City it’s basically the same thing, it only intensifies at the higher level. It definitely all started at San Jac.” Now Cyprian is focused on getting as much playing time under his belt in his debut year for Sporting Kansas City, the same club National Football League standout Chad Ochocinco tried out for during the lockout but found it difficult to secure a spot on the first team. Kansas City Head Coach Peter Vermes, the man in charge of handing out playing time, believes Hedrick is a perfect fit among his young squad. “He has qualities where physically he can step into the league right away, that won't be the issue,” stated Vermes about Hedrick in an interview with Sporting KC’s website. “If this guy has the hunger

Other Notable SJC Soccer Players Player Year Gone Pro Current Club

Dane Richards 2007 Kieron Bernard 2008 Ryan Maxwell 2009 Mozesh Gyorio 2010 Carlos Villa


Fernando Calvo 2011

New York Red Bulls (USA) Orlando City (USA) Rocket City United (USA) Tampa Bay Rowdies (USA) CSDMunicipal (Guatemala) C.S. Herediano (Costa Rica)

to do it, and I think he does, coupled with the qualities that he does have, I think he's someone we can develop.” Going professional is no longer a long shot for San Jacinto soccer players, it’s becoming the standard. Eight other SJC alumni have grasped the professional ranks and three of those have done it in MLS. Dane Richards, currently playing forward alongside world renowned soccer striker Thierry Henry at New York Red Bulls, is arguably the most successful story for the San Jacinto College soccer program and his story is one that kept Hedrick motivated to continue working toward his goal. “His story really motivated me and inspired me to keep going because if he could make it, I was in the same position and environment where he was, anybody else who worked hard enough and got better every day could also get there” Cyprian will get to measure his skills later this month against his hometown team when he faces the Houston Dynamo in preseason action at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. on Feb. 24 as part of the Disney Pro Soccer Classic. Hedrick’s family and friends in Friendswood have July 18, 2012 marked on their calendars because it will be the day Sporting KC is in town to face the Houston Dynamo at the brand new BBVA Compass Stadium downtown in what will be a rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference Final. It would be the dream homecoming and Cyprian plans to play at that game. “My grades weren’t that great,” commented Hedrick about his options coming out of high school, which included offers from several Division II schools. “I had heard of San Jac and that they had a very good [soccer] program, it was something close to home and somewhere I could get better so that’s how I ended up there.” Now he’s ended up in Major League Soccer, and Cyprian got exactly what he wanted out of his San Jac experience: His Goals. His College.

February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 5


Monday, February 6 • No Scheduled Activities

Tuesday, February 7 • Culinary Arts Club Meeting, 1 p.m., N-12.215

Wednesday, February 8 • No Scheduled Activities

Thursday, February 9 • Webb Society Meeting, 1 p.m., N-7.108 • Rotaract Club Meeting, 1 p.m., N-12.215 • Anime Club Meeting, 2:30 p.m., N-9.133

Friday, February 10 • Robotics Club Meeting, 1 p.m., N-2.108

Saturday, February 11 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 12 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 13


• No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 6

• Math & Engineering Club Meeting, 12:22 p.m., 3rd Floor of Frels Building • Psychology Club Meeting, 12:50 p.m., C3.211

Tuesday, February 7 • Bernard Woma Band Performance, 11:30 a.m., Raven Café • Gay Straight Alliance Meeting, 2:30 p.m., C3.204

Wednesday, February 8 • Anime Society Meeting, 2 p.m., C3.104

Thursday, February 9

Texan’s 2012 season takes on tough opponents

• No Scheduled Activities

Now that the 2011 National Football League season has come to a close, it is safe to say that Texans fans are very pleased with the performance of their team this season. Granted that possibilities of a Super Bowl appearance were plagued by untimely injuries, this past season was without a doubt the most successful to date. It was also the most fun to watch. With this newfound success, however, the Houston Texans head into the offseason with a new aura about them. This is now a winning franchise, and teams and organizations around the league are taking notice. Instead of being overlooked on NFL schedules, they will now have a target no their back as one of the teams to beat. With the Super Bowl over, it is now officially the offseason. With that news comes some interesting topics that can keep Texans fans wondering what moves are going to be done, and how they are going to improve their talent, and in some cases their image.

• No Scheduled Activities

By STUART STOCK San Jacinto Times

Contract Questions

One of the most talked about concerns right now is the unknown status of contract renewals with key players like Mario Williams, Arian Foster and Chris Myers. With the team’s cap room in mind, Williams and Foster are the main players to debate. While they are both probably the best players on their respected side of the ball, will the amount of money they are looking to get benefit the Texans more than it will hurt them? Mario Williams is a Hall of Fame potential talent, which has garnered over 50 sacks so far in his career. His contract is now up and there are many different ways the team could handle his situation. However you look at it, it is going to be expensive to keep him. Since he is a free agent, in order to trade him for some value elsewhere, they would first need to sign him a contract, or franchise him. The estimated cost of franchising Williams would cost somewhere close to $22 million. As if the cost of getting Williams back isn’t a big enough burden, the team has to try to reach a deal with one of the league’s upper echelon running backs in Arian Foster. This is something that happens what seems like every year in the NFL. One of the top backs in the league is in need of a new contract, gets way too much money, then

underperforms the following season (i.e. CJ2YPC). In Foster’s case, however, he will not be in search of a contract of Chris Johnson’s magnitude. This is partially because of his character and personality. Foster has been grounded with his ego since his coming out party in 2010 as a top back. These traits, compounded with a belief in what Gary Kubiak is doing in Houston, are reasons why he will be fine with a reasonable contract deal. A safe estimate is probably something similar to Jamaal Charles’ contract last season of $30 million for five years.

2012 Schedule Toughens Up

The teams schedule for both home and away games has been released, and goes as follows: Home: Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Baltimore, Green Bay, Minnesota. Away: Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, New York Jets, Denver, Chicago, Detroit. Okay, let’s not all panic, but this is one brutal schedule. Of course the six conference games are in place, and as we have seen can be easily winnable. But then you have the Ravens, Packers, Patriots, Jets, Bears and Lions? The Texans are looking at one of the toughest schedules in the NFL next year. This can be taken two different ways: Widespread panic, or potential growth of the Texans’ name. Looking at the schedule as a whole, there appears to be viable options for prime-time games against five, six or even seven different opponents, if you include Denver’s newfound spotlight with Tim Tebow. With all of the great teams on the schedule next year, several doors could open for the Texans. National exposure is just about certain for 2012, as games on Sunday and Monday will likely have the Texans on multiple weekends. So before everyone worries about going back to 8-8 in 2012, and not making the playoffs, first think of the opportunities there will be for the Texans to rise up and take their place as one of the NFL’s best. Instead of a burden, the drawing of a schedule of this magnitude might be the best thing that could happen to them, as it could catapult a relatively under the radar Texans team into the national spotlight.

Friday, February 10 • Student Government Association Meeting, 11:30 a.m., ILC 155

Saturday, February 11 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 12 Monday, February 13 • Math & Engineering Club Meeting, 12:22 p.m., 3rd Floor of Frels Building • Psychology Club Meeting, 12:50 p.m., C3.211


Monday, February 6 • No Scheduled Activities

Tuesday, February 7 • Softball Pep Rally, 11 a.m., Atrium • Student Bible Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., Game Room • Student Government Association Meeting, 1:30 p.m., S11.228 • Writer’s Block Meeting, 6 p.m., S9.200

Wednesday, February 8 • Bernard Woma Band, 11:30 a.m., Atrium • Phi Beta Lambda Meeting, 2:30 p.m., S8.2014 • Webb Society Meeting, 2:30 p.m., S7.156 • Philosophy Club Meeting, 2:45 p.m., S7.100 • HSF Meeting, 3 p.m., S8.2026

Thursday, February 9 • The Breakfast, 4 p.m., Cafeteria

Friday, February 10 • No Scheduled Activities

Saturday, February 11 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 12 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 13 • No Scheduled Activities

Jumps, etc.

February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 6


BASKETBALL Continued from Page 1

The Ravens have changed their game plan to accommodate more scoring opportunities on the inside. Sophomore big men Flavien Davis and Chris Richardson lead the team in scoring this season. Davis has stepped up in a big way. The 6-foot5 Sophomore from Wisconsin Lutheran H.S., leads the team in scoring with 17 points per game, a far cry from last season when he averaged 11. Coach Wonders and his coaching staff have been able to turn out what looks to be another great season. The pressure of replacing a local legend in Gernander doesn’t seem to faze Wonders. When asked about following up the great career that “Big G” had, Wonders smiled and paid his respects. He said, “I can’t try to replace him. I mean, coach G has been a big part of me as I went through the coaching profession. I was here in ‘01 and ‘02 and he’s been a big part of my life since then and there’s no way I can replace or try to do the things he’s done. I’ve got to be me and try to do the best that I can and my job is to try and make us as good of a team as we can be on a daily basis.” The Ravens next game hits a little closer to home for Coach Wonders. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, at

Continued from Page 1

home, the Ravens go up against Panola College. Panola is where Wonders had his last head-coaching job. Wonders addressed the issue, claiming there is no added pressure to get a victory and this game is just as important as all the others. Wonders said, “I loved my time at Panola. It was a great opportunity and I’ve got fond memories of my time up there. What it comes down to is the players, and none of those [current] players that are at Panola know me. It’s one of 19 league games in Region 14 and all of them are difficult. I want to try to win all that we can. So, I don’t get into a whole lot of that. Their head coach is a good friend of mine, but we’ll be ready to go play” When Wonders was asked if there was anything he wanted to tell the student body, without hesitation, he said he would love for more people to come out and watch the team. “We’d love to have your support in any way. I think you’d be impressed with the caliber of basketball that we have. A lot of players that you can flip the TV on and see on ESPN went through Region IV teams.” Maybe if the team keeps winning games, the bleachers will fill up. One thing is for sure. This is a team San Jac Fans can get excited about. This is a team we can be proud of.

GOVERNMENT Continued from Page 1

These new courses, Government 2305 and 2306 respectively, will be offered beginning in Fall 2012. If a student has not taken either course in the current sequence (Government 2301 and 2302), they may choose to apply the new courses to their core curriculum requirements instead. According to San Jac Blackboard, this change to the core curriculum is the result of a state mandate from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The THECB, founded in 1965, has required core curriculum guidelines since 1987. These mandatory requirements were introduced with the goal of producing well-rounded Texas college graduates. Any changes determined by this board are made with the goal of promoting excellence in colleges across the state of Texas. Students who have further questions regarding the new Government requirements are encouraged to contact an educational planner on their campus.



at Memorial City Mall


Photos by Dennis Tague II/San Jacinto Times

light to classes during the day. Also, accommodations for the handicapped will be made, one of which will be lower laboratory tables for easier working during lab classes. Safety provisions will be brought up to current standards and styles, the eye flush stations and ventilation systems will be the newer styles. The style of the building itself is far superior to that of the original. For example the original science building is built in the 1970’s style of science laboratories. Some are even built in the style of the 1930’s. The way these are built is very inefficient for work the way science is taught today, compared to how it was even 40 years ago. The newer building is more open and there is more technology to accommodate the ever-growing admissions rate to San Jacinto College. Cartwright stated that the offices in the new building will be more student friendly, and most of them will have a completely glass wall on one side, to give professors better visibility to students. Also, if a student were to go to a teacher in their office for help with an assignment, they would not have to worry about one of them looking at the paper upside down. There will be a part that slides out of the professor’s desk so the student will be able to sit beside the professor. Another point that was made was that this new science building would most likely not have any effect on students’ tuition. Also, lab fees for taking any of the sciences will not be increased either. There will be a computer and a projector in most, if not all of the classes. This will prevent wasted class time, and having to wait for professors to set up their material. This gives opportunity to show students multimedia presentations, as well as videos that may accompany the textbooks for classes. So finally, after over four decades of service, the Heinrich and Frels Science buildings will hang up their hats, giving way to a new building that is better equipped to serve the students of the Central Campus.

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Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 7

V-Day online dating tips Valentine’s coming soon By GREG FETTERS San Jacinto Times

Long hot wet kisses, slow burning candles, noticeably soft jazz, intensely deep conversation, passionately throbbing debate, and the perfect valentine. If Cupid only knew how hard it is to find the perfect valentine. She must be attractive. He must be attentive. She is kind, sweet, and never coarse. He is strong, good-looking and extremely ambitious. With such expectations, the perfect valentine remains as allusive and fictitious as cupid. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t found the perfect valentine. There is still time. Tremendous resources have been devoted to task, like Google On-line Dating. Now, start with the first result and continue until your perfect valentine has been successfully attained. That’s not practical, not even probable. Most affectionate seekers will probably migrate to the most popular dating sites. “boast 1.6 million paying subscribers.” While, has about 30 million users worldwide give or take a couple of Brazilians or half a dozen Canadians. According to the key to selecting the right online dating service is knowing the subscriber demographics before joining. They even took the time to research some helpful demographics of four major/popular online dating sites. _online_dating.html Most sites offer free memberships that allow look but don’t touch site features. As romantic as it seems, window-shopping for love creates a world wide web of entangled personalities wrapped in an enigma of great expectations. Online dating subscribers range from single hot moms to bearded middle-aged divorcees, each one

describing their perfect valentine. If nothing else, these propagandizing profiles paint a portrait with a vanilla sky and an unobtainable hope that true love seekers will one day be someone’s super hero/heroine. Seriously, who doesn’t love to laugh? Can love be defined in a 200-word description of who you are and whom you want! The key to valentine’s success lies beneath the surface. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. You probably won’t find the girl of your dreams on an online dating site. You can find an insightful perception of what women want. If you are looking for a single hot guy then go out dancing with your friends. If it is true loves kiss you seek then look to the median that has expressed love in ways few could imagine. More importantly look inside yourself an express love in ways only you can imagine. Just for fun: How many references to artful expressions of love can you find in this article.


SHM LTLLFSHG 633 525 73633 Hint: She knows what she wants! Just look at her online dating headline.

Love Poll

For the purpose of accurately recording results specify gender M/F and AGE Which quality would you desire most in your perfect valentine? a. Sex Appeal b. Good conversation c. Self-Confidence/Independently successful d. Other (describe briefly) How many dates does it take to decide if he/she could be “the one”? a. 1 to 3 b. 4 to 8 c. More than 8 Would you date someone for more than 5 dates even if you knew they weren't “the one” for you? Yes or No

By KARINA ARGUETA San Jacinto Times

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there are certain things that you should know before the big day comes! From special gift ideas to what to wear and where to go for your ideal date on Valentine’s Day. There are tips that will help you prepare for what’s to come! The following questions were asked during an interview for some of our fellow classmates/students from San Jacinto College; what kind of special gift ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day? What would you like to wear on your date and what would you like to see your date wear? Where would you like to go or take your date out for dinner on Valentine’s Day? For Valentine's Day, you would like to impress your date with a gift that will leave them in awe! Guys, if you are planning on getting a memorable gift for your date, a good idea would be chocolate, a teddy bear, and to top it off with something sweet, you can also give her a dozen roses! Girls fall for sweet gifts like that and it will also give them something to talk about! A young lady that I interviewed had a more unique gift idea that most girls would like on Valentine’s Day. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", says Maricruz, “you can never go wrong with that!” Ladies, a gift for your date can be a challenge but you would be surprised! During the interview, many guys expressed their gift idea with ease. “I would just like my girlfriend to look good and make me happy,” Gerardo stated, “ I couldn’t ask for anything more.” If just looking nice and being faithful is not enough for a lady to give on Valentines Day, here are some other ideas that were given that are very neat. A gift card to his favorite restaurant, electronics store, or clothing store is something simple that would make him feel special. “I would like a gift card for Home Depot! They give

really good stuff there for hardworking men!” joked a student. Now, to talk about apparel, when it comes to dressing, you would be surprised to hear what guys would like to see their date wear and what a lady likes to see their date wear. While interviewing, the students seemed to lighten up when ‘dressing up’ was mentioned. The majority of girls I interviewed said that they would love to see their date with a suit and a tie or something very formal for their important romantic date. Joana, another girl I interviewed, said, “I wouldn’t want my date to wear something that says ‘oh I don’t care it’s just a date’ kind of clothes. I want to see him wear something nice a dressy.” Also, depending on where the date will take place, what you wear is important! It shows how serious you are about meeting this person and how interested you are to spend time with them. A group of guys interviewed gave specific detail on what they want to see their date wear also. “Something I would love to see my girl wear is a nice sun dress or a red dress that shows her figure.” Another guy named Mario said that his date would look nice in a “penciled skirt and a nice shirt”. Where your date takes you shows how much he cares for you ladies! I asked to see where would be a nice place to take their girls out for Valentine's Day. The most popular place stated was Olive Garden! Doesn't that sound like a good delicious place to go for your date? “A walk in the park would be very romantic and then we can go to Kemah Boardwalk for some fun!” Maricruz said “ it’s a different idea for a date.” Kemah Boardwalk is a lot of fun and it is a neat idea for a date! So is a walk in the park and you can also have a picnic date too if you do not like Kemah Boardwalk. In the end, what you wear, what you do, and where you go is an important way to make that special someone happy on Valentine's Day!

Broken Hearts Ball provides excitement for singles By KRISTINA TAYLOR San Jacinto Times

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and many will have someone to spend it with but what about people who are single. It would be nice for anyone to meet someone right before Valentines Day and there is a place to be for singles. The Roula and Ryan show at 104.1 KRBE radio station is having what they call a Broken Hearts

Ball, welcoming people who are 21 and up, single or not to the event. It is held at Club Ei8ht on Washington at Roy, on Friday February 10 and festivities start at 7 and end at 10. Although, this does not mean the night is over. KRBE staff and interns will be there and the first 104 singles through the door will receive a special Mardi Gras Treat. They will also be giving away tickets to Mardi Gra! Galveston to see Hot Chelle Rae on Sat., Feb. 11. Events and Adventures and Ma Belle Photo

booth will be there at the Broken Hearts Ball as well. Dress code is enforced and if you need any more information you can visit 104.1 has the information on their website and you will hear them advertise it on the radio. It does not mention this on the website but they did mention on the radio that it is free to get in. So if you have no plans, want to have a good time and go out and meet someone then come out to the Broken Hearts Ball.

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February 6, 2012 San Jacinto Times • Page 8

Transfer day offers opportunities for advancement

Phot’s by Michael Deats/San Jacinto Times

Colleges from all around Texas as well as some out of state insitutions represented themselves at San Jacinto College Campuses this week. SJC students lined up to investigate their continued higher education as some their options were laid out in front of them. Perhaps one of the most fruitful events students can attend, detailed information for transfering to other institutions was provided by knowledgable representatives. a special thanks to all colleges that attended Transfer Day.

Times Staff Fashion and Entertainment of the week Fashion pic

By LINDSAY FLOYD San Jacinto Times

Artest spotlight

Call it a typical Thursday night in the live music capitol of the world, where Houston based band, Elbodo, played their debut performance at HEADHUNTERS in Austin. While some people came out, it wasn’t the turn out they were expecting. Although I suspect the few people that showed up were friends with the band and/or former Houstonians. For a seven-member band, stage setup is always creative. Keep in mind the bars around Austin’s famous 6th street are not big at all. With the key-


heavy hitters like crowd favorite Bai, one that metal heads and Beatles fans alike could dance to. Guitarist Brandon starts the song off with a heavy metal riff and loud lyrics. The song slows down and lead singer Rickie transitions the song with softer lyrics then lead guitarist, Andrew takes Bai to a different level with this mind-blowing solo. The song then finishes back how it started with Brandon. Donna ends the night on a high note. Every time I’ve seen Elbodo they end with this song. It’s not too fast and not too slow, and throws in a little bit of every kind of music they played that night. With a solo from Andrew starting off the song everyone

Photo By Angelica Rodriguez/San Jacinto Times

Hey San Jac students! Ever wanted to see your name or picture on the newspaper? Well, now is your chance. Each week we will pick one out of many photos to be on the “San Jacinto Times”. The pictures will be taken of our current students each week who are wearing the latest trends or season styles. We will also describe a little about your outfit and why it was chosen. How to participate you ask? It’s easy, just being yourself, if you stand out you’ll see me and my camera at any San Jac campus looking for you. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your apparel so your picture and description can be printed here for the “Pic of the Week”. So San Jac, whether you dress up or dress down, be on the lookout, the next person might be you. Don’t see me around campus and want to participate? Take a picture at any SJC of your seasons’ outfit and send it in to: only from your San Jac e-mail. Tell me what you consider your style to be and why you chose that outfit. Don’t forget to mention your first and last name, age, hobbies, major, and also include the campus you attend. Brenda Rodriguez Age: 27 Major: NDT; Non-Destructive Testing Hobbies: having fun and going out with her 3 kids Although spring has not yet begun that did not stop Brenda Rodriguez from wearing this cute outfit she chose for her day at school. Although the season is winter, here in Houston it just doesn’t seem to get that cold. This week most of us have kept our jackets in the closet, and kept wearing our short sleeve shirts like Rodriguez did. What was noticeable from Rodriguez’s outfit was not only the contrasting color of the magenta flowers on her black & white striped blouse, but also how little she had to accessorize it in order for her outfit to stand out. Rodriguez’s jeans were also a simple and comfortable look appropriate to her evening classes, after a long day at work and a busy schedule not everyone has time to dress up, but looking neat is always an option. Going back to her accessories, she didn’t overdo it, sporting a light necklace, bracelet, and simple no lace tennis shoes. Her hair and makeup were also perfectly combined with the casual outfit, natural toned makeup with a little lip-gloss, including her straightened hair and fringed bangs. Last but not least, don’t forget the smartphone these days to help keep up with our email, reminders, or just a little texting here and there like Rodriguez did.

Elbodo performing at HEADHUNTERS in Austin.

boardist and the DJ’s in front, three guitarists and the bassist tucked behind them, and of course the drummer tucked all the way in the very back of the stage it seems like these guys might run into some space issues in mid-jam. With the stage setup finally figured out, sound check complete and a bit of liquid encouragement, Elbodo was finally taking the stage. They started the night out with the song Faye, a light almost poppy sounding song when they first begin that manifests into something totally different. Faye almost foreshadows the night giving you a preview to how diverse Elbodo really is. As guitarist Andrew Jeffries shreds his guitar and instantly showcases his talents, the crowd seems comforted by his solo and creeps closer to the stage as if they are no longer afraid to enjoy the music. As the night roles on, Elbodo throws down some

Photo by Lindsey Floyd/San Jacinto Times

senses it’s the last song. They put their drinks down and dance to one last song. They know the show is almost over. “Oh yea, it’s not that bad,” Rickie sings the chorus to Donna, which in a way describes how you feel about Elbodo after watching them for the first time. Elbodo plays all original songs from a multitude of genres ranging from electro-rock, funk, metal, and classic rock. With each song showcasing a different member of the band, and enchanting a different member of the audience, one can sense that everyone has a say in this band. At times it does seem that Elbodo doesn’t know what specific type of music they want to play and that’s what sets them apart from other Houston bands. Chances are no matter what kind of music moves you- Elbodo will make you move.


San Jacinto Times Spring 2012 Issue 11 was published February 6, 2012.