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SAYING GOODBYE The final edition of Spring 2011

May 2, 2011

The Student Publication of the San Jacinto College District

Vol. 21, No. 20

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Coach reflects on SJC career By CHRIS SHELTON San Jacinto Times

Gernander has successfully guided the San Jac men’s basketball team for 24 years.

Finals can cause stress By JANNETTE MARIN San Jacinto Times

School is almost over and it’s time to enjoy the beautiful summer, but wait! Before all the fun starts, we must get all of our classes out of the way. This is the time to put the fun on hold for a second and get prepared for our studies because finals are closer than they appear. Final exams can be a very stressful time for students at all grade levels. It can lead to worrying about your work performance and make you start to wonder if you’re able to use what you’ve learned to move on to the next level. Most college students have a lot on their plate and it is difficult to juggle a hectic schedule. While it is a common thing to feel anxiety when exams are coming up, don’t let it get the best of you. These are ways to help college students’ focus and prepare for the finals. Practice, practice, practice, go over several old exams to get used to the format and memorize facts using flashcards or group questionnaires. Having a study group at the library or somewhere quiet such as starbucks can be a great and fun way to prepare. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying for finals. You should start reviewing ahead of time; this will give you enough time to receive any help or tutoring. Review past quizzes, test, and coursework you’ve done in the past. This can help you learn which areas you are weak on. The night before the finals be sure to get enough


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rest. You do not want to be tired the next morning. You will not be able to focus. Eating a good breakfast will nourish your brain in order for it to work better. Feeling hungry can make it harder to focus. Relax and if you are unsure about any questions, be sure to ask your professors. Lets study, pass, and enjoy our summer!

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Final Exams can cause undue stress if time is not managed correctly.

San Jac Times files

Upon entering the physical education building at San Jacinto College’s Central Campus, once past our enormous raven with his light blue sweater, steely glare and tightly clinched fists, the success of San Jac athletics encompasses you. There are six trophy cases filled to the brim with regional and national championships from several different sports. San Jac has been blessed with several ambassadors who have brought about an environment of athletic success. Without question, men’s basketball coach, Scott Gernander is one of the biggest athletic ambassadors at our college because of his success and dedication to the college. So not having his presence on the sidelines will be an unfamiliar sight to most faculty, staff, and students. After 640 wins and his second consecutive Region XIV Coach of the Year, Gernander and San Jac have decided to part ways. He found it tough to depart from a place that has been so dear to his heart. “The teachers are great, so are the administrators, I mean this campus has been my home for twenty eight years.” Gernander leaves San Jac as its winningest basketball coach ever, no small feat when you consider the rich history of talented players and great coaches that have preceded him. He has impressively won 80 percent of the games he has coached leaving behind a thriving program and high expectations for the next coach. Gernander has over seen many great teams and memorable moments. For instance, Gernander told the story of an unlikely hero who ignited a playoff win. San Jac survived a close encounter with future NBA all-star Larry Johnson while he was a student at Odessa during his first trip to Nationals as head coach. The team was down six and zapped for energy. Gernander was searching for a spark after the starters and role players began to falter. SEE COACH page 5

Graduation rules at SJC

UH can also be a good option By PRISCILA ZARAZUA San Jacinto Times

Do you have or are you receiving an associate’s of science (AS) or an associate’s of art (AA) degree? Then admission to the university of Houston is guaranteed. Admission will be granted to applicants who have earned an associate of science or associate of art degree from the last school attended as long as the school is a U.S. regionally accredited school. Official transcripts must be received from all previously attended institutions. Not sure which university to attend after graduating from San Jacinto College? Here are some facts why choosing the university of Houston as the place to continue with your career is a good option. Outstanding academics. Choose from more than 100 undergraduate programs of study, several of which rank among the nation's best. Across the disciplines, Houston faculty win awards, earn international acclaim and work closely with students as individuals.

An unbeatable location. Take on an internship at the largest medical center in the world, or learn about the energy industry first-hand: professional opportunities are around every corner in Houston, the nation's fourth-largest city and a hub of international business. (It's a fun place to live, too!) Leading-edge research.

UH conducts research in most academic departments and across disciplinary boundaries. Even as an undergraduate, you may have opportunity to work closely with world-class researchers, making significant discoveries and contributing to the body of knowledge in your field.

A great future. UH graduates are CEOs, astronauts, judges, educators, Olympic athletes, actors, artists, and more. Across the world, UH alumni are fulfilling their dreams and making things happen. The University of Houston can help make things happen for you too. Once you decide to attend UH you must: Fill out an application. You may apply online using the Apply Texas Application. Pay the $50 application fee. You may pay this with a credit card when you submit your application or send a check or money order to the admissions office. Send your college transcripts. Please send official transcripts from all colleges and institutions previously attended. Electronic transcripts are strongly encouraged as this helps process your transfer credit in a more expedient fashion. University of Houston-Office of Admissions 4400 University DriveHouston, TX 77204-2023 After you’ve been admitted to UH these are the steps to take. SEE GRADUATION page 4


May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 2

Less is often more when it comes to baseball

Major League Baseball owners and players are buying into the idea of adding two playoff teams in 2012, an expansion plan that would see a By VICTOR ARAIZA total of 10 teams San Jacinto Times qualify to baseball’s second season. "I would say we're moving to expanding the playoffs, but there's a myriad of details to work out," Commissioner Bud Selig said on Thursday April 21 at his annual meeting with the Associated Press Sports Editors. "Ten is a fair number." The new playoff format would see both the American and National League Crown its division

champions, but rather than give the fourth spot to the best second-place team the new format would pit the two non-champion teams with the best records in a play-in best-of-3 series. Newsflash: Baseball doesn’t need expansion, it needs enhancement. A regular season schedule that features 162 total fixtures is more than enough to determine whom the best teams are heading into October. It should be no surprise that players and owners want more games because it means both parties conjure up more money. The plan does nothing to enhance competition, if anything it deteriorates it. More games mean higher risk of injury and more fatigue. Let us not forget the main reason behind players using performance enhancing substances is to keep up with the demands of a long schedule.

Summer a time for classes and decisions

The Astros, in the early stages of the 2011 season, have recently recorded two of their three smallest crowds in the ballpark’s 11-plus seasons. Yes the Astros are statistically one of the worst teams in MLB but the attendance problem exists even with the big names in baseball. It doesn’t take over extensive research; all you have to do is tune in to any baseball game on television, even the marquee primetime matchup on ESPN, to see the empty seats that exist in ballparks around the country. The fact is the season is too long and the product is not worth watching until the games matter a little more. So how do you make the games matter? First ask yourself: why would I go watch Astros vs. Cubs in April when I can opt to watch them in July, when players are more in rhythm and the Playoff race heats up? All it takes is two series against each

team, one home and away. So how do you fill up the rest of the schedule? Simple. Intra-league games. MLB has already thrown in some intra-league games into schedules over the past couple of years. Baseball has already tipped its toe into the water and the results are evident that fans fill ballparks, so just mix it up and go all in. Nobody really cares about tradition as long as the games are good. The public has spoken by not showing up, they want compelling baseball worth their money and time. There will always be baseball purists exerting criticism, but that’s what drives sports and makes it interesting. It’s the reason you tune in to SportsCenter or call in to your local radio show like The Blitz on KFNC 97.5 FM weekdays from noon to 2 p.m. You want to care about baseball; MLB just makes it too damn hard!

Summer is a time for many decisions. How will you be spending it this time? Usually most people spend it vacationing, but others see it as an opportunity to get more work done. Summer School seems like something some people try to avoid, but it’s not all that bad. Looking in to light summer school can be a good By ADRIAN REQUENA thing. It gives people something to do over the break instead of lazing around at home. In most cases, over a San Jacinto Times break, people tend to wind down and forget what they learned over the year, but while in summer school it will keep your mind sharp and focused. You’ll be ahead of the game, unlike your friends; who were doing nothing over the summer, and you will be one step closer to your goals. The best thing about classes in the summer is that they are shorter and more to the point than a long, drawn out regular semester. Everything seems like a much more relaxed environment and people are loosened up. Additionally, classes are smaller, so you’ll get a lot more help from the teacher on what troubles you about the class. There are some things about summer school that can be somewhat of a bummer. The selections of courses you can take are a whole lot smaller and they might not hold a class you want to take. One thing comes to mind; you might not get teacher who regularly teaches cause most of the regular teachers don’t want to deal with a summer term. It is also quite possible that you don’t cover all the material, so that can be quite the departure from the normally in-depth nature of regular term classes. Maybe it will be too hot to learn a single thing through out the summer, and that doesn’t help if the course is intense in crunch time. Summer school is only a bad thing if you are negative about it. The only thing bad that can happen is if you let yourself be distracted. Sure there will be summer activities that you might miss out on. Think positive and don’t skip a day of class cause that is like missing a weeks worth of class during a normal semester. Focus on the tasks at hand. It isn’t all that bad if you can manage your time well; then you can still be progressing and have fun in the summer time.

Unbalanced salaries standing in the way of equality

Courtesy of Ryan Mcknight

It’s not fair This semester we’ve had great sport articles, columns, and blogs. I can’t help but notice that there haven’t been any articles written about women’s sports. It makes By PRISCILLA me wonder if women’s ZARAZUA San Jacinto Times sports are important or even taken seriously. Could it be because we are still living in a male chauvinist society? In today's world female athletes are learning the hard way that even if they train harder than their male counterparts and out-perform them they will still not receive the same recognition or money that the guys make. In today's sporting realm women are not paid as much as men. Female athletes do not receive the same sponsorship packages as their male teammates. Not only that, when a

male performs some fantastic, out-of-this world feat in their sport there are articles written about it for newspapers, the sport's web forums put them on a pedestal while a female can perform better than the male and not one word will be mentioned. Here are some of the big differences in salary between male and female athletes.

Roger Federer - ATP 2006 earnings: $8.3 million Football Stacy Agee - WPFL Salary per game: $100

Shaquille O’Neal - NBA 2005-06 salary: $20 million

Michael Vick - NFL Salary in 2005: $23.1 million

Golf Annika Sorenstam - LPGA Prize money in 2005: $2.5 million Tiger Woods - PGA Prize money in 2005: $11.9 million EDITOR


San Jacinto College Student Publications

Maria Sharapova - WTA 2006 earnings: $3.8 million

Basketball Sue Bird - WNBA WNBA maximum salary: $87,000

Maria Chavez

San Jacinto Times


Michael Deats



CIRCULATION Cristal Calvillo


ADVISER Fred Faour

Did you know that women play professional football? If not, you’re probably not the only one, since the Women’s Professional Football League (WPFL) is probably the best-kept secret in sports. Just like the NFL, the WPFL has American and National conferences, a championship game, and an All-Pro contest. The biggest difference is that

The San Jacinto Times is published weekly by the journalism students at San Jacinto College Central, 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77505. Opinions expressed herein are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the staff, its adviser, the administration or the Board of Regents. The Times encourages letters to the editor. Letters must be in good taste, accurate, free from libel, malice or personal controversy. Letters must be limited to 200 words in length. Letters submitted without the author’s signature will not be accepted.

you don’t have the huge blitz of national TV exposure that the NFL gets week in and week out. This is only one example of how sexist sports can be, even in this day and age where parents tell their children that they can do anything they want to do. While this may be true, it would also seem that they would have to tell them that they will not be appreciated, nor compensated for doing "anything they want to do." I am not saying that all female athletes should receive recognition. If they don't have it, they just don't have it. What I am saying is that when a female athlete is at the top of her sport, whether it be local, youth, amateur, or professional they are due the same amount of respect, sponsorship and pay out that their male counterparts are receiving. Women may have fought for and won equality, but when it comes to sports, things haven't changed much other than the right to play. It is simply amazing to me that we are still having this problem after all these years.

The staff reserves the right to edit the letters for accuracy without altering the general meaning. Letters can be e-mailed to Letters must include name and phone number for verification. The online edition of the Times is available at Advertising space is available for $5.00 per column inch. Special rates are available. For news tips and information on advertising, contact the Times at 281-4782752.

Around campus

May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 3




Lunes, Mayo 2

Monday, May 2

• Exhbicion de arte estudiantil, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte

• Student Art Show, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte

Tuesday, May 3 Martes, May0 3

• Student Art Show, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Rotaract Club Meeting, 1 p.m., NSTC S215

• Exhibicion de arte estudiantil, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Junta del club Rotarct, 1 p.m., NSTC S215

Wednesday, May 4 • Student Art Show, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Phi Theta Kappa Meeting, 2 p.m., NLIB 208A

Miércoles, Mayo 4 • Exhibicion de arte estudiantil, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Junta de Phi Theta Kappa, 2 p.m., NLIB 208A

Thursday, May 5 • Student Art Show, 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte Photos by Michael Deats/ San Jacinto Times

Jueves, Mayo 5 • No hay actividades

Viernes, Mayo 6 • No hay actividades

Sabado, Mayo 7 • No hay actividades

Lunes, Mayo 9 • No hay actividades


Lunes, Mayo 2 • Puesto de informacion BSM, 10 :30 a.m., CADM Rotunda • Junta de Prepara el Camino, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210 A/B • Junta de SIFE, 1:30 p.m., CSTC Raven Cafe

Martes, May0 3 • Puesto de informacion BSM, 10:30 a.m., CADM Rotunda • Estudio de Biblia BSM, 1 p.m., edificio BSM • Junta de VYNE, 1:30 p.m., CSTC 210 A/B • GImnasio abierto (con identificacion estudiantil), 5 p.m., Gym • Futbol de salon (con identificacion estudiantil) 6 p.m., Gym

Miércoles, Mayo 4 • Lonche gratis de parte de BSM, 11:30 p.m., edificio de BSM • Junta de VYNE, 1:30 p.m., CSTC 210 A/B • Junta de la sociedad de Anime, 2 p.m., CADM W112 • Junta de WEBB, 2:30 p.m., Clase del Profesor Turner. • Gimnasio Abierto (con identificacion estudiantil). 5 p.m., Gym • Futbol de salon (con identificacion estudiantil), 6 p.m., Gym

Jueves, Mayo 5 • Cafe del alma de parte de BSM, 11 a.m., edificio BSM • Junta de ASID, 12:30 p.m., Edificio de diseño interior, cuarto 215 • Junta de Escritores creativos, 11:30 a.m., CADM 257

Viernes, Mayo 6 • Junta de SGA, 11:30 a.m., CADM 154 • Junta del club de sociologia/antropologia, 12:45 p.m., CADM W124 • Phi Theta Kappa Relay For Life, 7 p.m., Deer Park High School

Sabado, May 7 • Junta de la sociedad de juegos, 12 p.m., CSTC 210 A/B

Sur Lunes, Mayo 2 • Junta del club de Psicologia, 1 p.m., cuarto 1101 • Junta de SGA, 3 p.m., cuarto 4202 • Junta del club de Tenis, 3:30 p.m., Tennis courts • Junta del club de artes marciales mixtas, se anunciara, Gym

Martes, May0 3 • Junta del club de arte, 5:30 p.m., cuarto 12113 • Junta de la sociedad pre-medicina, 6 p.m., cuarto 11124

Miércoles, Mayo 4 • Junta de la sociedad WEBB, 2:30 p.m., cuarto 1131

Jueves, Mayo 5 • Junta de Phi Beta Lambda, 2:30 p.m., cuarto 2208 • Junta de la associacion de veteranos estudiantil, 3 p.m., superior de las escaleras en el Centro estudiantil.

Viernes, Mayo 6 • No hay actividades

Sabado, Mayo 7 • No hay actividades

Star essay for San Jacinto San Jac Central honors Arthur J. Elsner for his unconditional service.

BY CATY CHRISTY San Jacinto Times

Back in February, North and Central San Jac student Christopher Shelton entered an essay into the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Student Essay Contest. On the 7th, Shelton got the news that his essay placed in the top ten out of more than 1,000 other entries. The criteria for the essay involved writing about a teacher or staff member who greatly affected the student’s life. That person also had to be currently working for the school. “I wrote about Mrs. Ruth Keenan, who was Coordinator of the Career an Employment Center at the time, because she set up and internship for me as a graphic designer for a company called Systran Inc.,” Shelton said. Shelton first decided to write the essay when he saw a flyer on the campus. “When I saw the flyer the first thing I thought about was how much the Career and Employment center does for all San Jac students,” Shelton said. “It also reminded me of how much of a special interest Mrs. Keenan took in my case. She got me a paying internship as a freshman in college. Shelton was really inspired by Mrs. Keenan. “It is imperative that we highlight people in our lives who uplift students the way Mrs. Keenan has,” Shelton said. Entry for the contest was really quite simple. “All I really had to do was go online to the NISOD website and submit the file,” Shelton said. “I had to include some basic information about the campus and the teacher, but that was it.” As one of the top ten essays, Shelton was invited to attend an event in honor of the winning selections. “I got to attend a Board Meeting with my family,” Shelton said, “where I met people like the

North Campus President, Dr. Allatia Harris who then introduced me to the entire Board of Trustees. I got to say a few words before them.” Shelton also got to attend an opera with San Jacinto College Foundation. “There I got to meet the Chancellor, Brenda Hellyer,” Shelton said. “I also got to bring a date!” The opera Shelton attended was Beethoven: Piano Concerto 3. “It was really fun since it was my first opera,” Shelton said. “All of us got to sit in box seats which was great.” Shelton has wanted to be a graphic designer since his freshman year of high school.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue graphic design or be a writer,” Shelton said. “The high school I went to was a career school that offered all sorts of programs for the students.” Shelton’s family has stood by him in all decisions and changes he has made. “My mother and father were always proud of me,” Shelton said, “especially when they got to meet all the important people from school.” Because of this accomplishment, Shelton has been featured on websites for the school and other newspapers. “They did a piece about me on the San Jacinto College website and on the Pasadena Citizen website,” Shelton said. As a keepsake, both Shelton and Mrs. Keenan keep the essay close to them at all times. “We each have a framed copy including a picture of the two of us with our signatures. Mrs. Keenan is now the Intern Executive Director of Development for San Jacinto College. That makes her the head of the San Jacinto College Foundation. Shelton is currently Design Editor and a writer for the San Jacinto Times. In this position he doesn’t have to choose between the two.

Is new drug craze online?

BY KELLY JUNEAU San Jacinto Times

The newest, cheapest, and most self-indulgent drug on the market is letting people get high...on themselves. It's not a substance you can smoke, snort, buy off a shady guy in a back alleyway, or go on a Dr. Drew rehab show to curb, but it's the most addicting, widespread drug in America today. With so many easy ways to access this drug, it makes sense that more and more people are obsessively logging on to get their high; spending long hours glued to a computer screen; desperately hoping someone leaves a comment, or sends a message that they can get a fix of self importance from. Everyday more and more people are becoming “cyber addicts” making Facebook their drug of choice.

Facebook offers people all over the planet a revolutionary way to connect with friends, and waste countless hours online. Over 600 million people worldwide have active Facebook accounts, and on any given day at least half that amount log on to interact with their choice of the site's over 900 million interactive pages which include personal pages, groups, events, and more. On average, each active user logs on an excessive amount for an average, about seven times per day. Just that statistic alone shows just how obsessed people have become with Facebook. How many things do you do seven times every day? Over 250 million people are so invested in Facebook’s virtual world they can’t even wait to get to a computer; they just have their social media alerts sent right to their phone for

instant gratification with Facebook Mobile, so they don’t have to endure just a few hours pondering if anyone posted a silly video to their wall that day or not. What makes people so obsessed with Facebook? I don’t think it is its ability to keep old friends in touch or network, but because it allows for selfindulgence and attention from others. Some people like the feeling they get when they receive a notification or comment; it makes them feel better about themselves, or more like the virtual version of them they want to share. It gives everyone a small cyber place of their own where they can speak their mind, giving many people a false sense of importance. In other words, it gives users the feeling that the world revolves around them, which isn’t usually true of the real world, so they keep logging on to indulge in that self important feeling, rather than perhaps make better use of their time. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is an amazing creation that lets people around the world connect and share information in a way that wasn’t possible before. It isn’t bad or unhealthy to be a Facebook user, but browsing and updating your page probably shouldn’t be something to center your life around. If you start to feel anxious, if you haven’t logged in for awhile, or spend great amounts of time trying to think of the perfect status update for the day, you might be seriously addicted to Facebook and should consider maybe shutting the computer off, turning off the mobile notifications, and going out to do something actually social for a while, leaving the social media at home.

Shuttle bids final adieu

BY KELLY JUNEAU San Jacinto Times

“Anything is possible,” is one of the earliest ideas introduced to us in school. In America, we are taught that you can do “anything you set your mind to,” and “if you can dream it, you can do it.” Older now, I realize those ideas don’t always ring true, but I can vividly remember the moments I had as a child watching certain events so completely aweinspiring they made me feel overwhelmed with how much was actually possible to achieve. The excite-

ment of hearing “liftoff,” witnessing the craft lift off the ground, rocket upwards and get smaller and smaller as it made its way out of our world, were some of the most inspired moments of my life. To me, the space shuttle represented all the endless possibilities in the world. As we say hello to the summer, we prepare to say goodbye to the space shuttle. With a target launch date of June 28th, STS-135 will mark the end of the shuttle era with the last flight of Atlantis. The program will end just over 30 years from its start with STS-1 on April 12, 1981.

Friday, May 6 • No Scheduled Activities

Saturday, May 7 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, May 8 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, May 9


• No Scheduled Activities

Monday, May 2

• BSM Information Booth, 10:30 a.m., CADM Rotunda • Prepare the Way Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210A/B • SIFE Meeting, 1:30 p.m., CSTC Raven Cafe

Tuesday, May 3 • BSM Information Booth, 10:30 a.m., CADM Rotunda • BSM Bible Study, 1 p.m., BSM Building • VYNE Meeting, 1:30 p.m., CSTC 210A/B • Co-Ed Softball (w/Student ID), 2:30 p.m., Field • Open Gym (w/Student ID), 5 p.m., Gym • Indoor Soccer (w/Student ID), 6 p.m., Gym

Wednesday, May 4 • BSM Free Lunch, 11:30 a.m., BSM Building • VYNE Meeting, 1:30 p.m., CSTC 210A/B • Anime Society Meeting, 2 p.m., CADM W112 • WEBB Meeting, 2:30 p.m., Professor Turner’s Classroom • Open Gym (w/Student ID), 5 p.m., Gym • Indoor Soccer (w/Student ID), 6 p.m., Gym

Thursday, May 5 • BSM Soul Cafe, 11 a.m., BSM Building • ASID Meeting, 11:30 a.m., Interior Design Building, Room 215 • Creative Writer’s Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CADM 257 • Co-Ed Softball (w/Student ID), 2:30 p.m., Field • BSM Worship Service, 7:30 p.m., BSM Building

Friday, May 6 • SGA Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CADM 154 • ASID Meeting, 12:30 p.m., Interior Design Building, Room 215 • Sociology/Anthropology Club Meeting, 12:45 p.m., CADM W124 • Phi Theta Kappa Relay for Life, 7 p.m., Deer Park High School

Saturday, May 7 • Gaming Society Meeting, 12 p.m., CSTC 210A/B

Sunday, May 8 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, May 9


• Prepare the Way Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210A/B

Monday, May 2

• Psychology Meeting, 1 p.m., Room 1101 • SGA Meeting, 3 p.m., Room 4202 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • Mixed Martial Arts Club Meeting, TBA, Gym

Tuesday, May 3 • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Room 2141 • Art Club Meeting, 5:30 p.m., Room 12113 • Pre-Med Society Meeting, 6 p.m., Room 11124

Wednesday, May 4 • Student Bible Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., Room 4108 • WEBB Society Meeting, 2:30 p.m., Room 1131 • Chair Massages, 10 a.m., Student Success Center

Thursday, May 5 • Phi Beta Lambda Meeting, 2:30 p.m., Room 2208 • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Room 2141 • Student Veterans Association Meeting, 3 p.m., Top of Stairs in Student Center • Breakfast Club Meeting, 4:30 p.m., Cafe

Friday, May 6 • No Scheduled Activities

Saturday, May 7 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, May 8 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, May 9 • No Scheduled Activities

Around Campus

May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 4

Some students work hard to maintain lazy behavior By WILL STEWART San Jacinto Times

Finals are quickly arriving and last minute cramming is inevitable. Unfortunately some students have more devious ways of getting a good grade on a test. Here are some of the many failed attempts directly from the teachers who caught them. It would be expected that students in a Criminal Justice class would know better than to cheat, that's what the teacher Dr. Stewart thought when he assigned a particular pair of students a Court paper. As Doctor Stewart described, it was a simple assignment, go to a Court hearing and write a paper about it. The students in question were boyfriend and girlfriend, and went to the same Court hearing. "I didn't have a problem with them going to the same hearing" Stewart

explained, "What I was expecting was two different points of view on the same court hearing." What he did get was two papers that were exactly the same, except one had a fancy cursive font. "I told them that since they worked on the paper together, I thought it would be fair to split the grade between the two of [them]" Stewart commented, chuckling under his breath. Some students really think outside of the box in order to cheat. Talking to Kitty from the Registry Office produced an interesting tale. Several years ago a pair of students found a loophole in the student registration and shared both their G number and their name. This allowed the two to only attend half their classes, one only going to the Central Campus, and one going to the South Campus. "Well, they were caught when two teachers began to talk about the particular student" Kitty explained, "quickly becoming confused when one of them

referred to the student as 'her' and the other referring to the same student as 'him'. It was only then that they figured out what was going on." Accounting teacher Jeff Jackson recollected on an amusing ruse about an extra credit assignment. The assignment was to see the movie "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" and to turn in the ticket at the start of class. "When one girl turned in their ticket I noticed that she was very 'questionable' when I asked her about the movie" Jackson explained, "and at the end the poor girl broke down saying that 'I cheated on the extra credit about cheating." It was apparent that she bought the ticket online but never actually saw the movie. The many tales about failed attempts academic fruad are endless. Amusing, yes, stupid, definitely. Let’s hope I don't hear about you any time soon.

Summer is here Students reveal post-school plans By ASHLEY CRUZ San Jacinto Times

Photo by Chris Shelton/San Jacinto Times

From left to right Tuan Nguayn Wendy Villanueva and Chelsi Truckenbrod study for their upcoming final


Monday May 9, 2011

– If your – If your p.m. – If your – If your – If your – If your

class meets at 8 a.m./8:30 a.m. MWF or 8:30 a.m. MW, your exam is from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. class meets 10 a.m./10:30 a.m. MWF or 10 a.m. MW, your exam is from 10:15 a.m. – 12:15

class class class class

meets meets meets meets

at at at at

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12:30 p.m. MWF or 1 p.m. MW, your exam is from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. MWF or 2:30 p.m. MW, your exam is from 2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m. MW, your exam is from 5:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. 7 M or 7 p.m. MW, your exam is from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

– – – – – –

If If If If If If

your your your your your your

class class class class class class

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8 a.m./8:30 a.m./9 a.m. TTH, your exam is from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. 9:30 a.m./10 a.m. TTH, your exam is from 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. 1 p.m. TTH, your exam is from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. TTH, your exam is from 2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. 5:30 p.m. TTH, your exam is from 5:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. 7 p.m. T or 7 p.m. TTH, your exam is from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

– – – – – –

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7 a.m./7:30 a.m. MWF or 8 a.m. MW, your exam is from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. 9:30 a.m. MWF, your exam is from 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. 11:30 a.m. MWF or 11:30 a.m. MW, your exam is from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m. MWF, your exam is from 2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. 4 p.m. MW, your exam is from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. 7 p.m. W, your exam is from 7:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

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7 a.m./7:30 a.m. TTH, your exam is from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. 11 a.m./11:30 a.m. TTH, your exam is from 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Open, your exam is from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. 4 p.m. TTH, your exam is from 2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. 7 p.m. TH, your exam is from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011


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Step 1 - Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid All students receiving financial aid will need to apply and be approved on an annual basis to receive financial assistance. Complete Federal Student Aid Application after Jan.1 but before March 1. University of Houston school code 003652 Through myUH (PeopleSoft) , check your financial aid application status, confirm contact information, and monitor status to assure process is expedited. Check out all of the scholarship opportunities UH offers.

Step 2 - Register and Attend Advising and Registration for Transfer Students (ART) Sign up and attend an Advising and Registration for Transfer Students (ART) session as soon as you receive your acceptance package. Academic Advising is mandatory for all incoming Transfer Students. Please review a list of all undergraduate Academic Advisors to find your college advisor. Step 3 - Enrollment Review registration and enrollment guidelines. Review list of course offerings. Register for classes Step 4 - Tuition and Fee Payment If applicable, confirm acceptance of any financial aid offers and deduct pending aid from your total Term Balance. Learn more about deadlines, waivers, and Transition Funding Options Make payment arrangement by the published due date.

Transfering an often hectic affair By PAULETTE VARGAS San Jacinto Times

If you are planning on transferring from San Jacinto College next semester, here is some information that can be useful for you. Log-on to and find “Transfers” under “Current Students”. From that page you can click on “Transferring from San Jac” to find links to 4 year colleges and universities. Submit your application online at by May 1st. You can make an appointment with a Transfer Advisor, in the college of your interest. UH Advisor Kandi L. Hoye, M.Ed. from the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, has an advising location at San Jac North. Advisor Bricio Vasquez, also from CLASS, also has a location at San Jac North. For contact information visit: Any student whether on good standing or not that has been away from UH for 13 months or more must now reapply to UH through admissions.

University of Houston Advisor Orlando Zamora provided the San Jacinto Times with transfer information. Step 1 – Reapply through the admissions office They will need all updated transcripts. Step 2 - Admissions will forward your completed application to the College Deans office for a preliminary review to verify if you still qualify for return; the Deans office will notify you in approximately 1-2 weeks Step 3 – Once the Deans office notifies you of the decision, if approved, you can schedule an appointment with an advisor online at At this time we are in the busy peak time so appointments do get filled quickly; every Friday the new appointments open up for the next other week. Be online early on a Friday if the appointments are booked so you can schedule a time to visit with us; when you come to see us bring with you all unofficial transcripts from where you have attended since you have been away from UH; be sure to go through step 1 and 2 before you come see us.

Kristen, 20 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. My favorite class is biology. Mainly the lab portion because I'm more of a visual person and like to work hands on.

Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. During lab, we had to work with sheep's blood and everyone chickened out on me. Working on the experiment, I got blood on my finger, and they freaked out screaming at me to wash my hands. Seriously if you don't swallow the experiment, I think you'll be fine. Q. Any summer plans? A. I'll probably go to the beach, shop, and spend time with family and friends. Laura, 21 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. Jogging, it helps me deal with the stress in my life.

Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. I enjoyed the activities they had in the cafeteria, like one day that had it set up where you can take pictures of yourself.

Q. Any summer plans? A. Just taking a break from school before starting up again in the Fall. Jose, 19 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. Psychology. It was very interesting. I get to mess with peoples’ minds and I learn a lot. Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. When they had H2O, that was cool. Q. Any summer plans? A. Working

Jonathan, 20 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. History, since 1877

Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. I got a job at Home Depot after almost a year of searching Q. Any summer plans? A. Working so I can buy books for next semester

Cynthia, 18 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. My favorite class was English because my teacher kept me engaged in the topic. We discussed each week. Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. My favorite memory this semester was receiving an A+ on my work. Q. Any summer plans? A. My summer plans are to take three summer classes and work part time.

Doce, 19 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. Psychology. It is very interesting. You find out what goes on in your mind.

Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. This guy was outside playing the saxophone. It was really neat. Q. Any summer plans? A. Work

Angela, 20 Q. Favorite class this semester and why? A. Geology. My teacher was very exciting.

Q. What was your favorite San Jacinto memory this semester? A. Getting to go on field trips. I went to a museum in Galveston and the Natural Science Museum. Q. Any summer plans? A. Finishing up my associates degree and moving to San Antonio.

End of an era

May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 5


San Jacinto Times file photo

Scott Gernander has been one of the most successful coaches in NJCAA history.


Record Result



2010-2011 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07 2005-06


20-12 23-9 23-8


Region XIV finals

Region XIV quarterfinals Region XIV quarterfinals Region XIV semifinals

Region XIV quarterfinals NJCAA tourn. qualifier



Conference champion



NJCAA national runner up

2003-04 2001-02







Conference champion

Conference champion

NJCAA tourn. qualifier

NJCAA tourn. qualifier



Conference co-champion



NJCAA national runner up

1997-98 1995-96 1994-95 1993-94 1992-93

26-4 24-7

17-14 14-15 24-6

State qualifier State qualifier

Conference champion

NJCAA tourn. qualifier



7th at NJCAA tournament

1988-89 1987-88 Totals


32-2 640-158

That is until he inserted Moses Riner. Riner couldn’t jump high or run fast therefore did not receive much playing time. How he could contribute though, was his sharp shooting ability. For several possessions Odessa did not guard Riner and he burned them with jumper after jumper. The team rallied around Riner and won the game. Gernander has had the pleasure of coaching players talented enough to succeed in the NBA at San Jac. Sam Cassel is a two time NBA champion who is known to have an affinity for making clutch buckets. Steve Francis was the most athletic point guard in the league during his prime. Both were excellent pros who expanded the legacy of Gernander and San Jac alike. But Gernander can run off the names of several other players who were maybe less talented but have made a positive impact on the court nonetheless, guys like 6’5” post player Omar Thomas. According to Gernander, “Thomas was born to score.” He had cool post moves that allowed him to score around the rim with relative ease. Gernander is a coach at heart and has been for the entirety of his life. He still has the same childlike passion for the game. “I have wanted to be a coach since I was in the fourth grade,” he stated. He still hopes to one day dust off the playbook and return to coaching. Coaching can also be a saving grace in the face of unfortunate events. In fact coaching the “Runnin' Ravens” guided Gernander through a trying period in his

life. It’s ironic that his biggest obstacle came on the heels of one of his greatest successes. In 2006, the men’s basketball team won their matchup at regionals in Tyler, Texas. The victory sent San Jac to nationals and brought jubilation to the veteran coach. Not a single coach or player suspected the unspeakable tragedy that was about to unfold. Upon returning home he discovered his son, Lee Gernander had passed away as a young man aged 32. This is the biggest fear of any concerned parent or guardian. It was a hectic period where he buried his son on Saturday then left for nationals on Sunday. He credited the close knit nature of the team and the support of his family for elevating him from his grief. He stated “just being around the team and having my family in the stands was the best medicine.” It may be difficult for those who do not follow or participate in sports to understand his decision to coach at nationals. In my experience sports has, at times bandaged the deep cuts and dark bruises that happen while sprinting in the marathon of life. Even Gernander is not sure what is next for him or San Jac in the near future. He hopes his staff will continue intact and longtime assistant, Scott Horseman, will be promoted, though no decision on the next men’s basketball coach has been tendered at this time. San Jac is losing an ambassador to one of its great sports programs, hopefully the next coach will sustain the same level of success and care for the program as Scott Gernander.

State qualifier

25-9 27-4

COACH Continued from page 1

Conference champion

1991-92 1990-91

Scott Gernander spent 24 years prowling the courts at San Jacinto.

San Jacinto Times file photo

Conference champion

3rd at NJCAA tournament Conference champion

San Jacinto College marketing department

Coach Scott Gernander watches former Globetrotter ”Sweet” Lou Dunbar perform.


May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 6

Music/gaming reviews

Lasers by Lupe Fiasco By GREG STARKS San Jacinto Times

Chicago native Lupe Fiasco, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, returns to the spotlight with his third studio album Lasers, which is a backronyn(a reverse acronym) for Love Always Shines Everytime, Remember (2) Smile. While Lupe Fiasco owes his “big-break” initially to Jay Z, he has shown critically and commercially that he deserves to be a “Superstar”(wakka-wakka). Lupe Fiasco Presents: Food and Liquor and The Death of the Cool. Both are great “conscious-rap” albums. Lupe reportedly first was interested in hiphop due to his distaste for the flagrant use of profanity, the perverse materialism and obvious lack of self-respect in the mainstream artists of the time. While his material is a lot cleaner than most and much more positive, he still manages to slip in some F-bombs and consumerism. His music, or rather the music of the slew of producers he uses is a crazy blend of R&B, futuristic synth-heavy hiphop and some indie-rock. A notable factoid about Lupe Fiasco, he is also in a post-punk band called Japanese Cartoon(they're so-so). So about the album, it's pretty good. Lasers sounds just like what I would imagine a new Lupe Fiasco record would sound like. Lyrically, Fiasco carries a pleasant and constant tone of heart-wrenching emotional word-scapes followed by monumentally uplifting verses and “hooks”. Musically, a wonderful multi-genre and tempo touching mix keeping right up with the tone of Lupe's quick-tongued street-beat poet colloquy. I recommend it as an add to your media player. At least check out Letting Go, Words I Never Said or Break the Chain, and hey... John Legend is even on this album, he’s always on good stuff.

Being hooked on the original Portal game very recently, I can easily say that Portal 2 is just as fun and amusing as it’s predecessor. This review is only based on the single player campaign and will not touch upon the praised co-op portion because I have not gotten a chance to play it yet. The new installation to Valve’s hit game Portal boasts three times the single player content than the original game; unfortunately it feels five times as long. This does not mean that the game play feels long and boring, the gameplay is perfectly paced. It’s just that Portal 2 is littered with load screens lasting ten to fifteen seconds that quickly add up in the long run. Thankfully, that’s the only thing I can really pick at here because the rest of the game deserves much praise, especially considering it’s a sequel to a small experimental puzzle game that was never intended to have a sequel. Playing through the game the player can tell that everyone who had a hand in the game’s design and development had much love for it. All the characters the players meet, from the lovable but dim witted Wheatly, to the overly energetic and overly enthusiastic Cave Johnson, every character is mem-

By MATT ADAMIAK San Jacinto Times

MAY 2 Dan Electro’s – Pete Anderson Fitzgerald’s – The Growlers w/ Bass Drum of Death; The Low Anthem w/ Daniel Lefkowitz Scout Bar – Sepultura w/ Belphegor, Hate, Keep of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Bonded by Blood Warehouse Live – Black Pistol Fire w/ Mosby + Violet Copilot

MAY 3 The Big Easy – Howard and Art Concert Pub (Galleria) – The Liars Fitzgerald’s – Man Man w/ Shilpa Ray Mango’s – B.M.C. of Swisha House Warehouse Live – Donald Glover + Childish Gambino

Rating: B+

Album art by google images

“ To every man, woman & child... We want an end to the glamorization of negativity in the media. We want an end to status symbols dictating our worth as individuals. We want a meaningful and universal education system. We want substance in the place of popularity. We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd. We want the invisible walls that separate wealth, race & class to be torn down. We want to think our own thoughts. We will be responsible for our environment. We want clarity & truth from our elected officials or they should move aside. We want love not lies. We want an end to all wars foreign & domestic. We want an end to the processed culture of exploitation, over-consumption & waste. We want knowledge, understanding & peace. We will not lose because we are not losers, we are lasers! Lasers are revolutionary. Lasers are the future. “ - Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

Portal 2 does not disappoint By WILL STEWART San Jacinto Times

Local concert calendar

orable and amusing. The environments and scenery is also stunning in an epic way. Through out the game scenery changes as the player explores the depths of Aperture Science, from test chambers overgrown with plant life, to dangerous fast moving assembly rooms, it’s never boring to just stop and admire the scenery. Gameplay is just as fun as before, messing around with physics as if it was a toy, using portals to redirect objects and lasers to accomplish the goals set out. Never too hard and never too easy, except for a rare puzzle that will inevitably stump someone. And in that case a pre recorded message announcing that it will calm the player during an unnessisarily dangerious test course by playing smooth jazz. Portal 2 is that rare ‘good’ sequel, which is amazing considering that the original Portal was a hard game to follow up. It’s perfect for both people who’ve played the original Portal and to those that are just getting their feet wet in the franchise. Single player alone is worth the $60, but remember there’s a Co-Op game too with it’s own storyline and puzzles. Portal 2 is worth buying. Oh, and before I forget. Never underestimate the power of a potato battery… which is around 1.4 volts… you’ll understand what I mean if you play the game.

MAY 4 The Big Easy – Big & Easy Blues Jam Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Arcade Fire Dan Electro’s – Eric Demmer & the Sax Dawgs Fitzgerald’s – Silverstein w/ Bayside, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, + Texas in July House of Blues – Ms. Lauren Hill Scout Bar – Red w/ Fallen Grey + Angel Siren Warehouse Live – Carnifex w/ Oceano, Danza, Within Ruins

MAY 5 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Jimmy Buffet Dan Electro’s – Teri Greene & Friends; Blues Jam Fitzgerald’s – Brett Dennen w/ Dawes; The Greenhornes + Jeff the Brotherhood House of Blues – Pitbull w/ Keri Hilson + Edward Maya **SOLD OUT** Mango’s – Espantapajaros, Gnome Chomsky, Richie Roc, Second Lovers Rudyard’s – Mando Sanchez, Clark Peterson Scout Bar – Obsolete August Warehouse Live – Vargas-Delagarza Project

MAY 6 The Concert Pub (Galleria) - Vertigo Dan Electro’s – C.J. Chenie House of Blues – Greyson Chance + Cody Simpson; Under the Blood Red Sky (U2 tribute) Mango’s – Ishi, Sensory Memories, YPPAH Rudyard’s – Dixie Witch, Venomous Maximus, Wildfires, Texxxas Scout Bar – From Guts to Glory w/ Another Day Verizon Wireless Theater – Wilco w/ Smith Westerns Warehouse Live – Phosphorescent w/ Robert Ellis; Echo & the Bunnymen MAY 7 The Concert Pub (Galleria) - Victim The Concert Pub (North) – The Fab 5 Fitzgerald’s – Dengue Fever Jones Hall – Doc Severinsen Mango’s – Montrose Soul Night Out Numbers – Clan of Xymox Rudyard’s - Tody Castillo Scout Bar – Accept w/ Sabaton + Fallacy Warehouse Live – Rusko; Young Girls w/ International Waters, Nomadics, Grrl Parts MAY 8 House of Blues – Tower of Power Scout Bar – The 71’s, 20/20, Sky Lounge Warehouse Live – Vains of Jenna w/ Metalloyd, Series Six, Failed to Reason

Bad Religion is all good By MATT ADAMIAK San Jacinto Times

While the end of this month is still looking a bit uneventful for new music releases, I have decided to look back to a semester at an album that was released last September. Bad Religion, a skaterpunk band that debuted way back in 1980, has had a strong impact on the punk community for the past few decades. However, it seems that in recent years they have fallen out of the spotlight, which in my opinion is quite a shame. While today’s mainstream rock consists of mostly uninspired hardcore and generic sounding buzz metal, punk bands, even the more pop-sounding abominations that were big while I was growing up, have been violently shoved out of the limelight by a horde of posers who do nothing but make me want to puncture my own eardrums. The Dissent of Man is an excellent example of musicianship, which has always been what makes Bad Religion special among its peers. Every song has thoughtful lyrics, creative guitar riffs, and occasionally sports a well-done guitar solo. That said, I still consider The Dissent of Man mediocre compared to the brilliant classics that secured the band’s fame in the 80s and 90s, such as No

Control, Generator, and The Grey Race. Even the album’s worst songs are better than every sugarcoated pile of feces that Blink 182 has ever released. If you are craving some good alternative music, but at the same time sick of “look at this photograph...” constantly hammering your eardrums, then pick up this or any Bad Religion album. You will not be disappointed. Rating: B+

Summer Fest brings Weezer and many local bands Image by google images

By GREG STARKS San Jacinto Times

June fifth and sixth are the dates of Houston's premiere music festival. Summerfest is put on by Free Press Houston, and draws some of the biggest names in indie music. Explosions In The Sky headlined the first one. The Flaming Lips were the big draw of the second year, and LA based rock-Gods Weezer are who all the kids are clamoring about this year. Although the headliner isn't the only act you need to catch:Beirut, who have an amazingly fresh sound of Eastern European and Balkan folk music blended seamlessly with Western pop music will be performing. I have never had the pleasure of seeing Zach Condon and company live, but I'm certain Beirut will be one of the top-five performances of the weekend. Yeasayer is one of my most anticipated performances of the “fest”, they are a self proclaimed Middle-Eastern-psych-snap-gospel trio. While I don't know exactly that would sound like, I know I like them and I'm almost certain that every-

one else on Earth does too considering that they have played in literally every music festival I have ever heard of, and even some I haven't. Yeasayer has released three albums, all of which do not contain a single bad song. LA based NoiseRock/Synth-Punk band HEALTH is also on the bill. I have seen them live once before and I cannot wait to see them again. They are spell-binding on stage, and its almost like they are all in a trance while they play, and it only ends when their set is over. One of the other great draws of Summerfest is that it features the best local acts that Houston has to offer. Nationally jammed alternative rap artist ZRO will be “rockin' tha mic” with his signature introspectively emotional lyrics and Screwed Up Click beats. The New York Times named Z-RO as one of the country's most underrated rappers, that should say it all. Another locally grown Houston rapper B L A C K I E(yes, thats all caps with spaces, get it right) will be performing as well. He is credited as having started the musical genre of US Grime here in the states. His style is also referred to as Thrash-Rap,

and when you see him perform live, you will definitely see why. One of the other local acts I'm stoked about seeing is Yppah, which is pronounced y[i]ppah and is happy spelled backwards. This is the musical moniker of Joe Corralles Jr, and is an effects-laden, blues rockish, psychedelic pop masterpiece, and I love everything this guy has released. LIMB is also a definite must-see over the weekend. They are a hybrid trio of mac book synths plus metric tons of effects and live guitars and drums. They have created an avid fan base in town and are sure to please all the auditory systems within reach at the festival. Resident Fitzgeralds performer Robert Ellis is also slated to perform and will most assuredly lull everyone into a peaceful state of being with his soothing voice and neo-folk acoustic stylings. Last but most certainly not least, The Sideshow Tramps(formerly The Medicine Show) will also be gracing us with a performance over the weekend. These guys are a Houston institution, and formerly had a residency at Helios(now Avant Garden) for I

Album art by google images

don't even remember how long, it seemed like forever. I went to see them every Monday for a couple years, and I loved every single performance. I even had a nickname given to me by the singer The Reverend, it was Skeleton Man because I always wore a jacket with bones on it in the winter. They are by far one of the best live bands in Houston. They bring an “ol'-timey” Southern romanticism to their Bluegrass rock-and-roll sound. They even play home-made instruments like a soapbox guitar and a washtub bass. You can't possibly miss these guys and live with yourself afterwards, they are amazing and guaranteed not to disappoint. This years lineup features one-hundred and twenty-eight of the music industry's most progressive acts, while these are just a few, this year is set to be the biggest Summerfest yet. Projected attendance is up around thirty-thousand people, thats 30,000, a 3 with four zeros! Are you kidding me? I could've sworn this was Houston and stuff like that doesn't happen here and I had to go to Austin to see such awesome bands. Well guess what... it does, and it will be in June. I'll see you there.

Just For Fun

May 2, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 7

Blog post

!"# !$ %&'(()'&*

of the week

The Times now has a staff blog. You can check it out at Each week we will publish the best postings. Drop by the site and feel free to comment on our posts or share story ideas.

In Seattle, Washington a case of politically correct has recently been brought up. With the Easter holiday, schools, daycares and such are having parties and egg hunts. What’s Easter without an egg hunt? Well not everyone in Seattle is a Christian (obviously, I mean it IS a free country). In this quaint city it is officially improper to call these eggs “Easter eggs.” Instead, everyone hunts SPRING SPHERES. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT IDEA?! I mean come on. Easter is a Christian holiday. The whole purpose of it is to celebrate the passover and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Spring Spheres? Really? Why don’t we just take all religion out of every holiday. Ok! So, a menorah is now and octocandle, a Christmas tree is now a holiday tree, remove the “Saint” in St. Patrick’s Day, blah blah. Did I cover it all? Come on people. Just how far is all this politically correct bullcrap gonna go!? Caty

34 56789:;<=:*+>*-6?@:AB Level: 1


3 4



Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit, 1 to 9. For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit

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BASEBALL Record: 34-14, 20-7 in Region IV play Update: Regular season ends May 4. MEN’S BASKETBALL Record: 29-4 Update: Season over. New season begins in Fall. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Record: 9-22 Update: Season ended March 4.

SOCCER Record: 16-4 last season. Update: Season begins in Fall. SOFTBALL Record: 37-19 Update: Regular season ended April 27; national tournament ends May 21. VOLLEYBALL Record: Finished last season 2910, second nationally.

Update: New season begins in Fall.

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

GL <1:84'(>&=91,>1%9(-.18% G_ T1Y&(1(=:144(-,9 G; *HH(#%(1(J41%&5[(:#P8&()#> 71:,&4(`R(A1-Y=#% IV *F&%(HH5[(#4/(:&/8-14(=&>8&= I! `,-'(Z8-1>/#B=()>8&%/ IE `8Y&(1(0,:C(#%(HH IG `19&(1-9#>(T8%&# II X89'(8%(N&P1/1 ! E G I 6 L _ !V !! !E !G !6 !_ !@ EV EE EG E6 EL E_ GV G! GG GI GL G_ G@ IV

H7I*12//*JK<39=:*-:L<6*%:KM<7:B0*N=7> !;;*#<O@?B*#:B:KM:L>

&$'( T#>&(8:C#489& *Z,4&=(HH5 S&4&%1B=(=919&Q(100>R F&1=9(#)(0,>/&% 7&C1>19&/ 2-9>&==(HH(F#%&9 J#44'(S#448/1'B=(>#4&(#%(*248-&5 Z#4&(#%(*`1$(a(W>/&>Q(7b^5 7,0/,&/[(:1/&(3&%94& S8=9#>8-14(C&>8#/ *+.&(HH5[(Z#0&>9("&(N8>#(:#P8& 10#,9(1(01=&0144(C41'&> ^%/&>=8c&/ *J&#C4&(HH(<,%%'5 *<>#:(HH(9#(O9&>%89'5 X89'(8%(^91. T=R(D8%%8%3.1: Z1/1>(=->&&%(8:13& *+.&(HH(D84=#%(7.#$5 *HH(D1%9=(9#(F&(1(T8448#%18>&5 +>833&>(#>(T8=9&>(O/ "8=-#P&>'(8%(9.&(0&1-.(=1%/ *NX]7Q(HH(2%3&4&=5 71%(HH?(X2[(.#:&(#)(9.& X.1>3&>= *](HH5[(=&>8&=()#>(F844(X#=0'(1%/ Z#0&>9(X,4C D#>4/B=(41>3&=9(),>%89,>&(>&9184&> W%(HH[(#))&>&/(19(1(/8=-#,%9 C>8-& 7#,%/=(#)(>&48&) *T'(T#9.&>(9.&(HH5[(=89-#:()#> A&>>'(b1%("'Y&

SOUTH BELT DENTAL, P.A. Dr. Nicki Tajalli, D.D.S.

281.481.CARE(2273) 13630 Beamer Rd., Suite 112 Houston, TX 77089 Across from San Jacinto College South campus Se Habla Espanol Now Accepting Medicaid and CHIP

FREE! Power Boost Bleach

Latest in office tooth whitening procedure Free with your exam, X-rays and cleaning.

NEW PATIENTS ONLY or Existing patients by referring a friend or a co-worker Excluding DMO & Discount Plans Offer good thru June 30, 2011

$100 OFF

Any Basic or Major Dental Treatment

Excluding DMOs. No Cash Value. Based on Regular Fees. Not To Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Expires June 30, 2011.

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San Jacinto Times Spring 2011 Issue 20 was published May 2, 2011.