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Feb. 14, 2011

Simple grading mistake can cause serious problems

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Dear Student: An audit of your progress towards graduation indicates that you will not be awarded the requested degree and/or certificate this semester because you received “NO GRADE” in one of your classes.

To be awarded the degree and/or certificate in a later term, you must: (1) complete all the remaining requirement(s) prior to the published graduation date, and (2) apply for graduation in a future semester.

If you believe this evaluation of your record to be an error, please contact this office immediately.

It’s always frustrating when all your plans have to take a backseat and you’re told to wait a little longer. You know you can’t wait any longer because of all the opportunities you’ll be missing. Life is a race and no one ever wants to be left behind while all of your peers go on ahead with their careers and you are left in the dust. Hopefully this will never happen to you but if it does you’ll be well prepared to tackle this obstacle head on. You might wonder why this happened if you attended all your classes, did all your work, did great on assignments and test, and have proof to show. According to Kevin McKisson, Dean of Enrollment Services at Central Campus, the reason a student receives a “No Grade” is because a professor fails to meet the deadline in which case the student is left with out a final grade. “In the Fall Semester of 2010 there were 81 “No Grades” out of 15,000 students at Central Campus,” McKisson said. If you don’t take care of this problem right away, it can prevent you from graduating. This is what happened to me, one of my professors gave me “No Grade” and I was notified to apply again for graduation and wait till the end of the Spring Semester 2011 to receive my degree. This was terrible news to me since I had worked so hard to

It’s a major decision

graduate and now a simple mistake was going to delay me from my goal. Being the oldest of my siblings and the first to graduate from college in my family I was heartbroken. I know this is a setback but I’m not letting it stop me from reaching my goals. This is not a very common problem but it happens to a small number of students every semester. The best solution to fix this problem is to contact your professor immediately. It’s advised by enrollment services to contact your professor in writing, by e-mail, that way you have records of your professor’s reply. “It’s impossible for students to avoid this problem but when this happens the department chair is notified and professors are informed of the problem,” McKisson added. Who’s to blame in all of this? Enrollment services? The professor? Does the grading system work properly? “The grading system works well, we would like it to be perfect but that’s not possible,” McKisson answered.

Don’t wait till the last minute to resolve this problem or hope that it resolves itself. Your education is very important, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your goals.

Picking a degree plan isn’t easy

Take some time to enjoy the college experience

“What’s your major?” It is one of the first questions you ask or are asked when you first meet a fellow student. For some, this answer is simple. They have known since they were a child what they wanted to be when they grew up. For others though, this question can generate a flood of emotions such as worry, confusion, or frustration. If you fall into this category, it is okay. You are not alone. The mission of San Jacinto College is to help individuals set themselves onto a path for success in life. The staff here recognizes that the decisions made during an individual’s time at college affects the rest of their lives. One of the biggest decisions a student will face is deciding what to get a degree in. Who wants to waste time and money pursing something that will not help them accomplish their goals in life? With so many options available to us, it can become a frustrating journey choosing what to study. Let’s discuss a few ideas to help you get started! First, students are highly encouraged to begin their college career by taking the basic core class

Five hours of homework, $200 books, exams, essays, reports, taking a 20-minute nature walk after parking 3 miles away from the school: Welcome to college! College can be a struggle for anyone, especially after leaving the comfort of knowing everyone at your high school. It can be nerve-wracking walking into a new classroom not knowing a single face. But campus life is a chance to be yourself, a chance to meet exciting new people and take advantage of all the new opportunities that can take you far past the classroom. It’s a new year, full of new beginnings and new opportunities, so grab this school year by the horns, step out of your comfort box and make your mark on 2011! One of the greatest bonuses of going to a university or even a community college, is the amazing amount of activities, clubs or events to get involved in. Students who go to class and go straight home afterwards, are truly missing out on a chance to

By ASHLEY CRUZ San Jacinto Times


A look into medication distribution. Page 2.

requirements toward an associate’s degree. Get your basics out of the way. It is as simple as that. Often this will give students a general idea of fields they might enjoy or dislike studying. It will also help them discover and develop their skills. Second, while you are getting these classes out of the way, take time to look into the wide range of careers available to you. The Career and Employment Center at San Jacinto understands the frustration of this process so they have provided students with a free career assessment test. The Discover Career Assessment test will take you through a series of questions about your personal skills and interests. This thirty-minute process will be well worth your time. Once you are finished answering the questions, the computer will give you a list of careers that seem most compatible for you. Taking time to do this will also save you hours and hours of time put into personal research because it also provides you with a list of resources and information about each career. You will know whether that career is thriving in our economy or if it is fading.



An update on Houston sports. Page 2.

By AMANDA SOWA San Jacinto Times

Be Mine

Valentine’s Day sentiments. Page 5.

connect to your school, peers and instructors with unlimited opportunities to gain life experiences that you will carry with you the rest of your life. The San Jacinto Student Center has an endless amount of free activities for students to take part in, whether it be ping-pong, pool or occasional karaoke. There is a TV room with plenty of chairs that you can sit down and relax in to unwind inbetween classes. Most of the time you can find students playing their favorite video games or card games, so walk up and ask to join in! Students also often mingle in the bookstore. If you don’t know a lot of people outside of your classrooms, this is your chance! Grab a cup of coffee and sit with someone you have never met before. People can be very easy to talk to if you just put yourself out there. Think about it, many people at school have something in common, everyone here is going to school to better their life, most work and everyone has similar life issues, so don’t be shy; this is your chance to create a bigger world for yourself. SEE EXPERIENCE ON PAGE 4


February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 2

Adoption Shelter provides inexpensive way to give pets homes BY CATY CHRISTY San Jacinto Times

Recently I’ve been reading up on the Pasadena Animal Control & Adoption Shelter. There are quite a few negative reviews. People say that the staff is horrible at customer service, or their application took too long to review, or that the animals aren’t taken care of. Whatever the case may be, many folks have a bone to pick. Well I can honestly say I have no problems with the shelter. I got my dog from them and I have no complaints. My fiancé and I had been looking for a

puppy for a few weeks online. When we came across this shelter we decided to take a look. Almost immediately I fell in love with an adorable black puggle. It took us one phone call to put him on reserve. When we got to the shelter we realized there had been a mix up. The dog we wanted had been chosen for a rescue home and we were told we might not be able to take him. But we filled out our application for him anyway. The staff was really helpful with our situation. A day later our application was cleared. One of the staff made a call to the rescue and got them to let us take the dog we’d fallen for.

Debate team is shaping lives

the debate team except you.” See Jesus’s sarcastic remark did not surprise me because he is my closest friend from the team. My fondest memories When I first explained to my friends that I was from the team’s four hour bus rides across Texas joining this particular extra-curricular activity I are of me explaining to Jesus how his recent action continuously got the same reaction; a wide-eyed was “not gangsta.” He would respond by reminding look of panic as they exchanged glances that sub- me nothing I did was “gangsta” because I grew up liminally said “Chris just committed social sui- in the suburbs. cide.” The experience of competing in an intellectual While it may be true that I have some “nerdish” environment and meeting lifelong friends is the tendencies, even the coolest of cats cannot deny the most important positive of joining the speech and positive effects that speech and debate has and will debate team simply because such is life. The debate continue to have on the lives of young people. It circuit is a microcosm of the real world that introbuilds camaraderie for students not athletic enough duces you to several different races and religions of to dunk a basketball or run a fast 40-yard dash time. intelligent people. As Jesus stated “you learn that It broadens your understanding of the world around other opinions exist and no matter how radical you you while teaching you to tolerate other opinions must learn to tolerate and accommodate them.” and understanding how to deal with them. You Tyler Cashiola and Ian Jacoby are the most suclearn how important discipline is to becoming suc- cessful Parliamentary Debate duo to compete at San cessful in any field. Most importantly you can pos- Jacinto College. Together they won the gold medal itively edit the trajectory of your life, and after in Parliamentary Debate at Phi Rho Pi, which is the speaking to members of last year’s team this picture national junior college speech and debate tournabecame more apparent. ment. At their peak they were the no. six ranked Five minutes into a conversation with Amanda Parliamentary Debate Team in the nation. This Alexander, captain of the San Jacinto College includes the prestigious institutions of the Ivy Speech and Debate Team, you notice her discipline, League and every other program that participates in drive, competitiveness, and intelligence. After Parliamentary Debate. To put a numeric value on speaking to her it is hard to imagine her not having their dominance Tyler and Ian won seven of the these qualities, but for some the definition of young nine tournaments they entered last year. is immature. Amanda was a self-described “floater” Tyler currently attends Texas Tech on a before attending San Jacinto College and compet- Parliamentary Debate scholarship. Texas Tech is ing for the speech and debate team. one of the best Parliamentary Debate programs in She was kicked out of the house at the age of 18 the nation, so the ability to garner their attention is before “floating” to a positive reflecthe University of tion on Tyler, Ian, Houston and Tyler as well as the Junior College coaches and teamwhere she admitted mates. Ian is comthat class was more pleting his associof an option than a ate’s degree in phirequirement for her. losophy at the San The trajectory of her Jacinto College life was changed Central Campus. when she took sumThey both attribmer classes at the uted their success San Jacinto College to chemistry and North Campus and teamwork. Ian caught the eye of Photo courtesy of Leigh-Anne Williams stated “we had to Floyd McConnell, The 2009 debate team at North, from Right to Left have an intangible current coach and Amanda Alexander, Ian Jacoby, Tyler Cashiola, Jseus understanding withcreator of the team, Villegas, Christopher Shelton out saying it out who offered her a loud.” They knew which argument the other would scholarship to stay at San Jacinto College and join run simply by exchanging eye contact. Tyler and the team. Ian exhibited the teamwork and chemistry necesShe credits speech and debate with making her an sary to dominate a very competitive atmosphere. adult, saying “debate has made me liable and forced The prevailing theme every team member alludme to meet certain standards. I started with a 1.5 ed to was how much they enjoyed not only the GPA at Tyler and UH but now I have a 3.5 GPA. I experience of the Speech and Debate Team but how take nine classes a semester while having separate much they have grown because of these experimusic and debate [responsibilities], all while work- ences. Tyler stated “I loved San Jacinto College ing 40 hours a week.” Debate it was probably the best two years of my life, although it started off rocky,” believe me there Amanda is currently on track to graduate in May are some great off the record stories of this rocky with an associate’s degree in communications. She period, “but the last year in a half was definitely the will then receive a performance based scholarship best of my life.” The coaches, Leigh-Anne to Texas State University to complete her Williams and Floyd McConnell, have always preBachelor’s Degree in communications while com- sented an atmosphere of success. Their influence peting in the events she loves. has been a warm embrace to all the students When I asked Jesus Villegas, former member of involved in the program. In fact Amanda described the San Jacinto College Speech and Debate Team Leigh-Anne Williams as her sister. Tyler stated and student at the University of Houston, what life “they stuck by my side, and they let me be me,” lasting connections have you taken from your time which are the best compliments you could give a on the team he responded by saying, “everyone on coach. BY CHRIS SHELTON San Jacinto Times


Maria Chavez



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ADVISER Fred Faour

One of the problems we faced however was that he was in quarantine. A dog in his area had gotten sick and all of the surrounding dogs were being kept away from others to prevent any spread. If that’s not taking good care, then I don’t know what is. The staff weren’t content unless we were given a healthy animal. The price of adoption at the shelter is actually quite low. You can find purebreds of nearly any shape or size for under $100. The application is quick and easy, and if you’re in between 11am and 4:30pm you can walk on back and hand pick a new best friend.

Photo by Caty Christy/San Jacinto Times

Adoption Shelters can save pets.

Doctor shopping is a loss BY MICHAEL DEATS San Jacinto Times

“Doctor I was injured in 2009 in a work related injury. I didn’t have worker’s compensation and I didn’t have insurance. To this day I have reoccurring lower back pain that shoots down my left leg. Yes, I have medical records; I have X-rays. No, I don’t have them with me, but I can bring them in next time.” Most pain clinic doctors hear stories similar to this one dozens of times throughout the day. Monday through Saturday they will gladly write a prescription for 120 highly addictive Hydrocodone and 90 habit-forming Somas with a story like this- and what is more interesting, they do not check the background of the patient in question to insure that medical records exist until the second or third visit. Assuming this is the only doctor visited by the patient, the patient can still acquire two months worth of addictive narcotics, with the doctor having no knowledge of whether or not the drugs are being consumed by the patient or being sold on the streets for a profit. Though some people can actually scam multiple doctors a day, safeguards are in place, but still on shaky ground. In theory (and possibly in practice) new laws have been created requiring doctors and pharmacies to network and relate their client list so as to prevent prescription abuse, but when it comes to addictive substances that would be as likely as Big Tobacco required to regulate its cigarette sales to one pack per customer per day. Good for the customers yes, good for business? No! But then I don’t need to remind people what is important in a capitalist society. The art of scamming the doctor, being nicknamed doctor shopping, would usually run in gangs that start with a net capital of roughly three hundred and fifty dollars. Due to most doctor visits costing between 85 to 140 dollars and prescriptions costing between 100 to 200 dollars, the gang would have to build on their down payment by netting four to five dollars

per hydrocodone and roughly two dollars per soma. The end result for one prescription of hydrocodone can be up to $600.00, almost doubling the initial down payment. When added with the somas, someone can easily earn a lot of money committing such fraud; or build a very unhealthy addiction. One that can cause a student to lose sight of their academic goals and possibly end up losing financial aid, which can tend to be a healthy sum of money. The downfall in the system comes with the DEA making busts on the buyers who in turn sell out their dealers to receive a lesser punishment for their crimes. Another downfall is the inevitable addiction that breaks the group apart. As people eat their own supply they become increasingly dependent and thus demand more from their system until there is no profit left to be had and they only continue to feed their addiction for as cheap as possible. Sometimes this leads to poorer individuals “scamming” doctors for the compensation of pills. The system that regulates such strong addictive substances is so relaxed despite frequent updates in security that it is ruining people’s lives. Any given person can be an opiate addict and function regularly for a time, but eventually it drives them to the point of excess to get more of the drug. It is a self-defeating system using a dangerous drug that can only do more harm than good, even for the ones who are in real pain. Someone in real pain can become dependent on the drug that persists past the healing of the injury, which promotes unlawful trafficking to acquire more of the substance that they have become dependent on. In essence any opiate driven medication should be considered a pariah in the medical community and frowned upon as sternly as Big Tobacco, but as long as there is a class of “good taxable drugs” this problem will always persist and people will find themselves ensconced in an addiction that will manage their lives in exceedingly more efficient ways with no regard for the consumers pocketbook.

Houston sports disappointing


San Jacinto Times

They did what? As a fan of any Houston professional sport, aside from the Dynamo, we have been plagued year after year by bad decisions and heart-breaking losses. Heart Break City is what our city limit sign should read. Coping with the Texans tragic yet reminiscent losing season, has the fans saying once again, “Maybe next year.” A revamped defensive coaching staff, and the promise of a new year is what football fans have to look forward to. Though the Texans have let the city down again, it seems rebounding from football season to basketball season isn’t looking any better. The Rockets currently sit at 25-29, and the Terrence Williams trade hasn’t exactly panned out as of late. Denver has publically silenced any trade talks to the rockets for Carmelo Anthony so any dreams of a proven scorer in a Rockets jersey are over. Not closing games seem to be the common theme no matter what ball is involved in the city of Houston. The Rockets loss to the Lakers proves that we can stay competitive with the best, but motivated for four quarters, nine innings, or two halves; that’s the re-occurring issue. With Drayton McLane selling the Astros, it’s easy to sum up the baseball situation in Houston. Last season the Astros were giving away tickets to people who attended Minute Maid Park for physicals! The Astros finished last season 76-86, and now the owner is giving up on the team. I guess this Captain isn’t going down with his ship. The bottom line is that all of our teams have so much potential to be great, it’s heartbreaking! The fans deserve a championship within the next five years. Maybe it’s the coaching, the owners, or the GM’s. Whatever the case may be, we must change our ways if we expect to see results. The San Jacinto Times is published weekly by the journalism students at San Jacinto College Central, 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77505. Opinions expressed herein are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the staff, its adviser, the administration or the Board of Regents. The Times encourages letters to the editor. Letters must be in good taste, accurate, free from libel, malice or personal controversy. Letters must be limited to 200 words in length. Letters submitted without the author’s signature will not be accepted.

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Around campus Espanol Norte

Lunes, Febrero 14

• Critica del Nuevo Artista excepcional, 9 a.m., Galleria de Norte • Inscripción de deportes en el colegio, 9 a.m., Student Center Lobby • Evento de experiencia de estudiantes de primer año • Reunión del grupo de psicología 1:30 p.m, NBCB C1033 • Deportes recreacional 3 p.m., Gym

Martes, Febrero 15 • Critica del Nuevo Artista excepcional, 9 a.m., Galleria de Norte • Inscripción de deportes en el colegio, 9 a.m., Student Center Lobby

Miercoles, Febrero 16 • Critica del Nuevo Artista excepcional, 9 a.m., Galleria de Norte • Inscripcion de deportes en el colegio, 9 a.m., Student Center Lobby • Deportes recreacional 3 p.m., Gym

Jueves, Febrero 17 • Critica del Nuevo Artista excepcional, 9 a.m., Galleria de Norte • Reunión del grupo culinario, 2:15 p.m., Student Center S112 • Deportes recreacional 3:30 p.m., Gym

Viernes, Febrero 18 • Critica del Nuevo Artista excepcional, 9 a.m., Galleria de Norte • Reunion del grupo de Anime, 12 p.m., NTEC A1025

Sabado, Febrero 19 • No hay actividades programadas

Domingo, Febrero 20


• No hay actividades programadas

Lunes, Febrero 14

• Exhibición de arte de Kevin Retherford All Work-All Play, 10 a.m., Central Fine Arts Gallery • Hearts & Clubs, evento para recaudar fundos y inscripción de miembros, 10 a.m., CSTC Lounge A • Junta de Prepara tu camino, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210A/B

Martes, Febrero 15 • No hay actividades programadas

Miercoles, Febrero 16 • Exhibición de arte de Kevin Retherford All Work-All Play, 10am, Central Fine Arts Gallery • BSM lonche gratis/social • BSM estudio de la Biblia, 1 pm, edificio de BSM • Junta de VYNE, 1:30 pm, CSTC 210 A/B

Jueves, Febrero 17 • Exhibición de arte de Kevin Retherford All Work-All Play, 10am, Central Fine Arts Gallery • Reunion del club de Filosofía, 2:30pm CADM W106 • Inscripcion de basquetbol y voleibol mixto

Viernes, Febrero 18 • Exhibición de arte de Kevin Retherford All Work-All Play, 10am, Central Fine Arts Gallery

Sábado, Febrero 19 • Junta de la sociedad de juegos de azar, 12 pm, CSTC 210 A/B

Domingo, Febrero 20 • No hay actividades programadas

Lunes, Febrero 21 -Junta de Prepara Tu Camino, 11:30 am, CSTC 210 A/B


Lunes, Febrero 14

• Junta del Asociación de Estudiantes de Gobierno, 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm, Room 4202 • Junta del grupo de tenis, 3:30 pm, Tennis Courts

Miercoles, Febrero 16 • Estudiante de la biblia de becas, 11:30 am, Game Room Junta del la sociedad de WEBB, 2:30 pm, room 1131

Jueves, Febrero 17 • Junta de Phi Beta Lambda, 2:30 pm, Room 2208 • Junta de Asociacion de Estudiantes Veteranos, 3:30 pm, superior de las escaleras, Student Center

Lunes, Febrero 21 • Love Your Club, 10:30 am, Student Center Atrium • Junta del Asociación de Estudiantes de Gobierno, 3:00 pm, Room 4202 • Junta del grupo de tenis, 3:30 pm, Tennis Courts

February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 3

iPhone breaks free



San Jacinto Times

We may all have seen the T-mobile commercials with the girl on the motorcycle, pulling up and impatiently waiting on two little men on a mini bike personifying the iPhone and AT&T as slow and bogged down, well apple’s answer has arrived. With the iPhone 4 hitting Verizon’s market as of February 10th apple regains a much needed foothold in a speed race with top competing models of smart phones in the cell phone industry, opening it’s product to Verizon’s 94 million customers. Though people may laugh away the iPhone as a substandard phone compared to newer models of Androids or even the impressive Windows smartphone; it still sports the same impressive features that helped sell 1.7 million units 3 days after it’s initial launch in June 2010. Though the iPhone has suffered publicity hits due to antenna flaws, the prospect of a better network to support it should bring it back to the front lines of the smartphone wars.

Monday, February 14

• Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Intramural Sports Sign Up, 9 a.m., NSTC Lobby • First Year Experience Event, 10 a.m., NSTC S204 • Psychology Meeting, 1:30 p.m., NBCB C1033 • Recreational Sports, 3 p.m., Gym

Tuesday, February 15 • Intramural Sports Sign Up, 9 a.m., NSTC Lobby • Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte

Wednesday, February 16 • Intramural Sports Sign Up, 9 a.m., NSTC Lobby • Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Recreational Sports, 3 p.m., Gym

Evil Dead comes to SJC BY JANNETTE MARIN San Jacinto Times


If he is mad, he wants everyone else mad as well.” In reality, Marc is the total opposite person from his character and explains that it is a bit challenging to play his role, but the more effort he puts into this character, the easier it gets to become ‘Scott‘. You do not want to miss this show! It is full of surprises, especially if you sit on the first three rows. This musical is rated R and contains adult language and gruesome scenes that will leave you with bloodstains on your clothes!

Evil Dead, the Musical will be showing at the Powell Theater throughout the month! This spectacular performance will take your breath away with the experience of horror and excitement that will make you tremble from head to your toes. Music major Brittnay Griffith, 24 years old is the music director for Evil Dead the Musical. She has been a music director for a year and explains to the San Jacinto Times why she enjoys her job, “ I love music and it is a great venue. It is a combination of music, acting, and dancing all in one, plus I meet great people.” Her role in the musical is to give each character the music and help them practice the vocals on the piano. “The hardest part of producing a musical is that it’s based on music and learning the right harmonies,” she explained. Brittnay also gave advice to those who are interested in making acting a profession, “ Be educated and give a lot of effort.” Theater major Marc Penarubia, 18 years old, is one of the extraordinary actors of the musical, Evil Dead. Marc has been acting for three years and told the San Jacinto Times who inspired him in becoming an actor himself. He attended high school plays and as he watched he thought that he would be able to play a character. Then he showed his friends his talent for acting and immediately fell in love and later auditioned for several plays. “I can become another person and get deep into character,” he says. In Evil Dead, Marc tells us Photo by Jannette Marin about his character, “Scott is my name in the play. He is a loud and crazy guy that doesn’t care about Cast members prepare for Evil Dead, the other’s feelings, loves girls and one-night stands. Musical, which is coming to SJC.

MTV against the wall BY MARIA CHAVEZ San Jacinto Times

From “TRL” back in the early to late 90's to present day “Jersey Shore,” MTV has been captivating adolescent minds across the country. Upon recent years many have questioned various programs that have been produced and aired by the Music Television Channel. MTV is no longer what it used to stand for. It went from playing the latest video hits to airing all kinds of reality shows that are questioned in society. More recent ones, like the famous "Jersey Shore" down to "Teen Mom" have left questions from many parents floating around in the air. What reasons would MTV have for airing sexually active, pregnancy glorifying programming? Who knows. Why has MTV changed their programming so much? It catches everyone's attention. In these past days, MTV's latest contradiction is their newest program, “Skins,” which is a remake of the British version with the same name. In this show, teenagers are sexually active, drug explicit, alcohol struck, and they sneak around behind their parent's backs, which leads them into all kinds of situations. This, of course, has caught the attention of the Parents Television Council. Their thoughts include that it negatively reinforces bad habits and behaviors that can have harmful effects on the audience and that it may be breaking Child Pornography laws. MTV reportedly has been concerned about future episodes breaking federal law and have been working on editing the upcoming episodes in hope that everything will resolve. Those who are attacking this remake have obviously not realized that this isn't MTV's first risque attempt at society. Society rules this stuff inappropriate when in fact, all this stuff is happening in real life as we breath. “Teen Mom,” although extremely depressing, actually has a message to adolescents saying that pregnancy at a young age isn't exactly something you can fly through. Since the airing of that show, pregnancy rates have gone down. Society is changing drastically. If “Skins” is on the air for a reason, I'm pretty sure that we should be at least able to give it a chance. It has

won approval from some audiences, at the least and has brought up a controversy which in the end will be dismissed. Child Pornography laws state that if a minor (anybody under 18) is engaged in any sort of sexual activity and is filmed, photographed, or displayed in any form, that is where the law steps in. I haven't seen the show, and given that it just started off, there hasn't been talk about there actually being a sexual scene in the program. This upcoming episode is one that may come with risks. As it has been reported it deals with one of the guys in the show running naked through a street. The scene is a back take and nothing else is shown, but producers are still worried. Maybe they have something to hide, but who says they do? Many of MTV's shows are reality shows that at the end of the day still get a high ranking. Why must the Parent Television Council attack MTV when there's many shows that are around the same route? At this time, a lot of shows, as well as movies, have many sexual situations in them. Yeah, they rate them R, but guess what? That's not going to stop minors from watching it when it comes out on DVD. That and they can always sneak into the theaters. What MTV is doing is just bringing it straight to home. Is it considered that bad as to be breaking Child Pornography laws? I guess we'll see. MTV might be coming down with possible child pornography charges, but society should stop being so concerned about the media and look at today's youth. Children are looking up to the “Jersey Shore” cast. They are more concerned about love than I ever was as a child. If a child, or an adolescent views the program, it is not up to MTV to cancel their whole show line. It should be up to the parent and their will to let their children view this. Some kids mature quickly than other, some may rely on these show as a role model, but there is always a time when a parent can call in parental block. If MTV continues to show this program, with all the edits they've made, then I don't see anything wrong with it and I don't think the Parent Television Council should either. They should focus on what's in front of them- today's youth. After all, they will be our future and they control theirs.

Thursday, February 17 • Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Culinary Club Cook Off Meeting, 2:15 p.m., Student Center S112 • Recreational Sports, 3:30 p.m., Gym

Friday, February 18 • Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Anime Club Meeting, 12 p.m., NTEC A1025

Saturday, February 19 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 20 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 21 • Outstanding New Artist Review), 9 a.m., Galleria del Norte • Recreational Sports, 3 p.m., Gym


Monday, February 14

• All Work-All Play Art Exhibition by Kevin Retherford, 10 a.m., Central Fine Arts Gallery • Hearts and Clubs Fundraising and Recruitment Fair, 10 a.m., CSTC Lounge A • Prepare the Way Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210A/B

Tuesday, February 15 • No Scheduled Activities

Wednesday, February 16 • All Work-All Play Art Exhibition by Kevin Retherford, 10 a.m., Central Fine Arts Gallery • BSM Free Lunch/Social, 11:30 a.m., BSM Building • BSM Bible Study, 1 p.m., BSM Building • VYNE Meeting, 1:30 p.m., CSTC 210A/B • Anime Society Meeting, 2 p.m., CADM W112

Thursday, February 17 • All Work-All Play Artist Gallery Talk & Closing Reception, 12 p.m., Central Fine Arts Gallery • Philosophy Club Meeting, 2:30 p.m., CADM W106 • Coed Basketball and Volleyball Sign Up, 6 p.m., Gym

Friday, February 18 • All Work-All Play Art Exhibition by Kevin Retherford, 10 a.m., Central Fine Arts Gallery

Saturday, February 19 • Gaming Society Meeting, 12 p.m., CSTC 210A/B

Sunday, February 20 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 21


• Prepare the Way Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CSTC 210A/B

Monday, February 14

• Student Government Association Meeting, 3 p.m., Room 4202 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts

Tuesday, February 15 • No Scheduled Activities

Wednesday, February 16 • Student Bible Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., Game Room • WEBB Society Meeting, 2:30 p.m., Room 1131

Thursday, February 17 • Phi Beta Lambda Meeting, 2:30 p.m., Room 2208 • Student Veterans Association Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Top of Stairs, Student Center

Friday, February 18 • No Scheduled Activities

Saturday, February 19 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, February 20 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, February 21 • Love Your Club, 10:30 a.m., Student Center Atrium • Student Government Association Meeting, 3 p.m., Room 4202 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts

Campus life/sports

February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 4

Ravens a hit on court

BY VICTOR ARAIZA San Jacinto Times

It should be no surprise how the San Jacinto College-Central Ravens are on pace to see postseason action for the 24th consecutive season under the program’s winningest head coach Scott Gernander.

Gernander, who entered the season with a 611-154 career record over his 23-year head coaching career, has led this season’s squad to a 22-2 record after a 79-75 OT win over Angelina College on February 5. The basketball team has had other close encounters, two that slipped away and ended in losses, and coach Gernander believes the team could’ve easily had three other losses on the schedule.

“We try to be as good as we can possibly can,” said Gernander. “Some games you play well and win and others you get beat. We take every game serious and respect every team we play.”

The team has played impressively despite the plague of injuries they’ve endured at the point guard position. Gernander stated the team doesn’t have a true point guard at the moment and the position is shared mostly between sophomores Adrian Morales and Marsell

Holden. Holden has over 450 total points to his name this season, a team best, but is not the team leader in average points per game. That’s because the team manages to keep every player involved to contribute his share of the load. “We have a different player step up on different nights,” said Gernander.

Sitting at 22 wins and counting, the Ravens have all but assured their spot in the conference tournament. Still, coach Gernander made it perfectly clear there are higher expectations to be met.

“It’s easy to say, yes, if we’d lose every game [remaining in the schedule] we’d be in the tournament. We’d like to get a bye and finish in the top two in the region.” As far as national championship aspirations for San Jacinto College, fans have reason to be optimistic as the Ravens are currently ranked 4th in the NJCAA Top 25. However, coach Gernander is not looking too deep into his club’s record and stated that once tournament season starts the team’s record is irrelevant to the elimination tournament. It’s nice to be ranked,” said Gernander. “Our main focus remains on winning basketball games and helping these students to graduate.”

Families good to cherish Keeping families together can be difficult.


Photo by San Jacinto Athletic Department

As far as holidays go, this one’s not so great Head Coach, Scott Gernander, San Jacinto Men’s Basketball

BY HARRISON LEE San Jacinto Times

The commonality of those who have never known the beauty and intricate joy of a relationship is a sort of union dedicated to suffering in silence. Even when the “holiday” of Valentine’s Day isn’t in the air, there’s always an unspoken pressure to keep one’s romantic shortcomings squared away. After all, successful people don’t really care to hear about the struggles of the rest of us. Perhaps Dorothy Parker summed it best when she theorized, far too accurately, the existence of the “Romantic Status Quo”, an imaginary, possibly astral system that dictates who is allowed happiness at what level. Think of it as the Bell Curve of Love. On one end, we have the lucky that are reveling in the wonderful life of partnership at some level. In the middle we have those that fluctuate in and out of relationships, but they can get one if they decided they really want one. Of course, these two must form a third category, the group that not even its members will admit to being in, the ‘lower end’ if you will. It’s entirely plausible to want to believe that it’s almost beyond our control. The castigation that goes hand in hand with being perpetually single is one that remains very hard to capture. How, pray, is one supposed to react when one supposedly does everything right and is still not rewarded? That is the complete antithesis of everything we teach. We all grew up hearing that if you work hard and treat people nicely you get rewarded. Well, what happens when you don’t? What’s the failsafe plan? We’re not conditioned to handle competing elements against what we view as bestowed, almost anticipated results. Normally, we’re able to push these feelings aside and channel them into perhaps something productive. But, this ceases to be really possible when February 14 rolls around. Then, it just gets awkward. Awkward as only Americans can do. How are people supposed to react when an entire day

becomes devoted to giving flowers and cards to only specific people? Most people around our age react poorly to being excluded in any way, shape or form [thus we have facebook]. Perhaps, in some very twisted contretemps, it does take the lower end of the Bell Curve to make the middle and high end seem all the better. Wouldn’t it be twisted if that were how the game was played? Of course, some of us do know that is how things work. Imagine our subconscious, shared dismay when he we discovered that the drama surrounding Valentine’s Day still continues past high school. It is hard to imagine why so much credence is paid to a “holiday” that is now the providence of greeting card companies and the Godiva Chocolatier. Maybe it’s because we Americans crave undue and possibly unnecessary amounts of attention. Well, can you blame us? It’s nice to be paid undue attention simply because of romantic success, or simply because the calendar date says so. But fear not, not even I, who am oh for fifty when asking for dates, am not a complete nattering nabob of negativity. Through the magic of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication, I’ve somehow managed to accept the fact that for whatever reason I am to remain at the rear end of the curve. It’s not a complete bummer; I do get to make other people feel better by comparison. Can you imagine how miserable life would be if people who can get date after date were actually exposed to the innate boredom and the occasionally soul crushing power of loneliness? Heavens, that might mean they might have to acknowledge that feelings other than sanguine happiness can govern one’s life.

While not exactly the most pleasant of “holidays”, legions of the perpetually single by fate populous can take heart in the fact that we’re only put through it once a year. And, luck among luck, once we’re all in the real world working sixty-plus hours a week, we won’t even be able to figure out what day it is.

Google Images

For many people this may come naturally, but for others this may be a very hard thing to master. Family relationships seem to slowly disappear over time while one is either a hard working person or a person that just likes to hang out away from home. Sometimes one’s life can be tough and causes them to be distant from their own families. With things like school, homework, jobs, friends, drugs, their own child, and living out of their parents’ house, it’s a wonder how people stay close to their family. There have been instances of bad family relationships among some people in life. This is an example of a mother with a rather bad relationship with her family. A person in this area who wishes to remain anonymous has said that he was taken away from his parents with his sister as a child due to his parents of endangerment by not proving a safe and healthy environment for him to live in. Later his parents cleaned up their ways and received custody of the children again. His parents then divorced and the children stayed with the mother. Since he was the oldest son his mother was always dependent on him to do a lot around the house for her because she struggled with an alcohol addiction. Due to this experience he decided to move in with his father. From his father he picked up a habit of building cars for drifting, and is unsure what he wants to do in the future, but for now he’s pretty happy. Sure this might not be how most bad relations are, but at least it makes one think that maybe one’s family problems aren’t as bad in comparison.

MAJOR Continued from Page 1

You will know whether that career is thriving in our economy or if it is fading. You will be given educational requirements for obtaining that degree as well as lots of other useful information. This test is free and for some this will be a great way to start the research process for a major. All you need to do is stop by the Career and Employment Center to set up a testing time. Testing is available Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8am-4pm as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am-6pm. The counseling department also welcomes you to make an appointment with them if you would like to discuss your results and go over any questions you may have concerning majors. Third, get some hands on experience! Internships or small jobs in your field of interest are an excellent way to discover what you are good at and whether or not you enjoy it. Getting connected with people in that field will also be a great benefit to you. You may want to stop by the Career and Employment Center again if you need help finding this kind of opportunity. Lastly, once you know what specific field you are interested in studying take care of the logistical

EXPERIENCE Continued from Page 1

If you are not ready to jump all the way into unknown territory, explore a new club or organization that your school has to offer. San Jac has many clubs from The Student Government Association, The Spanish Club or The Philosophy Club. If you would like to be more physically active in your life, San Jacinto College has many athletic activities you can take part it, with an open swimming pool, gym, clean tennis courts and even a 9hole golf course that students are free to utilize whenever they’re ready to get off the couch and do something! San Jacinto College has entertaining sports teams to watch as well. The Men’s Basketball team is doing amazing this semester. With a record of 22-2, go to a game and cheer on your school! San Jacinto also has baseball, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball and women’s basketball at the North campus. This is a perfect chance to meet up with

Good family relationships are one of the best ways to enjoy life as. Usually everyone gets along with one another when they are close, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tick each other off too. As long as they are not fighting to the death a little bit of roughhousing can be a good thing. Just don’t break stuff in the house! Mothers should provide influences of love and show that she cares for her children. Fathers can show authority to a household and control the rowdiness level of the family, but not with fear.

Here are some suggestions that may help strengthen a family bond for people. Get out of your rooms or come home for a bit and do some chores around the house without being asked. Parents might be shocked that their kid actually did something helpful for once. Try playing a game together; you may be surprised by how your family acts when one bring out their competitive nature to win. A good suggestion would be eating dinner as a family surprisingly most people do not do this very often, but doing so helps families achieve better communication and build a stronger relationships in getting to know more about each other a lot better. Eating together can also give you answers as to why one person is acting the way they are that day and possibly prevent anything bad from occurring by just talking it out. Other things one can do are going out together, watch TV together, watch a movie together, or heck even cook something together. Friends, business, problems come and go, but family is forever. You only get one family, so enjoy them!

aspects. Determine where it is you want to transfer, what your academic requirements are for that school, and what you will need to obtain that specific degree there. You do not want to waste time taking classes you will not need, or transfer only to find out you have classes you should have taken. Also you should consider simply obtaining their associates before transferring. This will give you training and open more opportunities for jobs, which in turn will allow you to get the hands on experience in that field to determine if that is what you want. Dr. Jerry Ivins, the director of the theatre and film program, leaves students with this thought, “You’ve got to do what makes yourself happy…If you don’t feel it in your heart, you may find yourself after four years of getting a degree, thinking ‘This is not what I want to do, I’m not happy.’ That’s why so many college students change their majors. Because they’re looking and it’s a very costly choice.” For some happy may mean finding something they will enjoy waking up each morning to do, no matter the pay. For others, it might mean they do not care what they do as long as they make money to live a comfortable life. Determine what is important to you, and invest time into determining the best path to get there! some friends from class and support your school. This is your college and you should take full advantage of this time in your life. School sure can be a pain in the butt at times, but before you know it, you will be walking across that stage at your college graduation. Looking back at your college years, what stories or memories do you want to have? Do you want to say you went home and watched TV every day, or do you want to say you have no regrets and got to meet tons of life-long friends who made you who you are today? If you are still a little skeptical and uneasy on how to put yourself out there, then at least try and befriend two or three people from each of your classes. When you meet up with them for lunch, maybe you will meet some of their friends and so on. Soon enough you will be walking around campus seeing familiar faces shouting out “hey, how are you?” That sure makes it a little easier waking up for class in the morning.


February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 5

Students share their Valentine’s Day sentiments Happy Valentines punk. Hope you get unlocked. Karina ‘Kb’

Happy Valentines Day all! Love, Traci

Dear Oscar, I hate your stinking guts, you make me vomit, you are the scum between my toes. Love, Victor LOL

To: Darlene From: #8 I love you. Happy 1 year anniversary!!!

I hate you Victor…that is all. From: Oscar

To Vincent: I hate you From: Cynthia

Wishing my sucias a happy valentines day love yalls Secret admirer (;

Dear Abby Tran, We’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have! We love you Abby Tran! Love, Melinda & Malauri Dear Virgil, Will you be our Valentine? Teach us how to dougie…and take us to paris! Love, Malauri, Abby, Melinda

Hurley, You are a cool teacher that I have for the first time. I wish you a happy Valentine. From: Araceli Millan For the bestest sister in the whole world, Ashler Ratliff. I love you. Happy Walentine’s Day. Love your big sister Chen.

Happy Valentine’s to my Beeville’s Finest! From Cheri I love ya’ll guy’s more than you’ll eva know.

Dear Crystal Vela, You’re the best friend and I love you with all my heart! Love, Elisha Galvan

Kris just wanted to say your such a sweetheart. Stay just as you are. Big kisses. Happy valentines sweetie. Much luv Cheri

Dr. Stewart You always made me laugh. I miss having you as a teacher. Happy valentine. From: Araceli Millan Dr. Ring I want to wish you a happy valentine. You are my favorite teacher. From: Araceli Millan

To Someone that is a Valentine thru the whole year will you be my Valentine for 14th of FEB? MGC

To: Valencia From: Some one who loves u

From: Linda Trevino It took 3 years but it was worth the wait! I love you.

To my old friend Karina we go way back to bottles to bottles wink! I love ya & I’ll always be here for you BFF! Love Ceci!

Michael I love you To: Michael Bravo From: Linda Trevino

To: Danielle Kendrick From: Tre Belton I been loving you girl I want to show you that you’re the best in my world. I’ll do anything and everything to show you that girl that is no one above you. To: Carlos C. Love Paulette Thanks for being a real nice guy! To: Alexis Garcia From: your bestest friend

Last-minute dating ideas

BY ASHLEY ALLYN San Jacinto Times

Just now remember that today is Valentine’s Day and you don’t have much time to plan a date for your special someone? Well, don’t panic I’m here to help! A special date doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive to win over your girl’s heart. Here are ten last minute date ideas that would be fun to share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

TO Kelsea Drumend From Jessica DiCampli

To: Danielle Kendrick From: Tre Belton

To: Miranda Bryant From: Tre Belton I know they said we weren’t supposed to make it because we’re too young for love. But Miranda baby there is no age on love. So on this valentine I’m glad you’re mine. Before love the word forever was scary to me. But that’s all changed. WILL YOU MARRY ME?

To my beasties I love you guys ya’ll are the best! Love Sydni- you know me.

2 bubbles thanks for being there 4rm u kno

I love u naiya howard

To: Alex Garcia From your love bunny Jessica

To: Jessica Dicampli From: Kelsea Drummond

What do men really want on this day?

Valentines day, V-day, what ever you may call it. It’s coming. It’s here! It’s Today! Oh man its February 14 again and all the pressure is on you the guy, again. I hope you don’t fail to produce. One question I’ve always asked myself. Why is the pressure always on us guys? It’s the 21st century, I think its time that its equal for once. How about the girl getting the guy something this year? What does your boyfriend really want this year. Lets step back and think about it. Actually don’t worry about that I already did the work. I went around campus and posed the big question. I found out that there was a broad scope of ideas. From some of the wildest ones being an Xbox 360 with Kinect and actually there were several who asked for money. I’m not saying get guys money, which I know we would love, but no, that’s not in the spirit of valentines. “Things of value” someone yelled out from a crowded table of guys. One person who requested to be

Lil Big Jay, Heavenleigh, and Alex momma loves you guys very much. Yall are my sweethearts for life.

To: Ashley Trevino 4RM:Someone Special your smile makes my heart skip a beat

Dear Love of my Life, Proud that you were the one to keep me grounded through it all happy valentines day to me… -Love D

To: Mariana Cuevas From: your secret admirer I love you pretty girl!!! You make me blush!

Dear Emmanuel Melgoza, I’m glad I met you, hope we will be friends fro eternity! Love, Elisha Galvan

To: Pauloette To the most convincing person. To: Roy

To: Ann Kelley Love: Amanda Rae Sowa I miss you! Will you be my Valentine?

Jonathan Johnson: I love you baby you are my life have an awesome valentines day To Kati noyes

Alfredo Cantu loves Gloria From Misael

To: Priscilla Canales Happy V-Day! TKM!!! I really hope everything goes good with us.

Dear Tina you’re a great friend and I love that you are always there for me when I need you Love Brittney


To: Michael Bravo

To Amira, Love ya sis -Zach

Dear Brittney Mellen, You are my best friend every smile and laugh makes me love you to pieces -Tina Marie

To: Carrissa Lilly From: Tre Belton Carissa I love you happy valentines day.

To: Darlene From: #8 Just wanted to tell you I love you. And hope you have a wonderful day.

To my 2 favorite people, Alicia Alcantar and Zach Butterfras. I LOVE YALL. 4RM-UR BABY G!

Laura, You are awesome. That is all. Love, Andy

To: Jayla Fontenot From: Tre Belton Jayla I’m so deep in love I don’t know whereto start. But I can start by saying that you own my heart. I know this is real you changed my life. So on this valentines Jayla WILL YOU BE MY WIFE?

Good luck registered nurses Class of 2011! -Tiffany and Alissa

I onced believed that roses where the most beautiful form of life in this planet but since I met you now roses are different to me you have caught my attention like no other rose has…. You’re the most beautiful rose I ever found 2 ViiVii 4rm Sky

quoted asked for “Silence”- Josh Zamarripa. Besides the normal male responses a few people asked for simple things like cake and a card or a message. Perhaps pampering for him would be a considerate gift as well. Others wanted practical gifts like sunglasses and parts for their vehicle. Overall there was one main idea that kept coming up that I feel was the best and the most reasonable idea. The general consensus was that most guys just wanted the pressure off of them and just wanted it to be a normal day just like any other. Sometimes guys just want a day where we can both hang out and have fun together. Maybe just cook dinner or watch a movie at home and be happy that you have each other. We are not always barbaric; we sometimes simply enjoy your company.

So how about making this Valentines special by taking the pressure off, letting loose, and finding out what love is truly about and the commercial marketing strategy that it has turned into.

1) Poetry Swap- Prepare a picnic dinner in front of the fireplace at home. Before eating, take a few minutes to write a poem about how you feel about each other. Then, over dinner you can share what you wrote.

2) Backwards Dinner- Begin with a beautiful rose. First have dessert, then your main course, salad and lastly your appetizer; keeping things fun and adventurous.

3) Sunset Adventure- Take a long walk on the beach, then star gaze as you wait to watch the sun set together.

4) Homemade Time- Together take the time to make a homemade pizza and for dessert make homemade ice cream. Have a homemade card created for her to read at the end of the evening. 5) Bike Ride- Take a bike ride to a park or around the community focusing on the journey and not a destination.

6) Surprise- It’s never too late to surprise. Personally deliver roses, a box of chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, or a creative card to wherever she might be. Then ask her to her favorite restaurant or ice cream store. 7) Memories- Collect old magazines and cut out pictures that bring back memories of times you've shared together. Then put them in a scrapbook and spend time developing future memories.

8) Love Songs- Make recordings of love songs you both like and play it while relaxing in front of a fire while drinking hot chocolate.

9) Carriage Ride- Take your loved one on a carriage ride around town. Bring a blanket to stay warm and a camera to ask your driver to take a picture.

10) Picture Frame- Purchase finger paint or glitter paint pens and plain wooden picture frames from the dollar store and together customize your frame, expressing your feelings for one another.

These are just a few of many ideas that your date will love and enjoy doing with you, her special Valentine. You know your Valentine, so be yourself and personalize your date to revolve around each other it will be a winner. Even though you might have just realized its Valentines Day, just remember… it’s the thought that counts.

Entertainment/Music reviews

Iron and Wine a great hit BY GREG STARK San Jacinto Times

Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron And Wine is the fourth full-length studio release from Iron And Wine, the alternative folk-rock moniker of the bearded Samuel Beam. This traditional singer-songwriter artist has a very distinguishable whisper-y voice that has brought him recent acclaim in the indie world. While the majority of his previously released works have been heavy on the deep-south slow folk-side, Kiss Each Other Clean is a more funky 70's centered piece but still with lots of Beam's quintessential deepsouth undertones. Think Fleetwood Mac if they were from South Carolina or Austin and not London. In his latest release Beam uses a plethora of instruments like xylophones, synthesizers, recorders, slide whistles, conga drums, electric pianos, saxophones, and guitar effects galore. Not what you'd normally expect to hear on an Iron And Wine record, but it adds to the apparently different feel of the album, a definite plus in my opinion. The songs bounce around from lamenting sparse arrangements of piano and vocals to straight-up funky jams, with lots of down-tempo whisper-soft vocals that Sam Beam is known for. Kiss Each Other Clean climaxes at the end with Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me, a seven minute boogie-down jam of saxophones and funky effects driven guitars. It transitions into an almost sorrowful blues rock jam with a great lead guitar that almost cries, it definitely stands strongly along side Beam’s powerful lyrics and vocals. This is a surprising new sound from Sam Beam and I hope there are more good things like it to come. So motor down to the nearest record store (theres one across the street) and pick up this album. You will not be disappointed.

February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 6

Local concert calendar By Greg Starks/Matt Adamiak San Jacinto Times

Monday, February 14 • The Big Easy - James Reese • House of Blues – Plain White T’s • Jone’s Hall – Clay Aiken • Warehouse Live – Less Than Jake

Tuesday, Febrary 15 • The Big Easy – Howard and Art • Fitzgerald’s - Idiginis Reggae Night • Toyota Center – Linkin Park, The Prodigy • Warehouse Live – Haste the Day, MyChildren MyBride, The Chariot, A Plea for Purging Wednesday, February 16 • Fitzgerald’s - Robert Ellis & The Boys • Rudyard’s – Nobunny, The Wiggins, All At Sea • Walter’s On Washington – Mantis, Nice Guys, MSP, Outer Heaven

Thursday, February 17 • The Big Easy - Luther and the Healers • Fitzgerald’s - Tapes N Tapes W/ Oberhofer • House of Blues - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals with special guest Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights • Scout Bar – Shark Attack, Mike Pinto • Warehouse Live – Broken Social Scene, Zeus

Trail of the Dead stays true

Google Images

BY GREG STARK San Jacinto Times

Austin Texas's own Trail Of Dead has been known for blending 60's era psychedelic rock with modern composition and style. Tao of the Dead is the bands seventh release, and the third on Richter Scale. It is definitely a prime example of a band that has never heard of the word stagnation. Although the bands “style” is generally the same, awesome building jams, driving melodies and a great back-and-forth between choruses and verses, each album doesn't sound like the ones that came before it. Tao of the Dead definitely doesn't follow in the footsteps of any of their other six albums either. It starts out with some soothing atmospheric noise for a few seconds then jumps right into to epic build up into a head-bobbing rockin' guitar line with synthesizers. The first third of the album has to have an average B.P.M. of at least 120, it is rockin! The drummer kicks it into fifth gear right away and lays down some almost punk-rock beats. It then mellows out for the next few tracks almost to a sad point during “The Spiral Jetty”, which is my #2 pick on this record. Fortunately, the feel and the pace pick back up through the last portion of the album. Culminating in the sixteen and a half minute psychedelic-blues-rock journey. The last track is actually part two to the album Tao of the Dead, its called Strange News From Another Planet, and it is broken up into five parts. They make up my #1 pick for the album and are like a whole other album in and of themselves. This should definitely be on the to-do list for any one with good taste like yourself.

Friday, February 18 • The Big Easy – Rick Lee • Dan Electro’s – Cynical, Neckpiece, Section 9, Fatal Flaw • Fitzgerald’s - Lunaface and Rock En Houston Present: The Pinker Tones • House of Blues - Pretty Reckless in the Bronze Peacock • Rudyard’s – Krullur, H.R.A, Talk Sick Brats • Scout Bar – Rehab • Walter’s On Washington – The Wheel Workers, The Orbans, Featherface • Warehouse Live – Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q, Sore Losers, Mookie Jones, DJ Mr. Rogers Saturday, February 19 • The Big Easy – Texas Johnny Brown • Dan Electro’s – Uncle Lucious, Richard Cagle & the Voodoo Choir • Fitzgerald’s - Jarrod Gorbel w/ Atlantic/Pacific + Benjamin Wesley • House of Blues - Trombone Shorty with Los Amigos Invisibles • Rudyard’s - Juke Joint Sandinistas, Gangus Bon, Personality Crisis • Scout Bar – Genitorturers • Walter’s On Washington - Black Congress • Warehouse Live – Robyn, Diamond Rings, Natalia Kills Sunday, February 20 • The Big Easy - Willie T • Fitzgerald’s - Gorilla Battle Of The Bands Finals, Gorilla Takeover • House of Blues - Miranda Cosgrove • Warehouse Live – Tidal Arms, These People

The Decemberists are back BY GREG STARK San Jacinto Times

Bagheera breaks loose

Google Images


Indie-folk rock stars The Decemberists return with their sixth studio release The King Is Dead. This is the band's third release on Capitol Records and undoubtedly, their most American country music influenced album yet. Traditionally, their work has had a British folk revival feel with verbose narratives that have created a very unique sound exclusive to The Decemberists alone. It seems they went a very different route with The King Is Dead. The album was recorded at a farm in the pacific north-west in six weeks, impressive to say the least. This clearly had set the tone for the record, acoustic guitars, harmonicas, accordions, and steel guitars all add to the traditional “country” feel throughout the album. They maintain a pretty constant feel for the majority of the album, until the last two songs. The ninth track, This Is Why We Fight, is a folk rock fight-song with great blues undertones and a totally rockin' lead guitar accompanying great lyrics about fighting for love. It ends and a hidden track starts with the sound of rain and a guitar playing alongside a banjo with a woman singing a typical delta-blues style song about her dog. Its probabaly supposed to be kind of a joke, but it still sounds great. The record ends in a more familiar sound from the Decemberists with Avery, but still decidedly country sounding with the steel guitar and female chorus singers. Ultimately, the Decemberists prove that they are no one-trick pony with a pleasant change of sound. This record is one that you and your parents can both enjoy, so show them that not everything you listen to has auto-tune in it and go pick it up as soon as you can.

Twisted Sister returns BY MATT ADAMIAK

As many people know, Texas is home to a lot of great bands such as ZZ Top, Pantera, and King Diamond. But San Jacinto Times what is often overlooked is the vast wealth of local talent Texas has to offer. One that recently caught my attention is a band known by Houston natives as Bagheera. Despite being named after a cartoon panther, this progressive metal band puts on a brutal show! So naturally I picked up a copy of their EP to review. The first thing I must comment on is the production. WOW! This is the kind of studio work that people come to expect from professionals. Everything sounds fantastic! Every instrument can be heard with exceptional clarity. And every track exudes such meticulous brutality that many local metal bands lack. In contrast to the general trend of the genre, each Bagheera song is set to an individual theme, such as their Viking anthem, “Row”. The vocal work of lead singer, Tyrone Campbell, is strikingly similar to that of Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, while the progressive styling of guitarists Andrew Peña and Justin Hafer are reminiscent of bands like Nevermore and Arch Enemy. In summation, Bagheera’s EP is a delicious, four-song appetizer that left me hungry for the main course. Their debut album, “Coincidence or Design” has no official release date at this time but will be out no later than early March, so stay tuned. I predict great things in Bagheera’s future. They are a steadily rowing Viking ship of excellence, sailing in a sea of amateurs.

Help wanted at career expo BY JOSEPH ENG San Jacinto Times

On February 17th, San Jacinto central campus will be holding its annual career expo. The expo will take place between 10 am to 1 pm in the ILC building. A variety of employers from multiple job paths will be present. A list of companies attending is available upon request. All attending employers will be given a cd copy that contains resumes sent in to the Career and employment center. If you wish to have your resume included, simply email your resume in a

Rich-Text-Format to Please include your name, whether or not you prefer full or part time employment, and a list of four categories of jobs that you are interested in (such as cashier, EMT, Accountant, or other specific job type). If you need assistance or further information, please contact: Career & Employment Center 250AD, Administration building San Jacinto College Central Campus 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX, 77505 Phone: 281-476-1805

Fans of early 80’s metal can rejoice this month as Twisted Sister has re-released their classic album: You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll. The album was originally released in 1983 but still packs a solid punch for old school fans. In addition, the re-release comes with three bonus tracks in addition to the original 10, including “One Man Woman”, “Four Barrel Heart of Love”, and “Feel the Power”. Despite this album being almost 30 years old, it sounds fantastic. Even by today’s standards the production is very well done. The album is also home to some of the band’s best songs including the title track “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll,” “We’re Gonna Make It,” and “The Kids Are Back” which moviegoers will recognize as the opening song in Jackass 3D. Each track on the album is a proud rebellious anthem worthy of much praise. For the casual music listener, Twisted Sister should provide a refreshing break from our Justin Bieber saturated society.

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February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 7

Orginal work is welcome

Got a comic strip or a cartoon? The Times will consider running work from students and faculty. Email your work to


2 TEA-CUPS YORKSHIRES free to re-homing. Contact

ROOM FOR RENT - Female only. Breakfast and laundry services provided. Home environment. Off Fairmont Parkway. Contact: Saleem @ (832) 788-4687

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February 14, 2011 San Jacinto Times â&#x20AC;˘ Page 8


San Jacinto Times Spring 2011 Issue 11 was published on February 14, 2011.

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