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November 7, 2011

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Get Lit! festival is filled with interesting literature

Students at Central Campus treated to compelling festival By JACOB KESSINGER San Jacinto Times

Photo by Harrison Lee

San Jacinto College Central’s annual Get Lit! festival that took place Wednesday, November 2, was an informative, entertaining, and enlightening affair. SJC Central’s entire Language Department participated, including the English department, the Modern Language Department, and the ESOL department’s professors and students. The Get Lit! festival began in 2006 as a way for the Language Arts Department to increase awareness and support for its sophomore literature courses such as Early American Literature, Later British Literature, etc. The program became such a success that the festival has expanded every year into the huge event that it is today. Booths set up with delicious-looking candy, cupcakes, and various other treats created an atmosphere of casual festivity while otherwise serious professors costumed as their favorite authors contributed to the sense of fun. Informative and colorful displays decorated each table and provided an overview of the content that each department and class provides. By far the largest and most colorful sight at the festival belonged to the Modern Language Department’s Dia De Los Muertos display. The traditional Mexican festival that honors the dead coincided with the Get Lit! event, and so it was a unique opportunity to present the painted skulls, bright yellow and orange flowers, and plentiful candles that are associated with the time-honored fiesta. Professor Jose Robles donned a traditional Mexican sombrero and poncho in order to celebrate the holiday, and Professor Hildegart Hoquee dressed in similarly festive garb. Dynamic readings took place throughout the entire festival. Professors and students made extensive use of the P.A. system in order to deliver poems and stories written by both famous authors and themselves to an enthralled, PLEASE SEE GET LIT! on Page 6

MMA’s presence steadily up Ravens embark on 2012 season Get Lit! encompasses all forms of literature at their annual festival.

By CHRIS SHELTON San Jacinto Times

A prolonged NBA lockout, which leaves the 2011-2012 season in doubt, is forcing basketball gym rats and aficionados to get their fix of good hoops from another source. The San Jac Ravens Men’s Basketball team will suffice for avid basketball lovers across Houston and the surrounding areas. The Ravens played their first game on Tuesday, Nov. 1st against Lone Star College-Cy Fair. They cruised to a 95-61 win on the shoulders of 6’5” sophomore forward Flavien Davis. Davis scored 18 points and grabbed 10 boards, earning a double-double and helping start the basketball season off correctly for his team. The Ravens coaching staff is expecting big things from Davis this year, on the heels of earning 2nd team all-region honors last year as a freshman. Head Coach Jacob Wonders believes Davis is a division 1 talent and made no qualms about stating it. Before Tuesday’s game Wonders was ready for the challenge that Cy Fair would present and was not looking past this opponent saying, “We’re just trying to win tonight. You cannot lose focus.” The Ravens followed his vision and came away with an impressive victory. Next up was against Kingwood on Thursday. Then on Saturday and Sunday the team participated in the Sam Cassel Classic. It bears the

namesake of a former SJC alum and NBA player so it has a special meaning for the Ravens. On Saturday San Jac faced off against Victoria. The team mustered a collaborative effort and squared off against Lone Star-Tomball on Sunday.

“I don’t worry

Assistant Coach Scott Gernander, Jr. expects this year’s group to be an up-tempo team that likes to push the ball and get into the open court. He says it is not a motion heavy offense with many different sets. the ‘Running Ravens’ will hoist many quick shots and attempt to put up high point totals that will compete the best in Region 14. Teams with talented offensive players that sore points are always a compelling watch. So come check out the next game Wednesday, Nov. 9th versus Coastal Bend Community College. There are four returning sophomores from last year’s squad.In total, 10 players must be replaced from last year’s team but such is the norm at Two Year College programs. Wonders stated “Every year we have to reload.”

much about outside stuff. If you win you get ranked

if not you won’t.” - Coach Wonders


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Perhaps the toughest starter to move forward without is former head coach Scott Gernander, who accepted a voluntary separation and severance plan offered by the college after another 30 win season. Even Coach Wonders agreed, commenting “Coach G can’t be replaced because [he] was competitive and successful every year.”

By CATY CHRISTY San Jacinto Times

When the word "martial arts" comes to mind a lot of people see only one side: violence. We all think of kids fighting at the playground over something small. But, of course, why wouldn't we, with all those classic movies like Karate Kid and Rumble in the Bronx, but there is a much more compelling side to this art. Founder and Grand Master of Bushi Ban Martial Arts Zulfi Ahmed has provided a place for children to grow and develop in a positive light with an After school Martial arts Program (AMP). "Our after school program serves as an alternative to daycare," Ahmed said. “The kids are picked and brought here after school, where they have the opportunity to have a snack, do homework, and learn martial arts.” The name of the school comes from a type of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) called Bushi Ban, meaning Way of the Disciplined Warrior. “Bushi Ban combines all of the different elements of combat,” Ahmed said. “We combine striking, ground grappling, stand-up and all other parts of MMA.” Along with martial arts, the students involved in AMP learn basic values that every human being needs as an adult. Bushi Ban aptly names these values “Principles of Black Belt Excellence.” “We teach character education values,” Ahmed said, “which are honor, integrity, loyalty, dedication, perseverance, courtesy, respect, and building indomitable spirit.”


Photo by Caty Christy/San Jacinto Times

MMA is more than a training regimen, it’s a lifestyle. As for the fitness side of life, Bushi Ban teaches strength, flexibility, skill, stamina, and endurance, all of which are good habits to develop in the early stages of life. Because of unmatchable life lessons being taught at Bushi Ban, Master Zulfi Ahmed feels that students leave the school as “champions.” “Most of our students become better with their overall performance in life,” Ahmed said. “Whether they become professional fighters or Marines or blue collars, our students are professionals in all walks of life.” Bushi Ban is no stranger to the professional world of fighting. “Over our 26 years,” Ahmed said, “over about 30 professional fighters and 30 to 40 amateur fighters have come out of the school. We have also awarded over 800 Black Belts.” PLEASE SEE MMA on Page 6


Photos by Harrison Lee

Comedian Brandon Styles performs his routine before a lively crowd in the Student Center at San Jac Central.


November 7, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 2

The GOP: High school life without the Prom By HARRISON LEE San Jacinto Times

I went to a high school that could best be described as a beautiful place full of beautifully insane people. You can see for yourself a very similar situation when your turn on any Republican Presidential debate. It is so odd to see “realized” versions of high school roles all vying to be our next Commander-in-Chief. It is funny, and a little frightening. John Hughes noted that high school never really ends, and thanks to Facebook and cable news, he was right. From this, all we have to do is close your eyes and imagine the varying creatures and exhibits that roamed the halls of high school. Just take a gander at Mitt Romney, we all knew somebody like him. He would normally be a Golden Boy, except that he is not: because no one actually likes him. His frequent flip-flopping and almost impressive lack of a political spine lend him

that aire of the kid we all knew who wanted only to be popular. For whatever reasons, we [but not me, I sympathize greatly] label him as some sort of conniving social climber. That is a valid claim on it’s face, but it is also wonderfully hypocritical. Only in the hodgepodge of American politics can people get mad about someone telling them what they want to hear. When not changing his positions to match the wind of the day, Governor Romney has to deal with a cast of characters that would make The Breakfast Club cringe. We have our very own Rick Perry, who is basically the quarterback of the football team who is only popular when his mouth is closed. We all remember that type. We love him when he was throwing touchdown passes, but not when he tries to answer basic questions. Think of it as a perverse reimagining of being seen and not heard. If I had hair as nice as his, I would merely spend all my campaign stops smiling and signing autographs. I guess you have to admire Governor Goodhair for actually thinking he is a real candidate and not Republican window-dressing.

From there, this ghastly political menagerie devolves into lunchroom tables full of weird and oddly abrasive lurkers. Sure some of them are smart, but that still does not mean you want anything to do with them. Newt Gingrich might as well be the President of the Audio/Visual Club who has the weird habit of saying every thought in his head at any given moment. Herman Cain qualifies as the transfer student who insists on making an obscene amount of noise in the vain [I.E. delusional] hope of being accepted by the cool kids. It is equal parts sad and funny if you have the proper viewing angle. I have some Bachman jokes, but there is no way they could run in a family newspaper. I will just say she is crazy and be done with it. As for Rick Santorum, just Google his last name and enjoy the laughter. From there you are probably stuck trying to escape the cafeteria and are now wondering around the building itself. If you are up for it, you can swing by the auditorium and listen in on a Ron Paul lecture. That being said, you will have to navigate your way around the stoned college students and the senior citizens with their Government purchased

scooters and oxygen tanks. But remember, Government is evil when it is not paying for your medical supplies. If you are still searching for the sane candidates, odds are you will find Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson in the library actually doing their homework on issues and not just yelling nonsensical slogans into microphones [999, anyone?]. Of course, Governors Huntsman and Johnson are largely inoffensive and thoughtful, thus they will never see any success in the current Republican Party, which is dominated by elderly lunatics. Though, I am sure if you squint hard enough, you can probably see the former Governor of Utah scribbling “Huntsman 2016” in the back pages of an Alexis de Tocqueville book.

that are tired of the mess they have inherited. It comes by changing the system, not adapting it to the growing free fall. Of course they want to make the 1% the blame, but then the wealthy do not pay for everything they have with tax dollars, neither do they indulge in their philanthropy with borrowed money, they use their own.

Bush could not communicate a point to save his life, and started a war in the pursuit of lies. Obama cannot even begin to control his congress. 535 people in Congress can not get anything other than their paychecks finalized, is this what makes us great? Perhaps it is the amazing business practices of Goldman Sachs or General Motors that made us great. Maybe Enron was the cornerstone of all of our greatness. Perhaps our greatness was the false promises of poor business.

already. And they certainly have the capacity to pass laws, to actually work together and grow together. Why create a second tier of legality, it says that we are a government within a government, and that means the state side government is only a front, considering the Fed’s constant disrespect of the laws passed, look at marijuana. In a state where medicinal use is legalized and real doctors have proscribed the need for the substance a federal marshal can arrest patients that are doing nothing wrong other than taking their proscribed medication according to the states’ law they chose to inhabit. These United States should not be driven by officials in suits but by the people at the ballot box, and most certainly men who cannot win the popular vote of the people should not run this country. Change is needed, and not the promise of change made by a man before he sat in the chair, no we need to change our world for the better before the History Channel premiers “America: A Third-World Country.”

All in all, it is a pretty dramatic place. This high school like zoo houses some interesting players, whether for the good or the bad. It is probably a lesson that we need to learn. It’s safe to say if this school had a marching band, they would probably play Send In The Clowns whenever class started.

Occupy movement a useless attempt at the wrong target By MICHAEL DEATS San Jacinto Times

Occupy what? I am truly sorry but I have a life, a job, and an education to attend to. I do not have time for a bunch of semieducated people trolling around en masse demanding that the world be fair and equal. For starters, everyone is not created equal, nor will they ever be. As for fairness, if you believe in it then you are wrong. To find a solid line dictating when we are “on the same page” as it were would be highly improbable. The world is neither our basket nor our cage, it is our home; we do not live in a world of complete global totalitarianism. The rich get richer! The poor get poorer? Well whose fault is that? Change is needed and it comes not from those that “laze” around waltzing about with their signs and nonsensical chants, it comes from people coming of age

So basically it comes to a bunch of children needing to be taken care of and essentially bad parenting on the part of the government. Since we can not count on daddy to bring home the bacon we should not wave signs at him, we should leave the nest and find greener pastures where the bacon is plentiful. Mass exoduses to Mexico, South America, and across the ocean to other fertile pastures may be in order. What makes this country great anyway? Obviously it is not the government. Could it possibly be that in the last 12 years we have not had a single electable candidate fit to run this country.

Saudi women get big win By GABRIEL OSBURN San Jacinto Times

On September 25, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah announced that women would be allowed to vote and run in coming elections, sometime in 2015. In a country where women cannot legally leave their houses without a male escort, a lot of people see this is as a big deal. But is it really? In some ways I do not think it is. After all, Saudi Arabia still practices unicameral legislatures in an absolute monarchy, that is, one group of officials write and interpret the laws. In this case that would be the Shura Council, a legislative chamber consisting of 150 advisors the King chooses, who draft laws for the King’s approval. So if the King appoints everyone who writes the laws that he approves, what are Saudi women really getting to vote for? Like everyone else in Saudi Arabia they get to vote for 49% of municipal elections, the other 51% of positions available are still appointed by King Abdullah. Some people have speculated that this announcement came in the wake of protests earlier this year within Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, and that it is only another attempt by the king to bribe the people. I do not think this is that much of a stretch when you look back at how he handled protesters in March. After outlawing protesting, King Abdullah famously promised to give the Saudi people 37 billion dollars in pay raises, home loans, and even a new sports channel, a far cry from demands like the release of religious prisoners, a new constitution, and the ability to elect members of the Shura council and all official positions. The only way the Saudi women will see any real change in the way they live is if the Shura council gets more than a few token female members, something that depends entirely on the King.

King Abdullah is a hard guy to peg down though. On one hand he is a reformer and a philanthropist. He is responsible for the top to bottom restructuring of the court systems in his country to include things like judicial review. He has promoted the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, a controversial co-ed college, and he has given scholarships to 70,000 young Saudi men and women to study abroad. He is the first King of Saudi Arabia to visit the Vatican, he has opened dialogues between religious leaders, and held conferences in Mecca urging Muslims to unite with their Jewish and Christian neighbors and “speak with one voice” to try and find common ground. And on top of that, in 2008 he donated 500 million dollars to the United Nations World Food Program. These are all amazing accomplishments for any world leader, let alone the King of one the most notoriously conservative countries in the world. On the other hand though, it is hard to have any empathy for someone who rules over a country that implements public torture and beheadings as a form of punishment. He has made frequent attempts to convince the U.S. Government to invade Iran and “cut the head off the snake” to put an end to their nuclear weapons program. So I guess the real question is whether or not King Abdullah is as progressive as he makes out to be, or is he only trying to do just enough to avoid a revolution? It is worth mentioning that many of these new policies he has implemented, including allowing women to vote, were opposed by members of the Shura council and even the royal family. So maybe he is legitimate. It is more likely, I think, that this will be the first of many baby steps towards women’s suffrage in Saudi Arabia. You can probably expect to see women driving there in the next 5 to 10 years, as long as the King does not prolong such measures like he has in the past. Whether or not the people will allow him to govern that long is another matter. EDITORS

Michael Deats, Maria Chavez


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CIRCULATION Cristal Calvillo


ADVISER Fred Faour

For me, I would say the people are the cornerstone, the people that elect the trash that encumbers us. Until those people are willing to take responsibility and actually drive declining nation back into prosperity, we will be stuck with a bunch of hungry birds with their mouths agape soiling the streets that their own tax dollars are paying to clean. Perhaps the country has grown too large for a three-branch system, federally there is no room anymore. Every state has its own government

North v. South in the TV war By LESLY DELGADO San Jacinto Times

Johnny Reb vs. Billy Yankee, Apple Pie vs. Pecan Pie…it has been a constant battle for the Northern States and the Southern States ever since we can remember. This rivalry now includes television shows. The State of New Jersey swept over the American Nation with plenty of fist pumping, tanning, long nailed shows. But all of that is about to change, Jersey: your 15 minutes of fame are up! New Jersey brought us shows like the Jersey Shore in which we all know is pretty much the tanner version of MTV’s other reality hit The Real World. The Style Network introduced us the story of the glamorous life of the hair and make up artists of The Gatsby Salon. We all get it, and we all know what these shows are all about. Audiences are ready for new faces, different stories, and definitely more drama. It is time for the big dogs to come in, it is time for Texas to step in the spotlight as only the Lone Star State can. After all, we know that everything is bigger in Texas. If you thought there was a lot of drama in the small state of New Jersey wait until you hear this. More shows are starting to be filmed in our Lone Star State each and everyday. If you are an avid reality TV viewer by now, you should know the new shows that have been popping up all over the TV networks. The same network that airs Jerseylicious is now home to Big Rich Texas: A show about the rich and wealthy living in the suburbs of the Dallas-Forth Worth area. In this reality show the cameras follow the mothers and daughters The San Jacinto Times is published weekly by the journalism students at San Jacinto College Central, 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77505. Opinions expressed herein are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the staff, its adviser, the administration or the Board of Regents. The Times encourages letters to the editor. Letters must be in good taste, accurate, free from libel, malice or personal controversy. Letters must be limited to 200 words in length. Letters submitted without the author’s signature will not be accepted.

during the hot summer spent in an all-inclusive country club. Be ready to see plenty of drama here, not all Southern women are active members of beauty pageants, and tennis players. There is a firecracker in the Big Rich Texas crowd. Her name is Whitney, a 22-year old, blonde, tattooed, wild child that tends to stir up some drama with her short fused personality. Another show that is being aired by Bravo is Most Eligible Dallas, the show for the partygoers and socialites. This show is the Southern version of typical “single and looking for love” reality TV. There are a group of friends who are wealthy, successful, young and beautiful living their glamorous lives in the “Big D”. The show follows a group of friends who eventually hook up and have a one night stand while on the other hand there are those who are truly looking for love. Mix the two together and you know you will see plenty of juicy gossip and drama. OK enough about the ladies, if you want to get down and dirty you should definitely watch American Hoggers. Being a complete 180 from the other two shows, this one is about a family that travels around Texas chasing boars. Yes, that is true…. chasing boars. The Campbell’s job involves trapping wild boars on Texas ranches and homes to stop them from causing damages to the property,native plants and crops. This show has got plenty of attention by saying that what the Campbell’s are doing is animal cruelty. I believe that are just doing their jobs by exterminating what can cause harm to a farming and ranching business... you be the judge. Expect to see more upcoming shows in the near future that are Texas sized and Texas based. Who knows, you might see a film crew around your neighborhood and you will know what it is all about. Be sure to check your local

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Around campus Espanol Norte

Lunes, Noviembre 7

• Recaudacion de fondos de HVAC, 10 a.m., Patio

Martes, Noviembre 8 • No hay actividades

Miercoles, Noviembre 9 • No hay actividades

Jueves, Noviembre 10 • Junta de HVAC, 12:30 p.m., Wheeler A1030

Viernes, Noviembre 11 • Evento de reconocimiento de veteranos, 8:30 a.m., Centro de bellas artes • Junta del club de ciencias con orador especial

Sabado, Noviembre 12 • Evento del club Rotaract para dia national de dormir afueras, 11 p.m., centro estudiantil

Domingo, Noviembre 13 • No hay actividades

Lunes, Noviembre 14 • Junta del club de psicologia, 1:30 p.m., Burleson C1035


Lunes, Noviembre 7 • Junta del club catolico, 10:30 a.m., CADM E202 •Junta del club de psicologia, 2:30 p.m., CADM 209

Martes, Noviembre 8 • Junta de los escritores creativos, 11:30 a.m., C3.257 • Junta de TSEA, 1 p.m., CSCI 243 • Junta de GSA, 2:30 p.m., CADM 204

Miercoles, Noviembre 9 • Donacion de sangre, 10 a.m., centro estudiantil • Junta de los republicanos del colegio, 10:30 a.m., & 1 p.m., CADM W218A • Junta de VYNE, 1:30 p.m., C3.222 • Junta de la sociedad de Anime, 2 p.m., CADM W112

Jueves, Noviembre 10 • Donacion de sangre, 10 a.m., centro estudiantil • Junta del club de filosofia, 2:30 p.m., CADM W106

Viernes, Noviembre 11 • No hay actividades

Sabado, Noviembre 12 • No hay actividades

Domingo, Noviembre 13 • Junta del club de catolicos, 10:30 a.m., CADM E202

Sur Lunes, Noviembre 7 • Junta del gremio de juegos, 3;30 p.m., 2141 • Junta del club de tenis, 3:30 p.m., canchas de tenis • Junta de aptitude e mma, 6:30 p.m., GYM 6120

Martes, Noviembre 8 • Asociacion de la biblia estudiantil, cuarto de juegos • Junta del gremio de juegos, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Junta del club de tenis de 17 y menor, 3:30 p.m., canchas de tenis

Miercoles, Noviembre 9 • Junta de HSF, 1:3o p.m., 2216 • Junta del club Newman, 2 p.m., SADM 2215 • Junta del gremio de juegos, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Junta del club de ciencias, 4 p.m., 2235

Jueves, Noviembre 10 • Junta del gremio de juegos, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Junta del club de pre-medicina, 4:15 p.m., S7.106 • Junta del club de drama, 6 p.m., Edificio 15, en el cuarto verde

Viernes, Noviembre 11 • Junta de MMA, 9 a.m., GYM • Junta de Phi Theta Kappa, 2 p.m., teatro

Sabado, Noviembre 12 • No hay actividades

Domingo, Noviembre 13 •No hay actividades

Lunes, Noviembre 14 •Junta del club B.E.S.T, 8 a.m., centro de ninos - Junta del gremio de juegos, 3:30 p.m., 2141 - Junta del club de tenis, 3:30 p.m., canchas de tenis - Junta de aptitude e MMA, 6:30 p.m., GYM 6120

Fall styles on the cheap By MIRANDA JENKINS San Jacinto Times

Start the fall off stylishly with an affordable copycat outfit Jessica Alba recently wore around town. Begin by buying this cute tribal print romper (bottom right photo) from Forever 21 for only $19.80. Rompers and dresses can easily be transformed into Fall outfits with the simple addition of tights or leggings. Pair the romper with a solid black blazer from Agaci for $28.50 (top righ photo). Keep the blazer unbuttoned to keep this outfit more casual. Slip into your favorite pair of dark tights and add some belt wrapped boots from Charlotte Russe for $45.50 (lower left photo). Top the look off with a black handbag from Bakers for $59.99 (top left photoand your Jessica Alba inspired look is finished. Make the look your own by adding your favorite jewelry. A long chained necklace would look great with this outfit. You can also add a red skinny belt around the waist to add a pop of color. Or if the mood strikes throw on a fedora and hit the town.

Dear Friend, It’s that time of the year, where the air is festive and sadly our bodies are stressed. Not only is there a lot going on with family and work, but there is also school. Everything seems to be getting busier and moving faster. Projects accumulate, midterms are assigned, and staying caught up is proving to be difficult. Most classes seem to be going well, but for whatever reasons there is that one class that weighs you down. Just the thought of trying to finish this class alone stresses you out so dropping that class sounds pretty sweet. Dropping a class is a big deal. During your college experience, you are limited to dropping six courses so I encourage you to make your decisions wisely. If you know you can pass your class by just working harder, do it. Get organized and disciplined because it will be well worth it in the end. Keep in mind though that dropping a class now, means you


• HVAC Fundraiser, 10 a.m., Courtyard

Tuesday, November 8 • No Scheduled Activities

Wednesday, November 9 • No Scheduled Activities

Thursday, November 10 • HVAC Meeting, 12:30 p.m., Wheeler A1030

Friday, November 11 • Veterans Recognition Event, 8:30 a.m., Fine Arts Center Flag Poles • Science Club Meeting with Special Speaker from UT RN Program, 12 p.m., NADM B2101 Google Images

Want to dress like Jessica Alba? Here’s how.

Saturday, November 12

will have one less to drop later. Consider this thoroughly, especially if you haven’t even begun taking your more demanding classes. If you are barely passing and don’t want to chance failing and hurting your GPA, then dropping is a wise decision. Hurting your GPA can hurt your ability to receive particular grants, scholarships, or loans and possibly even lower you options of places to transfer. If you need to know the last days to withdraw from you classes for this semester please visit Click on November 2011 button and you will find a list of all the important dates. I encourage you to check with your teachers about your grades and status in each class. If you are not doing well, ask if your teacher has any extra credit assignments you can work on to boost your grade up. Talking with a counselor is also helpful when deciding whether or not to drop a class or continue on. Don’t wait too long, the drop dates are coming up quickly.

Sunday, November 13

Sincerely, Ashley

Between NBA players, owners the best choice is neither group By CHRIS SHELTON San Jacinto Times

• Rotaract Club Event for National Sleep Out Day, 11 p.m., Student Center

• No Scheduled Activities

Monday, November 14 • Psychology Club Meeting, 1:30 p.m., Burleson C1035


Monday, November 7

• Catholic Club Meeting, 10:30 a.m., CADM E202 • Psychology Club Meeting, 2:30 p.m., CADM 209

Tuesday, November 8 • Professionalism/Communication/Attitude Workshop, 10 a.m. & 1 p.m., CADM 154 • Creative Writers Meeting, 11:30 a.m., C3.257 • TSEA Meeting, 1 p.m., CSCI 243 • GSA Meeting, 2:30 p.m., CADM 204

Wednesday, November 9 • Blood Drive, 10 a.m., Student Center Ballroom • College Republicans Meeting, 10:30 a.m. & 1 p.m., CADM W218A • The VYNE Meeting, 1:30 p.m., C3.222 • Anime Society Meeting, 2 p.m., CADM W112

Thursday, November 10 • Blood Drive, 10 a.m., Student Center Ballroom • Philosophy Club Meeting, 2:30 p.m., CADM W106

Friday, November 11 • Phi Theta Kappa Meeting, 10:30 a.m., CILC 230 • SGA Meeting, 11:30 a.m., CILC 155 • LASO Meeting, 12:30 p.m., TBA • Psi Beta Meeting, 1:30 p.m., TBA

If happiness lies between two competing vices, as Aristotle taught us, then NBA fans are due for a season’s worth of sadness. If you were expecting a tidy compromise where both sides embraced shared sacrifice and realized the fundamental dangers of losing games, then you are completely out of luck.

Saturday, November 12 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, November 13 • No Scheduled Activities


During the NFL lockout, it was easy to take sides because the boundaries usually crossed clear socioeconomic lines. Those in upper management and ownership had a problem with the kind of influence that labor in the NFL wields. They also shed tears because players had the ‘audacity’ to ask owners to become more transparent with their finances. Most other sports fans were closer to the fence, simply siding with the players on a few more issues than with the owners. But there is no bright line of public opinion in these negotiations because the details are so murky. Several NBA franchises are losing money to the tune of 370 million annually, according to the league. Sure, some doubt the validity of how much owners are losing annually, but nonetheless it can be agreed upon that many small market teams are struggling. It would seem that most of the sentiment would reside with the owners until you realize that essentially they are asking for a bailout from themselves. How can the Minnesota Timberwolves owner complain when David Kahn is still employed? He drafted two undersized point guards with top ten picks consecutively. The results: Jonny Flynn has since been traded to the rockets and Ricky Rubio has not yet played in the U.S. for a myriad of reasons. How can the Knicks owner, James Dolan, complain when Isaiah Thomas was employed for such a long and destitute period in the franchise’s history? Thomas’s signees include notable failures such as Eddie Curry, Steve Francis, and Stephon Marbury to say the least, and Dolan still invited Thomas back in a consultant’s role this past season. It becomes a choice between a group of overpaid players or the incompetent General Managers and the owners who paid them. Who wants to choose between these two lackluster options? I do not care who gets the better deal or who can proclaim victory at the press conference. I, like most fans, just want to watch basketball. I do not want to miss Kobe versus Derrick Rose or the NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day.

8 DAYS A WEEK Monday, November 7

Dear friend: consider carefully By ASHLEY CRUZ San Jacinto Times

November 7, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 3

Monday, November 14


• Catholic Club Meeting, 10:30 a.m., CADM E202

Monday, November 7

• Food Drive Benefitting Houston Food Bank (M-F), Various Drop-Off Locations Around Campus • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • MMA & Fitness Meeting, 6:30 p.m., GYM 6120

Tuesday, November 8 MCT Campus

It now seems as if both sides are now moving closer towards a deal but nothing is apparent. It is hard to comprehend the idea that a deal is on the way since we have seen these ebbs and flows of a public negotiation. There were times when the sides were close to an agreement but the seeds of compromise were uprooted by disagreements on, of all things, the cash flow. Owners and players have drawn a line in the sand over revenue sharing. Players are adamant that they will not accept a percentage lower than 52 percent. Owners are just as adamant that the split must be 50-50. On twitter, Glen Davis, who has been a good role player for the Boston Celtics, believed that the two sides should split the difference stating, “Take the 51% man and let’s play.” It almost makes too much sense for unilateral agreement right? Why must the sports organizations that we support behave so childishly? The most important issue is preserving the NBA’s profitability for future generations to appreciate but it has degraded into both sides squeezing the piggy bank to the brink while leaving the interests of the fans at the back door of the negotiations. So, to all sides, shut up and let us get back to playing basketball before the fans are for forced to leave the sport. Baseball found this lesson out the hard way with the much-publicized strike in 1994. Hopefully as humans, for once, we will listen to what history is telling us and not repeat the same mistakes.

• Student Bible Fellowship, 11:30 a.m., Game Room • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • 17 & Under Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts

Wednesday, November 9 • HSF Meeting, 1:30 p.m., 2216 • Newman Club Meeting, 2 p.m., SADM 2215 • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Science Club Meeting, 4 p.m., 2235

Thursday, November 10 • Veteran’s Day Programming, 10 a.m., Atrium • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • 17 & Under Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • Pre-Med Meeting, 4:15 p.m., S7.106 • Drama Club Meeting, 6 p.m., Building 15, Green Room

Friday, November 11 • MMA Meeting, 9 a.m., GYM • Phi Theta Kappa Meeting, 2 p.m., Theater

Saturday, November 12 • No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, November 13 • No Scheduled Activities

Monday, November 14 • The B.E.S.T. Club Meeting, 8 a.m., Children’s Center • Gaming Guild Meeting, 3:30 p.m., 2141 • Tennis Club Meeting, 3:30 p.m., Tennis Courts • MMA & Fitness Meeting, 6:30 p.m., GYM 6120


November 7, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 4

Blog post of the week

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Chauvinistic Pigs

San Jacinto College Publicity

Ravens head coach Jacob Wonders is ready for his first season as head coach.


Continued from Page 1 It is always tough to replace a good coach, but six preceding San Jac coaches have done it before Wonders and he hopes to do the same. He wants to carve his name amongst our other great coaches and he can begin by continuing the winning precedent set by those before him. Wonders’ previous experience as a head coach will help him handle the stresses and pressures associated with being the face of a basketball program. Wonders served as the head coach of Panola College for four years before coming to San Jac. He feels that his head coaching experience gives him a good understanding of, not only the league, but an idea of how to handle adverse situations For instance, The Ravens have faced unforeseen injuries lately but the team and coaching staff are

working through these issues. Wonders believes it will come together after time and hard work stating, “We have been hit by the injury bug, we are still a work in progress but I like the pieces that we have.” Currently the Ravens are not ranked by the Junior College powers that be but Wonders is unphased by this development stating, “I don’t worry much about outside stuff. If you win you get ranked, if not you won’t.” Every sports team of our college has the lofty expectations of continuing the high standards that San Jac athletics have set. This is a gift and a curse for the student athletes who participate at San Jac but Wonders, the coaching staff and the team as a whole are ready to step up to the challenges they face.

I work in an office with about 12 persons in total, 9 of which are men, everyone gets along pretty good. I started working there about the end of February this year; I felt as the new member of the family. My co-workers are pretty much my second family. If you think about it, I spend more time in the office rather than at home. Every single week I see them for 40 hours or more. And of course, in every family there is that annoying sibling you don’t get along with. This odd, funny thing happened to me last week, which made me realize how ignorant some persons may be. We have two televisions in the office that are constantly on CNN or CNBC to keep ourselves informed on the stock market (we are a broker dealer) So every time there is a soccer game, football game, tennis match…. anything that involves a ball and ESPN they guys change the channel to watch it. The office becomes a man cave, without the beer of course, and the guys turn into the biggest fanatics. Us the three girls don’t mind it much, they are guys and sometimes the sports are a little more interesting than watching CNBC. Therefore, we thought well then we should be able to watch a show at least one hour a day, so exactly at 2:00 pm we changed the channel to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show. No one said anything, until one guy said: “Who likes to watch Ellen?” I responded “Us, the girls. Its not fair that the men get to watch all of their sporting events and we don’t” He responds: “Well you said it, that’s exactly why. Cause we are men. Men rule the world. Isn’t your boss a man?” he said this in the most serious way and I thought I was going to punch him. Instead I responded, “What age are you living in? Do you realize you just said the most chauvinistic thing to me?” I think he felt bad because he then later apologized and said he was just playing. I was so upset to see that there are men like that out there. Pigs. Maybe he was just trying to rebel because he does not wear the pants in his relationship at home. -- Lesly Delgado


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Becoming a black belt at MMA requires a lifetime of dedication. “Our youngest is about three and a half years old, whereas our oldest member is 79 years old,” Ahmed said. As a part of devoting a lifetime to MMA, Bushi Ban offers jobs to some of the members. These aren’t just the average jobs either. There are many things that need to be done at the school. “We have jobs for everyone,” Ahmed said. “Some people care and supervise the children, some people coach fitness, some people teach the Martial Arts part of it, some people do management, some people do accounting, some people do marketing and advertising, some people do customer service. We have instructors for the PreK children, after school teachers, and people who

do transportation.” Master Zulfi Ahmed himself has been a Martial Artist for all of 40 years. In fact, his achievements gave him the chance of a lifetime. “In 1992, Chuck Norris was doing a film called Sidekicks,” Ahmed said. “They were looking for fighters to be in the movie so I went to the auditions.” Ahmed was selected as one of the fighters. Anyone interested in enrolling children, brothers, sisters, or themselves in martial arts classes can check out the packages offered by going to or just driving around the corner from the San Jacinto College Central Campus. The Bushi Ban Headquarters is located on the south side of Spencer Hwy between Center St and the campus.


November 7, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 5

Lou Reed and Metallica made an album? What the... By GREG STARKS San Jacinto Times

My first thoughts on the collaborative album from the great American singer-songwriter Lou Reed and the benchmark metal band Metallica were definitely “what in the world is this going to sound like?” The answer is what you might expect if you are a fan of both. It sounds great. If you are a fan of neither, it might be a pretty hard listen. It is basically poetry set to rock and roll and the occasional, well… more than occasional, metal blast beats. The end result of the guys from Metallica and Lou Reed working together for one month is an album entitled Lulu. It was intended to be Metallica re-recording previously unreleased material that Reed had written over the past several years. In that mass of unreleased work, was a collection of songs composed for a play called Lulu, a theatrical production of two plays written by German playwright Frank Wedekind, Erdgeist (Earth Spirit 1895) and Die Büshse der Pandora (Pandoras Box 1904). On a side note, Lulu is probably the craziest play ever. It is about a snake in a circus that is tamed by human reason. She (Lulu) gets married, inherits her husbands fortune, marries other men, goes to prison for murder, escapes, then moves to Paris and London on the lam, becomes a prostitute, and is then killed by a client in a seedy brothel. As I said, the craziest play ever. While I do not know if there re any references to this play in the actual final product of Lulu, there is a lot of very strange poetic “wax-

ing’s”, that create a eerie and almost acid flashback type of rock that is as unique as a Lou Reed and Metallica album. Reed’s lyrics, or reciting’s, whichever you prefer, are at times profane and panic inducing. He builds up such tremendous energy and then releases it at a pace so rampant, that it could only be accompanied by maybe the best classical-styled thrash bands to ever rip up a six-string. Reed was quoted as saying that he shared the material for Lulu with Metallica to bring the piece to the next level, and that they provided significant arrangement contributions to the material. And contribute they did. I do not think this album would have generated many sales without the “accompaniment” of Metallica. I mean, seriously, what person out there, before the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 25th Anniversary Concert where Reed and Metallica first discussed the possibility of working together, ever had an inkling that one day an album such as Lulu would, or even could, ever exist on this plain of reality? No one, that is who. Two of the greatest artists to ever grace a recording making an album together should be national news in my opinion. And yet, I have not heard word one about Lulu anywhere. It was released on Warner Bros. records on Halloween of this year, so you would expect it to garner at least a little attention. Well, I am here to tell you that it deserves a lot more attention than it is getting. Lulu is an amazing record. It is actually better than I imagined it to be, before I pressed play. If you have ears and a brain, you need to own this record… It is excellent. A +

The Boxer Rebellion brings to us The Cold Still Google Images

By GREG STARKS San Jacinto Times

The Cold Still is ultra mellow, and sooths with each passing track. It has a swaying energy that builds and falls effortlessly.

Two of the tracks from The Cold Still have been used in television shows since it’s release in February. Both Sides Are Even was used in HBO’s series 24/7 Pacquiao Margarito, which was an in depth before the fight looks at each of the boxers. Caught By The Light was used in the season eight finale of NCIS entitled Pyramid.

The Boxer Rebellion consists of vocalist Nathan Nicholson, who hails from Tennessee, Australian lead guitarist Todd Howe, and two chaps from across the pond Adam Harrison “slappin’ de bass mon” and Piers Hewitt on drums. Surprisingly enough, they are an actual independent Indie band. Meaning they release all of their own material and support themselves while on the road.

Step Out Of The Car is featured on the new Ubisoft game Rocksmith where players use a real guitar to play along with the songs of artists like The Boxer Rebellion, Nirvana, The Dead Weather and The Black Keys.

The Cold Still is the third studio album, and unfortunately, the only one that I have had the pleasure to hear. I really like this band. They have a really pretty sound with Nicholson’s vocals and the guitar styling’s of Howe. They accompany each other incredibly well.

Ethan John, who has produced all of the Kings of Leon records, produced The Cold Still at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. The record was released on iTunes on the first of February and reached the top 10 alternative lists in less than 24 hours. That should say it all. For an independent band to reach any top 10 on iTunes is no easy feat. The Boxer Rebellion has shown that talent alone can generate true success and album sales, without the backing of a major label to advertise and promote the record.

Clearly The Boxer Rebellion is garnering some attention, as they should. These guys are very talented and The Cold Still is a perfect example of what great Indie rock can sound like. This record earns a strong B+ in my opinion. It has great vocals and music, excellently written lyrics and accompaniments, and was released independently by the band members themselves.


I do not know how many more reasons I can give as to why you should own it, so you should just go out, get it, listen to it, and repeat the last step several more times.

• Drug Free Healthy Women

• Ages 20-30

• All of donor information will be kept anonymous


for more information and to apply

Qualified Candidates receive $5,000.00 per cycle

Around campus

November 7, 2011 San Jacinto Times • Page 6

American Horror Story has scarily unique approach By MIRANDA JENKINS San Jacinto Times

American Horror Story is one of the best new shows to premiere this fall. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have successfully weaved a tale together that is both intriguing and mysterious. This was not a write as you go project, a lot of time and effort went into the creation of this show, which is reflected in each episode. The show focuses on the Harmon family who has recently moved into a new home with a very dark past. The Harmon Family unknowingly buys a Gilded Age mansion infamous for grisly murders and paranormal activity. They soon begin to realize there is something abnormal about the house and try to sell it, while also dealing with everyday problems. The characters are real and flawed. There have been some complaints that the characters are unlikeable, but I really enjoy how real the characters seem, because they are not portrayed as perfect people. They face realistic problems while also facing the possibility of living in a haunted house. The husband has faced infedility problems and

Get Lit!

Google Images

the repercussions of his past decisions are shown throughout the show. The wife is hoping to conceive a child with her husband while also hoping he can earn her trust back and the daughter is rebelling against her parents as she is upset about their recent move. American Horror Story’s portrayal of ghosts is very interesting, as there does not seem to be any

significant characteristics that set them apart from living people. The audience is unable to identify who exactly is a ghost and who is not a majority of the time, which really adds to the mystery of the storyline. Creator Ryan Murphy wanted to pay tribute to horror movies from the past. The lighting, set design, camera angles and some story lines are all reminiscent of horror movies from the 70’s such as The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby, as well as more recent horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street and The Strangers. The house seems to be turning the husband against his family similar to The Amityville Horror. Another character locks her handicapped daughter into a room full of mirrors in a scene similar to one from the movie Carrie. It is as if Murphy has taken the best scenes from every horror movie and mashed them into one big movie. It sounds as if it would be a big mess, but the result is thrilling and a lot of fun. Many of the scares are psychological which also adds an interesting layer to the show. This element also pays homage to the great psychological thrillers of cinema past.

My favorite element of the show is the speculation and theories fans are inventing throughout the season. There are so many twists and turns it is almost impossible to tell which direction the story is heading, but many fans still try to do so. I love a show that allows the viewers to think and imagine for themselves what might happen, rather than just outright telling the audience what is going to happen in future episodes. American Horror Story has so many characters and each character was given a hefty background. I appreciate the thought and time it must have taken the creators to write and produce such a character driven show. An interactive website was built for the show that allows you to click on artifacts contained around the house. The artifacts then give you hints and clues about character backgrounds and what is in store for the rest of the season. American Horror Story is a creative and unique show that will hopefully be around for many more seasons to come. It is definitely different from anything else out there currently and is certainly worth the watch.

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Professor Brian Hamlin staged a choreopgraphy workship with Honors Students.

though transient, audience of students and faculty who appeared pleasantly surprised by the artistic expressions occurring as they bustled through the ILC from class to class.

Though the focus was on the literary aspect of language, Professor Brian Hamlin of the Theatre Department displayed the visual, visceral side of English by staging the famous fight scene from the end of one of the immortal bard’s most celebrated plays, Macbeth. He choreographed the fight scene between two talented students just minutes before the presentation, but the lively swordplay (performed with foam covered bats) on display belied the students’ relative inexperience. Professor Hamlin walked the audience through the fight and the verbal repartee between the tale’s main rivals, Macbeth and Macduff, while explaining how sometimes a sword thrust can be a continuation of a Shakespearian line. Professor Robles read a poem in Spanish, and

English as a Second Language students read poems in their own language and then translated the poem for English speakers. The ESOL program provides students not yet proficient in English with the skills necessary to proceed through the college system. Shirley Jackson’s influential and well-known short story, The Lottery, was read in its entirety by Professor Diana Wolfe, who did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the chilling story through the innocent-seeming small-town characters as they engaged in an act of brutality so traditional that it became codified and nigh-unquestionable. Possibly the greatest facsimile of legendary American poet Walt Whitman today was in our midst with the presence of Professor John Thornburg. Professor Thornburg eschewed the P.A.’s microphone shouting, “Walt Whitman wouldn’t have needed to use a microphone,” and proceeded to read Whitman’s “Beat! Beat! Drums!” with more projection and clarity than any other speaker there, all of which did use the microphone. His full, snowy beard and post-civil war era garb

Many San Jac students took part in the festivities with the reading of poems and stories.

All photos by Jacob Kessinger/San Jacinto Times

made him look an exact doppelganger to the man in the black and white photographs on the posterboard on display. According to Professor Thornburg, he has been dressing as Whitman for “about ten years,” and his affection for Whitman’s writing could be heard in his own poem about the “father of free-verse poetry.” Also on hand was Professor Nick Weiss dressed convincingly in black clothing, wig, and mustache as “father of the macabre” Edgar Allan Poe. He even brought a prop raven to round out the disguise, which he named Yo Gabba Gabba because he needed a suitably terrifying name. “That was supposed to be funny,” Professor Weiss then stated in Poelike deadpan, to which the audience agreed with raucous laughter. Along with Poe’s vaunted poetry, Professor Weiss performed a spoken-word version of Richard O’Brien’s “Over at the Frankenstein Place,” from the cult classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, because he claimed that it was written as an ode to Poe. The final costumed professor to read was Kim

DeLauro as Southern Gothic writer Carson McCullers. In a wild auburn wig and with a strong and convincing deep-south accent, Professor DeLauro read an excerpt from McCullers’ classic novella The Ballad of the Sad Café. Her charming in-character introduction showed that, just like Professor Thornburg, she also has been performing as her chosen author for a number of years, and has become comfortable in the role.

Students lucky enough to attend Get Lit! were treated to fantastic treats both culinary and cultural. The Language Arts Department did an impressive job of transforming a relatively small space in the ILC into a carnival of literary sight and sound. Though the main purpose of the festival was to simply inform students about sophomore literature alternatives for their humanities requirement, it nevertheless served as a welcome and entertaining reprieve from the daily grind and as a creative outlet for professors and students alike.

Several SJC professors like John Thornburgh, came in costume to the occasion.


San Jacinto Times Fall 2011 Issue 8 was published November 7, 2011.